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Exciting gaming, award-winning restaurants and the best entertainment in Eldorado’s Celebrity Lounge; business or pleasure, we offer the ultimate experience.


There’s never a dull moment when you’re staying and playing at the Eldorado, the top choice in Shreveport, Louisiana casinos. When it comes to non-stop gaming action, Eldorado Shreveport has you covered with our elegant Shreveport-Bossier City casino, featuring the best variety of slots and video poker machines, table games, and so much more.

Eldorado Shreveport casino features the loosest, newest and best variety of slot machines equipped with EZ Ticket technology. Slot players can enjoy traditional three-reel games, five-reel machines, video reel slots, video poker, and progressives ranging from penny to $100 slots. In addition, the slot area layout maximizes comfort for our guests with an exciting high-limit room, TVs throughout, and plush seating. With over 1,500 state-of-the-art machines,

Eldorado has the perfect slot game for every player. Eldorado also has over 50 table games, including favorites such as Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Mini-Baccarat. The high-limit table area offers unparalleled elegance, and the first-floor Poker Room hosts daily tournaments.


Get ready to ante up for the best in Live Poker at Eldorado Casino Shreveport. The Poker Room is designed for Poker players who love the game. Our professional Poker Room staff will help you get into the game you want and are there to serve you throughout your stay. For Poker Room information call 318-220-5274.


The Eldorado Shreveport Poker Room features Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha Hi. To join a game, simply register with the host at the Poker Room entrance. All players are seated on a first come, first serve basis.[spoiler]


The object of Texas Hold ‘Em is to make the best five-card high hand, using any combination from your two dealt down cards and the five face up “community” board cards. A designated dealer button is used to determine the betting position, the order of dealing the cards and the order of the blinds. The dealer button rotates clockwise after each hand. If more than one player remains in the end, after all bets are acted upon, a showdown determines who wins the pot. All players still active in the hand share equally in the pot when the best five-card hand is formed by the five community cards.



24 Hours a Day

  • Any player who makes a Royal Flush will win $500
  • Any Royal Flush where both hole cards play and go to the river
  • Any player who makes a Straight Flush wins $100
  • Both hole cards must play and hand must go to the river


Monday-Friday at 9 & 11 AM

  • On Sunday thru Friday at 9am all tables will be splashed with $100
  • Table must have a min. of 5 active players


Wednesday & Thursday 3-9 PM (Every Hour)

  • $100 will be awarded at tghe top of every hour during promotion times
  • Both hole cards must play and go to the river
  • Players must have a Full House or better to qualify
  • It is the players responsibility to identify they have made a High Hand
  • Winning player must be actively playing at the time the promotion is paid in order to qualify


Friday 6-10 PM (Every Hour)

  • All players actively being rated and seated at the time of the drawing will qualify
  • Players who have a missed blind button do not qualify
  • The Poker Room Supervisor will draw at the top of each hour during promotion times
  • The player chosen may not be gaming at a reduced rake game


Monday-Thursday 2-7 AM

  • Small quads wins big cash
  • 2’s and 3’s =$500, 4’s – 10’s = $300, J’s –K’s = $200, A’s = $100
  • There must be $20 in the pot
  • Both hole cards must play and go to the river
  • Hand does not have to be called


24 Hours a Day

  • Starting each Monday after the evening game, players will have all week to fill the board and select a square
  • Players earn a chance for a square by having a full house or better
  • Both cards must play and the hand must go to the river
  • Games will be on Sunday and Monday, and be posted on the board
  • Payouts are $100 for Quarters I, II, and III
  • The final score will pay $200


24 Hours a Day

  • Any Royal Flush will pay $250
  • Any player holding Quad 8’s or better that is beaten will win $2,000 Bad Beat
  • To be paid as: Bad Beat hand wins $800 the high hand wins $400 and the remaining players evenly split the last $800
  • Only one Bad Beat will be paid per day per table (This applies to all Omaha games)


24 Hours a Day

  • Four of a Kind 5’s or better beaten by Four of a Kind 6’s or better wins the Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Win our Mini Bad Beat Jackpot with Aces over 10’s or better beaten by Four of a Kind or better
  • Both Players’ hole cards must play and both Players’ kickers must beat the board to qualify
  • Winning hand must be called by the “Bad Beat”, which must be the second best hand
  • Table must have minimum of 4 Players and $20 in the pot with a full rake in effect
  • Contact our Poker Room for more information and current totals

Bad Beat Jackpot 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week…Call for Current Totals! Winners must be members of Club Eldorado, have a valid state-issued photo ID, and be playing in a live action poker game.



24 Hours a Day

For all Poker Room tournaments, players can bring an unwrapped toy, backpack, or both for registration. For giving one item, players will receive $700 in tournament chips, and $1,500 in tournament chips for both. All contributions go to Roy’s Kids. Friday will receive half the values of tournament chips due to the initial amount received. Please provide a gift with at least $10 value.



6:30 PM                                              

  • $90 buys $3000 in tournament chips
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2,000 in tournament chips


6:30 PM

  • This is a re-entry tournament
  • $50 for $1,000 in tournament chips
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $1,000 in tournament chips


6:30 PM                                                  

  • $90 buys $3,000 in tournament chips
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2,000 in tournament chips


6 pm 

  • $60 for $1000 in tournament chips
  • Re-buys $25/$50 for $1000/$2000 
  • $25 must have less than $1000 in chips
  • $50 – must be completely out of chips
  • Add-on at 1st break for $30/$50 for $1500/$3000
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $500 in tournament chips


1 pm

  • $90 buys $3,000 in tournament chips
  • Levels last 15 minutes each
  • Re-entry allowed until the end of 3rd level
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2000 in tournament chips


12 pm

  • This is a re-entry tournament
  • $190 buys $7,500 in tournament chips
  • Re-entry allowed until the end of 3rd level
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2,500 in tournament chips

Please Call the Poker Room at (318) 220-5274 for complete tournament and promotional details.


Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em, Caribbean Stud Poker – no matter your gaming pleasure, the Eldorado is the perfect destination for you. And that’s not all. The Eldorado also offers a wide variety of hotel, casino, entertainment, spa and dining options to make your stay one-of-a-kind for Shreveport casinos. In addition to gambling in Shreveport, the Eldorado gives you a convenient location that is within walking distance of many of the area’s most exciting attractions. These factors, along with our award-winning customer service, are what make the Eldorado the top casino in Shreveport, LA.


Hands down, Blackjack is the most popular and best known table game at the Eldorado Shreveport casino.


Get ready to ante up for the best in Live Poker at Eldorado Casino Shreveport.


Enjoy our classic and exciting Shreveport Casino War.


It’s the game made famous by James Bond, the tuxedo clad secret agent who used to stroll into casinos throughout Europe and take the bad guys for all they were worth. At the Eldorado Shreveport, we deal the small version of the game, Mini-Baccarat.


You can wager on single numbers, combinations of numbers and on simply odd, even, red or black. So give it a spin.


Experience the most exciting Three Card Poker in Shreveport. Three-Card Poker is a fast-moving game that offers players four ways to win.


Eldorado Shreveport offers you the hottest Craps action in the area.


Shreveport Flop Poker is a 5-card Poker game with the advantage of using 6 cards.


The exciting game of Caribbean Stud Poker was designed to offer our casino guests an easy-to learn, enjoyable alternative to the long-established casino games.


Pai Gow Poker combines elements of the ancient Chinese game of Pai Gow and the American game of poker, and is played with a traditional deck of 52 playing cards plus one Joker.


Mississippi Stud℠ lets players put it all on the line by betting up to 10 units on a single hand.


If you’re looking for the hottest place to play slots in Shreveport, look no further than Eldorado Resort Casino. We offer you great slot payouts, big jackpots, the newest, loosest and most popular machines, and Louisiana’s premier Slot Rewards Program. If that’s not enough, our friendly slot staff will deliver the kind of VIP treatment that will make you feel like a winner every time.

Shreveport Slot Rules and Information
Eldorado Shreveport offers over 1,500 slot machines, where slot players can test their luck at a wide selection of machines equipped with EZ Ticket technology. Simply insert the denomination of your choice, pull the lever, and hope for the best! To increase your payback, play additional coins. Video poker slots require a bit more thought than the basic reel machines.


There is no better place to discover your lucky streak than at the Eldorado Resort Casino in Shreveport! With all of this thrilling Shreveport casino action, it’s no wonder that the Eldorado casino in Shreveport celebrates dozens of jackpot winners every month! Here are our latest:

$8,000 WINNER

Ricky S. from Bryant, AR

September 29, 2017

$2,901,976 WINNER

Sandra C. from Texas

September 16, 2017

$25,000 WINNER

Michael R. from Winnsboro, LA

September 10, 2017

$25,000 WINNER

Dirk W. from Gladewater, TX

August 29, 2017

$10,000 WINNER

Nita A. from Center, TX

August 17, 2017

$17,169 WINNER

Billy W. from Waxahachie, TX

Feb. 11, 2017


The Eldorado makes guest service its top priority. Please contact us with any needs you may have.


Toll-Free: (877) 602-0711
Hotel Reservations: (877) 613-0711

Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport
451 Clyde Fant Parkway
Shreveport, LA 71101



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Operating Committee:

Robert Urland – General Manager
Jason Roberts – Director of Hotel Operations
Ian Cairns – Director of Table Games
Kirsten DeMoss – Director of Marketing
Connor McLaughlin – Director of Facilities
Gerald Beasley – Director of Compliance
Sandy Cowart – Director of Human Resources
Bill Winkelried – Director of Finance
Ian Marshall – Director of IT
Steve Bohanon – Director of Security

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  1. Scott E Bailey say:

    Celebrated NYE here, great food at the steak house in the casino, great staff and fast service. Excellent night club with great band and DJ. Easy to park and find one of the best casino in Shreveport

  2. Jessie Rios say:

    This was our first time at this casino. We ate at the cafe and the burger was one of the tastiest we have ever had. The wait to be sitted was not long but the wait for our ticket took for ever. The casino is pretty spacious. The variety of machines is good. The machines were a bit tight but we still a good time.

  3. Ree Williamson say:

    We visit quite often from Texas… it’s a 3 hr drive, Winstar is only 1.5 hrs! The machines are ok. The service however has went down hill Durning our last few visits. Winstar pays better!!

  4. Gary Shelby say:

    Enjoy myself, had a great time. Going back again !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ellen Latin say:

    Our sorority had a marvelous time! The food and service were excellent. We are sure to return!

  6. Kent France say:

    People were very nice and the food was great. Very clean and up to date.

  7. Julie Cisco Tyler say:

    Having a real good time here. Everyone is super helpful, nice and caring. We brought our dog with us and he even loves this place and everyone loves him. I have forgotten that im hrs away from home. We will be returning in the future

  8. Louise Stenstrom say:

    I’ve been to Eldorado several times. I have always enjoyed it. The staff has always been very nice and I highly recommend them over the other casinos.

  9. Daneshia Manning-Singleton say:

    I didn’t get the full experience but next time I plan to enjoy myself! Maybe get some of those freebies I keep hearing about!

  10. Barbara Boutwell White say:

    I like the Eldorado best but haven’t received any slots play credit or hotel offers in months…we were down this weekend and still no slot splay on our cards. So having to stay at hotels that have offers of appreciation. We aren’t getting any food, slots play or hotel comps.

  11. Marilyn Hatton say:

    Very friendly staff. The vintage restaurant was top notch

  12. Damien Deanes say:

    Had a great time but my visit was cut short, I loved it though.

  13. Clearnice Anderson say:

    Eldorado Resort Casino in Shreveport is the place to go to enjoy youself

  14. Ticia Clements say:

    Only there for a short while to gamble. Didnt care for selection of slots but casino was pretty.

  15. Brittanie Hobbs Jones say:

    My family and I have been coming here for many years and have received nothing but the BEST service with each stay…I mean how could you not love a place that not only sends you free food, but luxurious rooms, spa treatments and money to gamble with! The staff is very friendly and helpful… definitely makes those times that you lose money not feel so bad! Lol

  16. Dante Barber say:

    Great place to travel with pet. Great getaway. Will definitely be back in couple months.

  17. Holly Chkhichekh say:

    Just ate at the buffet and our waitress mrs. Dottie was amazing. She went above and beyond helping my disabled father get tarter sauce and just real friendly. The food was good today, but her service was amazing and refreshing. great job Eldorado for having a wonderful employee like Dottie.

  18. Dora Tyner say:

    Me and my husband has a great time has not got nothing in mail form y’all yet

  19. Christy N Judd Hagler say:

    We always love Eldorado on Friday and Saturday nites!!! This particular weekend the Friday night band “Party Machine” played a more variety of music because the Saturday night band “Pop Culture” was good they just played mainly girly pop music! We would rather see Party Machine on a busy Saturday night. Celibrity has the best door man in the business his name is Broadway!! He takes care of business the way it should be. Eldorado Casino needs to take care of a guy like that!!!

  20. Chance Hall say:

    Always great staff and nice security the food taste good try the chicken fried rice

  21. Bless Adams say:


  22. Anji Renfro say:

    This is the nicest casino/hotel in the area. I’m disappointed that they’re changing their player’s club comps and such, but we still enjoy coming. The Vintage Steakhouse is incredible. This casino is bright and airy, they have a much better ventilation system and feeling of openness than any of the other casinos in the area. And this last time we stayed a housekeeper named Katrina left a housekeeping card on our bed with special notes on it wishing us luck! When we go to Shreveport, we go to the Eldorado Resort and Casino!

  23. Shannan Hoskins say:

    The only person that I had contact with that was nice, smiling, and good at hospitality was room service. The woman at the front desk made a mistake on my room and tried to tell me it was my fault until i pulled up the reservation on my phone and asked her why she didn’t have the same info that I had. She never apologized. Then we went thru 2 room keys that wouldn’t work in the elevator. Another guest finally got us up to our floor. After that, we just went to bed instead of doing any of the plans we had. I would have left this on the survey in the comment box, if I could have found 1, and I couldn’t turn it into the front desk because the same woman was there that i had all of the problems with.

  24. Patti Tydlacka-Adcock say:

    We have had a great weekend. Thank you ElDorado was giving us the tickets for the Tuff Hedemann CBR. It was a great event. We enjoyed it Hopefully we can make this a yearly trip. We had a wonderful time at the casino and a very relaxing weekend. Thanks again for the wonderful hospitality!!!!

  25. Martha Sosa say:

    We always have a great time when we stay at El Dorado. The staff is always so friendly!!

  26. Shawn Carmicheal say:

    Food was okay..For 25$ they could at least season the boiled shrimp..They always taste bland…Maybe have 2choices bland and seasond

  27. Darlene Mccullough Istre say:

    It’s beautiful and comfortable and always enjoy our stay

  28. Joey Taylor say:

    The rooms are always clean. The beds are very comfortable and the service is off the chart! It’s always a pleasure staying at The Eldorado!

  29. Jill Westbrook say:

    They are always friendly and the rooms and beds are clean and comfortable

  30. Lea Sanchez Ramsey say:

    Loose slots! Yes yes yes yes yes…we will be back!

  31. Martha Wallace say:

    I enjoyed it the food was good.people friendly the casino was beautiful.I must stay there one weekend.

  32. Sheila Renee Smith say:

    Food was good but my waitress was Missing In Action

  33. Toni Gromer say:

    Great experience overall. Just would have been nicer without the smokey atmosphere (as a non-smoker).

  34. Timothy Washington say:

    I like the casino would five star it. But hard to get a free buffet. Free buffet and we’re staying there st. Patrick’s weekend.

  35. Rebecca Madden Boles say:

    I love this place. My husband I always stay here. The staff are so nice and the rooms are great

  36. Michael Deejayfresh Gilbert say:

    Nice hotel food was good and also enjoyed the club

  37. Kristian Tavares say:

    Had a great night! Did a little gambling & stayed in a nice clean room. My only complaint was getting some attitude from the security checking ID’s for the casino. I am a military wife & showed my military ID. I understand I look extremely young even though I’m almost 30. I had no problems standing there for several minutes the first time I went to enter the casino. I left to eat dinner at the buffet which was very good! When we came back I was asked to show my ID again to the same security personnel & she took forever to look at it a second time! I didn’t like being treated that way & wasting time I could have been playing & having a good time at the craps table. That would be the only thing I think could have been improved. The breakfast at the café was equally as great as the buffet dinner. Over all it was a wonderful experience & I look forward to visiting again!

  38. Kitty Brown say:

    Everytime I stay here I have an bad experience. From me making a reservation a month ahead of time and to get here and they have no room for me. Then have me come back the next day and have the same issue no room for me . Couple weeks later come back no room again mind you I had a reservation but in that case I asked to talk to supervisor and they just give me an upgrade on my room OK cool. So I come back the next month and we back to this no room business. So the lady that is trying to check me in tells me even if I make a reservation my room not guaranteed. Say what now . That makes no sense why take reservations then. So I have to talk to a manager again and they don’t have the room I reserved so they finally do 15 minutes worth of tapping on there computer and give me a room . So it’s Valentine’s and I come to check in yesterday even thou I called 30 minutes before I got here to make sure there is no problems . They say I’m fine come on get here no room . Are you serious . I go through 2 people no room finally I get someone that gets me a room not what I wanted . Who wants 2 beds on Valentine’s Day but I was told to come to front desk 11am today so I can get the room I booked went down there no room she say call down at 12 I do no room . Talk to housekeeper on my floor she has rooms clean so I call back to front desk oh there are no rooms cleaned really I’m on the same floor you said I was going back on .. I finally came to the conclusion the is the worse casino hotel ever and I will never come back here and will recommend this hotel to no one . Back to samstown casino hotel I go because I need had problems when I was going there. ONCE AGAIN THANKS FOR SPOILING MY VALENTINE’S DAY …

  39. Bridget Hamby Hendrix say:

    Spent Valentine’s day here it was 5 star everything, Had Valentine’s DINNER At the Steak house and it was Fabulous 2 NIGHT complimentary room. Will come back definitely.

  40. Dionne Helton say:

    Simply beautiful!!! I really enjoyed it the casino and the live band they had.

  41. Shell R King say:

    Great place to be at. And I really enjoyed myself. And me and My Hubby will be back. My favorite Casino.

  42. Cynthia Elaine Wilson say:

    The hotel allows you to book in advance and even ask for a deposit but when you get there they don’t have the room you requested months in advance. Just stayed there and booked a room with double beds. I got a king bed and a couch for four adults. When I informed the front desk they moved me to another room on the same floor on the other end with the same layout. Called the front desk again and they said they didn’t have any double beds room in the hotel and they don’t guarantee any room type. But for my inconvenience they will upgrade me to a suite. The suite still had only one king bed and pullout couch. But it did have 3 bathrooms (super lol). Because it was on a Saturday evening and we where from out of town we had no choose. I will not be staying or recommending the hotel.

  43. Brittany Hill say:

    I love this place really enjoyed it me an my husband me an him kept hitting I love it

  44. Ricky Alton say:

    We ate dinner at the buffet and the food was pretty good. The casino was nice and was fairly crowded but enjoyable

  45. Angel Malone say:

    I enjoyed the $7.77 ribeye meal at the cafe. Everything was delicious and the waitress was great!

  46. Rhod Charles say:

    Really a nice place. 1st time we were here. Won’t be the last. Good breakfast in the Spotsmans’ Paradise Cafe.

  47. Mari Moody say:

    Rooms are very clean and spacious, pillows and mattresses are very comfortable, bathrooms are wonderful. The check in staff were very curious and helpful. I will definitely go back.

  48. Anita Louise Barnes say:

    Had a great time we all enjoy nice place to visit

  49. Red Raw say:

    The casino is nice , buffet has great food but my issue having to wait hours for a waiter to show up in my area , an the waiter having attitudes, obviously your short staffed hire more ppl that wants to work & serve your customers!!

  50. Steven Kelly say:

    Nice fun atmosphere would recommend to family and friends

  51. Teresa Daniel say:

    Geezzz I love these peeps. .special thank you to Linda Mills for taking such wonderful care of me and my needs and to the Vintage Steakhouse. ..Ben is the best ever, feeds me excellent xoxo �

  52. OtteCharlotte Hitfieldwhitfield say:

    I enjoyed my food and fun i will go again with friends and family

  53. Rusty King say:

    Visited El Dorado last night, mainly for the live entertainment at Celebrity. The band was simply outstanding with some of the best sound and lighting around. The service was outstanding, thanks Maddison and Hollywood, and had a great time,,,,,,,,,,,until leaving Celebrity and going into the restaurant! This was THE MOST PATHETIC excuse for any type dining facility I’ve ever experienced! The servers were unfriendly, lethargic, and generally didn’t give a %€€# but when asked to speak with a Manager, it became very apparent as to where the attitudes of the Servers came from. For the sake of the few GOOD employees here, I would recommend that Upper Management stick their heads in on their Operation from time to time. I assure you that the folks willing to spend their hard earned money, or kids inheritance, will find other establishments to do so should these issues not be corrected. With every cloud having a silver lining, I would really like to commend the young Lady whom was acting as their Hostess. She really did a great job attempting to correct the short comings of her Management and fellow employees, and for this, we Thank her!

  54. Opal Radican say:

    Had a great time can’t wait till Saturday so I can go back

  55. Charlotte L Rose say:

    Eldorado is a great casino! Very pretty inside, and very clean . We enjoy the buffet too!

  56. Louis Medina say:

    It was a beautiful place. Love the atmosphere. Lot of slot machines. A little tight on the machines. But I still had a great time. I will be back.

  57. Curtis Knisley say:

    Best rooms in Shreveport or Bossier City. Steak house isn’t bad either.

  58. Debbie Nicholson Light say:

    Had a wonderful time at the casino and the entertainment in the lounge was great. Excellent food…especially the shrimp poboys

  59. Myra Jefferson say:

    My home away from home ?????
    I love this place, we go every week

  60. Trina Sanders Coldiron say:

    The amenities are sub-par, and the staff at the sports bar is horrific!! They need more help! Gambling was good!�

  61. Barbara Smith say:

    Oh I loved it so much fun although I had to spend $12 for a pack of cigarettes next time I’ll be more prepared but it was absolutely great loved it had a good time I had vies anyone any time you have the chance go

  62. Rosalinda Delgado say:

    Had a great time ,got a 2 day com.stay & upgraded to Monarch suite, been coming here for pass 10 years, thanks.

  63. Kisha Young-King say:

    Awesome hotel. The kids loved their sTay. Had a wonderful night’s rest.

  64. Sassi Redd say:

    The waitresses need to be more attentive to the small spenders too, tuh�

  65. Jeanette Keese Higgins say:

    The food was good and priced fair at th he Sportsman Cafe, the room was awesome! ghe shower was as large as a room, the tub was a large deep soaking tub, the room was spacious and well docorated.

  66. Pancho Valdez say:

    Muy buen casino para ir a jugar y disfrutar d su delicioso buffet muy surtido un buen lugar d juego

  67. Porsha Adams say:

    It’s a very nice motel me n my best friend was up here for my birthday n I really enjoy

  68. Danny Carlson say:

    This place is a scam. High rollers stay away. They advertise loosest slots which is false. Stay away. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!

  69. James S Burling say:

    Everyone of the staff members that I had interactions with were very professional. The Vintage restaurant was excellent with the food and the staff made the entire event excellent. One of these days I need to order something off the menu other than the ribeye steak ( one of the best that I have eaten ).
    The casino waitresses were always around, ready to bring a beverage or cleaning ashtrays.
    However the bets on most of the penny slots have increased about $1.50 making the highest I’ve played in Shreveport and they were the tightest this time that I have seen them in the three years I’ve been going to the Eldorado.
    My room was clean, the bed was comfortable and clean, the bathroom was clean and had plenty of towels. I look forward to my next visit to this casino again.

  70. Eric Jackson say:

    Need more fun. I work hard to not to keep losing and see other people win. Been a member since Eldoado Open. Stop playing with my Money. But Y’all good let win more.��

  71. Shon Brown say:

    Cool little spot to have fun, although I do think the drinks could use another shot or two!

  72. Bridget Stinson say:

    We had good time had been years since I was there and it has changed a lot

  73. Christy Long say:

    Eldorado sets the standard for excellence! They’re always spot on!

  74. Jerlean Burist say:

    Stay here often and the rooms are very nice.Everyone is very friendly from the casino to the restaurants. The food in all the restaurants is very good from the buffet to the cafe. I hate I couldn’t get a room for Friday night had to stay a Dimond Jack and so hated the the room even my 5 yr old granddaughter didn’t like the stay there. Can we go back to the loose slot and where was all the .45 spin slot.

  75. Robin Glenn Morris say:

    Had Dinner at Vintage, then played slots and had a great time.

  76. Walter Bowles say:

    Everyone was nice we just had a hard time getting anything to drink in the casino but all in all we had a great time

  77. Taylor Johnson say:

    The staff, rooms, food, and their service is by far the best you could receive!! Love this place and recommend to everyone!!

  78. Idalia Alegria Villarreal de Leon say:

    Awesome waitress and bar tender… Everyone super friendly…

  79. Amanda Jo West say:

    My husband and I had a great time hanging out at the Celebrity Lounge listening to the live band. The atmosphere had a great vibe and we’ll definitely be back in the near future.

  80. Eva Arriaga say:

    Had a wonderful time! The staff was very helpful with all my concerns. The food was yummy! Celebrity lounge and Casino was soo much fun had great music. Next time I go out to Louisiana I will be booking with Eldorado. Thank you!

  81. Brenda George say:

    Was not very inpress with the caniso area I enjoy the big changing colored lights

  82. Ray Hosmer say:

    Great hotel and Casino. Very nice rooms and great food!!

  83. John S Camp say:

    Robin. Great therapist, one of top 10 in 50 years. Need water in dressing area, and not just sweet punch. Not a good place for all that sugar.

  84. Lopez Rachel say:

    It was so much fun will love to go back…..Food was great and casino service was awesome. they also had friendly staff.

  85. David Jones say:

    Had a great time and came back with some money(34,000) on penny machine. Thank you Eldorado. The staff was great too.

  86. Laketchia Smith say:

    I really enjoyed myself. Planning on going back, according to my Nephew, Tyrone White. But I felt like I was on hooker row, with the way those ppl were dressing in there, and it was every bit of cold in there. But other than that, I had a great time.

  87. Keirra Dixon say:

    I love it here I enjoyed my birthday weekend here

  88. Judy Pickering say:

    Staff are very nice and helpful. The buffet, terrible! You can tell that the majority of things are frozen. Everything was dry or chewy. The napkins smell like grease.

  89. Dondra Beard say:

    Went there my first time last night. Really enjoyed it. Staff were all very nice.

  90. James Davis say:

    Had a blast. ..The staff was top notch and so friendly. I will only stay at your Resort. Thank you..

  91. Cynthia Treadway say:

    Awesome stay…room was amazing…staff was very friendly and helpful!!!

  92. Charlie Piercy say:

    We stayed one that was enough..!!
    Check in as paying customer, 5-16-17 checked out 5-17-17 hotel was great , until we get to the buffet , 4 adults and a toddler 19 months old , this is what pissed me off the cashier said the baby would be half price she could only eat 5 bites and charged me half of the adult meal,,, food as getting cold as they turned heat off cause it as getting close to 8:20 pm , not to say that wasn’t the only problem food tasted like it was there all day .!!!!! Very unhappy Last time going to dump Eldorado Dump Resort casino I use to be a regular going to Dump Eldorado casino, I Will NOT COME BACK !!!!!!

  93. Art Lira say:

    Had a great time! This casino actually pays out unlike WinStar and Choctaw. Lol The rooms were clean and the staff was amazing. Thanks for making our 6 year wedding anniversary one to remember.

  94. Daena Reyes say:

    I had a great experience. It’s a small casino, but I had a lot of fun. Complementary drinks are Amazing!

  95. Joseph H Lee Jr say:

    Had an awesome time. Great live concert also. Even though I didn’t win any money great atmosphere. The food on the buffet was great. And nice birthday dessert surprise with great decoration.

  96. Michael Redden say:

    I stay and play at Eldorado regularly. This is/was my only casino. When I have friends, family, and business associates come in town, this is where I take them. I write comment cards to help improve the business and the experience of the patrons. My truck was stolen recently out of their garage. The security staff followed their protocol on having me back track and walking me through the garage to ensure I hadn’t forgot where I parked. They had me fill out paperwork and did a report. Said they would take up to 5 days conducting their investigation. They called the police and a report was filed. That’s it! They didn’t offer to call me a cab. Didn’t ask if I needed to get to a rental car company. Didn’t offer me to stay being that I’m from out of town. Nothing! They told me that a Mrs. Cheatham would contact me in a few days. Never got a call. I expressed concern with having to wait for Mrs Cheatham to contact me because when my bag was stolen out of my car(parked right under the camera) she never contacted me and after weeks of trying to talk to her another gentleman said they didn’t have the footage.

    I didn’t expect Eldorado to replace my truck. However, I didn’t receive any compassion or consideration when dealing with this issue. I was parked on the first floor. They stole my old school truck. There is video of it. I didn’t so much as get a letter from Eldorado. I’m a Presidents Club member, but it’s hard going there based on how this issue was handled.

    To this day, I haven’t gotten a call, letter, or anything. Not sure if this is how all guest are treated if their vehicle is stolen from there but if so that’s a shame.

  97. Trevin Planck say:

    We had a pretty good FIRST time visit here. The staff was absolutely wonderful. The reason for the 4 Stars instead of 5 is simply this . . . .

    1. The whole place smells of cigarette smoke.
    2. They need a better ventilation system.
    3. The sound system kept malfunctioning with nothing but static sounds.
    4. The Buffet wasn’t worth the $.

    We will return but not anytime soon.

  98. Sandi Shuffield Butts say:

    We stay here about 3 times a year and enjoy it every time. The staff is kind and courteous. The dealers are the best in town. Rooms are very spacious and clean. The Vintage has the best steaks I’ve ever eaten. Will not stay anywhere else.

  99. Opal Radican say:

    I loved it this time my husband won fifteen thousand dollars woohoo

  100. Cindy Lynch say:

    I love this casino, great slots, great drinks, friendly service, great rooms, and great food ! My HAPPY PLACE

  101. Ken Bishop say:

    I stay here quiet often. Great rooms, food & service. Really enjoy it. Stayed there last night. I only play poker. Great poker room. Only complaint I have is cigarette smoke. Don’t know what you would do about that. Other than that …a great place

  102. Tajuan Sanders say:

    It’s Great Each Time That We Have Been There. I Hope to Return Many More Times.

  103. Lori Vaughn say:

    I never can get any drinks! Makes for a long night of trying to sit there and play with no drinks!

  104. Susan Jones Myers say:

    What a great stay we had at Eldorado Resort Casino. Everyone was so friendly, the room was great, the casino and restaurants were fantastic!! We will definitely be back!!

  105. Jennifer Howell say:

    I have lived in Tx for 7 years now and had never been to “The boats” so my husband and I decided to go for my birthday. We booked a room at Eldorado based on a a friends recommendations. Let’s just say I was very disappointed. When I checked in the gentleman at the desk checked me in and was very nice. However I had just stated I had never been there before and this was my first time , hoping he would give me some information on the place. He did not. I walked to the elevator and stood there looking like an idiot for 5 min. Trying to figure out why none if them would work. Thanks to another guest, I was told you had to use your door card to go past the 3rd floor. We finally got to our room and it was clean looking, but stunk like animal and old nasty, stale cigarettes. There were several stains on the floor and the floor itself was nasty and sticky when I stepped on it after taking my shoes off. There were only 2 towels in the room and as a woman I use 2 alone. One towel for my hair and one to try off with. The safe in the room was so small I couldn’t fit my purse in it. My husband and I travel quite a bit and stay in a lot of hotels. When we checked out, the lady asked “how was your stay”? When I told her, all she said was “I’m sorry you felt that way”. This hotel is defiantly not on our list of “let’s go back”.

  106. Kathrine Harter say:

    My husband and I had not been since 2012 when I booked for his birthday a suite. It was nice and the people were great. We went this year for our anniversary and got a regular room and loved it better than Margaritaville. The only thing we did not like, why I gave 4 stars was we were not impressed with the buffet. The food was room temperature and not very pretty looking. Other than that we liked it, won money and will be back.

  107. Marsha Garcia say:

    Very nice staff and lots of good slots to play. very clean great atmosphere.

  108. Tammy Evilsizer say:

    Had a great time as usual and won a little money too.

  109. Bigg Chris say:

    Very nice! Atmosphere and the ambiance was amazing! Drinks were great! Can’t wait to go back!!�

  110. Doyle Brinkkoeter say:

    We got there Friday night and had reservations for a pet friendly room for 2 nights. When we checked in the front desk told us they had none. The lady at the front desk then put us in a suite for the night. That was awesome how she took care of us. The only thing my wife didn’t like was the following day we did get placed in a pet friendly room. She was already spoiled with the suite. Thanks

  111. Vickey Heard say:

    There’s no luck there for me or black people I have never won a jackpot I have spent over 200.000 and I never win or I’m not lucky at all so I’m not going there right now I’m going to Sams

  112. Noelia Barrera Buck say:

    El Dorado has always been our first choice when visiting Shreveport. I booked 2 night free stay which was upgraded to a Jr. suite since there were no King rooms available. The room was wonderful and spacious. The bed was a little too firm for me but it was fine. I liked having a Keurig in the room but suggest you provide some better creamer to go along with the gourmet coffee. We are.at the Sportsmen’s Cafe and the staff were very friendly with good food. My only complaint is that the slots were tight and no one was winning. We used to say they had the best comps but not anymore. We left early and went to margaritaville and actually won $$$$$$$.

  113. Amanda Shell say:

    Beautiful place, fabulous suite, and a great time with an old friend! #winning

  114. Jeffro Mafukin Bodine say:

    Tell you busy as the place was never kept the workers with a smile and helping!! O and I won!!!

  115. Jennifer Williams say:

    Only went to the gift shop bc I had my daughter…the lady was really nice..Will definitely be back

  116. Maria Cesma say:

    The hotel and casino its a good place to enjoy you can found a lot of fun and good food, the personal they are very friendly

  117. Sherri Mannan Harris say:

    So much good!! Very little bad
    The staff members were so nice! Ray helped us the moment we pulled up! When checking in the staff was super nice as well and accommodated us with a corner room! We left and did site seeing to return to pleasant staff members. I have medical issues so when my husband and I went to the restaurant doen stairs I needed to eat within a certain amount of time. We waited 5 minutes to be sat and waited another 5 with 3 wait staff walking by before we left. We finally walked across the street and got service at a different establishment. The room was spacious, clean and comfortable. So my only complaint was the noodle place. We enjoyed the service and food at the steak house! So my recommendations would be that you make the wait staff aware that sometimes being lazy can truly be an issue!

  118. Tim Sizemore say:

    Me and the wife were at the club. Luved the band and the staff was great. Need a few more bar tenders to handle the crowed but was alot of fun.

  119. Jim Fuller say:

    The buffet was not good at all. We never madr it out of the casino and had gotten sick. Never again.

  120. Brina Wheat say:

    I love it… My absolute favorite place to go. Even though I didn’t win much money but I totally love Eldorado..

  121. Mike Watkins say:

    very good place to relax and have fun. my wife and I went and played slots on july 4th and then enjoyed the Shreveport fireworks afterwards.

  122. Kathy Ramirez say:

    I go when I can but I always sty at Eldorado it is the best casino love the Service the rooms are always great and they had the most famous stuff I’ve ever seen

  123. Cheryl Rogers say:

    The staff at Eldorado very efficient service from check in until check out. My favorite casino by far.

  124. Linda Pender say:

    Eldorado Casino is the only one that I will go to in Shreveport Bossier they’re very courteous when you go it’s very clean and I’ve never had any bad experiences there I love it and waiting till the next opportunity to be there again

  125. Jamie Bender say:

    Sunday Buffet was delicious. A variety of everything you want!

  126. Brodrick Adams say:

    Not bad but good games……..sometimes…….ha!

  127. Brandi Celeste say:

    My Family traveled from the Dallas area to celebrate my Mom’s Birthday. Unfortunately, she fell ill and was hospitalized. We chose to stay here 07/10 – 07/12 during her hospitalization because of positive reviews and the affordability. Do not be fooled! This place is not at all clean, the staff is rude, and the customer service is horrible. After a long night at the hospital we went to the restaurant on site and ordered 2 hamburger meals, simple enough. Mind you, there were m…

  128. Charla Kay Johnson Hamrick say:

    I have stayed at the eldorado forever have always had a great time. But I have not been there in a year due to working out of town. Was so excited to go this weekend for a girls weekend and birthday. But my excitement was soon gone. I don’t know what has happened to this casino if it is new management or what. But pulled up to valet park and it was not busy only one car beside me after 5 minutes she goes in and finally 2or 3 employees come out talking and on there phones. after a few minutes they make there way over do not even ask if they can help with luggage just wait to take my keys. The front desk people were great and so were the maids. But once we go to gamble you can not find a drink girl if you do it takes at least 30 minutes to get your drink if you ever even get it. This happened for two days on the first and second floors. And room service the first morning was ok but it was around 630 when I called my order in all that was messed up there was the eggs were cooked wrong there was like a tablespoon of corned beef hash no salt and pepper. But that night I called room service it was around 1030 so I did expect a wait but after a hour I called back down was told give them 5 minutes well 15 minutes later I got food French fries were cold and still no salt or pepper and I asked this time. So eldorado you need to work with your drink girls valets and kitchen help. They are all very rude and would rather play on there phones then take care of there customers, who some one needs to remind them if it was not for the customers they would not have a job before I come back. because I’m planning a trip next month and I will be staying at the margaritaville they have better comps anyway. And we went over there and played for a couple of hours and there valets were Johnny on the spot. And there drink girls were there before you needed a new drink. Thank you for your time if you read all of this.

  129. Jan Jahnke say:

    Best casino ever! We love the dealers n pit bosses. Mainly Natasha !!!!
    Steak house the best!
    Nice rooms 2. Me and my husband are for r 40th anniversary today!

  130. Alex Jones say:

    We stay at the Eldorado 4 times a year. The staff is always lovely. We have NEVER had a problem. The food is good, rooms are clean. If I were to say anything that may need some help is make sure waitresses never go on break together. Sometimes drinks are hard to come by. All in all…..a wonderful casino with great staff. Check it out! If you have questions, remember to ASK……no one can read your mind.

  131. Ray Salazar say:

    Omg worst casino I have ever been too ever. Staff was rude as can be. We actually were in line to get a playing card and the women was so rude we actually stopped the process asked for our id back walked out wasn’t going to spend my money where the staff is rude walked right out and left that dirty casino

  132. Casey Mott say:

    We came from Texas to celebrate our anniversary. Staff was lazy. Everything else was good. Food was amazing! Rooms were clean just outdated TV and wallpaper. Good location and free valet parking

  133. Pamela Moody say:

    Love this place.. very clean rooms, beds were awesome slept like a baby! Loved the huge tub in bathroom.. very clean. Personnel was very friendly.. Cornelle was an awesome valet� will stay again�

  134. Charlotte Williams say:

    I’ve stayed here several times and it is going downhill. Offers have become scarce. Room wasn’t ready at 4:30. Food was undercooked. Getting a drink in the casino is almost impossible. I did find a couple of servers that kept checking on me if I stayed in their area because I tip. I’m OK with leaving my gambling money in the casino but I like to play with it for awhile. They just took it! The sense of winning is gone! And they took away Game of Thrones! I’m going to Margaritaville!

  135. Gloria Etier Mcgee say:

    Buffet was not as good on Sunday night and Monday lunch as good as Friday night in April as last time I came to eldorado

  136. Dan Walton say:

    Great time at El Dorado yesterday. Won a little money but went 2 another and lost it all. Should have stayed where I was. Shame on me!

  137. Averie Nash say:

    Wow, we used to absolutely love it here – we would drive 4 hours instead of 3 to Tunica because we liked it so much… but the comps have changed; the pay tables on all of the video poker machines have been down graded and the offers we get have diminished. Very sad. Going to have to check out the other casinos.

  138. Alaina Kelly Doucet say:

    I love the food at Sportsman, but the service is always so slow and terrible. The casino floor staff is friendly for the most part.

  139. Ashley Burns say:

    We are staying here till Thursday. Our room is nice. A few downfalls.. we can hear the house keepers arguing out side of our room, (cussing each other out.) ?
    And they don’t have a pool .??

  140. Will Hodge say:

    Absolutely worst casino town or casino rude staff and tables suck absolutely hated it

  141. Kathy Smith Hale say:

    We had family in town from far away, and we had a room this past Sunday night. We got to the hotel at 2:30, realizing that we were earlier than check in time at 4:00, but we just checked to see if the room was ready. They said it would be 35 minutes. We waited in the very limited seating area that they had along with many other people who didn’t have a room yet. We finally got our room after talking to the manager several times at 4:45. We sat there over two hours waiting for when we could’ve been out doing something else, but since they said it was only going to be 35 minutes, we stayed and waited. The front desk is not managed very well, but the rooms are nice.

  142. Shere Wild say:

    Lost 4 trips in a row, That’s it. I rather buy bread for the birds.

  143. James H Abbott say:

    Since they have lowered their Video Poker to un-playable levels there is no reason to go here anymore for me. Shreveport on the whole is a VP wasteland… will have to try OK (maybe)… or give up gambling altogether… so sad!

  144. Alaia Aliz Alaniz say:

    Hermoso y divertido

  145. Nikki Sexzyp say:


  146. Molly Carroll Hale say:

    It was awesome stay the rooms was really nice we had an adjoining room to our friends and the food was really good! The casinos was amazing the drinks ? could of been stronger! But all in all it was a blast

  147. Bobbie Coleman say:

    Had a Great time! Very Nice Accommodations…
    Even took a little money home..

  148. Sherman Williams say:

    The casino was great but the restaurant service was horrible. We were a group of four and we all got our food separate times not together. I ordered eggs over medium and they brought them over hard. When I sent told my waiter she went and told the cook and they asked for the eggs back like I was lying. I brought my family from Detroit and was really raving about the restaurant and was made to look like a fool. I called the restaurant manager and he never returned my call. I will gamble at Eldorado casino but never eat there again.

  149. Sweetiepie Tasha Harris say:

    I won big twice thank you I’m from Chicago in this has been a great visit. Thank you

  150. Lashonda Taylor say:

    Wonderful helpful staff ! Will definitely come back.

  151. Paulette Buster say:

    I did not enjoy my experience. We were in town for a family function and decide to visit.

  152. Heather Rowan say:

    Overall the hotel and casino are nice, but we stayed on the 16th floor and there is definitely a mold problem. The smell was overwhelming when we got off the elevator and when we entered the room the carpet was damp. The beds are comfy and the bathroom is very nice with a soaking tub and large tile shower. Not a bad hotel for the discounted rate we got due to a promotion, but with the overpowering mold smell I almost wish we would have paid extra and stayed at Margaritaville which is equally as nice and even has a pool.

  153. Tammy Henderson say:

    Our suite was nice and clean. Big bathroom with separate tub and shower. Everyone was super nice. Good food in the buffet and the casino was great!

  154. Geneva Coronado say:

    Had a great time I love that it had three floors it was our first time and we will be back.

  155. Robert Dobbs say:

    Service was the absolute worst I’ve ever encountered. Spoke to two managers about it & they did nothing other that say that they would have the GM call me….<crickets>

  156. Bobby Isbell say:

    So much fun !
    Much better experience than Sam’s Town
    We got a room at samstown and totally regret it!
    Eldorado will be my new spot in the future .
    Nicer cocktail waitresses . ” polite “
    Fast service
    They comped my food for free
    They paid out more on slots
    And hey have Texas Hold’em poker room!

  157. Sharlette Earles White say:

    Accommodations, staff and restaurants very nice. Enjoyed my stay.

  158. Cindy Mendez say:

    Awesome time. People are so sweet. Comfy beds. Had lots of fun playing. Rooms were very clean

  159. Rosie Rogers say:

    Loved it. So much fun. Friendly staff and people.

  160. Kenny Kelly say:

    Best Motel in the casino biz. From the parking attendants to the bellhops to the desk clerks. Will definitely be back! Awesome poker room & atmosphere.

  161. Chris Paul say:

    rude staff from front desk.

    Seriously, just drive to dallas if u want a decent room and service.

    Maybe Im just not used to Shreveport, but the whole town is a dump. Crime ridden. Thought I was gonna get mugged in the filthy parking garage. Just save your cash. Used to nicer especially for the $$$.

    The Hotel Director did nothing when I called.

    Wouldn’t doubt that some of these casinos are about to fold.. as they should

  162. Neal Valenta say:

    If you have never to the El Dorado to gotta come….so much to do in walking distance from the hotel…we came our honeymoon 4 yrs ago, come our second anniversary and now our 4th….we have such a good time…thank you El Dorado

  163. Arthur Richardson say:

    Went to night club to see Wind Storm Band, it was awesome!

  164. Amanda Diane say:

    We have been coming for years. Tonight, my husband was walking around the tables looking for one to jump in on. Like most people he watches the table that peaks his interest to 1.) see how it’s going 2.) Make sure he doesn’t mess up the chute for the current players when he joins the table
    So tonight he was doing just that when he was asked by an employee to back away, the ONE player at the table doesn’t like being watched. Seriously? I get that the guy at the table was throwing down thousands….but your employee doesn’t know my finances either, does he? It was really embarrassing. Not to mention the same employee staring us down any time we came near the table like we were going to rob the place. This will be our last trip to Eldorado.

  165. Willie Spearman say:

    Food was perfectly seasoned, fresh and hot. Personnel very polite and on key. Outstanding kitchen staff. I will come back!!THANKS….

  166. Gary Pekar say:

    I really enjoyed our last visit planning another trip as I found out pet friendly / on another note I noticed that the people are more friendly and the food more enjoyable along with the atmosphere then when I’m in the Lake Charles area Thank you Eldorado

  167. Janice Baxter Greer say:

    They have the best sleeping beds of anywhere I’ve ever stayed and love the roomy shower!!

  168. Ruth Holloway say:

    We have been coming to Shreveport Louisiana for about 20 years always enjoyed it always had fun. When the Eldorado opened up we really enjoyed it then we started getting free rooms,meals and comps at the tables. This went on for a long time no matter how often we went there now it all stopped because we don’t get there so often. We have to drive at least 7 to 8 hours from our home here in Texas to Shreveport so we can’t afford to travel every month. One of the things we liked so much at the Eldorado was we could take our dogs and we love playing at your tables . Now that we do not get the mail comps we can not stay there. They make it hard for senior citizen on fixed income to play anymore. Otherwise we love everything about this casino.

  169. Kersti McJimsey say:

    Slots not fun like they use to be years ago. They don’t let you play just suck your money quick. My Mother got a room was looking forward to sleeping in but the hotel maid knocked on our door at 9:15 and opened it too. Waking me up. Won’t go back anytime soon that’s for sure!!! Save your money and take a weekend vaca!!

  170. Tonya Roberts say:

    Oh how much I love the food….. My room…. And the money I win!!!!!!

  171. Tiphanie Warren say:

    I would love to stay here. My friend gets comp all the time.. How can i?? Can u send me promo

  172. Doris Wynn say:

    Friend ly comfortable clean an they let u win���

  173. Jody Jarreau say:

    Loved it. The nicest people I’ve met in North Louisiana this week ) Seriously extremely good Friendships, good times and CRAZY good food! Thank you Debbie Brantley Miller! Robert, Judy……….. and my new found cousin

  174. Kimberly Turley say:

    They are very welcoming very polite and very helpful the rooms were amazing very clean they offer room service which is amazing I recommend it 100%

  175. Tammy Leon say:

    I hit $200.00 walking out the door Sunday morning. It was like they were saying… Please come back!

  176. Rebecca Young say:

    I love going to the El Dorado Casino. The staff & the dealers always have the most amazing personalities. We have the best casino host Linda Mills. She goes above and beyond for us. The club is amazing.

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