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The ringing of state-of-the-art, popular slot machines delivering jackpots. The click-clack of chips as a winner collects after a Blackjack hand. You’ll feel the fun, excitement and thrill of the game at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel. You’ll also feel the friendly, caring service that has kept us Arizona’s number one casino for the last sixteen years.


Cliff Castle Casino Hotel takes winning to a whole new level with exciting giveaways, promotional events and special offers. We always have extraordinary, fun and exciting things going on. Check out the current promotions and special offers below.



When it comes to treating you right, Cliff Castle Casino Hotel raises the bar. We’ve created a players’ club that covers all of the basic fun groups! As a Castle Club Member, you’ll receive meals, lodging, merchandise, special events, exclusive parties and other valuable rewards. It’s absolutely free and ridiculously easy to join. So don’t wait, get your card today!


What’s better than winning? Nothing, that’s what! When was the last time you heard someone say, “Yay, I didn’t win?”


No matter what your game is, Cliff Castle Casino Hotel makes it fun. Come enjoy Blackjack, Poker and many of the latest Slot machines!

Cliff Castle Casino takes slots to a whole new level with special rewards, giveaways and other unexpected ways to win even more. And winning on your favorite slot machine makes it even sweeter. We’ve added a High Limit Slots area, featuring $1 and $5 machines. With more than 660 machines (and new ones arriving all the time), it’s a pretty safe bet that your favorite is among them! Our guests won nearly 31,000 slot jackpots in the past 6 months. And there will be many, many more. So what are you waiting for? Take one for a spin today. Don’t forget to ask about special promotions and Castle Club rewards.

We’ve got your favorite game, in video form. Many of the same options in poker rooms throughout the world are available as a virtual player experience. You won’t even need the hoodie or sunglasses!

Put your poker face on. Club 52, a casual poker room, hosts fast-paced tournaments, progressive bad-beat jackpots, and promotions tied to all your favorite poker games. Featured games include Omaha, Spread and Structured Limit Texas Hold ‘em and Shootout. Ongoing promotions include Aces Cracked and Saturday High Hand. Don’t know how to play those games? That’s okay. Our friendly dealers welcome everyone from the novice to the savvy experienced player. Want to find out the latest scoop on tournaments or the schedule? Please call the Poker Room at 928-567-7952 for updates.



10a No Limit Texas Hold’em Shootout
$30 Buy-in, $1,500 chips.

10a – 2p: Aces Cracked
When you lose with pocket Aces win up to $100 in chips.

2p – 8p High Hand
Hourly, highest hand will be awarded $25 in chips.

2p – 10p: Splash Pots
Hourly, live tables will be splashed with $25 cash prize.

Omaha 6/4 Low Cracked
Any player who loses a hand played to completion with a 6/4/3/2/1 and loses to a low hand of 5/4/3/2/1 receives $50 in chips.


10a No Limit Texas Hold’em Shootout
$30 Buy-in, $1,500 chips.

7p Shootout Tournaments
$25 Buy-in, $2,000 chips, $100 add-on per table.

10a – 2p: Aces Cracked
When you lose with pocket Aces win up to $100 in chips.

2p – 1a: Splash Pots
Hourly, live tables will be splashed with $25 cash prize.

Omaha 6/4 Low Cracked
Any player who loses a hand played to completion with a 6/4/3/2/1 and loses to a low hand of 5/4/3/2/1 receives $50 in chips.


10a No Limit Texas Hold’em Shootout
$30 Buy-in, $1,500 chips.

10a – 2p: Aces Cracked
When you lose with pocket Aces win up to $100 in chips.

2p – 8p High Hand
Hourly, highest hand will be awarded $25 in chips.

2p – 10p: Splash Pots
Hourly, live tables will be splashed with $25 cash prize.

Omaha 6/4 Low Cracked
Any player who loses a hand played to completion with a 6/4/3/2/1 and loses to a low hand of 5/4/3/2/1 receives $50 in chips.


10a – 2p: Aces Cracked
When you lose with pocket Aces win up to $100 in chips.

1p Saturday Shootouts
$50 buy in, $4,000 chips/$100 buy in, $8,000 chips
$10 dealer appreciation, $2,000 chips
Early bird starting at 10a, $600 tournament chips each hour of
live play up to $1,800.


10a No Limit Texas Hold’em Shootout
$30 Buy-in, $1,500 chips.

6p No Limit Hold’em Tournament
$30 Buy-in, $1,500 chips.

10a – 2p: Aces Cracked
When you lose with pocket Aces win up to $100 in chips.

2p – 10p: Splash Pots
Hourly, live tables will be splashed with $25 cash prize.

Omaha 6/4 Low Cracked
Any player who loses a hand played to completion with a 6/4/3/2/1 and loses to a low hand of 5/4/3/2/1 receives $50 in chips.


1p No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament 
$100 buy in, $8,000 chips $10 dealer appreciation, $2,000 chips
Early bird starting at 10a, $600 tournament chips each hour of
live play up to $1,800.

2p – 1a: Splash Pots
Hourly, live tables will be splashed with $25 cash prize.

2p – 8p High Hand
Hourly, highest hand will be awarded $25 in chips.

Min 2hrs play in live game before 1p on day of Saturday
Tournament or Shoot out.

Omaha 6/4 Low Cracked
Any player who loses a hand played to completion with a 6/4/3/2/1 and loses to a low hand of 5/4/3/2/1 receives $50 in chips.


10a No Limit Texas Hold’em Shootout
$30 Buy-in, $1,500 chips.

6p – 12a Red Chip Promotion
Every live pot during the hour, the winner will receive
a red chip. Player with the most red chips at end
of hour will be awarded $50 in live chips.

10a – 2p: Aces Cracked
When you lose with pocket Aces win up to $100 in chips.

6:30p No Limit Texas Hold’em/Omaha Shootout
$25 Buy-in, $1,200 in chips.

2p – 6p: Splash Pots
Hourly, live tables will be splashed with $25 cash prize.

Omaha 6/4 Low Cracked
Any player who loses a hand played to completion with a 6/4/3/2/1 and loses to a low hand of 5/4/3/2/1 receives $50 in chips.


9a – 2p: Aces Cracked
When you lose with pocket Aces win up to $100 in chips.

2p – 10p: Splash Pots
Hourly, live tables will be splashed with $25 cash prize.

Omaha 6/4 Low Cracked
Any player who loses a hand played to completion with a 6/4/3/2/1 and loses to a low hand of 5/4/3/2/1 rec

From the finest tables to professionally trained dealers, Cliff Castle Casino Hotel offers you a Las Vegas-caliber blackjack experience in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. But you don’t have to play like a pro to join the game. The games are:

  • Las Vegas style Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker with a progressive jackpot.
  • Coming soon: side bets featuring “Kings Bounty” and “Bet the Set”
  • Players of all levels are welcome. So pull up a chair and place your bet, because we’re ready to play.


EMAIL:[email protected]
TELEPHONE:1.800.381.SLOT (7568)
ADDRESSCliff Castle Casino Hotel
555 Middle Verde Road
Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Facebook: CliffCastleCasino
Twitter: CliffCastle

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  1. Pat J. Bonfig say:


  2. Ginny Terrapin say:

    The staff here are wonderful, caring people. They are sincere and welcoming an can make ya smile when you’re stressed. The food is great as well. I will definitely be recommending others to give CCCH their business. Kudos!!

  3. Deb Costantino say:

    I love this place

  4. Joe Perez say:

    Come check out NFL Sunday Ticket at Cliff Castle. $2 drafts. Thursday Sunday and Monday for football. All the games and sound.

  5. Bill Murray say:

    Employees in the kitchen for mountain spring buffet incredible rude (salad woman)

  6. Chantel Lee Halpin say:

    Best place ever! For employees and guests.

  7. Kim N Chuck Thomsen say:

    Neat place!

  8. Tiffany Smith say:

    I’m going back for that Rooster! & this time I shall concur. “Red Rooster”

  9. Jack Schwitz say:

    Try the food

  10. James Iacovacci say:

    Always a good time at cliff castle casino

  11. Robert Castor say:

    Only tribe members were getting hand paid. The casino looked nice and clean though.

  12. Shannon Sanchez say:

    My favorite casino in Az

  13. Tage Sholly say:

    Horrible staff

  14. Taachiinii G Lewis say:

    Better experience than Twin Arrows.

  15. Mike Andrew Eckardt say:

    I like it but it to him better when I walk out of there with more money than I walked in with

  16. Michelle Barker say:

    You ALL need some BINGO there….

  17. Angela Woods say:

    This place looked cool. Has a bowling alley, arcade, and kids big play area among the casino and Also a Johnny Rockets restaurant! Great place for family time or just couple time

  18. Tipo Sagas de la Superona say:

    Mui bueno me gusta mucho dinero mucha Cerveza

  19. Nindy Lovefood Sayasen say:

    Really good I love this place !!

  20. Richard Odell say:

    Good place to eat

  21. Christy Martinez say:

    This place is AWESOME!!!! VERY family friendly.

  22. Rose Marie Lewis say:

    What about asking Lisa Presley to perform?

  23. Maris Bolotin Claussen say:

    This place stinks. Literally.

  24. Stella Rodriguez say:

    I won $165.00 at this casino. Ive never won before!!!

  25. Paula Jesus say:


  26. Elvia Cabrera say:

    Muy mal Todo: mal Servicio en el Hotel los cuartos no estaban nada Bien el AC no servía no enfriaba nada por la noche tubimos calor no nos limpiaron el cuarto en los 2 días que estubimos en el Hotel , a pesar de que cobran muy caro. El casino está separado del Hotel y mucho!! tienes que ir en carro forsozamente de un lado a otro el Casino muy mal casino no tienen servicio de muchachas que te den Cocktels Bebidas, muy Malo todo No me gustó . Exepto porque fui a un Evento de XV Años de mi sobrina Marina Diaz si no, Nunca más vuelvo a ir No nos Gustó Nada estubo Fatal el Servicio y la estancia en el Hotel Casino!!!!!

  27. Bonnie Roberts say:

    More wins more often !!!

  28. Maria Ayala say:

    , muy buen lugar para ir al a divertirse con la familia y 1 solito también

  29. Vanessa Macias say:

    Very fun love it

  30. Hortensia Tort say:

    Se come riquicimo en éste lugar

  31. Debbie Deal Del Real say:

    Rooms are nice and clean, staff was nice, great place to stay!

  32. Greg Howe say:

    They throw you out for having fun

  33. Kay Jackson say:

    Been there!!! Cordial – helpful employees!

  34. Dan Densmore say:

    Whomever decided to call it a “Vegas Style Buffet” has never been to Vegas. It would be more accurate to call it a “Bullhead City style” buffet. AND I hope you like cigarette smoke, because for 16 years this place has not been able to find the on switch for the smoke eaters. Don’t waste your time, go to Twin Arrows or Phoenix.

  35. Claire John say:


  36. Eva Lopez say:

    WHN I Was there I had a blast w one of my bff! Can’t say names

  37. Wendy Wiki say:

    I like it !

  38. Lavinia Begay say:

    We played max bet but didn’t win crap! We never win here! Staff is rude!

  39. Robert Davidson say:

    Loving the ambience of the Storytellers restaurant.

  40. Dawn Mainus say:

    I may spend a few bucks now and then at Cliff Castle.. but I always enjoy myself AND I sometimes win a little bit. When i have visited the other casinos around Arizona I have never won a dime. Cliff Castles also has great dining, and the employees that work there are always polite and fun to be around.

  41. Elizabeth Ashley Kilgore say:

    Love this place!!! If you ever come
    To visit make sure you stop in there you will like it too!!!:)

  42. Jacie Allen Strout say:

    Not that crowded anymore because the machines are so tight it’s hardly ever crowded like it used to be.

  43. Carla Chaff say:

    Anyone who wants to have a romantic and one of the best Filet Minion’s must go to Cliff Castle Casino!! Storytellers is the place to eat!!! My first visit there was almost 10 years ago. I have been back and it is always the same perfect, melt in your mouth!!! There aren’t enough stars for the rating!!

  44. Michael Chino Lopez say:

    Good place

  45. Ashley Mann say:

    You take too much of my money. Like, no joke, I think I lose more money there then I win. It stinks, but I still go back lol.

  46. Gilbert Silva say:

    Joe give me a call Gilbert Silva 602384_6850

  47. Preston Gundelach say:

    How the hell could you be voted best casino? Your machines have a payback percentage of nothing, food and drinks are way over priced for a casino and you do absolutely nothing for local players. Comps are virtually non existant unless you are dropping two or three grand every time on walk in. My trip tonight consisted of losing 35 bucks in less than ten minutes which comes to an average of 210 dollars an hour just to be in your crap casino. I am aware of what odds are and unless I am the unluckiest human on the planet or you are the cheatingest assholes in the business, I am going with the latter as I have never neen unlucky. As a native I am also unimpressed with what you do with the money you steal from an unsuspecting public. Thanks for nothing and it will be a cold day in hell before you see another dime from me. Fuck you and goodnight.

  48. Christy Cooper Juarez say:

    The employee in the poker room had a very rude disposition.

  49. Griselda Romero say:

    Muy buen ambiente

  50. Cecelia Ruiz say:

    My favorite casino! Love the music! Staff is friendly!

  51. Todd Oxley say:

    So you stood on a horse in the lobby that’s no reason to get kicked out Greg

  52. Christina White say:

    Enjoy the bowling, so much fun with the kids. Wish it were non-smoking.

  53. Scott Robbins say:

    Worst experience ever.. People are racist theives!

  54. Cherise Marie say:

    Worst customer service amongst the managers In training in the casino. They are very selective of who they want in the casino. Very biased. 21 or not they will tell u to leave if they feel u look too young even if u have an i.d. that proves ur of age. Idk why it’s like that, save ur money folks and spend it elsewhere.

  55. Lisette Guerrero Salazar say:

    Worst customer service! I will never stop here again.

  56. Shawn Wright say:

    The worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in. Worst service, lost my reservation and when asked them why there internet service was slow there reply was well we never advertised that we have wi-fi but our wi-fi is excellent in the lobby and you have to ask for your room to be made

  57. Kathie Mark Stearns say:

    Very bad to censor our comments/casino has tightened every machine very few winners in this place we have been going for 10 yrs and this is the worst/ weve seen even raised the prices at the bar/we don’t want to pay for your new hotel/not even 1 star this yr from me

  58. Swain Trevino say:

    Today was a very interesting day at Cliff Castle Casino. My family and I go to bowl every year on Christmas. This year we went and did not even get a happy holiday we got I need to look in your bags.

    What his probable cause was. He stated I don’t need one I think there is a sign that says I can look at whatever I want. I told him this is an evasion of privacy He stated that I should be happy he is doing this because it is for my protection. I have been a security professional for over 15 Years doing person protection & working security detail protecting Kings, Presidents and other high profile targets. I have been shot stabbed and he was not there to protect me. This security officer then called His supervisor.

    They both told me that if I did not like it me and my family could leave. Are group was made up of 2 veterans marines, 2 security / Loss prevention professionals. They then search our bags not letting my wife show them her bag but looking through it themselves. I refused to allow them to search my bag I opened it and let them see what was inside but none of the women’s purses were checked or any of the other people with bowling bag were checked. If we were that big of a risk, they should have checked everything.

    I thought this was crap so I put my stuff in the alley and went to get these pics. And I was kicked out because of the publicity they do not want. They even tried to threaten me with going to jail. By YAPD if I didn’t delete these pictures. I laugh and stated I would leave I walk out the doors and was waiting for my family and they began to badger me & my father about leaving. I told them a number of times I would wait for my family. The old man continually stated you should be happy we do this. I told him if you want to be happy about people going through your stuff, and harassing your family that is you. You had no probable cause you are taking what little freedom we have left. The old man then stated that terrorist attacks are the reason I told him that terrorist are not interested in bum fuck Egypt

  59. Vicki Clark-New say:

    Great Buffet, Great Room, Great Slots. Walked out winners

  60. Gita King say:

    I rather go to twin arrow n eat some better burgers wit a big win.

  61. Christine Jenkins say:

    We just spent 2 nights here, the hotel is dirty, the staff at hotel was rude. I was given an upstairs room not knowing there was no elevators. When I went back to ask for a downstairs room I was given attitude and told nobody explain to them that I had a handicap. I’m sorry do I need to explain when I walk with a cane . If it’s not accessible when you text somebody in you should ask them if stairs are OK considering they’re everywhere . Yes they have a bus to the casino but you have to go down to the lobby for it for those with a handicap I have to drive to the lobby in front might as well just drive to the casino. Breakfast was good but quite a hike or drive. Not accommodating at all .
    The casino was very nice all staff members encountered were very pleasant.

  62. Debi Morgan say:

    Place is a dump! Stinks, toilets are broken, no outside lights on the property work, door locks broken, apparently no ice machines according to the guy swearing at 2 in the morning. Haven’t stayed in a place this. Bad in 30 years. Also no wifi although they will lie and tell you there is. Go elsewhere with your money!

  63. Robert Schuhmacher say:

    I like the layout of the rooms ,having a front and back entrance

  64. Vernon Long say:

    Great casino… New motel going up and a fun place to bowl

  65. Chelsea Greer say:

    Just FYI.
    You can steal anything you want out of anyone’s vehicle at this casino and nothing will be done about it, even after claiming having the guys license plate and face on camera. Over 2k worth stolen. Enjoy!

    It’s been over a month and haven’t received a call back from the casino or police department, after numerous tries. Which the officers claimed theft happened a lot here.

  66. Samantha Gruver say:

    We’ve just finished our stay here, and I was unimpressed to say the least. Called for extra pillows and told we had to come to the lobby and get them ourselves. My room key didn’t work for the pool, and there were no towels at the pool, so bring your own. Our first night people were swimming until 3am when pool rules clearly state closes at 10. So noisy with the pool outside our window. Breakfast buffet poor at hotel, so much better within the casino, and cheap! We were unaware that the casino and hotel were not connected, the pictures online gave no indication. We drove up to casino each time rather than going down to wait for the tram. Our first night police were on our floor searching a room that was housing 6 grown men. Scary. No one on staff told us what was happening.
    Our last stop to the casino we chose to use the valet service. Awful! The valet got my key stuck in another car! And the only reason he gave was that he was just handed the keys. He didn’t bother to read the tickets, and we were the ones who handed him the ticket for our vehicle! Because they were both Nissan’s, they didn’t bother to check the ticket. We stood at valet for twenty minutes before anyone explained to us what was going on. Now we have to wait for someone to get it out of the other parties lock- thank god for our spare key and that the other party is still able to start their car. So grateful to learn the other party is from the same visiting city as us so we could get our key back!
    I’d like to come back in a year when the new hotel is finished because I liked the casino, and had fun gambling there. I liked the kids quest so that all of the adults could play together without someone babysitting and I liked the staff within the buffet and kids quest. Very polite and accommodating.

  67. Charles Stockard say:

    The rooms were basic. To much $ for what you got

  68. Beverly Nelson Martell say:

    We had a lovely lunch and it has been remodeled since we were last there.!!!! Very nice

  69. Sonia Keats say:

    Love it , great place to gamble and eat and they even have day care in the casino

  70. Caroline Jackson say:

    Cliff Castle Casino is a nice place for sight seeing to. Is great place. Has a lot of entertainment.

  71. David Crawford say:

    connie and I are what you call locals evan tho we live out in cordes lakes we been coming here for 15 yrs and mom since it first built I just spent my birthday there on sunday and really enjoy watchin all the improvements your doin just don’t take out the kenos lol

  72. Brian Alston say:

    First: loses a star because it doesn’t have Wi-Fi. What is this, 2006???
    I stayed Monday night through Thursday morning. Single king-sized bed on 1st floor. Air conditioning was good. Room was comfortable, bathroom okay. Patio outside of my room was nice. Short walk to the pool/hot tub. You get a free hotel breakfast ticket. Eggs, sausage, fruit, drinks and do-it-yourself waffles. Shuttle to/from casino is on-demand and I never waited long.
    Casino was okay. Nice mix of games. The kid’s area seemed to be fun. Bowling alley was cool. Didn’t eat at Johnny Rockets. Went to breakfast buffet and it was good. Loved the omelette station. Late night snack at 3 Sister’s Market was good. Prime rib at Storyteller’s was delicious.
    When I went to check out, since I didn’t present my player’s card when I checked in (got it after checking in) I missed out on getting a discount. The desk person said “There’s nothing she could do” to adjust my price.
    Overall, I’d like to go back once the attached hotel is open. For now it’s 2.5 stats

  73. Stephen Brown say:

    Awesome casino and room was comfortable definitely a GREAT place to stay & play. The hotel. Was clean and the desk clerk was very friendly . The casino staff were very polite as well .. we definitely will be coming back ..

  74. Freddy Valera say:

    Muy buen [ooooooooiiiiiioiooiiioioiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  75. Janis Ann say:

    Just went to the casino. Too smokey! There isn’t a non smoking area. Talk to one of the hostesses and she told us there should be 1 room in 4 or 5 months. Wow 1 whole room �

  76. Debbie Jo Rosane say:

    I must say, yes my fault for not reading voucher, but to have it expire after 60 days is bull. It’s my money and they kept 71.00 of mine.

  77. Jose Zavala say:

    Thank you for the $ i won had a bunch of fun can’t wait to go back for more fun.

  78. Arlinda Graham say:

    We went to eat buffet for our son’s 21st bday…it was worse than DOG FOOD…gross…once upon a time…they cared about the quality of their food…we paid for 13 people to eat gross food…definitely DO NOT EAT THE BUFFET….

  79. Lee Lee Burgher say:

    It was spontaneous n the casino actually paid money.I would surely visit again

  80. Theresa Malina Johnson say:

    Its a place where you and your mate, family and kids too enjoy their and have in amazing day .

  81. Sarah Coelho say:

    Waaaayyy too smokey! Went bowling and my lungs hurt from all the cigarette smoke. The bowling alley needs to be smoke FREE for all the families with little kids, people with asthma and non-smokers! Last thing I want is to smell like an ashtray. Gross!

  82. Sheldon Jr Whitebird say:

    Just needs Wi-Fi and y’all will be alright… other than that awesome

  83. Heather Hatch say:

    Rooms give off an impression that there was a prostitute ring ran out of them at some point, it was lovely. Total Dump!! I decided to stay elsewhere even though it was a company paid work night.

  84. Jeremy Lee say:

    Didn’t hear anyone winning. Usually they announce winners over the intercom but I didn’t heard anything. It’s also very smoky, didn’t stay long due to that.

  85. Joseph Bower say:

    Great machines but the buffet is terrible and casino is going to get into trouble with the FCC. I noticed upon sitting at the bar my internet data stopped working then a replacement bartender came over and rudely exclaimed with a smirk “the reason your phone isn’t working is because we prefer you not to use it in the casino”!!! You cannot use those sort of devices I will be reporting this.

  86. Andrea C. Aguilar say:

    Me enkanto el lugar y el buffett super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Gloria Bigman say:

    The casino itself has no ventilation system that is working right . The smoke smell was so bad . I have problems with my thyroid. I know , we could have stayed in Cottonwood or any other place but there. But it was off the freeway . �

  88. Judy Turner say:

    Perfect size, good variety of slots, lots of food choices. Best one I’ve been to so far in AZ.

  89. Michael Peshlakai say:

    Had fun, won some money but not enough to pay off my house. jkn,

  90. Justin Judd say:

    Always fun. Good people and food too. I rarely lose here

  91. Denise Patten say:

    Great atmosphere. Had fun at the tailgate party dragon fly lounge.

  92. DiTina Jade say:

    Great shows! Great food! Love the bowling. People complain about anything these days…I am posting this to add some goodness to this great place.

  93. Mark Wheeler say:

    I like Cliff Castle I never win when I go there the machines just take take take!

  94. JoAnn Place say:

    Way to much smoke. I have COPD and cannot stand the smoke. It does no good to have a non-smoking area as the whole place stinks.

  95. Dana Bosnack Edwards say:

    We did not have a good stay. The rooms are outdated and you can hear the people in the rooms on either side of you talking. Additionally, we stayed 3 nights and the last two nights there were people/kids out in the parking lot screaming and making a lot of noise that we could hear through our closed sliding glass door till all hours of the night. Way too much noise and nobody patrolling or keeping this in check. Will not be back.

  96. Cory Slavinski say:

    I’ve been to lots of casinos. This is by far the worst. Staff was rude, bartender was grumpy and no complementary drinks wile playing. Don’t think we will be going back.

  97. Karen Pedroza say:

    I use to live in Camp Verde and enjoyed going out to the Casino, never had any problems or complaints, love the area and the people, plan to come back again for a visit soon.

  98. Donovan Kyyitan say:


  99. Yesenia Flores say:

    It was fun the music and the atmosphere ….. my only complaint was that my rate in the hotel was 120 and they charge me 179 were that those 50 bucks came from

  100. Stephen Brown say:

    Wonderful weekend getaway. Stayed two nights @ the hotel & slots were good.. Storytellers was top notch with Delicious dinner & ambience was terrific. Can’t wait for the new Hotel to open , so we can plan our next weekend getaway visit .

  101. Louis Saucedo say:

    Friendly people here.nice place here. The second time I been at this establishment and always was treated very good.

  102. Tridimencional FotoyVideo say:
  103. Cat Rojas say:

    Firstly smoking is allowed in all parts of the casino and attractions, including the daycare center, the arcade, and the bowling alley. We went there to find something fun for a 7 year old to do. Shawnee was horribly rude. She talked over my mother and my sister. My sister had to walk away from the situation. We had an issue with the game cards inside the arcade, several machines were broken and there were no prizes for the kids to choose. I saw Shawnee being rude to another guest. We decided to get a bite to eat at the diner by the bowls by alley. Our server Fantasia was very sweet, but it took the kitchen over 10 minutes to make a milkshake. At one point the music reached a horridly loud volume and three servers had to dance. Fantasia was smiling he whole time, but the other servers looked downright homicidal. I’ll never visit there again.

  104. Davis Na Rosalea say:

    Good enough for price bring own microwave..frig and you’ll love it lol I liked everything…. friendly staff

  105. Donnell Meeks say:

    Me and my wife just got married so we wanted to stop in the Casino to eat and play a few slots. Just before entering the thresholds you can smell the presence of strong cigarettes and cigar smoke. We thought that maybe it was from a designated smoking area but to no avail. So that was a flag. We went to eat at the buffet, the servers and the waitresses were nice and polite. The cornbeef was amazing, the New York strip was overcooked and tough and the strawberry cake was dry and crumbly resembling bad cornbread. After dining we went to play some slots and the stress of cigars and cigarettes overwhelmed us. We probably stayed on the floor tops 30 minutes. It was just too unbearable. I couldn’t stop coughing and my wife’s eyes were irritated and watery. I felt like we were in a forest fire. But here’s the uncanny ordeal that I couldn’t get out of my head; how could any person or family in any right mind bring virgin lung babies and kids to an establishment that wouldn’t pass emissions for air quality? Lastly, when we left and got into our vehicle, we realized that the presence of smoke from the casino saturated all throughout our clothing. I felt like we needed intervention for second hand smokers. ���

  106. Mary Robertson say:

    Lots of gambling machines. It was busy when we were there. I just can’t get past the smoking allowed. That is horrible. When I got home, I had to wash my clothes and hair. We spent about an hour there, had fun but had to leave because our eyes were burning with the cigarette smoke. I used to smoke and quit 26 years ago. The atmosphere in the casino is awful. Won’t go back.

  107. John Walters III say:

    first time being there and i won a good chunk of change. so whats not to love hahahhahahaha.

  108. Cindy Cartwright Martinez say:
  109. Nicole Gabriel say:

    I max bet 8 bucks for a dollar win um no thank you

  110. Lopes Lola say:

    Love it !!!! it was fun, good drinks and food, have fun and I will be back soon…. thank

  111. John E. Frugone Sr. say:
  112. Debbie Norton Belcher say:

    Dinner for 12 last night at Storytellers…absolutely the best ever!! Several had the “Surf/Turf” special and raved about it. Others had bacon wrapped filet – perfection. Two of us had the salmon – amazing. One had the stuffed pork chop and said it was the best he’s ever eaten. Mashed of the day was fabulous and those that had the au gratin potatoes were highly impressed. All salads were exactly as ordered and everyone who had soup also raved about it. Every single one of us left that dinner so full we could hardly move. Our server, Patty, was spot on with all 12 orders and the drinks and everyone’s bill was perfect. Patty’s support staff was right on the money also. We will definitely do this again!! THANK YOU CLIFF CASTLE!! �

  113. Teresa Vazquez say:

    El baile � estuvo muy agradable me gustó!!!

  114. Teresa Coleman say:

    I love it . Friday and Saturday I like to go and listen to the music.

  115. Elona Oystrakh Shea say:

    Hotel staff friendly. Hotel rooms are not bad. The no Wi-Fi thing was ridiculous.

  116. Geri Pienczykowski say:

    Always good to me ,win some lose some but have fun, people are always very nice not like some other casinos, can’t wait for new hotel to open. I have a favorite machine still waiting for it to pay off big , but I do win all in all ,employee’s are all very polite from medic’s, security, cashiers, club personnel, servers, have not run into any rude people. I give them a five star.

  117. Onalee Lemert say:

    I went there to bowl with my friends and have lunch at the Johnny Rockets i thought they had very good slot machines i liked that you could smoke in the bowling alley to we had a blast there very in joy able.

  118. Summer Coker say:

    I luv this casino I’ve spemt a few new years eve there. Had a blast. Drinks costume contest. Great food and i always win a lil money!

  119. Elliott Chavez say:

    I sat on one machine spent $70 didn’t get a soda nobody came by to say hi no nothing and I lost it all not one come up

  120. Olga Rodriguez say:

    Had a good time at cliff castle casino this weekend and now they have a non smoking area. Plus I won, not big, but I came home with more than I walked in with. Hotel and shuttle we good also.

  121. Lujan Morales Modesto say:
  122. Michael Hiller say:

    Smoking is a drag. The blackjack dealers were very personable and it seemed to be clean and the music at the nightclub was very good. they made it easy for you to go in and out. They had a shuttle that brought you from the parking lot to the front door but it closed out at 9 o’clock which seemed pretty early. The best part about it was, I won a little money.

  123. Donna Staberg Lessig say:
  124. Andrea Ellis say:

    Had a great time, took a while, but 3 or 4 machines started paying!

  125. Carolyn VanderMale say:
  126. Bill Rees say:

    Machines are tight…………………………….

  127. Connie Crawford say:

    it is going to be a fine hotel and the casino is a hot one gona make a lot of winneers, this is one of my favorite places to go the employees are fantastic people and always greet you with a smile no matter what

  128. Valerie M Fortier say:
  129. Margaret Chorak say:

    Took our out of town guest for a little fun while we enjoyed the casino went to the buffet what a mistake that was spent $90 the worst food ever the vegetables were soggy and seemed to be days old the mashed potatoes were runny no variety of food there was a dish that was supposed to be tilapia it was empty the server at The Carving Station was absolutely rude will never return to that place and will let everyone I know how horrible it was none of us got a meal we could not eat anything it was that bad ! It wasThursday evening May 11th WORST BUFFET IN ARIZONA!!!!!!

  130. Stephen Diacik say:

    Had a great time with my soulmate and partner for life…. we saw Darius Rucker. Thanks for the great time

  131. Amber Brandt say:

    Oversold VIP tickets or did not check tickets as people entered VIP area. $85.00 each and was told my boyfriend and I would not be able to sit together and then we were not going to be able to sit in that section al all. We were told that we were going to have to move and sit in another section so others could see and enjoy the show and needed to write management and tell them our problem that there’s nothing that they were going to do about it….are you serious! After a half hour arguing with staff. We are taken to another area of the venue still in VIP where they were pulling out more chairs because of the lack of seating. Then I was hit with a chair by an employee! Yes, an accident but was hit pretty hard in the chest that I was bruised the next day. They did not take my name or my information….no incident report filed… nothing! Uh do we have a quality control department….are we taught what to do if there is a injury to yourself or others at work?

    Although the concert itself was great the experience thanks to Darius Rucker…. getting in and seated was a horrible experience!

  132. Chance Goff say:

    Scott Taylor you know what I think about you! Your a Laim!

  133. Sandra Beebe say:

    I Love this place!! Awesome people, casino and ambiance !! Great machines too.. Can’t wait for the hotel to get done.. I’m staying there

  134. Suzanne Kortenber say:

    Nice place to visit, concert arena is nice, no bad seats, has a parking garage, grounds are well kept, friendly people.

  135. Carla CJ say:

    I Love Cliff Castle Casino. Great place with friendly employee’s love jonny rockets

  136. Rauna Clark say:

    Cliff castle is number 1 casino and the winning casino

  137. Jacqueline Ely Bennett say:
  138. Audrey Durnez say:

    Love going to the Castle Have had good luck and this is where I go when I feel lucky.

  139. Laura Pitney Miller say:
  140. Eric Tack say:

    Went in for the prime rib buffet, while the prime rib was good the dessert selection was the worse I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen better at a gas station.
    This should never happen at a casino.

  141. Michael Gordon say:

    We stopped in for breakfast and were pleasantly surprized…the renovations already complete were awesome and the staff was so friendly and courteous. Great selection at the breakfast buffet. To top it off we played the dollar slots and won 40 bucks!! My wife and I had fun and will make it a stop when we’re driving up north .

  142. Lucy Tennihill say:

    It’s a nice place. Slot payouts are lacking many times, but it’s still nice place to play.

  143. Raylan Antree say:

    Haven’t been back for 2Yrs ,
    Thought I’d give it a Shot on the KENO Games !!! Boy what a Mistake they have Tightened those Games up to were I believe it’s got to be Illegal �
    Thought with New Management
    they would be a Little better but after talking with some old KENO friends I guess I should have Listened to them !!!
    Absolutely the Worst KENO in the State !!! Live & Learn …
    Won’t be Back !!! ���

  144. Ken Dodds say:

    Never liked it. Not likely to ever go back. Even though close to Sedona

  145. Ciisneros Clarys say:

    Me hubiera encantado poder asistir al baile tengo muchas ganas de hir solo q no tengo pareja

  146. Jul E Nenninger say:

    They do not allow outside beverages and it’s very difficult to acquire beverages whilst there – even speaking to beverage staff directly.

    I asked for a drink, they didn’t have what i requested, said they’d be back with it directly, i waited 15 mins, no show.

    Another time, i went directly to the bar, asked for water, was told they weren’t allowed to give any water, went to anther bar with the same request, was given water.

    I started taking my own water, as we are in Arizona, my dr told me to keep hydrated so you could say this is medically necessary, i was told i had to give up my water, the woman was rude, never offered to replace it. I then lost my mojo And my money and had to leave cuz i was thirsty.

    FYI – This was 3 separate occasions, i usually suffer thru. Out of the 30 it dpi times I’ve been there, there have been 2 to 3 times I’ve managed to get a drink without issue.

    I contacted customer svc via email regarding this issue, have yet to receive a response. I Spent around $100, you’d think that’d cover a water!

    I say getting rid of the self serve beverages was a HUGE customer service backslide. Diamond casino for me from now on, see you there!

  147. Lynn Curley say:

    Smoking isn’t a great atmosphere. Spent $50 quickly with no chance of winning. Had to leave and enjoyed Twin Arrows Casino which respected my complimentary hotel stay where Cliff Castle couldn’t take the promotion of $24.99 due to a holiday.

  148. Dolores Ramirez say:

    Had a great time. Fun bowling with family & my granddaughter really enjoyed the arcade. We even had a great dinner. Can’t wait to do it again.

  149. David Waufle say:

    Cliff Castle is a GREAT GETAWAY for us locals, we’re already looking forward to the next!

  150. Gabriel Amare say:

    My wife and I are going to try to take this Cliff Castle Casino-Shuttle Bus one more time. It’s a long 2-hour shuttle-ride. I carry my headphones now because there’s rude people who play there music very loud, while intentionally disturbing other passengers. My wife can’t stand the extremely loud chatter and the annoying people that laugh-out-loud like hyenas (As she calls it). It’s also awful when people decide to use the facility and stink up the whole bus for everyone. I’m hoping this trip is not awful again, or we’re going to have to start going to a different casino �

  151. Justin Casadei say:

    Too many machines to pick from honestly. I like Buckys casino in Prescott so much more than any casino……maybe it’s cuz that’s the only casino that I have won at.

  152. Dawn Woolley Bort say:

    My husband and I went for the first time yesterday as it was Veterans Tuesday where they give Veterans $10 to play! Everyone was nice and helpful and we had a great breakfast buffet… omelettes to order! There is smoking permitted in most of the areas but it wasn’t heavy at all. I’ve been to some casinos where it was like walking into a bar the smoke was so bad, here, I personally couldn’t really smell it unless I walked by someone smoking. We will be back next Tuesday!

  153. Karen Jackson say:

    It was just ok…so they got a wierd set up first of all. Hotel and casino are separate..or probably would have gambled more..have to take a shuttle up and October I hear that this will be all connected. The front desk didn’t give me the Wi-Fi pw….although most time I don’t use it.but couldn’t use internet without it…not a deal breaker though..don’t need internet anyway on vacation..just get on occasionally anyway.. So was way early to check in and if you check in before a certain time they charge you $30..ok…I didn’t check in early..just took shuttle to casino to eat..gamble..have a drink and sign up for the card so I could get free play ..oh and visited the gift shop…so walk into the gift shop and there’s a BIG BUG A BOO..first thing I saw…swear you could put a leash on it…I wanted to get the h e double hockey sticks out of there and NOT buy anything..but the girls working there started talking to me and made it seem like there visitor was no big deal and made it sound like HE lived lady looked as if she may have been a MANAGER even….UNACCEPTABLE…SO FREAKING GROSS….they could add more machines …old school ones to..when you went to the balcony…moths wanted to get in..yikes..and when I left in the morning..moths everywhere in one area…and the shuttle you got to walk to the front.of the lobby..they don’t come near your room…ummm.didn’t like that idea so.Stayed in..guess that’s ok because did enough gambling before check in…the buffet was great selection..although had to get someone’s attention to get me a drink…and the other bar area..ordered a strawberry daiquiri and the guy didnt have a lid anywhere…then asked over by the bowling alley for one..he made one..but didn’t have any strawberry taste at all..yeah .I won’t be back..but just wanted to check out a casino I never been to…they do have AAA discount so that was good..good price for one night..and guess one of the places in the casino offer some kind of discount for hotel that’s good..but I left early..just wanted to get out of there…if I want to gamble there’s plenty here that are way better..although they claim somewhere people vote them as best casino in az..think I read that somewhere…guess those haven’t been to many other machine outside..which is ok and got to put room key in there to get ice which makes sense so people don’t get free ice that don’t stay there…but seeing moths and stuff..yuck..they probably get up in there..may be new hotel and casino will have ice machine in the hallways.

  154. Jeremy Weaver say:

    First time staying the night. Hotel is dated and thank goodness I’m not afraid to kill a spider and a few moths that thought our room was there’s. Sure hope the new hotel is better and they do some upgrades to the casino. It use to be my favorite casino in the state. Not so much anymore.

  155. Tyson Harvey say:

    The Hotel service is horrible!!
    My Tv didnt work since i checked in, told the front office they said they will check it out.
    Came back to my room, Tv stuck on a work out channel, i get i need to lose weight lol jk. But the nexts day told them again, some different dude said he will check it out. I was in The Summmit all day until 4, came bk to the room. Tv Still not working, so we went to the casino, came bk at 8pm tv still not working. Two dudes came by my room, and finally wanted to give me a new brand new remote. Fuck! Should of gave me it long fucking time ago!!! Lasts night there, paid 156$ two nights for no TV, they deciding to help me on the lasts night! Rip off and wifi didnt even work!! Fuck
    Casino was good, donated 19 dollars to the casino, they must need my money lol

  156. Maria Ramon say:

    Casino is nice and people are very polite. Me and my friends had a great time and the rooms were clean and cozy

  157. Scott Goble say:

    Excellent breakfast buffet. Gambling was fun except I wasn’t the winner my wife was and brought home $650… guess how much she shared with me? The same amount I’m getting paid for writing this post!! Lol well worth the drive from Phoenix for a lazy Labor Day outing

  158. Jean Voyles Byer say:

    Had breakfast only. Food was warm but not hot. The best part was the bacon and the company. Should have had an omelette made up fresh.

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