Is Online Live Blackjack Rigged?

Is online Live Blackjack Rigged? This is the one of most asked questions by online live blackjack players. It has a bit of a complicated answer. In some ways, we can say that Canadian Online Casinos are not rigged, that is why it is always advised for you to check out the licenses.

This question does not have any to the point answer. To understand that, we have to explain what it means, and how online live blackjack is usually not rigged and under what circumstances it can be.  Stick around; in this article, we are going to explain this question in detail.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Before any explanation about blackjack being rigged or not, let’s discuss the online casinos as you will be playing blackjack online games in those casinos. It is essential to know whether these casinos offer a fair game or not.

Although most casinos ensure fair play to blackjack players in a secure environment and don’t offer rigged games, these casinos can be rigged very easily. Some factors decide whether a casino is rigged or not. 

Quality casino developers always prefer their credibility and never try to develop any casino game that can be rigged, including blackjack. To be safe, the game developers always create the game with random number generators so that results remain random.

It is also important to consider that most online casino games are also made by keeping in mind that casinos are there to run their business and make some profit. That’s why they might slightly favour them in the games, but this edge is always not that large that there is no chance for the player to win any game.

Apart from the credibility of developers,  Casinos are continuously subjected to the local laws of that country in which they are operating. Even if these casinos are international, they are still subjected to regulations that ensure fair play and safety.

Every credible online casino hold licenses from the authorities that regulate these casinos. The licenses of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the United Kindom Gambling Commission are considered to be the best in the online gambling world. So, if any online casino holds the license of one of these authorities, you can trust that it is not rigged.

To show credibility and maintain a good reputation and trust among their players, some online casinos also allow independent auditors to audit their casinos and check their honesty and fairness.

Is Online Live Blackjack Rigged?

Why and How can be Online Blackjack Rigged?


Most of the online blackjack players seemed to be suspicious about it, and seeing the conditions of online gambling, they have all the right to raise the questions to its credibility. This all is due to the few online casinos which easily rig the online blackjack games and get the results of their choice. The game software is developed and controlled by the software developers of these online gambling sites. They can manipulate the game results and, like online poker, blackjack naturally works so these casinos can quickly turn it in their favour, and nobody would notice that. 

For the reasons mentioned above, blackjack players’ concerns about the game being rigged make sense. And it is not something that hasn’t happened before. The infamous Potripper scandal exposed that some gambling sites can see the cards of players. Although such types of cases are rare, they can’t be ignored. 

In blackjack, casinos can rig the game in many ways. The bad casinos can completely remove the aces or face of cards, and the fact that blackjack is only played with less than 50% of available cards, makes it nearly impossible to notice that this game is rigged. That’s the reason land-based casinos are preferred over online/mobile casinos, as they are safe from these kinds of nasty tricks. There are also many other ways to rig the Blackjack game.

These methods are only used by some bad casinos. And this is an entirely dumb move from casino owners as the player will at some point realize that this game is rigged; it will hurt their reputation, and their business can easily be ruined.

The online casinos that are credible and have the authorities’ license mentioned above never rig the game as rules prevent them from rigging the game. Also, they will never wish to compromise on their credibility and business. 

Ways to Know If your online Blackjack Game is Rigged?


To find out whether your game is rigged or not, firstly, you should always check the credibility of that casino where you are playing that game. If the platform is legitimate, licensed (from well-recognized agency MGA, UKGC etc.) and credible, the chances of the blackjack game being rigged are very minimal. Another thing to consider is that it should be developed by any legitimate software development company such as Playtech, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Micro gaming, etc.

If the platform is not credible, or you are unable to find any such information, and while playing online live blackjack, you keep on losing the game, no matter how you change your strategy, then there are chances of that game being rigged. 

But if the casino is credible and you start losing a lot, then it’s your bad luck. You better look at your way of playing and work on your skill level. The reason for losing will be your method of playing; it has nothing to do with the game itself. Most blackjack players don’t tend to accept their wrong method and strategy. Instead, they blame the game as being rigged and that this online gambling site is responsible for their loss. In that case, online casinos can do nothing, and while looking for the reviews of any casino, you should keep in mind this fact.

Final Verdict

If we conclude the above discussion, we can say that although it is easy to rig the online blackjack game, if you are playing it on a legitimate and licensed live casino, then there is no chance that your game can be rigged. Also, the casinos will never want to rig it as by doing this, they can’t get enough reward to cover the risks. No one will try to sacrifice their credibility and business for timely benefit. But in case you’re playing it at any bad casino, then indeed, there are chances of being rigged.

Overall we can say that you can play your blackJack game on any legitimate, fair, and trusted casino without worrying about the game being rigged.


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