Terms and conditions of using online casino services

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“Read the terms of service on various gaming portals and choose the casino that suits you best.”

Have you ever read the rules of customer service in online casinos, the longest texts that are called “Terms and Conditions” on various Internet portals? If not, it would be worth it. “P & U” is rarely read by anyone, just because of their endless despondency. In fact, the information provided there fully covers the whole spectrum of issues: from the conditions for obtaining a potential win to the legal nuances of gambling in your country of residence.

This article will shed light on incomprehensible moments and will acquaint you with the three main types of “P and U” in some leading virtual casinos in order to fill the gaps associated with the general pathological reluctance to read written in small letters.

“Rules and conditions” are the standards of service established by the portal administration, with which the visitor is obliged to agree to be able to play slot machines and other casino games. If you “use” brand services, “P and U” are legally binding and must be respected, and, more often – yes, than not, in them the casino lists the countries in which it is legally available. Conditionally, “P and U” can be divided into three types, where each explains the legality of using the services of the casino, depending on the country of residence or stay.

Geographical separation

In many countries, the idea of ​​virtual gambling is still not enthusiastic on the part of the powerful. Even in the US, the issue of legalizing an online casino is in limbo, and terrestrial institutions are not allowed in all states. As a rule, the casino in the section “Terms and Conditions” kindly lists those countries in which it has the right to provide its services, therefore, players who are outside these territories should understand the consequences of their, possibly, illegal participation in gambling.

Some leading online casinos, for example, Rich Casino, make it clear that visiting their sites by residents of certain countries is illegal, so immediately display a message of approximate content: “Unfortunately, but this site is not available in your country. Sorry for the inconvenience. ” Rich Casino “does not allow” players from “Costa Rica, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Israel, Russia and Ukraine”. Other portals provide a similar list of “forbidden” countries and, apologizing, deploy such visitors.

Available casinos

And what should a modest amateur of slot machines do if his beloved homeland is not yet ripe for online casinos? The solution is, thanks to Bitcoin Casino. Around Bitcoin, the “crypto currency”, which allows anonymous depositing and withdrawal of funds, the last few years have not quenched disputes. Created by an anonymous author, whether by an Australian hacker, or by a Japanese programmer, or by someone else, the Bitcoin currency has now firmly established itself in the sphere of gambling and is accepted by some casinos that support such a philosophy of “suspense”. Leading Bitcoin brands, for example, BitCasino and Vegas Casino, provide services to visitors around the world and even those that hide their location with the help of so-called “anonymizers”.

“Gray Zone”

This is the most important type of “P and U”, because, ignoring the following information, you can incur trouble, up to prosecution. Some casinos knowingly do not introduce visitors to the list of countries in which they legally work, shifting the player’s responsibility to independently understand the intricacies of local legislation in the field of gambling. Such casinos can cancel your account without warning, if you noticed any violations on your part, no matter how much money was in your account.

The best way to protect yourself is to carefully study the “Rules and Conditions” of gaming portals. An easier way is to periodically review the reviews of the new and the best online casinos on the topical resources. This will help save time now and money – then.

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