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Hollywood Casino is the place for you! We’ll add dazzle to your days and life to your nights with free admission, pulse-pounding games, incredible restaurants, and great giveaways.

We’ve got 100,000 square feet of excitement, delicious dining and the kind of red carpet service you can only find in Hollywood. Get that winning feeling with 2,000 of the hottest slots around or challenge lady luck at Hollywood’s 52 table games, including a live poker room open seven days a week. Our next big winner could be you!


Take a trip to Hollywood and enter a world of bright lights and hot gaming excitement with 2,000 sensational slots. Surround yourself in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with all of your favorite traditional reel and video slots, plus video poker. With traditional favorites and the latest games – in denominations ranging from 1¢ to $100 – there is truly something for everyone at Hollywood!

Take a trip to Hollywood and enter a world of bright lights and hot gaming excitement with 2,000 sensational slots. Surround yourself in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with all of your favorite traditional reel and video slots, plus video poker. With traditional favorites and the latest games – in denominations ranging from 1¢ to $100 – there is truly something for everyone at Hollywood!

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With the hottest games and the best video poker, nobody has more winners than we do!

The excitement never ends with 52 action-packed table games. There’s blackjack, craps, roulette, mini-baccarat, Mississippi Stud and some of the hottest live action poker in town.

Enjoy the Hollywood experience with the Marquee Rewards card, your ticket to instant celebrity status. The more you play, the more you earn.

We’ve got the thrills you’re looking for in our poker room where you’ll find 12 tables filled with big bets, big bluffs, and some of the biggest pots around.

Hollywood-themed casino at the Speedway offering slot machines, table games & dining to 21-&-overs.
Address: 777 Hollywood Casino Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66111, USA
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 913-288-9300

Site: hollywoodcasinokansas.com
Facebook: HollywoodCKS
Twitter: HollywoodCKS
Youtube: HollywoodKansas
Instagram: hollywoodcks
Google+: +HollywoodKansas

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  1. Orenthal Monk say:

    Never win here…lol. Good luck

  2. Danny Erickson say:

    Thanks Kelley fer front row seats to Switch tonight, best night there so far with my group

  3. Tim Abernathy say:

    Slots need to loosen up a bit!

  4. Bethany Knaus say:

    Love the poker room ! Kinda cold though…turn on the heat it’s winter!

  5. Steve Goff say:

    Sucks for tuckers walk a 1/2 mile and they don’t care

  6. Sara Shehi say:

    What type of business argues with a guest and doesn’t make them feel their trip is worthwhile?? I came for my birthday money and their card systems where down and wouldn’t give me a free buffet or anything in replacement for it!!

  7. Nancy Hoffman Younger say:

    Love turn 2. Service and food/drinks always good –People, don’t complain if you don’t win! You chose to gamble they didn’t make you. It’s a game of chance. As a community we are Lucky to have Hollywood Casino

  8. David Clark say:

    Worst casino in KC

  9. James Alex say:

    Cyber stalker employee Jacob, alias Jake beware, this person has been stalking us now for 2 weeks,

  10. Ric Eberle say:

    This is the casino in Kansas City that most resembles Las Vegas and the air quality surpasses all others here. My opinion is that slots don’t pay out as often as the other places do but the Pow Gow tables are great !

  11. Vicki Carlson Thoma Holt say:

    i took my husband out for brunch, even at a higher price, didn’t mind when i seen they had prime rib. then the prime rib was so tough i couldn’t even chew it. pretty disappointing. contacting by e-mail is almost impossible,

  12. Jay Wurtz say:

    I visited the casino today ( June 28th, 2014) for the first time. I was amazed of how big it is and how clean and organized. The staff are very friendly and helped me out.

  13. Minna Montoya say:

    Nice place

  14. Ricky Maloney say:

    Don’t hire qualified high limit Blackjack dealers……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor management

  15. Doug Wheeldon Sr. say:

    Well our saturday morning was ruined by one door greeter who was hell bent on carding my 52 year old wife after being informed we “needed” an id to enter the facility and “we had to go to get it”, and after complaining to the manger which was worthless. We decided it was no longer worth bringing our missouri money to a kansas casino that has never carded either of us before today and spend it here. We won’t be back and we encourage other missourians to do the same. The person was rude period….

  16. Gregory Ryan say:

    We enjoy the Hollywood Casino very much. it’s close to Shawnee so it doesn’t take long to get there. They don’t give out enough coupons, in the mail. Hollywood gave me a once-in-a-Lifetime oppertunity, of being their guest at the Races Last Year. BUT IT WAS THE 1yr. of my wife Passing Away. And DID NOT HAVE ANY
    CLUE or Education on ANY COMPUTERS. I’M JUST JUST LEARNING ABOUT e-mails & g-mails. And that was where my invitation was sent to me ( my g-mail) SO I DID NOT FIND THE INVITATION UNTIL 1 and a half months had gone by. ” THATS JUST MY LUCK!!! HuH!

  17. Roger Hulthen say:

    This person i once again making threats via the internet. I really hope he isnt doing this to the customers
    jake Embry

  18. Kevin Swords say:

    Dumped quite a bit of money and not one single win at the tables or slots this place is tighter than any other casino I have ever been to, will not be coming back at least I know I can win at Isle of capri

  19. C Bradley Thompson say:

    Just another way for the politicians to line there pockets ,congrats

  20. El Pinky Santos Ramos say:

    Good dinner

  21. Kathy Sammons say:

    Love the Hollywood, food is great too, very clean

  22. Jackie Marie say:

    The people at the Players Club are extremely rude. My husband is handicapped and can’t stand for long periods of time. He was invthe “wrong” line to get a players card and after reaching the window , the employee told him to get in the back of the “correct” line. Why not help my husband since he was already there. Sure not the way for repeat customers. Rude !!!

  23. Leticia Ramirez Michel say:

    Very poor customer service. Very racist not going back.

  24. Kate Hunter say:

    I agree with the previous posts, Hollywood has been my favorite casino but recently the pay back is really lousy.

  25. Ganu Khattak say:

    Great place to play..staff are so friendly and top of top i won $2000 at my first visit lol-))

  26. Mary Dunkin say:

    I like it its close and clean and everyone cool and the employees are all very helpful very polite and very helpful. Ty I wish they had a hotel as well.

  27. Sherry Arnold Morris say:

    Never been there..

  28. Mary Nazelrod say:

    Needs to pay out more often,i go alot and leave emply handed.not much fin.

  29. Tim Cann say:

    The slots are too tight to pay out is horrible I come there to have fun not lose all my money in 10 minutes

  30. Starla Carr say:

    I love that you have crushed ice. I’m the penny poker playing crushed ice eating lady who comes every Sunday. Your staff is wonderful. I always use my players card but I’ve never won anything substantial but it’s still one of my favorite places.

  31. Diana Murray say:

    The cafeteria used to be alot better but they are getting rid of food that they used to have… that I really liked its getting cheap but the price is the same…

  32. Timothy Reed say:

    Fun place to go eat and gamble and have a great time with friends.

  33. Craig Sapp say:

    3 different $15 to $25 blackjack tables sat open but staffed, literally with no patrons for hours while people waited in large numbers for the limited $5 and $10 tables. No where to enjoy yourself comfortably if you are someone that doesn’t like to gamble but are with those that do. Tried to sit at the bar and have a couple of beers and they wouldn’t let me unless I played video poker. Smokiest of all the casinos. No hotel. Staff that we asked about tables were not friendly. Hands down the worst!

  34. Sherry Suddarth say:

    Can’t remember the last time I won any significant amount. And those contests. Well I play and had several hundreds of entire but never gets name called. I believe I am on the no call list for sure!!!!

  35. Sheryl Fratiello say:

    I love going the atmosphere, people are friendly,slot games are exciting!!! Especially, if youre doing good. If you have a bad night and not winning. Then it’s different, (and I’ve had a lot of those) but, sometimes when and if you hit a big one. It can make up for those times,, I keep hoping my good day is real soon. I Hope!!! I’m tired of those bad days… But. I have had some really good machines in the past. Just not so much lately… But, I fill it coming!!! Hopefully today!!! It would be nice to win a couple thousand on a sunday!!!

  36. David Self say:

    Slots are too tight, must be expecting that Johnson County money to be spent here. Would rather go to 7th street any day of the week.

  37. Barbara Ruge say:

    Let me tell you what happened to us last night. WE are both disabled. That being said we still have to pay for valet ($5) even though at Isle of Capri we don’t. When we got there the valet staff ignored us my fiance had to go bang on the valet door for a valet. They reluctently came out and took our 20 year old car. After a rough night of losing we decided to leave. Went to the valet desk and kept yelling hello and no one was coming so he went outside to look for them. They were outside goofing off and smoking. One black guy came in took my $5 and asked for my card. I told him I had the first level card and that he didn’t need to see it because I still had to pay. He then said he was going to get our van. After they took care of the others behind us they went outside to retrieve cars. They totally ignored us went and got all these new cars of the people behind us even a T bird that was parked right in the front by the door and my fiance was pissed and went and asked why are you taking care of these people first we were 1st in line and you are ignoring us. They then claimed they could not find the keys. I’m freaking out because I didn’t bring the extra set (as a back up) and my mail box key and house keys are on that ring. He asked is this a racial thing because the other folks were white and he is hispanic. THen the black guy says I didn’t feel like driving your van up here so I gave your keys to another guy who put them in the back for you to be last. Excuse me? In the last month he has spent a lot of money at this casino and we aren’t exactly playing $20 and leaving. I was already upset about the money loss but then to have this happen also. I don’t know if I will be back.

  38. Kay Tucker say:

    Just had a dreadful evening at Hollywood! Sure, the slots are tight, but that is gambling, folks! So what made our evening so terrible? The food at the Marquee! It used to be so good, but now it is disgusting! There is a new chef and he obviously does not know how to cook even simple mashed potatoes! They were like glue!
    Come on Hollywood….hire a decent chef!

  39. David David Villegas Villegas say:

    is a very goood place and i back again lol ……..

  40. Lourdes Guerra say:

    Magnifico Y lo Tenemos
    Ala Buelta de La Esquina !!!

  41. Russell Gilley say:

    Absolutely worst management of any casino I have been to.

  42. Kelly Dawn Kuehl say:

    Band was great but drinks where lousy!!!! One per person ok but can i actually get alcohol in it please… also if u cant get doubles dont lie to me and give me a six dollar long island ice tea…… ya that was coke with lemon!!! Not satisfied!!!

  43. Elizabeth Whitney say:

    Very nice casino, but no new, fun games. I wanna play wheel of fortune, monopoly, Brittany, something exciting.

  44. Jason Carnes say:

    Great fun for everyone….
    Over twenty one…

  45. Nick Jeffers say:

    Won but couldnt redeem my ticket at the ticket redemption machine on new years eve. And the line for cashiers looked like itd take about an hour…. Step it up

  46. Rachelle Manville Feldkamp say:

    We were really disappointed in the New Year’s Eve buffet experience. We waited for 2 hours in line, which we expected, but once we got in to the restaurant half of the tables were empty. Yes, HALF. The employees were just wandering around, with no “hustle” at all. We had to ask for the tools to eat our crab legs, and they weren’t great either. My husbands prime rib was cold, and when he asked at the buffet for horseradish sauce, he waited for over 5 minutes and finally gave up. I really expected more for the price, and will not be eating there again.

  47. Dennis Smith say:

    Just heard they will no longer have have bands up in turn 2 that its going to be on floor & that wrong some people injoy going to turn & hear the band not the slots plus haveing the band down stairs there no were to seat realy we go to turn 2 hear band & have a place to seat yoy can’t do that down stair really

  48. Scotty Knox say:

    Gave a 1 because I could not give 0. I travel a lot for business and have been in many casinos. This is by far one of the most laughable places I have seen. Walking the the security looked unprofessional and uninterested in greeting people. I had the impression I was interrupting their conversation when I arrived and was bluntly asked for an ID and not greeted. I took a look around the floor which had a confusing and pointless layout, before going into what can only be described as a pathetic buffet. The director of F&B should be ashamed to show his face. Poor, cheap ingredient in bland flavor can only be attested to a lack of interest in spending money on quality. After only eating very little I walked out almost sick. Aside from all that the table games were ok. Lack of entertainment or engagement from dealers and very little attention from waitresses asking for drinks made my time there a complete waste. Anyone traveling to Kansas City should try there hand at a different casino. A complete review of all upper management and directors would benefit this casino.

  49. Mary Honeyboo Highman say:

    I work in the epic buffet and I love the people I work with and all the customers are so nice I’m so blessed I get to be apart of the Hollywood Casino staff

  50. Jorgeybrenda Pichardo say:

    Este casiono tiene tan malos comentarios.! Que no volvere.! E ido varias veces y siempre nos tratan mal por ser mexicanos.! Y con su mal actitud de querer id de kansas o querer saber que tienen recidencia.. soy nacida en estados unidos e igual nos tratan mal de echo ayer no dejaron pasar a una amiga por no traer documento valido de aqui.! Y cuando entramos mi hermana y yo se encargaron de seguirnos por todos lados como si aigamos robado algo.! racistas.!!!

  51. Conner White say:

    This place is a joke and the managers are a even bigger joke! There rude and don’t know how to handle a situation. Definitely will never go back and will take my money somewhere else I suggest you all do the same.

  52. Mattie Morehead say:

    I’m only giving them 1 star because I have to. If I could give them negative I would. They screwed my dad out of over 1300$. They were so rude about the whole situation! WORST MANAGEMENT EVER! If anyone else has been screwed out of money at this place and would like to go to the news station with my dad and brother just give my dad a call 913-223-6940. His name is Matt. He’s trying to take this as far as he can. They’re liars and thieves. They don’t care about customers and screw people! Biggest joke of a casino I’ve even heard of! DONT GO THERE!

  53. Robert Meister say:

    My wife and I stop in once a month or sometimes more. Always a great time, The Final Cut is incredible. The only thing to realy gripe about is that I never get the mail comps, but she does.

  54. Skyler Tosspon say:

    Lost about 5 k in 5 months but I’ve won a lot here for people that care about the money aspect. I game to game and this place has so much of just that. Far as staff goes they have always been professional to me and the vibe here is superb. Security rocks with all their happy Gilmore Golf jackets and the waitress’s are bad ass. I also love the majority of the players I have met. Quality of people are above par and the interior design is one of a kind. Thanks Hollywood for doing exactly what I need as one of your players. Hope I see ya all soon… O yeah build a hotel would ya. Lol


    Skyler Tosspon

  55. Matt White say:

    Wish I could give less than one star because if I could I would. This place ripped me off for over 1300$. Their management treated me like crap. They’re the worst casino I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to my fair share. They’re thieves and don’t care about their customers. DO NOT GO THERE. They will take your money and no give you what they owe you. WORST CASINO EVER!!!!

  56. Christina Bolyard say:

    I believe this casino has the same payouts as the Vegas strip. So I don’t care for it. Argosy is much better.

  57. Barbara Johnson say:

    The small restaurant we ate in had an awful hostess and a worse waiter. I think they were short staffed but we sat for 20 minutes before we were acknowledged. We were in a table right by the bar. Will not be back.
    Air quality in the casino itself was poor. Your not in Vegas anymore.

  58. Latasha LaMons say:

    Its okay food is great but payouts are really bad majority of the time. Watch a lady spend 500 and she didnt get not one bonus!! Last time i will be here moving to hawaii!!

  59. Robin Rumley say:

    We go to Hollywood a lot. Enjoy the games, the staff, the atmosphere better than any other casino in Kansas City, but Hollywood needs to bring back live music to Turn 2. There is no where to sit and relax downstairs

  60. Jack Graham say:

    Always friendly helpful staff. Wis my luck was better.

  61. Kelly Head say:

    Great place to go to. The staff has always been very pleasant and I’ve enjoyed going there. I just wish there was more live music. I haven’t been in a while because I enjoyed going not only to gamble a little but getting a chance to listen live music always makes the evening better.

  62. Michael Cerra say:

    Had a problem with the buffet a few weeks ago and the management really took care of us tonight. Thank you Amber for all your help

  63. Matt Lenahan say:

    We liked seeing bands there. Wondering if you plan on having bands again? We enjoyed Funk Syndicate. Thanks

  64. Ryan Thielman say:

    My wife and I used to go the casino to hear live music on the weekends and haven’t really been back since you moved music downstairs because there’s really nowhere to sit. Hopefully you guys will bring live music back to Turn 2. We’ll definitely be back then! We lived hearing Funk Syndicate up there! They were so much fun to dance and listen too! Than you for your time.

  65. Kevin Peterson say:

    Im a regular at hollywood and i won’t b going back. Hundreds a week and not a Damn thing in return. Card in machine card out doesn’t matter. See people win that are newcomers but really i have never won at hollywood. Guess ameristar and 7th street it is. Glad u guys treat regulars like nothing.

  66. Amy Fleming say:

    Love this Casino! We love smoke free area! FRESH AIR!

  67. Chris Myers say:

    I think the point system for free play needs a lil help but awesome besides that

  68. Linda Witt say:

    We were very disappointed in everything at the casino last night. We went to celebrate a birthday, the steak house was closed so we had to go to the buffet. Everything on the buffet looked like it had been there all day. Dried out and terrible. When we went out to the slots, they were just as bad. Why would anyone play a max bet when the payoffs were 50 cents to a dollar. We will not be going back for a very long time!

  69. Kelly Morris say:

    I will not spend my money in there , I understand when I go I expect to lose let me have fun.

  70. Matt Daigh say:

    Running this advertisement on the same day as the funeral of a police detective who was killed on your property? Insensitive, disrespectful, crass, and just plain stupid.

  71. Jess Wade say:

    My husband and I are down here a lot, my husand in particular is a poker player and I am displeased by the poker room. They seem to either disregard or do not understand the demand in the poker room, tonight is a prime example. There is a wait list for 2-4 limit hold em, (As i am writing this they just opened a 1-3 table, funny how they told my husband they wouldn’t be opening another table due to not enough dealers) yet they will not open a second table, and this is not the first time it’s happened either. And just last week my husband’s table had an incident with someone bleeding on cards and chips, there was an open table and they would not allow my husband to move to said open table. In the meantime the poker room is a circus, no one knows what they’re doing, at least 5 players leave during this time. My husbands chips weren’t even played in the contaminated pot, and yet they would not allow my husband to move while allowing other players to leave because they saw the game as a lost cause. I don’t know or understand your policies and procedures, but it’s clear to me so far that you either don’t care or don’t understand the demands being made of your poker room.

  72. Marlene Ridley say:

    Good food,great entertainment fun slots, great fun.

  73. JJ Spencer say:

    Buffet is not near as good as it used to be. they cook the shrimp with the shells on you can’t get them off because all the sauce and overcooked

  74. Riley Ransdell say:

    Went to hw kc took in our pickup and Lance campet. Was denied parking in regular lot. Was told would have to park with all the semi trailers two miles away. Their security people were rude and overbearing. Will not return
    Have parked in casino lots all over us. First time was told not welcome.

  75. Jeff Payne say:

    Tell you what !! This place is a rip off I’ve been going there for 5 years now ! Spend 100 dollars everyday I’m lucky to win 10 dollars of my money back if I’m lucky !!! The reason I go there is its close to where I live !!! Well after 5 years of getting bent over !! I don’t go there anymore I go to argosy casino been going there now for 2 months and have already won more than I have in the 5 years at Hollywood !! They are the worst casino in Kansas or Missouri if you like to loose your money then go to Hollywood it’s sad it would be a great place to start a casino!!!!!!!!

  76. Jeaneric Jaeger say:

    It’s sooooo close. The food is good-breakfast is the best. The Fri/Sat bands are nice.

  77. Justin Holmes say:

    Was definitely let down. The food at the cafe was gross. the tenderloin sandwich was so hard I couldn’t eat it the service/waitress was rude by the mid to end of my mill I was so thirsty I was eating my ice out of the cup. FYI never did get a refill on my water smh. The slot just seemed out dated. Just was all around disappointed. Don’t like to be all negative so I will say the live band was awesome.

  78. Courtney Kline say:

    I’ve been a big fan ever since they opened. I’ve taken my wins and taken my losses. Today is July 8th and I was blatantly lied to by Michael in the poker room. He said that when the list got to six people, he would open another table. At 10:10, the list reached 7 people. I politely asked him which table. He said that at 10:30, he would open one of the tables but couldn’t guarantee that it would be 1-3 no limit, which is what I signed up and also what had the biggest list. Didn’t make sense to me at all. Apparently, he is more focused on other things aside from customer service. Maybe my friends and I should stick to the casinos in Missouri.

  79. Roger Montgomery say:

    Have only been twice…tho enjoyed & had a good time …You would also !!

  80. Ali Marie Brown say:

    Went to the Hollywood Casino before an it was the cool’s place ever an I wont to go back sometime.

  81. Kevin Thompson say:

    Came out here for a job interview already work at a casino it was the worst job interview ever had they were 45 minutes late they told me to be out here at 8 o’clock and she was in the hallway putting down other employees and then put proceed to put down what I do for another to see also talked bad about my spouse as well so I do not recommend this casino to anybody

  82. Tita Lemanua say:

    I lost my phone tonight and the associates and security can care less. They can not even help look for it. I asked if they can look at the cameras and they said they don’t do that. I think it was the lady next to me but they could not check at all. Poor customer service. ML

  83. Teresa Sanderson say:

    Lots of fun and a very upscale casino experience! Will definitely visit again!

  84. Angel Hightower say:

    Casino was clean, Unhappy that you don’t have a gift shop
    Loved the Buffet!

  85. Ramona Amado say:

    Well this time around we left winner winners, chicken dinner for days

  86. Karla Statham say:

    It’s an awesome place I had a great time and the food is scrumptious!

  87. Johnetta Johnnye Thomas-Quinn say:

    Pleasant atmosphere and people were extremely nice!!

  88. Jim Jay say:

    Fun casino to visit. Employees are friendly and pleasant.

  89. Melissa Troutman say:

    Not tolerable to new people!!! Check for your self.

  90. Lisa Dudgeon say:

    Hmmmmm…… Dont know where to start! Nevermind not worth my time.

  91. Sheri Mason say:

    We always enjoy coming out here for a varity of yummy food at the buffet!

  92. Janet Valentine say:

    Hollywood Casino is my favorite. It’s clean and spacious, the food and tv’s at Turn2 are great. Since it is Hollywood/movie themed, it would be nice if they served popcorn, but I know that would get messy. I also wish the slots were looser.

  93. Dana Gibson say:

    We went to eat dinner at 530 put our name on the list. She said maybe a table at 626, if we get one at all. That came and went never got called for a table, even when there were at least ten empty tables. I ask about the empty tables to which she said they were short staffed. Ok that’s fine, I had friends at another table to which we ask if we could join them. NO. They had ordered but not gotten food. Next I look around and she filled the empty tables to people that just got there not waiting at all. I guess I really didn’t want to eat There any way. How About next time your going to have an event you staff properly! Maybe have a class of being friendly to patron. Don’t care if we ever go back there

  94. David Paine say:

    One of the worse casinos, i would recommend anyother place then here. The only thing that keeps this place open is its connected with the Kansas Speedway. Your only transportation options are the casino shuttle, 10/10 taxi or yellow cab of which are hardly there or Uber. Anyother transportation is harassed and intimidated.

  95. Jessica Ireland say:

    There is so much to do and see its like being in a movie i loved the atmosphere and the people i met while i was apending my time there.

  96. Jill AndKelli King say:

    We went to turn two for happy hour and burgers today. It took us an hour to get a glass of water and 20 minutes in between every drink that was requested. The food was good for the happy hour price. The service was the worst I have had in 43 years.

  97. Elisabeth Jones say:

    I had to deal with a stuttering fool who wouldn’t let me in because my new temporary ID didn’t match my old one. Because I recently got married. I didn’t know I’d have to bring my marriage license to the casino for dinner. It wasn’t just a quick “Sorry, you can’t come in”. This RUDE idiot spent 20 minutes asking me all these ridiculous questions as if I was there with 2 fake IDs. What a waste of time. NEVER coming here again. There are plenty of other casinos around with the crab legs buffet without the rude assholes.

  98. Lisa DeBenedetto say:

    Sitting at a Pia Gow table, betting $10. Third had, dealer and I both had straights. She beat my top, my straight was bigger – so she pushed the $10 bet. Next had is bet, dealt set and the pit boss comes over and says the last had was NOT a push, I actually lost and I need to give them the $10 that the dealer didn’t take on the last hand. They seriously came over and harassed me for $10 dollars from the previous hand. I got up and left – never to return. Nor will I ever play at Argosy as they are linked and own by the same parent company. I am 50 years old and like to a gamble when traveling. I have taken my winnings and loses like most, but have never been asked to give them money back when it was an honest push/mistake. It’s not like she paid me and shouldn’t have. It was a simple push, but they NEEDED the $10. Unbelievable. Check Out Isle of Capri instead!!!!

  99. Christina Winkler say:

    The machines are a lot different in Kansas than in Oklahoma. I’m used to playing in Ok but I did have a nice time went home being $21 ahead

  100. Dorcey Folsom say:

    The fun place to spend time and I’m actually won some money on occasion

  101. Karen Hastert say:

    Beautiful casino had good time. Food at Buffet was wonderful. The only bad thing was the smoke. Yes I am a non-smoker and the individual with me. But the smoke was horrible. There has to be a better ventilation system for the casino. Please help. Want to go back but there is a limited time to be there.

  102. Kristine Dutra say:

    Ate supper at the Marquee Café and had a great meal. Due to the large number of people in the casino we had to wait approximately 20 – 30 minutes but we were told of the wait when we checked in.

  103. Jennifer Ann Jones say:

    The buffet was alright but I got my Hollywood members card and didn’t look at til I got home and the name on it isn’t even my name. The workers there are nice and all but how do you get such an easy name like mine completely wrong.

  104. David Engle say:

    Hollywood Casino has a very nice facility with convenient parking and for the most part it’s a clean and safe place to go. The restaurant downstairs not the buffet but the restaurant is fantastic. Most the workers are really nice people and I have seen some people win there. I almost always win at some point playing slots there but act a fool going for a big hit and leave a loser. I’ve actually never loss this badly ever. i think maybe the machines are tighter and if your trying to get that big hit meaning 5k or higher you’ll likely leave a loser. All and all it’s a great facility with nice people and some good food.

  105. Jamie Wren say:

    I looked the casino but the buffet wasn’t anything to talk about. But I did have a good time though. I will go back before I go back home.

  106. Russell Showalter say:

    Post the daily winners of the ten thousand a day in December, and how come I never win?? Your slots are awful tight, 96 spins should yield something???

  107. Carey Hairston say:

    Hollywood casino was one of my best experience I had at a casino most of all the shuttle service was outstanding that young lady was so polite she has so much information The shuttle service was always on time thank you Hollywood casino I hope to see you soon

  108. Jay Johnson say:

    Went to play craps & was no where on tables to play except for the empty 1/2 of one table & they would not let me & two other play off thats side, so i watched

  109. Kyle Jordan Davidson say:

    I always have fun I love it even if I lose. I could bet a penny with only one line for hours and still have a good time. I’ve been there 3 times and never won but still always have a good time. Any plans for Christmas Hollywood casino? We all love free slot play??

  110. Jeff Payne say:

    Not good the owners to greedy!! Sad case of a casino

  111. Taylor Clark say:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful fireworks show this evening but please take Brandi from the bar up top that over looked the track. Her customer service skills scared her customers. She took a controlled environment and turned it into a stressful bar for her fellow bartenders, managers, customers and servers. Yelling at her customers as if they were caged animals. I was astonished.
    County round five could also use a little encouragement to actually play a full set before their long breaks. Thank you for not charging at the door for their lack of show. Great band when they played but even big names play longer than your sets. Push for those dreams boys.

  112. Lisa Wilcox say:

    Good time on NEY….minimal wait time and friendly staff.

  113. Ron Campbell say:

    We Love this place and the slots. Epic Buffet is fantastic for lunch or dinner, and Marquee for breakfast buffet on weekends. My only suggestion would be to have the breakfast daily.

  114. Susan Mason say:

    Had a wonderful time, good food, music and fireworks.

  115. MeMe Renee say:

    Had soo much fun!! I will absolutely be returning!���

  116. Eddy Butrym say:

    It was my first time there… Friendly people and enjoyed the openness of the casino… My family took me there for my birthday we all had a great time….. Only down side my brother and I played roulette and people working table and pit boss had some issue with math on the payouts… But overall a great time and we will be back.

  117. Leisa Landon say:

    Hubby and I just started going to Hollywood Casino and we love it!!! Already recieving comps and free play. We are keno players and have yet to have any big wins but we will keep returning. Going to try out the buffet in the next couple days with our comp meal. Again wonderful casino and wonderful staff!!!!!

  118. Lorretta Beghtol say:

    Friendly staff, buffet was amazing with a good variety. I will definitely return!

  119. Larry W Smith say:

    Had a great time there with my new bride. Will go back.

  120. Bernita Reinecke Smith say:

    First time there. Was with my new husband. Had a wonderful time. Will be going back.

  121. Patricia A Merritt Bailey say:

    I enjoyed my time there the staff was very polite however they did not come around enough we waited quite awhile for a beer.

  122. Don Stith say:

    Tasteless food. Wait staff was good though. For the money paid you would think they could use some seasoning on their food as they cook it.

  123. Leann Bailes say:

    Tight slots. Low staff. …………………….. I won $0.65 on a bonus with 30 spins! Lol

  124. Mike Brown say:

    Hollywood Casino I have done pretty well and as far as gambling. They have great restaurants in their staff is also very friendly and nice. The comps and rewards for their players have every other casino beat out in town. They take care of their players with free slot play and good dining credits.

  125. Nina Denney say:

    I loved it!My friend and I really enjoyed playing slots,and most of all is I loved the cashman slots… Can’t wait to go back there again!

  126. Jerry Baliad Centeno say:

    Just moved to the area , finally decieded to check the casino out , i really liked it very nice inside lots of penny slots , good buffet & lots of flat screens to watch sports , for sure on my regular hang out from here on out.

  127. Ken Suttle say:

    Buffet was fantastic…slot selection was even better.

  128. Gary Brummet say:

    Friendly staff and a fun evening with a nice buffet.

  129. Amanda Bryant say:

    My fiancé and I had a great time! Spent the afternoon playing slots, and enjoyed the Saturday evening buffet. Our waiter, Juan, was awesome! Such a sweet man. Turn 2 Lounge had a great atmosphere and drinks. We can’t wait to come back!

  130. Tina Spinner Combs say:

    However I tried to eat at EPIC BUFFET wasn’t good after about 3 bites I literally thought I was going to throw up! I don’t know if it was done sort of spice if they food was old or what, but I have had tummy issues all day today! Cannot ever eat there again.

  131. Tamara Farley say:

    I love this place, will admit not a big gambler BUT they have a place in there called “The Grind OMG the ice bream is so heavenly, its like Heavenly silk in your mouth, better then sex honestly, who needs a man when you have there ice cream LOL. But the staff there is so friendly, clean, & I feel safe, & it close to us too.

  132. Lisa Van Proosdy say:

    Shelia needs people skills!! Very rude and threatening!!! Makes me think twice about the employees.. I’m a black card and she treated me like a a piece if shit! Love the casino but not the treatment by her.,,, will be informing my host!!!!!

  133. Jocelyn Johnson say:

    Very nice…. Seemed like a mini Vegas casino �. If in the area I would stop in again.

  134. Ed King say:

    It was to much smoke and they had a band playing it was to loud I come to gamble have your band in another room

  135. Kay Lewis Schwartz say:

    never win anything. So tight! Will go to Oklahoma again to have some fun.

  136. Paul Gardner say:

    Had a blast !! Good food at epic buffet gambled a little bit won a little good time

  137. John Hill say:

    We were there for the first time this weekend and had so much fun. The place is clean, very friendly staff and so much to do. Two negative things, we were there in a group of six and I went to the bar to get everyone a drink and I was told I can only carry one drink at a time. So I had to call one of my friends to come over as they mad five trips to deliver drinks. Later we went to the Turn 2 restaurant and had dinner, again I ordered another beer the waitress brought our drinks and started to take our beers which we had not finished yet. She told us the same thing and sat our beers on the bar until we finished our open drinks. Second, the Turn 2 restaurant — I had a burnt hamburger and my girlfriends pork sandwich was burnt aswell. We were finally able to get our waitress to come over to the table and ask for them to retry on the burger. Our waitress had about as much personality as my dried out patty. The second burger was better. Other than those 2 thing we had so much fun.

  138. LeeAnn Hamilton say:

    Waited in line to pay for almost ten minutes, even tho there were only a couple of people in front of us (I was in the restaurant business for 25 years, this is actual time, not customer time) but was seated pretty quickly once we got in. The buffet looked amazing and we were pretty excited. We ate crab legs like there was no tomorrow, but both pans of scampi were overcooked, the shrimp was like rubber, and in our hour or so there, we couldn’t seem to get hot crawfish, and the cold crawfish obviously hadn’t been purged before cooking, because they tasted like mud. We had to ask our server for a bucket, then asked for water repeatedly. Overall, the experience was good, but not great. We still tipped 20%, then stopped at the bar for cocktails after.

  139. Bobby Judie say:

    The one thing I don’t like about it, is if you have family members under 21, you can’t even go to the buffet. Found athat out the hard way, couldn’t get it.

  140. Carol Chimenti Lark say:

    We ( my wife and myself) have always favored Hollywood over all the other casinos since they opened. They seem to be having problems now as some of the help who we really cared for have been dismissed. This is a problem for us. Another thing I have noticed is that comps and free play seem to get lowered the more you play and the more you lose. Seems like they would take care of folks who really support them. Penn Gaming also seems to be the only casino group that rates you in 6 months, Mgm, Caesars, etc give you a year to get your card level established. Think it time for us to move on in another direction and make the longer drives. We will say that Hollywood is generally clean and slot service good on the casino floor..

  141. Larry Sickman say:

    After weeks upon weeks of receiving emails and flyers in the mail about 2 free night stay Sunday -Thursday at Tropicana from 3/15/17-7/31/17 I decided to call and use this promotion since I will be in Vegas during this time frame. When I called to inquire about about my 2 night stay I was told it was going to be 109.00 and I could not this promotion. Why are you wasting my time by sending me these promotion if I am not able to use the dates given. I have always been a loyal patron and have spent several thousand dollars since both locations (Argosy and Hollywood) have opened. I guess I will have to take my loyalty 5 minutes further down the road to Harrahs.

  142. Chris J Leatherman say:

    We ate there last night, for my birthday/anniversary…… All I can say is we will be back, the food was great! The service was great! We will be back, and thank you for the great experience……..

  143. Chris Reed say:

    Love the atmosphere, but slots don’t pay out or bonus often enough to satisfy. Watched alot of frustrated people.

  144. Herschel Lacy say:

    Nice friendly casino, 5stars+ … .
    Great poker

  145. Clifford Sherman Kerns say:

    This place doesn’t even deserve a star Their buffet was terrible. The price for what they have & taste is the worst. Should of stopped at any fast food & would of been better & 4x cheaper. Guess I have to give 1 star to even send BUT doesn’t deserve it

  146. Eric Schupp say:

    Stay away from this place at all cost. A group of 25 of my friends went there on 4-30-2017 for mine and my wifes birthday celebration after having below average food at turn 2 bar we went downstairs to listen to a live band and gamble. They have a stupid 1 beer at a time rule where you can’t even buy your buddy’s a beer. So in between sets by the band a fight broke out between 2 girls which carried back up to turn 2 bar went up there for a beer and there was still some bickering going on so I pulled out my phone to video it, when this PRICK rent a cop named Danny came up to me and threw me out of the casino for using my phone forcing me out in front of my friends for doing nothing wrong. He could have just said hey put your phone away or I’m gonna have to ask you to leave , again I did nothing wrong to garner this kinda punishment and I will from this day forward encourage everyone I know to stay away from this place. I hope its worth the business you are losing to a was loyal customer by keeping that jerk around on your security staff!! NEVER NEVER NEVER again!!!! Don’t waste your time people!!

  147. Christine Clouse Mohatt say:

    Hollywood Casino….Ok why we keep going back because it is a convenient place to meet our son traveling to airport… Hollywood your buffet is way to expensive and you might as well spend on the buffet rather then feeding the slots , where we NEVER win…ok that is what I think of the Hollywood Casino

  148. Ivey Brown say:

    The good was cold, the chicken was burnt the pasta was not good. This was at the buffet. Don’t go on a Monday. Seem like they had left over good from Sunday.

  149. David Hill say:

    Buffet is average but priced Right. Walked away a few hundred ahead and had a great time. Employees are friendly and place is clean.

  150. Michelle Allen say:

    I stopped tonight just to have a little down time. I enjoy going to casinos to “forget” about life. I was only there about an hour. I play penny slots and usually play minimum or second amount. Lost 200.00 in that time. Not much fun to just push a button. Free drink? My butt, $5 free play, big deal takes about a minute to lose. And then you wonder why I don’t go more often. I never expect to win big bucks but it would be nice to play for awhile.

  151. Susan Culbertson say:

    This place is the premier casino of Kansas it is top notch.

  152. Bill Lowrance say:

    Good restaurants. Payouts not so much. Comps not as good as they used to be.

  153. Jennifer McCay say:

    I normally love Hollywood casino, but not today. Can someone please tell me why it is ok for someone to turn a chair over and walk away and expect no one else to use the machine while they are gone? This happened to me, I wanted to play my favorite machine, but when the man left he flipped the chair over before he left. I didn’t know what this meant, so I sat down and started to play. Immediately after I did, a woman started screaming at me, because I was on “her husband’s” machine. First off, it isn’t “his” machine, he left, so it should be up for grabs, seems logical to me. I asked a Hollywood employee and she told me, I was in the wrong if the chair was flipped, she said everyone gets 15 minutes, and then the machine is free. This doesn’t make sense? Why can’t I use the machine, If it is free? Also, when the man came back about 15 minutes later, he went to a completely different machine, not the one where the chair was flipped!! If this is Hollywood’s rule, you really should make people aware or post it somewhere. It seems you would rather have folks playing the machines while empty? Please explain Hollywood!

  154. Joe Erwin say:

    My wife and I love coming to your casino to eat at The buffet. We injoy playing the slot Machines. The staff is very friendly and the casino is very clean and well-kept. Keep up the great job… thanks

  155. Grant H Sitomer say:

    They kicked me out for “conspiring” against the craps table? How does one do that?

  156. Ajit Sharma say:

    The reason for low footfall even on saturday not understood ?

  157. Jeff Burton say:

    I love the atmosphere and for the most part I win a fair amount and payout I just don’t walk away that easy so I give it back eventually.

  158. LaShanda Wehrhahn say:

    Imani the cook did a great job in the buffet of getting me some more condiments.

  159. Rick Dudley say:

    A lot of cigarette smoke and getting help on the floor is a task and a half

  160. Richard Zimmerman say:

    Great little casino, but even as me being a reformed smoker, I don’t like to be in an establishment were smoking is allowed. The smoke, even second hand really irritates my nose and throat. Sorry folks, but that’s the way it is with me.

  161. Michael W Miller say:

    The Casino is ok . We ate at the buffet & it was ok the NASCAR Track was the thrill of the day. After dinner we went up stairs to the bar where my Double Jack & Coke was $11 & my Corona beer was $5 , but all in all if you’ve never been take a look as for me well that’s enough

  162. Marcell Simmons say:

    Went in with $10 and left with 75 it was an okay experience

  163. Bernie Hernandez say:

    My opinion the casino needs a larger area for NON-SMOKERS..nice place

  164. Nick Schmidt say:

    Always enjoy the professional manor that Steve displays in his shows no matter where they are. Hollywood Casino is a great open setting with a wonderful view! I think it will develop nicely.

  165. N Sherice Williams say:

    Great buffet! Hate the cigarette smoke.�. Overall, awesome first visit!

  166. Mary GA say:

    I have the same card for long time and I just to go every Friday but never ever win nothing end people especially the waitress are rude one night I ask for water and get mad to me and one night I want to play at slot The person who was sitting there not playing and I asked him if he can let me playing the slot because he just sitting there for a while and not playing but he just yell to me he said I’m playing but that’s not true so sad because no body do nothing it was a lady on front of me she was the manager or something and other thing on the buffet my husband ask for a tbone and the guy ignoring him..it was a great casino ��

  167. Ron Wellman say:

    Good time, lunch buffet below average but we arrived late.

  168. Chrystal Gibson say:

    I had lovely experience great service, will do it again.

  169. Judy Penrod say:

    had a great night enjoyed seeing County Road 5 they was terrific had a nice dinner dinner there also broke even gambling good time as always

  170. Rose Rendon-Klint say:

    Didn’t care for the buffet, if you go listen to live music you have to stand! So I NEVER go. Please put your entertainment in a proper place where people can sit and listen and dance.

  171. Doug Martin say:

    My friends and I rolled in.. Slots are $60 right up..
    Hung are the Blackjack where my pals were playing.
    Never played and it took a moment but got the hang of it and walk away in the plus..
    Dealers were kind and sharp and professional..
    1st time been here. Bet I’ll be back…

  172. Marilyn Vest say:

    The buffet was small, but good food. Place reeks of cigarettes, even buffet, enough I had to take medicine after I left. Not sure I’ll go back.�

  173. Jeff Cox say:

    I had some delicious wings. I got bored throwing money away. I got to see the speedway. To me a casino is a casino

  174. Mike Brown Bigmike say:

    Love the atmosphere good buffet too wish i could win more there lol

  175. Tresa M Cerny say:

    the a/c is too cold at night. the high limit area could be improved upon and look high limit instead of letting just anyone look into the area. staff are always very nice

  176. Col Mike Sacher say:

    It’s a casino BFD. It isn’t worth the 50 characters needed for a review.

  177. Harry Scherz say:

    Not really customer friendly and the slots don’t pay.

  178. Dana Edgar-Crowson say:

    Ate in the restaurant food was fabulous, atmosphere and view were great. I thought the wine a little over priced. Fireworks were great..

  179. Mack Mcdonald say:

    Oh ya. Lol hsjsnsjjsndndndnznxnznxnxbxbdhdjsjsdnndbdjdhd

  180. Richard D. Stephens say:

    Nice place that is close and cigar friendly! I’ll be back soon!

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