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Mile High Racing and Entertainment is a full service racing and events company headquartered in Aurora, CO. Mile High Racing and Entertainment properties include Arapahoe Park and Havana Park Off-Track Betting (both in Aurora, CO).

Our Facilities

Mile High Racing and Entertainment’s services include bringing the best in world class horse racing to patrons in Colorado and all over the nation. Through simulcast television at the Mile High properties and Off Track Betting locations customers are able to wager on races from different tracks across the country. Each facility is well equipped with mutuel windows and self-service touch totes.

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Between our restaurants and concession areas, you’ll certainly never go hungry! Our facilities are available year round for corporate, sporting and private events. We offer affordable group packages for private and tour operators groups.

For more information about holding your next event at a Mile High Racing and Entertainment property, please fill out our contact form.

March 10-12, 2017
Join Arapahoe Park at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

March 11, 2017
“Colorado’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred” contest at Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

May 5 & 6, 2017
Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks at Arapahoe Park

May 19, 2017
Live horse racing returns to Colorado on Arapahoe Park’s opening day

May 20, 2017
Follow the second jewel of the Triple Crown, the Preakness, while watching live racing

May 29, 2017
Memorial Day holiday racing

June 17, 2017
Colorado Horse Council “A Day at the Races”

June 18, 2017
Celebrate Father’s Day at Arapahoe Park
All fathers will receive free admission and a free Arapahoe Park gift while supplies last. There will also be the annual Father’s Day buffet—buy one buffet and Dad eats free.

July 29, 2017
Arapahoe Park will join other racetracks around the country in hosting festivities for Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund Day Across America to benefit injured riders. There will be a dunk tank, silent auction, meet-and-greet with jockeys, and more with proceeds going to

August 11-13, 2017
Closing weekend of the 2017 live horse racing season featuring Arapahoe Park’s richest Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Arabian stakes

Mile High Racing and Entertainment
10750 E. Iliff Ave
Aurora, CO 80014

Phone – (303) 690-2400

Facebook: ArapahoeRacing
Twitter: jjhorowitz


  1. Carlos Topo Escobedo say:
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  16. Cabballosdecolorado VQ Puralumbre say:
  17. Enrique Ramírez Corona say:
  18. Juan Marquez say:

    Es algo muy bueno

  19. Martina Olveda de Vaca say:
  20. Noel Hickey say:

    If visiting Denver, this is a must. A great day out for all the family.

  21. Jason Zettervall say:

    Try to make it out once or twice a month during the season; good tables and very nice guest facilities throughout. Consider me hooked.

  22. Loreto Zacatecas say:

  23. Kelley Wafer say:

    Love it

  24. Adrian Gordo Yanez say:
  25. Ellen Zachary say:

    Such a fun time…pretty horses, maybe win a couple bucks…a nice break from the city…

  26. Margarita Sandoval say:
  27. Jenni Jackson say:

    What a great place to watch the race that gave us a Triple Crown winner!

  28. Gerardo Dela Riva Martinez say:
  29. Chandrasekaran Ayyasamy say:
  30. Bonnie Arnold say:

    There are lots of room for improvements but the most important thing is they don’t advertise so no one knows it there. We need a casino.

  31. Jorge Nava say:

    Good environment lots of funny and excitement..

  32. Joe Palombo say:

    I love betting the horses. Could have better food and drink options to help the experience.

  33. Michelle Moores say:

    Going downhill..they used to care about their customers and employee’s..they no longer do..after 15+ years of service, I am no longer considered a value to Arapahoe Park! Thank you to my faithful and loyal customers, I will miss you!

  34. Jammie Dean Phillips say:

    Very nice track, the employees are very kind and the announcer is one of the best . The track is located In a very beautiful area, and the competition is amazing this year. Seems like they are really starting to connect with the new altitude station and hitting social media waves. Keep up the great work.

  35. Pjay Jay say:


  36. Devona Grega say:

    Always a great place to take family, friends and enjoy the day! Looking forward to next season as well.

  37. Jose Alfonso Parral Ramirez say:
  38. Michelle Burhenn say:

    The trill the excitement! Take’s me back to my childhood nothing better than this! Rider Up!

  39. Ashley Nicole Cox say:
  40. Rubén Ivan Del Valle say:
  41. DanielleTessier Rhoades say:
  42. Amanda Baca say:

    Always a great time! I’ve been going here for years and will continue to do so �

  43. Sara Gattuso say:

    Love the races, watching those horses is beautiful

  44. Lissa Cochrane say:

    I like this track. Professional and very few injuries. I like coming out here. I don’t like the overzealous security guards that kick you out of the general admission area before the last race as even wrapped up. Let us chat for 5 minutes and listen to the song Happy Trails.

  45. Nicole Armas say:

    This was an amazing experience for my kids they enjoyed seeing the horses as well as feeling the adrenaline rush when they started to run! We had a blast!!

  46. Nicole Armas say:

    This was an amazing experience for my kids they enjoyed seeing the horses as well as feeling the adrenaline rush when they started to run! We had a blast!!

  47. Leonard Martinez Jr. say:

    The girlfriend and I had a ton of fun. It was definitely nostalgic getting to see live racing again. The prices are rather expensive in terms of food and drinks, but overall, it’s a safe and fun experience. Compared to OTB locations it’s in excellent condition.

  48. Susan Scott say:

    Had a great time watching racing, enjoying the surroundings and betting. I even hit a couple of times. What a beautiful view from the top seats.

  49. Jerry Keeney say:

    It’s a very nice place. Foods good and the horses are great.

  50. Goins Mozell Candice say:
  51. Keith Munson say:

    Good time was had by all in our group, was a great day for racing and sad that this weekend is the last weekend of racing for the season. Should be longer !

  52. Colette Christopherson say:
  53. Doreen Olson-Perez say:

    We always have fun! The price is right for us….$1

  54. Jennifer Garner say:

    Took 1 1/2 hours to get a beer. Ridiculous. Missed half the show�

  55. Natasha Nadine Sandoval say:

    This is probably a cool race track for horses, however, concerts are another story! We spent majority of A Hot Summer’s Night concert in line for either drinks or the restroom! Taking 40 minutes to an hour 15 minutes for drinks or 30+ minutes for dirty bathrooms with no toilet paper, very rude and limited bartending staff, everything was running out and not stocked properly since way before any of the main acts even came on stage making it hard to serve the people attending, by the end of the night, there was only shock top beer and shots of whiskey for options which they cut off before the main headliner Came had even begun. And they suddenly cut off alcohol with no warning when there was still a huge line of customers who had been waiting 30+ minutes to be served, so most of us had to endure the whole cameo set with not so much as water to drink. It was not worth what was charged for tickets at all. Cedric Pride and all the bands were awesome! But I really hope they will find a different venue next time that is equipped properly with the right staff and materials and a venue that is used to doing concerts. Because I along with every person we talked to in one line or another have said we will definitely NEVER attend another concert event or big event at this location again. Sorry but no thank you! It was more stress than fun. Spent more time in lines than we did watching performances.

  56. Christine Creps say:

    I was so disappointed in this event as we were looking forward to it. The lines to get a drink was ridiculous and the bathroom were horrible. Sad part some woman had to go use the men’s! The concert was suppose to start at 1, but not until after 3 is when the 1st band performed. The lines to even get something to eat was just as bad. Going into the event I understand about checking bags etc. But they put their dirty hands all over the items we brought in, as there was no gloves or hand sanitizer used.

  57. Ana Rodriguez say:

    They were very unorganized no lights in the parking lot at night so people can see to long of lines to get drinks bathrooms were very dirty and gross

  58. Nae Nae say:

    Bathrooms were disgusting! Hard coolers were not allowed and other things you weren’t supposed to bring. 2 hours late start. Will not go for another concert. Paid VIP to hear DJ EJ for most of night. Ayight.

  59. Ashley Nieto say:

    Went to “Cedric Pride Presents” event on 8/19, performers were GREAT, production was AWFUL.

  60. Yoli Fay say:

    My family and I had a blast. All the groups showed up and showed out. My only critique is the delay in getting started. I felt like the artists could have done longer sets if it began on time.

  61. Jackson Pyt say:

    Great concert event! Loved it! Would have been nice to have two Exits to get out sooner.

  62. Anisha Dixon say:

    Concerts not a good idea there!as far as a race track not bad!

  63. Nona Jones say:

    I’m not sure that I’ll be attending another concert if it’s held here…the concert was supposed to start at 1pm but didn’t get started until after 3pm. The line for drinks was at least an hour to an hour and a half long(which was ridiculous). The bathrooms were super nasty and they didn’t have any soap or toilet paper. All of the food trucks were gross. The dead time between each act was way too long. The old school concert was a good idea but the venue and lack of organization was awful…..

  64. Lina Martinez say:

    Went to Old School concert yesterday called Summers Night at Arapaho county fair n events center/racetrack We had the worst time of our lives!! We tried to make the best of it at the beginning but it was soon just awful!! The bar n food lines were too long they run out of bottled n can beer all they had was draft. The groups pretty much sang by themselves no dancers or anything ! Tickets said concert started at 1 but it was more like 4 n lots of time in between sets. The most disgusting part is we had VIP n the bathroom for women was filthy n absolutely no toilet paper or paper towels!! The toilets were not flushing properly. I would be embarrassed if I was Cedric Entertainment or radio station 101.5 . bc they put their name behind this awful concert!!We should have saved our 100 dollars n waited for either a concert at red rocks or Pepsi Center. I wish I could get my money back!! But o well. We left early after Lakeside!! Two big ass thumbs down!!! �

  65. Johnny Romero say:

    Had a Great time for the concert …. it was the first one there so, they have a few hiccups that they have to work on….

  66. Roderick Montgomery say:

    Not set up for concerts concession lines were way too long the wait was over an hour it just sucked

  67. Coco Mendoza say:

    First time attending an event at this venue-& probably my last…after being in line for 2 hours to get a drink – they run out of alcohol (except for wine)…went to a different stand & waited another hour…not enough vendors to accommodate the volume of attendees…I understand there will ALWAYS be a line for the ladie’s room but there was no toilet paper, no soap & no paper towels…my question is: is it the fault of the venue or the fault of the promoter?…

  68. Rita Renee Ybarra-Fish say:

    I had a great tme once the concert started. I got sunburnt but danced from the time i got there at 11:30-12 till after the concert

  69. AntoinettexClayton Bates say:

    the feelings are mixed. Since this wasn’t a traditional day for Horse Racing. Went to Arapahoe Park for the Hot Summer nights Concert sponsored by Jammin 101.5 so it was a different set up then normal. I ate from the food trucks outside which I highly recommend Quisine for some great BBQ and soul food. overall I had no interactions w/the park itself, but the Bathrooms were filthy, they didn’t keep them stacked w/toilet paper, the trash cans were overflowing and there was no cold water. the hot ran hot and the cold ran hot. so based on this experience I would say the management and cleaning staff were at fault.

  70. Clovis L. Jones say:

    Some say some say. I say, great start out if the box. Excellent venue. I woulds love to see those great vendors utilizing the inside space to provide all the fabulous foods. Salute to Cedric and staff, Let’s do it more often. Loved it!

  71. Jessi Mari say:

    I went to the concert held there this weekend. The promoter of this event did very bad planning. Lines were rediculous to get food or any drinks. Waiting over an hour to get to the front and they were out of alcohol. Didn’t enjoy the concert and just left. Worst concert I been to in my life.

  72. Shirley Stewart say:

    Maybe perfect for racing. Concert definitely not. The venue was not prepared for as many people that showed up. Garbage cans were overflowing upon arrival (everyone of them) Bathrooms were out of toilet tissue and hand towels. Sink was overflowing. By mid day the bathrooms were atrocious and straight up nasty. The venue was a hot mess. For a hot summers day the bars lines extremely long like a 1.5 hour wait to get there to find they are out of beer. The bartender was selling cases to whoever was in line so the rest of us didn’t get any. This was just awful. They were out of handicap parking. The show started 2.5 hours late. The main band for the concert sucked. The show was too hot and too long for accommodations not to be met as expected

  73. Georgina Lopez say:

    We were in v.i.p but felt like v
    I.poop we had to wait 1and half for drinks not enough bartenders. It was bad speaker sound and it the parking was not good a hour to get out but maybe next time have better service

  74. Glenn Taylor say:

    Venue and the grounds were put to good use (8/19 Concet). Security was so so (1/2 the time I saw security members on stage taking pictures). I think this team was short staffed due to the lack of members keeping concert goers in there areas. Still people were smoking and had brought in items that were prohibited.
    Who was in charge of the food and beverage (Boy did he or she blow that). An hour wait for water? On main floor you sometimes has a 1.5 hour wait for beer. We tried to go upstairs but our VIP wristbands would not let us. I can’t believe the $$ you lost out on by running out of beer at the only outside location. By the 3rd act you ran out of most things and most of folks around me were very frustrated. Who was in charge of the trash – over flowing!

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