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Southland Has All Your Gaming Bases Covered

With over 1,900 gaming machines, regular giveaways and exciting promotions you’re guaranteed to get lucky at Southland! Our 55,000 square foot gaming facility is filled with the latest and greatest when it comes to betting games, complete with your favorite titles and our fast-paced table games. Or, choose to enter one of our regular Poker tournaments and try your hand at Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker games in our one-of-a-kind Poker Room. With our Free Play Rewards Program, you’ll feel like a winner no matter which game you choose.

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Welcome To Gamer’s Paradise

Popular Games: Progressive & Penny Machines

With over 1,900 gaming machines and counting, Southland’s state-of-the-art gaming floor is filled with all of your favorite electronic games–and then some! For those who prefer “spinning the reels” our vast gaming floor has a spread of machines and standard games that have Multi-line Video Reels featuring scatter pays and free spin bonuses, we also have Craps, Video Poker and Roulette Machines.

We also offer virtual blackjack on our Aruze Dealer’s Angels virtual blackjack games!  These action-packed games feature community betting, where you can bet on your spot as well as the spots of other players!

Video Poker, Craps & Roulette Machines

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend our exciting Interblock craps game and Aruze’s Shoot to Win craps game.  Just like a live craps table, our craps games allow you to place bets, horn bets, hardway bets and field bets and as an added bonus, the screen will display a history of numbers that have hit.

Or, if you’re interested in Roulette Machines, Southland has an exciting live wheel game made by Interblock.  This game provides players with a personal gaming terminal that displays the betting layout and a history of winning numbers so you can interact with the game and place bets just as you would on a live Roulette game!

West Memphis & Tunica’s Gaming Destination

Find Your Seat And Play Some Table Games

Craps and Roulette

Feeling lucky? Play one of the many table games on our action-packed 55,000-square-foot gaming floor. Roll the dice at one of our fun-filled Craps games, try your hand at Video Poker or take a spin on one of our Roulette tables. With plenty of options to keep you entertained day and night, our table games will have you feeling like a winner every time.

Play Memphis & Tunica’s Most Popular Card Games

Our Blackjack tables are staffed with the friendliest dealers in town, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an added bonus, here at Southland we offer Blackjack with side wagers, including Royal Match and Bet the Set. And we have some of the best Carnival games west of the Mississippi including Three Card Poker, Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Progressive Mississippi Stud.

There’s Always A Chair For You In Our Poker Room

With several tables to choose from in our Poker Room, the only thing you have to do is find a lucky seat and see where the chips lie. We have a variety of promotions that give all of our players additional opportunities to win big.

Whether you’re interested in playing Texas Hold ‘em or Omaha Poker, the Poker Room at Southland will help you find opponents and get lucky any day of the week.

Poker Room Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday:  4pm – 4am

Saturday – Sunday:  Noon – 4am

Poker Tournaments Near Memphis, West Memphis & Tunica

Southland Park’s Poker Room is one of the best and closest poker rooms to Memphis, TN and Tunica, MS – offering up a multitude of the most popular poker and card games for beginner and advanced players alike. Visit us to play a couple rounds or participate in a tournament.

It’s More Fun When The Stakes Are Higher

High Limit Gaming Machines

If you’re in the mood for some serious fun, check out our High Limit Room. Filled with all of your favorite gaming machines for high stakes betting, our High Limit Room ups the ante with denominations ranging from $1 to $25. Our High Limit Room also features some of your favorite titles like Blazing 7’s, Wheel of Fortune, Top Dollar and Double Diamond games.

Are you feeling lucky? Step into our High Limit Room and find out!

1550 N. Ingram Blvd.
West MemphisAR 72301

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Must be age 21 or older to play.
Facebook: SouthlandParkGamingandRacing
Twitter: SouthlandPark
Instagram: southlandparkgaming

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  1. Brian Lipford say:

    I had the best time here. The food service the band the dog races the gaming all was great will defantly see me every weekend im off work.

  2. Tammie Crawford say:

    I love it! Enuff said

  3. Ma Nellas say:

    food is terrible and and people still plays or saves machines for others no matter if crowded or not.i prfer going to tunica least they have decent buffets.

  4. Dionne Culp say:

    Me and my husband love it here we go every week..pple are very nice and clean

  5. Shareka Thebraider Jones say:

    I love this place You be pretty lucky leave there feeling happy

  6. Donnie Slim say:

    Fuck this casino no stars on my end

  7. Tanya Cordell say:

    We haven’t been to southland in yrs it seems like but by chance we stopped in on Dec 5th. We stayed for about an hour and left without winning or losing. Lol next thing I know I got a call from their executive gaming host telling me I had won tickets to a Grizzlies game the following Monday. We met some great people, had a wonderful time in our studio. Food and all the drinks you could handle and a limo ride there and back. Who would’ve thought? Lol thank yall soon much for the wonderful experience Mr Jamie and especially Mr Anthony. You were a great host

  8. Jamie Osburn say:

    My fiancé and I went tonight to ring in 2016 and we had a blast and won some money and ate way to much food we will be back more often .. #happynewyear

  9. Lura Wooten say:

    Dr kgijxdhfukxgjftjvrhgj szvfgfjchtjcxcxxxxkjghj

  10. Carissa Smith say:

    I use to have a good time until right now I’m sitting here having a good time waiting for a friend whose still playing and the security guard tells me I have to get up since I’m not playing. Now I know the rules to get up if a player ask for the machine but this is a new one but don’t worry this is my LAST TIME here I will go back to tunica from now on its worth the drive and they don’t make you move for nothing!!!

  11. James Mookie Davis say:

    Prefer going to Tunica even though it’s gambling you lose more than you win here. I play big, seems like the higher you play the less u win. Lost to much money there. If I’m going to lose hundreds and thousands of dollars I’ll rather do it were they let u win sometimes, not at all. Have won more in tunica than here. The food is good though.

  12. Barbara Johnson say:

    I think the insiders is a trick from the pit, haven’t won a thing since that dinner they had, wish I could have my name removed and I’d gladly return their inch of land, shirt and umbrella because as a insider I think I’ve been put on the outside.

  13. Francine Ellington say:

    I come every week with my baby to relax and have some us time

  14. Jerry Mccoy say:

    I like everything except you cannot get drinks at gaming tables. I mean virtually never. With a 300% markup why are they not paying these waitresses enough to want these jobs. I keep being told they can’t keep waitresses. Sounds like someone in upper management does not care enough. Let me run it I’ll show you how to get drinks to the customer.

  15. Bobbie Gold say:

    Went to a Grizzlies game courtesy of SOUTHLAND had a great host JAMIE, LOVE the casino

  16. Jordan Allen say:

    I am writing a review of my first impression of yals establishment. I would like to start off by saying my experience was ok but nowhere near as good as i had hoped. When my friend and i first got there we went to eat at yals buffet i was so excited because i was hungry. I went through the line and got my food it was surf and turf night i believe. The lobster was decent but the shrimp wasnt prepared properly at all. It was really soft and didnt have a good texture. I had my steak and it had way to much gristle in it. Quality compared to price was not worth it. I would like to say that the waiting staff was excellent, very friendly and attentive. Cleanliness of the establishment was mediocre at best. My next issue was the restroom closest to the buffet, OMG, i believe ive never seen a restroom as bad as that one before in my life. I walked in seen the horrific view and turned around and walked back out. Toilets were nasty along with the urinals, paper towels on the floor everywhere, floor nasty, water all over the sink area. Looked like it hadnt been cleaned n a week. Im moving now. After we got done eating and finding a decent restroom, and me acquiring my new guest free play we went to the slot machines i have to say the first 5 i played i didnt win 1 time but my friend beside me on the dragon video machine did pretty good. After a little while she let me have her machine and i won a lil off of that. I think i won 43 dollars. The only issue i had with the video slots were i never seen nybody come up and offer me a drink or nything and i think we sat there for at least an hr and thats pretty bad. I would like to go back and give yal a second chance to earn my business. Thank you for listening and i hope to hear back from yal soon.

    Good day,
    Jordan Allen

  17. Scott Davis say:

    As a Regular at this place (minimum 4 nights a week) I can say that with any gambling establishments there are good night’s and there are bad nights ,,The atmosphere is quite pathetic around the slot machines with ppl in house coats and house slippers sitting around hogging up multiple machines at a time playing 30 cents a spin ..Very rude and inconsiderate patrons at Southland ..The rewards center that rewards comp dollars for slot play and table play as well as mail Vouchers is a complete joke .After playing for so many days I would expect more than a $10 voucher,.The waitresses are the rudest ever in any Casino and will walk right past you and flat out ignore you !! Will take my action to Tunica for now on ,,No more Southland,, Don’t even feel safe there!

  18. Missy Dewhart say:

    I am here now but could kill my friend they don’t care how much you spend they not going to let you eat free so i would like to go to Mississippi play 30 mins and you can eat county azz

  19. Maxine Pittman Ivy say:

    I go over all the time, I haven’t won a jackpot at this place since it have open. I do better in Tunica I have won many jackpots there. They do not let you win over there. I like the machines but you all want let me win anything.

  20. Theresa Grooms say:

    My husband and I had the best time at Southland park and when we won over $1300.00 that made it even better.

  21. Edmundo Neria Jr. say:

    Employees are zombies. Slots are loose. Pack of cigs is 10$! Drinks arent free and promotion’s arent all that great. $20 free play + $5 app download is almost worth going only for the sign up. Npt much into dog racing or poker but theres a huge variety of my favorite slots. A-Z!!

  22. Sylvester Anderson say:

    If you haven’t been to south land park gaming and racing you’re missing out on a wonderful and exciting experience.

  23. Frank Rivera Torres say:

    About 3 weeks ago or so. I was trying to find a parking spot, I drive a big rig, going down the line untill the end figuring there was a turn around, there was not I ended up getting stuck. Security just watch as I had no luck getting out. Called tow truck it costed $450.00 I much would have rather spent that in your establishment. If you advertise truck parking like your so indeed. Make sure trucks wont get stuck!!!. Was going to speak with a manager but I figured why even bother. Im sure they wont do anything anyways

  24. Brenda Wright say:

    I never win if I hit it’s not what I’ve lost for that day it’s just a place to go if u want to get out the house

  25. Jerrold Jones say:

    Had four bartenders working only one was good her name was Eddie toward the end had 6 people at bar the other bartender walked past us four times an still didn’t wait on us

  26. Christina Shealy say:

    This isn’t a review for the casino, because we have always had a nice time there, but for the World Market Buffet. I respect the fact that you stop taking new patrons at 9pm; however, we were in line a few of minutes prior. There were a couple of people at the counter that must’ve been friends with the couple ahead of us, because they were talking for a good minute. (Until 9:04). A very young lady saw our 5 member party and ran up to the counter very loudly saying “I thought you said we were going to be done!!” with the most sad and pathetic look on her face. Seriously? Well, of course, when they got done talking with the people ahead of us, they were then “closed after these two people.” What a disappointment. What were you going to do with the plethora of food that was left, throw it away? Not to mention many other patrons were still dining at that point. We had been standing there a good ten minutes at that point. It was going to be someone’s graduation dinner, and you turned away a $100 plus tip ticket. Your food is very good, but the workers make for a poor experience. Next time we want to go to the casino and dine at the buffet, we will spend the extra 45 minutes and go to Sam’s Town Tunica. Sad, because we live in West Memphis…

  27. Joanna Gregory say:

    So my husband and I along with a couple of friends basically threw money in the trash! The rewards and points are a joke! Very upset! Where did my points go?! We live pretty far from Southland Park so when I was told over the phone I would just have to come by and find out I wasn’t pleased at all! I had to call numerous times and was put on hold for 20-30 mins before hanging up and trying again just so someone could be rude to me. We have been a couple of times even though we lost thousands of dollars we thought we had earned enough points to take another short vacation there but I guess no matter what you spend earning points you won’t get anything at all in return.

  28. Brandon Cash say:

    I will never attend this place again my car was hit and dented up Thursday night I park my car under camera #2 but security says they can see on tape who hit my dam car!!

  29. Susie Williams-Parson say:

    The food was goo d the people. Are kind and ido when sometime

  30. Cozette Wells say:


  31. Edna M. Caruthers say:

    This place would be great if only you give a little (winnings) instead of taking. I’ve been trying to get a jackpot or some good winnings at least one time. Not enough machine of one kind. So please give me a chance to win some.

  32. Jamie Finnie say:

    Does you’ll take change? have so much change from the slots machine.

  33. Shirley Macklin say:

    WELL I LOVE it CAUSE it’s very close to me n it’s fun. N relaxing

  34. Erica Morris say:

    It would be better if the slots actually let us play them..instead of just taking our money..seems like southland has their choice in who they want to win n have fun..

  35. Melton Newt Spencer say:

    I use to like going there I would blow 3 or 4 hundred dollars there every week I have a lot of fun but tonight yall have one security officer on duty in the parking lot and he wasn’t in his care he was inside taking a break my truck got broken into and yall won’t offer to have my door fixed or won’t even look at the video camera to see who it was I thinking I might have been there my last time tonight

  36. Rhonda Portell White say:

    My hubby and I were there Friday afternoon into the evening. We had a great time.

  37. Nicole Porter say:

    I love going to this place even though I haven’t won big… I enjoy the atmosphere…

  38. Teunica Allen say:

    Not a good place to go the safety an security is horrible u can’t enjoy your self in peace without people stealing from u an trying to harm u an they treat they guest bad ..

  39. Robert Regnier say:

    I was in there tonight playing #UltimateTexasHoldEm by #BallyGaming and #ShuffleMaster .
    Dealer had seven full houses in less than an hour. Not lying or exaggerating, everyone else at the table was a regular. Only one player had a full house during this time, and it was weaker than the dealer’s.
    Only one time did an exceptional hand come out in our favor, and that was a COMMUNITY 4K which occurred after I complained about the full houses; the dealer did this thing like she was messing with her left earring or signaling.
    Now, I won hands with pairs or two pair but winning with a pair or two pair on this game is effectively a push if betting with any statistical logic.

    Poker lobby upstairs was dead, and not live cards.

    And the mosquitoes in parking lot were so bad our car was packed with bloodsucking friends for the trip home.

  40. Jennifer Dinkins Frymire say:

    SouthLand has always been good to me with the staff. Now the drink servers are a little slow. However I have the best Casino Host ever with Nisha Adams. I go quite often and spend a lot of money there. The security team is the best!! They always keep an eye on me and escort me to the car if I’ve won a nice amount. Anytime there ha been a problem, they have jumped through hoops to accommodate me. I quit Tunica awhile ago bc as a high roller the comps aren’t even worth it. I used to get suites, 1000 comp at gift store, free meal at Binnions and lots of free play. The staff at SouthLand are some of the greatest and nicest people!! Try them out!! ❤️

  41. Nickita Gardner say:

    I’ve won what I LOST,I use to go a lot and stay for hours only to leave with what I came with or nothing at all.The blazing “7’s” use to be HOTT but now it just eat all your money up!!I play BIG and end up with NOTHING!!

  42. Jay E. Davis say:

    Been there almost every night this week, Love it!!!

  43. John Jstaff Stafford say:

    I would rather go to Mississippi atleast you have a better chance of winning the slot machines are an absolute jokes I live 5 minutes from southland and I would much rather drive to tunica where I can atleast enjoy gambling

  44. Tiffany Young say:

    Southland is a great place to go to relax!!!! Even if I dnt win just going relaxes me….

  45. Brittany Avery say:

    My fiancé and I used to go to southland every week and spend a nice amount of money. The machines at least used to give $20 here $40 there so you could at least play for a little while, well mostly this whole year the slots have not played back anything! We can’t even get a win of $10, it is very frustrating to go and never win anything! All they do is take our money and the free play is not enough to even do anything with! Have never come close to winning a jackpot! We always leave losing lots of money! We were there one night and my car got keys really badly! My fiance doesn’t want to ever go back, and I don’t blame him! I really am considering taking the long drive to Tunica! Just let people win something my goodness!

  46. Almea Roper King say:

    Me and my husband like to come here when we’re traveling thru,for 3 yrs,but they have very good food,and cocktails are very reasonable,well last night they finally paid off after 3 yrs of not winning anything hit the jackpot, so thumbs up southland.I won’t stop coming even if it takes another 3 yrs to win another jackpot ,the only down side it took one hour to get a hand pay out.

  47. Toni Renee Brown say:

    Never seen dogs race now I have and now I have cant wait to go back and now its a casino !

  48. Amber Meek say:

    Over there almost everyday and spend hundreds and hours And still only get 10 week free play in tunica I get 250 350 every month in free play if you want me to stay give me more free play and buffet

  49. Sonia Niles say:

    You go and play but never win. My free play has been $20.00 forever and much as I go and play my free play never change. I wonder why?

  50. Cesar Solis say:

    I love it if won 1,491.00 it was a very excited experience

  51. Sharon Tipps say:

    We thought we had found a great casino, close to home. Sammy Hagar’s has good food. Saturday 9/10/2016 we spent a good 6 hours at the casino. We have a new vehicle, so decided to valet park….big mistake! When we went to leave, my husband went to the valet desk to have the car brought to the door, only to see our car parked by the pillar by the outside valet desk. He went out asked for his keys, was told the keys were in the seat! Car unlocked! Attendants busy. Our car had been parked there the entire time! Guess we are lucky it was still there. A phone call to security resulted in an uncaring brush off….no big deal we have security cameras….as if that will stop a moving car!!!! Guess we will drive on to Tunica where we are treated with more respect! I also have sent an email detailing the whole story….with no response….. You obviously do not care too terribly much for our $$’s so we will just take them somewhere that respects the patrons!
    Sharon Tipps

  52. Ruthie Jackson say:

    I loved it didn’t win but had lots of fun ������

  53. Leeangelo Allen say:

    Great food and excellent atmosphere. Along with super service

  54. Tamrecha Jackson say:

    I been going over there for years an haven’t hit nothing they got them machine set like that an that dirty

  55. Chibuz Cederboom say:

    I just go to have a few beers and tequilla shots, try the slots for about $20, which I potentially turn into $30 and end up loosing it all. But you cant go wrong if you stay at the bar. I love the occasional live band !

  56. Andrea TrustonlyGod Jennings say:

    The best the dog track is a very nice place too go too and take your family nice clean and friendly

  57. Denise Westbrooks say:


  58. Emily Shivers Coy say:

    Whoever desogned, built, and maintains y’alls website NEEDS TO BE FIRED! It is NOT user friendly whatsoever. Difficult to navigate, impossible to find the info you might be looking for and you can absolutely FORGET trying to log into your players account! You have to apply for a web pin to access your info. The pin comes via email (such an old ass behind the times ridiculous way to do it) But when it comes the pin doesn’t work! RIDICULOUS, frustrating, pain in the ass!

  59. Chanelle Smith say:

    I just feel that when birthdays come they should give free play they don’t! I couldn’t even get a drink the waitress came around one time I asked for a drink and she never came back. The slots were not doing nothing at all they kept acting like they wanted to but never did. I travelled to far to have a good time and didn’t I don’t think I will ever go back there….

  60. Jane Jones say:

    I had a blast. Met with Family and we all had a great time.

  61. Quanza Wright say:

    It’s my favorite place to go. Its relaxing and they got the HeeHaw machine ���

  62. Brandy Tubbs say:

    I love going to Southland Park & Casino, I have a great time wither I win or lose….

  63. MiKayla Thompson say:

    Can’t win! Me and my husband have NEVER won anything here! If I ever come back it will be to bet on dogs, but I honestly think we won’t be back! This last trip we made all the way from Jackson will probably be our last, other than when we come to the steak off once a year. Well go to Lady Luck or Tunica instead.

  64. Laura Echevarria say:

    Firstly we did not go to the casino. We were there attending the Mid-South Great Steak cook-off. So as far as the event went it was very well organized and clean. Security was good and the events were fabulous. RATT and Jack Russells Great White performed which was awesome. Prices for drinks were reasonable and there was a nice variety not just beer. We wandered around sampling the steaks, sausage, and chicken. Everyone was friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. We may even go back another time for the casino and food. It was much closer than Tunica where we were at just the night before for another show and were disappointed in the casino and facilities there. All in all I would recommend this place for their events at this point.

  65. Connie Heavener Dail say:

    This is an awesome place!! 2016 Steak cook off was wonderful !!! And the Entertainment even better!!! Thank you guys for putting on such a great event!!! Now that the event is over … it’s back to Sammy Hagar’s for great food and good ole weekend bands !! Thank y’all for all y’all do for our county!!

  66. Tim Hill say:

    Steak cook off is excellent every year! We play in the cornhole tournament every year and it’s awesome competition with a good payout. Looking forward to next year

  67. Mindi Lyn Rice say:

    We go for the dog racing, but as a competitor casino employee, I can say the gaming area is very open and easy to navigate and the selection of machines is great. There are also plenty of dining options to choose from so there’s something for everyone. Employees are friendly and helpful. It’s an overall fun and exciting experience.

  68. Brittany Leigh say:

    I love it here! Everyone is always so friendly. Great food, great environment, GREAT bar! Lol. I enjoy spending time there; it’s a nice little get-away close to home. I’m also really impressed with how it’s expanding. I have the worst luck when it comes to gambling, so I never really win anything, but it’s all about luck. Maybe one day I’ll win! ��

  69. George Thompson say:

    People need to no what they are cooking with so when we tell them we are allergic to something they can tell you if it’s in there or not its been a long itchy day if I had to go the hospital I would have sued them for for telling me they don’t use crab boil on thier crab legs that’s a lie belive me the do.been going here for years and always have a good time look forward to keep going

  70. D'andrea Hines say:

    I love Southland the place is always nice. Long as I can gamble a lil some and get my money back they will always have me as a quest. ���

  71. Carolyn Hutchinson say:

    I give the buffet a 10
    The food was everything it was delicious but the casino machine we came all the way from Alabama for nothing didn’t win nothing I mean nothing and won’t be coming back

  72. Greg Horn say:

    My wife and I don’t gamble, but when we are in town we stop there for the buffet. The food is good, but the serving and wait staff seem to never have a friendly smile. Not much hospitality from them. Their customer service kind of sucks

  73. Annessa Dawn Holrath Pruett say:

    Won $500 which was excellent. Paid premium for Saturday Crab Leg buffet which I understand but that price should command better service and higher quality Crab Legs.

  74. Christean Williams say:

    Its just I can’t win nothing have not won big this year maybe next year 2017 but the food be great on Sat. N some of the servers r very rude

  75. Whitecloud Loft say:

    Too much smoke in the air… I was there 10 minutes and my chest started getting tight… they need a better ventilation system

  76. Crystal Dancy say:

    Close but doesn’t really pay out from my experience.

  77. Shaun Stewart say:

    They took my whole $40 just kidding great place good time

  78. Katrina Truckdiva Achane say:

    Had a great time!!! ?????? they gave me $20 free play, I was playing off that all night til that was gone ? But I finally put my own $20 in and hit for $230 ????… will be back very soon

  79. Melanie Noss say:

    Had a great time. Came home with some extra money. But the smoke is ridiculous. Couldn’t even enjoy a meal without someone blowing smoke over your table. Woke up the next day with a horrible sore throat.

  80. Johnette Nesbitt say:

    I think it is a very nice place to go, and not a long drive.
    You can win money over there, Very good food to, every thing you want and
    not far to go and get it.

    Love it.

  81. Gwen Patrick say:

    The food and drinks were great. I thought because we had to wait in line so long for the buffet that it would take forever to get some food but it didn’t take long at all. I didn’t care for the parking but overall it was a great experience.

  82. Jeff Zepp say:

    It’s OK different from the northeast where I come from, it’s clean .. I want to check out the dog races.

  83. Dawn Ivey say:

    Get place to stop along the highway. Decorated well for the Holiday’s

  84. Alicia Lee say:

    This place is an utter hot shitty thieving mess all they do is take take,take I been going 10 yes. NEVER WON A,DIME they take the payouts down and hold on to the bonus plays im taking my Monet to tunica FUCK SOUTHLAND with they broke greedy selfish ass!!!

  85. Kenny Whitfield say:

    We enjoy stopping by Southland Park on our trips through West Memphis. Every one is very helpful and we usually have better luck there than in Tunica.

  86. Adrianne Brown say:

    Julius the kitchen manager at World Market Buffet is a complete ass hole sorry…his staff is lazy and grumpy like they don’t want to be at work

  87. Rickey Rice say:

    The food at Sammy Hager’s was very
    Good but the service was very slow
    Need to retrain some of the waitresses But over all the casino did lack professionalism I did enjoy myself

  88. Cinthya Ortiz Moreno say:

    New years eve was my birthday. .. It was awesome everyone is so friendly. … Awesome experience. …

  89. Mickey McNeil say:

    Great atmosphere lots of jackpots enjoyed it very much!!!!!

  90. Raymond Vargas say:

    Had a great time with my friends and really enjoyed the buffet, thanks “

  91. Susie Russell say:

    I myself usually play at Hollywood casino have been going there for many many years… I have been to Southland a few times here and there…I thought I would get my mother in law out of the house on Sunday so we took a little drive to Southland..first $20 I put in I was playing 80 cents a spin and won $60 moved over a machine put $30 in that machine and hit $110 playing $1 a spin… Well cash man being my favorite.. I walked over there played every bit of what I won plus $300 more dollars without a bonus or a win more than $10 at a time…I was playing $2.50-5.00 a spin… Not to mention people holding machines and being pissy.. I just got up and decided to play a machine I don’t normally play and won $120 of my money back .. Got on the machine next to it and hit the major on it for $390 .. So I went home with a little more than I came with and other than the people holding machines we had a pretty good time!!

  92. Scott Kearby say:

    It is different than having a live person dealing. But on the roulette table it is so much faster having automated virtual dealers . it cuts 5 min in between rools

  93. Annette Watson say:

    We were first time visitors to Southland gaming. So we were given $20.00 free play. While playing with the free play, I won 300.00. So I’m very pleased we stopped in!!! Will definitely be returning to this establishment.

  94. Leola Cage say:

    I’m beginning to love the gaming,slots more and More, each time’I visit the casino I see somebody ‘know,(sharing,catching up,homie,family style),I haven’t won the Big one yet but still trying! Yeh,neice Now you are headed to Southland Racing +GAMBLING,WEST MEMPHIS,ARK,,YOU ARE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION,SOUTH IS STILL THE OLD DIRTHY?HUH,HA’HA���win enough for me I’ll be there later����

  95. Kevin Massie say:

    Love this place wish that has better parking for truckers but overall nice place but get your drinks before you gamble youll Hart see a cocktail have fun���I do!!

  96. Barbara Williams say:

    I enjoy coming to Southland eating and bringing a friend or 2 along to enjoy the delicious foods that’s served. Majority of them know me by name. Great choice of vegetables, meats, salads and then I get my pasta prepared right in front of me just the way I want it… Food was delicious!

  97. Lacey Landbird say:

    Horrible bartender at Sammy hagars red rocker grill….

  98. Emily Faith Beilstein say:

    Date night, neither me or my husband had ever been. The staff was awesome (especially Mary and Vicki bartending at the race track!), very helpful and friendly. Parking wasn’t bad at all, the food was great and it was so clean!! We will definitely be back+

  99. Shelley Jean Simmons say:

    I was there to help set up a show. Security doors were a difficult issue for us.

  100. Steven Jenkins Sr. say:

    Went there this past Wednesday to the buffet for wing Wednesday, to my surprise there was no choice of wing sauces for the wings I asked for some sauce for the wings they told me they had none, if I wanted plain wings I can cook them my self or go to KFC or CHURCHES CHICKEN for that, so I guess Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Bar and Grill was out of sauce also I was very disappointed.

  101. Mary Wilson say:

    What a fun place, we had a great time and a wonderful lunch. Will be back soon!!

  102. William Wilson say:

    Complex was very nice, food was outstanding ..very fresh and tasty with quite a variety to choose from

  103. Judy Wilson Fry say:

    Need more parking!! Restraunt needs to be cooler! I was sweating!! But food and service was great!!

  104. Susan Russell say:

    My husband & I love Southland. It is just about an 1 hour drive from our home. We both get free play, free meals & a free room once a month at Comfort Suites. The food is excellent, everything is always clean and there is never any problems. They have really good security. I would recommend Southland Park Gambling and Racing to anyone wanting good clean fun & entertainment.

  105. John Rixse say:

    had a blast great food won cash and love going every time even when I dont

  106. Fredricka Hill say:

    Omg. The wait for the crab legs buffet is horrible and the price is constantly going up but the dining area is not the food and service was good but that wait tho ☹️

  107. Janet Pastrana say:

    I like it but I was kind of sad because we move Auto State and I went to visit you guys and my son just has changed his license and they gave him a temporary license and the security did not let him go in we was about to leave but my son said go in mom so I when I got my reward card I got the free $20 and then I won $50

  108. Angela Cleveland say:

    Lost money but enjoyed myself will be back I visit at least 6 times a month

  109. Susan L. Helms say:

    had a great time. More 25 cent slots would be nice will be back soon

  110. Frank Holland say:

    Great place safest place in west memphis to park a truck

  111. Tawanda Williams say:

    Horrible Customer Service, Tunica Casinos are much better. I will be writing Management about the way Customers are treated when calling their 800 number.

  112. Sandy Strode Galtelli say:

    Went for the crab leg Buffett, 28.99! These things must have been reheated so many times they had actually shriveled up inside the shell. They sucked and I wasted $33 !

  113. Cindy Mora Carter say:

    I LOVE the crab legs on Saturday night! So not win much but I usually have a good time!

  114. Terry Fox say:

    Great environment i enjoyed myself. People were very sweet and helpful

  115. NL Leslie Mathews say:

    Excellent buffet and staff was very attentive, will definitely be back!

  116. Jasmin Ross-Elesberry say:

    I go to Southland all the time. The food is ok but sometimes its not hot or just reheated depends on staff. The bartenders are all friendly. Cocktail waitresses are not frequent at all. Ive played sometimes 2 hrs before i saw a waitress which causes me to have to leave my machine and go to bars myself. The slots are very tight. Bonuses arent frequent and when they do come it doesnt payout anything sometimes but what you receive for triggering the bonus. People hold machines alot or play multiple machines. Ive played ALOT of money and cant get over $10 in free play. I played over $5000 one month and still only received $10. When i asked the staff they said it averages out based on how long the card is played on not the monetary amount. I like southland due to convenience but may start going back to tunica where at least i can win something or get a bonus.

  117. Lynn Damper say:

    visited here Saturday to eat at Sammy Hagar. I visit here often but this was by far the Worst experience ever. We had a party of 6, literally sat 45 minutes before our order was taken. Every party there when we sat down received food and left. My to go order was brought out before our actual orders and sat the entire 3 hours we were there. After speaking to the manager he basically acted as if we were stupid and that he didn’t understand our complaint. Lastly our waiter jacked all the tickets up several times until finally we decided to just figure it out ourselves. Cold food, horrible service and to top it off a let lost my sisters keys. Could this night get any worse.

  118. Jasmine Nicole Fields say:

    I loved it besides people holding machines… I had a good time…

  119. Sean Hedge say:

    Great atmosphere and fun recommended to all my friends

  120. Janet Wheeler say:

    Slot machine was good. Buffet food horrible! beside folks hold up slot machine.its was ok!be lonnnng time before I return.�

  121. Andy Tharp say:

    If any of my out of town friends ever come through West Memphis, AR, try to take a little time and check out Southland Park. If you are inclined to gamble, they have some of the best games to play on. With almost 2000 different games, there is something for everyone. And if nothing else, be sure to try the food at Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker. It is delicious!!! Their buffet is out of this world, also! Oh yeah, and be sure to give me a call and me and Annette will meet you there!

  122. Jeremy Chase say:

    so you go in the place with a can of coca cola and security hunts you dowm like fhe FBI. they pulled guns on me as i was going up the escalator. i was screamed at and humiliated as apparently you cant bring a can of soda on to the premises. so i offered to just throw it in the trash can upstairs which was within site of all the snipers that had the guns on me and sure that i was in sniper fire range.. nonetheless the nice thing is the slow elscaltor ride back down to let that fool inspect me was a fail. i chugged down the whole coke wich was loaded full of vanilla crown royal as well. thats Jeremy 1 casino asshole 0. i am winning.

  123. Ynt Cocoa say:

    Just broke up with my new boo�(SLGHP)
    I see he can be very selfish. Always wants my money but almost NEVER give any back…and when he do. Its just change fucking pennies. He so disrespectful. Take my money and give it to other bitches… Sometimes right in my face…(SLGHP) FUCKYOU!!! I gave you 17,000 in 3 weeks… You gave me ? No free spins bonus nothing. Ive learn from my mistakes.
    You were my STD.. My Y not X
    But pimp when I walked out tonight I ENDED our realationship
    I guess you was just a fling/thrill
    I can fuck myself
    And tell the next bitch you fuck I said�

  124. Stephanie Releford Currie say:

    I would love to go back we had a very good time lost track of time

  125. Debra Dawn Dean say:

    ~ � I was there yesterday � Actually looking for a job as a waitress � ~

  126. Regina Taylor Brock say:

    This was my first and last time there. Food was to expensive to be cold and small crab legs

  127. Kathleen Burkett say:

    Not a bit of our food came out at the same time, 45 minutes for a burger that was the last thing brought to our table, and it was the wrong burger!! Cold steaks and not a refill of drinks, I love Applebees but this was ridiculous. I did speak to the Manager on duty, and he took the burger off, and gave a discount. But all around a horrible experience. Our server was fantastic.

  128. Ruth DeBerry Finch say:

    Had a good time, I wish the club was still there…..

  129. J Renee Whitley say:

    First time to visit. Had a great time. It was not crowded and would like to visit again.

  130. Gary Thomas say:

    Bad service rip off

  131. Tina Elliott Wright say:

    We’re not gamblers so we didn’t play games while there. We did eat some great food at World Market Buffet and enjoyed the casino atmosphere. It was remarkable to see how many people blow money in these places. I may decide to go “donate” money one day but just walking around and watching the people was enough for me.

  132. William Bowser say:

    Advertised crab leg buffet, you better like them because that is all there was to eat. All of the other food was non existent. Too many other places to eat, will never return

  133. Wanda Sutton say:

    Horrible they got machine so tight for the last 4 or5 times I’ve been there you put in but you don’t take out it’ll be awhile before I come back its just terrible there mayb ill start going back to tunica

  134. Randal Williams say:

    It’s was my second time going, but I lost all my money, and day didn’t any of my money back… Lol

  135. Lenora Twin Twin say:

    I’ve been going since they had the lock and roll machines and never hit a jackpot

  136. Poliƈy Ƈentre say:

    Southland is fun but the waitress never are around and after you hit a jackpot with that card it’s over for you they just eat you alive…

  137. Jane Freeman say:

    My first time at a dog track. Had a great time! We will definitely be back.

  138. Barbara Kearney say:

    I go to southland all the time.and the food is wonderful.the bathroom stay clean everyone there is nice

  139. Scotty Galvin say:

    Disappointed to say the least. Smoky, no access to racetrack.

  140. Douglas J Harvey say:

    The casino is ok, but the seating for the dog track viewing is totally thrashed. Upstairs and trackside seems neglected to the point of needing to be condemned. It’s apparent that the casino downstairs is the money maker and that’s where all the effort seems to be spent.

  141. Wesley Kitchens say:

    We love making it a FAMILY Trip to eat at Southland. The food is always fantastic. They only thing I didn’t like this trip was the “LOW COUNTRY BOIL” on the salad bar. It was served cold, and I do not like cold crawfish or cold sausage. It should be served HOT!!!!

  142. Provitt Vi-Lissa say:

    Saturday nights are the best with great food. The area is safe and Southland has great prizes.

  143. Doerayme Faso say:

    I visited on Good Friday and I enjoyed my time there. The food is always good and the waitress did not give me a chance to be thirsty.

  144. Kevin Spencer say:

    The employees were friendly and helpful. However, as a poker player, I was very disappointed with the apparent lack of appreciation for the poker players. I travel throughout the usa and visit MANY poker rooms. This is the first one where the players are not allowed to have a meal on a small side table while playing poker. I will likely not be back.

  145. Steve AndBrandie Mitchell say:

    I went a couple of weeks aha and it was great! My friends and I came back Saturday night to play poker again and no one was running the poker room and from your website it wasn’t supposed to close for another 4 hours and no one that worked there that we talked to seem to care. I didn’t think it was a very good way of displaying your poker room if no one is going to be in there running it during their hours it’s supposed to be open. There were at least 4-5 other people looking for someone there too to play. We got tired of waiting and we went home.

  146. Peter Mills say:

    Gaming great food not so great taste like frozen food

  147. Rena Edick say:

    We stop here at least twice a month while we are on the road delivering loads. And love the food and people

  148. Gus Bradford Howard Jr. say:

    Best casino around hands down!! Far better than tunica

  149. Dean Rowlison say:

    Gambling is what it is, don’t expect to hit it big. We’ve broken even or better the last few times. We have the buffet every time we go, the food is good, the service is generally lacking.

  150. Denny Williams say:

    Took my family and two friends yesterday to Sammy Hagar bar and grill. As we approach the entrance to the bar three hostesses were standing around at the front desk to the bar. Not one of them took immediate time to seat us. One of the hostess finally seated us and then waited another 5 to 7 minutes for a waitress to take our drink order. The bar and grill was not full at all at the time we were there. I hope they can correct this. I definitely would like to see some improvements to the seating for the dog races. The seats look so out of date and still look the same when I was last there about 15 years ago.

  151. Lashunda Scales say:

    I didnt win never do..MY MOM AND AUNTS LOVE IT….

  152. Theresa Godwin say:

    Southland is the best I always win there a lot more than I do in Tunica. However, I was a little disappointed when I arrived to the jackpot party on May 3, because there was no food nor t-shirts. But my disappointment quickly changed to happiness when my name was called at the drawing during the jackpot party. �����

  153. Temirra C. Jones say:

    I have been comingI have been coming here for a year now being that I live in the area and have all my life. Tonight I had the absolute WORST night of my life at the Sammy Haggar Red Rocker restaurant. The manager on duty, Rashanda Arnold, was absolutely rude to myself and my mother. And I do not tolerate any disrespect to my mother whatsoever. My mother asked the bartender for a courtesy drink upon arrival because we had been there for 10 minutes without any waitress showing…

  154. Robert Wilson say:

    I enjoy going to Southland as is closer than the long drive to Tunica. The buffet is good, but on the nights I go, Friday or Saturday, be prepared for a long line/wait. Not impressed with Sammy Hagars at all. As I have seen other reviews mention, it can be a chore to get a hostess to acknowledge you, and the servers we have had, are at best, average on a good night.

    I play table games for the most part and there are 2 reasons my review isn’t rated higher.

    Betting minimum of 20 dollars a hand and having to pay $3.00 dollars plus $1.00 for a tip for a drink. While that is bad enough considering most casinos don’t charge, and the ones that I have been to that do, charge a small amount like $1.00, try getting a waitress to even come around to order a drink. I have found it much quicker to just go up to the little window and order my drink. I have been told by pit bosses and dealers the lack of drink servers is the number one complaint. I was also told that due to the high cost of drinks a lot of people don’t tip making it hard for a server to make any money, thus making it hard to keep servers.

    The one that really gets me though is the complete favoritism showed certain customers. There were 2 seats open at the Mississippi Stud table, but I was informed that “Coach” had called ahead and reserved them. 2 hours later “Coach” and his wife finally show up. I lost track of how many people tried to get a seat during those 2 hours. Fast forward to another weekend and the same thing happens. In a little bit there are 2 seats open and I ask if they can hold the seat next to me as my friend had just parked his car and would be at the table in less than five minutes. I was informed they do not allow seats to be reserved. I asked about “Coach” and the pit boss just walked away. Sorry, but walking away is just rude. If this is a VIP player, then say we only hold spots for our VIP’s. Fine, I get that. But to say you don’t allow it when I have witnessed it on more than one occasion is just lying.

    Most of the pit bosses are great and I have yet to have a bad experience with a dealer. Dealers at Southland are some of the best I have seen when it comes to knowledge of the game they are dealing, friendliness, and great attitudes.

  155. Courtney Dewayne Pierson say:

    Y’all don’t give away free alcohol and y’all are selling food so why are y’all so hard on winning. Just making money all type of ways huh I’m have to stay away.

  156. Kager Noel say:

    I spend alot of time and money at southland. Ive had better luck at southland compared to tunic. I won two jackpots in the same week one for 1600 @nd one for 2806. Havent done worth a crap since. I still go every other because you never know

  157. Nikki Alston say:

    Everyone was so friendly to our group from WI. The bartender Vicky made excellent drinks for us while we watched the races. A few other patrons have us suggestions on places to eat. Would definitely go back if I’m in Memphis again.

  158. Jus Dea say:

    I enjoyed it. The waiter was time​ly, the slots were loose and valet did his job! If I’m ever back that way again I will stop by!

  159. Joe Bludnick say:

    Come in and played went to bar and grill ordered water and told waitress I needed a moment to look at menu and she never returned waited 30 was completely ignored walk out they said bye I’ll never return

  160. Elaine Lewis say:

    Fun day at the park, watching the greyhounds run. Building undergoing some renovations, but still plenty of good seats. Concession stand is too pricey… before you get to the track. Only 5 windows open with a person taking bets….arrive early & learn to use the automated machines.

  161. Lakisha LaTrice Williams say:

    I believe that this place is not fair in gambling I have not seen it place that always keep the customer so unsatisfied with their gaming expected least 25% of my lost to come back after so much experience two play more than two of the slots and still bad results change up slots and still bad results never to have a good spin always see the glimpse of the machines turning to lose each bonus round if you get a bonus round if you get a good game you raise more than you win and …

  162. Brian Blake say:

    Had a good time I would probably go back again it was fun

  163. Shunda Stafford say:

    I work there lol I enjoy being wit my co work a very interesting group of people we have fun there and we also get the job done serving one special guest at a time

  164. Frank Morin say:

    It sucks! There table games suck you pay for your drinks and then take forever getting them to you

  165. Diana Mcdonnell Schober say:

    I’m not a big gambler but I really enjoyed watching the Grey Hounds Run! Thanks for the memories ?

  166. JohnEllie Cooke say:

    Went there played games won more than expected dog trace is awesome to watch

  167. Doug Murray say:

    Won. Some cash. Yes yes yes. Only in the hundreds. The last 4x I have been there. Great food. And bartenders are fabulous

  168. Jason N Dionne Culp say:

    You would think as much money i play i would win something…they will not give u a chance in hell. Mississippi at least let you win something…i play with my card all the time and this month i hve lost a good 10k…..this is sad never will i go bk

  169. Almeta Mann say:

    It was nice enjoyed playing even though i left broke only a vey few times have i really won any money. Guess luck dont be on my side.

  170. Tina Edwards say:

    I had a great time. Everyone is so nice and pleasant especially the security guards at the doors rear doors entrance.

  171. Pam Callahan say:

    Absolutely love watching the greyhounds run!
    The food at Sammy’s is awesome..however, the service is hit or miss..

  172. Leta Jo Hooper Cox say:

    We always have so much fun at Southland. Besides that, the food is fabulous at the buffet!

  173. Christina Bumphrey-Castronovo say:

    We had a blast with our 3 kids, watching the racing and eating snacks! The viewing windows were covered in bugs and pretty disgusting – most of the seats in general seating were ripped or filthy – could probably use an update and good cleaning! Above all we loved it and had a blast and would come back for sure!

  174. Patrick J Redding say:

    Great place love environment great fun recommend to anybody

  175. Jayyz Zee say:

    I didn’t like the fact that all blackjack and poker tables were electronic…. There is not assigned smoking and non-smoking sections…. I wasn’t impressed at all

  176. Ron Stevens say:

    It was my first time there the buffet was good for the price you can’t beat it play the $.25 slot machines started with $20 Play for 3 1/2 hours won Little over $200 good night

  177. Trena Smith say:


  178. Irene Kushy Knight say:

    I love this place! The food is off the chain and the restrooms are always clean.

  179. Katie Chilton say:

    It had a good atmosphere and I loved that you could smoke wherever. Although it seems like since they opened the casino part downstairs, the upstairs is lacking in food and drink options.

  180. Tom Thorpe say:

    Not the most welcoming place. You could almost contract lung cancer just from walking in the door. So much smoke it was nauseating. Machines weren’t hitting, but. That’s neither here nor there. Parking is great and other than the smoke, it was well maintained and very clean.

  181. Edward Prentice say:

    If you like to lose your money this place is for you. Slots are not loose. Slots are expensive to play there. Like Twin Dragons and Chilli Chilli game is 60 cents to play when you go to other casinos and play them for 45 cents. And hard to get free spins. I spent 40 dollars in a game and finally got 8 free spins with 5 dollars left on game and only got a dollar in the 8 free spins. What a rip off. Never going back there.

  182. Tyeshia Crowder say:

    It ok but can be better… I wasn’t even told good look nor enjoy n have fun.

  183. Daniel Fry say:

    Very nice atmosphere clean and a fun place to go motel short walk.

  184. Torish Fulcher say:

    Its a nice place to get away and have fun tha food there is great tha people’s who work there are very friendly and nice and i love to sit back and watch tha dogs run like i say it just a wonderful place to take your family or friends to enjoy and have a nice time i enjoyed every moment of it !!!

  185. Lisa Haber say:

    Went to Southland yesterday won some money went to Bourbon Street for dinner delicious my husband had lamb chops and I had the strawberry salad let’s just say nothing left on our plates . Service was Great .

  186. LeAnn Craig say:

    Love the All You Can Eat crab legs, perfectly cooked.
    Slot machines need more payouts.
    Also need a lot more older style slots like Flammin 7’s. Red, White, an Blue. Way too many computer animated App store type machines.

  187. April Diane Adams say:

    Went with some lady friends for a gno. Won a little bit of money. Need more payouts. Drinks are watered down. Other than that, good times were had.

  188. Lekezia Clarke say:

    Eventho they don’t have free liquor beverages I actually enjoyed it. Some of the workers are rather rude butt I enjoyed the rest of my time

  189. Debra Minor say:

    Had a blast just wish I had won a little something.

  190. Joy Foshee say:

    I just left the high limits area. I snatched my money out and said I would never be back. The machines were not busy and my friend was seated two machines behind me reading. A slot person told him he had to be playing a machine to sit there. I then asked what was going on and then pulled my money out of the machine and left. There was no crowd and I left in an angry huff! I think the whole setup needs cleaning up among other things.

  191. Päivi Collan-Pänttönen say:


  192. Dennis D. Grimes say:

    Great place, clean, friendly staff, greyhound races were exciting and fun to bet on! Will come back definitely.

  193. Anna Marie Bryant say:

    As far as a mediocre gaming faculty goes its ok ..never been to the dog races I hope it’s better ..K have only did any good at casino part a few times most the time they are lousy..
    But I’m used to the casinos on the Mississppi Gulf Coast…they are never lacking on service or great food

  194. Cameron Mccalpin say:

    Beautiful place. Love the dogs. Will stop in next time I am in the area. Do anyone no of a dog track near Cincinnati?

  195. Marvin Johnson say:

    I love the friendly staff always making you feel at home and the unbelievable slots I love the variety to choose from.

  196. Terri Richey say:

    I would like to make a complaint….The decision to stop Trivia and not to bring back the weekly pub poll is a huge mistake. The Monday night pub poll was a weekly promo event that as a family I enjoyed being a part of faithfully. All the contestants were friendly and it was a really enjoyable fun time. It saddens me that this has been eliminated. To Southland Parks event coordinators two thumbs down!!!!

  197. Teresa Maranise say:

    We took our adult family and had a great time! We bet on 18 races of greyhounds, 2 races of hoses and then went and played the slots together. Fun Birthday celebration! ***Suggesting that when we are betting on the Greyhounds that we would like there to be servers to take our drink and food orders and servers to deliver them to our table. That would of made it 5 stars! The casino is very attractive now!

  198. Ge Ge Manedatgirlbadd say:

    Ghetto ppl and no free drinks when your playing !!! I suggest you just go to Tunica because this place is wack

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