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The Bingo Hall at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Phoenix Casino now offers the very latest in bingo technology, a nod to the history of Harrah’s, which first started with a Reno bingo parlor in 1937.


Relax, enjoy a cocktail and pick your winning numbers in the Keno Parlor at Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino, with the fun, friendly action starting at 10am daily. Choose wisely and you could win thousands!


Test your skill and luck in the action-packed Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino Poker Room, with a weekly tournament schedule and promotions throughout each month. Harrah’s Ak-Chin is your key to the World Series of Poker!

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Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino is Phoenix’s home for the hottest slots, in denominations ranging from pennies to $25. You’ll find nearly 1,100 games including video reels, video poker, multi-line games, multipliers, progressives and many more.

When you’re not playing one of your favorite games, you can settle into one of our 300 luxurious guestrooms, which come complete with all the amenities to make your stay a comfortable one. If you’re looking for the excitement of a casino, with the relaxing ambience of a first-class resort, both can be found at the same place: Harrah’s Ak-Chin.


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15406 Maricopa Road
Maricopa, AZ 85139
Tel: (480)802-5000

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  1. Sally Bridgeforth say:


  2. Jimmy JP say:

    great Food, entertainment and most of all, a great contribution and development to the young city of Maricopa

  3. Diane Cheri Land say:

    Through all the years from 1980 and 100’s of 1000’s of dollars spent for concerts/gambling I called the next day telling housekeeping my nephew left his brand new norelco shaver he got for Christmas in the room .Checkout on January 16,2016 and no one can find it…… I know for a fact all employees are assigned certain floors and certain rooms. Lets see…humm can they not ask the person in charge of cleaning that room that day what she or he did with it??? Not Happy…I guess they are so large now they are not concerned with loosing my business…

  4. Howard Dalley say:

    Loyalty means nothing to Harrah’s, they only want your money. DON’T GAMBLE HERE. You will get nothing.

  5. Dale Smith say:

    Crap service, crap odds.Lone Butte will give you more back.

  6. Greg Smith say:

    Their word means nothing. Watered down drinks, crap customer service. Food has gotten WAY TOO much for the crap they serve.

  7. Manny Salgado say:

    The food is great here, being playing the slot don’t seem to pay great like other casinos. Even if you play max pay. It’s the only casino that I can’t win. Don’t see many hand pay like other places.

  8. Cori Wilson say:

    All the staff were amazing!! When we arrived there was a bad smell in our room. They brought in an air purifier and our room smelled wonderful and my allergies were no longer a problem for the rest of my stay! The pool/spa area was beautiful and very clean. The staff constantly made sure l was comfortable and had everything l needed. Can’t wait to go back!

  9. Patrick O'Keefe say:

    Well They send you offer and when call in they quote you $200-300 for week night in the middle of Indian reservation 40 miles from PHX. The offer was for $69 Sun-Th. I just received this month offer today in the mailbox. I wouldn’t even pay $300 for a room in NYC. Not even a suite a plain room for $300+ on Th night.

  10. Becky McAlister- Alley say:

    Their Seafood Buffet is a joke! Only the boiled shrimp and crab legs are great, but everything needs improvement. Several items did not have item tags, and there for you were guessing what you were getting. I guess the Health inspectors do not check the casinos. The buffet was so much better on our first visit back in 2009.

  11. Cindy Attaway Asher say:

    Rooms were great, service was good but the Diamond Lounge ( if you could even call it that ) was AWEFUL! After checking in, you get coupons printed & basically for a couple you got 1 drink & 1 appetizer per person PERIOD! Plus you pay for your drinks while gambling in the casino. Won’t be back.

  12. Roz Pitts say:

    Well I gamble at all the casinos. This one is the best out of all. I took a year away, come back and saw great improvements. Slot machines, food, and entertainment. Yes great, r & r place also.

  13. Verna Hill Bletsoe say:

    I used to love harrahs talked my friends into going there. It appears to be group f__k think i am going to change to wild horse for our 40000 spent

  14. Pat Potter say:

    What a friendly place! Every employee that I have had contact with has been so helpful and friendly. Good choice in entertainment.

  15. Danielle Marie say:

    This hotel and casino was absolutely horrendous!! I would advise that NO ONE stay here! First of all the hotel is incredibly understaffed and not very friendly! My family flew all the way out here from across the country to enjoy relaxing days at the pool and some casino fun at night. However, that is not what happened. After being in the pool for about 10 minutes everyone was asked to get out bc a child had pooped in the pool and it needed to be cleaned. That took about 2 hours. When it was finally time to get back in we were again asked to get out about an hour later bc it had happened again!!! Another child had pooped in the pool!! I was absolutely disgusted at these parents and this facility! I figured that since it was 115 degrees out and we couldn’t use the pool that we would be offered some kind of food or drink voucher, but no. They had acted like this happens all the time!!! When spending around $200 for a room I expect to be able to use the pool without any issues. I wish I could give this place zero stars. It was absolutely disgusting!

  16. Ryan Beeney say:

    Clean hotel rooms and fun atmosphere. Yes it’s 25 miles from phx but you can see that on a map, and yes a kid pooped in the pool yesterday, that’s not the casinos fault it’s the dumb parents fault for not buying a swimming diaper. Crab leg buffet was great and there was a free band playing in the lounge…

  17. Kathy Menez say:

    I have read all the reviews posted below and have come to the conclusion that if you lose your money the casino is terrible but if you win it is great. ! People ! They don’t build casinos so everyone can win they build them to make a profit. The money you take to a casino should be considered entertainment money that you spent for its entertainment value not to get rich. Have a wonderful time enjoy the staff and hotel they are wonderful.

  18. Angie V Hernandez say:

    we go all the time, we win all the rime. service is great

  19. Connie Mcmurray say:

    Love this casino. We have a number of them closer to us but its worth driving 46 miles one way to be able to enjoy the time with some fantastic employees. Crazy Bob, Salina, Donna, Daniel, player club staff and many more always make the visit pleasant. Cant wait for the remodeling to get started and finished. Hotel, pool and restaurants are great and even though at times things arent as enjoyable as you like its still worth visiting to see friends we have met there, Always seem to get hugs when we walk in. Havent won decent for awhile but have seen first handed folks that have so its just the draw of the luck as it is at any casino. Thank you Harrahs Ak Chin employees and sorry if I missed some names.

  20. Danielle Burgess say:

    I think this casino is the most racist casino I have ever seen. I brought my African American friends to celebrate a birthday on Saturday 6/18/16. First round of drinks I ordered was no problem I am white. My black friend tried to order a drink and she got told she was too intoxicated and would have to leave. She told them my friend was her driver (also a white lady) but that didn’t seen to matter. Security came and followed my black friends around while never saying to words to me or my white friend. Please note I was more intoxicated then they were, I even told security I wax which didn’t seem to matter because I was white and had no problems being served. I won’t be back and I will not be going to Harrah’s Laughlin or Vegas again.

  21. Walter Jackson say:

    Let me start off by saying last week I would of rated this place a 4. But anyway that’s not the case anymore. I’ve received offers in the mail for free play. The amounts was real nice so I took the drive to play the offers. Now today I make the drive and was told since I haven’t played enough of my own my I can’t redeem the offer. That puzzled the hell out me because if it comes in the mail to my home and say come play on us that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Now as I look on my app I still have cash offers all the way through July that harrahs ak chin say I can’t use unless I play like I did in January. And hell I took a break from January to the middle of may before I went back to their casino so when I noticed the offers that I have I’m like great they want me to come back more and play. Thanks for false advertisement harrahs.

  22. Donna Evans say:

    After reading all the reviews I can’t believe so many negative ones. I have been coming here for at least consistently the last three years and love the casino I always get a pet room and they are the best pet rooms of any place I have ever stayed including many of the Harrah’s properties. I think the food is awesome staff is more than friendly I just got here so I will put in a review after I leave maybe things are worse this year?

  23. Karen E Stranford say:

    I’m having a great time. The staff has been all smiles and the valet even made sure we found our room. Haven’t been to the pool this morning but my breakfast was only $7 at dunkin dounts and it was fast and yummy. Got a sandwich, tater tots and a muffin. Our room is amazing too!

  24. Karen Kopchick say:

    Celebrated our daughter’s 21st Birthday there. We were hoping for beginner’s luck. We didn’t hit the jackpot but her Dad didn’t do too bad. All in all, we had a great time and that’s what it is all about.

  25. Dakotah Hopkins say:

    Absolutely love it! If I still lived in Arizona I’d be there all the time. But my fiancée and I will be having our honeymoon there next year!

  26. Bernadette Tinsley say:

    If you are going to win …it’s really the wrong place to go.

  27. Deb Coye say:

    Have permanently switched from Lone Butte and Wild Horse to Harrah’s Ak-Chin. Comps and Bonus Play are phenomenal. Occasional free buffets. Gift Cards and gifts. Love it!

  28. Joei Lavon Admire say:

    We got a room there a couple of days ago there was blood on the sheets and on the balcony there was mud in the corners of the wall it looked like fecal matter. We checked it but wasn’t. I noticed it on all the corners of the hotel… It was gross.

  29. Addie Arizona say:

    Fun place. Great prime rib buffet and fun live music lounge and bar. Cocktail prices were wonderfully moderate $12 for Long Island iced tea & merlot. Delicious. Small casino, but with fun slots with a decent variety including penny machines. It wasn’t as crowded and congested as the bigger casinos, so it wasn’t hard to find machines to play. I liked it. Cigarette smell is overwhelming for non smokers like me and husband but oh well. We would return. We had a nice time.

  30. Mike Eimer say:

    Horribe low paying
    Slots horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbleerrrrr

  31. Pattie G Alderete say:

    Had a nice dinner and played a bit. Won some. Went to have a nice time. I did. Not a hard core gambler. Food and service was great. Staff was polite and cordial.

  32. Kristin Anderson say:

    Not a good time had to turn my shirt inside out cause it said fry bread security they ordered wrong drink twice couldn’t get manager to fix it only went cause they sent coupon invite won’t go back

  33. Aaron Hampton say:

    Have been to this buffet a few times . This time, the line was ridiculous and it was like that all night. Was givin a free buffet for two and they wouldn’t honor it. Food quality has gone down significantly for paying over $30 a person. Not worth the drive nor money.

  34. David Bandin say:

    It’s a nice hotel and casino, most of the staff is great. But it used to be better awhile back. You could count the host to make you feel very welcome. They would buy you dinner or front you a room. Now it only happens if you are a 7 star. Which is pretty sad.

  35. Jeanne Settle say:

    Every time were here we have a fabulous time! Service is awesome

  36. Terry Weathers say:

    I enjoy. Going out there getting away from everything and having. Fun

  37. Timothy Higashi say:

    Your give away today was the worst mess you guys have ever setup. People were standing in line for hours, and you run out of the merchandise, with a pitiful consolation prize of “slot play”. You have disappointed hundreds of patrons. Showing up on time doesn’t mean anything. Who would send out these invitation and not have enough product.

  38. Nicole Guevara say:

    First time i came here was a just getaway trip..turned out to be one of my best experience at a casino now i go every other week as special offeres love the staff most friendliest people ive ever meet at a casino my first time at a table the staff took time to explain with no rush…love the place,pool and food, staff is a plus..

  39. Denise Nahat say:

    Normally, I would say that Harrah’s Ak Chin is a nice place for a phoenix getaway weekend. Casino is fun, and clean, staff is around and friendly. My only grip is when they have a gift promo and send out thousands of promo cards for pick up only to get there after an hour drive (Tuesday traffic) to stand in a very long line, and to find out they ran out of the promo gifts! The Stars and Diamonds get first choice, which they should. But, when it comes to gold- most of us lost out on the promo item. They should have an item for each card they send out, and if they have extra’s at the end of the evening, do another promo another time! Everyone should at least get a gift if they are standing in line for an hour or two! Won’t do that again. My second and last experience!

  40. Linda Valenzuela say:

    The prize give away is crap. Its always thw same. If your low man you dont get crap. The dont order enough and they know this but its okay cause they will give you the same answer. Play dumb oh we did not know. I winder how many people really believe you. You have two strikes and i am not sure i want to give you the chance foe the third. So guess i wont be back for awhile.

  41. Maria Irma Ramos Pulido say:

    Muy, muy mal… envían cientos de cartas para un pequeño regalo y no se preparan ni para atender a todos los que acudimos, ni con lo que ofrecieron… a simple vista se ve que la intención fue atraer jugadores al Casino… si por mi fuera NUNCA MÁS volvería a ese lugar, pero influiré en mi esposo y en quien pueda para que no lo hagan…

  42. Larry Mann say:


  43. Albert Cardona say:

    I was surprised to see all of the smoking but then I realized where I was. My family and I had breakfast and played the slots and had a good time.

  44. Gerard Escobedo say:

    Overall Harrahs Is The Best Customer Oriented Casino Around…The Best Staff And Generous Perks…Tho Early This Morning I Was Playing The Cowboy Game Across The MORE HEARTS Which Was Extremely Loud…I Mean Annoying Ear Busting Loud…NoWhere Did I See Any Of Your Staff Members Around To Check On This Machine…Which Was Unusual…Also I Noticed That Your Rewards Center Is Not Staffed 24 Hours Anymore….I Travel 50 Miles One Way And Do Most Of My Gaming Late Night Early Morning…So It’s Disappointing That It Was Closed…

  45. Lyndsee A. Flint say:

    This is the most friendly casino I have ever been in!

  46. Art Carney say:

    Staff was very friendly. A lot of construction on the site. Delicious buffet. Casino was pretty busy for a Tuesday afternoon.

  47. Barbara Bough say:

    Everything wonderful. ..especially bar pool!! Will definitely return. .

  48. Tammy Sharp say:

    Im so sick of hearing people complain about the rewards, free slot play, and the giveaways! Seriously how do you think those of us who are regulars and play frequently feel when we see bus loads of people who ONLY come when there’s something free involved!!! Then you have the nerve to bitch and complain that the lines are too long, or they ran out of gifts, or talk shit to one of us Diamond or 7 Star players when we walk past your rude asses to the front of the line! Get over it …its called a promotion for a reason…to get people to come out and spend thier money just like when the grocery store has a sale or the shoe store does buy one get one free…do you complain when they run out???

  49. Ynes Jauregui Carbajal say:

    Enjoyed playing my $25.00 voucher. Won some money and enjoyed the house band.

  50. Mark Engle say:

    Horrible Horrible Place. Even the buffet sucks. Machines are tight as hell. Guess they need to pay for the expansion going on there. There are many choices to gamble in the Phoenix area. Stay away from this place.

  51. Shelly Wride Gordon say:

    Having a great time. Played some slots I hadn’t played before and did very well. And as usual, the philly cheesesteak it wonderful!

  52. Lori Williams say:

    A great place for a night out or getaway. Best reward program that I’ve seen. The only thing that is troublesome is the casino hosts,have disappeared. I have been a diamond and 2nd tier diamond for several years I haven’t had a host for for over four years. I currently have over 97,00 points on my card for this year. I was told I don’t gamble enough. That’s kind of funny,I do have a host in Las Vegas and Laughlin.

  53. Andrea Schultz Imler say:

    Last Saturday was my first visit to your casino and thanks to an excellent employee you have it was a great experience. You are lucky to have Linda Bryan as an employee, she went out of her way when she didn’t have to, to make sure that I had a seat for the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert. It is obvious that you have an employee that cares about the guests and their experience while at your casino. She did her best to make sure everyone had a smile on their face and even checked back on us to make sure we were having a great time. It is customer service like this that will gain you more customers like me returning. THANK YOU LINDA!!

  54. Matt Sexton say:

    Do NOT stay here!!!!! I am here now and there is hammering outside my room since 6AM. Hotel management is completely aware and ok with it. They could care less about their guests.

  55. Sabrina Cazares say:

    This place sucks big time ! Tightest slot machines ever !! The buffet sucks food is gross , I actually got food poisoning there last month . They give out terrible gifts who the fuck wants a steam mop , roasting pan that they have been giving the past two years . The hotel is disgusting dirty and dusty my God don’t these employees clean the rooms ? People have already started going else where including me and I live in Maricopa ! Don’t waste your time there go to Wild Horse or Talking Stick and Casino Arizona you will be treated like royalty there !�

  56. Marla Wickham say:

    As a person who spends winter out here, this is a great place for me. Friendly, clean and just relaxing as ever.

  57. Kim Morgan say:

    Didn’t care for the times it took to get dinner or concert venue

  58. Chris Bloom say:

    They were totally unprepared to handle the crowd who came to see the singing group, Home Free. Their space was overwhelmed. A couple of hundred people had to stand for at least two hours in the slot machine area because the casino had seating for only 114 people. This was for a group that has been selling out houses all over the country. The sound system was totally inadequate. Wrong venue for a class act like Hone Free. If you can’t do the job, don’t advertise a concert.

  59. Jo Telarski say:

    Great place to go for relaxation. Yes they were totally unprepared for Home Free group. Food service was terrible. They needed to open Agave to free up the long lines. I am 83 years old, stood in line 2 hours to get food, (which was overpriced in buffet). My legs hurt so bad I could not stand to watch the show. I won’t drive 60 miles to see another show.

  60. Tracy Ann Riggs say:

    Friendly staff and usually pretty clean. Slots are set for deposit only. Hard to have the fun we usually do with the same amount of money. Depressing and makes us less interested in showing up for the offers.

  61. Lynette Grandpre say:

    It was the most friendliest casino resort we have ever been to!!!! The buffet was outstanding, entertainment rocked and our extra bonus was the refrigerator in the room!

  62. Bob Stclair say:

    I didn’t watch n any jackpots but played and has a exciting time , wish I could have hit a jackpot but that’s how the ball bounces

  63. Nida Carter say:

    Oh yeah I like Harrah’s ak-chin casino it’s my place to relax

  64. Brightstar Joshua say:

    Just went to harrahs yesterday for Christmas because they gave us free slot play for Christmas was so amazing staff very friendly and helpful the multitainment center with bowling was a plus had a great experience no problems what so ever food was really good too

  65. Nicole Renee say:

    The Range is our favorite steakhouse. Always a good meal.

  66. Rebecca Keene Gonhue say:

    Jen and I had a great time at Ak Chin — first time just the two of us have been away together without other family members since we moved to AZ. We basically talked for about 14 hours — we also gambled a little, ate a little, had a few cocktails and gambled a little more – and more, and more. Lots of great fun. We already are planning out next one — it won’t be 7 years this time!! Love you Jen.

  67. Carleen Kuntz say:

    We had a great time!!!!!! Nice clean place and fun entertainment center for the kids right next door. Can’t wait to go back.

  68. Veronica Monique Leal say:

    Absolutely loved this casino, my husband and I will definitely revisit soon. �

  69. Crystal Porter say:

    I dont think i would stay here again let alone another birthday the room took a extra hundred an never returned it i got my knee cut while leaving a machine and a verry rude bartender that i complained about last time i had to deal with again and nothing changed when i told someone all they said was they will look in to it no effot was made to make the day any better thanks for the crappy birthday stay!

  70. Julie Bailey Schreiber say:

    First time going last night for Timothy B Schmitt concert. Planned on eating and spending some on the machines. Way too crowded. Couldn’t see or hear the member of my favorite band ever. Everyone was angry and people were sitting at machines not playing but just to have a place to sit and try and hear or get a glimpse of the band. I am sure the artist did not expect this setting at all. Even though it was free it was a horrible experience I will never go back. Somebody dropped the ball and nobody was doing anything to try and satisfy all of the dissatisfied angry people. SO DISAPPOINTED

  71. Craig Walker say:

    The ‘Lounge’ a concert venue at Ak-Chin should stick to impersonators and not book real talent to their bar stage. It’s insulting to the performers to have to compete with slot machines and drunk patrons.

    Will never go again.

  72. Melinda Hood say:

    I am a local. I have made diamond tier for playing many of dollars. I was there today playing and was winning! I got kicked out supposedly for having too many beers. I had had approximately 6 beers. I was not doing anything wrong. I stumbled over my chair because it was a tight fit and I had bulky boots on. I would advise caution playing here!

  73. Tdean Dean say:

    We’ve been coming here for years even before they built the hotel,

  74. Thomas Troy say:

    Harrahs casino gets my rating of 5 stars. From the time you park your car you are treated like a welcome guest. Staff is always friendly and will do their very best to help in any way. In my years of enjoying the casino (as a diamond member) I have never had a less than perfect stay. The food is the best around. The range steak house serves us the most tender steak we have had. The staff is second to none. This is the place I chose to relax and enjoy myself. Cant wait for the opening of the new addition. KUDOS to the entire staff at harrahs for treating guests as family.

  75. Elaine Anderson say:

    We love coming here! It is a nice size compared to going to vegas or where ever the big cities casinos are. Very friendly staff; great rooms that are very clean; love the food buffet and we went to the steakhouse at Christmas. No complaints from us..

  76. Todd Conner say:

    Always a good time here! Something for the entire family.

  77. Linda Shon say:

    Went to Ak Chin for an evening in the lounge. Strange setup. Chairs lined up in rows, no tables for your drinks and people dancing on top of you. Will not go back.

  78. Shelby Conklin say:

    If I could give this place a zero I would! Was trying to have a night out with my girlfriends for my engagement party and the second we started dancing with the band they plotted a plans to eject us from the casino! Seriously don’t come here unless you want to be watched and followed back to your room. Such a joke we honestly planned to spend some money here! Nope!

  79. Freddy Valera say:

    Excelente lugar para relajarse y divertirse..muy buena atencion..valet parking excelente..muy agradable atensión del personal en su totalidad ..felicitaciones Harras Ak Chin

  80. Shee'Kna Wycoff say:

    I loved it!!!! My favorite slot was the cherry mischief!!!!

  81. Arellano Alvin say:

    Food was cold slots dont pay parking for motorcycle there is none smoke is bad need more ventilation Something to draw out the smoke like they do I’m new Mexico there Casino not as bad are biker group won’t be back

  82. Jason Shriner say:

    The machine’s were paying didn’t win much but a win is better then a loss thanks Ak-Chin

  83. Curtis Read say:

    Machines are absolutely pathetic. Can’t even sit and enjoy A machine anymore. All you do is feed it money. Just my opinion.

  84. David Gatica say:

    Short but sweet. Great place, great time, great staff,, great motown magic. Free…. thanks

  85. Keith Polan say:

    Great place to just go and relax by the pool have some good drinks and some good times. With the new expansion going to be even be better.

  86. Linda Perez say:

    Great place to stay and play. I was disappointed though in their diamond lounge. All other Harrah’s properties are not cheap with their food. This place gives you vouchers that limits your choices. I didn’t like this approach. If you are going to have an exclusive hangout for us diamond players then treat us that way. If it wasn’t for this definitely would have 5 stars.

  87. Henry Mejias say:

    I was there with my 8 year old daughter for dinner at the buffet. Line was over an hour wait so we had a nice little dinner poolside but wait… we parked at another area by the casino and couldn’t get to our car without going through the casino because the valet told us it was “unsafe to walk at night”. I HATED the thought of walking through the casino because it stinks of cigarettes its so bad. We were ambushed by 4 hotel security guards in their oversized-green polyester jackets while we were walking out to the exit.. and its supposed to be “family friendly”. I do not drink, my daughter was holding my hand and never touched a machine of any type. Ive heard many stories about the “overzealous” security at this location. With respect, the hotel management really needs to invest in customer-service training of their security staff. They spend a lot of money to try to get people to this property. After this experience, I will NEVER come back. I spent over $100 on a dinner that ended with my daughter in tears. .. and I was invited by the hotel to consider the property as I am an Event Coordinator… and I am a travel writer for a National Travel magazine.

  88. Dale Mobley say:

    Good casino I will go back, we played poker and played slots won on both….

  89. Debra Valencia say:

    It was fun I just wished the slots were nicer. I’m still waiting to win at this casino.

  90. Ronald Liquori say:

    Had a great time with my wife Robyn Lynn Liquori bowling. The drinks were lacking, don’t have our kind of beer (Models, Stella) at all and the happy hour drinks are weak!

  91. Janis Smith Melton say:

    When my sis in law called to ask if I would come to Harrahs I first talked to my husband. He said I should go spend some time with Brenda, we don’t get together alot so I went on Sat. afternoon>

  92. Kevin Oconnell say:

    Took an Uber there from Scottsdale tried to leave at 11 p.m. couldn’t get an Uber or a taxi to come back and pick us up. Being from out of state we did not have a vehicle took an hour and a half to finally get a ride back to Scottsdale. You would think the casino would make sure that there is transportation available 24/7.

  93. Merle Charlie say:

    Friendly staff, great service, and room was great, slept good…planning on coming back with the family as I was here for a symposium

  94. Berto Gamez say:

    Is there a way to put 0 stars. New changes because of construction is beyond disappointing and sad. I’ve been a Diamond for 5yrs (I’m 27) and now there’s no diamond lounge! And the free buffets are limited?! And the 4 free drinks that we would get in the Lounge are gone. And let’s not mention having to earn a ridiculous amount of tier points for Shitty gifts. WTF! This place is SAD now. I’d rather take the extra 15min drive to Gila River….

  95. Pete Bravo say:

    My wife and I were there for New Years weekend complimentary stay and had a great time. Had enough points to enjoy the food as well. Rooms are really nice and will be there next weekend.

  96. Barbara Parker say:

    Nice casino. Bit far to get to. But had a good time anyway. It’s unlike the ones in Vegas but you can still have a great time.

  97. Donna Rosner Adams say:

    Nice place despite the smoke, though I am sure we will return

  98. Kristi Storey Miles say:

    Hotel staff is slow and does not anticipate customer needs when answering questions they need a customer service seminar. Restaurant and food selection is poor. Agaves is completely over priced for dinner and that’s pretty much the only selection other than something in casino area. Only 1 bar in casino area so if your not gambling it’s impossible to find if band is playing and staff does not tell you this when you ask where it is. Disappointed from check in to checkout staff is dumb.

  99. Scott Woods say:

    As a Seven Star, I’m always grateful for the awesome hospitality I receive there…from the hosts to the servers. A+

  100. Ivan Diamond Hudson say:

    They ask for your opinion. And then claim they are hurtful

  101. Don Johnson say:

    What great Easter experience with our grandson.
    2 years old and had a blast.
    Big prompts to Ak Chin and COC.

  102. Kregg Barentine say:

    Awesome experience at the Harrah’s 3rd Annual 5K Run yesterday!! The staff and volunteers were amazing. Looking forward to next year!

  103. Juanita Wallace Allen say:

    As always the food was great! The service was awesome! Love coming here to eat!! Inspite of all the renovations Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino still maintain its 5 star quality! I’ll be back soon!

  104. Sharon Helman Cherry say:

    Great, won money and didn’t freeze to death, needs more video poker but otherwise had fu .

  105. Alison Walik Sahadi say:

    I absolutely love your casino, the machines are great, as long as you can break even I’m good with that.

  106. Monica Platas say:

    Very disappointed. Drove an hour and a half to watch a show last night which they had announced was free. When we got there, they only had reserved seating and you could only get in with a bracelet. They failed to mention they had only given tickets to a Indian community and or if you were a VIP member and had a hostest. No where on their site did they list this. So then we had to stand on the outside to only kept being told to move out of the way by employees and they were so rude. I will not be going ever again to this casino. ?

  107. Monica Villescaz say:

    It seems like none of the machines don’t pay anymore and the waitresses are very slow and some can even be rude! They won’t even give you your change back smh!

  108. Ann Buchanan Baxter say:

    We came all the way from North Carolina to visit this casino. We never hit a thing anywhere in the casino. Staff was okay.
    I felt like only the regulars were winning the money not someone from North Carolina.
    Probably will never visit again.

  109. Michael Harris say:

    It’s an Indian casino, not a Harrah’ s, and run like one.. you have to almost ask for a drink everytime, hardly an anticipated offer.. service is spotty mostly.. the reframing quality is their video poker machines pay out so I’ll put up with little glitches for the money.. the bartenders have no idea how much money they’re not making by not connecting with the gamblers..

  110. Kj Gordon say:

    This place SUCKS
    Checked in at 4:00 pm for a three night “staycation”… Checked out at 10:00 pm!
    The pool was MURKY
    The FOOD at the BUFFET made me SICK
    The MANAGEMENT didn’t do anything to compensate me…
    And insulted me when I suggested they do something to make it RIGHT
    They DIDN’T even REFUND my cost of dinner
    Stay away from this place…
    There are far more better casinos in the Phoenix area that treat you Great…

  111. Linda Lopez say:

    I have good time when i go out Harrah been MY new fun time invited my daughter Dae and grandkids free night n all had fun they enjoy pool eating watching movies Dae Dae had fun going casino no kids but all in all they always go out they’re way be attentive to your needs can they loosen slots every now then lol??? i do have luck at Harrah tho #1why i go out they’re

  112. Heidi Tanner say:

    OMG What a horrible experience! Major rant. I am a diamond member and i cannot believe how terrible the experience is. Not only is the entire place torn up due to construction, which I understand, but they have no accommodations for diamond members, no Diamond Lounge, only if you’re 7 stars, the rooms are gross and my friend was treated horribly by security. The whole experience sucked and i will not be back. However. Checked into Casino Del Sol and we have been treated wonderfully. Comped suites, comped dinner and brunch tomorrow. Ak Chin you have lost my business. Horrible, just horrible! Don’t do there!

  113. Diane Perkins say:

    Fantastic staff always smiling and saying hello as they pass by. Food has never been disappointing. Loved the pool bar today. Thanks for the relaxing fun night. See you again soon

  114. Joshua Walls say:

    After reading through some of these negative posts, it seems like the major complaints are about construction and limited venue space. Personally…I’ve loved my experiences at Harrahs AK chin. It’s only crowded during concerts. But they should take care of that in the next year with the new tower being built. Keep up the great work, Harrahs. You’ve earned a customer for life.

    P.S. the Range steak house has by far the best beef tips I’ve ever had. They were on piont.

  115. Kathy Southerly say:

    Love this casino! Everyone is friendly and the food is great!

  116. Cris Barnes say:

    Poor air ventilation. Way too smoky. Wait in line for buffet insane.

  117. Janet Elaine Ryan say:

    It will be great when they finish there remodeling upgrade!

  118. Rosa Elena Medina say:

    I had an awesome time, the staff was super friendly and considering my internal GPS always gets me lost as soon as I would ask someone where something was at they would always go above and beyond to show me where everything was at. Thank You Harrahs staff ?

  119. Patricia Sheehan Brock say:

    With the construction and all the moves within the hotel and casino it was unbelievable to me that they would not lower prices, offer incentives for staying and or eating now Agave/Range Grill (1 and the Same). Our bathroom floor was dirty as was the shower. Very disappointed. Celebration for mine and a friend’s birthday with family from Vegas staying with us. Embarrassing.

  120. Gennette Louise Brown Martinez say:

    The rooms were excellent. The staff was a bit slow to take care of you but other than that we were pleased. The rooms were very nice and clean. Would stay again for sure.

  121. Loly C Leyva say:

    Plenty of slot machines and the atmosphere was smoke free , loved that part of it . I hate going to a casino leave an hour or more later and I smell like cigarettes. Clothes and body .

  122. Chandra Conner Grubb say:

    Loved the buffet! Went there for the first time with my husband. Nice selection AND well made! Potatoes were crispy when supposed to be, good flavor to the many items I tried and they had a nice selection of desserts! My husband and I WILL be back!!!

  123. LaBelle Herrera say:

    I was there as a guest, so thank you, I was there swimming, my kids and I had an awesome time.. Nice weather

  124. Matt Drevno say:

    The rooms there were so nice and clean. i would definitely stay again.

  125. Debra Telese say:

    Thoroughly enjoy coming to Harrah’s. That’s why we always come back. All employees are very friendly. I always feel welcome.

  126. Brianna Chavez say:

    (05/27/17-05/29/17) The room and pool was fabulous; the service I received was not. I went to the front desk 4 different times because I was told at 3 different dinning venues inside that I was not allowed to room charge even though my credit card was on the room. Each time the front desk told me I was allowed to and they didn’t know what was wrong. The fourth time I asked to speak to a manager and a supervisor named Melissa came out and told me, it’s fine in our system so I don’t know what to tell you. The waiter in Agaves was also very inattentive to our needs and only came to the table a total of three times (1 to order drinks and food, one to deliver food, q to deliver the bill). We had to go inside and ask the front counter for waters and straws. I normally love Harrahs Akchin, but the service I received last weekend ruined what would have been an otherwise fabulous experience. To top it off I still have pending charges on my card, over a week later. The end charge went through right away so I don’t know why they hit my card two more times and why it’s taking so long to drop off. I went back again this weekend to use the pool, but I didn’t make the mistake of trying to eat at any of the restaurants inside. I don’t know what happened to this place, but I hope it gets better.

  127. Carol Williams say:

    Great place to come for a vacation with children!! The resort has something for all ages.
    The children love it, they go to the movies, bowling, laser tag and the pool is the best!!
    The staff is always so helpful and go out or their way to make your stay very enjoyable!!

  128. Judith Roderick say:

    We had a wonderful time, the staff are exceptional and always greet you with a smile. I love staying in the Resort rooms because of the space, but the newer rooms are gorgeous!! Can’t wait to come back in July with my grandkids for some pool fun!!!

  129. Donny Gies say:

    Customer service is phenomenal every time I go there which I go every Tuesday night and stay Wednesday day. I’m treated well my only downfall is the tables don’t pay as much they should I know you’re trying to build a brand-new tower and the new casino but keep customers coming back got a pay a little bit. The steakhouse is phenomenal the buffet is phenomenal the rooms are phenomenal I will continue to go to Harrahs !!

  130. Ruby-Mario Balboa say:

    We went there last night 6/10/2017 for all you can eat crab, we were expecting snow crab but to our diapointment management replaced the snow crab with Dungeness crab, also to our surprise the price remained the same no discount price $30.00 per person, for down grade of crab and if you know anything about crab the Dungeness is a lower grade and not sweet at all like the snow crab is, second issue is that for those prices you would expect the side offerings to be very appetizing, but to our diapointment the sides left much to be desired, also the manager on duty, last our table numerous time but had no interests in our satisfaction with our meal or our experience at his Buffett, sad to say being of color I truly felt invisible to the manager but there is no doubt my money is green and I will not patronize and spend my hard earned money again at this casino Buffett again in the near future unless the fix this problem

  131. Wiladean Marcello Dosela say:

    Was a nice stay looking forward to going back when construction is complete …

  132. Jason Chase say:

    My wife and I have Been here 2 times 03/2/17 and last weekend 6/9/17 and will be there the next 2 Weekends, after reading some reviews before we went on our first visit, we were hesitant do to the fact that its a 5 hour drive to get to AK -Chin and a 5 hour drive to Vegas. We took a chance on AK-Chin as it was something different. We are Diamond card holders at Harrahs and we gamble at other local casinos just about every weekend.we also get the Freebies at all casinos with FREE play and we find AK- Chin to be generous. We found AK-Chin Casino and its staff to be very kind to us. Almost every staffmember has greeted us with smiles. Hotel rooms were good, our casino host is awesome! We would like to have done better in the casino as per our gambling, but let’s face the fact that casinos were not built on WINNERS! Good job AK-Chin!

  133. Debby Do say:

    I have to agree.. very poor customer service! We asked to talk to a host over four different times and NOT ONE came to visit with us. One of the poorest Harrah’s customer service we have experienced!!!

  134. Luis Bam Aceves say:

    Am a 7 star my wife is a 7 star I asked for a room and guess what they are sold out but no one is gambling at the floor, it’s all good vegas loves us…. very disappointed on your small casino guys my VIP is most of time mia….. you get 1 star.

  135. Karen Cobb say:

    Slots r the tightest I have seen. I guess to pay for new addition. I went to wild horse pass and did great and had fun

  136. Shannon Sweat say:

    What is going on around here? This placing is going down hill, while the room prices are going up. Its only a 3 star hotel, why the high prices? The Buffet was horrible, found plastic in my granddaughters cake. Manager acted like it was no big deal. Really?!
    The pool is crowded with local village’s of people with all the neighborhood kids. Not okay! I paid for my rooms and expect the pool to be for paying customer’s. Its not big enough to be a community pool. Staff has been uncaring, which is very unusual. The machine’s are so tight (probably due to the new building)…. no fun!! Dont like the changes to the Seven Star benefits. Why are you taking away/lowering our perks? We deserve them, why should we play here?

  137. Pete Snyder say:

    My wife and I drove down from Gold Canyon for the seafood buffet, which is always a treat. Having stayed there before, I knew the food and the service were top notch, but I must say the highlight (for me at least) was our server, Cha, originally from Bangkok. As soon as I saw her name tag I greeted her in Thai, and her face lit up. Having been stationed in N. E. Thailand back in the mid 60’s, and having returned to meet old friends in 2015, we traded stories in both English and Thai, all while she expertly served other customers.

  138. Caleb Ogden say:

    Buddy was kicked out without cause. This place is a shithole. Friend was behaving normally, but had a General Mattis shirt on. We would have have booked a 60 person event here, but discrimination apparently took control of the asshole’s in charge. Not acceptable. Do not recommend.

  139. Dennis Pogue say:

    Had a great time hit good one, eating was a treat.

  140. Melisa Dawn Haden say:

    The food was awesome, the atmosphere was welcoming and the customer service was superb and very friendly. Will go back again! [email protected]

  141. Refugio Camarillo say:

    We had an awesome time listening and dancing to the music of Sunny Sauceda. Met up with some other friend and had a great time. Definitely going back for another event.

  142. Roger Nelson say:

    I have been gambling here for years, really the only place we go, not any more, not after the treatment I got yesterday in the restaurant I will never step foot in this place ever again and that’s a promise, we went to the buffet like we always do and paid our $62 dollars to eat what has always been good food, wow are you kidding, the crab legs smelled really bad and was short and ugly, the fried shrimp was dry and old , the salad bar looked like a weedy yard and was picked over and most was empty, we brought this up to the chef and he said that’s all they have, the steak was dried up and tuff as jerky, I finally ask for the manager and when he came over he ask well did you even ask for better food!!! Ummm hello I just paid $62 and now I need to do your job!!! I said it was unexpectable and want my money back and showed him we didn’t eat anything, it was all piled up and not good at all, he said he could try to get us better food but it was good enough to pay for, nope I said I will call your corporation office and he stated go ahead it will just get pushed back to me for review, yes he said that, I said that’s ok I am protected by visa and will contest every penny because you are robbing people, that’s when he said “you just need to leave the casino” I said no problem I will go gamble at Gila River and we left, I will never step foot in another Harahs Casino since I was ask to leave this one and will be shredding my card tomorrow!!!!! Avoid this place at all cost!!!!!!!

  143. Jeff Burkett say:

    Excellent staff! Very friendly, and very good at making you feel as much at home as possible.

  144. RaeRae Gwen say:

    I have not stayed here in years. My husband and I took the drive out on Saturday. Easy check-in. We valeted, would love to see covered parking in the future, Sunday morning my car was dusty. Arriving in the room was a pleasant surprise, I knew this casino has been around for awhile and was not expecting such a clean executive type room. It had all the amenities needed for a short stay. We went to the pool, not enough lounges or umbrellas to accommodate the guests. The pool itself was very nice(why so many kids, we expect to go to a casino type resort only to find so many kids). The swimup bar was great and the staff was doing a good job even though you wait longer because of the daiquiri type drinks being ordered(maybe more staff). We then had a blast gambling. Patti at the rewards desk was sweet and knowledgeable so was another woman we had upon checking in, Friendly and answered all our questions. We even dealt with security on Sunday. Somehow! We forgot if we cashed in a ticket from the craps machine or if we retrieved it. Sure enough, security reviewed their surveillance and we did cash it out(won’t say anything more about this, lol). The burgers we ordered at the grill were awesome to say the least. I hope harrah’s gets even better with the remodel. Looking forward to the future

  145. Phillip McDaniel say:

    Place was s mess and had a terribly long walk from the parking lot to the room. Went to the restaurant to eat and was told there was an hour and half wait. Had to walk back to the car to go out and eat. We are from Kentucky and visit family here every year
    May rethink this next year if it is no better. We always enjoyed our stay here but this year it was not so great.

  146. Evelyn Thomas McDaniel say:

    Even through all the construction, it was a very nice stay. Play was ok. Comps are excellent. Would stay again.

  147. Rauna Clark say:

    Because it is a good casino and good machines to.and the machines pay.would love to stay at the hotel.

  148. Zoila Martinez say:

    Always a great time. The buffet is amazing. The rooms are big and comfortable . The pool is so big. Great staycation

  149. Isabel Burnias say:

    Well I was playing. The 5 cents slots and I was only spinning 1 time and my money was gone I’m not a gambler but it was confusing for me and my husband but I guess is expected every one says they never win

  150. Ti Na say:

    Didn’t won.. but the Stuff is awesome friendly all over the place ..big smiles everywhere…The Company definitely knows how to hire People with Service Skills …

  151. Casey Mcafee say:

    Took our thing to the room and went out to hit the slots and when came back we found womans underwear under the table in our room kinda gross …decided to check out the same night ..other then that it was ok

  152. Aqua Greene-Elwell say:

    Based off of “Service” and “NOT WHO IT’S RAN BY”, I enjoyed myself!!!

    Friendly, Nice, and Relaxing!!!

    No I did not walk away a millionaire but “GAMBLING” is a “game”, we are never promised to walk away with anything!!! GAMBLING is for enjoyment not a money making job�

  153. Steve Maciejewski say:

    Very friendly staff at each and every corner of facility. Nice clean and modern rooms. Main bar is extremely busy. Staff works very hard and aims to please. Had a great time. New construction caused only minimal issues.

  154. Kriminal Ken say:

    Cheap ass casino lol went their rich left with no offering money hahaha so stay loyal and stay in church hahahaha

  155. Mack Herron say:

    Food ok. Not great. Very smiley. Gross. Almost puked in casino

  156. Pat Armstrong say:

    When I lived in Gilbert I went to Au-Chin every week. The casino was great, entertainment good. The floor staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. The food in Steak restaurant was great. I find it difficult to see all the people putting the casino
    As for paying for my meals, mine were always compted and I enjoyed them very much. I knew the security staff by name, they are great.. Harrah’s is great..

  157. Karen Roper Waring say:

    Fantastic, I seriously played 20 bucks and kept winning at everything I played.. walked out with $2800. Thanks Harrahs.. ���

  158. Dale Manelski say:

    We went there for our 49th wedding anniversary getaway. Booked a room forgetting that the place was under construction. Very nice room, but a very noisy air conditioner. The room was comped so we could overlook the noise. We also had a reservation for the Range Steakhouse. When we arrived we found out the location of the Range was sharing space with the Agave restaurant due to the construction. They tried to give the place some ambiance but it was a major fail. Food was good but the ambiance didn’t warrant the high prices. We did get a free desert for a salad screw up.
    Before dinner we went to the pool. Bought a 12 ounce draft beer that cost $6.50! A bit outrageous to say the least. Last drink I’ll buy there.
    We’ll go back but probably not until the construction is done.

  159. Dorothy-Dottie Elias say:

    Love going to Ak-Chin. Usually drive up from Tucson, stay the night or two and drive back the next day. We usually go about 3 times a month. Very clean and great customer service. Want to especially say Vicky in housekeeping is the best. Did a great job and wrote me a thank you note for the tip I left her. Never got an acknowledgment for my tip before. Made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Mariah Hernandez say:

    Quiero regresar muy agusto yo sola perdi al final gane para mi es um lugar perfecto para un fin de semana pasarla bién .

  161. Eddie M Ayala say:

    We always enjoy all harrahs casinos
    We been to 10 different ones
    And always have a great experience

  162. Don Denatale say:

    Awsome time went there for my birthday had a blast nice sized rooms and love the swim up bar at the pool!

  163. Chris Row say:

    I just spent two days here for the first time and loved every minute! Beautiful rooms, amazing food, a gorgeous pool with a swim up bar, and Justin is a great bartender !! Can’t wait to come back

  164. Lizzie Moeti say:

    Will avoid Harrah’s Ak-Chin in future. Ripping off people.

  165. Ambrosha Martinez say:

    We live in san diego and we meet half way for a kid swap a few times a year. Ak-chin is a few hours from our half way point but I like to take advantage of a comped room and getting my Total Rewards points when gambling. Although we have NEVER booked a win here (8 visits) the rooms are really nice, the pool is great and the kids love to swim up to the bar and get a virgin pina colada. They have a shuttle that takes us to the game room, food is always really great and I really enjoy our little get away with or without the kids

  166. Rita Oliver say:


  167. Paul-la Palmer say:

    I like the way the recreation; bowling, game rm n theatre was away fr the regular gambling area.

  168. Toni Shelley say:

    Definitely five stars on the snack bar up there. In fact I’m surprised they even call it that the food was very good

  169. Mike Campbell say:

    Went up to Harrah’s Ak-Chin for our 2nd Anniversary. Dottie reserved a room for the evening, plus made reservations at the Range Steak House. Amanda was our hostess & took care of us promptly. James was our server & everything went very smoothly. Food was great & all of the staff at the Range were very helpful in clearing the table & making sure we had everything we needed. Always look forward to driving up from Tucson to check on the progress of the new tower hotel, parking garage & the other improvements that are taking place.

  170. Burgundy Jhoalean Sanderson say:

    So I recently stayed there with my family. My daughter got bit by something( not saying they were bedbug) but the fact is while on their hotel property, in their hotel my daughter got bit( multiple times). No compassion, no remorse, not even an apology. I wrote the hotel on fb they view the message and still refuse to say anything back. Showing some kind or remorse for my 6 year old daughter would be the least they could do. But still nothing.

  171. Kandee Lehi say:

    We went to the movies.. Then to late dinner.. It was a great get away from reality..just enjoyed it..lol..

  172. Missy Maiden say:

    The best casino in the PHX area! I’ve been to them all and Harrah’s Akchin is hands down the place to be for nice jackpots and great food. You will enjoy the entertainment. The choice of live music in many different styles is always excellent. The staff goes the extra mile to make your casino experience above and beyond then any stay and play offer anywhere else in Az. You won’t be disappointed with the atmouspher Good times ….Good times!

  173. Robert Little say:

    Overall, the experience was okay, however, the stench from the dairy farm nearby was awful at times. If you like bugs, this is the place for you, flys, mosquitos, roaches, etc…
    The bellman service should be avoided at all costs, apparently, they just don’t care. Additionally, don’t wash your car prior to Harrah’s, as it will be covered in dirt and construction debris.
    Finally, the biggest disappointment was the Range Steakhouse, which has been moved to Agave, it would be nice to know beforehand. The food was good, the steak cooked to perfection, so good, that the next night, we decided to order burgers to go, and eat in our hotel room, after a long day of gambling, Big mistake! We were told the wait would be 20 minutes, 40 minutes later, we were still waiting… The French onion soup was cold, the burger was terrible(soggy bun, gristley meat), the steak fries were odd. Agave for lunch wasn’t very good either, I ordered a Rueben, and low and behold, they were out of roast beef… Hopefully, Harrahs will get its act together again soon…

  174. Pebbles Lindroos say:

    Love the Ak Chin! We drive 2.5 hours to stay here regularly. The staff is great, as is the resort /casino, the pool is awesome! Watching the growth is is creating anticipation for things to come. You can stay a week here and never leave the property!

  175. Samuel Buck Jr. say:

    Great place! Probably the best casino in the Phoenix area with the best perks.

  176. Terry Jo Warner say:

    My husband made reservations for our celebration. He wanted to gamble and I wanted a hot tub and pool. I couldn’t be in the sun so evening swimming for me. The pool was closed due to a party that lasted til 10:00 p.m. and the pool closed at 11:00 . The room had a funky smell and alot of spots on the carpet. The person who checked us in was suppose to find out if the hot tub would be open and leave a message in the room. Guess who. She didn’t call. We ate at the buffet and our Waiter couldn’t speak English or understand english and gave us the wrong drinks. We tried to get his attention, but he always looked away.
    We won’t be back.

  177. Rose Lanier say:

    Really enjoy coming here! Can’t wait to see all the changes completed.

  178. Lamendola JJames say:

    The first time I went I was hounded by security to show ID over a dozen times it got annoying. The 2nd time currently I brought friends they were hounded as well. I understand you need to know were 21+ but not 30 times in one evening. Besides that I had a great time.

  179. Chelsea Davis say:

    Always a great experience here! We will be back again soon!

  180. Ursula Irene Renner say:

    Our room was nice and clean in the tower. The staff at the front desk were very professional and friendly. We ate at the buffet on Sunday night. The staff were friendly and the food was plentiful. Our valet people were very friendly and hustled to get our car ASAP. The only real problem I saw that needs a little attention to is checking in at the buffet lines. I know you are trying your best to accommodate everyone. That was very clear. It’s very chaotic. I hope its temporary and someone is working on this issue. Otherwise, my husband n I had a very pleasant stay. Thank you for your efforts. We appreciated it.

  181. Hiram Gutierrez say:

    Well… Its All Casinos… Not just this One… But I keeped Saying, or have Been Saying that Ever Since the Recession, the Payouts or Amount of Payouts have been Lousy, Including here at the Harrahs… But the People for the Most Part are Great…!!!

  182. Randy Combs say:

    It was very nice and lots of fun. Can’t wait to go back.

  183. Raul Montoya say:

    Had Breakfast at the Agave Restaurant. The Food Delicious. The service is top quality.

  184. RB Martin say:

    Check in was seamless. Diamond lounge was called VIP lounge so felt excluded because I know for a fact that some 7 star members are members because they knew someone who gained status. I spent thousands in gambling just to be told not good enough. Buffet was great. Room was okay…AC was obnoxiously loud. Machines were not fun at all. I thought this is the entertainment industry. Check out was okay. I forgot to tell the front desk that I wanted to use my points to pay for the room. He told me that he already charged my credit card. So overall it was okay. Might not come back.

  185. Valerie Hernandez say:

    I think they might be going broke I had to pay for Lander. Stupid

  186. Val-Rya Norris say:

    I enjoy working on the new hotel tower they’re building.

  187. Angelina Sepulveda say:

    Casino’s looking awesome. Excited about all the renovations. Thanks everyone, very helpful friendly employees.

  188. Gerry Girard say:

    very nice friendly staff, great food and one of the best pools

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