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Assure the long-term viability of the Alameda County Fairgrounds, present an exceptional Annual Fair which celebrates the heritage and diversity of Alameda County, and provide year-round opportunities for facility usage.

The Alameda County Agricultural Fair Association operates the Alameda County Fair. We are a 501(c)3 private, non-profit corporation, and we are responsible for producing the annual Fair as well as other select events.

The Alameda County Fair originated in 1859 as a Floral Fair. The first modern-day Fair was held in 1939, and has been held annually with the exception of the war years.


The Alameda County Fair racetrack is the oldest one-mile horse racing track in America, dating back to 1858. The sons of Spanish Don Augustin Bernal constructed it, and wealthy horse owners shipped their horses from the east to Pleasanton for training during the winter months.

Annual Fair held is held at the fairgrounds

Over 350 events are held at the Fairgrounds during the year and are produced by outside promoters who rent the facilities

{The Alameda County Fair Association staff supervises all events. The Association is completely self-supporting, and receives no funding from tax revenue}


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  1. Martha Findleton-Lee say:

    Went yesterday. Not yo hot for a change. Food was expensive but we should have split a table b dinner, 4 huge ribs. Husband had a cinnamon roll , his absolute favourite and I had a funnel cake with cinnamon sugar. My fix for the next 10 years. Music was Asia, but I don’t think Carl Palmer is still the drummer, great time. One of our first dates 40 years ago.

  2. Cierra Simmons say:

    I enjoyed it very much. The cost of food was out of this world. Broke my bank. Got 2 corn dogs 1 Pepsi and a funnel cake for $40.00. Thank goodness my mother in-law was there to help. To even ride the rides was a small fortune. $35.00 for a wristband. I have 4 children. To just get in the fair this year and buy wristbands was over $240.00 not including food for them. We usually go more than once, but not this year. Very clean fair, but very expensive.

  3. Kathy Marsala say:

    Had a blast, weather was perfect and plenty to eat and drink. Veterans get in for free❤️

  4. Christine Petrowich Cano say:

    Awesome family fun with something for everyone to enjoy. My favorite was the livestock.

  5. Manny Maseda say:

    If your traveling there with someone who is handicapped your s**t out of luck, not too acomidating, .my mom has to use a walker, she got picked up at the gate, great asked the driver where was the handicapped elevator entrance on the ground floor, his answer “I don’t know “,after walking all over found out there was none, she has to walk all the way around the right for ramp access, it took us 15 minutes for her to do this. That was so fun.

  6. Monica Ullarich say:

    We had a great time with the horse races and the Asia concert. The food was, as expected, pricey, but there was a good selection. Just remember what gate you enter in – there are 4!! We were so excited to be there and didnt realize how big the place is. Lost our car, ugh, but the security was helpful and found it for us. Lol.

  7. Danielle Genera say:

    Unfortunately I could not find anywhere to nurse my baby so had to just go home an employee said use the bathroom seriously it’s filthy. Also the over priced food (burgers) tasted horrible/spoiled and could of done sooo much more for it to be a Latino fest. I attend every year but it’s hard to say if I’d go again but my son did have fun so that’s what matters.

  8. K.c. Chatham say:

    I went to celebrate my birthday with family on Sunday the 25th and was very disappointed. No where on the daily schedule does it say there would be no livestock there that weekend. We are Contra Costa 4Hers and go to the fair to support other 4H youth. There were only a handful of sheep.

    The race track was fun and the Aztec dancers were too. Good variety of venders and food trucks.

    Food is way to expensive! $26 for two sandwiches! Two of my family members didn’t even eat due to the expense. Refillable cups for drinks is the way to go.

    We come every year but may pass next year.

  9. Stephanie Swift say:

    The fair is clean and you feel safe there, but the downside is the price you have to spend for everything. To park is $10, for a family of 4 we paid $50 just to get in. The kids wrist bands were $35 each ($70) and not to mention the food prices were out of control. We spent 1/2 the day on the lawn just so the kids would stay cool and then hit the rides up when the sun was going down. Total spent just from 3pm to 11pm was $300. Just crazy how much they charge. We make it a point to go every year but will not come back next year.

  10. Ana Varela say:

    M gustó mucho en especial la charreada, lo único que la comida está un poco cara pero de ahí me gustó y a mis hijos les fascinó!

  11. John Lazaro say:

    What’s not to love about the fair. I go just about every year. Every corner, there’s a food stand and desserts. There’s also concerts and plenty of entertainment. This is every year and it shouldn’t be missed at all. Definitely recommending everyone to go.

  12. Michael O'Malley say:

    Food prices are through the roof! And not that good! Beer to! $12 for a beer! (Thought I was at a Giants game) What’s up? Also, we never, ever, paid to see the entertainment! Am I wrong? What’s going on?

  13. Laura Sweet say:

    Lots of shade, great rides and food- best fair experience I’ve had in a long time!

  14. Haime Xavier Badillo say:

    Me and my son Liked.. Keep in mind no food is less than 10 bucks and each ride is about 5..

    There many things to see, for walk around is nice. Worth it

  15. Stephanie Berry say:

    The prices of the games, food, and rides were way too expensive for a family outing. They had a map of the different zones, but there wasn’t a map to tell you of all the rides, restaurant, or attractions that was located in each of the zones. A lot of frustration and time waisted, walking around looking for things.

  16. JohnPaul Mendoza Calata say:

    My lil girls had a great time. We will be looking forward to going again next year.

  17. Marvin Montano-Rivas say:

    No nursery station. My sister had to do it in public. Bathrooms are filthy.

  18. Matt Salazar say:

    The fair is awesome and a great concert lineup but the food and drinks gotta be filthy rich to buy a hot dog. Must say u get more grub at the movie theater. It took all my money and the serving size is so skimpy. We brought our own food and drinks under 10 dollars gotta lower the prices

  19. Taylor Holbrook say:

    THE FOOD IS INSANELY OVER PRICED! I had purchased two baked potatoes, both which cost around 13 dollars each. I had spent 37 dollars for 2 potatoes… and it wasn’t even tasty but I ate it cause I was hungry… They really need to lower their prices there that was ridiculous. We ended up not even spending anything else there, we just walked around and looked. Just sucks how expensive they made their food and drinks. For one Corona Beer it cost 13 dollars! Omg… I can buy a 6 pack for way cheaper. Just disappointed.

  20. Kristy Jardine say:

    Had a great time. Not enough shade. LOL
    We are planning to go back before it is over.

  21. Nellie Maldonado Ramirez say:

    It was good not too crowded which was really nice and surprised for a Sunday. It was a little pricey but to be expected at the fair. We had a good time!

  22. Ryan Mendes say:

    My dad brother and I go to the fair every year. We play the races and then walk around then enjoy the concert. I see people are complaining about the prices but you should know ahead of time. We bring in frozen water bottles that will last mostly throughout the races and snacks. If you don’t like spending the extra money on the food bring your own snacks or don’t go. The fair is only there for a certain amount of weeks in Pleasanton. I do gotta say $15 is a little too much to get in but if you are there for 6+hours for the races and stuff afterwards then I suppose it’s worth the $15.

  23. Lisa Valenzuela Curiel say:

    Rose Royce was one of the best concerts I have been to! Having live band really makes it a Awesome concert. Royce Royce performed in San Jose without live band and the show was a huge big disappointment! Nothing compared to tonight’s performance. Alameda keep the music playing all night long!!!!!

  24. Inge Jechart say:

    Been coming here for years – love the funnel cakes and the fun and crazy stuff you can buy!
    One of my main reasons for coming is to see the livestock animals. And like someone else mentioned a couple of days ago – was quite disappointed that the whole arena was empty – no cows, sheep, goats!! Very sad …

  25. Yvonne Valle-Mott say:

    No horse races, “they” decided to cancel late yesterday. No large animals. Total wast of my day off.

  26. Nora Renae Foster say:

    I love the Fair. My family and I go every year ���

  27. Larry Walters say:

    Was an excellent well organized fair. This was our second year there. Large assortment of food, drinks, micro-brew beer. Friendly staff. We took advantage of the $1.00 a ride special they had. The midway was very modern and up to date with some super rides not often found at county fairs!

  28. Kim Swenson Scourbys say:

    A very nice fair! Clean, food is good that I had but expensive. Rides are clean and lines move quickly.

  29. Pat Calderbank say:

    It is a fair hence its ups – fun rides, fun shows- and its downs can get super busy , you need to pull out your wallet every two secs to pay for something or another count a minimum of 100$ for a family of 4 for half the day and that is without being extravagant.
    I would not go back.

  30. Allen Leong say:

    Fair is good, but foods a little expensive. Concert is good.

  31. Donna Soto say:

    Clean, lots of shopping and food, great time we go every year

  32. Maurine Ridings say:

    I go every year and always enjoy it! Always a fun day with lots to see and do. I always feel safe there, BUT, it seems to be the same vendors year end and year out, and the food vendors prices are ridiculous. First time I didn’t buy anything!

  33. Karizza Mae Laso-Mao say:

    We go every year and it’s usually when we get free tickets or discount days. My family and I went today because we wanted to try “taste of the fair” when we asked information counter who’s participating she said everyone should but not everyone wants to. Really? So when we went up to booths they had attitude & for $2 the amount of food is a joke. LOL. They were the size of your joke. I wish we went yesterday donated cans for free entry & $1 rides. The only thing that made up for it were the shows. Thank god!

  34. Vanessa Johnson-Miller say:

    It was food fun and fellowship with my family. We do it every year!

  35. Rhonda Johnson say:

    Went yesterday the 29th it was cool, brought cans of food for a ticket. 1.00 rides I liked a lot. My son had a good time. Even got my funnel cake& corn dog, had some cookies that was really good. We had a good time, not too hot,even got pics . Got to figure out how to post them. See you next year.

  36. Alli Fagerskog say:

    My whole family and I go every year, and we always have fun. That being said, the prices of admission are ridiculous. We found Groupons that luckily saved us almost $30 just for parking and getting in, that doesn’t speak anything for the outrageous cost of the wristbands if, God forbid they want to ride more than 2 rides.

    The lady at the ride ticket window was super rude when my mother in law was inquiring which rides my son could go on (he is 2, just under the 36″ marker to ride alone). The food has gone way downhill, my husband and I look forward to the fair corndogs and this year they were cold and soggy. For a family of 3, food cost $27, and that was splitting ONE large corndog and ONE fry log. I’ve noticed the feedback from the fairgrounds seems to be to bring in your own food and drink instead of sniveling about prices. Cheers to corporate America, I guess.

  37. Amy Kramer say:

    I love going to the Alameda County Fair. It’s just as fun as I remember as a kid; horse races, petting zoo, 4-H exhibits and concerts.

  38. Shawna L Kent say:

    I grew up going to this fair and was excited to take my son. $15 to park, $15 to get in, $20 on lunch and $60 on wrist bands. $110 and that’s before buying anything. I had no idea it was going to be such an expensive day. $30 for a wrist band for a child under 3 was a bit of a shocker. And since he cant ride solo I then had to buy one also. I think kids under 36″ should have a discounted band or the parent should ride free.

  39. August Balatbat say:

    My family are enjoying every year and we are getting ready on July 4!!!!!!

  40. Amara Dawn Armistead say:

    The family had a wonderful time. Everyone was friendly. Fast lines. Great turkey legs and lemonade

  41. Laura Rosano say:

    Had a really nice time seeing Ann Wilson perform. I’ve seen her numerous times with Heart. 1st time seeing her on her own & as always, she put on an Awesome show. Love the power of her vocals. Prices on food & drinks are outrageous but it’s not like we do it all the time so it was ok as a treat/special day. My 5 star rating is because of Ann Wilson & her band. They Rocked it✌️❤️ ?

  42. John S Khashabi say:

    Trashy people everywhere. 15.75 for a chicken kabob over cooked. Fair rides went up in cost and cost more to get in. $15 bucks!

  43. Rosa Q Macon say:

    I love � to walk around and see everything they have on display, but I think all is over prized. $15 dollars for a Greek salad? Come on!

  44. Heide Unger say:

    It was fun! Not too crowded, good food, friendly people. I wish the concert could have gone to 10 pm. This is a really nice fair!

  45. Jack Mabery say:

    Everything was awesome, but there were people working at an ice cream both that would make fun of me and my friends even after we asked them to stop. I loved everything else

  46. Tess Balotro say:

    We have fun espcialy the pig race, it was so funny I enjoy it so much. We also went to see the farm and horse race. All in all we enjoy it. Go see have fun there����

  47. Erin Zanussi say:

    So, so disappointed that the horses weren’t racing on Seniors’ Day. Also disappointed in the quilt display. They were displayed so high up that one could not really appreciate the quality of stitching. Didn’t eat the food. Went to downtown Pleasanton for a good dinner.

  48. Mona Murrieta say:

    More Enjoyable this year. The weather was really nice try tip sandwich could’ve been better a little dry but the turkey leg was amazing.

  49. Demitreus Toban say:

    The food and rides were awesome! Me and my family had a good time!

  50. John Smithson Johnnie say:

    I had a fantastic time this year. They have moved things differently and it is really well done. Food is all amazing.

  51. Raihan Khan say:

    Amazing rides!!!! I enjoyed every one of them. The weather was perfect and made the whole experience better!!

  52. Mesa Mesa say:

    Second time here. Always nice to come with friends and family. ***WARNING*** False Advertisement at Apollos Greek food. Their menu says chicken souvlaki (chicken on a stick) is served on Pita with veggies. I did not get the pita or veggies. When I asked the cashier he said the chicken souvlaki does not come with pita. He asked “where does it say that?” I pointed to the menu which he hesitantly looked at and repeated it does not come with pita bread. Lame.

  53. Nancy Maurice say:

    A tradition in my family but every year it’s getting to be more expensive. We leave and go barbecue and then come back for treats. Was disappointed to see admission went up. Absolute love going so will save beforehand.

  54. Yadira Castellon say:

    I think is the best fair that I visit in my life I’d recommend everybody to come and visit this place

  55. Alicia Chin say:

    Yesterday was my first time at this fair. A bunch of us went to see SuperDiamond, who are 100% spectabulous. My friends all live nearby, so they get the season pass and go at least five times. With the season pass come free show tixs and parking. And, Groupon had some clulons too. So, i spent $0. But, the best deal on food was the $10 gyros at the family vendor place (not the one by the monster trucks). It was delish!

  56. Ralph Matile say:

    Got to Bubba’s BBQ…a bit pricey, but what isn’t at the fair!?!?!!
    Great food!

  57. Alfonso Murillo say:

    Nice touch… Military free admission. Downside execesive amounts of food vendors…

  58. Tona Ruiz say:

    Ami me encanta tengo 8 anos biniendo ala feria. Cada ano traigo amis nenes y nos gusta mucho nos dibertimos mucho ay muchas cosas para pasarla muy contentos nos pamos muy dibertido

  59. Luisana Alvarez Cardenas say:

    We went on June 30.2017 We Spent Over 300 And the food Got us really Sick…Then my daughters got henna tattoos which was the only good part…Across is a Garden metal figurines so while we were waiting on Our henna my kids went to see what it was..The guy came out and yelled at them “you brake you buy!!!” My kids came back So scared!!Ohhh Noo I told that Guy to not ever talk to my kids that way..Apparently he didnt like i was defending my kids and i said have respect and he still didnt care…That he threatened me by calling the police??!?!…Excuse me but no one talk to my kids that way…Never going back and making sure word goes Around..

  60. Melissa Scott say:

    This year bought tickets from groupon to park and get in. That was the best deal they had….didn’t know you could bring in your own food and drinks or would have done so. Usually get in free because of knowing people who own horses at the track, but not this year. It’s one of the better fairs to go to. The prices for food are ridiculous and the food was not that good. We spent most our money on that, but since it’s only once a year we do this I can’t really complain. They have a great line up of concerts which is another reason I don’t mind paying. The weather was nice and there weren’t a lot of people there the Friday we went. The exhibits and retail booths are good too.

  61. Ralph Longo say:

    We had a blast! This years fair was AMAZING – great vendors, great FOOD, great big crowds & most of all, just a darn good time. I loved it! The fireworks show is fantastic!

  62. Moon Wallace say:

    Prices are outrageous. It’s like going on vacation to disneyland.

  63. Mike Reis say:

    Good time..only down fall was the way they had the line setup to enter you would stand in one line to buy a ticket then stand in another line for 25 or so min to enter with the ticket you stood in line for 30+ min to get we all did not understand there system but still a good time

  64. Deborah Pitt say:

    I have always loved going to the fair, no matter where it was or what fair I was attending. I like the Alameda County Fair the best because of its size and diversity. There’s so much to see and do. My husband and I like to stroll around and to take it all in! The draw backs are the heat, (it is often well over 100 degrees and often hotter) in Pleasanton during the summer. The heat keeps so many people away. Also the cost! From beginning to end. $10.00 to park your car and $15.00 general admission per person so we were already down $40.00 before we stepped foot inside and that was just for the two of us! Don’t get me wrong, you can be entertained all day and night for the admission and parking fee and I will still pay these prices for as long as I can but the food and drink costs are outrageous and so is any other trinket or souvenir you might want to purchase. I remember the fair being made up of local people who were selling or allowing fair go-ers to try their local products and the items that they made with their own hands were often free or affordable. It used to be affordable and the one place that everyone in the community could attend or be a part of regardless of one’s financial status. I still love the fair but it’s just really become too expensive for everyone and a bit too over commercialized. We did enjoy ourselves very much here and that’s what keeps us coming back each year. I would give it 5 stars but it really costs way too much for families to enjoy.

  65. Laura Shelton Fletcher say:

    Love the Fair each and every year ! Between the corn dogs, turkey legs, pig races, horse track, drum show, Chinese acrobatics, kettle corn, Tine the hypnotist, Farris wheel and Sheila E concert we had a great time!!!

  66. Reggie Green say:

    I did not like the parking. It was to dark no lights hard to find your car. so many looking for their cars.

  67. Lisa Green say:

    The Fair itself, is one of the best around!. The prices are a little steep but not enough for me to worry about. It’s a once a year thing & I enjoy it, so I know what to expect. For the 1st time, I left after dark this year. That was a huge mistake! There are no lights in the parking lots, I mean NONE! Thousands of cars and people scrambling around trying to find their car. It took me a good 30 minutes to find mine. That’s 25 minutes too long. Everyone was pushing panic buttons, roaming and getting frustrated. It was just too hard & ridiculous that there was no lighting. Also could have been dangerous if one was alone. Not a good scenario in the parking lots.

  68. Sabrina Maxwell say:

    It was fun! Not too hot, saw animals, loved the baby pig race.

  69. Kim Loda say:

    I used to be devoted to this fair. It is too loud now with that monster truck by the livestock. Also, in an area of the country with such good food, why does all of the food here suck? Does one conglomerate own all of it? Couldn’t there be one good food truck, with veggie options or maybe Indian food?

  70. Renee Roberts say:

    The weather was great!!! The fair was nice. Pricey, but oh well, worth it. A great time was had.

  71. Francisco Dimas say:

    This is fair is big and lots of fun. I just wish I can enjoy it longer with out having to spend my whole paycheck

  72. Greg Hawes say:

    Don’t go. They are not hip to handicaped people. unless u can pay 55 bucks for a concert

  73. Charnee Golden say:

    I had a blast for the past 2 weekends. I go every year.
    I was there with my 2 sisters at the Rose Royce concert. Then I brought my family there last night for the Sheila E concert. Both shows were Awesome. I will be there again this Saturday for the Jody Whatley concert. Thank you ALAMEDA COUNTY FAIR YOU’RE AWESOME.

  74. Lila Esther Banuelos say:

    My son & I went with free tickets offered by Facebook. Parking was $10 but paid extra $5 for preferred parking worth it especially when it was time to leave are parking spot was outside the gate. We went with the intent of eating & paying the prices. We did our homework off the website before arriving. We had a good time. Enjoyed the Hobbies, small animals, art, piglets and displays.

  75. Juanita Craig say:

    My best friend and I hadn’t been to the fair in years. We both had a great time. Good food, good music, and a great bunch of people!

  76. Tony Jordan say:

    I really liked this fair it’s one of the best in the state of Ca . But a little hot weather in mid afternoon.

  77. Anita Glover say:

    I had a blast. Went there a few years ago and had fun. Went the other night and saw Shelia E in concert!!! Had the time of my life ��

  78. Nancyta Martinez say:

    Always a good TIME,great concerts and delicious food!

  79. Joseph Lopez say:

    It was pretty packed, but I had a great time with my pops and kids. They do a wonderful thing by letting version and their families go in for free

  80. Nicole Palacios say:

    Always love going to the fair! I always try and go a few times while it’s here, gone twice so far and plan on going again this weekend! The admission has gone up again $15 but with wages rising go figure, but of course we’re going to pay it lol i actually caught the FMX show, loved it got autographs and a picture with the guys!� Can’t wait to go again and will miss it when it’s gone�

  81. Katrina Kiester say:

    Very nice fair great food lots of entertainment. However handicapped people should not have to pay 15 dollars to park close. I have a placard which was not acknowledged and that is wrong. I never pay for parking and yes i would like someone to contact me.

  82. Paris Gray-Beck say:

    Went on Sunday 7/2…
    It’s been years since I went and we had a great time. The food was great except for the Carmel apples! Apples were so small they looked premature ?! They were $6! But hey that’s what happens at the fair!

  83. Petra Martinez say:

    Always a good time.
    Healthier Food Options are getting better.
    In/Out Privileges to parked car. = Bring your Own Food and leave in your car.

    Parking & Entrance price is HIGH.
    Concessions/Food Prices are RIDICULOUS.
    More seating & table top dining, needed ASAP!
    More Shady spots for daytime safety, Multiple Canopies would be very appreciated.

  84. Diane Browning Nemeth say:

    Enjoyed the day there. The horse racing was one of the best things going on, plus the FOOD.

  85. Kristina Valencia Aydin say:

    I have been going to the Alameda County Fair since I was a kid. So much great memories there. I want that for my two girls so it has been a tradition in my family to go every year. We were there July 1st 2017 and since it being 4th of july weekend it was packed. We entered at around 7pm and left at 11:30pm. Parking was 10.00 at the main entrence. (Big parking lot) Tickets are 15.00 general but me and my husband got free tickets on the fairs facebook page. Kids under 6 are free! There were so many people but it was not hard to maneuver through the place. We seen the new monster truck area but that was too over crouded so we made our way to the kid area. They also have a adult/teen area with rides and games. I like that they made separate areas. The girls loved it like always. They have ticket stands at 1.00 a ticket for rides. We played a few games because it is really the rides we come there for. The beer is very over priced but that is obvious. 15.00 a cup. The food is so good and expensive too so dont bring an appetite. Maybe just a small bite like brick fries or a turkey leg. A must is kettle corn or funnel cake. They also have an animal area where you can view the animals in their cages and feed some roaming. You can also buy an animal whether it be a chicken, bunny, or rooster. They have buildings where you can go inside to beat the heat if you go when it is hot. You will find booths inside which are nice. We had a pleasant surprise of a small firework show at around 9:30 at the concert area. Loved it! Total amount of money we spent was 70$. We ate before we went! Overall a fun and memorable experience that will always be a summer favorite.

  86. Raquel Barrios say:

    This is my 3rd year in this fair. And I’m enjoying a lot. I loved.

  87. Cory Leonard say:

    It was really fun i went on fathers day and yesterday i am gng on the last day on sunday as well this fair was better thn the sac state fair last year i luv the monster trucks last night and i always luv watching the motor cross

  88. Donna Cartwright say:

    Upon reading the reviews my husband and I packed our granny basket with a cooler full of fruit, sandwiches, chicken wings, loads of water, gatorade, ice in a used gallon milk jug. in a dry bag, we brought potato chips, fruit, nuts, candy. The only thing we bought was beer. We took a blanket and backpack. All went well. Went to the races won $18.00! I bought a cowboy hat. It was a nice day.

  89. Raheem DJradioraheem Khan say:

    Had a great time with family! It’s a friendly environment and the prices are reasonable.

  90. Blair Jackson say:

    It’s like Walmart, outdoors, with beer. What could be better?!!

  91. Connie Ayala say:

    I really enjoy my Sunday with my boys,but I can’t believe how everything is so expensive starting with da parking,entrance plus da food wow I couldn’t believe it,but it’s ok it is every summer not everyday thing ,and da company I had was awsome my lovely boys:)))))

  92. Anita Wade say:

    I enjoyed myself yesterday brought back old time memories!

  93. Gina Shelley say:

    I go every year. I’m a performer at this fair. It’s always a good time.

    Loved the “cat in the hat” margarita this year.

    Totally love eating at Bubbas bbq!

    And the temperature this year, has been very pleasant.

    I do miss the youth focus talent competitions. That’s always an entertaining afternoon. Hope that comes back.

  94. Candice Corniel Nuñez say:

    Good times… good food, rides, cool merchandise , and just great family fun ��

  95. Patricia Ellis say:

    Please make the monster truck show for a larger audience

  96. Adelaide Maria Sullivan say:

    Awesome fair! Well organized and clean facilities.

  97. Mike Rice say:

    Best time is just as the sun is going down…
    Human size � hamster balls .

    Well worth the $15 ticket

  98. Janie Peterson say:

    Tues July 3rd around 4:20p — I felt like my 5-year son was mistreated at this ride called Walk on Water. I guess my son’s time is up and the employees were trying to get him out. They were very careless and didn’t pay attention if my son was positioned correctly. They just rolled the ball quickly and my son fell backward and he hurt (kinked) his neck. I literally almost cried. I expressed my concern to the employees but they gave me an attitude, not even an apology. When working with younger kids, please be extra careful. The only person that really understood me and took the time to call her supervisor and gave me my $10 refund back was the clerk/cashier. This is horrible!!!

  99. David Oshiro say:


  100. Nick Demczuk say:

    Great time saw America . It was great to walk around eat turkey leg and watch Michael on carnival rides

  101. Anna Arena say:

    First time going to this one!! Would definitely go again

  102. Erik Myers say:

    Its the best fair in Califprnia!!!

    Had a blast! My kids loved it!

  103. Ava Marie Romero say:

    Loved that this fair has horse racing than any other fair I gone too thanks to my coolest boss Leslie Davis for suggesting the place that she took her sons years ago and my brother and I will return

  104. Dwanee LoveHimalwys Wilson say:

    In parking line for 2 hours “4pm” got turned away at the gate “6pm” got tickets on line NO Refund can’t go any other day… Work team #HUGEWAIST

  105. LeAnne Wright say:

    This was one of the better years at the fair. The day was so perfect. Not too hot, not too crowded, in general people were all really nice. Two of the teenage parking attendants were super rude, and the guys at a couple of the food booths were also pretty rude, but all in all, we had an awesome time! We missed the parking lot shuttle (didnt know it stopped at 930) but a very nice police officer gave us a ride back to our car. My daughter and her friend rode in the back and was a really fun ending to their day…riding in the back of the cop car.

  106. Adrian Brookes say:

    Pricey, food not as good as previous years. I had a great time but the people working the games by the rides are out of line. It’s one thing to be annoying, trying to persuade you to come over, and it’s another to throw insults at patrons for not being interested.
    It was the guy hosting the bb gun game July 4th around 1pm. I was with a friend and her boyfriend, we already played some of the other games and overstuffed our backpack with prizes. He calls to us and we say no thanks, and he keeps heckling us and finally says we probably couldn’t handle the gun anyways, and says the guy with us is f#cking chicken and a wuss anyways. (Girls can’t handle bb guns and guys are a wuss if they don’t want to play?)
    I was surprised he swore, but I was more surprised that he chose to insult us(my friend was surprised by the 3rd grade insult) We wanted to play more after some rides, but felt kinda awkward.
    Again, this was the guy doing the bb gun game July 4th, around 1pm. He’s dark, strong jaw line and high cheekbones. Maybe 5’10”, looked 45ish.

  107. Marina M Ware say:

    We love this fair! I have been bringing my two teenagers ever since they were in elementary school. We had a great time on the 4th of July, visiting the animal exhibits, rides, and trying out the different food booths even though they are expensive. We always stop by the 4-H booth for a slice of cake. The 4-H booth has the best deal in the entire fair. Awesome Fireworks show last night!!

  108. Devin Brackett-Ercolini say:

    We went on the 4th of July and it was ok. The venders were good but there were a couple riots that broke out and they weren’t able to control them. The innocent bystanders had to run and fend for them selves as the riots moved to different areas in the fair. Also there was an employee lying to everyone saying that the fair was closed and everyone needs to go home, every other employee said it’s still open and that employee was joking. The only other thing that was annoying was the sound for the fireworks, it sounded as if someone was playing the music off their phone and put a microphone next to it. On top of that they should’ve patched the music to the entire fair, many people had to move where they were sitting because of the riots and hid inside the motor cross stage seating. Inside there their was no music being played and we could barely hear the music. Because of all this we will not be coming back, at least not for the 4th of July. I really wanted to give zero stars because the events were that horrific, however the venders were really good.

  109. Christine Schwab say:

    We grew up in Pleasanton, and like to attend this every year. This time we went July 4th, which turned out to be a great day to go to the horse races (Plenty of seating, less crowded) but a very crowded day to ride rides. Also, there is never enough shade for parents to stand in. We did not stay for the fireworks, and I understand they stopped letting people in and diverted traffic early, and that there were some problems. We did not catch any of the concerts this year, but they always have good ones.

  110. Shy An See say:

    My 1st time going, on the 4th of July. Bad choice. Too many fights. Rides got shut down early and the exhibit halls. Couldn’t pick up my items, I had purchased earlier. Discouraging. Also, didn’t get to try any food because they git shutdown early, too. Had interesting vendors. Don’t know, if I’ll go back. If I do, most certainly not on the 4th again.

  111. Rosa Rodriguez say:

    Me encanta es la l segunda bes q vamos y nos la pasamos súper me gusta las carreteras de Ceballos

  112. Renee White say:

    Me my dad and my boys had a very good time only thing what I didn’t like when you went to one Stan and I asked for some ice and the lady wouldn’t give me no ice even though I was going to buy a bottle water she told me I will have to pay $3 for the ice I thought that was very messed up so I had to walk down some and give me some ice but I had a good time

  113. Roni Marks say:

    There is a lack of organization and communication when it comes to the parking. I was told that there was ,”NO” disabled parking again for the 2nd year in a row. The ONLY reason why I came this year was because my niece was preforming and I thought maybe they wouldn’t be liars again this year…
    There is No way 10 disabled people left all at once(and that was only counting the side we parked at) when we walked to the entrance gate.
    I see everyone with walkie talkies, so how is this happening? Maybe you need to hire/volunteer more responsible adults and not lazy asses. Or maybe start checking disabled plaques with IDs so that the legit disabled folks can actually get parking and enjoy the fair without being pissed off at the start…and not come home in pain and annoyed.
    It’s a too bad that I will not pass on a Fair tradition that my parents had given me. The fair was so informative and fun for the kids and I refuse to have my intelligence insulted even before I walk through the gates…
    Did I also mention that a relative of mine was working yesterday and had to be locked up because of violence happening near her lemonade stand. Or maybe the time I was there and left right before a shooting years ago…
    I’m just sad that I feel I wasted money investing in a fair that clearly should know how to work a parking lot by now…���

  114. Della Robinson-Hill say:

    I enjoyed myself, but I went on the 4th of July and there was a lot of people there. Unfortunately, a fight was started but the Sheriffs was on IT and it was back to normal quickly after the 10 kids was arrested. I enjoyed the food and drinks…..and my discount with Xfinity!!!

  115. Apollonia Robinson say:

    I huge fight broke out. My family along with others hid behind some vendor tents while the fighting crowd seemed to go back and forth through the area. We were trapped there out of fear that the children might get trampled on if we tried to get to the mid way area or even to the exit. After talking to others it sounds like there were several fights… which makes sense becuase what we witnessed was at dusk, maybe 715 or so. (The fight they showed on the 10 o’clock news looked like earlier in the day) The police presence didn’t seem to break up the crowd. I was nervous to walk through with the kids to get to the rides. The crowd was way to many at least 70, even though it looked like all teenagers they were very aggressive. At one point someone shouted gun we heard pops, we all got on the ground behind the tents(later someone said a person threw fire works into the crowd)… but it was just to much for my 5 and 8 year old son’s who were crying at this point… a lot of people were on their phone calling 911. I asked the marchant to call. He said he has and “They come circle the crowd, and leave”. Once the police did come the arrested a couple of people. At that time we tried to go to the rides but the entry gates to the rides were closed… only letting people go out.

  116. Jade Chana Adkins say:

    We had such a fun time on the 4th of July at the Alameda County Fair. The fireworks, with the orchestra in the background, were wonderful.

  117. Lori Wright say:

    My kids have been livestock exhibitors at the Alameda County Fair for years and we wouldn’t trade one day of it for anything. It’s always a great time!

  118. Joseph Gonzales say:

    The kids had a blast. I love the emporium. So much to see and do. And the Clydesdale are beautiful horses.

  119. Griselda Guzman say:

    I liked it. Only issue was not enough sitting for eating or when the fight broke out. Too many younster.

  120. Rob Brindle say:

    Best fireworks finale I’ve ever seen !!!
    I’ve been to Chrissy Field in San Francisco 10 times Marriotts great America Disneyland foster city Redwood City Pleasanton fair this year was by far the best fireworks finale!!!

  121. Paul Czelusniak say:

    This was the worst experience at a fair I have been too! The had security that was no help to the police and expected the police to react to complete wanna be thugs that wouldn’t last one day in real life! Thank you to the Alameda Sheriffs for doing their best with what was given to them. Spent a lot of money and couldn’t let my kids ride rides because they did not control these kids.

  122. Archie Caringal say:

    Everything was fine until somebody threw a firecracker through the crowd and even police can’t identify who threw it. My daughter got scared, for a minute refused to go through the crowd and was about to cry. The fair should have stricter screening since at the gate the security just handed back my bag to me and did not even bother checking it. Anyways, great fair! Lousy security.

  123. Ronni Ginger Adams say:

    It was my first time attending the fair. Campared to other fairs I was not impressed! The fights and the large Gathering of teenagers was a little frightening! But the Fireworks were fantastic!

  124. Renee Fuller say:

    It’s a great fair! Lots of good exhibits, concerts, livestock, bunnies (and other small animals), horeseracing, and a miniature train exhibit. Plus wine tasting, beer gardens (with a great selection) and much more. (We never made it to the Carnival area this time)
    But my favorite, the spectacular firework shows!

  125. Doug Murray say:

    Always an amazing adventure packed with fun around every corner. Enticing and delicious food although some vendors have begun to get a little pricey. Still an annual fun filled family destination with something to entertain all ages and walks of life. A definite family tradition!

  126. Mary Nordhavn say:

    Not as crowded as normal. Bbq food was excellent, fries were good and reasonably priced. The admission and concert ticket were also reasonably priced. Loved the new area dedicated to fireman.

  127. Mona Confer say:

    I love this fair! So much shade and entertainment! Went 3 times so far. Loved the Monster Trucks and motorcoss, animals, pig races, music in the Wine Garden, carnival, food and all of the exhibits. This fair has everything for all ages. My mom went yesterday and she is 90. She felt like she was a teenager!

  128. Sherry Kiet say:

    First time at this fair wasn’t bad, I went straight for the animals. We got a few new critters to add to the family but I felt really bad for the weather conditions for the caged pets. Most looked hot and tired and stressed out. Went on $1 admission day. Too bad parking was $10. Food wasn’t bad it was very interesting.

  129. James Reed say:

    Same vendors in the same places going on …what 20 years….same BS with people from outside our community…same bad fair food …see you in another 5 years…

  130. Mark Munoz say:

    I’m at the Fair every year! I buy a season pass I’m here so much. I try to make it to every concert. Great shows as always! Oh and I go to the Other fair around the areas and think this one is the best one!!!!

  131. Ana Cabrales-Lopez say:

    I enjoy coming to the fair every year not once but 2-3 times. I bring my two kids and enjoy the rides on $1 a ride day otherwise I feel the rides are too expensive. I love all the exhibits, thelego table was a hit this year and the best part of all in was inside with AC so we stayed playing for a long time. The piggies race was a hit as well. We build a lot of good memories every year. I try going when the gates open, I had no problems with parking or entrance.

  132. Debbie Dee Hernandez say:

    I enjoyed the shopping and loved they had so many rides.. Big variety of food, but its kinda pricey… So was getting in… Parking, Carnival, Rides, Food. But had a good time..

  133. Amber Joi Tuhacek say:

    I love the fair. Last year we went 6 times! Last night was the first night I went this year and I was super excited. Band was pretty bad, there were literally 3 or 4 fireworks that lasted seconds; I was really disappointed this year

  134. Cinthia Saenz say:

    We had an AMAZING time on $1 day. Thank you for offering great discount days. It allows more of us to be able to attend. Q

  135. Michelle Tran say:

    It was literally just “okay.” Bought my 7 year old nephew a wristband & one for my 4 year old daughter. Before I purchased it, I had asked the lady at the ticket booth the height requirements for the rides. She told me 36 inches.. I’m thinking alright that’s cool, my daughter is 37-38 inches.. come to find out, most of the rides, the kids between 36-42 inches had to ride w/ an adult. I was on a budget so I couldn’t buy myself some tickets/wristband.. my daughter had to ride the same rides. She kept saying “mommy, I already rode this!” But eventually she got the point that she was too short! She was disappointed that she couldn’t ride the dumbo ride or the small carousel. Overall, I think she had fun! (On the 5 rides she was okay to ride on) haha

  136. Stephen Moore say:

    Went 7 times this year and saw 7 concerts. They were great. Hats off to this fair for holding the acts to very very high standards of musicianship and showmanship. Every act, regardless of genre, was as professional as it gets and put on a great show. Bravo!

  137. CL Munroe say:

    I had fun with the season pass saw a couple of concerts. I was a little disappointed when I met a young lady today who had coupons to get discounts on food. I wasn’t offered any coupons even with the season pass.

  138. Evelyn Ram say:

    Expensive food and the games stands and the employees working there would try to trick you into games so don’t send your kids along with the money! I mean don’t take me wrong it’s exciting and fun but you have to be rich to there with family’s!!!

  139. Stephanie Sawler say:

    Super hot but fun …: they changed it up this year and we liked it.

  140. Kathie Ritchie Alcorn say:

    It was good , but the food , although it was outrageously mummy and unhealthy was SO overpriced .. way more than Disney .. I kid you not .. 1 sausage and fries … $22 !!! For a sausage !! You know they are going to rip you off but this was rediculous .. tainted a great day .

  141. Joanne Bautista-Schwinghammer say:

    Hot! Found shade at the horse races. Overall great day �

  142. Mel Jasso say:

    Always fun!!! Can’t wait until next years.

  143. Raynesha Mcghee-Reed say:

    I remember whn I went there a Loooong time ago whn I was little in field trips & it was gr8 whn I went w/ my sister & her friends yesterday, I’ve been on some fun rides & it was worth it!!!

  144. Sophia Zarate say:

    Went on Saturday July 8th, seemed as if the crowd was really down from last year’s Saturday. Missed the Alameda Police officer dunk tank. Animal area seemed very empty. Went to watch some horse races and the demolition derby. Bummed the demolition derby wasn’t as great as last year’s. The arena seemed to be smaller and the entrance was changed. Sat in a different section and could hardly see because people were standing. The demolition derby was really SHORT compared to last year which made it less fun since it wasn’t as comical as last year’s.

  145. Donna Larck Sisk say:

    I had a blast, went 2 times this year. Great Job to the Orgainizers, I can only imagine the work that goes on behind the scenes to make this fair so amazing! Can’t wait until next year ????????????

  146. Mary Ybarra-Cruz say:

    We had a great x at the fair . It was a nice night . The lines were long for rides but went fast .

  147. Kim Washington say:

    Had a great time good food good drinks wish I would of came earlier to enjoy it more but for wat it was worth I enjoyed myself

  148. Pamela Byrd say:

    Love, Love, Love the fair, the food, pig race, outside concerts and the people

  149. Leyda Blu say:

    Best time of the months me and my little brother loved it he enjoyed his bday time

  150. Vera Garcia say:

    It was very relaxing enjoyed the shops and food and just seeing my granddaughter having fun

  151. Jennifer Ukei-Tristman say:

    To the kind gentleman who found my phone yesterday afternoon in the carnival section and got it to the sheriff’s department, THANK YOU from a grateful stranger! I wish you had left your name so I could have thanked you!

    And a big thank you to fair staff and the sheriff’s department for helping me recover it so quickly. The first sheriff I spoke to advised me to go guest services and file a report. I went to the closest guest services area (in the green area) to report it lost. Only a few minutes later, my husband asked a sheriff walking by where we should go to file a report and the sheriff already knew it was missing, knew it had been found and escorted my husband to the correct location to pick it up. I couldn’t believe how quickly and courteously everyone had been and how wonderful it was to interact with so many great people Thank you!

  152. Daisy Mae say:

    The shuttle tram did not stop to pick us up to the gate. Took a while for them to come by to pick us up from the gate. Lady we talked to said she waited an hour for the tram.

  153. Heidi Magañita say:

    Wonderful me ND my baby boy had fun ,I can’t wait till next year ????????

  154. Carolyn Stafford say:

    Had a great time! It was my 1st time to the alameda county fair. We watched the RV demolition derby and it was awesome. Kids liked the rides and food was good. I look forward to going again next year.

  155. Mike DeMartini say:

    It’s no doubt one of the best fair in the country. The horse race track is the oldest one mile track in the country had the likes of Seabiscuit run there Kentucky Derby place winner casualise had a barn there and it’s in Pleasanton what are the most beautiful places in the United States of America Alameda County Fair the best of the world

  156. Will Nickerson say:

    Great time at the fair. I will be back next year. I was there on the last day of the fair, there was security, no fights or rioting or any other mayhem occurred. For us, a good time was had by all!

  157. Janet Niermeyer say:

    My sons friend who’s only eleven dropped his cell phone and $30 from his pocket, the ride conductor gave him his phone and pocketed the cash. I wish I had been right there, I would have let him have it! Took advantage!!!

  158. Martha Velasquez say:

    went on the last day toward the evening after 5…. parking…. not so crowded. had fun few waiting lines

  159. Larry Sprung say:

    We had fun food was good but pricey, Night Ranger kicked ASS!!

  160. Ian Robinson say:

    It’s the top County Fair in the Bay Area. I enjoy the venues and shows every year. The turkey legs are the best! One of these years, I will enter my world famous Peach pie recipe… lol

  161. Dave Jacobs say:

    Have one every year for over 20 years now and I have to say this year may be my last the food has gotten worse each year and less and less selection. It’s always in the heat of the season so walking g around in 100+ weather is no fun either. The food prices have gotten so far out of control is just not even funny our meal that was 2 burned hambergers a cold hot dog some very greasy fries was $40 BUCKS yep that’s right. So I say goodbye to you county fair .

  162. Rachel Peterson say:

    Love the fair as always. Just wish I could’ve gone more than once this year. I will say it’s pretty expensive for food and drinks. I think Disneyland is actually cheaper but whatever. Still loved it. Didn’t like the chickle and threw it out but love the Doritos corn on the cob

  163. Jessica Servin say:

    I love the fair. Not too happy with parking and fights that I usually see once a year. Everything else is pretty good.

  164. Kimberly A Saso Andrews say:

    I really enjoy the family atmosphere and the fun time. One negative is I wish they would not have cover bands for most of the concerts. I really enjoy the variety of the exhibits.

  165. Estela Victoria-Cordero say:

    We had a great time! The food is a bit pricey but other than that, the lines are manageable and my daughter loves the rides !!

  166. Gail Garner Seffens say:

    The county fair had several buildings with interesting things to see. I especially like the building that had the crafts in it. We also attended the demolition derby. Never saw motor-homes being demolished. Was great. The concert venue was very full, so we had “lawn” seating and watched the concert on a big screen TV. The food was usual fair food, lots of fried stuff and nothing (that I could find) that was the least bit healthy.

  167. Billie O'Brien say:

    So $120 on 3 season passes, $35 for 5 parking passes on Groupon, 2 pre purchased wrist bands $25 each. So $180 before we stepped on the grounds.

    My husband and I, plus 2 kids enjoyed the fair 5 times this year. Sure it’s not cheap, sure we did spend money on overpriced food (easily $50 on soft serve alone) but we also did come prepared with an ice chest full of water and snacks and food.

    The Fair is what you make it, we enjoyed it to the fullest, planned ahead and came out on top. Looking forward to next year!!

  168. Lola Pratt say:

    While I always enjoy the Alameda county Fair. Food Concerts a Blast.
    However what I didn’t like was the fact that by the end of the concert its Dark with no lights in Parking Area. Even though I remembered I was in row F. Without Lights it took me at least 15min to find my car. I had to use my phone flashlight as well as alarm key. What the Fair is going on? A few rented lights at night would be much appreciated.

  169. LeeAnne Marino say:

    Great food, great entertainment!!!!
    SuperDiamond, Sheila E, Night Ranger!! Deep fried Mac N Cheese, giant corn dawgs and the RV Demolition derby!!! Life is great at the Alameda County Fair!!!

  170. Stacy Watkins say:

    Hotter than crap on Sunday. Crowded but spread out. They need more misters throughout facility. Almost had to take my 9 year old to First Aid for heat exhaustion. The sewer smell over by the demolitions Derby was so disgusting but other then that lines for rides moved fast and water log ride was a hit and plenty food booths. Lines not to long

  171. Paul Richard Schwartzenberger say:

    Didn’t do much as far as the actual fair aspect….. Was there driving a Figure 8 car(# S-15) but did get to see most of the exhibits…. My wife and I enjoyed them…. Had a lot of fun…. Looking forward to next year.

  172. Jesse Lee Newcomb say:

    Had a great time at the Scottish Games weather was a bit extreme but lots of cool off spots.

  173. Alisha Douglas say:

    Fantastic time as always! A weee bit hot, but great time for kids, wonderful vendors and music was amazeballs!

  174. Kari Guthrie say:

    Worst fairgrounds ever!!
    Rude employees that don’t know what their doing. Lousy set ups. Uneven ground to walk on and nasty bathrooms!!

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