Women versus men: who are more lucky in gambling?

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Loading...“Leading publicist in the sphere of gambling, Calvin Eyre published a report according to which women in the UK win more often than men, while the overwhelming majority of players are precisely the representatives of the stronger sex.”

Calvin Air, based on the information of Smart Live Gaming, studied the gambling issue in the UK and presented interesting results. One of the most surprising and perhaps the most unexpected conclusions of this study was that women, it turns out, are more lucky in gambling than men. The Smart Live Gaming Center conducts its research in order to better understand the interests of customers and how the status of the market is affected by the place of residence, age and gender of the player.

Great Britain – a country of contrasts

The first conclusion from the published report: Londoners are the most reckless and they represent the largest part of the players of Foggy Albion, then the inhabitants of Birmingham and Manchester. The most numerous social group of players are the British age of about 20 years, and when they grow up to 45 or become even older, then play will be much less likely, – so say the numbers.

Liverpultans make up only 5% of the main group, but they are the most fortunate, especially in comparison with Newcastle, which, according to “luck”, takes the last place among 12 cities – if Liverpool success is represented as conditional 100%, then Newcastle’s fortune only favors 88 %.

Women versus men

The next item of research is the age-old question of the sexes. The vast majority of players Smart Live Gaming – men, which are 86% of the total. But it is women who are more fortunate, despite the numerical advantage of men. On average, they win by 9% more often in all directions.

In the course of the study, several points were identified that should be borne in mind by gambling operators, namely: most often women are credited with hobby bingo and all sorts of lotteries, and men are thought to be inclined to more complex games like blackjack and poker, but in fact women are more likely gravitate to slot machines and video poker, where the temptation to put more and more is not so great.

In addition, women began to earn more, changed their way of life – they later became married and got nervous work, but at the same time, the fair sex began to spend more free time to show men how well they are able to achieve success , including in the casino – is reasonable and balanced.

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