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Casino in the Worth County, Iowa

The Diamond Jo Casino – Worth is a casino and entertainment complex in Worth County, Iowa, near Northwood. The casino is owned and operated by Boyd Gaming, which also owns the Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque, Iowa. It is a member of the Iowa Gaming Association, and its license is held by the Worth County Development Authority. The property opened on April 6, 2006, with a grand opening celebration on April 18, 2006.

The Diamond Jo is located off of I-35 at Exit 214, just south of the Minnesota border. The casino, along with the nearby Top of Iowa Welcome Center are quickly creating a rapidly growing and developing area just off Exit 214. The casino is connected directly to Country Inn and Suites. A new Holiday Inn Express hotel broke ground in summer 2010 and opened in 2011.
Diamond Jo Casino – Worth and Peninsula Gaming envisioned an outdoor haven where a select number of sports enthusiasts could hunt for waterfowl and upland birds, shoot sporting clays and play golf on a challenging course – all in one location.

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After careful consideration, 440 acres of pristine, natural woodlands in southern Minnesota were selected. Abundant with verdant marshlands and lush landscapes, this site is also home to a private lodge.

Soon after opening its doors in 2006, Diamond Jo Casino – Worth purchased Arrowhead Golf Course located just outside Emmons, Minnesota. Once purchased, DJC spent time renovating everything from facilities to fairways, reopening the course as Pheasant Links Golf and Hunting Preserve. Currently, Pheasant Links consists of a nine-hole Scottish links-style course offering multiple tee boxes per hole.

Along with golf, Pheasant Links offers 9 sporting clay stations located throughout the golf course. Pheasant Links is also a private hunting preserve with over 400 acres of huntable land with game including pheasant, quail, and chukar. Deer hunting is also offered.

Pheasant Links is offered as a perk only for eligible regular casino customers.

Address: 777 Diamond Jo Ln, Northwood, IA 50459, USA
Opened: April 6, 2006
Total gaming space: 38,700 ft²
Hours:  Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 877-323-5566
Owner: Boyd Gaming

Site: www.diamondjoworth.com
Facebook: diamondjoworth
Twitter: diamondjoworth
Youtube: DiamondJoWorth
Google+: +Diamondjoworth

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  1. Cheryl lovin'Billy Nelson say:

    Had so much fun can’t wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sue Strandberg say:

    Love this place!

  3. Donna Fridley say:

    Great food,,,Great fun……

  4. Jodi Burback Fromenthal say:

    To accuse someone of stealing and calling the police is outrageous. My parents are in their 60’s for christsake. Then, to refuse to even apologize when you were wrong. The credit for the crappy restaurant with bad food and even worse service does not make up for this injustice.

  5. Jean Wilson say:

    Would be great if you had a Bingo room

  6. Debbie Oelke say:


  7. Teresa Hadacek say:

    Diamond Jo Casino ( Worth County, IA. ) A place where you want to stay and have hours of fun playing over a hundred slots machines to choose from, playing at the tables, eating at restraunts, drinking at the bar, live events, promotional offerings, and best of all getting points on your Diamond Jo Club Card!

  8. Karen Varrelman say:

    What a joke your casino has become! We came to see your concert…Jamming on 35 tonight which you put in writing on your website if inclement weather concert will be moved inside. We got there at 5:00 and asked a security guard where it was being held and he rudely said outside this front will be done in 40 minutes. Guess what 3 hours later it was still raining and the concert was not moved inside or played outside. In fact security guards told people it would be cancelled before moving inside. Was it a gimmick to get people to your casino to gamble? I feel sad for the people that drove 8 hours to see Little Texas after calling this a.m. and was told it would be moved inside is weather was bad. Gimmick or just being rude or not caring?

  9. Corina Fiscus-Wemhoff say:

    I think this is going to be our next years vacation spot

  10. Melanie DeVries say:

    I think ima need some DJ time soon…

  11. Baron Hogans say:

    The cash out place

  12. Krista Clare Jacobson say:

    I am coming tonight

  13. Beth Ann say:

    We come to your casino often but why is it that you like to freeze your guests out of the building? It is so unbelievably cold in the building.. Do you ever keep track of the temperature.. Did you realize that in some spots of the casino it is about 50 degrees ?

  14. Sheila Fisher say:

    Loved the Elvis (Joe Sir) show this weekend! It was awesome!!!

  15. Denise Oswald say:

    We went and had some very unfriendly customer service when a machine messed up the payment ticket. When I told the two employees we would not be coming back they didn’t even seem to care.

  16. Julie Parcher say:

    see my post from a moment ago!!

  17. Sheila Clay say:

    It is an awesome place had lots of fun lot of stuff to do

  18. Bill Camelin say:

    I’ll have to go there again l don’t remember how I did last time I was there.

  19. Maria Olga Acosta say:

    So very true, I had won 2 jack pots when this place open and would always come home with extra money, Now I go and don’e even get into a bonus. It is horrible, I have not gone back all they do is take all you money, I spend $200 maybe $300 and it’s not giving anything out. What’s going on at this casino. You rarely hear any chicken diners. I know tons of friends that have quit going……

  20. Derreck Walk say:

    I love diamond Jo casino!!!

  21. Sue Bush say:

    Was there 5/9-5/11. Slots very very tight. Rarely got bonus. I don’t expect to come out ahead but need to win some for fun. Stopping in Tama on way home.

  22. Julie Anne Fuller say:

    I love the workers that are there, but the casino VERY RARELY lets you win anything!!!

  23. Gerry Zempel say:

    I love diamond jo casino in Northwood,ia.. I it is only bout 30 minutes away..

  24. Jen Butler say:

    I like it there.I work with a great crew . Come check it out and see for your self…

  25. Dale A Espelien say:

    I lived in the cities and got lots of nice promotions in the mail. I moved to Joice Ia and I hardly get any, even though I gamble more.
    I went to your competitor, a little farther into Iowa. Only once, and they sent me promotions, I couldn’t
    pass up with the price of gas what it is. I’ll be back but not as often. Dale Espelien 1348.
    I ate at your overpriced restaurant . Forget the name. I had scallops. They were mushy and salty. Just sayin…

  26. Lavonne Hahle Miles say:

    VERY TIGHT. I would rather go to Waterloo. At least you can play for awhile.I always one out ahead.maybe not much but at least I had fun. The employee’s are nice there to.

  27. Jerry Bray say:

    Nice looking place. But machines are tighter than banjo strings.

  28. Dale Leslein say:

    Food was very good. cod chicken and deserts were all excellent, I wish they would bring there cooks to Dubuque and teach them how to cook at this Diamond Jo where everything is buried in salt.

  29. Lisa Satullo say:

    I love it one of the best casinos I’ve been to,staff is friendly and most of the time I have good luck

  30. Will Kraft say:

    OK place but they hire d a woman who stole from the girl scouts of America

  31. Flora Jean Karau say:

    I love this Diamond jo… never know good luck if i winn..by flora & tom karau

  32. Jan Nylund say:

    It would be my last choice to go there! Used to be fun but now not so much! The last several times I have been there, all I hear from people I sit next to, is how bad this place is now! Every time we go now, I see fewer and fewer people and sometimes never hear of anyone winning anything….not even a chicken dinner! Doesn’t make sense to me… Common sense would tell them that if more people would have a fighting chance, then word would get out and people might start flocking the place again, which would only mean more money for them!! Till i hear things have gotten better… I’m going north!

  33. Scott Willie say:

    Good atmosphere. I like live roulette, and the buffet has great food.

  34. Chris Redmon say:

    Wish the payouts on the slots were better. Its all we got..

  35. Carolyn Starbuck Neis say:

    Fun casino with good entertainment, fun slots, great employees

  36. Shelley Kloster Mosiman say:

    Loved seeing concerts and comedy acts here! Definitely going back!

  37. Bobbie Hanson Pothier say:

    Even if you don’t leaveyour seat at the big wheel bar, and dance, they will cut you off for having too much fun.

  38. Jason Rowe say:

    Worst experience ever at a casino. Drove 45 minutes past our destination to stay and have a good time. Impossible to get a drink at the tables, I waited over a half hour and couldn’t get a drink, same scenario whether at the black jack or poker tables. Bars are shut down and no cocktail waitresses to be seen. So I walk to the bar and order 2 drinks so I don’t have to get up again in 10 minutes. After starving for a drink, I was removed from the casino because I drank my drinks too fast? I was now above a .08 so they say, and thus I couldn’t gamble or even be on the floor to get food? We specifically stayed at the casino so we didn’t have to drive anywhere, and I’m removed from the casino because I had 2 drinks too quickly after waiting forever to get one? I’m from Wisconsin, this is insane!!! What an absolute shithole.

  39. Donna Peterson Smith say:

    The slots are horrible…worse casino for slots I have been to and I have been to over 40 of them. It’s nice to get a bonus and a little play back money, but here it seems you just keep shoving money in to play. If you play…don’t play with a card, their comps are not worth it. You get one point for every $1 and you can not cash your points in unless you have at least 5000 points for $5 free play or $10 food.

  40. Brandy Nissalke say:

    Ever since they changed owners this casino sucks so bad it don’t even pay to go anymore. They don’t pay out on the slots and the tables when you send $20 to $100 on the tables or the slots and they say they pay out 93% every time my ass they do it’s a bad place to go to wouldn’t go back there even if they paid me to come back their nothing but a joke their!!!!!!!!

  41. Donna Marlin Burback say:

    This place sucks!! They tried to arrest me because some dickwad security jerk said he seen me on tape, take and cash a $300.00 ticket that wasn’t mine. Not only didn’t I do it but he called me a liar and a thief!! The police came, reviewed the tape and said it wasn’t me.!! FUCK YOU DIAMOND JO’S!!!!! I’ll never be back and make sure everyone I know hears about this and will post on every social media I can find. You think chomping me $175.00 for your shitty restaurant would fix this!!!!??? Not hardly. Wish I had seen some of the other poor reviews, before I went. Fuck you and your feeble minded security. You bunch of CORNHOLES!!

  42. Dawn Martin say:

    I won and I never win!!!!!
    I will be back when my Dad feels like another road trip!!!!

  43. Barbara Downey say:

    first time there. and i loved it. the band was great a little loud but just my taste had fun on slots, will be back

  44. Starla Vega say:

    Went to the casino on Saturday September 10th to see the John Hepperly band. Corporate decided that the band would not start until the football game was over. The band was supposed to start at 8 o’clock and did not start until 5 minutes to 10. Traveled 40 minutes to see them. If I wanted to see the game I would have stayed at home to watch it. If you’re going to advertise a event at a certain time, then have it at that time!!

  45. Gordon Mcdee say:

    Place is horrible. Slots suck, food is terrible, staff is rude. Go to Waterloo, Tama, or Des Moines. Driving an extra 2 hours is worth it. Worst Casino I’ve been to, and I’ve been to many all over the country.

  46. Marlene Faye Padelford say:
  47. Rick Swisher say:

    Nice place, great food, good bands from time to time

  48. Jerry Thompson say:

    Nice casino many different slot machines to choose from.

  49. Rich Maise say:

    The good place if you like to gamble. Sometimes you can Sometimes can’t

  50. Gordon Stull say:

    The band in the lounge (Endless Summer) was fantastic! Kudos to those guys. Hell, it was worth the trip just to see them!

  51. Bruce Zempel say:

    Clean,fun place. But, the machines are really tight.

  52. Mary Ann Larry Sweeney say:
  53. Don Bartz say:

    Loved the food and machines, can’t wait to go again.

  54. Jason Kot say:

    White Trash Party, worst casino buffet I have ever had.

  55. Jeanne Julson say:

    I go often because its close. Yes the buffet is not as good as others and they could lower the prices. But the slots are just as good as other casinos. Like they say “you can’t win all the time!!!”

  56. Kristine Kriener Kulish say:
  57. Becky Eisenbraun say:

    The Buffett price was 30 dollars for two people don’t waste your money the Food was horrible and half the buffet wasn’t even open we will never be back.

  58. Phil Wheeler say:

    Food is not good. Does not pay out. The are thieves. But the out door concerts are good

  59. Todd Peery say:

    Go there every Saturday, great atmosphere, love the buffet wish it was closer to Mankato of course but still worth the drive

  60. Nancy Knudtson Jardine say:
  61. Samantha Carrasco say:
  62. Jeffrey David Morgan Bredeson say:
  63. Michael Argent Lord say:
  64. Lori Workman Lammers say:
  65. Douglas Zimmerman say:
  66. Betty Schroeder say:

    Stop in on Tuesday morning after taking my daughter to college in iowa. The employees were all friendly. had smiles on their faces. my husband and i played and both won. would have stayed longer but my husband had to work at midnight. we are from Mahnomen Mn. Will stop again next time we go to iowa. my husband earn 10 pts and i won 40 pts in 15 minutes playing. for getting 10 pts for being new we won 2 buffets. The food was good, enjoy the varity and taste.

  67. Michael Erin Strong say:
  68. Rose Ontiveros Montano say:

    Cute lil casino. An hour away from Eagan. Used to go on a spur of the moment

  69. Patricia Case say:

    It was a great halfway stop from Minneapolis to Des Moines. A place to stretch my legs and won quite a few dollars! I’ve eaten there before and the buffet was very good!!

  70. Lesley Fahey say:

    Love the other Boyd casino properties. This one not nearly as friendly. Love the benefits the other properties offer. This one does not have the same positive vibe as the others do. Event though it is the closest to us we will not be back soon.

  71. Michael Bishop say:

    Nice place looking wise but never been to such a tight casino! At least most casinos let you play with your money. This place is money hungry and will never return. I think we’ve paid them back enough!!

  72. Ricky Alonso say:

    Why are the slots so tight? Every time we come here I play on a limit of $15, never seem to win anything. Thanks for the free birthday buffet, the dessert was the most enjoyable part of the evening.

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