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Loading...From the very beginning of the economy, the sellers tried to attract buyers. Each of them came up with various tricks, used all his creativity and experience. In fact, the situation has not changed and to this day and the online poker industry is no exception.
In this article, we’ll talk about the most common bonuses that poker rooms offer to all of their users, usually newcomers. But first I would like to immediately divide all bonuses into deposit-free bonuses and require a certain amount to be credited to my account.

No deposit bonuses A less common version of poker bonuses, but more popular among users. Most of these bonuses mean getting a certain amount from the site for playing on this site. Usually the amount is small – up to $20 – $30.
Really clean no deposit bonuses are not so many, because they are less beneficial for poker resources. As a rule, such gifts can be obtained during seasonal events or on some solemn occasions (for example, anniversary of a room).
The poker school PokerStrategy is widely spread, which offers $50 for everyone in over 20 sites. But this bonus should be played back, although in general it is not difficult at all. Also, no deposit bonuses can be attributed to those that are characterized by the receipt of a certain amount for obtaining a rare combination, for a hard move (bad beat), for the number of distribution and so on. For example, you can be paid for the fact that you have collected quads of kings or aces. Such bonuses are very common in smaller rooms, but getting more than $100- $150 for them is unlikely to happen. In addition, they do not happen so often.

Bonuses requiring deposit

Such a majority, which is not surprising, because it is beneficial to the owners of sites. Poker rooms very generously reward those who contribute large (and their first on this site) deposits. Usually it is about deposits less than $ 1000.
The central element of all deposit bonuses are bonuses for the first deposit. In each room there is such a bonus, which is always in demand. It involves increasing your first deposit (and in PokerStars first three deposits) by 100-300%.
For example, if you deposit $ 100, then you will be owed as much or more. But the catch is that you need to win back such bonuses. But do not be scared, as a rule, the conditions are quite acceptable and loyal to the newcomer. To win back the bonus, you only need to play for real money at any of the limits. It’s doable, but it takes time – from a week or more.
Among the bonuses for the first deposit are their leaders who stand apart. For example, the resource PokerSavvy. This site offers to play in more than 30 rooms, and in each you get up to $100. But each room will have to make a small deposit, which can then be withdrawn. There are even more profitable sites that offer even more. But such conditions are more likely to apply to bonus hunters – players who earn on various bonuses and promotions on all sorts of sites. It is not forbidden and quite legal. Moreover, every site will be glad to your presence in the framework of any bonus.
Still there are bonuses, built on the ratings. Taking, for example, one of the ten places in the top of the best players of the month in a certain kind of tournaments, you will receive a prize – either cash or another plan. Such gifts are already quite substantial, but, as you know, they are already harder to earn. Of course, this is not all bonuses. There are a lot of them, but in many ways they are similar. If you want to start playing poker, then by all means maximize your revenue from bonuses – this will greatly help you in the future.

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