The percentage of payments in virtual casinos

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Loading... Professional gamblers in choosing an institution always look at the payment of online casinos, because this indicator is a great value for the player, giving the opportunity to preliminarily assess their chances of winning.

Why in the standard casino a low percentage of payments

Please note that the percentage of payments in online institutions is much higher than in the off-line casino. There is nothing surprising, because land-based casinos are forced to spend a lot on renting a room, paying for the work of numerous staff, taxes, concert programs and shows, and much more. Naturally, all this requires a lot of money, and in fact, no institution will not work at a loss. So it turns out that the clients of land-based casinos are often ripped to the finish to cover expenses and reach a normal profit. On average, offline gambling institutions return in the form of winnings only up to 80% of all money that players have spent on buying chips. In some months this percentage may be higher, but not much. We will not turn the article into mathematical calculations and give a concrete example of what this means in practice for the average player: if you come to a casino with $ 100 in your pocket, you will leave it with a maximum of $ 80 (unless, of course, you are lucky enough to break the jackpot ).

92% for online institutions – not the limit!

On the contrary, payments in casinos working online often reach 92-99%! Why, you ask? Yes, because online institutions have no such problems. Often, they are registered in offshore zones, so they are not forced to pay most taxes, they do not have a large staff, they do not need to spend money on premises and equipment.
This does not mean that the owners of a virtual gambling establishment are not wasted at all – the cost of software alone (software) can reach six-digit and even seven-digit amounts. But even this amount is an order of magnitude lower than that of a land-based casino, which allows you to set an adequate return percentage.

Differences in approach

Ahead of your next question, let’s explain why virtual casinos do not set a payout percentage of 80% to receive super profits. The fact is that the online audience is pretty capricious and unstable. Online players try to choose the most profitable offers for themselves, and since there really is a lot to choose from in the market of services, they leave without a shadow of doubt those establishments where they do not like something. That’s why online casinos are forced to constantly invent various tricks and tricks to attract new players and retain old ones – bonuses, promotions, a high percentage of payments …
Online institutions receive income, attracting as many players as possible and trying to make sure that they stay with the casino as much as possible. While terrestrial casinos try to squeeze the most out of each player, because they can not physically attract an infinite number of gamblers for the game.

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