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Come down and join in the fun. Offering the best in slots and table games, live entertainment, well-appointed rooms and dining options. This is your place.

Located in northeastern Nevada, Cactus Petes Resort Casino offers an exceptional gaming and entertainment experience. Play in our 26,000-square-foot casino. Relax in one of our 296 thoughtfully appointed rooms and suites. Savor your winnings at one of our four dining venues. Find your groove with the area’s best live entertainment, or host an unforgettable gathering with 3,740 square feet of flexible event space. Whether it’s business or pleasure, this is your place. We can’t wait to welcome you back.



Cactus Petes Slots & Video Poker

Slot machines are a key part of what makes Cactus Petes. Our slot machines come in many forms, including video reels, video poker, reels and video keno games, from penny to $10 denominations.

Horseshu Slots & Video Poker

The Horseshu’s gaming area includes video reels, video poker, reels and video keno games, from penny to $1 denominations.

Address: 1220 US-93, Jackpot, NV 89825, USA
Phone: +1 866-667-3386


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  1. Eddie Taylor say:

    Very good rooms and service. I really have a relaxing and quiet time sent there for one day, will deffinately return soon.

  2. Feliza Morales say:


  3. Pat Romero say:

    I have experienced Cactus Petes first hand and would recommend staying there to any one looking for a good time.

  4. Jacque Dawson say:

    a weekday escape!

  5. Allison Chapman say:

    Always have great fun at Pete’s!

  6. Susan Urban Tyson say:

    Such a Fun Place!!!Love it

  7. Brytton McDonald say:

    Best 21st Birthday ever!

  8. Jackie D'Andrea say:

    This place is a fun getaway!

  9. Mark Carnopis say:

    Great casino, nice hotel, food is excellent, lots of new machines. A great place for an overnight visit!

  10. EK Montgomery say:

    I recommend Cactus Petes to anyone who enjoys casino activity.

  11. Bev Lively say:

    Love the place…

  12. Tom Wohosky say:

    Its like being in Vegas, well kinda sorta!

  13. Pamela Mangum Lottman say:

    I really have a lot of fun and enjoy the atmospher at Cactus Pete and the Horsehu Hotel!!

  14. David Souders say:

    best place to go

  15. Shirley Hagen say:

    great place to stay.

  16. Lance Vallone say:

    Great friendly place to stay, with action and fun for all

  17. Peggy A Brown say:

    We’ve had a good time at Cactus Petes and even won a little. Go see it.

  18. Jeannie Thompson say:

    I love Cactus Petes! Such a great place to get away, but still close to home!

  19. Iris Schenk say:

    Our favorite place to stay

  20. Cheryl Jordan say:

    Always a good time!

  21. Faye Dykema say:

    my minny vacation place love it

  22. Kelly N Rosa Burns say:

    I wish everyone could go to Cactus Petes ,The food the fun ,the shows and the best slots ever, see you there!!!!

  23. Lori Graves say:

    fun place

  24. Jesse Wilson say:

    its cool here belive me:it is

  25. Neil Price say:

    you have to go there it graet fun and you get free drinks

  26. Pat Seruntine say:

    Great food and the rooms are very comfy, friendly people

  27. Eric Hawk say:

    Top notch professional style karaoke @ The Horseshu was incredible! The layout, audio / visual equipment & staff make any singer experience a special performance like no other! I will definitely be back!!

  28. Shana Wageman-Decker say:

    Have stayed here several times and always clean. Staff is friendly. Buffet is amazing. Love this place. Just wish there were out door activities. Quad rides and rentals, NASCAR, lots of room for that, water park, Zip Line. Make the town more appealing

  29. Mary Campbell say:

    EVERYTIME I get an upgraded comp code, in this case for my birthday,online reservations will not accept the code to allow me to make a reservation. So I have to call and when I do they run my card number and tell me the upgrade is unavailable and offer me my regular comp! So hello Boise, a nice suite, Barbacoa for dinner and shopping the next day!! July 4, 2016

  30. Colin Beecroft say:

    Most friendly staff of any place I’ve been at…plus extremely clean rooms…plus super buffet!

  31. Vickie Lovejoy say:

    Clean, fun and good hospitality!

  32. Debra L Pfeifer say:

    Wonderful getaway and the best customer service you could ever ask for.

  33. Angelina Stradley say:

    Lots of fun I miss going as much as I used to….

  34. Greg Dais say:

    We were there on Thursday and had a blast!

  35. Michelle Lee Benns say:

    We Love Cactus Petes its always a great time and they take well care of us while we are there.

  36. LisaMarie Tobias say:

    Drinks take to long!!! Dirty room! Customer service was shitty! I asked for a refund so could find a new hotel, they no refund but could give me $25 for slots!!! No thank you

  37. Denise Gomez say:

    best place in town. yeah cactus petes

  38. Robert And Heather Foster say:

    We were just here loved it!!

  39. Leann Sandifer Sorrell say:

    They really need larger TV’s. I know I have paid for a couple

  40. Tony Daniels say:

    Great food, and tight machines, but worth every penny.

  41. Dode Peterson say:

    Great place to stay n play! Make sure you call ahead for resv. We have missed out on getting a room several times!

  42. Heather Downs say:

    Not as much fun as it use to be:(

  43. William Bowles say:

    Honestly, not a lot of choices, but this is the best.

  44. Candy Rosenbloom say:

    horrible undercooked food in the desert room! I used to love you guys and this past weekend was the weekend from hell as soon as we got there.

  45. Debbie Hensley Garza say:

    Awesome place to go and relax and gamble. I go at least twice a year and so far I’ve come back a winner every time. The staff and waitresses are very friendly.

  46. Matthew Scott Casey say:

    These guys suck… over rated and over priced

  47. Kristi Olsen say:

    Was my 1st time down to jackpot.. was absolutely AMAZIN!!!! Loved the town, casinos, everything about it.. lonestar concert was the best part.. can’t wait to go back…

  48. Mike Abshire say:

    Best in jackpot

  49. Kyle Hawk say:

    Awesome going there tomorrow night

  50. Steven Snow say:

    I love jackpot

  51. Danny Reed say:

    Awesome. stayed in a Living Room Suite in the Granite for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Stellar room and service. Had buffet both days, Thanks to our server Isidro and also to Patrick my host for making our stay great. Looking forward to returning on New Years Eve for all the fun.

  52. Cotxilt Cortes say:

    Nunk gano jajajaa

  53. Julie Stewart say:

    The WORST casino hotel resort I’ve ever been, crappy food, unfriendly staff, from now on, I’ll be going to WENDOVER Nevada, check it out people, four huge casinos and hotels wow amazing, no more cactus Pete’s jackpot Nevada for me and my families and friends.

  54. Eddie Perez say:

    Good food but not much for entertainment.

  55. Susan Meyer McCann say:

    Always a fun place to go for a getaway. The staff are all friendly and always seem to go that extra mile for you. For a real treat schedule your visit to include the Sunday champagne breakfast buffet.

  56. Dennis M Boardman say:

    Needs more non smoking areas, says my wife.

  57. April Van Orman say:

    Love the rooms at Cactus Pete’s. Nice design, comfy beds. Cocktail servers are super nice and prompt. Slots are REALLY tight here, though!!!

  58. Stacey Skyberg say:

    Love it.Good food drinks concerts and I always meet fun people. The staff is awesome .

  59. Jaly Arana say:

    Fun bus is the besssst!

  60. Deana Ramirez-Shaffer say:

    I always loved Cactus Petes but this weekend was probably my last stay here. I sat down to eat my food at the buffet only to have cockroaches crawl on our table and our our food!! We told management but they just said they would bring in Ecolab to spray! Gross!!

  61. Linda Martin Morse say:

    I wrote a bad one and it is no where to be seen

  62. Gladys Murphy say:

    Fun place

  63. Karlene Coon say:

    Cactus Petes is a great place, rooms are nice and food is great! Have been coming for years and plan on continuing for more years. Our Host Kevin is the greatest, and so is Sandy. Keep up the good work!

  64. Dan Alsup say:

    I’ve been there. Great buffet!!

  65. William T Walters say:

    Nice place

  66. Tim Sportiello say:

    It sucks, they take without giving anything in return, not even enough to play for a little while

  67. Ron Burnett say:

    Hotel is nice, but just like black hawk the gaming is crap, machines punish you playing the max bet, would not recommend gaming at either location to anyone, did not see anyone that was even close to breaking even, talked with several folks that said they would not be back. And like them I will be following their lead and will not be back for any type of gaming at any ameristar owned location. From my experiences at both locations less than 5% payout if anything at all playing max bet on any of the machines I’ve played. It would of been easier if they just posted a sign dump contents of wallet here, you don’t stand a chance anyway.

  68. Colin Cowie say:


  69. Shaunna Winn say:

    I would like to wish George Gilmore a happy retirement. Thank You George, for always making my stay at Cactus Pete’s so enjoyable, I will miss you!
    Shaunna Winn

  70. Debbie Tucker say:

    Go here often..great place and great food woohoo..can’t wait for Jodee Messina they have have the best concerts around and great buffet ..yum

  71. Shane Prince say:

    My version of a perfect weekend destination or escape! Friendly and helpuful staff clean rooms and great food!

  72. Crystal Kennedy say:

    Your awesome. Granny ♡

  73. Robert Reynolds say:

    Great hotel and great staff! Staying there agian this sunday.

  74. Susan Crowder Prentiss say:

    Have stayed at cactus Pete’s before … this is the first time I have been seriously disappointed … the restaurant service was not timely at all … excuse was the cook … but not my problem. At least they bought my wine.

  75. Kelly Burns say:

    They are very helpful n polite

  76. Randy Chaplin say:

    Love going … But damn, I can’t win money there anymore!

  77. Sandra Dismuke-Coyle say:

    Our band Asphalt Cowboys LOVES this casino & the awesome staff who run it so very much!! The fine folks of Jackpot can’t be beat!! We can’t wait to play New Years Eve gonna bring in 2015 right!! Yeehaw:-)

  78. Jim Hendershot Jr say:

    Best experience outside Vegas

  79. Darrell Duffey say:

    Real nice accommodations & friendly workers esp. Mr Chandler. Food is excellent & fair priced. I suggest you attend their poker tournament

  80. Harvey Buchanan say:

    Great time every time

  81. Charlie Lough say:

    Excellent people excellent service

  82. Kimberly Patel say:

    Love it! Great getaway place! Love the Buffet! Have lots of fun!

  83. Ethan Stroschein say:

    Casino is upscale. Dealers are great at the tables but the pit bosses can make everyone uncomfortable when they reprimand the dealer loudly for some very minor infraction that didn’t affect anything. If you play Blackjack, get a table with Chris – he was me and my girlfriend’s favorite dealer and was very funny. Slots don’t pay out as well as others in Jackpot but they were fun. Comps were good – cocktail waitresses came by often in you played at the tables otherwise it was awhile if playing slots which is understandable.

  84. Jasmine Opal McClure say:

    I lived there in jackpot as a teen and met the greatest friends a person could be blessed with

  85. Amanda O'Keeffe say:

    Had a fantastic time here. The staff are so friendly and helpful. The rooms are really nice and the food is great too – and is reasonably priced. I would recommend this fabulous hotel!

  86. Amanda Collins Dempsey say:

    It’s OK I like going there to play slots I have a lot of fun

  87. Dolores Mercado Lewis say:

    My very 1st job was @ Barton’s Club 93 miss all of MY JACKPOT, NV. FAMILIES!!!! Plus it was my very 1st time ever Working in a Casino too… Great Experience Plus have History there Never 4 get

  88. Bill Westgate say:

    Like to stay in a very clean room. Very good places to eat and a variety of game machines. I wish they had a Pia gow tables

  89. Mickee Rogers say:

    I was wondering if or how I can contact you private was asked to do so

  90. Jamie Resner say:

    Awesome, thank you for a awesome weekend.. It is amazing experience for my first time at a casino

  91. Joel Noblett say:

    Well staff is friendly and assisted me on my questions. Place is nostalgic with a 60’s to 70’s decor. A good diversity in gaming with ample parking. Plan on staying for the night and relax. Food is about cafe or diner quality. Staff makes up for average quality food.

  92. Tammy Bentley Wilson say:

    Nice getaway love when I get the chance to go an spend time here with my hubby an friends love my craps dealers

  93. Alamos Yo say:

    I went really often to spend time with my girl

  94. Lori Sankovich say:

    I’ve always loved Cactus Pete’s. Good rooms, food machines and fun.

  95. Dennis Ray say:

    My wife and I spent two days at Cactus Petes, last week. We stayed in the RV park, which in my opinion should either be condemned, or at least brought up to code. There were very few people there, and the 30 amp service is so antiquated I had low power just using the TV and lights.
    It has been a little over a year since we had been there. We used to get comps for rooms and meals every month. they have cut that out. I play blackjack and poker machines, my wife stays on the machines. I have never seen machines so tight. More than once I put a $20 in a quarter machine, playing 5 at a time and didn’t hit one winning hand. I don’t go down there thinking I am going to make money its just entertainment, but I do expect to get a little play for my money. We will not be going back. From now on I will take a flight to West wendover or Las Vegas.

  96. Lisa Zeier Schultz say:

    I’ve stayed and gambled at Cactus Petes a few times. The dealers & pit bosses are awesome and someone was so nice to comp our whole stay in March! Thanks…See you in July!!

  97. Roni Myers say:

    I just love my get aways.. I always meet cool new people and even see some from my home town

  98. Sue Collins say:

    Awesomeness!! Friendly people & good food!! Great concerts!

  99. Tammie Mack say:

    I was surprised by my husband that we were going to see Clint black at Cactus Petes. I was so excited always have a great time. I enjoyed the concert and enjoyed losing money in slots. What i didn’t like was paying $59.00 on what i thought would be a wonderful breakfast brunch! Food was nasty looking and they had a horrible selection. I ended up getting some salad and a few strawberries. I felt ripped off. I will think twice before going back. What a let down.

  100. Jeanie Poole say:

    The staff is wonderful. Very fun place with beautiful rooms and great food and shows! Special shout out to Nidzara for going above and beyond to make sure our stay was phenomenal!

  101. Menase Dayley say:

    great buffet the staff there are awesome 5 star service, the casino is nice and roomy, and the hotel rooms are very nice —one of our favorite weekend getaways !

  102. Kris Alton say:

    Had a great time. Love our host, Nadine Corbett, and she was wonderful with making our stay the best. I see a lot of negative posts and can only think that maybe someone lost money at the casino. I know because I have but no reflection on the casino or the host. Thank you Nadine for a wonderful time, oh yea, and the caps for the NFL. OOPS

  103. Ted Simons say:

    My Dad (Telford Simons) and I had a great time this last weekend. We played in the Sunday Poker tournament and he took 3rd place. We also had very good luck on the blackjack and 3 card poker tables. The food was excellent. All in all a great weekend for us.

  104. Carly Jean say:

    Great place to gamble and stay! Great staff too!

  105. John Eye say:

    Great Place!! Staff is awesome. Food not good for the waist but sure is delicious. Stop twice a year in spring & fall as we travel back on forth.

  106. Debra Brown say:

    Great rooms,loved the staff. Our last visit though the food was disappointing ,i hope they consider rethinking their food service format.staff in “nosh was rude and uninformed”.gave up on a good meal ,retired to room and had 2 chanels on one seemed able or capable of helping.

  107. Crystal Cali Harden say:

    Come here often and rooms are always super nice and clean. However the food leaves me to not leave 5 stars. While here 2 weekends ago, we visited every restaurant on the property including Pancho villas. The Dinner buffet was not worth the money. Left their very disappointed. Nosh was VERY slow and rude. They forgot the main ingredient on our breakfast sandwiches…the HAM! Pancho Villas was good and fast, no complaints with them. The desert room has decent food, but the staff is anything but friendly!! Cactus Pete’s needs to step up the food and service. We ate at the Bartons 93 buffet Sunday Morning and was very surprised at the buffet for the price.

  108. Casey Robbins say:

    Cody and Jeremy run a great tournament series. The most player-friendly event I’ve ever been in.

  109. Melody Wilmot say:

    Love it when they know your name, excellent food and environment. Enjoy coming back each and every time

  110. Celeste Louise Garner say:

    Love playing there hoping to head there this New Years Eve !!!

  111. Jill Frans say:

    Patrick was amazing as our host. The new restaurant, 36, exceeded every expectation. Frannie is a delight

  112. Lin Mattle say:

    Terrible!!!!! Don’t waste your time or money. Not a fun place any more. Used to be we would go out there and have a great time now we go out there and so much has changed out there and not for the good either. Why screw up something good to make it bad. I guess we all have to pay for all the crappy changes going on. Well we wont be back. My wife should sue them for hurting her self on there dam bed that the frame was off and the wood was sticking out and she tripped over it got a bruise on her leg and hit the table, and I was a witness to that crap. Glad she took pictures.

  113. LaVerne Trafican Miskofski say:

    The place has gotten real dirty the cafe is really bad and over priced things just aren’t the same machines don’t pay out like they used to

  114. Amie Petersen say:

    Had an amazing time at cactus Petes. Was upgraded to a suite for my birthday, the room was gorgeous with a Jacuzzi tub. Staff was so friendly and we had the best weekend. Thank you!

  115. Bessalina Armenta Sells say:

    Was there last Friday. We got in a little late and we were starving and went to eat. The food was horrible the boyfriend order the deal they had for crab and steak. The legs were cold and he didn’t touch the steak thank goodness it was an awful grey color. The best looking thing on our table was the side salad. I ordered a turkey sandwich and a side of food poisoning. It was such a waste of $43. I would have rather ate at mcdonalds. I wasn’t really able to gamble and have fun but got a great view of the cleanliness of the bathroom all night. Don’t ever care to go back but I warn you don’t eat there at least pack your own meals if you do.

  116. Connie Sharp say:

    After are friends helped out. Very disappointed messed up on our reservation. Thank you Jim and Chan for helping us on a room. If not we were heading home. Yes it took over 24 hours for them to even as Cliff for a drink. Black jack tournament was fun.

  117. Thel Deitrick say:

    We just got back from your casino Friday. We try to come once a month on your bus. There has never been a time that we did not enjoy ourselves. This time, we also had a good time and I played constantly except for 4 and a half hours sleep. (From Thursday when the bus got us there, until we left at 3 pm.) The question is, where was my 7X at? I kept swiping my card, and never found extra credits or points. Also, how do we get the better players card. Friends pay nothing for the bus, and we still have to pay. Please let me know.
    Thanks, and thanks for the good times. Thelma Deitrick

  118. Sara Bradley say:

    My husband and I went to cactus petes for the first time on our anniversary. We got there and played games for a couple hours because check in time is 4. When we went to check in, we were told out reservation had been canceled. Are you kidding me? We drove 3 1/2 hours! They said they could give us a smoking room or another room for twice what we reserved the first room for. Oh hell no. Needless to say, we got out of there and never looked back. Don’t go!

  119. Cheryl Beck Taylor say:

    Not overly impressed. We stay here often… This time… Floor in our granite room was so sloped people could trip on it. Dinner in Desert Room waa good since the buffet isnt available. Suggested to assistant manager it might be beneficial to the servers to let someone else take payment on their tables bills. He didn’t like that suggestion…. Accused me of feeling “forgotten”. Said it’s always been servers must take your payment for the two years he’d been there. Didn’t want to hear my reasons…. . Really…. Servers are taking orders and delivering meals… Way to require one more item. We stood waiting for our server while three other employees stood at cashier station rolling silverware. Definitely the last time we will visit Desert Room. Just a disappointing experience. However must say… Had a conversation with the restaurant manager earlier In our meal and he was soooo polite and friendly.

  120. Krin Blechinger say:

    I love this place. Been coming here for years. Love the rooms and the people. Great place to get away for the weekend.

  121. Jessica Daniels say:

    Slow and shitty bartenders. Waitress was rude. And why the hell is there a light switch in the room that turns everything the fuck off?!

  122. Holley R. Vanoski say:

    Not able to get a drink. Waitress took my order and never came back. No service.

  123. Don Church say:

    The people at reservations always take good care of me, rooms are ok. Love the golf course! I go quite often. Why is it when I go to Fort Hall which I do not frequent that often I get 50 dollars free play, only 15 at Cactus Petes and that’s taken forever to get that! I spend a lot of money there! I’ve been to wendover twice and I get 30 there! Loosen up them slots a little, up the free play and people will pour in is the way I look at it. …

  124. Patti Wood say:

    Everyone here has been so friendly and courteous! Slots are very tight though! Or I’m just a loser!

  125. Carol Riecker say:

    Just ate at the New Buffet, food and service was excellent! So much wonderful food to choose from! Great ptime rib, the BBQ ribs were amazing, dessert selection was awesome!

    The room we are staying in is very comfortable as always!

  126. Mark Zuziak say:

    Kevin & Patrick are great hosts! My rooms are always clean & modern. Bell Service is fast and friendly! Housekeeping always does a great job tidying up the rooms. Tried the newly renovated Buffet with my parents and it was great. It has been completely remodeled and rebuilt from scratch. All the same favorite foods with a more upscale and comfortable environment. Great variety of Slots & I’ve been finding more tables in operation during the weekdays than before which is nice. If you are driving through or just need a night or two away be sure to stop in!

  127. Byron D. Stone say:

    The internet did not work for 5 hours the room was shittier than we expected for $300 the service was horrible in the casino this is the worst trip we’ve done

  128. Brandy Kay Thomas say:

    We had one night to sneak away from our 6 kids…. to say the least we were not pleased. During our stay there was a power outage which lasted several hours. We were on the 8th floor so lots of stairs oh what fun. No drink service during outage, not even bottled water!! Then next morning we tried to play prior to our departure and most of the machines were still having issues….. had to track down help, even after voicing my concerns no one seemed to care. Really bummed!

  129. Fred Casiano say:

    The room was neat and clean the bed was terrible. The middle of the mattress diped the bed covers felt like they were filled with lead. Vr ry difficult to get a good night sleep. Terrible.

  130. Kay Bowden Magill say:

    The buffalo chips at NOSH are disgusting and inedible, unless you like the taste of burnt potatoes. Please offer a French fry option! Eat there too often for this to continue. The “NEW” buffet has a nice look but the food is basically the same. Sure miss the variety of pies once offered. The slots just get tighter and tighter. Guess renovations have to be paid for. Wish the hosts would smile and not treat you like crap if your no longer a big player and that the hosts not assigned to you were more friendly. Most of the craps dealers are congenial. Thank you for finally changing the bedspreads at the Horseshu after 35 years. Been coming down way too many years lol! Suggestion: Stop moving the slots around so much. Maybe if you didn’t spend so much moving things around to make it look fresh you could increase the percentage payout chips on the slots so customers will come back and more frequently! Oh, PS, What needs renovating more than anything is the flooring around your hot tub. It’s been in bad shape far too long.

  131. Jill Foster say:

    I have never had a bad experience the staff is very friendly and I have a great time

  132. Sue Gregori say:

    We stay here often. Am always impressed. The staff is so nice and food is awesome. We own a restaurant so I know good food

  133. Andrea Wilson say:

    This used to be such a fun place to go to.
    We stayed there last Friday , and it was just an all around bad experience.
    Starting with the buffet. I did not mind the changes made, however there were no alternative choices to the seafood. Unless you wanted dried up mashed potatoes with a choice of three different kinds of gravy . This was the ONLY non seafood sidedish.
    We have had the seafood buffet lots of times at Cactus Petes over the years, and there were always plenty alternative dishes available.
    It also looks like they took out about a 1/4 of the Slot machines, which was disappointing as well.
    Back in the room. The bathroom was filthy with hairs in the shower/tub , toilet dirty, and the sink was clogged.
    After cleaning the bathroom myself ( could not get a hold of housekeeping ), and then taking a shower i planned to watch TV .
    Wrong again it was not working right either, after 2 minutes of watching it would go so dark you could barely see the picture. Ended up watching Netflix on my tablet instead.
    Altough we have been to Cactus petes many times over the last 20 years, I do not believe that we will going back any time soon, nor will we recommend the place to family and friends.

  134. Marla Perry Standley say:

    If you’re not VIP they don’t even give you a courtesy call to let you know, instead they let you repeatedly call your “host” and just be ignored when before you got an answer even if they weren’t at work….so disappointing! People who end up VIP started out at the bottom and maybe you should give people respect no matter what tier they are. My experience today has told me that i can find friendlier, more respectful places to spend my money!

  135. Barb Daniel say:

    Was down for awhile over Memorial Day weekend. Both in Cactus Pete’s and the Horseshoe. The slots were so tight, in the 4 hours we were there, we ( my hubby and myself) lost big time. The new penny machines are disapointing. You have to drop 40 and 50 cents a spin. Not once were we offered a drink. I tried to ask one of the staff a question. He didn’t speak English! Alot of people come from Idaho to gamble. Quite few of these people are retired and/or on a fixed income. The Horseshoe still has some old machines , as does Cactus Petes. But not very many. I understand…you are in business to make money. But with your updates, higher wager machines, and people not speaking English… are driving some “older customers” away. I used to come and play all day on $100. Now…I lose $300 in less than 4 hours. Not good!!! Other friends have the same experiences.

  136. Dustin Kuck say:

    It always has a friendly staff and they always take care of frequent travelers down there like myself! Not to mention the new buffet is outstanding!!

  137. Jenny Gough say:

    Love the pool. Love love Sunday brunch. Beds are very comfortable.

  138. Craig Holcombe say:

    It’s not Vegas for sure, it is a good spot for a weekend getaway. We like the granite tower rooms now they have been remodeled and the pool area is really nice.

  139. Brenda Whitworth Correll say:

    No power, no exclamation casino is hot can’t get to rooms. I want a refund!

  140. Robert Salazar say:

    Just exstended my comped stay here great service i am on vaction and the comped rooms are great i was going to stay at a hotel in Twin but now i am staying here .these are the best comps i have had and i travel to Reno and Vagas you are lucky to get one night comped there so thanks Cactus petes..

  141. Cherie Rhynes Pasqualetti say:

    We always have a great time at Cactus Petes! We have been going there for almost 30 years. The food is amazing! We love listening to the music out at the pool. The shows are fun to go to also. Patrick makes sure our stay a Cactus Petes is always awesome!

  142. Sierra Wilson say:

    Saturday we Stayed In the granite which was an amazing room but when my friend and I went to bed for 1 the battery in the door was dead so we Had to sit in the hall for 20 minutes and we found blood or bodily stains on the blankets which was nasty to say the least… also if been playing at cactus for 4 years and have yet to be given a “host” my mom has one that helps her oit with anything and here we are without one which is whatever but my complaint is mainly toward the room.

  143. Philip Mothersill say:

    Good time and nice get away. Love Cactus Pete’s Resort. Great food and a fun time. Can’t get any better than this.

  144. Betty Blanco Robles say:

    Loved the staff. Check in was wonderful and enjoyed our stay. Saw BJ Thomas in the showroom. Great show not many singers like him any more. Enjoyed our food at all restaurants. Thank you Cactus Pete’s!

  145. Christina Heaton say:

    I think it’s went downhill service sucked the Buffet is not as good as it used to be

  146. Mary E Booth say:

    Came down for the duce wild car show! Lived it things off great classics to look at pin up contest was great the girls rocked it! Coming next year!!

  147. Ellen Stevenson say:

    Kind of started out on the wrong foot when our room which we booked months in advance wasn’t ready when we went to check in at 2:30 in the afternoon. But overall the room was clean and comfortable and the staff was very friendly. We were notified via text message when our room was ready and the lady at the desk was very apologetic.

  148. Lizzie Williams say:

    Always have a great time. Come down 3x a month and always treated well

  149. Ross Millar say:

    Great suite for the price and the new buffet was awesome. We will be back!

  150. Benjamín Reed say:

    Great staff, great place to relax and a lot better food than in Vegas. Well worth the visit.

  151. Mary Ann Wilks say:

    We received a complimentary room on our Choice Benifits and we were very happy with our room. Disability room, comfortable bed and clean. Worked great for the 2 of us after the concert . Lamp issues and few easily accessed Disability parking spaces is why I gave it 4 ☆.

  152. Mindy Max say:

    Nice casino, room wasn’t ready then the toilet was broken. Took em an hour to send someone to fix it! Food in the buffet is great. The restaurant not so much. The little chicken place is yummy but pricy!

  153. Jim Hoadley say:

    Fantastic Casino, Very inviting. Love the Rv park, and they have a great overnight parking area. Highly Recommend

  154. Ben Draper say:

    I always have a great time at Cactus Petes! Highly recommended!!!

  155. David De Leon say:

    First time going and it was freaking awesome I gamble a little bit and I enjoy the buffet it was so good very awesome dope place freaking love it I can’t wait to go again

  156. Johnnetta Lamb say:

    1st time and I’m not impressed. I am a gambler who lives in Vegas & I have several VIP cards. I love to play. it’s not all about winning…its the possibilities for me. but this place, I seriously doubt I’ll return…not even an aura of fun & winning. The cocktail server even asked the lady sitting next to me for an order but just walked away without asking me. I’m sitting there LOOKING at her waiting to tell her what I wanted and she just walked away!!!

    Im not going to pay for not having fun and dry mouth!

  157. Pablo Riojas say:

    My wife and I and my son’s love it there we always have a great time. The only problem is that the server’s don’t come around very often. So we start a 4 Jacks then go to cactus. And I have only been comp a room once and they put us at the horseshoe. Why not at Pete’s that’s where we spend our money???????

  158. Shannon Guevara say:

    Years ago used to love to play at cactus but now it takes along time for waitress to come around and sunce buffet has been remodeled the is not as good and price went up. The buffet at 93 has better quality foid now.

  159. Kean Kaplan say:

    Restaurant is way overpriced!!! Food not that great! I knew I should’ve just kept on driving into Wells. At least I could’ve been overcharged at Burger King and got a decent meal.

  160. Tanya Shalz say:

    So it really started out on the wrong foot. Let me start by saying I have been there numerous times and this is the first time that I’ve ever had an issue. I had a suite and it was a disaster. First I found food in the fridge, then I found water bottle and trash under the couch, found an alcohol bottle with alcohol left in it behind the cushion, and the last straw was the blood found on the chair. Obviously the maid didn’t do their job. However between the front desk manager Elvis and the casino manager Jeremy they made it right.

  161. Jill Telford say:

    I’ve always enjoyed my stay but this weekend I was pretty disappointed with my room. I requested ground poolside rooms with conformation numbers and ended up on the third floor. .I felt like I got leftovers. I certainly hope my next visit will be better. Must have been a misunderstanding because I’ve never had this problem before. I will be back!

  162. Brandon Maisey say:

    Bastards kicked me out for being too drunk. Didn’t even let me cash out my tickets. I got escorted out by some little security bastard, in a red vest– probably 20 years old. So proud to make $16/hr. Yeah…I don’t plan on going back.

  163. Karla Gonzalez-Benavidez say:

    RJay made our anniversary so memorable! He had goodies in our room when we arrived. We were there for a Christmas party and when he heard it was our anniversary that same weekend. He went that extra mile to make our stay one to remember! Thank you!

  164. Steven R Seaman say:

    As always my stay was fantastic, had a good time in the slot tournament and Dennis was at the roulette table and made it fun for the three that were playing early in the day.
    Rooms are comfortable and always clean.

  165. Ron Linderman say:

    Had a pretty good time playing the games and eating great food. I do wish a smoke free area was available but it was still a load of fun. The room was nice and we had no troubles at all. Will be back.

  166. Steven Russell say:

    Thank you Cactus Petes for the free room at the Horseshu Hoteland the buffet for the New Year’s Eve celebration for me and my wife. The food was excellent and the room clean and comfortable. We danced the night away at the Gala room. Thanks again Cactus Petes for letting us ring in the New Year’s with you.

  167. Shawn Samson say:

    They always treat us so good. The dealers are fun, the tables are fair, and the Service is Awesome!! I want to give s shout out to the dealer Felix. He kicked our butts on the blackjack table but was so entertaining and we had so much fun. I can’t wait for you and I to go head to head again. You are a class act!

  168. Olga Gonzalez Garcia say:

    Love the casino, staff is so friendly and the food is unbelievable good.

  169. Jeff Marler say:

    Their service seems to have decreased lately. We showed up at 5pm to check in and the room wasn’t available as it wasn’t cleaned yet. Said they would call me when ready and they did not. Also, I have always been comped a room anytime I booked a Sun-Thur stay until this trip. I called 2-3 weeks in advance and was told there were not any promo rooms left when this has NEVER happened to me before. Looks like we may start using Bartons from now on as they actually do care about their regular customers. Very disappointed with the new ownership.

  170. James Green say:

    We live within 3 hours of 2 casinos in opposite directions and decided to give Cactus Pete a try rather than heading the opposite direction into Oregon… glad we did…..Loved the Room and the gaming floor without all the crowds (midweek anyway) we will definitely be back!!!

  171. Mike Collison say:

    Nice place to stay even if you’re not much of a gambler. Great Rooms, comfortable beds, good food and the price is good. Have stayed here many times

  172. Linda Shaw-McMillan say:

    Wonderful room a bit disappointed with the buffet though, but would go again

  173. Pat Calderon say:

    Was there last night with friends and family for my birthday, enjoyed two free buffets, Ben made sure our rooms were right close, enjoyed the fabulous band while playing slots. Have not had a bad experience yet.

  174. Mandy Kay say:

    The front desk staff were friendly. They had a room ready, so they allowed us an early check-in. The room was clean and updated. We had an enjoyable stay.

  175. Ashlee Barrington say:

    My first time at jackpot, checked out all the casinos. Cactus petes was the last stop. It was an alright place, took forever to get drinks they are only allowed to come every half hour and the dealers didn’t seem to enjoy their job. Rather gamble at 93.

  176. Rose Hesse-Farley say:

    Great place to be. We visit twice a year. Always have fun and a great place eat . Also easy parking for large motor homes .

  177. Peggy Sue Aston say:

    Although it was really hard to get a cocktail. On a Saturday Night Please Please Please be fully staffed!! We sat at the bar for a half an hour and was never acknowledged.

  178. Rich Baird say:

    It was my wife and myself first visit to Jackpot and Cactus Petes. We had a very nice time and enjoyed our room. Our only complaint was the lack of Cocktail servers in the afternoon, we only saw the server twice in 2 hours. Towards evening time there seemed to be an abundance of servers, which was Awesome. We will definitely be back soon.

  179. Richard Valdez say:

    Loved this place. Not even a gambler but had a great time. The room was unbelievable. Every detail perfect even the buffet was amazing

  180. Ted Tellefson say:


  181. Tina Sayko say:

    Horrible seafood buffet, had better grub in jail. Machines have low odds, worse I’ve ever seen. But the drive this time of year was great.

  182. Rob Shinafelt say:

    Still at Cactus Petes now. I had my 3 night stay comped and on top of it I got complimentary buffets for my birthday. The room was fantastic , the buffet was amazing ( especially the ribs ) They were probably the best I’ve ever eaten. Will definitely be back next month. Booking room now. Oh, and I made some money too! Thanks for the great trip.

  183. Joe Haines say:

    Rooms are clean, friendly staff.. they could improve on getting drinks brought out alot quicker, heard alot of people complain about that… other than that great time !

  184. Barb Booth say:

    Not my first visit, usually get the room complimentary, they said no rooms were available for that. Paid for the room and was sent across the street to the horseshoe. Not convenient at all, walking that far to give my money away(at the casino). The room was terrible, small, dingy, and dirty. Door didn’t close properly, carpet in desperate need of cleaning and the shower looked so old, appeared to have some black mold in corners. Definitely would not stay at the horseshoe again. Cocktail waitress was scarce and not all the bars had a bartenders.

  185. Alan Joslin say:

    well last time i ate at the desert room the food was so bad i just paid for it and left it on the table i could not eat it and it was a simple breakfast order i had eggs over easy that were cooked into hard boiled egg the hash browns were so rubbery i needed a knife to cut into it

  186. Lance West say:

    Nice place. Lose slots and great service, with exceptional experience

  187. Jackie Keisling Montague say:

    Always have nice rooms, good food, golf and entertainment at Cactus Petes. The employees are friendly and helpful. Wish it wasn’t so far away!

  188. Renee Jones say:

    Nice rooms, good food, easy destination. Wish the slots paid out more!

  189. Kay Steffey say:

    They did not appear to have a no smoking section.

  190. Christine Sala say:

    If it wasn’t there, I couldn’t love in Idaho, lol LOVE THE PEOPLE THERE

  191. Jon Fimea say:

    The room was great!
    Lots of room, nice furniture and the bathroom was nice.
    Casino was ok (Wednesday night) and cafe food was good!
    We’ll be back!

  192. Janet St Clair say:

    Inexpensive rv park, sites separate by small trees. Good food at the Casino.

  193. Jerry Miller say:

    The staff is very friendly. The food is great at Nosh, the buffet and the coffee shop. I haven’t tried the steakhouse yet but I’m sure it will be just as awesome as the other restaurants.
    There’s a great selection of slot machines and someone is always checking with me if I need a drink.
    Kim, whether at the player’s club or at the Horsehu, is always friendly and welcoming.

  194. Lisa Porucznick say:

    Octavio is our favorite bartender. Friendly and helpful employees. Beautiful room

  195. Susan Kay Smith say:

    Had a great time @ Cactus Petes as usual . . . and a relaxing rest on our way home for these “Snow Birds”.

  196. Ladon Harris say:

    Wonderful place to relax, eat good food and my grand kids are chomping at the bit to go swimming.

  197. W.a. Foster say:

    Nice large casino with large clean rooms. Food at the Buffett was very good. The Dessert cafe had a great breakfast. The only down side, I didn’t win more money.

  198. Roy Gallivan say:

    service is always great and the food is teriffic. love the buffet. slots could be a little looser. roms are very nice. i just feel bad i missed the seafood deal they had going. just could’t get theree

  199. Olive Phillips say:

    Great service in the restaurant. The chicken parmesan was wonderful and hot on arrival. The waiter was vary professional and pleasant. Will be back! Thanks.

  200. Sonya Barnhill say:

    I love it!! Everything is perfect and every time I come I have a great time!! Keep up the good work!! Everyone is always friendly it’s just a great place to be!!�

  201. Suzy Gulsvig say:

    I use my free room towards the RV Park beings I’m traveling with an RV and I like to eat at the Mexican restaurant The Horseshoe

  202. Cherie Crane say:

    Enjoy the cozy pull through RV park. Very convenient and inexpensive. The park is clean, well cared for and offers many amenities. We didn’t get a chance to enjoy the buffet this trip but the Desert Inn had a lovely breakfast and friendly servers. I look forward to coming here frequently.

  203. Flo R. Kelley Wilson say:

    Stayed in the RV park great. Ate in the cafe, awful the median hamburger I had was black an dry..change cooks maybe,,���

  204. Jennifer McCormick say:

    Thank you cactus Pete’s for an amazing Anniversary! You treated us so good! See you at the Neal McCoy concert!

  205. Larry Vietz say:

    Buffet a little pricey. …..but Excellent food and service.

  206. Rasheen Boutdatlyfe Lyons say:

    Loves it! mean my hotel was the best like ever lol

  207. John Yost say:

    Had a great time their Service was a little slow during the day but all the people are friendly deathly be back

  208. David Fiedler say:

    Great stop for truck drivers. Clean, friendly and I won at blackjack

  209. Mary Barlow say:

    Great food and a great variety of games!! My daughter and I had a great time!

  210. Jane Russell Hollon say:

    Awesome……..I didn’t win any money but had a good time……..will stay at the RVPARK again on a return trip…….

  211. Gloria Palacios say:


  212. Rob Clewley say:

    Used to have some good times there. Lived in Boise and would make the trip up for the night and good times all around!!!

  213. David Herselman say:

    What a great place–First class in the casino and the rooms are the best–The staff treated us very well and made us feel wellcome. An oasis in the desert. A must stop if traveling to vegas by car .

  214. Alecia Rock say:

    The room was clean and comfortable but the service for Mother’s Day brunch was shitty. We are told at the hotel desk the buffet opens at 9:30, then the cashier cage says it opens at 10:00 and while standing in line they announce over the loud speakers that it doesn’t open until 11:00.

  215. Pequena Landeros say:

    So i love to go eat there.. specially seafood so for the past three times we been there either there is no more shrimp or no oysters this past saturday there was only 3 oysters at 745pm so few people complaint.. about i did ask the supervisor he sd there is no more.. not even ” im sorry or anything” so its was disappointing..

  216. Lorna Jimenez Miller say:

    Spent my birthday and mothers day here. Overall it was a nice visit, however, more cocktail servers on the floor would be nice, More variety on buffet, looser slots, and a shuttle driver that shows up would be nice. But the room and staff and desert room was great.

  217. Suzie Maldonado Macias say:

    I really like the buffet. Food is super delicious. We enjoy the quiet atmosphere on Sunday afternoons.

  218. Chris Rynbrand say:

    We were at Cactus Pete’s last Sunday and were surprised and disappointed to learn that there was no longer a Sunday buffet brunch; that it would only be held on special occasions. Sunday morning was our favorite buffet at Cactus Pete’s. What caused you to cancel it?

  219. Aleta Garner Jensen say:

    A big shout out to Amee who helped my twin sister & I out with our players cards and giving each of us a $20.00 food voucher for our Birthday. Your kindness and great personality was very appreciated! We had a great time and enjoyed our stay�. Aleta Jensen & Anita Conley

  220. Michael Orchard say:

    I stayed at both cactus Pete’s and horse shu inn both were clean did not smell like smoke beds were comfy and temperature control was great. Never stayed long enough to check anything out. Great place to stay. Decent rates with members card.

  221. Kent Mahler say:

    It’s an awesome place for a little get away great people

  222. Maureen Giasson say:

    We enjoyed every part of our visit. The casino has a great environment that is fun and relaxing at the same time. The Buffet offered a superb meal with a vast array of choices. The Seafood was terrific and well worth the price. We ate breakfast at The Desert Room and it was great too. Friendly, warm staff there to serve you with always someone available. We will be making Cactus Pete’s one of our must stops on our RV adventures.

  223. Carol Cox say:

    Very comfortable. Travel with cat. Good selection slots. Breakfast frrittata veggie excellent with fresh veggies. Husband said biscuilts with gravy actually tasted good! Staff notably friendly and helpful. Plan to stay at Cactus Jacks when traveling through.

  224. Jennifer Ambeau say:

    If I could give it 0 stars I would. The absolute worst experience. Horrible customer service!

  225. Bob Thompson say:

    Had a fantastic time. Won money $$$ And Won A Free trip for4 to STURGIS with full VIP passes to all the concerts!!!!!!!! Rock On Cactus Petes??????

  226. Juli Baisch Lee Austin say:

    All around best place ever! Their buffet and service is outstanding as well!

  227. Jennifer Nelson say:

    I love going to cactus petes and the horseshu but trying to get a drink while you are playing is almost impossible. Otherwise its great! The staff are friendly and the managers are wonderful! I used to get more offers in the past before it changed management. I would receive free rooms every month which made it easier to go as i live in idaho. Dont go as much now.

  228. Mary Seiller say:

    Disappointed that they didn’t have the Sunday brunch buffet.

  229. Kelly Robbins-Gonzales say:

    Cactus Pete’s was good even tho my 22 yr old daughter got carded every 5 min till we had the head of security come out, 1 security guard was exceptionally rude! The Horseshoe casino is nasty dirty! Trash on the machines, full Ash trays,dirty glasses, very little to choose from in machines…pretty much like it has been given up on. It was the same way last year in there . Massive need for new management in there…I’ll stay at Cactus Pete’s from now on. Also no breakfast buffet…sad..

  230. Buddy McCuistion say:

    Damn good food always in joy going there.

  231. Katharyn Mattson say:

    I have stayed many times at Cactus Pete’s– starting long ago when my husband and I would come waaaay back in the 80s and 90s. We have always found everyone to to be gracious and friendly. Now that I am alone– I come to get away. I recently was moved up in my player’s card status and was able to get 3 free nights in Las Vegas! I just returned from The Mirage. Nice people and friendly. Lovely room and surroundings– BUT– no coffee in the rooms and coffee was $5 a cup at restaurants !!! Also, the slots were tighter than a tick! I was listening and watching for anyone who was winning and in 3 days it was very seldom in that huge place. Also the cocktail waitresses were far and few between and had such a large area to service that they moved quickly and were gone before you could respond. I am reminded that Cactus Pete’s has room coffee, the cocktail waitresses stop and pay attention, I get free room announcement via email, the other employees are pleasant and friendly, and I usually take money home with me! I will see you for your free 4th of July Fireworks!

  232. Claire Thomas say:

    Best concert Neal McCoy at Cactus Petes! He is a great entertainer and the band is rockin!
    Plus you can get a great haircut by Donna at the Stylin Salon..
    Good food….didnt win at gaming�. However the memories of Neal McCoy and soaking my body in Hot tub made up for the loss of $$$.

    Do they have beginners poker lesson? I want to play but not � the expert players.

  233. Fernando Flores say:

    Stayed there in march for spring break. I was asked to move rooms because we were too loud. Watching the movie sing of all things. After being moved in the middle of the night and offered a free room on my next stay I thought things would be better. Now June 23 they say yes you were switched rooms but not given a free room on your next stay. Wow never staying there again!

  234. LeAnn 'Annie' Maupin say:

    It was an ok place to stay, but to get to our handicap room we had to walk to the back of the casino and go to the 6th floor. We had a good question…in case of emergency the elevators are shutdown….how does a handicapped person get down 6 flights of stairs? There were no answers for that question. The buffet was not worth the price. I’ve had much better fast food. The games are too tight. I won’t be returning.

  235. Gregory Joe say:

    I love this place! Every time I go here I always feel like a winner and the rooms are amazing. The staff are always super friendly and helpful!

  236. Gregory Joe say:

    I love this place! Every time I go here I always feel like a winner and the rooms are amazing. The staff are always super friendly and helpful!

  237. Debbie Mahlum say:

    I was excited to come here I heard so much good… I had nothing but bad experience.
    I put a 50$ ticket in a quarter machine spun max bets for 1.25 dollars and it showed me at zero credits so I decided to see what my players card awards were, it showed 23$ so I transfer 20$ I had to play a bet so I did 1 more at 1.25. Max bet and cashed out thinking my 50 was on there. Nope. Just a 17.50 ticket. I called for service. They saw my 50 dollars in and my 17.50 out after 1 bet. So management came over and took control. He took my players card and came back and said they put 50 on my card. So I had to play the ma home with my 17.50. I couldn’t cash out out 50 I had to play it. What the what???. So I played and every time I won I cashed out I had like 17 tickets to cash in because I could only cash out my winnings. I HAD to play the 50 in the machine
    I ended up cashing out 53.00, I lost the 17.50 and all the winnings if they would have just giving me back my 50 in cash. I am done here….

  238. Melissa Maglaughlin Hocker say:

    There was a fun atmosphere near the {clean} pool and the seafood was great. However, the double beds are not worth $250 of uncomfortable sleep. It seemed like every quick stop and restaurant (even the buffet) couldn’t keep up with the amount of people at the resort. There was a 45-60 minute wait to eat at the buffet.

  239. Mindy Garner say:

    We rented a Granite Spa Suite in November of 2016 and there was blood on the tub, and on a chair, liquor bottles in the couch, and behind it, and food in the fridge. The manager offered us a free room, the same one next visit and comped our up charge for that visit. I have gone back 3 more times since then. In May of 2017 we ate at one of the restaurants inside the Cactus, and our meat was rotten. The waitress had us take the meat out and threw it away. The chef came out and said he was sorry he didn’t know that it had expired and they had served it all day, this was 1030 at night. They gave us a free meal the next day. So disappointed with what has happened with Cactus Petes. I have comps for rooms and free event tickets. At one point the manager comped me 2 tickets to an event in March and $20 food. When I called to get my room that I was told would be free the next time I went, the new manager said that the other manager has stepped down, and said they don’t need to give me a room cause he comped me 2 tickets and 20 in food. That does noy equate to blood, and rotten food that was eaten. I have reservations for this weekend, which they did not comp, and it will be the last if I have an experience like the other two. Not to mention the amount of money spent with no wins and, that does not equally out on your players card.

  240. Sabrina Sanders say:

    Great concert venue, clean & classy rooms. Service and staff were awesome. The steakhouse was beautiful and delicious. They even have a great wine & craft beer selection.

  241. Melissa Hoyt Springer say:

    If there was a no star review I would be giving it!! One of the worst stays of my life here!! I came and stayed with my sister and aunt and we had the worst time EVER!!! We were put up in the Antelope room, and we went to our room about 2. And about 5 min after we laid in the bed we ended up with my sister having pee all over her. Yes some other hotel guests piss was all over the bed!!!! Do you know how upsetting and unsanitary it is to have someone else’s piss all over you!…

  242. Stacie Valtierra say:

    I have always been treated very well at Cactus Pete’s. My family and I always look forward to our visits there �

  243. Courtney Collins-Dodge say:

    The swimming pool was great, the food was great but we ended up checking out early because the beds in the room were extremely hard and caused my back to flare up. That was about the only issue we had.

  244. Joleen Holmstrom say:

    The room was OK, no fridge, no side tables for c-pap or whatever……but the worst part was that check in is suppose to be 4 and we were still waiting for our room at 5:30!

  245. Joleen Holmstrom say:

    The room was OK, no fridge, no side tables for c-pap or whatever……but the worst part was that check in is suppose to be 4 and we were still waiting for our room at 5:30!

  246. Mike Goodman say:

    Always a great time. Would like to see improvement on the quality of the Buffett Food.

  247. Luz Elena Castellanos say:

    This is a Very nice place�������������������������

  248. Mike Wolf say:

    Very friendly and helpful people,we enjoy going there ,fun place to go and play slots,swim and eat ……

  249. Robert Krol say:

    We had a great time. The food was fantastic. We saw a concert and had a great time!

  250. Stephanie Mack say:

    We stayed at the Horseshoe and I was not happy,rooms smelled,didn’t look like it was vacuumed in weeks,and people yelling by our door at 2am ,need less to say I was not happy, disappointed indeed

  251. Stephanie Mack say:

    We stayed at the Horseshoe and I was not happy,rooms smelled,didn’t look like it was vacuumed in weeks,and people yelling by our door at 2am ,need less to say I was not happy, disappointed indeed

  252. Margo Harris Guffey say:

    We had an amazing day. Great fun great dinner. And I came home with your money.
    Thank you….

  253. Esperanza Martínez say:
  254. Rocky Blimka say:

    Always treated well love it [email protected]!!

  255. Jean Buell say:

    Casino area was fun. The buffet was good, except for how long it takes to enter. Each customer goes through a lengthy process! The room was very poor?. Shabby and the beds were HORRIBLE! It was like a torture chamber to be in there all night! Couldn’t wait for the sun to come up to leave!

  256. Roxanne Morin say:

    Was such a nice place to stay im defiantly coming back.

  257. Rosemary S Garza say:

    We had a great time, food was excellent and I won money!

  258. Renee Smith say:

    Beds are very firm, but everything else was pretty good

  259. Renee Cortez say:

    We love going to cactus Pete. Buffet a little expensive, but good food. Friendly, warm staff there to serve you I know many don’t say much about the cocktail waitress but I for one was impressed with them didn’t matter afternoon or night we able to get a drink from even if it was just coffee.The only thing for us was getting our room check-in is at 4pm we didn’t get our room till almost 5pm we travel with out dog and its a 6 hour drive so that wasn’t to great but hey things happen. My only or thing is that in 6 months our points are gone aleast for us many be not many other but once winter hits there goes our 6 months a year ok but 6 months not easy for us and I would think others also but that’s just me. Either way its a great place to get and relax away.

  260. Frankwin Hooglander say:

    Pretty nice hotel / casino. Did not care at all for the smoking allowed inside though. So gross. I feel like I need a 2 day shower to get that smell off of me. While we were there there was no $5 blackjack table open which was a bit disappointing too. The slots were fun though. The personnel was very friendly and very helpful to explain some of the table games. Food at the Desert Room was excellent as well. We stayed on the Horseshu side and it was fine for the price we paid. Just the room above us had obnoxious guests in it that apparently felt the need to stomp around like elephants from 11pm – 3/4 am so we didn’t sleep very much.

  261. Christina Marie say:

    We were cleaning up our room doing one last sweep before checking out and found a DIRTY DIAPER along side the underneath of our hotel bed and there were no kids on our trip! Talk about disgusting! And here we thought it was worth paying a little extra to stay somewhere nice and clean…. looks can be deceiving! Shame on you cactus petes for dismissing our complaint and not offering to make it right with us. I’ve stayed in all the other hotels and have never had such a gross incident happen. I’m hoping the cleanliness of our sheets and pillow cases weren’t compromised as well � And don’t waste your time on the buffet there either. It took one walk through there and there was no way we were eating that food. The one good thing about our experience was the waitresses were fast and efficient and for that they get the 1 star on this rating!

  262. Sarah Carlson-Shields say:
  263. Brian Martinez Sr. say:

    Great little place, clean nice rooms with a great pool and casino

  264. Anthony Duffy say:

    The place is nothing but a giant cash grab. The food wasn’t good and gave me the trots the next day. Won’t ever make the mistake of stopping here again. There were several 4 and 5 star reviews on Google, but I don’t know why. Perhaps the management posted those, or the place used to be good. Don’t waste your time or your money.

  265. Pam Jesus Trevino say:

    We had a great stay at Cactus Pete’s! Daniel, the Bell Hop, was very helpful, and gave us a lot of great information about the resort while taking our bags to our room! And casino was great too. Very roomy.

  266. Sandi LaMarr say:

    We stated at Cactus Petes RV park in the back, large spaces, grass and nice trees. The staff treated us wonderful. I went to the hair salon and Jeanne gave me a perfect hair cut and style and was very nice. The ladies at the cashiers counter were super nice and accommodating. I can’t say enough about the friendliness of the people who work here . Thank you all

  267. Billy Goins say:

    They were awesome! Great time!!! We will definitely be going back

  268. Richard Hall say:

    The accommodations were fantastic as always, however the eating options are dismal. Sunday morning, 10:30, 6 empty tables visible, and I couldn’t get seated because they had a waiting list. Bullshit. If I have to walk across the street to get breakfast, I’ll start staying at Burton’s 93 club.

  269. Terry Guiles Hanes say:

    everyone was rude and actted like I was going to steal something.

  270. Alley Keosheyan say:

    We visited Cactus Pete’s over the weekend to see our friends’ band Blazin’ Aces play. We stayed at the Saguaro RV park, dined at the Desert Room, and played video poker and had drinks at the Cabaret Stage. We enjoyed our stay at the RV park, the only inconvenience we had was that the lawn got watered during the evening, which formed 2″ deep pools of water around our camper. Pissed my hubby off royally when he stepped in one while making a late night dash to the bath house. We really enjoyed the prime rib dinner at the Desert Room, as well as breakfast the next morning. The bartenders at the Cabaret Stage were very courteous and efficient. Particularly liked that you could play nickel slots at the bar. If given the opportunity, we would gladly visit Cactus Pete’s again!

  271. Misty Roby say:

    Me and my husband just stayed there on the 5th of October. Had an amazing time and would go there again. Alot of the stuff were amazing did not care for the lady in the gift shop and a lady who came up to me and was rude about me having my phone at the table. I didn’t know you can’t have them due to counting card’s. But over all it was amazing.

  272. Corvet LeeMarie Griffin say:
  273. Tammy L Lewis say:

    They are the best place to stay
    Rooms are clean and very accommodating

  274. Robert Wood say:

    Had a nice lunch, everyone was friendly but not a lot of people.

  275. Cheryl Rehklau Flanders say:

    We love Cactus Pete’s! It’s my dad’s favorite place to be, and he is 97 years old!

  276. Maya Sanchez say:

    I love staying at Cactus Petes, always a nice place and enjoy playing the slots, and free scratch tickets

  277. David Martin say:

    The hotel staff very friendly room was good food good

  278. John Rogue say:

    We always enjoy our stay there. We play the machines but we never win. Guess that’s why it’s a gamble, or it’s our luck. Guy next to us won $800. Service and food is good. Hotel rooms are mive and clean

  279. Nacho Louie say:

    Had a nice weekend spent time with friends. Oh did not pay for rooms they were camped both rooms and paid half price for seafood buffet with r BOGO rewards on Friday night and had a FREE Kids Buffet for Friday also.

  280. Nacho Louie say:

    Had a nice weekend spent time with friends. Oh did not pay for rooms they were camped both rooms and paid half price for seafood buffet with r BOGO rewards on Friday night and had a FREE Kids Buffet for Friday also.

  281. Spencer Lee Storer say:

    The buffet was way over priced for what they had to offer.

  282. Carey West say:

    Stayed at Cactus Pete’s last night. The food is pricey. The drinks, expensive and small. We gambled for over 3 hours and only got 3 drinks, as the cocktail waitresses were far and few between.
    The rooms are ok, but the bathroom is designed for someone 3 feet tall!!
    We had fun, but I will not stay there again…..

  283. Kristy Wilson say:

    We have been there several times over the past 15 years and always were happy with our stay. It’s true that the machines are extremely tight but we have always known that and not been overly surprised. The problem with the property is the food is no longer good!! The champagne brunch we always looked forward to on Sunday morning is gone! No breakfast buffet at all now! We went to the other small cafe and ate there twice but the food was overpriced and not at all good. We ended up going to Barton’s for breakfast on Sunday ….It was great! Not sure if Pete’s is trying to save a buck or what but we are thinking about going to Wendover from now on. Please get it together!

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