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Alaska Casinos & Gambling

If one is looking for casino gambling in Alaska, the term “few and far between” fits nicely. Doesn’t it seem to you that a state whose coast line is 33, 904 miles long – 11 times the distance between New York and California – would have at least one cruise ship that offers casino gambling? Well, it doesn’t.

There are casinos, a few anyway, scattered around America’s largest state. There is one called the Atka-Ira Council in Atka, Ak.

[spoiler]This town has a population of 92, and offers bingo for 30 people at a time. The casino contains four hotel rooms. You have to be very careful if you go there though, because the town is in the Aleutian Islands, and more than 27 miles of it is water. From Atka to Anchorage is 1100 air miles: about the same distance as the famed Iditarod.

However, there are gambling casinos in other parts of Alaska that are easier to get to. In Juneau, there’s the Tlingit and Haida Indians of CBJ Bingo. It will seat 200 players at a time but doesn’t list any restaurants or motel rooms.

Want some variety in your gambling life? You can always pay a visit to the Klawack IRA Pull Tab Shoppe. There you can buy pull-tab tickets. If the symbols on your ticket match the symbols on the board, or the screen, you win. There are no accommodations in Klawack. Nevertheless, there is no need to worry; there are some motels and restaurants 56 miles away in Ketchikan. There are other bingo casinos in such places as Metlakatla, Shoonagac, where the game is played on slots, Sitka Tribal Bingo in Sitka and The Village of Kake.

When you tire of gambling, there are other tourist attractions. For instance, there’s the North Pole, whose slogan is, “Where the spirit of Christmas lives year round.” If you bring your Christmas cards, it is good place to mail them so they get the “North Pole” stamp. Or, in Barrow, there is the Will Rogers/Wiley Post Memorial. Will Rogers, “Who never met a man he didn’t like” and Wiley Post the aviator was killed there in a plane crash on August 25, 1935. Last but not least, In Talkeetna, AK, the town is famous for its moose droppings festival, complete with a moose-dropping toss. It might be fun to visit.

For Native Americans, who are home, but who can never really go home again, the progress is very slow. The Alaska House has voted to legalize card rooms where gamblers can wager against one another on poker and other games. All it has to do now is clear the Senate. Then there’s another proposal passed by the House that would allow cities of 150,000 or more to establish legalized casino gambling. But some politicians, who voted for the original bill, are now voting “no” on the second bill. Check out this page of Alaska gambling information

In short, the state of Alaska offers a number of fantastic tourist attractions and can prove to be an unusual and exciting vacation spot. The Aurora lights alone make the state of Alaska a unique attraction and you may find that you like the state so much, that you remain!


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