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Play Smart and Play Often.

With over 2,000 gaming options in a spectacular setting, Las Vegas has nothing on the Casino at Wind Creek Wetumpka.

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To enhance your gaming experience, we invite you to sign up for the Rewards Card, offering discounts and points every time you play. But most of all, we invite you to come find your winning moment.


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New Players, we promise to cover your loss up to a $1,000. Take a chance on us, because we’ve got you covered!

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The excitement begins when you step through the doors of our 85,000-square-foot gaming floor. With over 2,500 thrilling games to choose from, odds are you’ll find a favorite right away.

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We are now providing personal Win/Loss statements.
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Name: Riverside Casino

Description:  Electronic Bingo Slot Machines, Hotel Rooms, Food, Alcohol, Smoke Free, No Table Games
Details from Google Maps:
100 River Oaks Dr, Wetumpka, AL 36092
+1 866-946-3360
Twitter: WCWetumpka
Pinterest: windcreekboards


  1. Jerome Brooks say:

    Ok Winn Creek in wetumpka are good place to play games and they have nice food all you could eat but Winn I do go to the casino I like to play any favorite machine because I never complained about it

  2. Mike Montgomery say:

    I always enjoy my visits. on a previous visit during the what the truck event I meet a greeter by the name of Sharon .P a very friendly personality . and tonight I came across the same friendly face standing out by the corvette , having people there that make your visit friendly and fun is why I return often. Thanks WINDCREEK and staff like Sharon. P the greeter.

  3. Jackie Cofield say:

    Went with my Daughter n Laws and a Friend for my Birthday and I have to say it was one of the Best Birthday trips a girl could take!! I plan on returning many times! The casino is very well laid out and every employee there goes out of their way to treat you with the utmost respect and makes sure you have a great time while there! I suggest this casino to anyone looking to have a Great Time!! Thank You Wetumpka Wind Creek for making my Birthday a Great One!! I also caught the Jamie Johnson concert and it was AWESOME!!

  4. Robbie Taylor say:

    I’ve not been to a lot of casinos in my life. Just not a gambler. We went to see Jamey Johnson and decided to venture into the casino. But the ones I’d been to, I stayed a while and had a pretty good time. We were in and out pretty quick at this one. No tables. Slots only. If you are on a machine and order a beer, you have to spend $5 first. Then after you receive your drink, you can’t order another one for twenty minutes. All of the others I’d been to they just kept em coming as long as you were playing. Cheaper to go to the bar. But that’s me.

  5. Andre Jackson say:

    This is the place to go if u wanna have fun eat n try to hit the big one..

  6. Joann Bronsted say:

    Me and my husband are regulars here. Its always worth the 2 hr drive.

  7. Sandra Williams Beaman say:

    Everything was very enjoyable, the entertainment and food was awesome…

  8. Tracey Williams Kennedy say:

    Love everything and enjoyed my family. It was so beautiful and the rooms are nice.

  9. Pamela Gaddy say:

    We’ve had a great time @[180554821965563:Wind Creek Wetumpka]! Starting with the lady (Angel), that booked our stay, & every other person here, they’re all great! The food is wonderful, & the room is excellent. Very nice & helpful staff! Still waiting on our winning moment, but it has been fun! Thanks to everyone!

  10. Mary Jane Sowinski Sullivan say:

    Beautiful place and fun atmosphere. Dining, spa and overnight accommodations!

  11. Shacora Knight say:

    Try to use my comp rooms and they say I have to pay. Why give me comp rooms if I have to pay? I come out there a couple times a week I don’t always use my players card, however that shouldn’t stop me from getting my comp rooms.

  12. Benjamin Williams say:


  13. Norma Thomas say:

    Always njoy when I’m there I always go at least once a month luv it

  14. Melissa Jackson say:

    I didn’t win anything but the food at the buffet was a hit….so fantastic. Beautiful place!!!

  15. Amanda ONeal say:

    We NEVER win. We won’t go back. That’s why I’d much rather go to Mississippi or Vegas. It’s not ALL chance. And as I saw on another review… If you are not a Black Card member, you don’t matter. And it’s obvious. I went on my birthday and that was it for me.

  16. Salina McGowan say:

    I have always won money everytime, I go here, which is quiet often. I think they have an amazing buffett, with anything to choose from. Their hotel is emaculate, their employees are very helpful, and amazing, with hospitality.

  17. Brenda Ford Evans say:

    We had a good time, the drinks was good and I even won a little �

  18. Quontasha Leach say:

    I love Wetumpka casino and the rooms are very nice. Hopefully they’ll get a arcade or something else for the kids to do besides the pool to keep the kids occupied. Staff always friendly.

  19. Edgar King say:

    Had a great time at Wind Creek Wetumpka.Guest Service desk Demarco was on top of his game with a great personality and attitude. This guy when above and beyond help me. I’ll most definitely be going back.

  20. Angelicia Leach Angie say:

    Most enjoyable. I love the rooms, especially the platinum suite. The view, and space and privacy.

  21. Barbara Smith say:

    The hotel and view are great, the machines are terrible. If your going expecting to win think again, as soon as you put the money you spin and absolutely land on nothing, I tried multiple machines and it was the same. I’ll make the drive to Biloxi at least they will give you great perks. I’ve been to Windcreek in Atmore and Wetumpka and very disappointed.

  22. Geri Lee say:

    Negative one travel so far all the time to lose!!!!!

  23. Vanessa Jones say:

    Wind Creek is a nice, clean facility with good customer service. The buffet price has increased but the food was worth it because of the unlimited varity of choices. I am not a gambler so I really can not judge the casino. However, I do believe what happens in Wind Creek stays in Wind Creek (your loses).

  24. Kariberry Bishop say:

    Very Beautiful inside n Out.
    Great hospitality. .
    Very Clean .
    .My Kind of Place. .

  25. Kia McCullough say:

    Love love love the experience and will definitely go back??

  26. Terry Alison Nutalapati say:

    From Yvonne Sexton: I love going to a casino, but this place could do more. The other night, my husband was approached by an employee, said he won a prize! I couldn’t believe it when he came to tell me. I thought maybe he won free play, but no! They actually gave him a NUTCRACKER! Made in China, it’s so flimsy it looks like it would break a nut if you tried to crack one! I’m sure they probably paid a nickel for this piece of crap, if that much. With all the millions you take in everyday, you could do much better than a stupid ass nutcracker. If they try to give me one, I will tell them no thanks! The man sitting next to my husband said, “They take your money and crack your nuts at the same time!” Your gifts you should keep to yourselves, it’s an embarrassment for a casino to give such tacky prizes, let alone call them prizes!

  27. David J Griffin Jr say:

    The hotel was fantastic and the hot tub was on point. I give Wind Creek Casino 5 stars.

  28. Brittany Lachelle Armstrong say:

    Its nice, smokie but nice. I will surely come back again. I just don’t know when.

  29. Shannon Jenkins say:

    I loved it loved my view an all only thing was we had to carry our stuff out without a carrier that was messed up but other thsn that staff was great an all just hsving to carry all th as t an me an my husbsnd have had back surgery so just expect to carry you’re own bags

  30. Eunice Evans say:

    Players desk where u go get ur information is to slow.

  31. David Tucker say:

    Big friendly Casino with a lot to offer and free drinks

  32. Harry Moritz say:

    Great Buffet!
    The location is ideal, not too far, and the staff is wonderful, welcoming and friendly.
    We really want to go there again!
    If you’re of this mind, pack up and go. NOW!

  33. Gloria S. King say:

    Never won much and have been loyal even when they had the small trailer building but can’t stop going the Staff, Rooms and Dinning are great I play with my card a little but mostly not How long have been playing I should have a silver or black card but guess what 7 to 8 yrs twice a week playing I know 1000 to 1500 all most every time I go I’ve only won I promise Maybe 5 or 6 thousand dollars altogether over the years but I Love to go and I still have a orange card lol like that place even if they’re not showing me any love on the real and now they have lots of new machine thats tight as an ant hole Montgomery went down now they are too I went to the Palace Casino first time hit 8000 didn’t play but 100 dollars and it Didnt take 7 to 8 years to do so but hey that why they call it GAMBLING huh on that note weptumka I can’t stand the heat so I’m going to keep my butt out of your kitchen kmsl and I don’t play with my card cause look like only Atlanta etc. Ppl hit the big jackpots nothing against that but show not just me but my home town some big money love some time as well

  34. Carol Efram-vickery say:

    Wind Creek Wetumpka is awesome, and I’m on my way! Save me a good hit or two. Jackpot would be nice too. I’d get my truck fixed and come when I get ready, not only when I had a ride with dear hubby. See ya in about an hour! Whoop whoop!

  35. Anastasia Jenkins Jackson say:

    Had a good time � with my daughter’s. We played, lost and ate a great meal at the Grill.

  36. Lillian Wynn say:

    It always fun hoping to win, but win or lose I still return time after time????

  37. La Toya Williamson say:

    It was a very fun place to go. Free alcohol drinks that was great. Good people , the game floor is so big you will lose all the people who is why you. AMAZING

  38. Dovie Robershaw Lawson say:

    Always have a great time. All the staff are friendly and professional.

  39. Tasha Daniels Baxter say:

    I Love going to Wind Creek Wetumpka! I WON BIG ONCE. AND CANT WAIT UNTIL I GET MY NEXT BIG WINNING MOMENT !$$$!????

  40. Mikeya Jones say:

    Patient services was gr8,found hair in my food, service for drinks was very slow.

  41. Janet Rush Green say:

    We were there Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The lady who made our reservations was helpful and friendly. The lady at the check-n desk also was friendly and helpful. The room was clean and comfortable. We always have dinner at the Fire restaurant. The service was excellent and the food is very good and well prepared. Ronnishka Allen was our server and has been our server every time we’ve eaten there. She is the very best and deserves 5 stars for the great job she does. I did not see one person playing the slots who won. In fact, everyone around us was complaining about losing. They keep playing that annoying song and showing winners on the screens and everyone was wondering where those winners were. Someone told us they include the winners from the Wind Creeks in Montgomery and Atmore also. However, we saw no one winning. They were to give $10,000 away but we were playing at the times specified but didn’t hear a winner announced. We were told there was no winner and they would give $1,000 in free play to ten people but didn’t announce who these mystery winners were. We were also disappointed that we wanted to eat breakfast at the buffet but were told it was closed and would be open the next day.

  42. Mary Puccio say:


  43. Ashley Danielle say:

    It was my first time there and I enjoyed it!! Had a great time!

  44. Jennifer Young say:

    I will not be back after the horrible experience we had with our reservations being cancelled and being told “sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do about it” by Cashawnta. Even though when I made the reservation I made it known it would be after midnight when we arrived and the guy who made the reservation said that nothing would be charged to my card until we arrived although I had a $50 hold on my account they claimed that it did not go through. We only called to confirm which property we were staying at wetumpka or Montgomery because I never received a confirmation email. The reservation was under my name and my boyfriend was the one who called and spoke with Cashawnta and she never asked to speak with me to confirm it was okay to speak with him. But when I called back I spoke with Robert who was able to reinstate my reservation and he said they may place the hold on my card before we arrive and if it does not go through it would cancel our reservation again but he could not go ahead and run the card the front desk would have to do that. So after getting off of the phone with him my boyfriend calls to speak with someone at the front desk to see if they can go ahead and run the card to be sure or room would be available when we arrived, the lady would not give him any information about the reservation until speaking with me first but she then said that they can not run the card until we arrive….. So needless to say everyone had a different answer your reservation was cancelled because we ran the card before your arrival and it did not go through even though I was told initially that nothing would be put on my card before I arrived then I was told again after reinstating my reservation that my card could not be ran until I arrived. One person said they have no rooms and there is nothing they can do but thankfully one person was able to magically make a room appear out of thin air. I will do my gaming in tunica from now on!!!!!! Absolute nightmare after working a 12 hour shift at work then expecting a nice relaxing time to celebrate our anniversary!!!!!

  45. Sharon English-Lovett say:

    We had a great time in Wetumpka and look forward to the next trip.

  46. Shelly Wainwright say:

    Nice, clean. Need a bigger non smoking area. And more current updated machine in there.

  47. Tracy Tracy say:

    It was amazing had mad fun. The staff was friendly and helpful. I will definitely be returning.

  48. Tasha Marignay say:

    Had a blast!!!!! Food was great. Free drinks rocks. Staff very professional…

  49. Dollan Young say:

    Parking garage smells horrible! Smell like urine soon as I step out my vehicle… bad first impression on their part! Will be not be going back! Would recommend anyone to this place!

  50. Linda Hayden say:

    I had great fun! The staff are friendly and I enjoyed playing the slots!

  51. Pacman Pace say:

    The rooms are very nice buffet good but the machine dont really pay out that much. seem like everybody hit but me lol . I be betting 3-6 dollars only winning $1.50 or nothing back on the progressive machine.

  52. Yvette Davis say:

    Father’s Day dinner with dad for all you can eat crab legs and buffet. It was awesome and he loved it. Great variety of choices, including the dessert bar! Wonderful staff helps make it a satisfying experience as well. Everyone from the cashiers to the table crews and chef’s staff were so helpful and friendly. Definitely coming back to enjoy more of the other special buffet days selections. An of course, enjoy the slot machines!!! A fun place to enjoy a brief escape from the ordinary!

  53. Myricle Young say:

    I thought of it as being the worst hotel experience front desk was fine but some of the staff had an attitude problem also they don’t inform u on a lot n every time I come its something new.something done change u can’t do this u can’t do that this is the worst one I like the other two way better..

  54. Faye Neal-Gersch say:

    Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Wind Creek , Wetumka. Nice drive,beautiful hotel and staff was excellent.

  55. Sharon Taylor say:

    I’ve always had a great time at Wind Creek. Looking forward to my next visit.

  56. Tasha MariePytbihh Fitzpatrick say:

    ��������������� I’m a silver card holder so hopefully I will make black this year I’m almost there

  57. Natalie V Smith say:

    I Love It !!!! Im Ready to Win Big !!!! Great Place

  58. Susan F Moore Lee say:

    Have been coming for several years now about every other month ….. as a matter of fact am here now as I speak for our last nite of 2 nite stay…. and as usual all the staff have been great! They have always been super nice, helpful, & professional! Only once were we unable to get complimentary room. I have 4 cats & 5 dogs at home so I especially love it! My only grievance is I wish we could win something once in awhile! We have probably spent & lost as much as a yrs salary for one of those staff.

  59. Lmg Lateel say:

    Rooms are Grade “A”…
    Enjoyed my night…

  60. Bernadette Stanley say:


  61. Sandy Huffman say:

    Terrific as usual! Ate at the Grill, steak was perfect, salad was great and the green beans were delicious as always. Went to the bar to gamble a bit and had one cocktail a piece and the bartender was friendly, she made our drinks just fine!!

  62. Shelby Noles say:

    Had a blast with my husband there tonight!! We were not there but just a few minutes and this wonderful server named Felicia was assisting us by explaining EVERYTHING! A very large Kudos to Wind Creek for employing such awesome people.

  63. Linda Perry say:

    We love going to this casino. We had a great time but trying to get a room on their promotion is like nonexistent. Many of us only can come on the weekend and have a budget. So maybe you accommodate those ofbus that can’t afford the rooms but love coming to ur facility.

  64. Tina Harris say:

    Wind Creek Wetumpka is awesome… Always enjoy my visits. I just need to hit the jackpots!

  65. Terrlyn McClammy say:

    I was at the amphitheater!
    It was very nice
    I attended the Charlie Wilson concert
    He was awesome and so was the experience
    Great service

  66. Mary Sherell Smith Brooks say:

    Yes I was there and it was everything. I enjoyed the concert and the time with some friends.

  67. Doreen Pike say:

    I was shocked to find out that it was an hour and a half wait for the BUFFET!!!
    This has to be a ploy to get you to play the slots.
    The facility that hosts concerts was excellent. However, only drinks are served….not a drop of food, snacks, etc. �

  68. Nikki McClure say:

    My husband and i went for our 5 year anniversary. Neither of us had ever been before and learned as we went along. We really enjoyed it and look forward to going again!

  69. LaShonda Ellis say:

    This place is awesome … I stayed here Saturday and part of Sunday and their customer service was excellent. The host were nice, the security was friendly and funny. Everyone mannerable and helped in every direction. I loved it �

  70. Latoya Jones say:

    I had a great time!!!!! I will definitely be back.

  71. Romona Martin say:

    It was a great atmosphere enjoyed every minute of my visit. My sister Aitisha Leshore and I had a blast on the floor enjoying the different games and our room on the 11th floor was overwhelmingly comfy. Meanwhile the pool definitely had the kids happy! We will come visit again soon.

  72. Linda Skinner Bridges say:

    We happened to be camping 40 minutes away at Wind Creek Park and decided to check out Wind Creek Wetumpka. We enjoyed the buffet and LOVED the pool/cabana area. Neither of us are willing to lose money, but would love to stay there a night or two.

  73. Jenny Harrison say:

    Sitting at the buffet and never had the problems that I had today. Yes I will be speaking to someone about it. Thank God I have a nice waitress. Normally I would give it a 5 but I struggled to give it a 3.

  74. Jennifer Evans Pitts say:

    We had a great time here. All the staff was very friendly, games were fun, great view from our corner suite. I’d give this 5 stars if the drinks weren’t so weak and the pool was adults only.

  75. Shirley Reid say:

    We enjoyed wind Creek the machine was hot n the food Buffet was out of this world can’t wait to go back

  76. Shea Pitts say:

    I have doubts about when you have a host and they are not doing anything for you. I have had the same host for over a year now and he has only help me out once. I know other people who have host and they host are there for them. It’s always a excuse when I call and I have the texts to prove it. Are you treating everybody the same? ???????���

  77. Trenda L Jones say:

    Decided to go on a whim with my husband, this was our second time going here in the past year after we vowed never to go again. I would have to say I definitely enjoyed myself. Had an amazing time won a lil money wasn’t much but as long as we had fun we didn’t care. Ate at the buffet again as well wasn’t bad just wish there was more variety.

  78. Trell Jackson say:

    Only thing that I didn’t like about my visit there was all the smoke. The no smokers area wasn’t big enough. I think I would go back but no time soon, still fighting off a headache from all the cigarette smoke.

  79. Stanley Thrower say:

    It was a relaxing atmosphere with a friendly staff. Outstanding selection of foods and drinks. Enjoyed it. GOD BLESS

  80. Angela Reddick say:

    They ass need to let me win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Terrell Goodwin say:

    It was worth the drive from Mobile. Me and the family really enjoyed our overnight stay. Uncle Jed and Granny stayed in the room, Jethro and Elly May stayed in the cement pond and I gambled. I started off losing at first but before I went back to my room I had recovered my losses and left there with some money. The food at the Hibachi grill for dinner was great and also breakfast the next morning. I had a chance to visit the high limit room and will play in there on my next trip if Mr. Drysdale will sponsor me. Really had a good time.

  82. Kristie Rushing say:

    First time visit…was not impressed. Plus there is so much smoke, it’s hard to breathe.

  83. Pamela Whatley say:

    I attend every year during the 4th holiday and usually really enjoy myself. This year was a massive disappointment!!! No one in my party won anything I mean nothing. Got whole fried wings they were terrible. I got three and could only eat 1 and 1/2. They weren’t seasoned in the least. We drove from Birmingham and it was wasted gas and time.

  84. Adrian Hendricks say:

    Wow reading some of these comments made me want to tell my life story about the casino and the more I typed the more I realized ain’t nobody got time for that!!!! True enough I’ve been playing since the casino first opened and I hit my first jackpot a few months ago only to go to the casino in Montgomery and give just about all of it back. “CRAZY” Either way win or lose I enjoy myself. A lot of the staff know my face and the bartenders are the best. I know I’m going to continue to come at least until I hit for 30K or 50K even then I’ll be back, after a vacation. So why complain and bash the casino???? You can always call the number on the back of your card and tell them you need help…….

  85. David Cline-Davidson say:

    The buffet was incredible. It was both delicious and visually appealing. We found it to be a bargain when comparing the quality with other buffets around the area.

  86. Christopher Barlow say:

    Love the atmosphere. Had so much fun we use to go 4 or 5 times a year never have won any money. Lost 1,200 in 3 hours Monday we want be going back.

  87. Scott Pruitt say:

    a big rip off. don’t waste your time people. the food was not very good the selection was poor the games were rigged, nobody I met there was even winning small amounts. it was a complete waste of time.

  88. Robert Palmorejr say:

    As Many times that I have come to Wetumpka and never Win and to See all the Jackpots Being Posted Everyday That Kinda Hurts make feel like U are being made A fool of I am Happy For the people who Won Congrats Good Job.

  89. Gonzalo Herrera say:

    Bery good

  90. Joe Romano say:

    No table games available. I don’t enjoy playing slots.

  91. Frances Knight say:

    Love It � great atmosphere love when they have live music ������

  92. Lk James say:

    First time here and was impressed.The casino was clean,spacious,love the fish tank,and the machines were looser than Harrah Cherokee.we won some moolah,had a few beers (don’t like the limit on drinks tho) most of the employees we encounter was pleasant and helpful. But you do have a couple at the players ctr.that could be more friendlier and courtesy.but overall would recommend this casino even driving the 6hrs from Tennessee.can’t wait to come back

  93. Chervon Tanner say:

    I really have fun when I go, and most of the time I win back the money I lost

  94. Eric C White say:

    I enjoy myself everytime I go and I love the food selections, it’s a great environment.

  95. Latrese King say:

    Just recently left there and didn’t want to leave. We stayed at the key West hotel and had a great time….I mostly went there to eat lol. I’m not really a gambler.

  96. Andrea Chinn-Little say:

    And I was a winner,

  97. Shawanda Starks-Beasley say:

    Me and my husband stayed for Valentine’s Day and this is the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in, we loved it, and view was excellent.

  98. Traci Lewis say:

    I visited the casino on Friday 2/7. The casino is nice however the food was bad . We received a salad with withered lettuce and rotten tomatoes in it from The Grill. The customer service experience at the service desk was horrible. That alone would cause me not to recommend this location. However, we did meet a very nice and helpful employee by the name Eileen that was awesome. I would be willing to go again but hesitant about spending more money there.

  99. Jessica Grizzard say:

    It was awful. My kids had to sleep in the FLOOR my youngest son has migraines and BECAUSE of Not having a bed to sleep in got up with one. If y’all couldn’t move us y’all should have told us that. Instead of the people at the front dest give us the run around. I know if you tell someone we will have y’all another ROOM IN THE A.M. just call first thing and we will get you moved….. I promised my kids it was just for one night that they had to sleep on the FLOOR….. WELL Y’ALL MADE ME A LOOK LIKE A LIE.!!!!! We hung right around there so we could move…. We missed out on a lot of shopping and THE ZOO. BECAUSE then y’all told us 2… Btw that still didnt happen. then as i was talking about the issue! THE GUY AT THE FRONT ” That I wasn’t even talking to” interrupted me as i just going to the lady i had been talking to we was going to the pool if she need us….And… then as I was told as i was going to the pool that the supervisor would be back down there in 15-20 minutes to come back then. WELL I said plz have her come talk to me… we need to get this fixed……. Ok well no one came… Left come back around 7 give or take and was told they could possibly move us to a room that was going to be $200 something. like really! You could possibly move us!!! And that it was my fault for not making sure that it had 2 beds instead of one!!! How in the world can 5 people sleep in one bed ? I do not believe that is my fault!!!!!!!!! I told her to see and lets us know. Well needless to say…. NO ONE Got with us…. By the time we give up it was to late to get in with someone else. We just wanted to have a good time with the kids. ESPECIALLY AFTER THE YEAR THEY HAD with there DADDY PASSING and all.. BUT SITTING AROUND WAITING TO BE MOVED TO ANOTHER ROOM SO THEY HAVE A BED WAS NOT COOL.

  100. Marilyn Glenn say:

    Wonderful place to go and enjoy yourself have fun.

  101. Leon Foster say:

    The rooms are amazing , the buffet is good, an the fun at the pool bar is Turn Up Time!!!!!

  102. Ranako Adunbi Masud say:

    Yesterday was my 2nd visit. Was most impressed with the buffet. Not impressed when I called 2 wks. prior and was informed that I did not have enough credits for a comp. room. So I went for the day. True enough the payout is not the best, but I might attempt one more time. Living in metro-Atlanta, Harrahs Cherokee is the same distance and there I’ve had no problems winning or getting comp. rooms. So Wind Creek is on my 3 strikes list.

  103. Pam Johnson say:

    Beautiful place to relax and have a great time. The food the drinks and the service were all superb��

  104. Sue Evans say:

    Had soo much fun being the first time there just a big o boot leg house lol

  105. Zina White say:

    I had the best time!! Played for three hours on Wendell and Sparks !! Came home with extra money!! YAY!!!
    Love this place!!

  106. Gerald Ware say:

    We went to the grill and had the worst service ever had better service at waffle house. Asked 3 servers for crackers took 15min to get thim. The food not worth the price. Dont think I will be back.

  107. Marcia Cleveland Goodwin say:

    We love it.. We have been pretty lucky at winning. I hope to hit a jackpot soon.

  108. Jackie Clark-Manley say:

    Great place to visit….. friendly atmosphere and love the unlimited beverage

  109. Latasha Brown Mcdaniel say:

    Love it ready to go back trip planned to go back very very soon wish the rooms where a little cheaper then they r

  110. Eddie Mezick say:

    Loose every time.. never win anymore! Shame they don’t remember us old members that supported them when they were setup in trailers… Oh well… Guess that’s how it is with crooks…

  111. Dink Johnson say:

    Everything was great!! The buffet was on point!!! Crab legs crab legs and more crab legs!!..lol
    Didn’t win much but had a great time.

  112. Odom Machelle say:

    ��������������������������������������������������������������I thanks $10.00 for free food on my computer play card

  113. Danielle Perry say:

    Drove in the middle of the night just to gamble . Loved it so much ! Can’t wait to go there and actually stay .

  114. Erica Thurmond say:

    I was here from out of town with some friends who wanted to show me the casino. it was late/early, it everthing started off fine. then… we decided on drinks. literally the WORST bar service I’ve ever encountered in my life. made us wait twice, over ridiculous amount of time, while the bar tender carried on meaningless conversation with ppl at the bar. while completely ignoring us at the bar waiting.. like we were invisible. who does that? the bar tender never said excuse me, or could you give me a sec, or even I will be right with you. after leaving our complaint with manager, I was so.. upset still from all the rudeness, and discrimination. I couldn’t bring myself to want to stay n play. I won’t be back. customer service is a big deal to me. you sign up to serve the public, you don’t get the choice to be ugly or rude to them, no matter the amount of money anyone is spending in that place. first time at this place, and the last for me.

  115. Duane Boggan say:

    Can’t blame you cause I lose $. They always have a good environment. And servers are awesome

  116. Kimberly Paulene Lingner say:

    I have been coming to this Casino since it was a trailer with my mom but after the 3rd time being treated like I am not wanted as a player or as a person in this establishment I will never step foot back in wetumpka casino unless I get a written apology from management. …a free Buffet is just not enough on how I was treated today…..Thank you to the chef and to the young lady who tried to make it right but it was wrong what this guy did to me …..3 times now. ..NOT AGAIN NEVER!!!!!!!

  117. Katherine Lowry say:

    My son came home from Austin Texas and I tool him on 7/17 and it was his first time.He really enjoyed it since he won 330.00 He was very happy and I came home with some also. Thanks to Celia Foust at the grill she is so great!!! Wonderful customer service!!!

  118. Holly Montgomery say:

    My husband and I come at least once a week and love it. I do think there needs to be something done to were you can’t play a machine without a card. We play in the high roller room and it gets annoying when the machines you want to play you can’t not because the room is full but because someone is sitting there playing 2 machines at the same time for hours.

  119. Doug Ward say:

    Just a personal message about your valet parking attendants. The guy that came with our car yesterday was so nice. He spoke to my wife, my son and I. He was so thoughtful and kind…

  120. Mae Ocie Riley say:

    I loved my weekend at the casino and hotel. I plan on going back soon.

  121. Stacey Sykes say:

    Perfect place for if you have never done machine gambling before.

  122. Nate Shamblin say:

    First time to visit. Used to the major casinos along gulf coast, but very impressed. Well spaced, clean, fast service.

  123. Andrews Shinna say:

    I enjoyed myself only thing is it took us and hour to get a card to play. Line was extra long and they only had two people behind counter. After you stand in line that long you lose excitement about playing. Seafood bar was great

  124. Jettie Franklin say:

    I enjoy coming to Wind Creek Wetumpka.I tried several time to compensate the Housekeepers like i do the Cocktail servers.Housekeepers not allowed to take tips. Please change that rule because they have the hardest job. Thanks a million.

  125. Lisa Swain say:

    I had a great time at the casino i go when i can dont go often but when i do i enjoys myself im feeling lucky right now heading that way again wetumpka casino is the place too go. ���

  126. Kala Rembert say:

    I brought my daughters 29 & 25! They had a wonderful time!

  127. Latoya Collier say:

    The attendants are very helpful and the drinks are always on point.I probably won’t be going back anytime soon because the last four times I haven’t won anything.The machines have went up too.

  128. Susan Wain say:

    Always a good time when I go! Food is good, always a fun fun fun!!!!!!

  129. Don Leo say:

    Great place. We had a blast. Good Food and Good time.

  130. Kevin Gains say:

    This place is nothing but a money maker. They are rude and take your money. The machines are tight and the people are so lazy. This place will not stay open for long. It’s awful.

  131. QuantaviaDiva Manns say:

    I had A Great experience this weekend. This was my second time coming to this Casino,and I would recommend for other people to come to join the great experience.

  132. Wanda Yvette Daniels say:

    We had a awesome time I was on a bus trip with an organization called classy ladies of the world when I tell you we had a good time we had a good time the all-you-can-eat seafood bar was great I made a big mess on the table and floor trying to open up crab legs but I cleaned up all my mess our waitress Robin was awesome just wish I had more money to tip her but I know she’s going to be there the next time so I will make up for it we are going to make regular visits thank you wind creek wetumpka we enjoyed

  133. Tyinsha Imperfactangel Lewis say:

    My clients absolutely love wind creek. We come from Auburn Opelika area and we spend four hours in the casino. When the return to the shuttle everyone is happy and still full of Entergy. If you live in the area call ROYAL TRANSPORTATION 334.737.8373 for a save and fun experience from beginning to end.

  134. Tammy Nelson say:

    I loved it . I can’t wait until I go back. The next my husband is going with me. It’s only about two a half hours from my house. So that way we can go up for today. Hope to come back soon. I’ve been telling everyone about my weekend. Thank y’all

  135. Scott Wilson say:

    Great time and will definitely go back. Excellent food and staff… Besides the long lines for the players card its all fun and games….

  136. Joshua MelloYello say:

    Enjoyed my first trip to the casino, but the customer service at “the grill” needs some major improvements. I don’t know what’s worse the cashier who hurriedly takes your order, doesn’t give you a receipt and then walks away from the counter before you pick up your meal, or the female cook in the window with a very unhappy look on her face.

  137. Tiffany Carter say:

    We enjoyed our first time stay there mainly my child she love the pool and didn’t want to go back home. I wish y’all had a playroom for the kids also with arcade games and lasers tag that would be fun for them

  138. Laura Prescott say:

    It was very nice but will wear a coat the next time cause it’s extremely cold !!

  139. Dana L Pugsley say:

    I’ve been going with my two neighbors for almost 4 years! And recently started taking my daughter with us when she moved here to Alabama. The casino is well staffed with helpful and courteous employees, the area is always clean, and there are more than enough slots for all to find their personal favorite machines. Seems there are always promotions for food credit and free play and Wetumpka has great specials every day of the week. The restaurants are great and you can find any good to suit your taste at the Buffet. If you’re in need of a quick bite, the grill offers sandwiches a s a few hot food items. Refreshments are readily available at stations around the casino or you can be served drinks at the machine while playing. Ordering is easy with an on screen display at your terminal. Make sure to come on or around holidays as there are many activities and extra promotions. Love bands often perform near the bar (with the incredible fishtank which was even featured in a show about beautiful aquariums and fishtanks! Even if you do not drink alcohol, I suggest you stop at the bar to look at the tank!) Wetumpka also has many famous artists performing in their theater and ticket prices are very fair. Be sure to sign up for the rewards program to recieve comps and pick up the monthly magazine highlighting the daily promos, shows and events. I have not stayed at the hotel, but from what I’ve heard from players who stayed, the rooms are beautiful and have a pool access for hotel guests. Last of all, not only is Wetumpka a fun place to play and enjoy time with friends or family, a person always feels safe as there is ample lighting in the parking garage, many cameras and best of all, more than enough security around the casino floor and throughout the garage! Have fun and #findyourwinningmoment

  140. Sandy Wilson say:

    Got checked into our room.. dropped our bags off and went down to gamble… Was very disappointed in game selections… They have removed most of the Quick Hit progressive games.. just a few old ones remaining…finally returned to the room. Around 330 A.M… and went straight to bed. To our dismay when we woke the next morning… We realized the we had slept on A DIRTY BED!!!! The sheets were gross!! We called for a house keeping manager.. and she agreed the did not look to be washed!! She said she would take care of it.. we let her know we wouldn’t be staying another night. At check out we spoke to a supervisor and showed pictures.. she agreed as well… Not 1 person offered a food voucher… Free play … Or any other compensation… Needless to say… We will just be staying in Atmore from now on… Wish I could share these pictures.. no option for that!

  141. Shell Garner say:

    My hubby took me for my birthday and it was nice. Just wish I could’ve been the lucky one and hit a jackpot but I didnt. Just my luck.

  142. Philip Brand say:

    Me And My Wife Visited Wind Creek Casino And We Let Valet Park Our Car.And We Was Getting Ready To Get Our Car And The Damn Valet Lost Our Keys To Our Car.Poor Customer Service.WE WILL NOT BE BACK……

  143. Taz James SinClair say:

    I went there for my birthday August 5th 2017 it’s a trip that we usually take on occasions let the casino love the food love the atmosphere this inside I enjoyed my birthday party as well as my crew

  144. John Rosser say:

    All was great at the casino plenty of parking and ample food choices

  145. Christner Jean Louis say:

    My experience here was horrible! Limited slot machines that don’t pay out! Restaurant workers in the casino are very unprofessional. Food is not of quality and Restaurants staff lacks leadership and direction! Two thumbs down ?? ??

  146. Anthony Marquez say:

    Great experience if you like a rock star place with slots free beer and food!!!

  147. Teressa Holmes say:

    Can’t win been going now I don’t see how people hit a big Jack pot it must be rigged for some folks to win

  148. Noel Rucks say:

    We had an amazing time there. We got a room, it was very clean and well maintained. Also the casino itself was very fun and entertaining. We ate at the buffet, also very good.

  149. Carma Vega say:

    Very welcoming and clean. However buffet management needs a good evaluation! Guy was WAY too involved in his phone than anything else. He’s rude, far from professional. If all hirer ups talk about and to their employees in such manner than this location is in for a down fall worse than it has already had.

  150. Christy Brown say:

    Yes and love every bit of it !!! Had lots of fun with my cuzin and stepdad

  151. Janie Waldrop say:

    Always a pleasure to go to!!! Staff is always very friendly all around loving to come to your casino!!!

  152. Tanya Nolen say:

    I enjoyed my time there. Although I don’t win often I like the games and time with my husband. Rooms are nice and buffet is great.

  153. Jackie Cook say:

    windcreek Wetumpka is my happy place on special occasions. I always have an awesome time playing the games, and they have so many new ones!! who would think on my 71 birthday that’s what I would want to be doing… Today is my bday but my knee is too bad to make the trip from Dothan today. Hoping for Sunday for sure and Im already excited about getting there. Looking forward to the special event they have….maybe itll be my lucky day and a great birthday present!!!!!You never know when it can be your winning moment at windcreek!!!!There are always lots of winners and lots of excitement as well as delicious food. I just love everything about it.

  154. Eleanor Wiley say:

    When I’m able to come i enjoy myself my favorite game to play is So hot

  155. Rowdy Bearden say:

    Well I was there Friday and Saturday and I really enjoyed the pool and food.i really don’t play much because they don’t send me any free money or rooms like they use too.i mean it’s just a place to get away and relax

  156. Vonnie Stoves say:


  157. Betty Jean Smith say:

    I liked it just really not bog enough. Ppl were waiting on machines. But its a very nice clean casino.

  158. Bari Ann say:

    This is easily the best hotel and pool experience I’ve had. If I could like here, I would. Friendliest staff all around too!!!!

  159. Jeremy Barrick say:

    The casino did not pay out well, but the hotel and pool make up for the lack of winnings. Beats Atmore by far! Will be back!!!

  160. James Sneed say:

    we had a great time.the food was awsome and the games were great….

  161. Gwenitha Robertson say:

    The staff made me feel special on my Birthday and everything was awesome..

  162. Lizzie Crowell say:

    It really a nice casino. Real nice buffett enjoyed the food. I didn’t get rich got my money back.

  163. Rhonda Culpepper Richardson say:

    Beautiful establishment. Had a great time. Lots of slots. Wish they had tables. Loved ordering drinks from machine. Fast service. Didn’t mind the wait time between drinks but shouldn’t be a limit. Would have stayed longer if no limit. Buffet was delicious. Great variety

  164. Allison Carden say:

    had a great time playing all night long ready to do it again

  165. Susan Quellette-glick say:


  166. Stephanie Hardeman-Crawford say:

    I really enjoyed myself even though I didn’t win we took my Sister for her Birthday and the Seafood Buffet on Saturday was Awesome and worth the price ….only bad thing is no Alcohol on Sunday � need to fix that

  167. Kevin Russell Sr. say:

    The rooms are immaculate! The whole casino is wonderful. Friendly service all around from the bell person to the housekeeping. You must visit the poolside area. One of the best pools I have ever seen. Bar right by the pool with great music. All the cabanas that you want. Definitely coming back!

  168. Shanice Thomas say:

    I really enjoyed my stay! The hotel and casino staff were very nice! Loved it!

  169. Tina Majors say:

    Omg I love it here favorite place to an win money best place to go

  170. Vickie Burgess say:

    I have never been there, but for the first time ever going gambling, it was fun. The employees were great. The food was great and the room we had was excellent. I will be going back soon.

  171. Shar'Da Goldsby say:

    Hotel stay and suite was phenomenal! The view of the river was beautiful from the 18th floor! � I just wish I had luck at the slots then I’d say 5 stars.

  172. Edna Cook say:

    First time ever being in a casino. It was fun. The drinks was weak(more alcohol in the drinks) chaser was stronger than the alcohol in the cocktails. Overall, I had a good time.

  173. Mercine Graham say:

    No jackpot for me yet but i love just to go and relax and also meeting new people life short enjoy it at Wind Creek Wetumpka

  174. Alex Holley say:

    My wife and a few of our friends took me to the Wetumpka to celebrate my 30th birthday just yesterday. It was a 3ish hour drive from where we live. When we arrived, the first thing that we wanted to do was eat. We’ve never experienced anything like it. The staff was very welcoming and professional and the food was by far the most exquisite I’ve ever put in my mouth. When we finished, we hit up the casino to try our luck. The massive main floor was obviously the smoking section which is very convenient for those who do smoking. They also provide a non-smoking section, but I found that those machines were a little more to bet on. On the main floor is filled with numerous and a wide variety of machines. The drinks are incredible. I did, however, did not like one of the waitresses attitudes. In all fairness, she could have been having a bad night at work. She’s no different than the rest of the hardworking American people. I still give this hotel and casino resort a 5 star rating. I hope to be going back and actually stay at the hotel in a couple of more months.

  175. Wylene Jones say:


  176. Brian Thomas McCarty say:

    quit using cash to pay off politicians in preparation for next year’s state election. and quit using cash to build a casino in Mississippi because we live in ALABAMA. Loosen up the machines! LOOSEN UP THE MACHINES!! You are pissing a lot of locals off and putting them in the poor house. The locals are the ones that made you who your are. LOOSEN UP THE MACHINES! LOOSEN UP THE MACHINES!!

  177. Bree FyeRedd Carson say:

    I had fun even though I lost but it was my first time been there an the food was great I came Thursday night!!!! Thanks wind creek hope to win when I come back!!!!!

  178. Buddy Andrews say:

    Had a great time just stop by for about a hour beautiful motel and casino

  179. Charlotte Lewis say:

    This was my first time visiting a casino! I had a wonderful time & I hope to return soon! It’s a very nice place!

  180. Michon Danielle Adams say:

    Rudist property manager mr. Wung? That I have ever encountered as well as argumentative and downright dishonest worker in valet(Bobby). Some advice me. Property manager. …and Bobby…brush up on your customer service….manners and professionalism… I will continue to share as well as urge my friends to do so and on every site I can possibly do so as to not have another innocent guest treated as I have been. Shame on you

  181. Marcus Smith say:

    I have only one time and the machine eats up your money. I go all the time and never get any free offers. Don’t go there and waste your money

  182. Randy Boyd say:

    I enjoy going people are nice i love the games and the food �

  183. Tracy Rose Smith say:

    Love it! Ive been and each time ive enjoyed myself! Want to go back and stay there again!

  184. Rachael Adair say:

    Use to love it here. But now the vendors have made it where you can no longer keep one bingo card or change them. Attendant on the floor told us all games would be changed to this. Won’t be back due to this.

  185. Ash Michelle Smith say:

    Got my identity stolen and haven’t gotten much help as to why it happened.

  186. Richard Hearn say:

    Go there every couple of weeks to gamble and eat the seafood buffet, up until a cpl months ago they had the best crab legs around! But the last few trips we left and regretted eating the crab legs again

  187. Nikia Perry say:

    Had a blast! First time going and had so much fun! Making plans to go back.

  188. Lesia Smith Jones say:

    I always love going to this casino, we travel from Dublin Ga and most of the time get a room there at the casino… and oh man, they have the MOST comfortable bed EVER… a lot of the time while there I normally run into my ole buddy Dennis (million dollar winner of THAT casino)… i use to live close to where he’s from… he always stops to talk to me, take a picture and give me a big ole hug and kiss… see ya again in a couple months Wetumpka… can’t wait to come back! �

  189. Casey Morrison say:

    Machines were loose for a few hours. My wife won some money but ended up giving it back. All in all, we had a great time. Very clean casino by the way!

  190. MsSoutherngirl Gilmore say:

    We had an interesting evening as the online servers had went down on our games. The attendees came straight over apologizing for such an inconvenience for us and our disappointment. The names I can recall are Melissa, and Mary and quit afew others as names can’t be recalled. As They ALL where awesome and so attentive with helping us deal with this issue and keeping us updated on the status of thee game and IT tech support progress on getting the issue solved in a timely manner. Thank W.C. Wetumpka for making our casino experience an AWESOME one even under the circumstances.

  191. Shirley Jean Lewis Scott say:

    Yes it was a wonderful experience we had a very very good time to hotel stay was awesome as always . The only issue I had was in the non-smoking casino area that was a man there had a cigarette .and no one told him to put it out . And you don’t get the food coupons anymore . My family and I still love all the wind creeks! Win on Alabama!

  192. Maria Farrior say:

    Nice place to relax hotel is wonderful. Food is good. Staff is very helpful.

  193. Stacey Ballard say:

    I have been going through a lot and I mean alotof a good bit of harassment towards myself in the casino for the last two days especially. I have been working with a good friend and Home Builder local and I have spent money that was the only thing that I can do to survive. Thanks for the heads up on how much my own business is appreciated and I will be talking to a friend who is a ride good lawyer. I have been trying to get a job with the same and was highly discriminated against. I wasn’t able to even get a application

  194. Beverly Anderson say:

    Really enjoyed Buffet and new games. Need to add more FREE PLAY

  195. Ronald Eugene Lewis say:


  196. Annette Maddow Wright Samford say:

    Very tasteless decision made in the past few months apparently by the restaurant to no longer honor a free meal for the spouses of the Military on “Military Appreciation” nights any longer. ONLY the actual service member, NOT the spouse. Sadly, it’s not the 1st time I have seen this happen and it won’t be the last. Know this though, not 1 more dollar of mine will support ANY of these establishments. You clearly have NO clue what a Military Wife AND Mom sacrifices along WITH the Soldier to uphold your freedoms! Shame on you!

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