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Our 65,000-square-foot gaming floor is where all the lights and sounds of winnin’ greet you as soon as you walk through the door. With over 2,200 games, your favorite machines are all right here waiting for you, and there’s always a new game to discover just around the corner.


Everybody’s jumping in line for our latest game: Conga Party. Featuring five reels and 30 lines, plus a mystery bonus with jungle beat progressives, it’s our wildest winning experience yet.

Geckos Gone Wild is a game of mythic proportions, with five reels and 20 lines giving players an arsenal of free spins and other bonuses to take on the trickster god Kokopelli. Big payouts and a distinctive art style have made this game a mainstay of our casino floor.[spoiler]

Everybody’s going bananas over Monkey in the Bank. This whimsical game pits players against a mischievous monkey across five reels and 20 lines of moneymaking mayhem. Players can score big and even double their payout, with up to 60 retriggerable free spin bonuses.

Quick Hit remains one of our most popular games. Its five reels and 30 lines are filled with crisp graphics, classic icons and huge payouts. Jackpots can be triggered on any of the five reels, and bonus rounds can add a progressive jackpot to your winnings.

If you can’t take the heat, then stay away from So Hot. With five reels and 20 lines of scorching hot action, it’s been a crowd favorite since it first hit the casino. This game keeps players on their toes with hot bonus features like free spins and multiple wins.

And when you belong to Wind Creek Rewards, the benefits are nearly endless! Rewards Club members can enjoy some of the best perks and services this side of Beale Street. So if you’re ready to take your game to the next level, join Wind Creek Rewards.


Name: Creek Casino Montgomery

Electronic Bingo Slot Machines, Hotel Rooms, Food, Alcohol, Smoke Free, No Table Games

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1801 Eddie L Tullis Rd, Montgomery, AL 36117
+1 866-946-3360

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  1. Santjuanette Douglas say:

    Yesterday was my second time coming!! I loved it and really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to coming back REAL soon when I get some more money lol.

  2. Michelle Barrett Harrell say:

    Having so much fun, close to Atlanta and amazing staff.

  3. Wesley Binion say:

    Drop a ticket with money on it and a crook picked it up and cashed it in , security went to the tapes and saw the crook who did it and no one could reimburse my money or give me free play cause the crook had left! This is bullshit

  4. Marina Nava say:

    esta bien porque mi hijo pudo estar con nosotros pero sus maquinas la verdad ocupan mantenimiento y el estacionamiento deja mucho que decear las maquinas de cambio de Efectivo no contaban con el dinero suficuente la mayoria no estaban en servicio

  5. Shalonnie Cleveland say:

    It’s hard to win anything even if u get free spins..smh

  6. Adrian Hendricks say:

    My wife and I come to the casinos all the time but this past Sunday we decided to enjoy the entertainment on the inside of B.B. Kings instead of standing around on the outside of the bar. Entertainment wise 5 stars for that night but service and I’m speaking mainly about some of the bartenders. It didn’t seem to be enough bartenders for the crowd and some of the ones working that night seem to think because you are a regular they can talk to you any kind of way. Not happy with that. Overall good food, good music “especially the two brothers “, great time!!!!!

  7. Delfina Vela say:

    Hi my name is Delfina collier and my experience at wind creek casino was lovely, i enjoyed my time playing games listening to music the food was lovely…. i get free plays it’s exciting to stick my card in and get free play. This is my favorite spot. I’ll be in there on my birthday January 12. I’m bringing more friends with me … Thanks wind creek .

  8. Joshua Knight say:

    I love Wind Creek Montgomery had many great experience

  9. Ann Lipscomb say:

    Most of the time you are a 5. Lately when I have been I have had problems with food orders. When it’s free you really don’t complain but when you are spending money you want what you pay for. Also on the playing floor some of your customers have been sitting down beating on machines and being rude. Not enough staff on the floor walking around.

  10. Dee Thomas say:

    ��� Geeez I love this place!! I would highly recommend everyone to visit!!!

  11. Persephone C. Goodwin say:

    It was my first time staying at the Montgomery location. I love the fact that the hotel is non-smoking and the walk down the hall to my room was refreshing. The customer service at check in was excellent. Kudos to Destiney at the front desk. The room was cool and you’re not able to change the temp in them. After spending time in the Casino, the room was a lil more tolerable. The only thing I didn’t like was not winning any money. Nobody was winning. I like the machines better at Wetumpka.

  12. Kellie Sheree Jackson say:

    Went Thursday night, LOVED it. Everyone was so nice. That was my first time ever going to a casino and I’ll definitely be going back to this one!! Won 500.00 the lady beside me hit 1,000. We had a great night!! ��

  13. Sharonda Lane say:

    It was sooo fun i had a good time can’t wait to go back ��

  14. Candance Cobb Wood say:

    I was there Saturday. I played with my (delight) players card the entire time and it was like pulling teeth to get any bonuses (when I got them, they were 5 spins here and 10 spins there). The lady who was sitting next to me did not play with a card and she kept getting (60 spin) bonuses. As soon as she sat down she started getting bonuses. It took me almost an hour of playing before I saw my first bonus (5 spins). I am starting to wonder if it pays to play with a card. I was disappointed recently when my monthly free play was reduced. I don’t understand why since I haven’t slowed down on my frequency of playing. It took almost 2 weeks for my points from 12-31-16 until now to hit my account and I lost some food comps during this time. I am still unable to view the amount of points that I have so far for 2017 and the amount that I need for the next level. After I finished playing for the evening, I went to order food to go at the B.B. King’s restaurant and the sound of the live band drowned out the cashier’s voice and mine and we could not hear each other. Is there any way that either a microphone or touchscreen monitor can be placed there to make it easy for customers to order when the live band is playing? Anyone who has a hearing impairment would welcome this change. Also, when I received my order, I was missing a side item and the quality of my order was subpar. My salad was packaged sloppily upside down and just thrown together. A lady in front of me complained about her food being cold and asked for a kitchen manager. She was told that all of the managers were in the kitchen and no attempt was made to accommodate her. I didn’t want to wait another hour plus to speak to a manager like I waited for my order so I just left. I know your location can do way better than my disappointing experience this weekend.

  15. Ella Onyinye Ballard Williams say:

    Love it! I like when the song that plays in the background when someone has hit a jackpot! It’s a relaxing place to getaway with family and friends. I love the food, especially the chicken wings, but I’ve noticed they are getting smaller�. I love the staff, they are always really friendly. I like coming here. I love it, but I win more money at the Silver star casino in Mississippi. I haven’t really won anything here since before all the renovations, before my hubby Cecil died, he loved it here as well. I live in Birmingham, He would check me into a hotel and come back and play the slots all night. He did not get to experience the Hotel and upgrades, but he was looking forward to it. I guess I still come because it reminds me of the good times we had here!

  16. Jermaine Slaughter say:

    I had over 900 free spins didn’t pay off but 200 bucks

  17. Betty Betty say:

    Its not exciting losing your money if they are not paying NOTHING OUT!!! I KNOW its a gamble but gosh it could be more exciting if you could win enough to keep you in the game!!

  18. Sharon Johnson say:

    Had a wonderful time. The staff is always so friendly. That’s reason enough to keep going back.

  19. Chris Jackson say:

    I’ve been losing in Wind Creek Casino for the last 6 month can’t win $100 but lose five or six hundred I was there last night in lost again he told me next time you might win this my card number427140 I lose one more time I’m not coming back

  20. Lisa Brown say:

    Wish I was luckier…..but its a great getaway. I have got to stay at the hotel, I hear its really nice.

  21. Annie D Franklin say:

    The atmosphere was great and service was good. Went there on 1/14/17 to celebrate my birthday. The Salmon was salty and the prices were a little steep.
    I wanted to compare Itta Bena to Fire Steakhouse at Wind Creek Wetumpka and Fire Steakhouse won hands down. The portions are not up to the price of the meal. I don’t plan to go there unless someone else is paying.

  22. Linda Howard say:


  23. Jimmy Murrell say:

    This Indians got a plan and it don’t exclude u getting money � so Even on my birthday � it’s even harder to get some out this bitch goodluck everybody

  24. Calisa Janai say:

    I usually have a good time when I do go even tho I have been going for about 3 years now I have never been able to hit a jackpot. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get bonus spins. I think there was one time I played about 250$ and I only got like 2 bonus round which was very disappointing. I don’t always look to hit a jackpot if I can just hit a few bonus round I’ll be good. I’m going to continue to go play just because I enjoy going and it’s a nice little getaway. I went to the salon and got a manicure and pedicure and the ladies did a GREAT job. I love my nails.

  25. April Neff say:

    I have fun, its our families go to place to get together and have fun. I haven’t hit but a couple of jackpots, I like going at least once a week!

  26. LaTosha Darden say:

    I went this past weekend with a group of friends we had a great time.

  27. Sage Evans say:

    I went there last night starting a game and the whole system went down. I had to wait for bout 2 hrs. to play again. When the games were back up, the only thing that the machines would take was cash not the tickets. Had to go to the player service desk to cash out the tickets. Waited for 15 minutes in line to do that.

  28. Rita Hatchett Adcock say:

    We had a quick girls overnight. It was so much fun. The hotel is beautiful. The beds are comfortable and we all had a good night’s rest. Can’t wait till next time. Hope it’s real soon

  29. Tammy A Walker say:


  30. Sylvia Jackson say:

    I was there 3 times in 2016. The last 2 times, I was in a suite. I really enjoyed myself and won a little bit of money. The greetings and hospitality was on point. I look forward to being there in 2 weeks.

  31. Shannon Dean say:

    I work here at wind creek Montgomery I love the casino life the music my job as a bartender and all my team players….we have great guest and I have fun with them when I serve I just love my job

  32. Derrics Smith say:

    All they do is take your money…. Machines too tight… They need to be investigated… I hope they get sued….

  33. John Edward Emfinger say:

    Awesome, however did not get to play long enough on my last trip!

  34. Kimberly Paulene Lingner say:

    I have enjoyed going to Wind Creek Montgomery and will be going back very soon!!!!

  35. Centoria Warren say:

    I have fun when I’m at the casino. I dont like the fact that I was not informed about getting food credits when i do play. If i have food credits i surly would like to know that. At least when I lose my money i would be at least able to eat.

  36. Carlos Scholpa say:

    Several employees need to be retrained in customer service. Not very nice and some quite rude. Also, missing my Kindle and have checked several times and not turned in. Not sure if another guest picked it up or an employee.
    Also, needs more dining options.
    Probably will not stay there again. This was our first time at Montgomery and probably the last.

  37. Jack Rich say:

    We have been trying to get in touch Sarah Johnson for over 5 weeks now. We have wrote several emails and left numerous voicemails. I have even called in and spoke to someone that said they would get in touch with her for us. We have received no call back or response back what so ever. We are getting married and are trying to reserve a bunch of rooms for people that will be traveling. Hands down the most pathetic attempt at customer service I have dealt with In my life. Do you guys even want business ?

  38. Shanice McKee say:

    The service & food was great! We’ll definitely return very very soon. Thank you Wind Creek Montgomery❤️

  39. Dora Hackney say:

    I had fun enjoyed every minute of it. The food was good the people were helpful and friendly.

  40. Audencio Vasquez say:

    Really like this place but not the rewards card i have a free night stay but its can “only be use mon_wens” which sucks cause i wanted to stay this weekend and use my bonus points i work all week and cant go till friday

  41. Kisha Garvin say:

    There is just something about finding blue chewing gum in your food that makes you never want to eat at any restaurant again. Not to mention the manager saying “we ain’t got no blue gum in here”. This french fry is going to be lodged in my throat for the rest of my life I can just feel it and why is this not a federal offense? Yes I’m being a little dramatic but oh it’s so disgusting.

  42. Tangie McGhee say:

    Love it!!! Enjoyed it!!! Ready to do it again really soon!!!!

  43. Marcus Williams say:

    It was great. The best time I have Hades in a minute. Everybody needs to go once

  44. Allister Morgan say:

    The place to be. Stepped out with my wife and started a new life.

  45. Jackie Banks say:

    Went to both places yesterday cause it was my b day.The most I got anything up to was $40 this has been my experience the past few times I have been there and no I won’t be back

  46. Tracy Johnson say:

    I was just there Friday night for the first time and I really enjoyed myself. I will be coming back again soon.

  47. Pat Oliver say:

    Me and my wife came up on the machine, “Easy money”.

  48. Yolanda Cook say:

    I went to wind creek wetumpka and lost…next week went to Montgomery last night and lost….I truly enjoy going but there needs to be a chance to win I won 77.00 after I’ve lost 800 in two weeks…������i wish there was a better option I might just stop at shorter….since all I’m doing is making donations….I agree about the reduced free play…I loose more than the 15 a week they give…don’t make sense to play on the free play they suck that up in 5 spins…

  49. Angela Streeter say:

    It’s okay need more Machines of a variety like spin the wheel and Willy Wonka it’s only six of Willy Wonka and you have to wait forever to get on it and it’s only eight of spin the wheel but overall everything else it’s ok

  50. Chandra Scott-Lover say:

    Just waiting on that JACKPOT! Always enjoy seeing friends after a hard day at work and meeting with machine buddies you don’t know their name but recognize the smiling face. Patiently awaiting that triple 60 spins. My day is coming.

  51. Queskia Holbrooks say:

    $7 is too much for 3 wings. You get 3 wings and a mountain of fries. I wanted meat not potatoes. My husband was given a piece of pie that had mold on it. Wouldn’t even give him a refund. Just handed him another slice. And its impossible to win unless you are an advanced player. I decided to give the Montgomery location a chance since my husband wanted to. But I will be going to Wetumpka and Atmore from now on as far as winnings go because you win more. And we will just eat before getting there.�

  52. Jerome Brooks say:

    I never won a jackpot at Winn creek casino in Montgomery

  53. Eric Douglas say:

    They’re fucking crooks that need to be visited on Cri#

  54. Johnnie Will Thomas say:

    My first time there and I loved every minute of it will be back soon

  55. LaTasha Thomas say:

    Fun for my first time! Ready to go again with my family!!

  56. Amy Michelle Williams say:

    Fun, Fun, Fun…It was a Clean and Respectful place..

  57. Tiffany Herndon Weems say:

    Thank you Wind Creek for a relaxing trip. I had a great time at both properties. Keep the freebies coming and I will keep returning

  58. Christina Blakely say:

    As an avid player at this facility, I have noticed that the machines have been very tight this year in 2017. Some games like Cherry Gone Wild and America Beauties can have the bingo card lit up and when that happens you pretty much know you’re getting free spins. That is NOT happening now. It’s as if the machines just shut off for a period of time even if you have what looks to be a game winning pattern. I question some of the “randomness” of the machine. Payout %s should be posted to reassure gamers. It does not make any sense for me to play through $300 at $3 a spin and not get ONE free spins or big win. I know casinos have to make money and will set the payout level lower on some machines but come on now! Y’all are not even being discreet. I never look at the reels on the games I mentioned above, just the bingo card. You need to loosen some of these machines up and program them to payout more. Feels like these machines payback 75% or less…..

  59. Tracie Manning Mims say:

    Nope….Half the touch screens didn’t work on the machines I and several others were playing. The women’s restroom reeked of urine… Overall not a good experience. I won’t go back.

  60. Teneisha Mahone say:

    I like the casino, but it’s very hard to win any money up there. You hardly ever see winners. Everybody leaves with a sad face. Very few people win. If you have faithful people coming, let them get some of their money back sometime. I mean like really.

  61. Katrina Jones say:


  62. Leah Johnson say:

    First/last time going..Not enough room to be comfortable…Drinks at bar cost too much even if playing game while there… Wetumpka they’re free if playing a game…Machines weren’t paying nothing like Wetumpka..Bathrooms were not kept nice (except real flowers at sink area)…Only thing that showed me they cared I was there was a floor manager actually cashed a ticket in for me after I received a half printed ticket…Stood in line to redeem it…Had to go back to the machine..Have girl on machine turn light on for manager to come over & get info from machine. The manager offered to cash my ticket so I wouldn’t have to stand in line again. Wetumpka casino is way worth me giving my $$$$ to!!

  63. Gwendolyn Nalani Kanahele Wenio say:

    Nice, friendly place… Just not for me.. I don’t enjoy mechanical games, I’m a table kind of lady, where there’s a real person you’re interacting with & enjoying the game. It was worth the experience coming there. Thank you for your hospitality… Aloha �

  64. Renee Lykes say:

    May be one day I can win a jackpot I could really use the money!! Love Grandmother of 7 from Heaven �

  65. Lori Parker Kern say:

    Free play is down, bonus spins are hard to come by, the machines aren’t doing anything but taking your money and you can barely get a drink but the waitresses don’t mind standing behind you waiting to take more money from you then the machine asks if you want to tip. Why hell no

  66. Tony Issa Brown say:

    It’s ok. Not great, not bad. I did win a little change so, I enjoyed that. They have some growing to do though before catching up to Wetumpka.

  67. Deidra Nanz say:

    Like the casino, but there are not enough machines. There needs to be some kind of rules stating if you’re not playing the games, you can’t just sit there at the machines! That really makes me mad! But overall, it’s ok I guess

  68. Clifford Scroggins say:

    Love It#### Always seem to get a few dollars back but not much####

  69. Panviki Deariso say:

    Was at the Casino with family to spend some quality time. I do feel as if the machines should pay off a little more but also understands that in gambling the odds are already against you! I also feel as if there should be a bigger side for non smokers. Lastly please tell me what allows you to get food credits! My second time not getting any food credits nor understanding how do I accumulate them!

  70. Alffreda Hall say:

    Food was just 2 much for what they give u,after paying 9.00 for wings fries should have came with that meal but ova all it was great

  71. Heather Chandler say:

    Went there a couple weeks ago. It was my first time ecer at a casino. It was nice. Going back tomorrow

  72. Kathy Monfee Walton say:

    It was very pretty. . Drinks were extremely slow, and poker machines were gone

  73. Kemie Quarteman say:

    I had a fashion show there and the staff was very helpful and professional

  74. Al Jordan say:


  75. Cynial Criner say:

    Would be be back the food was good we went in the am so there was not a lot of folk$ in their

  76. Patricia Carter say:

    Different atmosphere than Wetumpka BUT the restaurant is nice. The salons are nice. Got a facial, and mani/pedi.

  77. Tree Top say:

    I think it’s a great experience to be able to feed cash in a machine and win some cash. I can’t wait to go back.

  78. Wayne Dunlap say:

    I have been going between the two properties of Montgomery and Wetumpka for the last 2 days and I have had the best time I’ve had in years. The games and atmosphere and food are outstanding. Can’t wait to come back.

  79. Gloria Childs Scott say:

    Missed the drawing tho…..needs to be all day instead of so late at night….Beautiful casino and all the restaurants look very nice…I can’t wait until I can get to come back and stay at the beautiful hotel…

  80. Nectesshecia Draw say:

    Great experience my first time ever at a casino…I won a lil some .. the food and drinks were on point …I will be back

  81. Vanessa Long Lewis say:

    It was my first experience at this type of venue. Even though I didn’t win, I enjoyed the presence of all the people I met. Everyone wasn’t friendly but it did not dampen my spirits.

  82. Troi Atkinson say:

    Great place, great games, great staff. The music @ BB Kings was incredible.

  83. Georgia Johnson say:

    Me and my husband had a awesome time, I can’t wait to go back. He was winning winning winning and I won a little something 2. They even gave my husband a gift card, I thought that was so nice. From me and my husband Kerry Johnson. Thanks Wind Creek

  84. Jenjen Westbrook say:

    I didn’t win anything but I’m coming back hopefully n the waitress were Hella good,cool to us and l left broke but I sooooo enjoyed myself

  85. Val Toney say:

    I have been going for years and i have never hit a jackpot and i dont play less then 1.50 i think they let certain people win!!

  86. Deyonne Mcclendon say:

    It Took a $140 from me in 15minutes didn’t allow me to hit nothing with me playing .80 to a 1.20 on the so hot machine..Didn’t allow me to place any drink orders until I played more money and the drinks is NOT FREE AS LONG YOU LOSING MONEY…YOU ALL MESSED UP WHEN YALL REMOVED THE ONE RED CENT MACHINES..I DID GET MONEY OR EITHER THE GOLD PENNY..PLEASE BRING THOSE MACHINES BACK!

  87. Marcie Brown say:

    It will be better if they had a section for smokers n nonsmokers. I don’t smoke but everybody that sat beside me playing there game was a smoker. Let some of the machine to win a lil, other than that it was nice.

  88. Sanford Mcdonald say:

    No gaming tables but other than that I really enjoyed myself

  89. Debbie Ames King-Johnny King say:

    Had a fantastic time, next time I will book a room � love it!!!

  90. Laura Weathers Johnson say:

    We love wind creek Montgomery. They have great gaming an awesom food. Very nice employees. We will definitely continue to return, not as much as we would like to but as often as we can

  91. Dontra Melton say:

    They always run out of fried okra and I have not won any money in 2017 and I’m there at least once a week.,l

  92. Cheryl Stone say:

    VERY RUDE GREETERS/SECURITY !!!! Feel like they like to make themselves feel more important because they can . Very unhappy with feeling like they single certain people out to “pick” on .

  93. Rosalind Whitehurst say:

    You can’t win because all of the old jackpot winners win every never win more than a few dollars and no bonus hardly ever.. I guess I need and will find something else to do

  94. Coreyand Angie Zeigler say:

    Same People win all the time. Too much smoke and not enough games in the non smoking area!

  95. Aletha Davis Blocton say:

    I don’t win enough play with my card without but I do get 10 worth of food

  96. Karen Cummings say:

    My first trip some of the staff poor excuse.thats all need to b said

  97. Tangie Clay say:

    I dont like the atmosphere. Ppl are rude plus I never win anything in Montgomery.

  98. Cassandra Oliver say:

    My husband and I had a ball. We played fourteen hours nonstop. We don’t play the max, we actually play small but we come often. My husband got 60 spends on so hot and five wilds. I got 60 spends on mystic nights and plenty bonus games. The drinks came shortly after we ordered them. The waitresses were so nice and polite. We tip because we appreciate good service with a smile. It was an around good time. We hardly ever use our players cards but I would love to receive some type offers or at least a newsletter. This is one of my favorite hotspots and we will be back A.S.A.

  99. Cassandra Patterson say:

    I have been 4 or 5 times this year and they aren’t paying you NOTHING!! I can’t win sh*tttt there!!!!

  100. Sanaa DeMarco-Tolbert say:

    Had a wonderful time, enjoyed the professional services.

  101. Corinne Murphy say:

    It was great enjoyed myself the food and entertainment was on queue. Thank you

  102. Brandon Lewis Hall say:

    The things in casino are not cheap plus the machines take all you money too

  103. Cameron Davis say:

    From the outside in this place is nice.
    Plenty of parking. Numerous machines to take a chance on with very comfortable seating. Ultra fast service at the slots, they brought drinks at a break neck pace.
    The food is delicious and filling and BB’s.

  104. Kisha Turner say:

    Enjoyed the atmosphere, workers was very nice and approachable. However, the machines was a different story….hard to hit anything, but hey maybe next time when I visit ,from Chicago, they might let me come home with a great story to tell…

  105. Lola Sparkman say:

    We had a ball can’t wait go back in next week
    for the weekend

  106. Kimberly Williams say:

    I don’t know what’s going on. I have no clue. I feel as though everybody luck is different. I can’t go on what experience they had. I’m going to see for myself

  107. Amanda Lopez say:

    We had a wonderful time.Very clean place and very nice wonderful staff they kept coming around checking on us.We had a great time playing the machines.They were paying out great amounts.All in all we had a great time.We will most definitely be going back again.We were very happy customers.Had a wonderful experience.

  108. Lisa White say:

    Absolutely loved it! The staff are all so nice and attentive. I stayed at the hotel for 2 days and I thought I was in dreamland!!!! Will be doing it again whenever time permits! Thanks for the hospitality!

  109. Tangela Tyus say:

    I won $1350 off my $50 free play! I didn’t like the fact that they cut my drinks off after 4 drinks though!

  110. Monica Makin'Money Simmons say:

    ���. No ����. No ����.No ������. No ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  111. Mary Wilson say:

    I really enjoyed the live band and food at the BB King Club!

  112. Terry Drewife Williamson say:

    Fuck both of them dam casinos they got they winning moment with my dam money��������������

  113. Cam Lucas-Irving say:

    Y’all do know it’s a certain way you press the play button on “So hot” & “monkey in the bank” right? It’s a pattern to them. Just listen while you press the Play button. Never press “Max bet” it automatically resets the pattern. You can play max bet, just don’t press the max bet button. Thank me later��

  114. Susi Stroh say:

    Tolle Zimmer, groß und hochwertig eingerichtet. Casino Top, nur nette Menschen, komme sehr gerne wieder ���

  115. Judy Childs say:

    I l ove this place !!!! Great fun!! Love the free drinks while you play…they are delicious… (always make sure you have a designated driver, just in case). I usually win more money than I come with. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a close, fun getaway. The cure for the money situation, never take more than you can afford to lose and leave your debit card at home!!!!!!

  116. Daisy Rivers Norris say:

    Did not have a winning moment this visit. Went to Wetumpka first and won back what I lost so broke even. Then went to Wind Creek and lost but never recovered. No free plays and on top of that, the change/cash machines only give bills, not your change. You have to stand in the long lines at Players Services to get all of your winnings. Don’t like that at all.

  117. Felicia Winters say:

    Super tight space. The cover charge for BB King � is to high. Nothing to do but gamble an eat.

  118. Stephon Davison say:

    Haven’t received any rewards on my gaming card for the past 8. months

  119. Lillian Hamilton say:

    It’s okay just could not wind any money but other than that it was okay

  120. Adrian Horton say:

    Honestly the hospitality isn’t the greatest, biggest challenge is actually staying a float and not borrowing money or in my case burning up the ATM machine. PS ATM is the only machine that pays anything at Wind Creek Casinos. My financial advise is stay clear of any Wind Creek Casinos or affiliated establishments of Wind Creek

  121. Clarial Weaver say:

    Hade A Wonderful time, celebrating a friend’s birthday

  122. David L. Kelly say:

    I have been going to Wind Creek for several years. Honestly, I have learned you have to spend BIG Money to WIN BIG MONEY, last year I won probably 60 jackpots throughout the year. Great year you would think…..this year not the first. I think its a gimmick, I realize there is always a chance to lose , that’s why its called gambling…but if you notice its always the same people in the contest, the gaming sponsors only look out for those certain ones. ( apparently I’m …

  123. Jason Brewer say:

    It was more than we expected had a great time and won some money

  124. Luvable Pinky say:

    I loved it. I went with family. I hit a few times. I lost a few times. The food was great! The employees were always welcoming and smiling. The only thing I didnt care for was the repeated music playing outside on the loud speaker. (over and over and over and over)

  125. Bernice Baker Johnson say:

    I have really enjoyed myself I came all the way from Georgia the rooms are so nice I would tell me family to come on and enjoy they would love it as much as me

  126. Juliette West say:

    Second time in two weeks food at BB king’s restaurant was not up to satisfactory. Breakfast pancakes was not done. The lunch special of greens/fried chicken/peas/macaroni cheese was not food for adults nor did it taste good. My card has several times lately not registered and I have not gained points. The machines not paying right. I was loving this place but it does not take long to see the Mirage. The only thing going is the staff.

  127. Jeffrey L. Stevenson say:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the gaming atmosphere… traditionally I am not a slot player however the BB King Lounge and live music was a great treat for someone like me to relax while the others in my party enjoyed themselves playing slots…

  128. Doris Shed Odoms say:

    It a great getaway a chance to relax enjoy drink eat good food and hang around with friends I go every chance I get

  129. Caroline Pendleton say:

    I like the games but you don’t play for long could be better

  130. Frederick Gambles say:

    It is a great place to eat drink and blow some money! Wonderful place to bring friends and family.

  131. Rhonda Granston say:

    I wish they had tables and not just machines. The food at BB Kings restaurant was delicious and the live music was nice. I enjoyed myself!!

  132. Cynthia Nunley say:

    My first time was 5/16/17 which is today I really did not understand the games but I enjoy being there and I will be back and next be a winner I really like this place

  133. Shemika Campbell say:

    I lost 300.00 in less than 45 mins playing the 8.80 game and the 6.00 didn’t get one bonus game I was very upset

  134. Jamar Wilson say:

    I really enjoyed myself but it wasn’t what I expected I was looking for a little bit more with the tables with Russian Roulette or blackjack table although I can say I could see myself returning but not as much as going to the next Casino with everything. Had fun doe.

  135. MeechieLongway Pugh say:

    If you go with a plan to have fun and not thinking you’re supposed to win everytime then I promise you’ll enjoy and probably even profit. I didn’t but it was worth my time

  136. Wilfred Ernest Ramsey say:

    They give free plays and conformity room and chances to win prizes,food, bonuses points, free drink and assistance when needed.

  137. Lloyd Hines say:

    Nice place
    Drink and Food Playing Slots machine Winning Having Fun
    Wind Creek Montgomery AL ?

    Saturday 20, 2017
    Sunday 21, 2017

  138. Ramonia Stewart say:

    I love cuming to the casino and I always have a good time;but I notice the smoke have been extremely heavy the last 2 times I have been there.I brought a group of five with me and they left in 30 minutes. I know you use to have the air turned up high and that helped a lot.Please we need that to happen again so the smoke wont run people away.

  139. Elizabeth Henley say:

    I love going and play the machines. But I feel like they pick who wins the jackpots and who they notify of there events.

  140. Cheryl MsToot Finnie say:

    I always enjoy myself when I’m there. I’m looking forward to the next trip there.

  141. Deborah Smith say:

    Rooms are great! Beds are comfortable.
    Gaming was fun!

  142. Shacora Knight say:

    I have comp rooms and when I call to use them they say I have to pay. I never stayed at any Wind Creek Casino before. I play there often and don’t always play with my players card. Not happy with that part about the rooms I feel like I’m being played.

  143. Tudy Washington Pennycooke say:

    This was my first time at a casino. Employee’s were very pleasant. Since it was my birthday I got vouchers for food and drinks is already free. Not sure about alcoholic drinks though. I didn’t win any money but I enjoyed the atmosphere. They had smoking and non smoking areas. I would return.

  144. Jean McFerrin say:

    The environment was excellent. Enjoyed the free refreshments. I would recommend every one to attend. It’s so nice and clean. The restroom were very clean. Everything was in excellent conditions. Will return again to Wind Creek Casino. Thank you very much.

  145. Jackson Shon say:

    This is the second time I’ve been here and it’s awesome mè and my girlfriend love it I recommend this place for a smooth get away with ur lovely friend mom wife significant other. Awesome just awesome

  146. Beatress C Lynn say:

    I watch every one played but for me I really don’t care for playing the slot any more I work for a senior center where I take a bus load at a time , I met a lots of friendly people .

  147. Carmen Muffinrockurworld Mccoy say:

    Hit a couple of times. The food are pricey, the cashier in the cafe was very rude I personally wouldnt eat their again. But over all it was fun, planning on going back again.

  148. Javonti Barnes say:

    Had a wonderful time!! The service was good and I won some money!!�� the room was very nice and comfortable.

  149. Stephanie Thomas say:

    The staff is outstanding, the hotel is nearly new. Very clean.

  150. Tasha Long say:

    I love this place I had a good time and loved the free drinks

  151. Jackie Price Ward say:

    My 3 time going u win a little an loss but it’s just fun getting a way doing something different

  152. Margaret Ann Richardson say:

    My favorite get away….always have a great time and winning is a plus thank you windcreek Montgomery �

  153. Andree Sanchez say:

    I love the atmosphere just to get away!! Win or lose!!

  154. Patricia Baker say:

    All I do is Win win win,next time Atmore Ala here I come weekend baby!!

  155. Hope Hendrix say:

    Great place hands down only thing is I’ve been coming over 5yrs and only get 15 dollars in free play dang man I should get more not to mention I have to drive 3 whole hours just to get here

  156. Theresa Williams say:

    I Love Going To Wind Creen Montogomery Sometimes U Win And Sometimes U Lose Great Customer Service And Waitress Always Nice

  157. Kenneth Hilty say:

    I like it better than Atmore or Wetumpka….
    Hit a jackpot last week..Birthday tomorrow 17 June… 59

  158. Natonisha L Barkley say:

    I loved it great outing I didn’t win much I still had a lot of fun maybe the next time I will be a big winner LOL see you guys maybe next month

  159. Mechell Davis say:

    I like the free drinks what I don’t like is they don’t have enough money machines to cash out your tickets you have to walk so far and also it hard to WIN with the Bingo other wise it’s okay hopeful my next visit be better

  160. Pratt Wrice say:

    I love this place! ! Great food an entertainment, also. The B. B. KING bar an restaurant is awesome.

  161. Deleicia Ann Hebert Harriel say:

    It’s a great place for mini vacations the spa and pool /hot tub semi kids friendly the kids loved to swim the only issue is they need more for the kids like atmore have and more options for eating like wetumpka has

  162. Joyce Ann Daniels say:

    I enjoyed the smoke-free environment that I was in.the calibration on my mechine was off to the point i couldn’t order any cocktails but the waitress that was in the area came along and straightened it.out and then it was on with the appletines
    But it was a Great evening
    Better luck next time

  163. Sierra Hagan say:

    Love this place � I usually do pretty well here. & Lucille’s, the food place, is really yummy. Hopefully I will win a jackpot here soon ��

  164. Pam Thompson say:

    I do love Montgomery, but REALLY LOVE WETUMPKA!!! Wish I was there NOW ��.

  165. Valarie Williams say:

    I rode from Columbus, Ga. I had mystery free play and I was disappointed that it was only 10.00. Should have been at least 50.00. And no food voucher, it’s gifts like that that keeps you coming back more often than usual.

  166. Stacy Dent say:

    I go all the time but this time my drink was awful and I had to order it twice because the screen said my drink was delivered but I didn’t get it and when I ordered again the drink was not good and took to long to receive

  167. Sandy Huffman say:

    the food was great at the BB King, our waiter however was not!!! also, just a tip…..listening to a conversation heard that valet parking is free if you have a handicap tag/sticker/flap…..however, the greeters do not tell you this. These people had to park way out in the parking lot and drag their bags up to the entrance for the hotel. I think I’ll stick to the Wetumpka casino thank you!

  168. Teresa Skinner say:

    Just got back from WCM and to say the least, we were not impressed. No buffet. Only BB King restaurant and a high priced snack grill for food choices. Bathroom floor in room was filthy. Took a towel and cleaned it. Towel was black when I finished. Casino is small and does not have a wide choice of machines. If you enjoy playing So Hot ok…if not then be prepared to be disappointed. People that work there do not see customer service as a priority. Act like you are bothering them if you ask a question about where something is or services available. Overall, we will not be returning. Will stick to WCW instead.

  169. Brandon Johnson say:

    SO MUCH FUN!!! Went with a certain amount and left with more!

  170. Brenda Machen Cook say:

    I was really surprised. Friendly sincere people working there. Made you enjoy your visit. Can’t wait to go again. Stayed the night, great rooms

  171. Cynthia Blackwell say:

    Five Star Hotel and Casino.Those beds are to die for so big and soft.Hotel Staff is very friendly.My only concern is if you have guest in a room with 2 big Queen size beds please give 2 small soap and lotion packs per room.This was my girlfriend Marion Souder Birthday Weekend so we had a couple of rooms. I truly enjoyed myself I’m not good with the slot machines but I love ❤️ trying to play.The B.B
    King Resturant is where we had dinner with the band and breakfast the next morning.It was delicious and they even allowed me to bring coffee in from game floor,Love it.See you guys for our next birthday celebration.

  172. Tracy Moran say:

    Employees were rude and do not have a sense of urgency… They need to understand that the customers are the reason they even have a JOB!! Not to mention they charge $15 for a hamburger served by rude people…. Never will I EVER go back!

  173. Gena Johnson McAnally say:

    I enjoy this place and as odd as it seems I’ve found it to be a stress reliever. I wish I had more money but I usually take in 100 and walk out with a couple of hundred to the good. Wish it were closer to home.

  174. Chyrstopher Pettie say:


  175. Ken Whitehurst say:

    You win some, you lose more. That’s the way the system works. LOL

  176. Kimberly DeVeaux say:

    I’ve been going for years spending lots and lots of money. Not once have I won over $200. If would be nice to give away free play weekly, not just to Gold card members. I need a jackpot, only if it’s $1,000 , I’d be happy!

  177. Tracy Robinson-White say:

    I love the casino. My husband and I took a quick two hour trip to Montgomery Alabama and we truly enjoyed the experience. We almost booked a room. Two things should be added more quarter slots and one or two more restaurants, although we did enjoy the BB King restaurant. I see this place growing and becoming a hot spot. We love it and will be back again soon.

  178. Bdaboss Delbridge say:

    I’ve been going for a very long time. Losing a lot of money! It would be nice if they would let me win some of my money back! ? But I do enjoy going!!!!!

  179. Genevieve Tapia Richardson say:

    It was nice, a little to smokey for me so I stayed in the no smoking section. They only had one cash out machine working and that line was long. The ladies room needed attention, they should have it attended to more often. And should have something promotional for ppl when they come in during a certain hour so even though they’ve lost their money, they got a goodie bag or something, j/s…

  180. Dee Howard say:

    First time going to a casino with nothing but slots….I enjoyed it. Its been 5 years since I been to a casino. I forgot how much I enjoyed those bells!��� Everyone was so friendly!!!

  181. Brenda Miles say:

    I enjoy staying at the hotel. The beds are very comfortable but I can’t never get a microwave in the room. I can request one when I make my reservations and it still doesn’t help. It would be nice if you invest in more microwaves. The other day was my first time visiting the pool area. Great atmosphere. My grandson went forward off the step under the water. Thank the lord we notice him very quickly and out the pool to get the water out his mouth. What’s concerns me that the lifeguard didn’t notice what happen also didn’t come over after we got him out of the pool. The lifeguard should gives people security while at the pool instead of reading a book.

  182. Johnny M. Bethea say:

    Tuesday morning, drove over with some people from Decatur, Georgia. I have had some big winning days and days that I lose. Today was a losing day for me but I’m sitting next to one of my traveling partners and they hit a machine for $250, another machine for $650, another machine for $250. They carried about $800 bucks back to Decatur. I will get them next trip. We had a great, fun trip and will do it again in a couple of weeks.

  183. Stack House Reed say:

    Always winning. I love this place DAT WAyy����

  184. Samantha Smith say:

    I will be making my first visit here next month and if it’s anything like the other 2 I am going to love it!

  185. Robert Mccowan say:

    Yesterday was a good day for me and my wife we had a good time and we warm a little money

  186. Donald Harris say:

    Cool casino, nice payouts the house always wins but you can make some money . I would recommend better ventilation for the smokers . I will come & recommend to friends.

  187. Piwi Nüby say:

    Because these Casinos arent state regulated like Biloxi,Vegas, or Atlantic City don’t come expecting to win much..the free hotel comps are nice but the food is wayyy too expensive if you’re paying out of pocket..a 16oz soda cost $3.50 a bag of chips cost $3 a regular size candy bar cost $2.50..i went this past Sunday and noticed a very sparse crowd when its usually busy so it seems the people of Alabama are passing it by…instead of turning the machines “up” and letting people win they keep remodeling over and over and over again…Biloxi hear i come!

  188. Vikki Jamesons say:

    The music sucks it the same thing everytime. I can hear that same music playing in my sleep

  189. Sonya Curtis say:

    I enjoyed my visit to Wind Creek Casino,the music and food was awesome

  190. Dela McBrayer say:

    Itta Beana is an excellent dining experience every time we visit.

  191. Kathryn Easter say:

    Need to bring back some of the older games, need more waitress. I would love to see more cash out machines.

  192. Angela Baker say:

    This is the best place to be for good games and food can’t wait to visit again!!

  193. Susanne Dowrong say:


  194. Shirley Johnson-Tillman say:

    It was nice, as far as slots go, but NO TABLES! It does have nice restaurants, BB Kings House of Blues, etc.

  195. Redd Jackson say:

    It was fun I just lost all my s money the machine sucks

  196. Jackie Bouck Pritchard say:

    (Birthday getaway with my Sister) the most horrible experience I have ever had at Windcreek Montgomery…The food at BB king was ok but the service was sooooo bad….for one chicken sandwich it took 45 min or more to get and just getting waited on with a smile was not going to happen. Then we had dinner at the Ittabena and walked in around 6 pm no one there except some poor lady that had some medical problem (and I pray she was ok) but the Hostess ask if we had reservations and I thought really? do we need them? no one in here.. that was kind of funny to us…ok so we sit down and ordered a glass of wine…that took about 20 min and then we placed our order for food…and that took over 1 hour and then they told us that the chef over cooked our steak and he was cooking another one…so another 20 min went by and yayyy! here comes our food…Steak was so burnt you could smell the charcoal still cooking in it! no kidding…we had also order some grilled shrimp…that didn’t happen …someone forget to tell the chef…I could go on about this event but the main complaint I have was the next morning after we had room service … we had a phone call from someone inside this hotel telling us that we are getting our breakfast for free because there was a computer glitch and they wanted to make sure we got our breakfast for free! so I said ok that sounds wonderful to me and then he ask me for my credit card number so he could make sure that this was not charged on my credit card and that is when the RED FLAG went ,,,reported this to the desk downstairs and they was very shocked and said they would let the IT dept know about this and would get back with me. As of today I have not heard a word from anyone explaining how this could happen, So if you stay at this hotel be careful if someone calls your room and addresses you by your name and wanting credit card information, I don’t think I will be going back to this location. Bad experience!

  197. Linda Hood say:

    The Hotel Suite was a place of luxury but very sadden out of a party of six no one won any money. I won’t be back unless you guys loosen the machines.

  198. Regina Davis say:

    I really enjoyed myself because a hit and room some money up the road. I wish there were more hotel options on the main road.

  199. Jane Tidwell Sheldon say:

    The Employees are wonderful. I even won some money which was a great thing.

  200. Darenella Edwards say:

    I went inside bb king to eat my lunch. The waiter was very nasty. His attitude was mean. He didn’t even see if wanted something else to drink. He didn’t even give us any silverware.. I WON’T BE EATING THERE FOR AWHILE �������

  201. Amy Whyhateonme Carpenter say:

    Enjoyed my visit thank you for the birthday shenanigans

  202. Christine Mitchell say:

    Because every time I go I never win any money it takes all my money and then takes him forever to bring drinks now they don’t even serve them and when you was on the machine waiting on the drink they wait till you run out of money then tell you they don’t want to bring you no drinks

  203. Alashious Avery say:

    I like it other thatn their one employee TIM whom has an nasty attitude and nothing has been done about him to have so many complaints…

  204. Tashia Super-thick Mcdaniel say:

    I love going to the Casnio here in Montgomery Alabama to have fun but I always lose on my delight card .but I still enjoy myself

  205. Johnny Blaq-Bone Lee say:

    I enjoy myself win or lose but majority of the time I’m a winner

  206. Willie Leanear say:

    All good over all i had a pretty good time will be going back real soon

  207. Edkesha Anderson say:

    This was my second visit here and it was just as lackluster as the first time. I tried to celebrate my sister’s and my birthday there but after hearing what the “discounted complimentary” hotel rate was, we decided to just go for a couple hours. Just like my 1st visit, the service was subpar and machines didnt payout at all. The only reason we went back was because the house comped me $100 to play with after my 1st visit. Since my birthday wasn’t until Sept. 1st, they didnt celebrate it but my sister’s birthday is Aug. 29th so they gave her a light up ring!! ��� We had more fun eating the horrible food at the lil snack bar area because we were reminiscing on old times. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Not once but twice my experience was the same. I think its safe to say that this place has a lot of changes to make if it wants to increase its customer base.

  208. Pam Anagnost say:

    Loved it! This was my first time gambling and walked away with more than what I came in with!!

  209. Dwight Moore say:


  210. Patricia Cris J Scott say:

    Very relaxing experience for Me? I love the food and the gaming is FUN too?

  211. Ashley Horton say:

    We went to Wind Creek for the first time over the weekend. We got our players’ cards very quickly and the staff was very friendly and informative. I was impressed with how clean the gaming floor was compared to other casinos. The waitresses were very friendly and brought our drinks out very quick. I was also impressed that I was able to order my drink right from my slot, instead of having to wait for a waitress to pass by and flag her down. We both got $10 in food comps for being new members. The food was very good. We won on several different slot machines and were able to come back the next day to play more. As we were playing Ms. Black from player services came and welcomed us, and gave us a free backpack for being new guests. Overall, we both had an awesome time and felt very welcomed, like we had been playing there for years. We are planning a trip back very soon!!!

  212. Raymond Childree say:

    The service at Wind Creek Montgomery sucks you have to spend $60 to get one drink I sent there 30 minutes one day waiting on a drink so I will not be going back to Montgomery no more.

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