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Casino in Honolulu, Hawaii

“New Casino” has finally become “Casino.” I used to refer to this bar as “Not-So-New Casino,” so I’m glad they’ve finally dropped the “New.” It was more than misleading bc it had been “new” for quite some time… Years, in fact.
Anyway, there’s a new Mama (which I’m assuming accounts for the change in the name). She’s super pretty, very nice, and Korean of course (hence the “pretty”). She recently brought a bunch of cute and pretty (Korean) girls here, so this place seems pretty busy. She supposedly has a decent following, in terms of girls and customers, which I guess seemed well validated the night I went with my SS (“Side Salad”). There weren’t many places to sit bc the place was packed. The bar was full, for the most part, and there were only a couple tables / booths open.

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If my SS goes to a K-bar on his own, he is treated like royalty, or something of the sort. When we go together, even though I’m half-Korean, we get little-to-no service unless we “know” someone special. (Haters, I swear…  Or, do I smell??! LOL.)
However, this wasn’t the case at Casino. Even though we were seated in a booth near the back, we were not forgotten. The older waitress that seated us made sure to check on us regularly. She had an amiable and good-humored demeanor. She even joked around with us a bit and complimented me several times. Hah! (So uncharacteristic of K-bar workers towards “outsider” Korean girls like me!) Service like that (and pretty girls) is what will establish regular customers and a busy bar all of the time.i’ve been retired from writing yelp reviews for over a year. but please allow me to come out of the yelp review retirement closet. (no not that closet. sorry.) let me pull a brett favre. no, let me pull a michael jordan instead cause my height, stature, and skin tone better resembles his. i’m tall, dark, and handsy!anywaaaays, this is my FAVORITE (legal) spot in hawaii. so, i couldn’t resist having the honor of being NEW CASINO’S first to review! this is my first, FIRST TO REVIEW! FTR biaaatches! what you know about FTR’s!?

anywaaaays, Casino isn’t really a casino. there aren’t any blackjack, poker, or baccarat tables. but that doesn’t mean gambling doesn’t take place inside. there arent any pit bosses or card dealers, but that doesn’t mean there’s no action inside. there aren’t any female patrons but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any ladies inside. ummm..WTF!?!  where am i going with this???

anywaaaaays, Casino is a drinking spot. yup, its true. believe it or not, alcohol is involved here. there’s a general bar area, and private rooms with karaoke. i’ve never spent time in the general bar area cause i don’t like to get general when i’m getting my drunk on…i get private!

anywaaaaaaays, i’ve only done my drinking in the private rooms. i shouldn’t say too much why these rooms are private. but let’s just say that their karaoke selections are AMAZING. though there’s no actual gambling at Casino, i always leave with an empty wallet. but who cares! its Hawaii!!!

anywaaaaays, don’t tell this to my mom, but because of Casino, i had to swim back to LA.

Cheers and Happy Halloween!

1340 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814, USA
+1 808-947-3365

Facebook: Club-New-Casino

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