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Indiana Grand Racing & Casino, the closest casino to Indianapolis, is a Las Vegas-style gaming establishment that offers non-stop gaming action, fantastic food and a wide array of entertainment options all under one roof. The 233,000-square-foot facility features 2,000 high-tech slot machines and electronic table games including Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. The state-of-the-art Poker Room offers the best in Texas Hold’em


Indiana Grand Racing and Casino serves our guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Location: 4300 N. Michigan Road, Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
Approximately a 20 minute drive southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana. Located directly off Interstate I – 74 to Exit 109

2017 Southern Gaming & Midwest Gaming, Best Customer Service Award Winner
2017 Pace Award Winner for Best Public Event, The Indiana Derby

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Owner: Centaur Gaming, LLC
Contact: 877-FUN-4-IND or 877-386-4463
Vice President and General Manager of Gaming: Jahnae Erpenbach
Vice President and General Manager of Racing: Jon Schuster

Architect, Design and Project Team:
Klai Juba Architects, Las Vegas
Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf Architects, Indianapolis
Cleo Design, Las Vegas
Westar Architectural Group, Las Vegas

Parking: Over 2,000 surface spaces and 1,200 space enclosed parking structure
Valet: Indiana Grand also offers first-class valet service for a nominal fee.  Conveniently located at the main entrance.
Age Limit: Must be 21 or older to enter casino. Must be 18 or older to race wager and enter OTB.
Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.*

*Indiana Grand does observe Christmas for our Team Members and closes between 3AM – 11AM on Dec. 25.

Saturday, July 15 | 2PM
$6,000 Top Prize • Buy-in with just $23!

Race your way into winnings this July! A minimum of 90 players is required for the tournament.

Players can still enter the tournament with initial chip stakes, even if they were eliminated during the registration period.

Indiana Grand Racing & Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana, the closest casino to Indianapolis, is a Las Vegas-style gaming establishment that offers gaming, restaurants, a gift shop and entertainment.
Address: 4300 N Michigan Rd, Shelbyville, IN 46176, USA
Opened: March 13, 2009
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 877-386-4463


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  1. Mary Warrick say:

    We had a great family night out,was a lot of fun! However, more needs to be done in the future to organize the parking, and availability of bathrooms. .Fun had by all!

  2. Stephanie Truscott Ramirez say:

    I love coming to this casino just too kick back or to have fun. I enjoy all the fun games and machines. This place is very nice and kind. I loved meeting Ludacris too. Hope to see more celebrities making appearances there. That was a special moment and one I will never forget. This casino rocks.

  3. Rita Hughes say:

    The kids went play on play ground said they could it was closed. Need be more family friendly. Waitress weren’t real friendly in bar.

  4. Shawna Richie Williams say:

    We have a great time very year we go, we coming back next year with a group of people,

  5. Rob Driver say:

    Awesome Casino very generous to veteran organizations

  6. Kenneth Huber say:

    I go to the race track at Indiana Grand often. My friends and I always watch the races from the club house. The service and food is excellent! The quality and attention that is payed to horse racing here is very much appreciated by myself and my fellow horse players.

  7. Diane Davidson say:

    Went and had the Seafood Buffet and it was very good. A wide variety of food not just seafood. Would go back again!

  8. Robert Alby Albertson say:

    Slots are waaaay too tight
    I mean ridiculously tight
    Buffet too expensive for the variety of food
    My wife and I had one free buffet so we used it and still paid over 25 dollars for just one person!
    Full ashtrays and half full drinks at every machine
    Won’t be going back for a good while
    One good thing, the sidewalk cafe is cheap and the food is good

  9. John Willis say:

    Just having a little fun and celebrate my son’s birthday, we had an awesome time. The all you can eat crab legs was outstanding.

  10. Patty Huff say:

    The worst buffet ever. Slots ..tight. Find a better place to give your money away.

  11. Janet Ford Holley say:

    Sign says best loose slots in Indiana, hate to think what the other casino’s are like. The food in the buffet on Wed. is dried, like the food have been out all day. We have gone to other casino’s and the slots are loose and food is great.

  12. Casey Boyd Miller say:

    Absolutely love it here! Just won 2200 a couple days ago and went to buying my new car! Thanks Indiana Grand!

  13. Jimmy Drossos say:

    Great place for entertainment and fun!! Center Cut was excellent!!!!

  14. Lorraine Harris Wright say:

    The staff is really helpful. I lost my phone in the bathroom and within 10 minutes of reporting it, I had it back in my hands. Thank you to the staff, you are great. Can’t give the casino a 5 though because the seafood buffet doesn’t really have much seafood on it.

  15. Ashley Erin Jonela say:

    I had the worst experience at this dine establishment. I had never been gambling before or had an experience at a casino so I was very excited to take my mother who has been suffering from cancef, shingles, a heart attack, & pneumonia all in the last 9 months. So we decided to take her the your casino. Very beautiful outside & in, but somw of your employees were very rude. We did valet parking and I asked for a wheel chair in which we were denied. As I signed up foe my keychain and card clip to play the games a young lady was talking to her employee next to her having a loud side conversation about sex and drinking…just pretty tasteless. We then started to walk around and looking to see what games my mom and I were going to play. Took a seat (not the moat comfortable for my mother becauae ahe was denied her wheelchair so it was pretty hard and an inconvenience even to other players because we had trouble getting her sat and comfortable) were good, could’ve been cleaner, but we went to get something to eat and even the cashier was rude to us when we ordered…it was early morning (maybe 1am) so we went where u can order and eat or get it in Togo boxes…the cashier kept telling us that there was starting to b a big line behind us and doe us to.make it quick!!! I couldn’t bekieve it. Ordered the chickem.alfredo salad and garlic bread & my mom had fried shrimp fries & coleslaw. Hers was cold so I took it back up there and didn’t apologize just put it in the microwave. Mine was cold as well…inasles do speak do the manager or someone who could help my mom and I buy no one came. We played a few more games and checked out at valley where the young gentleman grabbed my backside as I was walking to get into my van I said whay do u think your doing? He smiled and said sorry it was anaccident. I cried as we left the casino. I have never been treated with suxh poor, rude, unkind, disrespectful people in my life. Not all of your employees are like this, but unfortunately the ones we experienced werw. I felt so bad foe my mom Sharon Wire. My name is Ashley Wire. I don’t think i will b returning, even tho I woukd like to because my MOM says she like a your casino, but she also cried cuz she said that shea never been treated that way before….just a sad and poor experience all around . And all I wanted was for my mother, whose been thru so much especially living with cancer. We wish we could say we would be coming back, but it would need to be with an apology from someone who cares about your company and wanted their customers to be right not wronged. Show some compassion for your fellow man and patrons

  16. Steve Durham say:

    The place is Awesome with a zillion great casino slot games and great hosts. The racetrack is also awesome as well very nice people can’t wait till they get a hotel

  17. William Bill Welter say:

    BLAH .. I find it so interesting that I can go to Anderson far less times and spend far less money and they send me casino cash in the mail. I have been going to Indiana Grand since they opened and I think I have received 1 flyer from them in the mail.

  18. James Childress say:

    Beautiful place and a lot bigger than I thought lol.

  19. Vicky Stainbrook say:

    Loss money every time I go… never get any coupons or mailings handicap bathroom isn’t handicap accessible.

  20. Albert Welberry say:

    Worst place to gamble in Indana. The newer owners are more greedy than the old owners. People can change that by boycotting these two casino’s. Hit them where it hurts in their pockets book. That electronic gambling is not the same as other casino’s. The total rake is to high.

  21. Tina Miller Denton say:

    Was a good experience I cashed out at $466.00.. staff was polite, I would go back.

  22. Marti Fordyce Gonterman say:

    This review is for the Club House for the Horse ?Races! Six of us get together and go once a month and spend the day playing the horses in the Club House! It is non smoking, food is very good, Bloody Mary’s are made with Zing Zang mix and are wonderful!! Only wish we could go to the Casino but we don’t and won’t go anywhere near it…. Way to smoky. We have a problem just walking to the elevator on the outside the smoke is pretty bad there too!!

  23. Shirley Rhodes say:

    A very Beautiful and exciting place. The staff was very polite and the parking great. Nice buffet excellent food. I love the amount of Slot machines in the casino.

  24. Christy Best Yet Wadley say:

    This place is addictive because the games are so fun! You just need about $5000 to play with!

  25. Shawna Bishop Powers say:

    All of the staff are very friendly . Nice place to have a good time.

  26. Mike Daeger say:

    Oh it was great I had a steak dinner great took the family alone then after I was done one $400 that was a super night

  27. Tim Wright say:

    We won first race Saturday couldn’t get are pictures only bad thing

  28. Bre Nikole Gillett say:

    Black jack tables were great! Will definitely be going back

  29. Lisa Elliott say:

    tried to learn the automated craps and blackjack…nonetheless lost my money…kikikikikikiki

  30. Janet Brown say:

    Where should I start? The slots are tight, there is no such thing as a waitress, there’s never ice in the ice machine, and this last time I went they had the diet Coke hooked up to the regular Coke dispenser! They have stopped giving free gifts out and the restrooms are often dirty with no toilet paper in the stalls. They do not have anybody walking around cleaning up the machines and the last time I went when I was done playing I went to look at my fingers and they was down right dirty! I do not smoke so therefore I do not want an ashtray sitting in front of me while I’m playing a slot machine. If an ash tray is empty I’ll leave it alone but these ashtrays are never empty because nobody cleans in this casino! It’s always a hit and miss with the deli. This last time we went I had the turkey club and the bacon was not cooked all the way! My mother sandwich was fine. During the month of August we found out that we are eligible for free comps at the end of each visit so we do stop and get them, however we do not know exactly how that works and they cannot tell us. I truly want to try a different Casino but my mother is afraid to go any further so we stick with this place.

  31. Carla Gimple-Burke say:

    Great dining at Winners Circle. Everyone was so friendly and the food is awesome. Thank you for the excellent service!!!

  32. Janice Lantz say:

    We always have fun. The food was a little disappointing last weekend but all in all we had a good time. We don’t over spend just go for a night out and some laughs

  33. Stephani Jo Graves say:

    Went for my husband’s birthday and there’s no more free birthday slot play. The buffet was TERRIBLE and totally overpriced. Machines are dirty and don’t pay you anything. Even with eating, we were in and out within an hour.

  34. Sherrell Poff say:

    the food not very good anymore…sport,s bar has a great tenderloin and good food,,,help has gone to pot in there now..i use to give 5 to 8.00 tip in there anymore 2 to 3 at most…if real bad not much.sorry but the way i feal…..slot,s are bad now to.

  35. Lisa Nedelsky Steiner say:

    Very clean lots of bells going off. Will definitely be back.

  36. Linda Phillips Coan say:

    Nice casino, BUT drinks and over flowing ash trays on machines. Saw nobody going around cleaning up. My shoes were actually sticking to the floor. We go to a lot of casinos, and this was one of the worst for cleanliness.

  37. Charles T. Gregory III say:

    The best one in the state. Lots of choice of games to play.

  38. Taylor Renee say:

    First time going and I had a blast , love it . I will be back

  39. Brandon Shelton say:

    Great love that u can smoke and win money lol great place

  40. Felecia Parham say:

    I like it and my hands was very clean.. If people saying that they hands are dirty. Then they was dirty before they sit down ijs

  41. Michelle House say:

    This is a nice get away close to Indy!!! I wish they would send me more Coupons via email or mail!!

  42. Shawn Cowin say:

    Had a great time. Me and my man really enjoyed going!

  43. Linda Wallen say:

    Very nice looking casino. But the last 2 times been there, play a lot and hopes for a cold pop..There was not one machine with the ice machine working. I would love to come back if you had something to offer to make up for the disappointment. And I drive a long way to come to your casino. Thank you.

  44. Chris Grieb say:

    Had a great time. Stayed in our camper overnight after spending some time & $ in the casino. Casino was very clean. People working there were very helpful. The only negative I can really gig them on is that the poker & all other card games,etc are ELECTRONIC…no dealer & no real cards to hold. However, we will be back! �

  45. LaShane E Herron say:

    In an attempt to celebrate my birthday at your establishment, my 70 year old aunt Felicia Hedrick was rudely harassed and intimidated by the staff at Indiana Grand Casino early this morning. The food and beverage staff were incompetent by not notifying us that although we had bought our drinks very close to 3am that we had to drink them before 3:30am or the staff would walk around and literally snatch the drinks from your hand. One staff member did that to me and was very rude about doing so but in an attempt to continue enjoying my birthday (today 09/17), I just brushed him off and continued playing the slot machine. However, moments later I look over and my 70 year old aunt was surrounded by as many as 8 or even more security and staff members. It was a very frightening sight. She was not in any way being belligerent or confrontational. Upon being outnumbered and bombarded with all those staff members over a situation that could have been easily avoided by the staff members simply being respectful and also informing us of the state laws when she purchased our drinks, she asked to speak to management. Instead of them being understanding, they made excuses for why they are allowed to treat their patrons disrespectfully and did absolutely NOTHING to correct the issue or to help us feel like we were valued customers at the venue. I will NEVER come back to your establishment as this was how I chose to bring in my birthday and have never been treated so terribly in a setting like that before. I hope that you address and train your staff not to accost older women for no reason and disrespect customers. And unfortunate to say, I can’t help but to wonder is this was a blatant form of racism.

  46. Renae Skinner Wells say:

    We had prime rib special at the brew house OTB. It was very good. Twice baked potato and mushrooms. The hubby doesn’t like mushrooms- he was offered a substitute, no problem.

  47. Justin Feiock say:

    So I played roulette for 2 hours making small bets and then I make a huge bet and it landed on my color. But then the machine said void!? So it’s fine and dandy for 2 hours but that one bet it’s a void?! Everyone else saw it and the manager told me tough luck. Rigged place and no one should go there. Lost $120 because of a rigged machine. Complete bs.

  48. Linda Morton Mcquillen say:

    I went with my cousin because
    Hermans Hermits was playing Saturday night.
    The areas around every slot machine that I thought I wanted to play either had full nasty ashtrays and or half empty drinks all around them. Several even had ashes and sticky spills on the machines and seats .
    It’s really gone down hill since I was there about 2 years ago.
    The music was great
    The casino , not so much..

  49. China Estrada say:

    Took a party of 5 people, they had their country issued id’s and they we’re denied the member rewards card, i was like wtf!!! Yes i would love for a General Manager to contact me.

  50. Laura Ponzo say:

    It’s a bad experience all around. Tight, dirty, caters to a certain clientele. Only place to go around Indy so… they have upper hand…. for now. If anything else ever opens up, I’ll quit going. One time I was even accused of stealing someone’s voucher. When they ran the tape and found out it wasn’t me, they offered $50 slot play for 3 months and ended up only giving it to me once, and i made $0 on it…..And they were downright rude about it.

  51. Ben Ikswokjanod say:

    Very Nice Place. Clean, Fancy, Good Food, Nice bartenders. All around great experience.

  52. James M. Baker say:

    The buffet was not even close to Golden Corral. The desert bar was infested with gnats, no steak or ribs [they did have prime rib, I believe]. The salad bar was the best thing there. It was much better a few years ago. Not worth asking price. There were only a few customers and never a line in the dinner hour I was at my table.

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