In detail: different types of live online roulettes

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“A ridiculous question, but it must be asked: live roulette – really alive? Look for the answer in our material. It will help you not to make mistakes when choosing a live online roulette. ”

Just like in ground casinos, roulette is one of the most popular games on virtual playgrounds, so it’s quite natural that visitors choosing a particular game are looking for experience comparable to the experience with a visit to a real casino, and this experience is provided by live online roulettes . However, about everything in order.

Sometimes, live roulettes are not what they seem at first glance. Discussions on this topic occur periodically in a professional environment, for example, at the GPWA forums (the Association of Webmasters of Game Portals, which, along with other similar organizations, sets the main vectors for the development of the industry), and the essence of this problem – the appearance can be deceptive, if not to say more.

Live roulettes – just to attract attention!

When online casinos advertise their roulettes as “live”, this does not mean that the player expects a virtual meeting with the real dealer, or that the results at the table do not depend on any mathematical algorithm. Some virtual casinos create the illusion of live roulette, in which the player actually competes with the random number generator (RNG), and this raises questions like: what is the definition of the word “live”?

By submitting accounts to independent auditing companies, online casinos try to convince visitors that games with RNG are completely safe, but as in other aspects of life, online games and online casinos, there is a possibility of fraud.Some virtual gambling establishments have developed many ways and tricks to convince players of the “liveliness” of live dealers, while players can not know for sure if the game is 100% kosher.

Automatic roulettes: reality and imagination

Logical definition of live roulette – the action of the game unfolds in real time and there are no external factors affecting the outcome of any rotation. Mankind has invented this concept, it stands on it. Automatic live roulettes – this is a kind of variation of this concept, because in reality none of the “live” roulette rotates. And here the above-mentioned dilemma emerges: do these roulettes really exist in reality or are they just graphics, albeit very, very good? Realistic graphics, even more realistic sound, smooth “real” movements make players feel the effect of a tense presence next to the wheel, waiting for the ball to stop on the coveted number.

Some portals submit their roulettes as “live”, not caring about explaining to visitors this subtle difference – does the game involve a real person? – therefore it is important to understand this. If you’re lucky, then what’s the difference, right?If the band of failures has gone, then, doubting the fairness of the game, I want to blame anyone, first of all the “stupid car”.

Slingshot Roulette vs. roulette with live dealer

Some online casinos use slingshot roulettes. The game is completely automatic, but the wheel is removed in a professional studio, so players can watch what is happening in real time. Advanced laser sensors set the motion of the ball, and the colored lights indicate the remaining time before the end of betting. GPWA here also “makes trouble”, asking the question: can visitors with 100% confidence be able to say that they are slingshot roulette in front of them, and not any other kind of automatic game with RNG and imitation of “liveliness”?

The advantage of playing with real dealers is that you do not need to deal with RNG or any other “clever” gizmo that is capable of falsifying the result, including in the case of slingshot roulette. The living person is charming, fluent in English, friendly to the player – in short, it is pleasant to play with him, and this is the maximum possible effect of a ground-based casino in the virtual space. Recognized, proven casinos (bet365, All Slots, Unibet and others) offer their visitors authentic live roulette games, where the word “live” means the same as it implies.


Leaders of the virtual gambling industry prefer to work with the software of the leading developers: Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming and others who, in addition to the “machines” with RNG (together with an independent audit, guaranteeing protection against fraud) offer platforms with “tru” live games without the involvement of automation – where the real dealer is in front of the video camera.

In auto-roulettes with RNG there is nothing wrong; the problem is that the player must have the right to choose a real live game, so the preference should be given to those online casinos that offer this option – a real, real experience of a live dealer.

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