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If you love to play cards, The Gardens is your place to get lucky! We’ve got your favorite games – like No Limit Hold ’em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, 3 Card Poker, Omaha, and more! While you’re kicking back and enjoying your favorite games, grab a cold drink, a snack, or even a hot, international dish, served right at your table.

If you play at The Gardens, you’re probably already aware that we are known for our friendly players and staff. So whatever you’ve got planned, be sure to make time for a stop at The Gardens to have fun, kick back, and get your game on! Join us for the Best Play in L.A.!

Poker Classic

iThe Gardens Casino is proud to join forces with Poker Night in America to bring you the 7th Annual The Gardens Poker Classic. New episodes of Season 6 of Poker Night in America will take place at The Gardens Casino which includes a main event TV final table.

Show »

High Profile players such as Jennifer Tilly, Kevin Pollak, Eli Elezra, Greg Mueller, Courtney Hamilton,  will be joining us in a High Stakes Televised Cash game along with a High Roller cash game. All of the filming will be streamed live hand-for-hand at, as well as edited for broadcast on CBS Sports Network nationwide. The filming set is open to public, and people are encouraged to stop by and see their favorite poker pros and celebrities battle it out over the felt.


The Gardens Poker Classic offers over $1.4 Million in guarantees, 5 Action Clock events, 10 crystal trophy events and 15 single day events plus single table satellites and Mega Satellites with 35 Main Event seats guaranteed. The Poker Classic will be kicking off September 15 with a $100,000 guarantee followed by the $1 Million guarantee main event on September 16. Be sure to check our schedule.

The Gardens Poker Classic

The Gardens Casino with Poker Night in America brings you the 7th Annual The Gardens Poker Classic. This event offers over 1.4 Million in gtd, 5 Action Clock events, 10 crystal trophy events & 15 single day events + single table satellites and Mega Satellites with 35 Main Event seats guaranteed.

The Gardens Poker Festival Ft. WPT500

In March 2017 The Gardens Casino announced the first ever hosting of the WPT in California. The Gardens Poker festival featuring WPT had 16 events with a prize pool of over $1 million dollars.

11871 E Carson St, Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716, USA
+1 562-860-5887

Facebook: TheGardensCasino
Twitter: gardenscasino
Instagram: thegardenscasino

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  1. Mando LA say:

    Bring back the drawing and ill go back to play there

  2. Larry Mangold say:

    I’ve been looking for more Sit and Go games and Omaha games, in my price range, and heard they had some at Hawaiian Gardens Casino

  3. Craig Leto say:

    I love this place. Lots of action. Great food.

  4. Victor Wise say:

    Try the blackened salmon!

  5. Dina S Williams say:

    I love playing Baccarat there. They need to have Baccarat Tournaments tho so I can play for big money.

  6. Shawn Morgon say:

    been playing here since it was a trailer. friendly dealers and friendly floor men.

  7. Scott Petersen say:

    Best tournament management team around special thanks to Rusty, Alex, Anthony, Linda,Cavin and the whole team

  8. Johnny Encinias say:

    Nothing like Reno!!!!

  9. Eric Phan say:

    Very close to home. Great food. A variety of games to play. Understanding supervisors!

  10. Hani Nasr say:

    Love it …….

  11. Jose Avila Sr. say:

    Sweet!!..just wish they had more security officers

  12. Happi Rayos say:

    Very depressing place

  13. Paula Schnetzka Wolfe say:

    Not my type of casino.

  14. Abenamar Aguilar say:

    Super bien ya quisiera estar ahi

  15. Anthony Carter say:

    It was my first time I like it , I won….

  16. David Cash say:

    My favorite local cardroom.

  17. Kerrah Anglin say:

    This isn’t a true casino! Just a bunch of tables….

  18. Paul Revelle say:


  19. Sheila Pailet say:

    Great food fun times love playing texas holdem

  20. Monique Barbour say:

    Great place to work

  21. Adrian Lozano say:

    Good good nice atmosphere, staff need improvements

  22. Jimmy James Parel say:

    Good moments @ HGC & very close to my house; a place where I can play and relax and met lots of interesting people of characters!

  23. Luis Rivera say:

    Se lo recomiendo ,y pronto va a ser un grande nuevo casino yo vivo a un block de cerca esta muy bien

  24. Ofelia Arizmendi say:

    Happy hour is great, but the place has an old feel like super boring n poor

  25. Aidan Funk say:

    The food is average and over priced. Not my first choice for places to play cards.

  26. Grace Gonzales say:

    Well I think it’s going to be nice now cuz people treat you different

  27. Margarito Mercado say:

    Best food in LA, friendly staff and best prices in drinks

  28. Margarito Mercado say:

    Best food in LA, friendly staff and best prices in drinks

  29. Petramv Martinez Velazquez say:

    Ermoso tendran muvho travajo vueno yo tanvian porq elseñor saravi medsra mas travajo ami tsnvin

  30. El Olde Faamausili say:

    Been going to this place for many years. Lost so much money to those low-life degenerates that I don’t donate to Red Cross anymore because I’m already feeding those bums with cash. The building looks run down from the outside, fortunately they’re building a new casino next door. it’s a sea of poker tables when you walk in and it smells like an Asian food market with gamblers and poker junkies getting they’re fixed. Except for the fine ass waitresses, there’s nothing pretty about this place… But I love it! it’s home away from home. get away from all your troubles, drinks are cheap and there’s always action on the tables. if you expect this to be like some luxurious Vegas casino, then you’ll be sadly disappointed. but if you want to go to a place where you can play poker and have a good time with other low-lives, such as myself, then this place is perfect for you.

  31. Edith Montero say:

    Best place to relax

  32. Jose Enciso say:

    Can’t can’t for the new building. Been coming here for a while now and it’s time they finish the new Casino…looks big.

  33. Daniel Lopez say:

    A casino for bar flies and should be avoided at all cost spend you’re hard earned cash ells where

  34. Daniel Lopez say:

    A casino for bar flies and should be avoided at all cost spend you’re hard earned cash ells where

  35. Karla Valdez say:

    Richfield landscape was kicked out of the casino because he was there five days in a row WINNING. . The dealer call the floorman telling him that he was folding the cards .. . Securities punch him in his back it was a short black man .. . He got arrested for trespassing private property .. . That’s Nat right he hit Jack pot. Twice. ..

  36. Samnann Ep say:

    In order to get a complementary meal, you have to bride the floorman at least $5. That most of my friends said. Hmmm…we lost so much and why that such ugly act happens . The leader of casino should straight this out asap ! I feel very discourage to come for enjoying my time. Today, i saw with my real own eyes ! That was SO cheap…shameful. I think to go other places where provide more dignity of real fun of life !

  37. Jewel Spo say:

    I was shocked to finally walk into the new building instead of the tent. It looks really great but the awesome part is all the huge tvs all over.

  38. Craig Moyer say:

    Loved this casino.
    Visited from Minnesota.
    Service for food and drinks was a little slow, but they were still finding their groove.
    Highly recommend it.
    I’ll be back when I swing back thru SoCal.

  39. Barry Lightner say:

    The renovation has made it a lot more palatable. Still waiting to see if it keeps up.

  40. Barry Lightner say:

    The renovation has made it a lot more palatable. Still waiting to see if it keeps up.

  41. Jay Jay Tavares say:

    I was there a few weeks ago. The floor person at the high stakes poker area treated me unfairly and kicked me out of the casino. I have not gone back since and I tell everyone I know that it’s not a place to spend your money. I think it had to do because I’m Mexican. Not Cool.

  42. Mario Jaimes say:

    Go To The Commerce Casino!!! It’s Way Better and Everyone is Very Nice

  43. Eimelda Nava say:

    Great food and was inexpensive but i am told now prices went up!

  44. Eimelda Nava say:

    Great food and was inexpensive but i am told now prices went up!

  45. Bernice Saafir say:

    U need to put in slots machine so we that like them would not have to travel so for .I am sure you would have a lott more business and stay full why not have slots machine I wish you would really think really hard about it lott of people catch busses leaving going to places out of Long Beach do you realize how much business U would have !!!.

  46. Matt Hatfield say:

    Poorlt ran casino top to bottom. Terrible food, terrible service, rude management, 7dollar rake per hand, place is a sewer.

  47. Andrew Litwin say:

    Fix the parking lot! Seriously it ridiculous how long this process is taking. Hire more waitstaff and moderate the temp in VIP it’s an icebox in there with everyone wearing jackets. Overall this is a growing pains process to a new fabulous casino but management needs a wake up.

  48. Anthony X Mandich say:

    I hate the name “The Gardens”. I have a long history with Hawaiian Gardens Casino, not all of it positive. That being said, apart from the clusterfuck of a parking lot, the renovation came out sweet. Don’t bother playing the $1-$2 NLHE unless you hate your money. They play with $1 chips now which totally sucks. It’s more reminiscent to the $20 buy in NLHE they used to have and everyone knows what a shit show that was. I played on the $2-$3 100-200 NLHE and it was a juicy game. Walked out ahead $600 a few hours later. One low class side note is that the floorman who sat me down, once he saw I was winning started trying to catch my eye and I got the feeling he was trying to get me to give him a tip as if he had anything to do with my play. I hate that feeling and Hawaiian Gardens Casino is known for that. They are run by a bunch of tiganas from Romania which I kind of think is cool but you just have to be sure to be careful when you walk through the doors of “The Gardens”. Overall rating is a solid B.

  49. Robert Donald Ketchum say:

    Its my home casino love it. They know me there and love going there

  50. Joaquin Chaidez say:

    The casino is good, this Facebook page sucks. Don’t bother following it

  51. James Paskins say:

    i had steak and shrimp 2 plates and some of Brotha Gils shrimp tempura it was so good!!!!! Texas Hold em poker!!! “We all know YOu gotta know when to Fold Em” you could smell the money in that place LOL

  52. Brandon Redmerski say:

    Great place to play poker.
    Food is great and cool staff

  53. Ronnie Coronado say:

    Beautiful Casino♡ great food, great service! I’ll definitely go back.

  54. Kim Hart say:

    Lexi is the best food server. When no one else was helping, she left her section to come and serve us. She provided excellent and fast service. She should get a raise.

  55. Marc Douglas say:

    They need to get rid of the beggar and all the people that someone that’s part of this casino messing with player jumping in and out mess up the cards treat staff better and play so music to boring

  56. Dennis R Patac say:

    i was visiting from out of town and family brought me here. I had a great time and the atmosphere was awesome. Great place for poker.

  57. Richfield Landscape say:

    the securities are very unrespectful . no comments.

  58. Joe Luis So Yasuhara Jr. say:

    god bless! best casino in Los Angeles california
    the best top quality ones deserves! just here waiting here wandering when to go back. a place everyone comes out a winner.

  59. Evan Tensing say:

    TURN OFF that stupid Hawaiian Music (same 5 songs) playing throughout the parking lot! It’s so GD Loud! I’ve reported the nuisance to the department of Public Safety. The residents of Hawaiian Gardens have dealt with 24/7 construction for YEARS and the last thing we need is the OBNOXIOUSly LOUD Stupid music that is TOO LOUD and can be heard inside my home with all my windows shut! It’s 8pm and I can’t even have a quite evening to sleep!!

    ***Turn OFF that F-ing Parking Lot music****

  60. 吴迪 say:

    Turn OFF your music in the parking lot! The residents have complained several times to your management and the city and you continue to ignore our repeated efforts to have QUIET ENJOYMENT! TURN OFF THE MUSICAL PARKING LOT! its 10pm!!!

  61. Melinda Marie Harkema say:

    I have to say: I’m the most impressed by The Gardens Casino’s remodel than I am by other casinos who have also remodeled. The lounge area features a VERY TALENTED guitarist (who’s also easy on the eyes), the various shops around are designed like a little slice of Vegas, and everything is much “classier” than when it was the temporary facility.

  62. Phillip Olen Cabral say:

    It’s a fun place to go to play poker. Some good games all around! A great remodel too!

  63. Sam Woo say:

    It was a great experience. Very nice employees and very clean. Better than Las Vegas

  64. Ken Krank say:

    Very nice casino, much larger than I was expecting. Excellent employee’s, seems to be run very well. I will be going back.

  65. Dave Nguyen say:

    Much improved than the dome era, many years ago. Just wished they can expand with more restaurants.

  66. Johnny Mireles say:

    I have played here a few times but last night was just plain Ridiculous..! They have a sticker right on the card shuffler that states, English only while hand is in play. Not only do the dealers not enforce this rule, they speak in another language themselves with the Asain players while in the cute..!! I was like really..??

    Then when you ask the floorperson to enforce the rule they act scared to reprimand the offenders because it seems like they might lose their tips from these types of players?!?!

    Although, I will give one floorman an accolade for actually standing by his word of removing one offender from the table but only after 3 warnings.

    I truly hope this Casino and their Management can turn this type of behavior around in poker section. It would be a Shame to have built this really nice casino only to watch it be over powered by some unruly and unmannered Asain players!

  67. Bernardo Villapudua say:

    The place is not bad for an older casino. Someone told me it was just redone in the last couple of years but it doesn’t really look like it. The bartenders were really friendly. However I would suggest you be careful when playing at some of their tables. Noticed a couple working together at a table, pointed it out to the dealer and she blew it off. But there’s no doubt they were hustling, probably not the casino but other players. So they probably couldn’t care less.

  68. Ray Stephens say:

    The Gardens has the worst Internet connection and phones don’t get reception in the building. How much could a decent dial-up connection or cable modem cost?

  69. Adeline Tran say:

    It’s a fun place to hang out. Eat, drink and gamble. Play for fun don’t bet all ur money. Good foods.

  70. Keet Miyake say:

    First time there. Nice place. Didn’t eat but food looked good. Paid out good too. Definitely will go back.

  71. Jennifer Zmich Uzeta say:

    I’m from Arizona. From what I learned that night, they only have card tables. No slots, no video anything. When you bet, you pay the house 1.00$ just to bet. They said it’s because it’s a city thing and not on a reservation. I call bullshit on that and they have to pay uber taxes in that shit. Never will go there again.

  72. Lisandro Quinones say:
  73. Monica Alvarez say:

    First Casino I ever played at, will always come back.

  74. Ben Berg say:

    The new casino is first rate.
    TV screens everywhere, except the bathrooms! �
    Friendly staff. Plenty of tables for everyone.
    The BEST casino in LA!

  75. Matt Unks say:

    Having been at he Gardens for the first time during the Poker Festival, I can say this is a terrific place to play Poker. The quality of the staff is top notch. I would recommend the Gardens Casino to any poker player from beginner to professional.

  76. Joe H Lee say:

    The parking is still the worst, have to walk miles to casino, no shuttle for disabled!
    Very bad for a major casino!

  77. Autumn Gasparella say:

    The poker and general casino overall I would give 5 stars. It’s beautiful, the valet is great with their car wash option, restaurants very good, bar and drink prices great! The poker tournament is very well run.
    The table games, however, knocked it to a 4. The dealers are generally terrible; they can’t explain the rules or bets of their games. I can’t blame the casino for the $1 per hand fee at the tables. I know it’s a result of the laws allowing them to be open, but when you are used to Vegas and Indian casinos it’s a rip off. I do blame them though for the continuous 4 deck shuffle machines at the blackjack tables. If you understand anything about the game, you know this completely ruins it. If you want to play $25 bets, you can play standard double deck – cards face down, of course.

  78. Julio Bossano Rosales say:

    Thash the best casino and service bary close to my home

  79. Adore Pok say:

    I absolutely enjoyed my first time playing at Hawaiian Gardens Casino today. I played their Daily No Limit Holdem Tournament. First of all the casino is beautiful. I think it is the best looking casino in this local area; it beats Commerce and Bicycle Casino. Plenty of free parking, and they have free shuttle service if you prefer not to walk the very short distance to the front door. The shuttle is a plus if you win a lot of money, as well. Take you right to your car when you leave. They also have valet parking. The poker area is state-of-the-art, they even have a little room(s) for you to use if you need to talk privately on your cell phone. Lots of TV’s and detailed data about the status of the tournament. I was lucky to place in the money for the tournament. It was just a great time overall. I had fun with the players, and floor managers. Lots of food choices, including self-service so you don’t have to wait for table-side dining if you are rushed. I love the turkey sandwich from the deli! Fresh ingredients, it was delicious. The bathrooms are gorgeous and super clean. The staff is friendly. I”m definitely going back!

  80. Salvatore Tartamella say:
  81. Merideth N Richard Shriver say:

    I was expecting more with the new Casino renovation…at least some good restaurants or some good food to go with the new Gardens casino..but naaaddaaahhh!

  82. Alessia Coleman say:

    Its a really or pretty casino with a well std staffed unit. But I still feel like its missing something. Maybe some shows or something. But I haven’t tired the entire thing yet. I do have to say that I meet an employee last night that was handling the poker tables (I think her name was margarine, not the butter she said) hahaha. Sh he was the most polite friendly great attitude helpful and a wonderful smiling face employee I’ve ever met at any establishment. I have been there for over 6 hours watching my other half play and I was exhausted she not only offered me coffee she made me coffee she did it with a smile and she made sure to check up on me every now and then. Those kind of employees make you always want to come back to an establishment no matter what. She is definitely an asset to the company and I hope they hire more like her. She said she’s to be a blackjack dealer but now she walks around with the walkie-talkie I think her walking around is better cuz there’s a lot of faces out there she needs to brighten up especially when you’re losing your money hahaha thanks for listening

  83. David Aszman say:

    I will never play there again after so many years we went for the intention to watch the fight as you guys had previewed that you would be hosting it!!! We played cards throughout the day only to find out that there was a charge and not only that that it was sold out! After all the money your Casino makes you have the gall to charge I’m going to boycott until all my friends not two player Casino ever again either

  84. Yuri Adriana Ventura say:
  85. Brad Madiuk say:

    Blackjack pays 1:1. House takes $1 on each hand. The player advantage is gone and you may as well just hand the dealer whatever money you were going to play and walk out having made no bets. The tables are stacked heavily to the house. I’ll never go back.

  86. Jeff Bark say:

    Very rude
    Food msg
    Ignoring color

    Worst casino in la

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