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Come on in to Chena Bingo, we are open everyday of the year!!! Our doors open at 6pm and bingo starts at 7:30. We have late night sessions six days a week, everyday but tuesdays starting at 10:45pm. We also have an assortment of pulltab games for a chance to win up to $500 instantly!!! Also check out our amazing snackbar which also features nightly dinner specials. Our prices are 50 cent sheets, $4 packs (thats one of each game) for all of our 8 game sessions.

[spoiler]Those are all our 7:30 sessions, except on fridays. Then theres $1 sheets, $5 packs, for all of our late night sessions and for both sessions on friday. All of our sessions are $5000 to go. Keep checking this page for our monthly door prize updates as well as any news, events, and specials we will be having.Good Luck!!![/spoiler]

Fairbanks, AK 99701 – Fairbanks North Star County

(907) 451-0661


  1. Ada Albert say:

    I love going to Chena Bingo. went to Youth Sports last week that is the last time going there for me. They were rude to me, cause I needed to catch up, they would not wait or help me. (ys sucks)

  2. Ellen Balcer say:

    New friends, old friends, a great family. Cozy atmosphere and great view of the river.

  3. Val Goldthwaite Markie say:
  4. Polly Anna Negovanna-Itta say:
  5. Corinna Rochelle Moore say:
  6. Michaela Edbi Brusell say:
  7. Thisis NottheRightone say:

    Love it!

  8. Kimberly Kozevnikoff say:
  9. Marissa Solomon McGinty say:
  10. Sophie Robinson say:

    I like Chena, because it is not stressful , smooth playing there. The other 2 Bingo Halls they call too fast. Downtown Bingo-like we are second hand Smokers!

  11. Lori Curry say:

    It’s simply awesome

  12. Emma-June Charlene Warren say:
  13. Will Roberts say:

    Supper 5

  14. Jessie Border say:

    Awesome place!!!

  15. Beckie Howard say:

    The workers are so nice and helpful.Love the different games played at Chena.

  16. Stanford Luke say:

    Good staff, like the pranks they pull on each other!!!!

  17. Stephanie Dickerson say:
  18. Lisa Demientieff-Smith say:

    Sometimes when I am having a bad day I go to Chena Bingo Cruz even when I don’t win I always leave with a smile. They have a friendly staff and they r usually good for a few laughs.

  19. Joseph Mayo say:

    Best in town . Bingo hall the group r first class people ,u have a good thing going keep boss lady good job bingo

  20. Selina Sam say:


  21. Samantha McCall Bowers say:
  22. Charlene Ray say:

    Will be five stars when I win!

  23. Janie Hubartt Magelky say:
  24. Shanta Matthews say:

    Like it alot,,

  25. Cari Tirrell say:

    I always have a great time, and I love the trivia games

  26. Janet Smoke say:

    Only bingo hall I go to, the staff are nice and helpful. Plus it’s not full of cigarette smoke.

  27. Darryl Brittany Albert say:
  28. Sohan Singh Sonu Thakur say:

    I love chena beigo

  29. Vince N Rose Druck say:

    I love Chena Bingo and their wonderful staff

  30. Shantel Hampton Lewis say:
  31. Brenda Gilbert say:

    What I think of chena bingo?? BINGO !!! It wonderful place to go BINGO withy bingo friends it nice clean place!!!

  32. Mary Richards say:

    I rate it a 3. Employees are kind

  33. Aubrey Rose say:

    Employees are rude & obnoxious! When you are in the middle of the game don’t interrupt the caller so you can start a little mini game. Just because you get to number 53 don’t stop it so people can buy extra papers and load their computers even more continue till there is a bingo! There should be a no cell phone rule during the game. I can’t tell you how many people around me have their phones turned all the way up and get phone calls during the game and actually answer the phone to have a loud conversation. It should also be a little bit more fast paced waiting minutes in-between each number is so time consuming and draining. The employees act like you should know everything about bingo & when you ask them a question they either look at you dumb founded or they talk loud and act like it’s the stupidest question ever. I’ll no longer be going to bingo here. Not worth the money or frustration.

  34. Mike Charlie say:

    We be the bomb

  35. Darrell M Vent say:

    Get lucky and win once in awhile

  36. Jacquie Richardfson say:
  37. Melinda Frank say:

    Everything is awesome, games, staff, cheap, door prizes, and everybody has a chance to win

  38. Erica Marchelle say:

    Love this place! the staff is awesome and the people are kind. I enjoy the different games they have. This place gets my business!

  39. Nicki Matthew Matthias say:

    Love me some Chena Bingo! Staff is absolutely awesome!! See you Saturday!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Shelby Molina say:

    I had lots of fun there and will be coming back but I feel like it’s very inappropriate that the employees go and smoke in the smoking section during the activities and their shifts. It looks very bad on the staff as a whole especially when you see the boss or the cook out there smoking too. It’s a big drawback for me having worked a lot in customer service and food. It would be a better image for Chena Bingo as a whole if the workers just didn’t do that at all in front of the customers. Thanks.

  41. Pauline Tutiakoff say:
  42. Jolene Michelle Duffy say:
  43. Samuel Smith say:

    How do they get us so close all at the same time? How how how…

  44. Francisca Charriez Miranda say:

    Very fun place to go, specially during the holidays!

  45. Carolyn E. Deacon say:

    The staff is weird and they sell u old coffee at the very start of bingo so best time to buy coffee is when its free at 2nd half hahaha but yea seriously on the coffee

  46. Mary Lena say:

    Very friendly crew working here. Loved the atmosphere, and we were loud. Thanks!

  47. Bernadette Demientieff say:

    Great customer service

  48. Esther Hugo say:

    It’s fun like all the workers there although I don’t know their names and the sessions are great! Door prize drawing 50/50 see friends from the interior! Just fun fun fun never forget the kitchen great snacks food etc. See you soon at Chena Bingo. Happy new year too!

  49. Terry Jonaitis say:

    A cheerful and helpful staff that makes for a great time. There is a cafe for those who want a meal or just snacks and drinks. You can play for as little as $4

  50. Linda Diane Brumbelow-Kelley say:

    A great time to be had to go when you really want to relax and unwind

  51. Linda Pearson say:

    Best place to be, great all way around, go there to unwind, know most people there, ,,

  52. Deborah Hines say:

    Wednesday night was my second time going to Chena Bingo. Both times for the 10:45pm session. This time I won $1000. I will be back.

  53. Danielle Larrabee say:

    Went for my first time ever with some of my roller derby team and had a lot of fun. Probably will be back at some point, even if I have bad luck

  54. Jayme Ziemer say:

    A lot of fun, well organized and surprisingly relaxing!

  55. Elaine Wahlberg say:

    It was my first time ever playing bingo. Very clean place. Friendly and helpful employees. Wonderful food. If I ever have the chance to visit Fairbanks again we will visit again.

  56. Christina Jacques say:

    People there are always kind and helpful, and a tad CrAzY a good combo!

  57. John Kelly say:

    Always a great atmosphere here when I come to play! Love the staff here!

  58. Shannon Bible say:

    I like this place… no more downtown for me… ��

  59. Lau Iosua say:

    There’s no other place like home!You’ll love it!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Sharon Yatlin say:

    Friendly crew. Good service all the way around. Was even able to order some munchies.

  61. Gail Carlo Matthews say:
  62. Wanda Moses say:

    Spent my Birthday � playing at Chena Bingo we always have so much fun win or lose it’s fun

  63. Vickie Wiensch Tallman say:

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