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Located in the Rocky Mountains 40 miles west of Denver, Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk offers an exceptional gaming and entertainment experience in the Denver metropolitan area. We offer a 56,000-square-foot casino; a luxury full-service hotel with 536 well-appointed rooms, including 64 suites; a roof-top pool; five dining and entertainment venues; a full-service luxury day spa; 15,000 square feet of meeting and event space; and the largest parking garage in the market.

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With its soaring, skylight ceilings, slate floors, timber beams, and massive floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces, this two-story casino has a rustic elegance.



The casino action at Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk offers quite a variety! Our games, including over 1,250 of the hottest, most popular slot and video products are amazingly diverse. But no matter what shape they take — interactive video slots, classic reel machines, and single or multi-hand video poker – they have one thing in common: Each and every one of them is state-of-the-art. Our slot machines range from pennies up to $100 machines.



With our 40 table games and 22 live poker tables, Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk is ready for action. Come check out our newly added table games area including hot new games such as Bonus Craps! Our table games feature bets from $5 up to $100.



Put on your poker face and get ready to play.
At Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk, you can experience:

  • Limit/Structured Games Offered
    • $3 – $6
    • $4 – $8
    • $6 – $12
    • $10 – $20
    • $20 – $40
    • $30 – $60
    • $50 – $100
  • Spread Limit Games Offered
    • $1 – $2 – $100
    • $2 – $5 – $100
    • $5 – $10 – $100


Shuffle up and deal!



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  1. Christy CR say:

    My husband and I went up for the afternoon and evening. We checked in at 4pm and checked out the same night at 10pm. The room was dirty, the bed and pillows were so uncomfortable we were miserable. When I complained, the front desk didn’t even acknowldge my complaint. The response from the front desk was, “you owe nothing”. I then check my account and see they charged me $50 more than what I signed for. I called to find out why, I was told it is customary to charge for “incidentals”. I explained I was never told there would be an additional charge, and it would have been nice to have the information upfront. They assured me the funds would be refunded 3-5 business days later! I won’t be back, I will also let everyone I know how we were treated and let to leave without care or concern.

  2. Veronica Oquendo say:

    They only complaint we have is the smoking rooms have beds hard as bricks!! �

  3. Alida Chalske Savadski say:

    Everything was fine except i dont like to drink a martini in a paper cup!!!

  4. Richie Alarcon say:

    Very frustrated. I have stayed there 4-5 times in the past 12 months and played there a lot and never received comps for a room not once. Two of those stays paying for a suite. Anyways I called to book a room and got no discounts whatsoever. When my father who went with me one time got all kinds of discounts for free stays. I just don’t get spent in the thousands up there and receive nothing. When I called to get a room very rude. If it wasnt for my girlfriend of don’t know of I would stay there anymore. Just upsetting.

  5. Kristin Lamendola say:

    Rooms were spacious, clean and with nice views. The spa was outstanding. Wonderful service; very relaxing. My only negative was the parking garage needs better signage: it took us several turns around the structure to find the exit!

  6. Lisa Gianetti say:

    The hotel room was fantastic and the buffet was superb. The bellhop Mike was outstanding!!

  7. Ricky Benavidez say:

    I stayed here over thanksgiving weekend and it was overall an ok time. I am a prefferred member (almost elite) from Council Bluffs and had a complimentary stay. Casino was nice but didnt like how the casino and all the restuarants and hotel were all mixed together, id rather the casino and all that other stuff be seperate. I know KC one is and so is Council Bluffs. i had my dad and little brother with me and we were constantly harassed by security about showing IDs when we were just trying to get to the restaurant nowhere close to a slot. My little brother has Autism and he was getting upset feeling like he couldnt walk around without being harassed or he was doin something wrong and was gonna get in trouble. There is NO reason he should have to feel that way ever. So not a fan of it all being mixed together. Room was nice nothing special but good. Nice pool and hottub would be nice if the pool was heated was a little cold to be swimming in it this time of the year and the hottub was warm but not hot. Might be a nicer stay for older people but im not a fan of being bugged all the time while im trying to enjoy myself and gamble, which anyone who looks young will be. Also i was jipped on my complimentary free play and food voucher, showed up and checked in and none of it was even on my card i had to talk to a pitboss and it took over 30 minutes or longer to get something put on my card when we were tired from driving all day and just wanted to eat and go to bed. I only got $30 food voucher for the night was only enough for our 3 meals for the one night and i was supposed to get $75 free for the whole stay which i wasnt given. I was supposed to have $80 free slot play or real chips and i was given $80 fake chips that the dealer takes from you when you play and win so its not really extra like it should be should of got free slot play on my card or $80 real chips. Probably wont come back but wasnt terrible for a one time thing. I had a better stay in KC and enjoy my home Ameristar in Council Bluffs.

  8. Bengy Martinez say:

    Our room was really nice, the view was awesome. We had a great time. I would recommend this hotel and casino to anyone who’s looking for a weekend retreat.

  9. Luann Wallace say:

    We love staying at your casino. I love the pool and spa. All our family gambles and has a great time. Good food and service where ever you go. We will be back. Wish we lived closer. Thanks

  10. Joanne Berends say:

    The closest thing you can get to Las Vegas gaming in Black Hawk.

  11. Fred Caldero say:

    I’ve played your casino for the 5 years! I have never received a single comp. I don’t even receive discounts on rooms yet. I play blackjack and I never play the minimum bet. Your comp system is pretty jack up and stingy. My buddy play for 3 hours at the one across the street and guess what? The next weekend they sent him discount rooms and a bunch of other comps. Kinda crazy! Well that’s alright because I am switching casinos as well. 5 years and nothing? It’s a joke. If you’re not trying to have me gamble at your casino than I’ll gladly take my money elsewhere and I drive up there on the minimum of 3 times a month on average. Monarch gave me a free buffet after one hour of play.

  12. Will Romero say:

    FIRST TIME IN BLACKHAWK. Spent 1300 in the slots. Comped $19. F this I’m out. In vegas I’m comped a room for a week spending half that.
    I’ll stick to Vegas.

  13. Jacqui Ancmon say:

    Tables are always on fire!! Very friendly dealers

  14. Drew Garcia say:

    It was an Awesome place to visit definitely will be back, nice and clean and up-to-date!!!

  15. Armando Gallardo say:

    Worst stay ever we reserved a non smoking room and they booked us in a smoking room nothing else available couldn’t wait to check out the room made all our personal belongings stink I felt I slept in an ashtray �

  16. David Corder say:

    Winning here is impossible. Rooms are nice. Cleaners need to do better. Found hair in shower and poop in toilet bowl in room. Need more variety in buffet.

  17. Ghena Bolton say:

    Always a great experience
    Customer service is excellent and everything I do clean

  18. DeMarcus Rhodes say:

    Table games are expensive and you never win. Everything is over price.

  19. Jesse Montoya say:

    Had to wait forever for a table the damn pager that didnt even go off. Then I played for several hours and wanted a drink with no luck. Asked the dealer to help he just kept saying they be by. Their service there sucks, atleast if I lose my money I want to be buzzed doing it. Ameristar sucks!

  20. Thom Davis say:

    I thought the casino was well appointed, and the people, employees and patrons alike, were exceptionally polite, pleasant, and helpful. It was very clean, and the surrounding area (outside) is beautiful!

    I didn’t win a fortune, but I did have fun!

  21. Laurie Milichichi say:

    Beautiful, so classy and clean. Service was awesome too!

  22. Cera da Costa say:

    The Spa was Fantastic!! Pam & Kelly were Wonderful � Great body scrub & facial, care and client service ♡♡
    I’ll definitely be back!

  23. Nick Nabholz say:

    Beds are stiff as hell, we ordered room service at 9am. Didn’t get to our room until 11:15 called and called and called, finally came up to our room. My wife’s cinnamon rolls were rockhard. She had her nails done it was her birthday weekend, she was able to tap her nail on the cinnamon rolls and they actually made a sound as if you were tapping a rock. I do have to say they did give us the meal for free, so we do appreciate that. But when you wait that long for food and you can’t even eat it… The amenities are awesome, we were in a corner suite so the Jacuzzi was nice. Just those beds are extremely stiff.

  24. Jaime Madison-Vander Lugt say:

    Beautiful casino and hotel. The room was very clean and beds were comfortable. I would go back in a heartbeat.

  25. Durdy Bsmc Mile-High say:

    Great atmosphere, great hotel rooms and great odds.

  26. Jennifer Bowser Stewart say:

    The spa was AMAZING. Gina did my pedicure and Becca did my facial. Both were so nice and worth every penny! I felt like a new person when I left. I will be coming back to the spa, no questions asked. Both appointments were so relaxing and awesome; the best pedi and facial I’ve ever gotten in my life!!! Wish I lived closer so I could come to the spa more often!! Thank you!!!!

  27. Lacey Brewer say:

    The hotel is absolutely beautiful. We stayed in the Pine Mountain Suite and a spa suite. If the hotel was the only part of this review it would get 5 stars, however the casino and lack of spa availability brings it down.
    Was not able to get in the spa at all during our weekend stay and when I tried to get in they tried to make an appointment for the next week. Not sure how that would work since I live in Texas and checked out today, (Monday).
    The casino has the tightest slots I have ever seen! After playing slots in Louisiana and Oklahoma, Ameristar slots did not hit hardly at all. We played longer at other smaller casinos across the street and in the area than at this casino. Spent the last day in the room primarily because, well, no fun gambling when you’re not hitting anything.

  28. Lucille Chavez say:

    It’s a beautiful Hotel but we had to call 3 time’s for extra towels, which took then half hour to bring them.. On 29th floor no ice, in ice machine so we had to go to upper floor just for Ice!

  29. Pamela Adamski say:

    I’ve been to the Ameristar many times over the last 5-6 years and they never disappoint. I haven’t made it down in almost a year but finally made it back this weekend. Everyone from the valet, front desk to the Fireside waitstaff were friendly & welcoming. The Casino staff were all great as well – and no, I didn’t leave $$ ahead but didn’t lose all I brought to loss so that’s a win in my book! It’s gambling folks & if the house didn’t win the majority of the time there would be no Casinos to visit! I had a great time & appreciate my little escape from reality…..

  30. Crystal Morales say:

    I really love all the casinos there its my second time going there ive been on other cacinos but nothing compare to this one this is the best!!

  31. Mary Cross say:

    We always love our stay! Hot tub, Timberline Grill, just wonderful!

  32. Jessica L Compaore say:

    outstanding stay. great for couples getting away form home.

  33. Maria Angeles Saucedo say:

    Love this place, great food and lodging. Can’t wait to go back.

  34. John Daniel say:

    This used to be one of our favorite US resorts. We are from Texas and used to live in Colorado. I remember this place before Pinnacle to it over and it was fun, lots of jackpots, the food was awesome and the employees were friendly. We’ve been here 3 days and I haven’t seen 1 jackpot payout!! About the only good thing left is the rooms. They have pared down the menu at the fireside grille, and don’t even waste your time at the waypost grille it has been reduced to cheap thin burgers that have no flavor, and again the menu pared to very little.
    So as old star club members there is very little to nothing left of the great resort that used to be here and it’s ashamed that Pinnacle took such a great place and put profits before patrons.

  35. DeeAnn Haggard Harrington say:

    My favorite hotel. My favorite indoor swimming pool. Clean. Friendly and professional employees. Great food. Who could ask for more?

  36. Paige Leann Davis say:

    Well I was looking forward to our stay there but I was so disappointed in this place. It was supposed to be a night away from baby’s and we just wanted to get out of there. First of all not a single worker there was nice, they were all rude and horrible customer service. We are checking in the lady tried double charging me for a room and when we said no it’s only supposed to be this much she got an attitude with me, then we get to our room and it was nothing great. They didn’t even clean the shower from the last people in our room it was discussting. Then all night long there is a bunch of drunk people outside our room fight and all threw the night someone keeped trying to come into our room my guess they thought it was there room. All said and done we check out and the guy is rude he doesn’t ask how our stay was or how our room was. We payed an arm and a leg for a horrible place and for horrible services from the hotel and the restaurants. I will never go back and never recommend to anyone. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

  37. Tina Ahmann say:

    This definitely used to be our favorite place to go! Great deals on hotel rooms.. but that all changed. Still enjoy going but don’t get the specials we used to and the slots have gotten extremely tight!

  38. Sherri Pickett say:

    The hotel itself is fair, but the beds are pretty hard and we woke up with stiff backs. The casino takes all of our money every time we try it, no matter what type of game we play. Overall disappointing.

  39. Ricky S. Reinhardt say:

    #Greatstaff #customerservice #friendly I love it here. I set my destination for #Ameristar

  40. Vern Martinez say:

    Played for awhile and sat at the comfy seat in the bar and relax ….loved the casino , nice

  41. Lisa Frank Pizzo say:

    The hotel is nice, the rooms are nice, the spa is a favorite but why it only gets 3 stars is the service! It has declined over the years and continues to do so. And the sad part is they don’t care! They don’t take any concerns or feedback and do anything with it. I guess who needs good customer service when you are going to be busy regardless, since there is only one place to gamble in the state and a limited number of places to stay. We gave it another try this weekend and we won’t be going back.

  42. Audrey Bray say:

    I really love that there is no smoking inside the casino!

  43. Dorothy Maloney say:

    We love the rooftop hot tub! Unfortunately every single time I give in and decide to stay here the room is dirty and I mean sticky drink marks on all the surfaces, food remnants on the floors and the tub and shower are almost never wiped down. The Waypost has good food and fairly quick service but the upstairs restaurant Fireside has pricey food that leaves much to be desired as well as the server we had was so rude we almost got up and left. Fortunately for this stay the guest services sent someone up to clean after we checked in and comped us some food for having to deal with the filth.

  44. Lunch Ladyschn say:

    Very nice and relaxing, didn’t really see anyone else in the Jacuzzi, steam room, bathroom area so it was like having the place myself.

  45. Erin Resetar say:

    I called the hotel before going up there because I was taking my daughter to go to the pool, to my surprise after I made my reservation because they told me the pool was open until 11 I go to the pool and can’t get in because they don’t allow them in after 9. The oh so inviting pool attendant (NOT) let me know the pool opened up again at 7am. So what do I do? I go down at 7am and surprise surprise my stupid room key did not work to open the door to the pool. Less than impressed by my first experience there…

  46. Becky Revello Jose Gonzalez say:

    My husband and I really enjoyed our first time.We got a room on the 18th floor and the bed and room was amazing! Lost 300$ bucks But can’t wait to go again at the end of march with my girls.Have them drinks ready!

  47. Bryan E Petersen say:

    Did a weekend trip up for a fundraiser. Even though the bus dropped off at a different location the majority of the group ended up here. Played the tables and did pretty good this time around. Haven’t stayed in the hote yet, but don’t really need to with the short drive up from Denver.

  48. Tanya Smith say:

    We love to come up and stay overnight.. Always have had a great room, good service.. I play the slots with my daughters,, we have a blast.. Win some, lose some!! Sunday Brunch way to expensive!!, Fireside so,so.. No Gluten Free available..

  49. Lisa Tucker say:

    The hotel was really nice and clean, and the music was really good. We loved just walking around and taking everything in. The staff was really friendly at the front desk. I would have given it higher, but we did the continental buffet for breakfast this morning and was so disgusted, our appetite was completely gone. The food was really good until we went to get dessert. I noticed a roach in the toppings for the ice cream. My husband got the attention of a staff member, and all they did was take the one containing the roach and dumped it. No apologies. Nothing. $20 a piece for a buffet to find a roach. Gross.

  50. Patrick Wayka say:

    Had a Blast!!!!
    Cant wait until we come back
    Ameristar you nailed it

  51. Todd A. Price say:

    Priceless Service and most AWESOME atmosphere, plus great food!!!!

  52. Heidi Kallsen say:

    We stayed there yesterday our room was clean so we thought. I pulled back the covers on our bed and there on the other side of the blanket was a blood spot and then our air conditioner stopped working around 11pm. The buffet was not worth what we paid for it. They need more activities for kids to do besides swim do to the fact my husband is the one who gambles and I rather do other things. The pool and hot tub areas were awesome. When we checked out they did take $110 off our stay due to the blood and the air conditioner. So we hope it will be better the next time we decide to stay.

  53. Carol Anderson say:

    I always have fun there. Great slots, nice layout.

  54. Peggy Lowes say:

    Ameristar Blackhawk is our very favorite place to go for a totally fun experience. The staff is by far the very BEST!!! We LOVE this place!

  55. Daniel Rosette say:

    Nice place to stay!! Rooms are a little pricey on the weekends!!!

  56. DeeAnna Osborne say:

    Made money while I was there, and the room was nice…

  57. Kathy Varsa VanOtterloo say:

    We loved it! Our room was wonderful and so clean and modern and comfy,

  58. Randall Johnson say:

    Buffet just ok…crab was great but an extra charge weekdays. Workers very nice. Room clean and nice…better than average.

  59. Jesse Musselman say:

    Looking to escape the Chaos of the city, this is the place to come to for a night or two.

  60. Alan Palomba say:

    No problems here. I think the majority that leave reviews just like to complain.

  61. Renee Layton say:

    The room was ok, clean, but the bed pillows are just down right weird and extremely uncomfortable! Recommend bring your own. The food on the buffet was terrible! We got checked in and headed down to eat about 8pm and all the food was literally cold and hard, my fish fillet was like leather, pretty bad when you can’t find anything decent to eat at a BUFFET! Recommend the fireside restaurant for fresh cooked food (breakfast was good), or better yet just go to the Isle for all you can eat crab legs if you can! The gambling kinda sucks now for middle class folks, $15 minimum to play black jack!?! Umm, nope! Dropped a hundred bucks in the video poker at the bar and that got me about an hour play time and 2 beers, disappointing to say the least. Wandered around and dropped another $60 in a couple slot machines before deciding I was not having any fun throwing my money away, so we BOUGHT a beer and headed back to our room. I wish we had brought swim suits but figured we would be gambling and having too much fun to go swimming…recommend bring your suit!

  62. Cynthia Powers say:

    They cater to those under 50 with their promotions. The buffett has gone down hill. Food cold/ I havent received discounts for the past five years either. Point system is worthless. Should be competition with another hotel being built!

  63. Sandy Bell LePrevost say:

    Would stay again in a heartbeat. What a nice clean friendly place

  64. Kim Baird say:

    The rooms are not as clean as they use to be. Got a suite for 2 bight and ended up leaving early. Hope it gets better up there soon.

  65. Jonathan JD say:

    Pretty dope place. Had fun for my first time at a casino. One of the servers I didn’t like she was rude and made a comment that was not nice but I ignored it and kept playing.

  66. Shelby Curtis Crowton say:

    We usually have a great experience but this time both my friend and I had to go to bed early due to the weed smell giving us a migraine.

  67. Shari Canon say:

    Stephanie at Ameristar took care of us…1st class!

  68. Joan Zimmerman Mansfield say:

    We had so much fun! Ameristar is the very best! Fantastic room, great buffet and the customer service is outstanding in all areas. So friendly from the valet service, hotel check in, waiters and servers and housekeeping. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable experience and complimentary room and bonus rewards. Looking forward to our next visit.

  69. Rebeca Fonseca Gurrola say:

    Wonderful!!. And also I recommend the buffet. It is delicious!!

  70. Patrick Gilmore say:

    lively atmosphere for a Saturday night! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even while I managed to donate $300 of my entertainment funds to some fellow poker players! The staff and dealers were pretty friendly and the pulled pork fries were AMAZING (worth going to Ameristar just for the fries!)

  71. Carmen Drury say:

    Our first time there and we absolutely enjoyed. The rooms were very nice and large. What a great view we had. The casino was very nice and clean, spacious and the staff were wonderful. The restaurants were all very wonderful and again nice and clean and reasonably priced. I don’t know why it took us so long to visit there. But we definitely will be spending our time there from on.

  72. Kim Tiller say:

    Great hotel beautiful rooms and awesome pool!!!!!!

  73. Joseph K Waites say:

    Our stay was very nice staff was very friendly and helpful, Tha buffet was very good nice variety Room was beautiful.

  74. Carrie Marie say:

    We had an amazing time, beautiful pool and hot tub. As well as amazing rooms. Great experience. Housekeeping got everything we asked for.

  75. Don Murray say:

    The room was great! The food at the buffet wasn’t real good. Was part of a large group (12) and it sure seemed like no one had any luck on the machines. Had fun on the tables.

  76. RobandJan Newman say:

    Francisco greeted us at the front desk. He was very professional, friendly and informative. We were pleased with the room. We were on the 32nd floor. The only issue we had was walking to the room and entering the room it smelled like smoke (not cigarette smoke). Overall we look forward to our next stay We had a great time!

  77. David Westbrook say:

    I love this place. The hotel is the best ever. And I hit the jackpot on a penny slot. 44k.

  78. Lisa Marshall say:

    The room was free! Staff was great. The only reason I have such a high rate.
    Filthy dirty. Sheets had blood stain, coffee pot had something crusty stuck to it that Did not resemble coffee. Appeared to me like crusty vomit on wall tile under tp holder.
    Was admiring the beautiful Rocky mountains when I noticed what I thought was fraid curtains upon touching to see, I was covered is dust. All over curtains, valence n wall. Yes from heater. These areas need cleaning every now n then. NO HOT water in shower. Needed due to uncomfortable bed.
    Everything shuts loud. Lol bumpers on your cupboards n drawers.

  79. Dave Calhoun say:

    Very nice, didn’t get to enjoy all the amenities. The buffet is quite good, while the Fireside kitchen was relatively generic (not bad ). I would say for the additional money, it really isn’t that much of an improvement from the Isle, where we stayed last time…

  80. Jack Jeffery say:

    Always have a great time here…LOVE the staff here as well!!

  81. Amber McDonald say:

    I love Ameristar! It’s always a calm and peaceful, fun atmosphere. The suites are amazing and I never have complaints.

  82. Christine Villagrana say:

    I thought wow free drinks …. but they were too slow cause I like to switch slot machines often – but then I found that my favorite drinks at the bar are under $5 … almost free in my opinion.

  83. Jamal White say:

    It was okay just went to gamble and get drunk I didn’t get a room

  84. Lorraine Sandoval Jiron say:

    love staying and playing at the Ameristar. Staff is great. Gilbert Riley is the best

  85. Mark Strachan say:

    Overall a very nice place as a hotel. Room was clean, but hot water service was low. With it all the way on, it was maybe a 100 degrees. The steakhouse is worth the money. The other restaurants are not. Bar service was horrible. Took me 15 minutes to get one mixed drink and I was the only one standing there.

  86. Kayla King say:

    Thank you Ameristar for making my anniversary so amazing!!! ?

  87. Susan Morland say:

    Great hotel thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Would recommend it to friends and family.

  88. John Romero say:

    great place to gamble, and stay if you choose. great views, spa, pool and Jacuzzi. Oh, and an incredible buffet

  89. Katie French say:

    Needs a lesson in customer service. Upon entering a bathroom there was absolutely no sign indicating a wet floor. My sister feel hard and hurt her shin (bruises over a week later still). All they were worried about was not getting sued. We are not looking for handouts but a comped lunch perhaps, or anything at all really??? Would have been a nice gesture as an “I’m sorry we screwed up.” All they care about is not getting sued. “Well we were not negligent, it was your fault.” Really great! What a great bunch of folks really showing they care. They didn’t have a wet floor sign anywhere (we have a video) and that is not the point. The point is your lack of compassion is pretty telling. Maybe you should look towards bed and breakfasts to see how you SHOULD treat people.

  90. Kevin Wong say:

    Stayed here 3 years ago. Rooms were very nice. Front desk service was excellent and the slot attendants were very nice.

  91. Crystal Cabazos say:

    Love the rooftop pool. It was amazing. & the Buffett was not bad.

  92. Carrie Greaves say:

    Great rooms, pool and casino. We had a great time!

  93. Pamela Beaver say:

    It was definitely a less than perfect experience.

  94. Virginia Gonzales say:

    Es. Un. Lugar. Muy. Bonito. Tiene. Un. Hotel. Muy. Acogedor. El. Buffet. Es. Muy. Bueno. La. Comida.

  95. Sanjua Urbina say:

    Es un lugar muy bonito nos gusta el Buffet y el mesero que nos atiende siempre que vamos pedimos que nos atienda el el se llama Juan el es muy atento y nos atiende muy bien.gracias.

  96. Glenda Hall say:

    Amazing view, wonderful staff and a 5+ for the spa. Defiantly worth the drive from Denver.

  97. Kenu Naketa Carter-Hutcherson say:

    great food, great people, great hospitality!! I was upset about losing my five dollars in the penny machine.

  98. Jerri Cybyske say:

    We come up At least twice a year and only stay at the Ameristar! Great food options! And we like the tables here over all the others. And on Friday and Saturday night they a a great DJ?

  99. Samuel Andrew Miller say:

    Won a Gee stack first 10 minutes there and bounced after eating the best green chili tortilla soup I’ve ever had

  100. Jarod Work say:

    Love staying there on our family vacation look forward to staying there this July or august

  101. Kerry Metzger say:

    The room was exceptional except for the price stayed there sat. nite. The timberline was ok nothing great like we were told over all except for the money i lost experience was.good.

  102. Christopher Haffad say:

    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… I love this place.

  103. Kimberly Jimenez say:

    For the money it is not worth the stay! Specifically booked a room with walk in shower and handicap accessible. Upon arrival we had to wait for about an hour already after 4 pm to be cleaned. Price booked was not the same rate given. Finally got keys and didn’t get us the right room. Called down to front desk and the supervisor stated that they gave us the wrong room and we would need to move but it wasn’t cleaned. Now being after 6 pm we needed to eat and they compd us two buffets. The service there was really good not that they had to do to make things better. The. Buffet was ok especially since I didn’t have to pay for it! I would have been even more pissed after everything else if I would have paid full price. Now in our room the shower is cold I could piss a stream warmer. The fridge has to be kicked on every two hours can’t get extra pillows as requested… gave up! I would defiantly stay at the Isle when I come again! I still have 6 more nights on my vacation here…. wish me luck because I think that is what I will need!

    PS: Dont reply that you are going to contact the leadership team because I have spoke to managers already and no one seems to care. Even when you ask employees what they like about their job they respond “it’s a job and that’s it”. A review of all areas of customer service and quality need to be examined! We have reservations Saturday at steak restaurant and it just better not be disappointing!!!!

  104. Brandy Michelle Williams say:

    It looked like a really nice room but was dirty, unvacumed and old used soap I the tub. The power went out ( due to a down power line) but had to carry all my luggage from tbe 18th floor. I paid 150$ for this!! I will not stay they’re again unless something changes

  105. Robin Redman say:

    My husband and I stay at Ameristar Resort in Blackhawk Colorado as often as we can, usually 2 weekends out of the month. I love the hotel, the restaurants, the casino and entertainment. But the main reason I come back time after time is because of the awesome staff.

    They go out of their way to make our trip and experience great each and every time. I especially love the VIP service and my Casino Host, Lona Ray. I can not say enough wonderful things about her customer service skills and habit of always going the extra mile to make the trip enjoyable. She prides herself on making ours and every guests visit as enjoyable as possible, going above and beyond to provide unsurpassed levels of service.

    I adore Lona for her genuine personality, smile, and friendliness. Because Lona always gives 110%, exceeding our expectations and ensuring our happiness we will only play and stay at Ameristar!

    Robin & Dan Redman

  106. Tece Marie say:

    I have stayed there many times before yesterday and never had an issue , but I was very unhappy my room was dirty not vacuumed, there was a used piece of soap left in the tub and the power went out this morning and I had to carry all my luggage down 16 flights of stairs so I’m not very happy for $150.00

  107. Poncho Arzaga Miranda say:

    Exelente exelente exelente y pues exelente todo muy bien buen trato muy amables y muy acojedor lo recomiendo

  108. Rhonda Blaudow Trujillo say:

    First time staying and Loved it. Rooms were clean and staff was great �

  109. Mia Smith say:

    Ameristar Resort Casino is such a nice place to visit! The staff is always nice and accommodating! The amenities like the pool and the spa is sooo great!

  110. Staci Mefford say:

    Had a great time. Karli our host was great. Our dinner was excellent. Diffently will be back SOON..

  111. Schmalz Madelyn say:

    Best time Ever! Truly felt like a real vacation even if I was only 1 hour from home.

  112. Susan Schott Bare say:

    I had a blast. It was great and restaurants were great. The only thing I didn’t care for there was no microwaves in the rooms. I had a half of sandwich left and wanted to warm it up the next day and couldn’t. Went by the restaurant that we ate at and they claimed they didn’t have a microwave to warm it up. That was the only thing that bothered me.

  113. Elizabeth Kuhn say:

    This is the third time we are staying in this hotel. Check in is constantly a crisis. The rooms are never ready. The response is “check in starts at 4”. Well maybe when you expect me to check out I’ll start the process and the meander out instead of meeting your expectations that I vacate the room.

    The answer is “we are sorry and I hope you enjoy your stay.” Well maybe after two years, this is your modus operandi and you actually have no intentions of changing your horrible check and policies and procedures.

  114. Darren Green say:

    POOR POOR Housekeeping. Everything in our room was dirty! This Hotel has went from a 4 Star Hotel to a 1 Star!!! Beds are worn out, carpet is nasty with stains, and the shower had mold in it. Not to mention the toilet. The front desk comped our room but did not change my mind about the rating!!! Can’t wait for the new hotel to open down the street. ???

  115. Jacinta Bunnik say:

    We went for tea at there buffet. All you can eat crab as well as salads Chinese pizza roast ribs vegetables a mind boogling selection. Then there was the sweets selection unreal haven’t seen a chocolate fountain that big beforr

  116. Gloria Pava say:


  117. Juan Mendoza say:

    I have never stayed at Ameristar before, and I had my mom in from out of state and I wanted her to stay at great hotel. I called to make a reservation for a suite. Upon reservation I was asked if I was a choice member. Since I said no they asked if I wanted to join. I was told that when I join, the incentive was a free buffet for me and the guests so I agreed. When I got to the hotel they told me there are no incentives at all, and just gave me the buffet price. I really enjoyed my stay, but I would’ve been even better if they were upfront with me from the start. I paid for the meal of 3 people without hesitation because I wanted to have a good time. Please just be honest from the start. That’s the only thing that makes me feel like not coming back.

  118. Mary Ellen Wray-Danuser say:

    We booked an overnight comp room. We chose the 18th floor since I sometimes suffer from altitude sickness. Even the 18th floor proved to be too much & once more it happened.

    The room was lovely and very clean. The bathroom had a walk in shower and sunken garden tub. There was a mini refrigerator with two complimentary bottles of water. We enjoyed a city view. Our room was very quiet. We contributed it to the plush carpet floor or nobody was above us.

    The check in went smoothly. We arrived well before 4:00 pm and was able to get a room. We normally stay overnight if we are driving up to take advantage of the free military buffet that is offered to all military, past & present.

  119. Patricia Hadley say:

    Daughter told me to stop at Ameristar Casino since I was so close on my drive through the area. One of the best stops I have made in a long time. My one not so good was the elevator, my 89 year old mother in law just about knocked down by the doors closing to fast.

  120. Kathy Ticha say:

    Great was excellent. Front desk Nicole is an asset to Ameristar!! Food good!

  121. Briang Cole say:

    They won’t answer their phones and don’t answer their messages on fb. So I guess I’m taking my brother to the Isle and their buffet for his Birthday. I’m a VIP at another casino but they don’t allow anyone under 21 on the grounds. Guess I’m just spoiled with their amazing service. Doesn’t look like there are good reviews for the buffet anyways.

  122. Rebecca Klatt say:

    The times I’ve stayed overnight were fantastic! Great service, everyone we came in contact with were eager to help us… Well except the bartender on the second floor, he’s actually the reason we were comped a room one time. Long story short he was a total asshole so I complained to a manager. I couldn’t believe they comped us a room over it! I was really appreciative. That was the only time we had any issues with an employee. And they took care of it. I always recommend Ameristar �

  123. Mike White say:

    Me and my wife had an Amazing time once again and we will be returning !! Great staff above all very helpful waitresses!! Thanks for the memories on our anniversary!

  124. Marvin Black say:

    I just love the general atmosphere as a employee there I think it’s an awesome place to go.

  125. Yvonne Rodriguez say:

    This was my first time visiting Black Hawk. The buffet at Ameristar was AMAZING!! I hope to book a weekend here soon. Thank you!

  126. Mia Taylor Robinson say:

    Beautiful hotel. Great service. Awesome rooms. You can’t lose.

  127. Vilma Lisse Rivera Lurie say:

    Have been here twice, and had friendly service, very nice rooms both times, and great food!

  128. Carmine Desimone say:

    Horrendous customer support. Will not work with longtime members.

  129. Billie June Callis say:

    Beautiful, good food, great poker room with friendly dealers.

  130. Trina Hernandez say:

    Mainly cause the wait staff sucks everytimes im there i can never find a waitress on the floor n when i have to go to the bar they have attitude

  131. Josh Tarro say:

    Very nice place wife and I had a great time. Looking forward to going back

  132. Eleanor Chavez-Carrillo say:

    Ameristar Blackhawk is the best. They treated us like royalty for our anniversary, with a beautiful deluxe suite. It is in a beautiful setting in the mountains and all the staff is the very best. Thank you for the great room

  133. John Melbardis say:

    First room they gave us was not clean. Hair and debris inthe bed. Gave us a another room right away and it was fine. Everything else was great.

  134. April Yoes say:

    Stayed in a spa suite for my husband’s birthday, and it was absolutely AMAZING!!!! Love Ameristar​ Blackhawk!

  135. Tammy Laraway say:

    Amazing hotel casino! We will be returning! From the food, to great winnings! Just fantastic!!!!!

  136. Joanna Escamilla say:

    Having an amazing time love this place the pool is great the hot tub great rooms very nice feel like I’m in Las Vegas LOL

  137. Ska Rubin say:

    By far the worst Casino in Blackhawk, out of the 3 times I’ve been there, they’ve always disappointed. Rude customer service and lack of bartenders really ruined my last experience last night. Also, they are by far the tightest casino I’ve ever been to, I can not recall ever really winning anything worth my time on the slots or tables. IF YOU WANT YOUR MONEY TO LAST, AVOID THIS CASINO WITH YOUR LIFE. You’d be much better off at The Isle or Century in Central City, especially if you like winning occasionally while playing. I will not be coming back to this casino. If I could give it 0 stats, I would because 1 star gives it more credit than it’s worth.

  138. Anthony Wetmore say:

    Had a blast. Most of the craps dealers were so nice but a unfriendly few need some customer service training.

  139. Bob Black say:

    I enjoy staying there. Pretty close to home. We always have fun. Love the pool and hot tub. Rooms are nice ?

  140. Michelle Rob Calhoun say:

    We stayed there 4 nights, July 2017, very nice, just need to get a better maid service

  141. Gail Hester say:

    Wonderful resort and casino! The beds were so comfy and the bathrooms were luxurious! Also, the rooftop pool, hot tubs, and fire pits were superb! ??

  142. Mary T Mouw-Scislowicz say:

    The rooms are spacious and the bathrooms very nice. Nice casino. I have never eaten at the buffet, but have eaten in the small restaurant and it was so-so. They have a wide variety of slot machines, but I have never won very much there. The pool and outdoor spa up on the top floor are pretty cool. I have never used the spa services. This time, Room 2520 up on the 25th floor, had a broken plug in the nice, deep tub when I was going to take an epsom salt soak. And they have a new TV provider, but did not provide a listing and there was no TV guide on the TV nor were the channel names provided on the screen. Poor!

  143. Curtis Trujillo say:

    Got interrogated and a ticket for making a wrong bet on the craps table. Get a life

  144. Roger Ufema say:

    i like the casino. haven’t had the pleasure of staying there. but i look forward to one day . pop

  145. Justin Lee Sky Walker say:

    I was not at ameristar with chris the con man Conry _!!??

  146. Deanna Kerick say:

    Other than the 330am firealarm going off and being on the 25th floor and walking down the stair case for the evacuation, it was a nice, clean hotel and comfortable bed..

  147. Stephanie Milani say:

    The casino is great- minus the evacuation at 3 in the morning?

  148. Dani James say:

    I used to think this was the best hotel in Colorado. It has gone straight downhill since my last stay. We spent the first hour of our vacation checking out 6 different rooms before agreeing to the best of the worst. In the rooms we found hair clods on the floor and towels, a bloody toilet, dirt, dust, debris, crumbs, chocolate smears, used toilet paper, toenail clippings and dog hair. I’ve posted photos of all of it.

    This room rents for $249 on Friday and Saturday nights. This is expensive for Colorado, so considering the rating and the cost, I had much higher expectations. I have stayed at cleaner Motel 6’s before.

    We were comped the room after some discussion with an uncaring manager on duty. We felt that was only fair considering the situation, but by no means did it make up for it. They were completely unwilling to go above and beyond in any way. The manager actually gave us a huge attitude and stalked off from the discussion.

    We did stay in the comped room, which if it had been clean would have been a very nice room.

    We had another situation arise when a screaming and flashing alarm went off in our room at 3:30 AM alerting us to leave the building via stairs immediately. We did so to arrive outside where no Ameristar staff was found for at least 25 minutes. It was less than 60 degrees out and most people had jumped out of bed and exited in bed clothes… including elderly and children.

    No one ever came out specifically to help or explain. A random employee came by and relayed, in passing, that a pipe had exploded. He then left. Since the lights and alarms were off at this point everyone decided to head back in without any guidance from any Ameristar staff still. We walked up 19 flights of stairs to get back to our room.

    Obviously, this situation was beyond Ameristar’s ability to control, but how it was handled and executed was, and they failed miserably here.

    When we checked out, no one told us anything about what had happened in the middle of the night. No apologies or explanation. Not even a hope you had a nice stay.

    I used to be a big fan of this hotel. I am so very disappointed after this visit.

    Update* I had someone reach out to me very quickly and offer to make things right with me. I’m going to give them another shot and will review again based on that experience. I commend them for their prompt customer service at this stage though.

  149. Gregory Stryker say:

    A very nice hotel. I challenge anyone to find a room as nice for the price. That pool is fabulous. Making another reservation next month. If you want a smoking room book the view side. Our last room was in need of TLC.

  150. Rob Fuller say:

    Poker dealers were very rude looked like to me if I wasn’t a “regular” they were just rude as fuck to me. Didn’t wanna spend any more of the 1000$ that I can in with at that point and left.

  151. Tammy Vann Collins say:

    My husband and I stopped by here on our way to Glenwood Springs, Co. We were there about 45 minutes and I won $4000…..Very nice place!!! Thanks Ameristar for making my vacation awesome!!!!

  152. Martin F. Vasquez say:

    Eh, wasn’t really impressed. Other casinos have been better at service. I played slots and no service. Played video poker, no service. I asked one of the workers if someone was coming around, and just said a server will be by. After 15 minutes, no came by. Played Texas Hold’em and I think they were 45 minutes behind in getting orders out. Got bored after awhile and left. Guys on the table we pretty funny though. Maybe I had the plague or something but out of 4 hours, not one server could get me one beer while I was playing. I even asked one of the other guys if a server was going to come around and he said yeah. 15-20 minutes later, no one. Its alright, my sisters and cousins have had better times at other casinos so I guess we will stick to our go-to spots. I don’t think anyone got any good service last night. Again, I might have had the plague but if I can’t get one beer out of all the time I played, even on a poker table, I need to find another spot. I like a party and there was no party �. Maybe my group just had a bad night but my suggestion next time will be are go-to spots.

  153. Mina Pena say:

    Clean, luxurious and accomodating! The staff was able to check us in earlier than normal check in times, they upgraded our room to a suite and made our stay worth the drive from denver. Our view was amazing, the room was well equipped and modern. I would recommend this hotel/ resort casino to all of my friends and family. Thanks again for all your hospitality!!!


  154. Mike Leason say:

    Love the room and in room dining! The casino was not too good to us this time, but we will get you next trip.

  155. Darcie Anderson say:

    Amazing!!! Loved it!!! Huge rooms, friendly staff.

  156. Kristen Sliker LaRue say:

    Clean room, fast check in, and always great service at casino!

  157. Janalyn Surett say:

    We always stay at the Ameristar! This last trip was our 3rd stay and we are always pleased. There were some large changes this time. The high limit area was new and the bar and grill was new downstairs. We didn’t try either this trip but we are coming back in a few weeks and will try it then!
    The only negative thing I would have to say is we were never offered cocktails during our casino time. We saw them around, they just never came to us.
    Enjoyed our nice clean room and it’s view! We will be back!

  158. Diana Manning say:

    Machines very tight went with 10 people no one hit anything but that’s gambling oh well

  159. Laura Wright say:

    It was awesome! We love love loved it! We enjoyed the rooftop pool and hot tubs. Everything was so nice!

  160. Amber Clarke say:

    The rooms were nice but there was no microwave in the room I think for the price that you have to pay for those rooms that there should at least be a microwave other than that it was pretty okay pulls a little murky but overall I give it a 3 out of 5

  161. Vanessa Serna say:

    I love Ameristar Casino!! Staff is excellent!! I go to no other place!!

  162. Ann Benson Palomba say:

    Was my favorite place to stay and play until my last two visits, (May 2017 and August 2017) my experiences were horrible. I did send a message and am still waiting for a reply.

  163. Charles R Herrera say:

    Had really fun???????????????????????????????

  164. Marquita Gallegos say:

    I enjoyed my stay and was very happy with all the accommodations. I recommend it all the time!

  165. Damitria Gutierrez say:

    The casino was so much fun ! But the buffet sucked ! Seriously thought it was going to be good for as much as we paid . i recommend you dont eat there!

  166. Jessica Nicole say:

    AMAZING!!We loved everything the food was good, the hot tub and pool were so beautiful and the room we stayed in. The games were fun and the environment was awesome! I would recommend this place for their first gambling experience. Thanks ameri star!

  167. Bree Schlattmann say:

    Amazing hotel and casino with amazing restaurants with great food to go along with it. Upon arrival I checked in and they told me a different price than what I had booked online, after telling them this and showing them my confirmation email they changed the price to the one I had on my email with the rates I reserved. So we went up to our room and it was filthy hadn’t been cleaned BUT we went back down to the front desk and they not only gave us a brand new room with a better view but they also gave me and my husband a room credit to eat free at any of their restaurants during our stay. Their pool is amazing, their rooms are amazing with gorgeous breathtaking views. I swear I will never stay at any other hotel in blackhawk because this place is so incredible � I would definitely recommend 1000 times over.

  168. Lucius Hageman say:

    Terrible service! Waiting so long for a drink I pushed the call attended button, someone came over and said the beverage person would be by soon. She came by and rudely said “what do you want?” I told her and turned to my wife to see what she wanted by the time I turned back around (4 seconds later) she was already ten feet away walking as fast as she could. I had to yell across the casino for her to come back. When the drinks arrived she stood around for awhile expecting a tip. I am a generous tipper but I don’t tip for rude service! When she got the hint, she rude said “okay” and stormed off. We left after that out of fear we would never get another drink again, but it’s okay I took my winnings from your casino and went to your competitors. Bottom line: one rude server cost your company more than she earns in a week. Shameful….

  169. Kosta Skordos say:

    Kristina the graveyard concierge is my favorite employee you hav, I will not check in before ten just so I can deal with her. She is so friendly and her memory is amazing. Make me feel so important when I walk up and she welcomes me with my name and reservation . I 100% recommend her to become a host because she is all I would ever deal with.

  170. Missy Conway say:

    Great view and everything taken care of. What a great experience!

  171. Sean Amos say:

    I have witnessed this establishment go downhill over the last few years. The service/knowledge of front desk employees is sub-par and the rooms seem dirtier than the last time, every time. I arrived at the hotel at 4 just to be told my room wasn’t yet ready and it would be another hour. Upon checking into the room we immediately noticed trash, hair, and dusty surfaces. The time prior to this we found a cap to a syringe by the bed in our room. We first stayed at this location in 2013 and it was amazing at the time but unfortunately I can not say the same thing about it currently. I’m not yet sure if we’ll be returning, maybe if they make some vast improvements but I’ll likely spend my money elsewhere. On our way out we decided to check our points at a kiosk when one of the floor attendants began to harass my girlfriend because she had her 14 year old son wait 10 feet away (off the casino floor and in her sight line), I’m not sure of the attendant’s name but she was a taller lady with a broad build and dyed red hair, she also attempted to- in a condescending manner- hand my girlfriend a list of rules. We feel disrespected and insulted after this experience. The restaurants are still great though, and if you eat at Fireside make sure to ask for Jay, he has brightened our moods as our breakfast server after our last few disappointing stays.

  172. Brian Bruening say:

    Great service and great food. Room was clean. Wife and I go here when we need a getaway. We recommend the spa suit. Great room.

  173. Todd Madrid say:

    We are hardcore gamblers,so I don’t use the day Spa or pool. I hear a lot of complaints about rude staff, terrible rooms and bad food. so far I haven’t experienced this. We live in Pueblo,Co so we usually leave around four in the morning;however we have stayed in the hotel before on occasion. Mostly on birthdays. The overall casino is a nice atmosphere.Lots of room to move without being run into. Wait staff always asks in we need a drink. It’s hard to win there, though.Kind of tight on the slots. I think you need to start giving hotel comps on Friday and Saturday. I work all week and I seen to receive free rooms when I can’t go. Overall I like playing there.

  174. Sharon Olson say:

    I celebrated my 50th birthday with my son there. The food was great and we had a blast at the slots. I will be back!

  175. Adrian Ribota say:

    well it’s just like any other casino nothing to brag about

  176. Brandon Lambert say:

    Always come up here for our wedding anniversary. Rooms are nice, staff is friendly, the buffet is tasty, and it’s an awesome atmosphere.

  177. Cuquis Sandoval say:

    El bufete excelente, trato amable de todo el personal, locación extraordinaria

  178. Kevin Walter say:

    It was ok tje ppeople were great the food waz amazing the only thing i didn t like was the high atm fee

  179. Joe Panza say:

    Had never spent a night before but I will do it any time I can. Great room, clean, beautiful decor and very classy. Bell service was terrific, quick and professional; so was valet parking. Bell service even made our dinner reservations and called to confirm within minutes just as he said he would. Top notch.

  180. Theresa Kimmet-Riley say:

    Great buffet, good service and my husband and I had a blast in the bar dancing! DJ was fun! We will be back!

  181. Marcy Moul say:

    Dirty beds. Very noisy !!! Will not be back to stay !!

  182. Steven Dager Jr. say:

    Super clean and nice hosts, pool is really nice too!

  183. Nguyễn Hảo say:


  184. Elaine Baros say:

    I love staying at the Ameristar.the rooms are always clean.very good service.i had a issue about the hot tub it didn’t look to clean..after 10:00pm there was a lot of kids Running around in the pool no supervision from Adults..

  185. Betty Jabara say:

    Beautiful facility and great service and friendly employees. Would definitely return!

  186. Jane Gilliam say:

    It’s amazing! Won $243 on slots with only $20! Will be going back often with the Mr.
    Professional staff, clean and highscale environment. The free drinks aren’t too shabby also! 5 stars!

  187. Chelsea Major say:

    Its an amazing place to stay with awesome staff and crew. I mean what place wont have a few bad flaws here and there but every time i have stayed at the ameristar hotel i left with no complaints.

  188. Jose Patricio Aguillon Gutierrez say:

    Todo riquísimo la cena y no se digan las instalaciones de primera lo único es que no gane

  189. Paula Buscietta say:

    Love this place everyone is so nice the all you can eat crab legs were great yesterday my husband always does great on penny slots we just really have a good time there hardly ever go to any other casinos when we’re up there love staying there to the rooms are awsome I love seating in the big oval jet tub looking out the big window into the mountains next time were getting a corner room they have two windows by the tub one on each corner

  190. Diana Prince say:

    The waitresses are a bunch of haters. Me & My squad were in this casino 2 hrs ordered drinks from the same waitress 3x & were sitting @ the same blackjack table the whole time & NEVER got our drinks! I went to the bar to complain, ordered a drink & was charged full price, WTF…..We walked across the street to the lodge & walked right up to the bar & ALL 4 of me & my people got drinks for free.

  191. Nick Patenaude say:

    Great beverage service and slots were hot paying me $230 off of $15!! Whoohoo

  192. Casey Loftus say:

    Took special care to make my husband’s birthday special with a card and treats in our room and delicious free desert to celebrate his birthday. Server was attentive at dinner and room was nice and clean. Enjoyed our stay and hope to be back again!

  193. Francisco Estrada say:

    Amazing location ! The Poker room is one of my favorites , but when I feel like making some fast cash , I don’t mind sitting down at the black jack tables �� #GrindSeason

    I’m coming for that Bad Beat Ameristar hope you have my room ready ��

  194. Lori Halsell Sandberg say:

    Stayed here last night and the rooms are dirty , worn and tired ! The hallway looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in days. The shower had mold and the carpet was dirty.
    Casino service is lacking – I never had a server come by with offers of drinks.
    The restaurant was empty and they sat us right by the kitchen at breakfast. Food was ok, but one of our orders was prepared incorrectly.
    The clientele here has become scary and there is virtually no security roaming around the casino. We didn’t really feel safe here at night.
    We did enjoy the spa and the massages we got there.
    Probably won’t stay here again !

  195. Veronica Nason say:

    We had a nice experience! We stayed in a deluxe king suite. Very nice and clean. Casino was busy, but staff was attentive and friendly. Will be back!

  196. Lisa Maggio say:

    Didn’t like the way the have the drinking rules set up. But it’s nice

  197. Veronica Connelly-Gomez say:

    Our room needed better house keeping stuff behind the bathroom door and the tables had a lot of dust the one by the beds had sticky stuff on it and spots on the ceiling. All so we went down to the pool one hr after getting in the room one of use was asleep in the room when house keeping came to the door knocked and started to come in. Way did she need to come in she did not even have a cart with her????????

  198. Heather Mullis say:

    Had duchess a blast. LOVE, the buffet,fireside restaurant!

  199. Stephanie C Hair say:

    Nice rooms, great view, loved the roof top pool area.

  200. Peggy Seynaeve Wooley say:

    My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time here. We stayed 5 days and loved every minute. The room was clean, bed was comfortable and the view was magnificent. The staff was friendly and helpful. We used valet parking upon our arrival and a bell hop took our luggage directly to the room. Smooth and easy check in.

    Pool is absolutely beautiful. Clean, wonderful views, towels well stocked, and a perfect place to relax.

    We enjoyed the Casino and really can’t find a thing to complain about.

    We dined at Fireside, Waypost, and The Timberline. All restaurants had a good selection and food was excellent!

    Would love to come back!

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