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Southeast Idaho’s only gaming facility where you will find fast action fun, high energy excitement and the friendliest gaming atmosphere in Idaho. Over 900 of the most popular video gaming machines along with the video poker can be found at Fort Hall Casino. Fort Hall Casino is a sure bet to non-stop gaming entertainment 24 hours a day!

The High Limit Area is a place where players can feel comfortable without any pressure or hassles. They can spend what they want how they want.

48 machines can be found in the High Limit Area, and the featured games are Rawhide, Rising Fortunes, and Rapa Nui Riches.

Machine denominations are $1.00 to $5.00 for all machines up to $50.00 a spin.


Fort Hall Casino Players Club gives you more of what you want! Membership is FREE, and with your free membership you receive
MORE of the benefits you deserve!

What are Bonus Bucks?
Free credits to play on machines.
How do I earn points?
Simply use your Players Club Card while playing your favorite gaming machine.

How do I use Bonus Bucks?
Create a PIN at the Players Club Booth.
Download Bonus Bucks directly to identified machines.
• Redeem points for machine play or merchandise
• View your point balance right from your machine
• Receive special offers and free machine play tailored for you
• Receive tickets for promotional drawings
• Be the first to know about upcoming promotions
Split or double? Now you get to make the call on if you are doubling or splitting that pair, because blackjack is available 24/7 at Fort Hall Casino!

Demonstrate your blackjack skills with Fort Hall’s blackjack gaming machines. The best part of this blackjack is that it is virtual! So not only do you get the excitement of blackjack action, but you also get the convenience of not waiting for long and tedious shuffling.

So what are you waiting for? Your pair of Aces are waiting for your call…we recommend splitting!


1-15 Exit 80 – Simplot Road
P.O. Box 868
Fort Hall, ID 83203

Main Office (208) 237-8778 or 1-800-497-4231
Players Club (208) 237-8774 ext. 3200
Bingo Cashiers (208) 237-8774 ext. 3100
Buffalo Horn Grill (208) 237-8774 ext. 3063 or ext. 3068
Buffalo Meadows RV Park (208) 237-8774 ext. 3030
Bannock Peak Casino (208) 235-1308
Sage Hill Casino (208) 237-8774 ext. 5200
Sage Hill Convenience Store / Gas Station (208) 785-0194

Facebook: FortHallCasino
Instagram: 951224913

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  1. Elizabeth L. White say:

    Would love to win more! The shows have been fantastic. Black Jack is very fun My favorite is the Monkee machines.

  2. Amy Bolton Miller say:

    Went to see Bill Engval, didn’t have very good tickets available when I found out about show so we were in the back and couldn’t see or hear hardly anything… Tried to contact them via Facebook later and didn’t get an apology or anything… Highly disappointing… Won’t be back

  3. Chad Parris say:

    Love the place. I win and lose. But have fun. Nice rooms.

  4. Blanca Estela Linares say:
  5. Roberto de la Krooz say:

    saw a crystal meth tweeker try to fight an ash tray over a cup of mt.dew. I was however able to drop a huuuuge dump in the shiter, so wasnt all that bad.

  6. Heather Davies Cole say:

    Great concert venue! Loverboy rocked! Very organized & clean! Very nice staff & a fun place!

  7. Jeff Hanshaw say:

    Will definitely go back in the very near future I was pleased to see that they had a non smoking area in the casino

  8. Roxi Raile say:

    We stopped here on our back from Jackpot. I am from Montana and this is the only casino I go to now. The hotel and rooms are nice and the casino is big and lots of room to move around.

  9. Tina Keatley Clawson say:
  10. Marley Thompson say:

    I like going there to play even tho I don’t win much.

  11. Aurelia Ré Valdez-Guardado say:

    I love everything about it. The slot machines, Bingo, The Grill, The hotel, The Gift Shop, everything is great. The only thing I wish was better is the attitude and personality of most of the employees.

  12. Shane Apodaca say:

    Keno is obe of tha best games to play, gives out good $$$$

  13. Monica Bitrick say:

    We have always enjoyed our visits at Fort Hall Hotel and Event Center! Fantastic establishment and staff!

  14. Traisha Nevada say:

    yes i do agree the customer service can be better and we do need to show our patrons the respect they deserve and I’m sorry to read about the horrible experience you all had with us i am so sorry if we made you feel bad or ignored you. We will work on making you our #1 priority from this point again I’m sorry

  15. Johny Cornwall say:

    Had a horrible time, i go to have some fun when spending my money, well when i spend a hundred dollars on one machine to get a bonus and once the bonus started the game malfucations, i informed a tech and superzior and they said there is a malfuction and that it voids my bonus that i wont get paid for it and not only that bit they cant do anything about the money i spent. What kind of gaming is that?! Its more like robbery with out the gun if you ask me.
    Very unsatisfied at fort hall.

  16. Steven Mckelley say:

    Ate at the grill got 15percent off one meal full price for the other told us after we paid o you need two 15percent off coupons never said a word before

  17. Diane Parker say:

    How do you have a casino with no alcohol? I didn’t spend a penny.

  18. Shane Butt say:

    The fort hall treatment is excellent the staff treat you like family.

  19. Carl Dixon say:

    I will give the fort hall casino one star the decor is terrible a lot of the machines will not take tickets or the buttons won’t work can spend a hundred bucks and never get into a bonus and if you do a lot of the wilds disappear spend a hundred to get back ten. I’ve been in a lot of Indian casinos from northern Idaho ,California ,Nevada,Michigan,for the dollars played it has the worst payouts.

  20. Faith Ann Griffith say:

    We absolutely love this place, We found your place by accident, Driving home , we seen the sign for the lover boy concert.(We loved it) have been going to your casino and hotel since, We love the people there all ways going out of there way to help.

    Never a bad time there , Its my mini vegas vacation . Haven’t won big yet, but you never know, see you this week end

  21. Javier Trejo say:

    Is OK I like it I wish I win sometimes I always loose but hope to one day win all my money back and more glad we have some gambling in Idaho

  22. Jack Myers say:

    Don’t go see a Rock Concert here, never been told to sit down and you can’t stand at a heavy metal concert. Hopefully Queensryche knew it wasn’t anything against them that the crowd sat the whole show.

  23. Alejandro Ordoñes say:
  24. Bobbie Ivie say:

    Tight tight tight machines, you’d think you’d get a bonus just so you could keep playing , nope

  25. Brooke Marie say:

    I have fun. I like the games. They have gotten rid of the outer limits, Star Trek, and a couple of other games that were my favorite so that sucks. Had a machine malfunction and go three times on an 8.80 bet when I was only betting 1.76. My bf was so sure I was screwed. I called the attendant and although it took like 20 minutes they gave me my money back. Thanks for being honest!

  26. Meagan Lamoreaux say:

    Starting to doubt it’s luck. No one I know ever wins big and we go all the time. Tight machines with low payout but we still have fun. Just don’t plan on a big win.

  27. Derek Patterson say:

    I usually visit every few months. It’s a great atmosphere and the staff are very kind. Make sure to join the rewards program. It’s worth it

  28. Terral A Betancourt say:

    I love to go play when iam in there the out side world shuts off.all the stress is gone for a while.dont have to be drunk or hight its just fun to play and meet new people or visit with family or friends

  29. Dessaso Coleman Jelani say:
  30. Ludi BukarSakan say:

    I always have a great time at fort hall. Great incentiveas from company for playing.

  31. Sandy Mansfield Anderson say:
  32. Nathalie Natski Johnson say:

    We used to LOVE going out but recently have had nothing but a negative experience out there. Love the players club and VIP gals they rock but the security goes out of their way to make you feel unwanted there.They need to police the parking lot instead of the pop machine! Same goes for getting a ride to the hotel..they make you feel awful for bothering them while they visit in the doorway! We now go to Jackpot unfortunately it’s a drive but they’ll serve drinks all night without making us feel like we are drinking too much pop and don’t ask you to walk to the convenience store to purchase a pop!, they come right to you while playing, and are more than happy to get you a ride any hour of the day to other casino’s.They appreciate your business, tips ect. However I miss the payout gals from Fort Hall they were amazing and do deserve a BIG high five for all their running as well as Leela with VIP services.Too bad one or two bad Apple’s can spoil the whole batch. Hopefully this will help you in the future on your new casino.

  33. Viola Morales-Gonzales say:

    We ordered the special thinking we would get our food right away, but we didn’t! Took a long time to get our food! As of now, we still don’t have our food, so we can’t comment if it was good or not! Let’s hope it is!

  34. Jordan Moss say:

    Its just another way to rob you blind and take all your inheritance from your family.

  35. Farrahlyn N Pocatilla say:

    The fort hall casino isn’t just about gambling it also gives people a chance to win it big!

  36. Thomas Wells say:

    Funny 90% of the good reviews are from local natives or employees. Worse place ever.

  37. Rebecca Conover Spatig say:
  38. Larry Robley say:

    Love the RV park have not had as much fun in the casino. Miss the old slots and don’t like that most slots are a minimum of fifty cents. Staff is awesome. And the restaurant’s are good at the hotel.

  39. Connie Kendrick say:

    It was my first time there. I wished they had the table games cuz I don’t really like the slots.

  40. Florentino Dietz Murillo say:
  41. Sylvia Marie Nowland say:
  42. Marley Thompson say:

    I enjoy the casino for it’s different kinds of games.

  43. JacQuel Fernandez say:

    I enjoy going to the casino I always have fun. I hope to win one day

  44. Shawn Alfonsi say:

    Fun place… 1st time was yesterday… spent a fun 3 hours. �

  45. Janie Sanchez Ponciano say:
  46. Johnny Sengthavisouk say:
  47. Kimberly Lindley say:

    I used to really enjoy goin out there but when every single time u go u just loose, thats just no fun. I used to win here and there but loosing every time makes u know its rigged! Just a huge bummer anymore!

  48. Anthony J Begay say:

    My lady and I walked into the casino with the cigarette in the air. And then we proceeded to go to the grill because we thought it was a good idea to get something to eat before we gambled. We Got Served five minutes later and then I asked about a pow wow which was going on that same day. Our waitress then told us ” I don’t know of any Pow Wow”. And then I thought to myself how devious can you be to say to another Native American that you don’t know of any pow-wows going on in your area. For me it was just a rude experience.

  49. Sebetha Orlovetz say:

    Unlike many reviews I have read, I was not taken back by the “Smokey air”. It is an Indian casino and to be expected, at least where I come from, back home in NE Oklahoma.
    The players club lady that signed us up was polite and helpful, the bonus machine is fun and the floor games are great. Wish they paid out like that back home.
    The RV park was quiet and clean. Wifi would have been nice, but understand the construction interference. Climate control in the bathrooms would be a nice addition, didn’t take advantage of the shower because it was chilly.
    Didn’t eat at the grill, so no comment there.

    For one night, definitely enjoyed the environment and would stay again if we ever pass through and have time.

  50. Gerry Gallegos say:

    Nice place to take the wife for a date night. Best casino

  51. Andrew Hubble say:

    A little partial cuz I have family there.. but it’s the only casino around. Busy. Bingo is top notch. Basic nothing like Vegas. Craps and black jack all automated, there was some law they needed to follow. Building new casino, hopefully it’s fancy.

  52. Dolores Peirsol say:

    When the winter weather hits, we don’t get over there as much, but have had many fun times over the years.

  53. Bruce Baldwin say:

    I went there a few times with my cousin
    Joseph baldwin and lost all my money. When I asked the cashier if I could get it back she just laughed at me. I’ll be back tomorrow

  54. Nery Ian say:

    There was a time where I used to love going here.
    Now I remind myself that It’s best to go somewhere else instead of watching your money fly away.
    Bonus bucks are gone or barely there.
    Machines are tight.
    You can feel the people’s misery as the walk away empty handed and regret going there.
    I’ve gone outta state to play and played to atleast have fun rather then leave right away.
    Don’t know what happened there but maybe one day it’ll be worth going again.
    Some staff is really nice and cool others are stuck up and rude. “Gossip”

  55. Susan Ringer say:

    We always have a good time and I look forward to coming there again next month. Really like the hotel and restaurant. First class!

  56. Shirley Lary-Robinson say:

    I seen Howie 21 years ago in Lake Tahoe. Last night he was so amazing. I never laughed so hard in all my life!

  57. Marelene Larson say:

    Had a good time. Came home with 70 bucks and only took a hundred. We were there for 2 or three hours. I don’t go expecting to get rich. It’s just fun to get out once in awhile. Love the concerts you have as well �

  58. Roger Zacharewicz say:

    Always lose, the best way not to lose is by not going but with how this city or say town is so boring, I don’t see why people not go. There’s nothing to do here. So goodluck with whoever goes. Fly away money

  59. UT Vtx Rider say:

    I love going. It is a great excuse to hop on my Harley and Ride from Utah!! I go with a set amount that I expect to lose and have fun losing it or winning either way. My hotel stays so far have been phenomenal. I have been impressed with the Hotel Restaurant. I have only dined at the grill once. It was satisfactory for a quick bite to eat.. I will go back often now that the weather has been warmer to ride….

  60. Wally Farnsworth say:

    Been there 4 times. Enjoyed each time, win or lose.

  61. Greg Scott say:

    got to play my favorite games and a few new ones and left on the plus side $$$

  62. Susan Meyer McCann say:

    Left mad today. They froze my players club card. Tried four time at players club desk to fix the problem. They finally made me a new account. I questioned if I’d lose prior points I had earned. Assured me I wouldn’t. Tried the card again. It worked except NO points. Back to zero. Didn’t even bother going back to the players club yet again. I left very max. Jackpot is closer to Twin Falls I’ll stick to them. Much better player club.

  63. Debra Christensen say:

    Had a great time. Great food And won some money. Can’t get better than that

  64. Bo Christensen say:

    Fun place, good food loose slots and there building a new Casino. Can’t wait

  65. Brad Eischens say:

    Beautiful hotel and great food. Staff is very friendly and professional.

  66. Dave Sawyer say:

    The staff was nice enough, the beds were comfy. The restaurant didn’t serve gin and tonic or hard liquor at all. They were out of chicken. The steak was small and expensive, but cooked as ordered and tasty. The casino, and what felt like a half mile hike to get to it, was horrible. Boring, old video slots that rarely have a hint at winning anything. We spent maybe $200 on various machines​, and lost it all within an hour. I don’t recall anyone winning anything while I was there. There were probably 15 others there, but no one was happy. Not even the employees. We did get a free shuttle ride back to the hotel.

  67. Patty Becker-Castaldo say:

    This was a disgusting casino. The place was clouded with cigarette smoke. There was no legitimate non-smoking area. I reeked of smoke when I left there. And your machines suck. Ewww.

  68. Taylor Rae Sullivan say:

    It’s alright for a quick stop. I’d rather go to jackpot. They actually are friendlier and have a better atmosphere, they also bring you drinks. Fort Hall kinda made me feel like no one was winning (felt rigged) and at the end of the night it felt like a worthless trip. No one in my group had won anything and we were there from 10-2. They did have free drinks available though if you were willing to hike across the casino.

  69. Michael GoesAhead Kangi Bloka Jr. say:
  70. Karla SB Reynolds say:
  71. Bobbie Herrington say:

    Well it’s jis ok… They don’t take care the truck parking area at all. They used to have fairly nice paved area now mainly dirt an rough parking area . They don’t cut any of the so called grass area for walking the dogs in. You can tell they really don’t seem to want trucks there anymore. What a shame I used to fuel there a lot. But will try the place up at exit 89 some of my friends say that one is a lot cleaner an nicer parking area for trucks. Fort Hall is just getting to be a dump where the trucks park.

  72. Richelle Lehman say:

    Had a fun night!! Food from the Grill was amazing and even left with some winnings!!

  73. Deborah Hunstman say:

    Great place to go lots to do I’ve got to meet different people, also great food in the buffalo grill, b going again soon.

  74. Joan Chipman Francom say:

    The casino was clean and I liked the fact that no alcohol was served. The games were fun. We stayed at the RV Park. It was the 3rd one we stayed at in 4 days. It wasn’t spectacular but for $27 what do you expect. It was perfectly fine for what we needed. The people in the casino, grill and gas station were all very nice. I hope we can find a reason to stop there again. Thank you!!!

  75. Brooke Andrew Green say:

    I love caveman keno! Good times for sure. Idaho’s not so bad

  76. Michael Nimtz say:


  77. Myron Dye say:

    Three years in a row I’ve stopped played HIGH LIMITS and played for no more than 20 minutes. Left happy last night. Hit for 587.75$

    See ya next year, FORT HALL CASINO.

  78. Anayeli Bejar-Nunez say:
  79. Luis Saul Cazares Lopez say:
  80. Joseph Graham say:

    It’s ok I win sometimes not very often. Better than sitting at home doing nothing.

  81. Adriana Rodriguez say:
  82. Ken Thomas say:

    They tell tribal members no openings and then a few days later they hire Caucasians, they treat them better than their own people. It’s like the management is scared to let their people work and or they want job security.

  83. Scott Nissalke say:

    The Hotel is amazing the gamaling is better than Windover and my wife and I injoy staying over as a getway on our way up to see our daughter at BYUI!!!

  84. Kathy Galler Clark say:

    Loved your Rv Park stayed there 2 weeks and we like the casino clean and the food was good

  85. Toya Williams Naljahih say:
  86. David Murray say:

    Lost a phone ? there on an early morning and there wasn’t many folks gambling then, you’d figure they’d know where you left it at on which machine or who picked it up; but I guess the cameras ? or for looks only. LOL

  87. Annette Salazar say:

    One of my favorite spots to get away! Beautiful hotel, fun concerts, great restaurant, and I enjoy the slot machines at the casino $$

  88. Jonnie Higley say:

    The Hotel is beautiful! The rooms very nice and well appointed. The beds are so comfortable. This was my first time at the Hotel but it won’t be my last.
    The casino was fun too..won a little bit the first night, lost the little bit I won the next day. Great and fun machines.
    They are building a new Casino it will be connected to the Hotel. Sounds like it’s going to be nice too.
    We had a GREAT time!

  89. Christina Lee say:

    I was surprised and had a great time. Great new member benefits and the grill wasn’t too bad.

  90. Kelli Gibson Maculley say:
  91. Thora Yazzie say:

    Enjoyed my breakfast.. excellent customer service. Keep on smiling ya’ll

  92. Junior Lopez say:

    great friendly environment recommend everyone to go.

  93. Mares Manny say:

    i always have fun. good times with family and friends.

  94. Anthony Clayton say:

    Its always fun i have a blast! There are so many games to choose from!

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