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Casino in Dubuque, Iowa

Situated in Dubuque’s historic downtown and nightlife district, Diamond Jo Casino is an entertainment destination not to be missed! We offer a high-energy casino with nearly 1,000 slots, 19 table games, more than 200 nights of live entertainment each year at the Mississippi Moon Bar, a state-of-the-art bowling center and five restaurants.
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The Diamond Jo Casino is a gambling casino and entertainment complex located in the Port of Dubuque, in Dubuque, Iowa. The casino is owned and operated by Las Vegas-based Boyd Gaming, which also owns the Diamond Jo Casino – Worth in Northwood, Iowa.
Address: 301 Bell St, Dubuque, IA 52001, USA
Opened: December 11, 2008
Total gaming space: 35,000 ft²
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 563-690-4800
Owner: Boyd Gaming

Site: www.diamondjodubuque.com
Facebook: diamondjodubuque
Twitter: diamondjodbq
Youtube: DiamondJoDBQ
Instagram: 3627652
Google+: +DiamondJoCasinoDubuque

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  1. Walter E Arnold say:

    i ben in diamond jo

  2. Terry Brunkow say:

    A GREAT PLACE TO HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Penny Flores say:

    went last night had a blast!!!

  4. Julie Ohms say:

    Seen The Little River Band at the Mississippi Moon Bar 2-23-12. Loved both the bar and show! All should check it out!

  5. Albert Polina say:

    Really great food here.and you can win some bucks!!

  6. Randy Rausch say:

    Exellent Buffet! thats why i keep coing back for more.(and the slots!)

  7. Elly Mentz say:

    What happened to the peppermints at the DJ buffet?? It was a nice little extra something to have if ya wanted to clear the smoke out of your throat from all the people smoking or even a pick me up from the cold weather…looks like they are gone tooo…just saying!(*

  8. Jeff Lenhart say:

    The Diamond Jo Casino is awesome! Great entertainment, great staff, great venue! All located right in our own backyard in Dubuque!

  9. Brittany Bock say:

    I must say it was pretty cool to see a bowling alley at a casino property but that was the highlight. Attempted to eat at the buffet but ended up leaving hungry. The salad sation was the only one that looked like someone cared. All the other areas still had the same food from when they opened for dinner, 4 hours prior. Everything had a skin formed on top, was dried out, or super rubbery. Even the dessert station was depressing; the plates on the frost top had enough condensation to fill a water bottle. It was very disappointing. To top the experience off, when we went to the card member desk and asked if they had comment cards the attendant’s facial expression went from mildly polite to annoyed responding that you could place comments on the website; upon throughly searching I could find no where to leave comments, just an area to ask questions. Overall I would not recommend dining there, unless you really enjoy salad.

  10. Brian Bock say:

    The bowling alley was cool. Other than that I was very unimpressed and diappointed. Had the worst food ever at the buffet. Does there chef have any clue about food safety or cleanliness or anything. Overall this place is terrible and ill never come back.

  11. Jake Puccio say:

    Your employees disgust me you guys couldn’t page family members when the mans kid is currently being airlifted to iowa city and you guys can’t even page the father so he can be notified!!!!??? You people are the true scum of the earth

  12. Paula Jean say:

    Bloody marys r awesome!! All the casino workers r very nice & the food is great!! I wish someday I could win a jackpot!!

  13. Theresa Handel say:

    Love the gifts and playing the slots.

  14. Marlene Jablonski Leonard say:
  15. Adam Wayne Hrincevich say:
  16. Amy Livingston Drew say:
  17. Steven A. Schoenfeld say:
  18. Denise Bennett Daniels say:
  19. Aaron Schnulle-Simons say:
  20. Toni Little Barnes say:
  21. Joan Moseley Mundth say:
  22. Betty Radloff Boyle say:
  23. Daniel Brinkmeyer say:
  24. Brahim Mountassir say:
  25. Baillie Thibadeau say:
  26. Ashley Victoria Hogan say:
  27. DeWayne Dewey Moss say:
  28. Loretta Hoogerhyde say:
  29. Rachel Lieber-Palin say:
  30. Catherine Marie Meisenburg say:
  31. Bonita Regez Baal say:
  32. Nancy Schmitt Tingley say:
  33. Nicole Montgomery say:
  34. Khristina Leigh Watson say:
  35. Dustin Eladio Arreguin say:

    love this place went 2 times both times ..was a great time

  36. Alex Thoreson say:

    The casino itself was great. Good games, good dealers, and good drinks. That was all offset though, by a security crew that thinks they’re working a VIP club in Vegas, instead of a tiny casino in Iowa. The clowns refused to let my wife in because she “appeared intoxicated”, when in reality she was helping someone who was heavily intoxicated get home. Though we tried to reason with them, there was no way to get through to them, and we ended up leaving, despite the fact that we had won nearly $3000 the night before. My advice for management would be to train the goons to think and reason instead of flex their muscles at the first sign of trouble. You lost a pair of customers in us.

  37. Rifat Sufi say:

    great venue for an awesome night out!!

  38. Dale Leslein say:

    Food is terrible, everything is loaded with salt lots of stuff is overcooked and the clean dishes weren’t all clean, Worst food of all the casinos in the area.

  39. James Wahner say:

    Fun place to have great food. And Great concerts at Mississippi Moon Bar.and too gamble at. Then walk back over to Grand Harbour Hotel, for a great night stay.

  40. Kimberly Hardison say:

    LOVE this casino. The employees here are ALWAYS so nice to us

  41. Lillie M White say:

    Have been there a couple of times and had a blast. gaming is fun and the food is excellent. My daughter and her family always come with me on my birthday.

  42. Joyce King say:

    Food was not good today. Worse then riverside. Not worth the money

  43. Martha Riniker say:

    I was very happy with the buffet Friday night was very good food love the fish and shrimp the waitress was right on the ball and she was very friendly. The slots was not very good couldn’t win I wish I could at least win my money back once in a while .They had a big crowd .

  44. Bonnie Wheeler say:

    Close to home yet far enough for a get away.
    Great Casino hostess service.

  45. Barbara Davis-Kunz say:
  46. Terri Lew say:

    The buffet was awesome !!! But the gambling suck u couldn’t win for nothing and when u did it would be under a $1.00 Wouldn’t go back to gamble but I would to eat

  47. Timothy Anderson say:

    Nice casino on the river. Bring your cash and maybe get lucky!

  48. Brenda Bartenope say:

    My family and I where excited to come to Diamond Jo’s. Not only because we have never been there but to also see one of our favorite bands Hitchville . A few friends of ours have been there and said the casino wasn’t to bad.. So we planned our day to drive about 3 hours from , Cherokee, IA . to Diamond Joe’s.. It was our first time there. So you can imagine the excitement. Only to be disappointed the second we walked in the casino,. after security checked all of our Id’s. The lady was very nice she welcomed us all, so after security we headed over to the B Connected players club card counter .. Where we met Kristen. Who seemed to me she hated her job.. As we stood there waiting at the counter to be waited on she took her time to talk to another worker there.. Which I figured OK whatever she will eventually get to me.. So when she finally did, instead of saying.. Hi can I help you.. Or Sorry for the wait .. Kristen sarcastically looked up at me and said… move down to the end of the counter, she didn’t ask me to move down ! She Told me to! And I didn’t understand why when I was only inches away from where she wanted me to be, so I didn’t understand the reason but I was like OK whatever.. So I said to her is this where you sign up for a card.. She looked at me and said YES!! Then she just sat there like a deer in headlights. didn’t say a word….. This is the part where Kristen Then should of said to the me/customer Would you like to sign up! And then after me/customer signs up then maybe briefly explain to the guest what the card was about and also explain all the great benefits there is to using the card on the casino floor when I play ..She obviously knew my family and I were new to the casino., since we signed up for cards other then that my family and I enjoyed playing, and watching the band.

  49. Rob Paulson say:

    The buffet is way over priced and not all that great and if you aren’t spending a shit
    load of money there they don’t have much time for you,

  50. Nancy Chiafos say:

    The casino itself is ok, however they have one of the worst buffets I’ve ever had. It is way overpriced, the crab legs are small and cold, the salad bar is small, and the dessert selection only consisted of maybe 4 different items. The ice cream machine was broke as well. I can’t believe this buffet is $19.99 a person. This is the same price as the buffet in Tama. Tama is far more superior in quality and the variety. Diamond Jo needs to revamp their buffet.

  51. Debbie Youskevtch say:
  52. Bruce Shawkey say:

    Good table games. Friendly dealers and croupiers. Jo’s Deli was an excellent food venue along the promenade to the parking garage, Great sandwiches at affordable prices. So to cut expenses, the casino closed the deli and leased the space to Subway. I have nothing personal against Subway, but I can get a Subway sandwich anywhere. The owners took away something unique and replaced it with something ho-hum. What’s next? Replacing the Woodfire Grille with an Outback Steak House? I hope not, because I think the WG is the best steakhouse in Dubuque. Anxiously awaiting the opening of Filament to see what it will offer in casual dining. I agree with most opinions here that the buffet sucks. But hey, I’ve been to casino buffets all over the country, and they all pretty much suck until you get to the Vegas level of Bellagio/Wynn and then you’re talking $50+ per person. At that point, you might as well go to a nice restaurant where they prepare your food to order.

  53. Jean De LaMater say:

    Go once a month. There lunch buffet is great. But you win some and lose some. All in all, a good time.

  54. Michael Erin Strong say:
  55. Dana LaSavage say:

    Awesome place clean friendly atmosphere ! Slots were pAying way better then here in Wisconsin !

  56. Sarah Lorenzen Rice say:

    Discrimination by not allowing this buffet be a family establishment. I can’t even imagine someone that drove farther than us to eat here! An hour drive and found out it’s only for adults 21 and over that can get into casino. It’s right next to a family resort so seems a tad ridiculous not to accommodate families.

  57. Scott Barnard say:

    Okay it’s a strange mixed bag of review but here goes gambling is good however it took me over a week to realize there was a non-smoking section for machines it is not really advertised and they hide it in the back of a bar that’s hardly ever open during the daytime. the machines are 80% older they are not good at mailing out flyers for their promotions. why you would put a Subway in a casino is beyond me this is subgrade food for people that lose all their money and can’t afford the buffet it’s just that simple. now for the really really really awful I have been a cook / F4 over 42 years rule number one you don’t run out of anything rule number 2 if you run out you make up for it and you put it out and you get the item no matter where or where you go case in point Labor Day weekend went in with a friend of mine and after a interesting meal I give it a 1 out of 10 and that is only because they had a white girl who knew how to cook Chinese food which really threw me for a loop. we decided to eat dessert one of the things I look forward to going to any buffet in America is cheesecake it is one of my few Pleasures in life I’m still allowed. granted they were doing a special for their buffet that weekend but to run out of Cheesecake on a Friday and then we return on a Saturday and I same cheesecake is still not there is something really really really wrong doesn’t take an idiot or maybe it does that’s what the manager might be I don’t know but it doesn’t take an idiot to know that she’s cake is one of the most popular dessert items there was not just me that was disappointed by this I know everybody’s going to say it’s just cheesecake but it’s the point of the matter you have a casino in the heart of downtown Dubuque Walmart is not that far away Sam’s Club is not that far away you’re telling me you can’t go to Sam’s Club or Walmart or Target and buy a hundred cheesecakes and bring them in yeah go figure so that’s my review oh and one more thing there are two major ways to get into the casino one is over bridge and one is the cross over railroad tracks the last attempt I made to go to the casino I had to go over the bridge because they train at least two miles long was blocking the entrance to the casino when I came out an hour later that same train was still there how can you run a business if you can’t even keep the train tracks clear just wondering because if you’re coming from out of town and you don’t know that there is a bridge that goes to the casino I didn’t know that I didn’t learn that till 3 weeks after I’ve been here

  58. Pat Godwin say:

    The comedy show with Pat Godwin was amazing. I should know, not only was I there, I’m Pat Godwin and it was great.

  59. Debbie Legrand say:

    The food an wait staff were both great upstairs at Mojos Sport Bar. The staff done in casino were very nice & helpful

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