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Located in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, Oaklawn Racing & Gaming has been one of the premiere Thoroughbred racetracks in the country since 1904, best known as home of the $1 million Arkansas Derby. Today, Oaklawn also offers a full house of fun and excitement day and night, all year long. Oaklawn opened a newly expanded gaming area in early 2015, featuring Blackjack, Poker, the most popular gaming terminals and Silks Bar & Grill.


Our newly expanded gaming area now offers 50% more games and 50% more fun. One of the larger gaming properties in the region, Oaklawn Gaming has hundreds of New Games, Live Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, a High Limits Area, the new Silks Bar and Grill and Pop’s Lounge for your celebratory round of drinks.

[spoiler]Arkansas’ favorite place to play is smack dab in the middle of Arkansas’ #1 tourism destination, Hot Springs National Park.

Tons of Your Favorite Games

An expanded gaming area means more of your favorite games and a ton of new ones! Come out and play Oaklawn’s latest additions today. Each game has several important differences that make the games more fun, more exciting and give you more control over winning!

Video Poker

Video Poker is a lot like the poker we all know and love. The basic game is five card draw, with winning hands starting with a pair of Jacks – and hitting the Jackpot with a Royal Flush. After selecting the amount you wish to bet, you will be dealt a hand of cards. Simply press the HOLD CARD button or touch the screen on the cards you want to keep, and deal again for a chance to improve your hand.

Different games on the Game King machines offer different rules and payoff tables. Consult the help screen on the game you’re playing for further details and charts on how much you can win. You know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em. Now shuffle up and deal!

Real cards and chips have landed at Oaklawn! Enjoy all the exciting table game action every day with Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.


2705 Central Ave.
Hot Springs, AR 71901

Site: www.oaklawn.com
Facebook: OaklawnRacingAndGaming
Twitter: OaklawnRacing
Instagram: oaklawnracing


  1. LaTonja Land say:

    Slots are too tight. Atmosphere is filled with negative conversations how you never win. People are starting to drive further…worth their time and money to go elsewhere

  2. Sharon Martin Dobric say:

    It’s one of the best !! Love it been to different tracks but this one is home and look forward to it every year

  3. Sharon Shelton say:

    The crowd is slowly thinning out!!!! Are you wondering why attendance is down? Perhaps the slot machines are too tight….

  4. Tanya Terrell say:

    Not what it use to be! Waste of money and time. Nobody really goes there anymore. Attendance is down.

  5. Jamie Black say:

    Very poor gaming¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Juan Reyes say:

    Mi hipódromo favorito hay nos vemos en enero

  7. Michelle Cole Breitenberg say:

    I live in hot springs and this track needs to raise it’s standards

  8. Wilo Amieva say:

    The best

  9. Lavonda Snyder Pillow say:

    We live about 3 hours away. We have friends that goes with us every year. We have the best time. She bet on gray horses and I bet on funny names. We don’t win much on 2.00 bet . But a wonderful day of fun.

  10. Lavine Halterman say:

    They still smoke in there so we can’t go in side

  11. Lore Tovias say:

    O ya me encanta me encanta por ke ay mas anbiente es la opinion de lore tovias de taco espres. I de mi tienda

  12. JT Tarran Kemp say:

    My cousin and I travel from out of state to come to the Arkansas Derby every year. Even though it is crazy busy, the staff is friendly, the corn beef sandwiches are the bomb and the racing is phenomenal!

  13. Ginger L Crouch say:


  14. Chrisitne M Higgs say:

    Was there for the ’07/’08 meet. Husband Wayne(married there♡) worked for Larry Jones. Stayed Airport Rd. on Lake Hamilton. Beautiful place, people, food & the racing was phenomenal.

  15. Susan Ramey say:

    Love to go every year

  16. Sharon Shinnall say:

    I’ve been going to Oaklawn every year for 20+ years. I love it. I recommend getting reserved seats to make the day more comfortable! “And they’re off!”.

  17. Anthony Vasquez say:

    Esta bien chingones esté Estado

  18. Bo Kilgore say:

    Awesome place for a weekend. Lots of great things to do and great food!

  19. Solis Irma say:

    Lo extraño mucho

  20. Bruce McLaughlin say:

    Great place. $2 to park, $2 to get in. Great food and drink. They make a mean Memphis BBQ sandwich and the Rubens are great too.

  21. Jason Kitchens say:

    Need something to eat!

  22. Tara Humber say:

    I DONT KNOW right now but maybe one day I can come out and see..

  23. Katie Irene Fieser say:

    Being at Oaklawn is a great experience! A lot of good memories with my grandparents! Love vacationing in Hot Springs!

  24. Ashlea Morgan say:

    Love this place

  25. Darla Hewitt Verkamp say:


  26. Bradley Braasch say:

    What a wonderful place and an oyster bar to boot. I love vacations at hot springs Arkansas

  27. Debbie Gilliam say:

    Love some Oaklawn Horse [email protected]

  28. LaShonda Culclager-hickman say:

    Love the atmosphere and food is great..we enjoy the casino And have a lot of fun

  29. Rebecca Denison say:


  30. Lisa Brady say:

    I love Oaklawn Park, I have since I was 12 years old. Don ‘t get to go as much as I use to but enjoy watching it on TV. Happy that Will Take Charge won, great horse!

  31. Allie Jones say:


  32. Sandy Cooper-Applegate say:

    They are thieves! Did you know …. Now we can not cash in our instant racing points! It shows a negative amount. A lot of us people spend everything we have when we are there. We count on cashing in our card so that we have gas or cigarette money!
    They said its “a computer problem”. Truth is … We are not going to get them anymore. They are saying points earned will go towards entries and perks! I’d rather be able to cash my card in. They could have been honest and gave people some notice so that they could cash their card in! I also heard that eventually they are going to do away with vouchers! So …. When they keep announcing “use your players card” or ” earn triple points” BEWARE!! They will keep your points that you earn on the instant racing side!!
    I won’t be playing anymore!
    I’m going somewhere else!
    Lets see how long my comment stays here !!!!

  33. Gladys O'Brien Clark say:

    If you mention Casino to any Oaklawn employees they will tell you they are not a “Casino”, but this sight is listed under Oaklawn Casino, so that tells it all.

  34. Kelci Kennedy say:

    40 degrees and sunny on what was supposed to be opening day. These “arctic temperatures” are hard on horsemen. It didnt take oaklawn management long to start canceling race days this year. I guess we should go ahead and pack up and head to Fair Grounds if we wanna make a living.

  35. Charity Almond say:

    Love the atmosphere here!!! I go about once a week!!!

  36. Eli Yates say:

    Good place to go have a good time and a few drinks

  37. Daniela Marinova say:

    So much better sense they remodel. So much cleaner and more air to breadth

  38. Dan Hitch say:

    It is the best casino in Hot Springs Ark. I can drive here in 30 Mon. Parking is hard but shuttle drivers are the best.

  39. Sam Clark say:

    No money no incentives

  40. Rosanne DeVito Hitch say:

    It’s a fun place! The people that work there are all very nice and are very helpful. The machines need to pay off more, but they are fun!

  41. Tremendo Tamaulipeko say:

    Fun place for every nacionality every one gets treated the same nice people that works there.

  42. Alexandria Swinton say:

    I love this place

  43. Chris Shup say:

    Horse racing is cool but I wont be back to the “casino”

  44. Susie Bland Magie say:

    Enjoyed a birthday celebration with Meagan Magie Walker, Scott Walker, Mallory Magie, and Mark Magie!

  45. Jason Vaughn say:

    The past 3 times I have went to Oaklawn 2 times for the races and once for baggo tournament , there was an older disrespectful man at the main entrance ,when I asked if disabled vets get to park for free.. He said so you need to park down the road this lot is full and everytime there was at least 20-30 spots open.. As a disabled vet that served 8 yrs active duty been deployed multiple times and was injured over seas as combat arms I find this very disrespectful and the only reason im not giving 1 star is because I don’t think that the high people are aware of this disrespect that is being given to the customers!!!!!! It would be greatly appreciated if I could get a message or reply from someone who know how to treat customers..

  46. Michelle Brock say:

    Wish I could win more . Love seeing the horses run .Some of the machines are hot and some are not

  47. Lori Featherston-Glover say:

    What a great time we had. Loads of fun. Recommend this to all.

  48. Linda Kyer say:

    We had a great time even though the weather was not the greatest.

  49. Howard Sees say:

    This place is the biggest scam in the state. Save your money and goto tunica. You’ll have a better chance at winning. Oaklawn is a Joke. I won’t ever be back!

  50. Patricia Weatherly say:

    Love going here!!! The new gaming facility is amazing!

  51. Sarah Wofford-Bland say:

    Amazing place where I get to spend Nov-April each year.

  52. Charlie GC Collins say:

    This place has grown so much over the last ten years. Still enjoy the track and casino. Ready to go back this week for the Derby.

  53. Fred Bryant say:

    Always love visiting Oaklawn and best when the weather is good. Glad to see Jockey Calvin “Bo-rail” come out of retirement. Oaklawn: Great ownership group and great trainers, owners and jockeys. My pleasure.

  54. Jerre George say:

    I love Oaklawn. It is always so much fun. I am only sad that today is the last day of live racing. Kudos to the management and staff.

  55. Debbie Faye Brown say:

    Always have fun at this track. It’s easy to get around and most employees have been very helpful. The tents in the infield are not what I like but many do. I like to see as much of the track as possible. I know the big screen is great but I’m there for eyes on the race.
    Lots of good talent and nice horses.
    Thanks for making it a fun way to spend the day.

  56. Pat Gleason say:

    Great place! Always enjoy it, whether at the gaming or racing side. Fun place to have in the town where we live!

  57. Ricky Rowland say:

    Me n my wife go all the time � she has her games n I have mine

  58. Eddie Deano Zeiler say:

    Great place to spend the day for very little money �

  59. Joaquin Hernandez say:

    Love to go there for the horse races and the derby is awesome . They have great security personnel .

  60. Linda Stolzer say:

    Great time,great local touch,,first timer,!!!! Will return, ,,

  61. Alan Kudra say:

    You never win a complete waste of time if rather gamble in Oklahoma at least you win there

  62. Allan Murray say:

    No Poker Room after the end of May. Only reason for me to go there. Love the Poker Room (one of the only “games of skill” in the place). How do they getaway with all those slot machines???? You would have gotten 4 stars until I found out about the horrible decision to close the Poker Room. I hope every poker player boycotts the track and casino. I will after the end of May.

  63. Tim Conner say:

    Oaklawn and Hot Springs are a hidden jewel that is worth the journey. One of the nicest tracks in America coupled with the natural beauty of the surrounding area make it a must visit destination for anyone!

  64. Irene Crisel say:

    Been awhile but always won some money and had a fantastic time.

  65. Todd Weatherford say:

    My favorite horse racing venue. Oaklawn Park is much the best when it comes to horse racing action. Plus it’s in Beautiful Hot Springs.

  66. Brandy Bunch-Bolender say:
  67. Dana Cara Loughridge say:

    We had a great time at Oaklawn. I’m hooked and will be coming back.

  68. Nita Holland Haynes say:
  69. Ronald Harris say:

    It’s a great place a great staff and we won
    Come on down

  70. Rena AlexisnCiarasmommy Bissell say:

    We attend the casino and races every year,always have fun. Best corned beef sandwich ever

  71. Miguilito Gutierrez say:

    Always great racing during the season at Oaklawn Park, Awesome place to be honest now they are a small casino too – i hide from my sister Kathy Freeland Bird – Abortion Queen

  72. Jeri Cook Williams say:
  73. Malyssa Elizabeth Roach say:

    Silks was the best place to eat!!! I didnt have any luck on the games but my Husband did.

  74. Natalie Corson say:

    Truth is I love oaklawn and have frequented your casino for 3 years now consistently. But your choice to remove the poker room bothers me. I know the only way poker players can show you is through our pockets and not return. I have faith y’all will come to your senses when you check the numbers. Your really worth 5 stars oaklawn but y’all gotta fix this first. I’m really going to miss my poker friends and coming there. Oaklawn you have to realize the money you loose in the poker room your getting in the slot machines once you get them in the casino expecially from tournament players…

  75. Jinnifer Reñe DeRossitt say:
  76. Lakeisha Armstrong say:
  77. Elenith Peñaloza de Rivera say:
  78. Stacey Mashburn Cruz say:

    Fun atmosphere but has changed over the years. Too many young children and strollers, in my opinion.

  79. Cynthia Nichole Adams say:
  80. Watersign Cancercrab say:
  81. Anita Akin Tennyson say:
  82. Rebecca Thurlkill say:
  83. Kathi Mielke say:

    Unable to find a NON SMOKING AREA…and the machines are SO TIGHT, guess it will be only HORSERACING VISIT from now on.

  84. Brian Warren say:

    It’s a great place to work.Best job I have ever had best boss ever.

  85. Judy Egleston Oelsen say:
  86. Milley Horn say:

    Great! The bartender was great! Friendly staff! We had a great time!

  87. Staci Thurman-Rotton say:
  88. Loralee Jester say:

    Everytime i come i loose i never win anything and they tell u to sign up with your email to get freeplay and whatever else in the mail and in your email and i play all the time and aint got squat im mad

  89. Amy Cantwell Chastain say:

    We love going to Oaklawn! We always have a great time! Great experience to see the horses run!

  90. Terry Blake say:

    I had fun but the machines were very tight, might have to do with the holiday

  91. Susan Spaulding Flores say:

    Haven’t had a big win yet but it’s still fun there!

  92. Judi Brown say:

    Would have been better if I had won.. I did come home with a few bucks… still had a great time ����…

  93. Lindy Kellett say:

    I loved it won some good money definitely going back soon

  94. Melissa Wood say:

    I loved the activities for the whole family we had a blast

  95. Monique Wakefield say:

    I enjoyed myself with good friends and my son….It was a great outing to get out to enjoy

  96. Heather Hutchins Adams say:
  97. Heather Stapler Stroud say:

    What a Beautiful show you all put on last night! Our family loved it. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring!!!! Proud to be an American

  98. Ashley Gattin Bowden say:
  99. Floretta Marie Perez say:

    We had a great time cant wait until next year the kids love it ���

  100. Roxann Cimone Valdez say:
  101. Amber Wright-Nicklaus say:

    We love to go to the races at least one time every year. It is a fun day. Now you can do a little gambling before the races.

  102. Cassandra Hendrix say:

    I haven’t won anything there in the last 3 times I went.Dont think they letting any money go out of state.

  103. Lawanda Yeshewill Hampton say:
  104. Carol Sims Simmons say:
  105. Amber Lynn Hill say:

    Can’t believe with this being the only place to gamble in AR, that they took poker away. This was the only reason we came, we WON’T be back. They could have taken some of the never used blackjack tables out and moved poker to the front if they really needed more room for the slots. #OaklawnSucks

  106. Kim Hendrix say:

    I don’t care for the fact that you can’t even leave the building with a soda…,,,it’s hot outside!!!!! And the games don’t pay out like Tunica. That’s where we will be going in the future

  107. Robin Brown say:

    Always a good time! And the food is great too! Can’t wait til race season!

  108. Virginia Sattler Trout say:
  109. George Barr say:

    So far all of my trips here have been fun. So far my visits have been more profitable than loss. I can usually turn 20 into 100

  110. Diana Di Rosa-Bennett say:

    Love it here, my family from overseas was very impressed and want to come back to visit all the time.

  111. Cameron Bennett-Middleton say:
  112. Jacob Arnold say:

    Worst machines i’ve ever seen spent over a thousand with no luck.wont be back

  113. Michael O. Moore Jr. say:

    Had an awesome time! Everything was clean! Parking was excellent! Games were a blast!

  114. Leslie Kathryn Green say:
  115. Bruce Suskie say:

    Great track. Has it all, good food, fine drinks, a casino, and don’t forget…corned beef sandwiches!

  116. Bobbie Stanphill say:

    Went for the Happy Together Tour and had an awesome time! Stopped in for bite at Silks after the concert, great food and the band was great. Will definitely be going back!

  117. Carla Loyd-Webster say:

    I went to the Happy Together Tour, it was wonderful!! We had so much fun especially Chuck Negron performance love him so much,hope he comes back next year!!!

  118. Catherine Newsom Holzwarth say:

    Fun, friendly environment. Need to have more than just “free play” giveaways, though.

  119. Shanda Grace say:

    Was there for my birthday and it was an AWESOME experience!!! Can’t wait to visit again

  120. Cheryl Rogers say:


  121. Dianne Bryant say:

    I enjoyed my visit at Oaklawn. My visit just wasn’t long enough. Hope to come back soon.

  122. Melanie Ann Fleming say:

    Had a blast and security was awesome and candy to the eyes.

  123. Contrena Smith-Bowie say:
  124. Woodent Uliketoknow say:

    Mind free from problems with great entertainment, coffee great to. Lol

  125. Electra Cemia Thomas say:
  126. Ashley Henderson say:

    Awesome experience very chill and happy , I love it here

  127. Brenda Kay Boyts Myers say:

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