The status of online gambling in the world

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“The love of online gambling is universal and strong; so strong that players find ways to play, even if in their countries such activities are prohibited. ”

Online gambling is one of the most popular ways of leisure of our time, and its popularity with time only increases. It’s not surprising that terrestrial casinos have always been and remain in the first place, but is there such a thing close to you?Virtual casinos, for example, Jackpot City , bet365, Winner Casino and others, remove the issue of availability, because now to meet the need for thrill, you only need a computer or a smartphone with Internet access.

Not everyone has such an opportunity

Online games are not available for everyone; let in some countries the process of legalization of the gambling online industry is already completed, there are many places on the card where gambling is either banned completely or found in the “gray zone” of legislation. Nevertheless, even in such countries, players find ways to play online.

If objectively, then the more residents of this or that country circumvent the “ban”, the more serious the local authorities should think about the issue of legislative regulation of online gambling. Since people are willing to play on foreign websites, the progressive government would most likely prefer that tax revenues from gambling go to the local treasury rather than abroad. It is in the interests of all: both players and authorities. The situation seems to be mutually beneficial.

And yet, there are still a lot of those who oppose the legalization of online gambling in their countries, because, in their opinion, this can lead to increased fraud and moral disintegration of the population. These people forget the old truth: the forbidden fruit is sweet; if there is a desire to play and the opportunity to bypass the ban, then for whatever “iron curtain” the player does not live, he will find a way.

How do players bypass the ban?

Just. For example, in the US online casinos openly exist only in three states, but all Americans, like citizens of other countries, willingly spend their free time for slot machines, table and card games, visiting casinos that work in offshore.

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