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Housing over 1,700 slots, all of your favorite table games, Delaware’s #1 Poker Room and a state-of-the-art simulcast parlor, Harrington Raceway & Casino is the epicenter for 24/7 gaming in Delaware.

Make the most of every visit by joining the Players Club for more perks, rewards and exclusive members-only invites. Sign-Up today for FREE!

24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

You want it, Harrington has it: IGT, Bally, Spielo, Aristocrat, Konami, Shufflemaster, Atronic and Williams machines with denominations ranging from $0.01 to $25!


Around-the-clock access to the latest and greatest Popular Games and old favorites including 88 Fortunes, Game of Thrones, Diamond Jackpots, Gold Fish, Hot Shots, Playboy, Wheel of Fortune, Wizard of Oz – and Video Poker.

See the list of available games and those coming soon below:

  • Duck Dynasty
  • Elvis Shake Rattle and Roll
  • The Flintstones
  • Friends
  • House of Cards
  • Quatermania
  • Sons of Anarchy

The Players Club is your key to making the most of every visit to Harrington Raceway and Casino. Members receive benefits like seasonal gifts, bonus entries, point multipliers, Free Slot Play, exclusive event invites and much, much more.

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Sports Book Hours (During Pro Football Season)
Monday, Thursday and Friday 11:00am to Midnight
Tuesday and Wednesday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to Midnight

Wager on professional football and horse racing spanning from across the country at Murphy’s. With a variety of bets and all the games on over 50 big screen TVs, you’re sure to feel like you’re a part of the excitement.

Simulcast Hours
Monday through Friday 11:00am – until last race
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – until last race


































































Harrington Raceway & Casino
Customer Service
15 West Rider Road
Harrington, DE 19952
Phone: (888) 887-5687

Facebook: HarringtonCasino
Twitter: PlayHarrington
Instagram: harringtoncasino


  1. Kenneth Parcells say:


  2. Sharon Middleton say:

    I won 10, 000 on the quick hit slots and a 1, 000 twice and 1500. On a 5.oo slot I love this place

  3. Rhonda Martin say:


  4. Lisa Morgan say:

    It is sooooo much better than Maryland Live! You chances of winning are better, they have $5 and $10 blackjack tables, and the clientele is a lot more civilized than Maryland Live. Oh, and Harrington’s comps are actually worth my time:)

  5. Fran McNally say:

    Harrington Raceway & Casino – The best casino in Delaware! So, so clean and the employees are always so very nice and helpful. Always grreting you with a smile. Everyone is so pleasant. The food is great and the machines hit! What a great place to spend some time.

  6. Audrey S Rainey say:

    Everything, especially the buffet…

  7. Barbara Green say:

    Since new comp program, I have no plans to return. The more I visited the less I received. Talked to managers and staff with no resolution. Really enjoyed coming to Harrington’s was my first pick before new comp program. Too many Casino’s in area to continue to play at Harrington.

  8. Angela Greenway-Allport say:

    Its ok, I used to have better comp but they lowered it. I never win there, before I would win every once in a while but now never

  9. Matthew Likens say:

    I agree with all of you Harrington is nice but when they switched their comps I stopped going, Ill throw 500 on the table now (craps ) and hardly get any points. I remember getting atleast a free buffet which the crab legs changed from all you can eat to a ticket now. Wish they would hook up with a nice hotel cause I would stay longer.

  10. Samuel Tomaino say:


  11. Robert Carroll say:

    I have insight for you potential gamers at Harrington Casino in DE. I have been an avid gambler for years at several casinos across the country. What I am about to share with you is very disturbing information that you need to be made aware before deciding to gamble at this establishment.
    I have a family member who has been a loyal customer at Harrington Casino for 20 years and has lost probably about a couple hundred thousand dollars to this casino within that time.
    This particular night he played blackjack at Harrington. He was playing $500 a hand which is typical for this person. He had some luck but ended up losing thousands of dollars this particular evening. After losing all of his money he proceeded to leave to go home. The next thing he knows he is being pulled into a room by security and informed that he owed them $1000. Now of course he is stunned because he had just lost about $8000 which was all of the money that he had taken to play that night. So when he asked what they were talking about they told him that THEIR dealer paid him once by mistake during his play at the table. They demanded he pay them the $500 he had up at the time plus the $500 he was paid. After he refused because the casino had already taken all of his money they escorted him out and banned him from the casino. NOW IT GETS EVEN BETTER: 3 months later he is arrested because they are suing him for theft because of this incident??!!! SUING A LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR OVER 20 YEARS FOR THEIR CASINO MISTAKE!!!!!! Accusing him of theft for not noticing when THEIR dealer paid him 1 time by mistake, and then losing all of is money to them and then demanding more for THEIR mistake??!! They sue their customers for their employees’ mistakes and scam their players for the sake of their bottom line. Harrington Casino in Delaware business practices are shady at best! Gamers BEWARE!!!!!!!!

  12. David Nevius say:

    Fun places with a great weekend all you can eat buffet.

  13. Gerald Brown say:

    I like the place. I usually win a lil at the cash table when im in town… love the food and the dog races!

  14. Christopher Johnson say:


  15. Deshan Mills Gipson say:

    The worst service in casino business.

  16. Jessica Rohmann say:

    Very user friendly casino for beginners and the pros….didnt feel pressured & the table workers were nice & polite helping the new people out…..loved it and plan on coming back!

  17. Donnalee Whitaker say:

    Fun place

  18. Brian Collins say:

    Great buffet.

  19. Pamela Green say:

    My favorite casino, down there almost every week..

  20. Jim Ziobro say:

    It was a great venue for a concert, but the casino itself reminded me of the one Clark & Eddie go to in Vegas Vacation where they play “War”, Guess Which Hand” and “Rock Paper Scissors”. The free soda/coffee stations located on the casino floor perimeter were a nice touch though.

  21. Kimberly Mouton-James say:

    1st time there had a Great time

  22. Lena Q Willingham say:

    My old stomping ground..how I miss Orange park in the fall!!!

  23. Scott Lagdon say:

    I enjoy a great meal in the club house while betting on the dogs. Excellent evening entertainment.

  24. Janice Coogle say:

    Awesome great time

  25. Dwayne Tillman say:

    The food is good and free once per month. Unbeatable hospitality.

  26. Jennifer Breinlinger say:
  27. Paolo Giulio DocPoker Mattioni say:
  28. Brandy Chasteen Schons say:
  29. Bill Finkbiner say:

    This place never pays

  30. Tina Marie Dickson say:


  31. Jamie Smithson Crutchfield say:
  32. Jane Cleveland Wilhelm say:
  33. Joanne Heath say:

    We were there on Valentine’s Day to redeem our coupon for 2 free dinners at the buffet. The food was very good, we both won a few dollars at the casino, my husband got a box of candy with $10.00 free slot play, so we had a very nice time and plan to go back. We also appreciate that it is a smoke free environment!!!

  34. Dave Campbell say:

    Comps suck and no hotel. Low table minimums are the only reason to consider this place.

  35. Mason Swearingen say:

    I performed here last weekend with Beginnings: A Tribute to the Music of Chicago. Fantastic venue, great crew, so many friendly and nice people. The food at the diner & the buffet was delicious and the servers were so nice. It’s great all around casino!

  36. George Brownlee say:

    Terrible. Terrible waitress service with exception of a couple of them. Terrible leadership. Terrible comps. Never open popular games. Always complaining they don’t have staff. Had they treated old staff right…..I believe the customer service would have been great at all times.

  37. Linda Draper say:


  38. Elaine Miller Summerhill say:
  39. Michael Anthony Capitti Jr. say:
  40. Kathy Coffman say:

    Can not read march’s calendar on your website. Since you no longer mail them we need to read them on line now.

  41. Shannon K. Simpson say:
  42. Jack London say:

    Consistent, fun time. The staff is nice, but the promotions keep me interested and coming back, especially trivia. And a nice cheap cafe, which I always like!

  43. Shihan Roberto Fuentes say:
  44. Martha Elena Piriz Romero say:
  45. Felicia Stover Mack Fitzgerald say:
  46. Ev Ala say:

    Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!!! ) Nuthin but Fun just come on in n have a great timte n relaxing……).

  47. Rose Luffman Jenkins say:

    Who won the car?…

  48. Arturo Rodríguez Lloréns say:
  49. Robin Mendes say:

    Taking more and more away from regular players.

  50. Michael Dreem Weaver say:

    My return on investment was very low.

  51. Catherine Schultz Busbee say:
  52. Moss Shelton Angela say:

    We love Harrington,however yesterday my dad name was drawn for a free slot tournament, that was great but he was only given 5 minutes to get there. he has trouble walking so he almost didn’t make it. Just a suggestion to give at least 15 to 30 minutes for contestants to show up. 95% of the participants were senior citizens.

  53. Leah Searles Cales say:
  54. Steve Allensworth say:

    Just wish it was closer

  55. Kathryn Tiews Couture say:
  56. Candy Stover-Mack say:
  57. Janet Turner Shaffer say:

    Love my visits to OP.

  58. Tammie Howard-Godbold say:
  59. Katherine Simmons Crites-Guessford say:

    Had a blast!

  60. Bonnie Liska Searles say:
  61. Michael Faulk say:

    Let’s gamble

  62. Hamms Detail Hamms say:
  63. Alvinya Ferrer- Saud say:

    I wont get lost here

  64. Jasen Thomas say:

    A great place to go Hang just to do something different

  65. Jasen Thomas say:

    A great place to go Hang just to do something different

  66. Cindy Dietterick-LaSalle say:

    Love it here!

  67. Tom Yurkin say:

    Awesome night out! Was able to eat, bet and watch the races right from your table in the Clubhouse. Entire family had a great time.

  68. Susan A Kugel say:

    Like the comps and buffet.

  69. Don Macary say:

    A great place to play.

  70. Kays Daycare say:

    Over Rated staff is ruled n unprofessional n than some of the dealers pretend as if they cant count!!!! So be careful i wouldnt go back Ive been over a couple of Times!!! Awesome Food @ Bonz GREAT band but poor customer service n cheaters on the crap table n spanish21 watch n see

  71. FelicialovingNini Colbert say:

    I love the atmosphere there. The workers n customers are all cool. I’ll be back soon. I was there last night. The food n drinks on point

  72. Dorcilla Jean-Francois say:

    The thing that I really enjoy the most is eating their food!!!

  73. Georgia Sies say:

    Better than Maryland Casino’s
    Buffet is great also

  74. Judith Ramos Franklin say:

    I love the casinos at Harrington. Even though I never win, still very entertained! Your buffet food is the best, but the steaks are always a little hard!

  75. Bob Heisler say:

    Greyhound racing should be banned in Florida and everywhere else. Thirty-nine states have already done so. Greyhound racing is very cruel. The animals suffer. Many die from injuries. Please have compassion. Boycott greyhound racing!

  76. Bob Heisler say:

    Greyhound racing should be banned in Florida and everywhere else. Thirty-nine states have already done so. Greyhound racing is very cruel. The animals suffer. Many die from injuries. Please have compassion. Boycott greyhound racing!

  77. Melissa Zielinski Smith say:
  78. Amy Greenly say:

    I just had an amazing dinner at the Cafe`. The service was excellent, the waitress was great and very attentive, and the food was amazing.

  79. Veronica Pair say:

    I like it there,and will return! Enjoyed the times when I visited there!

  80. Chris Idoni say:

    Same here. I drive all the way from Salisbury five times a month at least and get no comp. I think theybshould giv u points forbhow many more ipes u travel.

  81. Christina MzBartenderchrissy Rawlins Duren say:
  82. Jackie Carr say:

    Like go win big bucks n eat

  83. Angel Maxwell say:

    The people here are some nice! We dont know what the neck we are doing but a nice older couple schooled us off they have learned over the years! #somethingtodo #needgasmoneyhome

  84. Eddie VanVorst say:

    Machines are rigged, poor service, food is average at best.

  85. Yolanda Lldiva Davis say:

    Live it here will always return. The food is great

  86. Angela Boykins say:

    My favorite place in the world!!!!!

  87. Jay Roberts say:

    Great atmosphere and very nice facility. Very fan friendly!

  88. Tracy Spady say:

    Never win anything there. Alot of old machines and small.

  89. Bud de Laurier say:

    Great venue, plenty of fun, food and drink! Best of all Greyhounds as Pets thanks to all the hard work by Shirley, Kathy and their staff!

  90. Carl Doby say:

    This is one of my favorite tracks in the US. I have a dog named Chevy racing here.

  91. Anette Nixon say:

    Animal abusers at their worst. I worked for a Vet that had their adoption program dogs come in. They were loaded with intestinal parasites, lymes disease, heartworm.. Some of the worst animal abuse I have ever seen… Shame on you.

  92. Debbie Ethridge Yale say:
  93. Amanda Dawn Norman say:

    Food is great when they keep it fresh free sodas while playing games

  94. Flo Harris say:

    The buffet is AMAZING! I would definitely recommend to others!

  95. Jerry Gay say:

    I love going to the dog track
    I enjoy playing the dogs and visiting with friends. I even win some money sometimes.

  96. Christine Jackson say:

    I going to Monday Football and love the buffet. I do like playing the machines only if I feel lucky. It nice going on Friday and Saturday nights to listen to the bands they have up there.

  97. Sergio Ibarra say:

    Me gusta por que la feria

  98. Lucy Lou Luu say:


  99. Bill Evenson say:

    Our Fleming Island Lions Club organizes 4 Charity Poker Tournaments a year for the past 5 years now and has raised more than $30,000 which has benefitted both the Green Cove Springs Daily Food Pantry and Quigley House. We provide cash prizes to the top 3 and donated gift cards and items provided by our many sponsors. The team at the poker room helped us get started with advice on game play and marketing and we provide a great buffet dinner as part of the package which we designed with their kitchen team as well. The management team, dealers, wait staff as well as the kitchen team go above and beyond in helping us raise $$ for very worthy charities and we would never be as successful without all of their effort. Thank you!!

  100. John Norfolk say:

    I visit several times a month.I Pass Several Casino going to Harrington because of there nice Food Comps and Free Play. But looks like the New Year rang in with cutbacks on free play and food. It was a nice ride. It is a very nice casino. The Staff is usually great. The Grab and Go attendant Friday at 9:30 PM was not friendly at all to me and several customers. Maybe a bad day? Oh Well, I am sure I will visit again. Just not as often. Thanks for all the good times. Happy New Year

  101. Anthony Pasquale say:

    Used to drive 45 miles to play at Harrington….used to receive nice comps and extra credit in the mail…..now that 2016 has come and they switched access to the Players Club to online, the comps and Xtra Credit has dried up !! I would play $200-$300 each time I would come, and would always take a break to get breakfast or a sandwich . Not any more !!! What happened ??

  102. Phillip Catanzaro Sr. say:

    For those that attend the best bet of orange park and are following there page I don’t normally do this but I think that they did my wife very wrong. My wife a week ago went to track to just have a delicious lunch of what she always gets a BLT on white bread with fries along with the seasoning and 3 drinks. Well this is the first time 2.5 years. A gentlemen Kelly Clark, Matt from corporate was there, Dawn Paton Clark which is wife of Kelly Clark there floor manager and security for Best Bet treated my wife very unfair all from a couple of swear words so not only did they kick her off premises for words that every person uses out there but also stole my wife’s money. Again ordering a BLT with 3 drinks may only at most came up to $25 out of $50 I pretty much believe that’s theft. And yes my wife did show her anger but wouldn’t you if they were not giving your money back of what was owed for change. Now y’all keep in mind I can care less about the issue was not there and do not get involved until it’s my family be treated like my family member is from off the street. And sad part is they all know my wife for 2.5 years. So am I angry “NO” am I dissatisfied yes, do I think they should refund my wife the money taken from her and give a apology for sure. Very unprofessional is how I seen it. It’s was wrong in so many ways and will never ever be going to or around this place again. And may even call Ken from news and see what he has to say about it. In ending to this I would like to say Thank You all down there at Best Bet for ripping me off!!!!!

  103. Carol Hernandez say:

    My personal opinion is ” It used to be a lot better casino.”

  104. Ruth Cook say:

    LOVE IT!!!

  105. Tom Clark say:

    I have
    Been going to Harrington for many years , have always had fun , the food is great

  106. Mary McNeish say:

    We always love to plan get together here. We have done so many years.

  107. Gregory Serant say:


  108. Nadine Hernandez say:

    I love going there to bet on the dogs and love the all you can eat crab legs

  109. Sussudio BG say:

    Very cute place to hangout nice people worked there. They were very helpful.

  110. Katie Jenkins say:

    Everyone and everything was lovely
    Awesome going back August

  111. Jamy Jēnnings say:

    My mother and I visit here several times a year and always have a ball!The staff is like family and we are always treated very well.We have lost some money and won some money but that’s what gambling is about!Its a adult playground!If you do not spend your rent money and come to have fun you will enjoy it here!

  112. Kathren Honeycutt-Cohen say:

    It great to see the green grass and the pond its peaceful

  113. Katie Goings say:

    Love the buffet! Like the casino just don’t play enough to win the big bucks…very nice place.

  114. Francine Sperre say:

    Well…after not reaching my destination after getting stuck for hour outside the ft.mchenry tunnel i decided after 6 hrs of driving to go here and check in for a rest at quality inn down street.i was lucky but played some.wasnt able to walk around because ankles got stiff and it was warm inside and almost 100 outside.left and just took it easy watched tv. Want to go to dover downs but maybe on trip back.

  115. April Cheesman say:

    We come here every Wednesday and I Learned something new tonight if you go to the cafe with your comp $$ you can only have 1 takeout per person . I feel like I spent the money in the slots to earn the comp dollars should not be a limit on the container to take my leftovers home. Certainly don’t want my chicken wings and leftover pie in same container.Evidently I need to take a step back and not spend my hard earned money in the future at the slots.

  116. Lisa Perry say:

    harrington is the best wish it was closer i live in virginia long ways for only 20 dollars in free play

  117. Michael Brown say:

    I like the casino. It was fun. I no longer go back because of the wrong doings of the local police. They are bad. They gave me a ticket for speeding on a road that I was never on in my life. I came all the way back to DE back to fight it in their court because I knew I wasn’t wrong. The tiny justice of peace building was packed with hundreds of people in the same situation. The court officer was the same officer that issued the ticket. He told me no matter what I would never get off the ticket. He told me to just pay and except it. Corruption at it fullest.
    Again the casino and track were good but the money hustling game by local police is enough to keep me from coming back ever again.

  118. Nicole Gray say:

    I always have a blast when I come here! Best Casino around, for sure!

  119. Kevin Johnson say:

    I used to work there years ago great place to have work at

  120. Maria Christina C Bedola say:

    Im always here for the best steak and french onion soup!!!! The machines sometimes give but I love the staff here so everything is great when here!!!

  121. Tara Case Waggoner say:

    The waitress was awesome so was the food! We had a Wonderful Time!

  122. Lorrilynn Perkins Stower say:

    I come from Baltimore. . Because I am guaranteed to always have my money and come through money with my visits.. we come up once or twice a month don’t have to fight for the machines don’t have to fight for the food it’s been enjoying and relaxing

  123. Juan A. Saez say:

    I always have a great time when I come here. Friendly staff and the dealers actually want you to win.

  124. Donna L Apicella say:

    Fantastic from entering the food and all of the staff. Love the staff when the jackpot was won… Nice bringing money home!

  125. Richard Charles Medaugh say:
  126. Michael Hyland say:

    Love it when they give me money and on top of that the food ohh yes

  127. Anita Ranaghan say:

    I love it here. I eat dinner and play slots for a few hours. I’ve won and lost, but I enjoy it here. I love the staff. They always say hello and make you feel welcome. When I get bored here, I go to Vegas for a few days, but I always come back.

  128. Charlene Mara say:

    Last night was my first time in a casino. Everyone was so nice and I had an amazing experience!

  129. Kim Scottow say:

    Nice and clean, smoke free. Dealers were helpful with any questions.

  130. Janine Kazlauskas Tipton say:

    Reallly enjoyed the Casino! Would definitely go back

  131. Cindi Dieterle say:

    Disappointed in lack of customer service, poor treatment when attempting to purchase drinks at the ba-was completely ignored by the bartender because her phone call was more important. None of the games at the bar at murphys were functioning properly, and the staff was unabe to fix it. No positives here and will not be returning.

  132. Nina Charles say:

    I enjoy everytime I go there I love to dance and meeting different people’s

  133. Joann Carmean say:

    We came for a show in the Gold Room and enjoyed bother show and especially the Buffet! We’ll Be Back!

  134. Brenda Daffin say:

    Entertainment was enjoyable, drinks were very good and pleasant staff. I wasn’t a winner but then again I wasn’t aware that membership benefits. Maybe next time….

  135. Karen Zlotnick Solomon say:

    Always a good time and great comps every month!

  136. Becca Anne say:

    I live in Maryland and this is my favorite casino. Win or lose, my money last a long time here and they have the best food comps and free slot play.

  137. Beth Rodgers say:

    I will no longer go to Harrington after this month iv been going 2 to 3 times a month for at least two years i have a friend that went only 2times last year haven’t been back till yesterday with me yesterday she had $135 slot play iv never gotten over $35 and I put a geat bit of money in on my tips . It’s crazy and I will take my money somewhere else where things are more each on the amount you play . I was told I added up because sh wasn’t coming so I guess I need to stop going.

  138. Victor Brown say:

    I came with the Walker Grant alumni group bus trip. We had a great time at the casino and the buffet and the servers were excellent. I specially enjoyed the chitterlings �

  139. Aquita Ladyq Harris say:

    A 4 only because I didn’t win alot of money! Lol. I had a great time!

  140. David Davila say:

    Very limited tables… Slow service…not a great selection of patrons. Heard their other site in Jacksonville
    Is better.. Heading there next time..

  141. Jeannie DeBoer say:

    I signed up for a players card as well as the 3 people that I bought with me to your casino this past 11/23/2006 I spent a considerable amount of money and today your customer service was way below standards of any business I have encountered as a Manager in the past many years. I was unable to access the web site to see My Harrington Rewards. The message tells me the email or password is incorrect.. I called on the phone only to be told that she didnt have time to help me and I could call a supervisor later… Are you kidding me? At this point I have to wonder if this is the place I want to be taking my family. We moved to Millsboro 3 weeks ago,and was so happy at the convenience of the location of your casino. I will be trying out another casino and hope that they provide customer service. In the meantime I would expect that someone there HAS TIME to do their job, I have written to them twice and posted on Trip Advisor..No reply..they just dont have time. I just dont have time to go there..Go to Dover Downs Casino

  142. Paula Preblick Kolbash say:

    Fun place to visit…Great buffet. Desserts are incredible.

  143. Tammy Prattis say:

    Went Saturday night really enjoyed the band skinny leg first time hearing them play very entertaining group also the Drifters were there in concert actually had the chance to socialize and get a picture with one of the originals was very nice

  144. Tiese Topshelf Johnson say:

    The visit was nice until I went upstairs I order something to eat the waitress was very unattended and not friendly at all. She never came back to me for me to pay my tab so I went to the bar to pay it .As I was leaving I get off the elevator she met me downstairs at the elevator and shouts out in front of everyone to tell me I need to follow her and to come pay my tab which I already paid and I explain that to her and she said oh and walked away she never apologized.The food and the prices �was very nice but she wasn’t at all.

  145. Sharon Stratton say:

    I am upset to find that the powers that be have eliminated my monthly allowance of $15! Very disappointing ?

  146. Carol Hernandez say:

    I always have a great time. Staff are very helpful and nice, food is great in all eateries, and the slots are many and lots of fun. See you there!! I been going there for almost 30 years. I love Harrington Casino

  147. Vickie Warren say:

    I had fun with very special people in my life it a) great place to

  148. E-double Williams say:

    Its not ask good as they use to b . I use to love it there .Its harder to win seems rig alittle .MGM here I come

  149. Karen Reale say:

    I love Harrington Casino I won $375 last night !! Right on time for Christmas on the penny machine!

  150. Tiffany Anne say:

    If I could leave less than 1 star, I would. First time ever coming to this establishment, and surely will be my last. Bar keep is unbelievably rude, I guess because my girlfriend and I were laughing and having a good time, they felt the need to immediately inform us of a 2 drink per hour limit. Ok mom, no worries. I got my 1 drink and we went to play some games. The nice young girl came around to the roulette table and asked if she could get us anything, so I said I’d take another of what I had just finished (mind you a good 45 mins has now passed), now comes Kayleen, even more rude than the 1st bar keep and proceeds to tell us we’re cut off and will not be served anymore. (My girlfriend was the only one who had reached her “2 drink per hour limit”) Needless to say, I expressed my concerns with her boss, David I believe was his name, the place was dead as it was and now I can fully see why. We were just getting ready to drop another $50 in their buffet, but promptly took our appetite elsewhere. NOT the place to go if you are looking for a fun adults night out. I will gladly take my money up to Delaware Park next time.

  151. Heather Brady say:

    I enjoy Harrington casino, never had an issue with any of the staff, the slot machines, or the poker room. The sports room is on point as well. We play all around the casino so racking up points is no issue even when playing on the craps table. Nothing but love, we go all year round.

  152. Patrick Jenkins say:

    Much nicer and more intimate than Arundel Mills Live.

  153. Maurice M. Wigfall Sr. say:

    Awesome experience and great buffet, most definitely I will be back

  154. James Mcclain say:

    I didnt come to gamble or drink I mainly come for the all you can eat seafood buffet which I think should’ve stayed on Fridays and the menu was better then but I had a nice time my lady and I

  155. Zachary Weaver say:

    Can’t wait to go back again…..I had an great time there…see yall again in 2017!!!!!!

  156. Michael Miller say:

    Just another losing day. Four of us and everyone lost money. Payouts are really rare and not very large. Odds are definitely in favor of the house. Best thing about this venue is that the sodas are nice and cold.

  157. Jen Putnoky say:

    The casino is nice to visit but the NYE event in The Gold Room was disappointing. It was set up like a cocktail hour (no seating!) except it was a 5 hour event! I was in 5 inch heels along with many other ladies. We were with handicap older people and quite frankly standing on your feet for that long was excruciating. We couldn’t even stay for the breakfast buffet because our feet hurt so badly. The live band was pretty good but the music during the DJ’s time was all 80’s/90′s hip hop which for a Gen X’er like me was kind of cool but many of the older folks including my dad were disappointed. For such a mixed crowd there should have been a wide variety of party music. Also, the count down for the new year was being shown via the venue on one side of the room and the live feed of Times Square on the other side and they were out of sync. I’ve only lived in DE for 2 years, is DE 7 or 8 seconds behind NY? Half the crowd was cheering 7 seconds before the half watching the Times Square feed!! Furthermore I was completely floored that the DJ didn’t play at least a little bit of Auld Lang Syne at the strike of midnight. Almost as disappointing were the endless hor’duevres which were part of the package. They were little to be desired. The food was mushy and tasteless. It was the stuff you’d nuke for your kids sleepovers. Very disappointing. Furthermore my father was told that if we arrived at 8pm we could go in and get a table. When I arrived at 8:40pm everyone was online waiting to go in. They had all been standing there since 8 only to find out there would be no chairs once they finally did get inside. Absolute train wreck and a total waste of $. My feet were so swollen and sore I had trouble sleeping. Never ever again!

  158. Anna Baran say:

    I agree with Jen’s review of the NYE event, total disappointment and not very well thought out. Previous NYE events were fabulous, don’t know what happened this year! That being said, I love this casino!

  159. Maria Lucy Townsend say:

    The worst part of the New Year’s Eve event was that there were no chairs. We had to stand up for 4 hours. The other couple that came with us had to go home because he was a little older and needed a seat. Also the hors d’oeuvres they were tasteless. They were just nasty.
    On a positive note the music was good, party favors should have been handed out but were nice and the breakfast was great.

  160. Yung OG say:

    They will cheat you out of your money. They will be happy when they take it. The waiters take forever to bring you something to drink, but if they see you winning head up they send people to the table to mess up what you are doing expecially on blackjack. This is not where winners play do not go there go to Maryland Live.

  161. Lisa Key Hearn say:

    My favorite place to be!! ❤️❤️️ Bonz restaurant the best!!

  162. Elaina Coeyman say:

    Really made my first gambling experience enjoyable! And the staff at the tables were very nice. Nice, clean place and I tripled my money too!

  163. Robert Kinnamon say:

    The Gold Room was bad no chairs cold appetizers the band was good but overall it was not worth the money I think I would have a better time with the free band and chairs to be able to sit in in the casino

  164. Kathleen Cord say:

    Wasn’t their yesterday … Picture is in Honor of the memories shared with my sister Karen(who recently joined our Heavenly Father) we had a wonderful night at Harrington Raceway & Casino. I will miss her dearly. ����

  165. Treva Linder say:

    The buffet was horrible. Never eat in the buffet again. Staff was amazing. Food yucky and cold.

  166. Nancy Morris say:

    We were here for NYE in the buffet. What a spread, we had a 9 o’clock dinner time and it was fantastic! The ambience , waitresses, hostesses and everything was the best NYE we have had. Love the staff, ladies in Cafe are fabulous and slot attendants are friendly however machines could be a little friendlier. However daughter paid for Mike Hines in the Gold Room and they were not pleased. No seating, food not that great but of course Mr Hines was great. Like Harrington better then Dover. Dover atmosphere is so cold!

  167. Tracy Doyal Perryman say:

    Started out to be good but didn’t like the fact that my prime rib was cold my crab legs were cold , we couldn’t find the girl to place our bets she just disappeared after we were winning !! Not sure if I’m coming back to this spot again because first impressions are everything!!

  168. Tina Andrews Childers say:

    Had the worst meal ever in the cafe last night. 35 minutes before we got our appetizers,and dinner brought out 2 minutes later.3 tables come in after us and served before us.Steaks were overcooked,mac&cheese was so dried out when we flipped the bowl over nothing fell out.Was told it depends on the cook to how the steaks come out,since I ordered med I should have ordered med rare.My daughter ordered rare so I asked if she should order raw. I shouldn’t have to do a survey on the chef’s before I order med is med. Only heard sorry, me too wasted 118.00.

  169. Barbara Pastos say:

    I hadn’t been there since last year and thought I’d go with a group on the bus trip.the machines are not working well, the buttons that is, played many games and not much winnings. They need some newer games,or I’ll be going to MGM or Maryland live.the buffet was good, and presentation was ok. Changes need to be made and I’ll be back.

  170. Bob Lowther say:

    Always enjoy this great establishment. Bonz is phenomenal. Good times always.

  171. Brandon Marcum say:

    The best place I have ever been to love seeing entertainment here I love watching glass onion

  172. Pamela J Morgan say:

    No rewards for all my hard earned money. It’s clean and very well secured. Bathroom was also kelp very nice. Our luncheon at the Buffet was amazing. Our waitress was the best I’ve ever had any where

  173. Sherry Jarrett say:

    It’s was great wish I coulda won some coins
    I’ll be back

  174. R Jamaar Terry say:

    Exactly what Ivan said and the female bartender at Bones was ignorant, rude personality, we went to Dover Downs instead and had a blast!

  175. Lisa Lange say:

    I did love it UNTIL a group of customers were compelled to step up and handle a situation the casino’s plain clothed security wouldn’t or couldn’t. 17 years in security I’ve never seen anything like it. This company should seriously consider re-education for their plain clothed security on emergency situation response.

  176. Dwayne Kelley say:

    Went to the three dog night concert. Went very early and stood in line to get the best seating. But the casino had all the good seats reserved for their buddies. I guess the high rollers. Well good for you Harrington casino. Wont see me again.

  177. Eddie Pyles say:

    I ordered a drink at the bar very weak . I actually saw her pour. I’m sure there was more alcohol in a babies bottle. One dealer was VERY RUDE!!!!! BUT there was a nice dealer a black lady (I think her name was Patricia not sure ) she was great . Other then that. I wish Vegas was closer

  178. Justin Willmuth say:

    I’ve been to many casinos and I have to say that the Harrington Raceway & Casino is the most friendliest casino I’ve ever been to. The food is excellent and the staff that works there is very friendly. I can be myself when I go there and gamble. I know that I mostly lose when I leave the casino but that’s okay. At least I helped keep the lights on because I gamble for entertainment. But in general when I go into any casino. I normally lose because in general if you don’t hit anything big, the machines only pay out about 30%. Like my dad told me “Sorry you lost $8.00”. I told my dad “That’s okay, I had fun and I helped keep the lights on”. Playing the slots is a great escape from the daily stress of life. It’s a lot of fun to do while my girlfriend is at work. Sometimes when my girlfriend has the day off I bring her to Harrington Raceway & Casino to play the slots. She loves it at Harrington Raceway & Casino also. I usually take a bus trip to Harrington Raceway & Casino usually on Wednesdays. It’s worth a longer trip to go to a casino with a very friendly atmosphere. I have a casino that’s practically in my backyard that I refuse to go to because it’s not have a very friendly atmosphere. That’s why I give Harrington Raceway & Casino my business. Please keep it up. I look forward coming to Harrington Raceway & Casino all the time.

  179. Florence Bass Ingram say:

    We have had good experiences, mainly we just go to spend few hours gambling, non drinkers, eat at lunch buffet which has always been very tasty, plenty selections of different foods. Fun day

  180. Cindy Lawrence say:

    Had a wonderful time at Harrington Raceway & Casino yesterday, love the old fashion slots and the quaint atmosphere!

  181. Debbie DiCosmo say:

    I enjoy Harrington my comps are great,and everyone is really nice.We’ve ate at the Buffet on Friday seafood night it was fantastic.I’ve also got sandwich platters to go from the deli they are really really good.I won money and I was so excited..My over all experience was excellent!! Thx Harrington Raceway and Casino.

  182. Alonzo Doby say:

    A great time. A good place to have fun a good dinner.

  183. Sandy Moreland say:

    Great place love the food n casino I tell all my friends n family about Herrington casino n have a lot of fun Everytime I go there

  184. John Daly say:

    Money goes in too fast. I have never been to a casino where I hear no machines paying off….

  185. Darlene Nichols say:

    Don’t go on holiday cause the slot machine to not pay much money

  186. Shenia Blessed Tharp say:

    I had fun n yes I would go bk the good could Hv been a little better

  187. Rhonda Cooper Hearn say:

    Had a great time with our friends with starting at the buffet and ending in the goldroom for the comedy show which was fantastic I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out

  188. Mike Greico say:

    Harrington’s is one of my favorite casinos always win when I’m there giving it 5 outta 5 stars
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ gamble on ??

  189. Jennifer Nicole Merritt say:

    Had a blast. Was a girls night out for my birthday. Food was yummy didn’t win anything but still had fun.

  190. Trishia Ball-Moon Jr. say:

    The actual experience was excellent. But in my opinion this is no place for children. In trying to watch the dogs run, their was small children literally running EVERYWHERE!!! Which made our experience outside horrible!!!

  191. New Chapter say:

    Had a great time, fun environment. I went home with more than I came with!!

  192. Cathy Harris say:

    Had a great time at the track in the Clubhouse celebrating my Mother-in-law/Father-in-laws Birthdays/Anniversary. Food/service was awesome. BIG shoutout to Dawn & Cydel for doing a great job of running the show. Also want to say Kudos to our server Chris for taking good care of us. #Mark/CathyHarris

  193. Alesia Matthews say:

    Awesome and so relaxing!!!!!! I will be returning again soon!!!!

  194. Lj Ayres say:

    I live their go 3x a week. Blackjack is my game I will be bk again real soon

  195. Gen Rohn say:

    I went at 10:30pm on a Monday night and it was very clean, friendly security and I walked away $112 richer from the penny slots. I’m happy! May have to come back! Lol

  196. Ventrell Brown say:

    They are very personable and attentive. Either we’re there too much or they just treat us like family and has awesome cocktail service and food. The massages are good too!

  197. Teresa Morris say:

    I had a great time I will definitely be back again

  198. Charlene Beamon say:

    I always enjoy my visits to Harrington…staff always pleasant and the food is always good…and you can win money…can’t ask for a better casino…

  199. Vic Guempel say:

    Went for the seafood buffet, wasn’t disappointed. Clams, oysters, shrimp, fried rock fish plus all the usual great items. Snow crab legs would have been nice, but I guess you can’t have everything. Would go again in a minute…

  200. Sheila Platt say:

    Disappointed with first visit. Believe it or not!!

  201. Christine Marie say:

    It was ok. disappointed that we couldn’t play poker. The slots were good to play. not like Foxwoods or Moghen Sun. Not enough table games.

  202. Eileen Renninger say:

    I like the buffet becau see e of variety of foods. The casino got new machines which is great but most of all, it’s smoke free. That means alot to my friend and I.

  203. Barbara Rich Dornenburg say:

    Love Harrington Casino it’s the place we go to WIN!

  204. Bonnie Moore Boan say:

    Had a good time in the casino. We also ate dinner in the buffet. Great food. Lots to chose from.

  205. Phillip Brockman say:

    Wasn’t happy with the buffet Friday night. Everything seemed to be cold crab legs soggy. Prime rib was cold will never pay for the buffet again…

  206. Cheryl M. Beattie say:

    My friend & I was there for the Peter Noone show , we ate in the buffet , lots of good food & slots .

  207. Thomas L Wood say:

    Small very nice casino. Excellent show in the gold room. A lot of slot machines. Fabulous people.

  208. Rasheena Melendez say:

    Had an awesome time and won some money. Didn’t like the buffet. Bonz is amazing

  209. Shirl Ackerman-Ross say:

    It is a great place to gamble, eat, enjoy entertainment, and socialize!

  210. Bj Timmons say:

    love going here!!! my way of destressing and just relaxing…..

  211. Phil Beinke say:

    Great buffet. Food tasted great. Played many slots, and came out slightly ahead

  212. Cheryl Jean Emershaw say:

    It was my birthday took my 3 boys and their wives had a good time its so fun watching the races and the food was so good thank you for the family memories

  213. Renee Anderson say:

    It was a delight and the good at the all you can eat buffet was good

  214. Dawn Lawrence say:

    The casino was not prepared for the kentucky derby crowd servers were terrible especially in the club house total meltdown. Not enough bars open they need to step up their game.

  215. Bob Hohman say:

    I love playing at hatrington win some lose some great place.

  216. Angel Rose say:

    Great Staff Exciting atmosphere!!!! All around wonderful experience….

  217. Jeanine Kemmer say:

    Excellent customer service with professional and personable staff! We had a very relaxing afternoon.

  218. Bill Keaveney say:

    We went for a concert at the Gold Room. Loved the experience.

  219. Angel EL-Boricua Maldonado say:

    Man you never win in that damn place I might ass well burn my money cause he’ll will freeze over before you win anything I usually spend 150 to 300 Everytime I go their been going their since 2005 only thing you win if you lucky is you’re money back only thing that place good for is the food

  220. Trina Edwards say:

    My first time there and I had a great time. Lost all my money but it was fun and the buffet was off the chain! I was stuffed! �

  221. Suzanne Elizabeth say:

    Poor service and small, overpriced food. Casino is nice

  222. Donnie Gray say:

    Just another bad day can’t win nothing at that casino. Play 3 dollars a pull get the bonus and out of the 15 free spins I win $4.50 total. Why keep going.

  223. Daniel J. Miles say:

    They need to stop being so stingy about players winning. Stop always taking our money.

  224. Patricia Covington say:

    I think this place was more fun before they remodeled seems like nobody is winning anymore i know they are loosing ppl.they need to let ppl win sometimes this would bringthe crowds back into the casino SMH! Sad this use to be the the fun place to be and everybody was excited to come here.nobody is winning here anymore might have to move on up the road or try MGM or charlestown.

  225. Kevin Williams say:

    1st time there, i didn’t eat anything butt the staff were very friendly and yes i also lost my money butt i was with my wife and thats winning in it self, we always wanted to stop and have a lil fun on our way back home to va from nj.

  226. Marcía Dawnń say:

    The food at the buffet was not good at all
    The only thing that was ok was the fried chicken, fried fish and cheesecake. There were bugs flying around the food and on the cookies. If I ever plan to go back I will just probably eat before and after. The actual casino was ok. It was fun just playing the slots and watch people win and lose.

  227. Marcía Dawnń say:

    The food at the buffet was not good at all
    The only thing that was ok was the fried chicken, fried fish and cheesecake. There were bugs flying around the food and on the cookies. If I ever plan to go back I will just probably eat before and after. The actual casino was ok. It was fun just playing the slots and watch people win and lose.

  228. Erik Finkbiner say:

    Fantastic establishment all the way around. Fun and exciting inside and out!

  229. Mike Lowe say:

    Well i kno u can’t win everytime u go there but last time i did very well.. So im like 50/50 kinda.. Winning an losing that is. Lol But yeah they def helped me out last time i went so they on my good side. People have to realize that winning big there is about the same chances of wining the lottery or a scratch off ticket. 1st off! Everybody that has these bad things to say about not winning are most likely playing the 1c – 25c machines. Old man told me “You gotta have money to make money”.. Thats tru as it gets! Which also means you gotta spend money to win money!!! You go in there with expecting to win something big off of $50-$100 you might as well stay the hell home if you expecting to win all the time.. Go with about $200-$300 an if you lose it, then you can b alil salty ��.. When i go to harrington i feel like im home.. I done been to Atlantic City an bigger casinos an i just feel outta place.. Shit, atleast they got free soft drinks an decent lookin cocktail waitresses there with skimpy skirts on.. �� Love yall harrington

  230. Randy Baldock say:

    never been just play Double Down Casino and am registered for that so I can get the codes every 3 months thank you Harrington Raceway & Casino for being a partner site

  231. Dianna Irwin say:

    AYCE Prime Rib night is outstanding!! So many other options! Saturday nights are our favorite night to do the buffet!!

  232. Lila Whitlow say:

    For me Harrington Raceway & Casino has always been a great experience, not only fun playing the slots, the buffet is very good serving the best food of all the casinos. In 2013 I hit the jackpot, we went this Saturday 6/10/17 and i was still blessed to win a little something. We don’t go there thinking we are suddenly gonna get rich, we go to have fun after all the slots are computers and they are set when they will pay off, just play responsibly, we love going to Harrington Raceway & Casino!!!!!!!!

  233. Lila Whitlow say:

    For me Harrington Raceway & Casino has always been a great experience, not only fun playing the slots, the buffet is very good serving the best food of all the casinos. In 2013 I hit the jackpot, we went this Saturday 6/10/17 and i was still blessed to win a little something. We don’t go there thinking we are suddenly gonna get rich, we go to have fun after all the slots are computers and they are set when they will pay off, just play responsibly, we love going to Harrington Raceway & Casino!!!!!!!!

  234. Paul Scott Wantage say:
  235. Mandy Kanarr say:

    I loved going to Harrington and went often until they sent me something telling me I had a birthday gift waiting for me. I drove 3 hrs. I got there and customer service told me I should have brought the damn card with me. They had my info. Knew it was my birthday, etc., I thought that was horrible customer service. I threw my players card in the trash and started driving another 30 min to Dover.

  236. Kelly Wayne Pavlik say:

    Always a blast.. $295 in 4 races and i took my ass home

  237. Snickerdoodle Bre say:

    I went today for my birthday and everything was just terrible and no I’m not just saying this. I was disappointed because I hear such great things about the Harrington buffet. Maybe it was just me because everything was just bland. I’m sure there food is delicious when not rushed into. I’m sorry but I will try again on another day.

  238. Snickerdoodle Bre say:

    I went today for my birthday and everything was just terrible and no I’m not just saying this. I was disappointed because I hear such great things about the Harrington buffet. Maybe it was just me because everything was just bland. I’m sure there food is delicious when not rushed into. I’m sorry but I will try again on another day.

  239. Robert Dvs say:

    Spanish 21 has been great, ($825) Be back tonight for more action..

  240. Don Spiers say:

    It is a very nice place, with band on patio at nights

  241. Katrina Spencr say:

    Luv Harrington Raceway & Casino, visit every year

  242. Rodteashia Guerrier say:

    Buffet food was horrible, only thing was good was shrimp etoufee and crabs.

  243. Yolanda Aviles say:

    Its always a good day when you go home with some winnings! Thank you Harrington!

  244. Cheryl Harrison say:

    Don’t ever try to go to the casino for a date night when the fair is in town. Absolutely ridiculous.

  245. Michael Andersen say:

    I enjoy this casino a lot. It is never crowded. It’s always clean. Some of the machines seem loose, especially if you play them later in the evening. What I dislike is unless I seem to go at night I don’t win and the hand pays that aren’t scarce are never big. Biggest has been $900. This is not like the casinos in Vegas where you want to go and stay for a while. Harrington is more like a stop in for an hour and then leave place. I think if they loosened up the slots some I’d want to stay longer.

  246. Brenda Mays say:

    Is a Cool Slot Venue. I enjoy Losing my Money LOL��

  247. Todd Lavender say:

    Nice big casino lots of games and slots. Only wish they had oversize parking area. Think it was closed due to state fair. Girl answering phone not sharpest tool in shed.

  248. Patrick Willey say:

    The girls were a lot hotter this time around if you want my money keep working the hot girls

  249. Sharon Bayly say:

    I was winning so it was a good visit. The staff are all Super friendly, especially Julie (slot lady!$) good times.

  250. Davita Gardner say:

    I enjoy myself each time I stop in. Nice staff, good food, cold drinks. I don’t gamble so I couldn’t rate your machines!

  251. Almarie Fennell say:

    Well it’s like this for me. You got to be in to win it! It’s gambling you take a chance. In September of 2016 was great for me I had to file my winnings with IRS. It was a really good pop. This I don’t do often but will do it for a get away. The best thing I can say is don’t go back home broke. That hasn’t happened to me yet. I just enjoy the moments.

  252. Almarie Fennell say:

    Well it’s like this for me. You got to be in to win it! It’s gambling you take a chance. In September of 2016 was great for me I had to file my winnings with IRS. It was a really good pop. This I don’t do often but will do it for a get away. The best thing I can say is don’t go back home broke. That hasn’t happened to me yet. I just enjoy the moments.

  253. Deanie Gory say:

    The reason I am giving 5 stars is because of Bonz Restaurant and its staff. This is by far one of the best restaurants in Delaware, but not known by a lot. Chef, sous chef, servers, hostess….all fantastic. Definitely worth reserving a table.

  254. Sharon Denise Rogers say:
  255. Maria Majka Bruce say:

    I have been playing at your casino for awhile, we will play a few thousand and win very little and we received more comps when we didn’t play. Tonight we came.for dinner and to play. So about 11pm I go over to the Fadoozle slots by the far door and go to put money in the machine when a lady screams at me, I Have Money in there, i honestly didn’t even notice which is what I said. She preceeded to scream and cuss and call me an ignorant white bitch, then a man yells at my husband saying we called them niggers which we did not and even other black people there was wondering their problem was. They continued to harass me running their mouth. I complained to security and management, which as they were polite they said they do not have enough staff to deal with this situation and worse things happen here. They said management won’t hire more people. Well management I will lodge a complaint with the Delaware gaming commission, BBB and I will blast every media outlet and travel site there is. Player card 0002345606. Will not come back to a casino that don’t care about their regular clients.

  256. Shirley Carson say:

    The band from 4-1 was awesome. The casino is tight with hitting the slots

  257. Geneva Butler say:

    I have lots of fun at this casino and I go there every month. The food is great anywhere you go and I really love the slots games.

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