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Named after the beautiful sulfur rocks that illuminate with a burning flame, Fire Rock Casino was the first of many gaming locations within the Navajo Nation. After opening its doors in November of 2008, it quickly became clear that Fire Rock Casino was just the getaway that New Mexico needed.

Surrounded by the beautiful Red Rock State Park on Historic Route 66, Fire Rock Casino provides a picturesque view that is a must-see for tourists and locals alike.

Stunning art and architecture combine to both symbolize and showcase the rich history of the Navajo people while providing a gaming experience unlike anywhere else.

Fire Rock offers the latest and hottest games around as well as a proud and helpful staff to make sure every request is tended to.

Stop by today to see why everyone is talking about Fire Rock Casino!


It’s time to take your game to a whole new level. Here at Fire Rock we’re raising the stakes on fun, so head to the gaming floor and prepare for all out action.

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From slots to table games and everything in between – we have it all. Experience thrills on the best games with the biggest jackpots!


Slots Sunday-Thursday 8am-4am  Friday-Saturday 24 hours
Table Games open at 10am daily
Bingo Regular Session: Monday-Saturday 5:30pm, & Sunday 12:30pm
Golden Mondays 8:00am
Cosmic Bingo: Friday & Saturday 10:00pm


With more than 900 of the hottest slot machines, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. From penny to high stakes $25 slots, Fire Rock Navajo Casino has a little something for everyone to enjoy.

So jump on your favorite machine and REEL in the CASH!



What’s your pleasure? Roulette, Blackjack, Spanish 21 and Craps… It’s all here, all the time!

We always have an open seat for you, so head to your favorite game and let the good times roll.




Entry fee $30 buy-in, Registration begins at Noon.  42 Entrant Maximum.




Learn how to play Blackjack, Craps, Spanish 21 & Roulette. No buy-in required, Chips won/lost have no cash value. Ask your Table games dealer for a lesson any time.  See table games for more details.



The most popular of all Table Games, Blackjack. Fire Rock Casino offers 6 deck shoes.

HOURS: Open daily at 10am, Sunday – Thursday close at 2am, Friday and Saturday close at 4am



Spanish 21 offers a twist on the traditional game of Blackjack. Win on various bonus bets with multiple payoffs. Players win on all Blackjacks. How sweet is that?

HOURS: Open daily at 10am, Sunday – Thursday close at 2am, Friday and Saturday close at 4am



Roll the dice and collect your winnings. This fast moving and exciting game has numerous betting options. You can bet the Pass line, the Don’t Pass Line, Come, Don’t Come, Field, Place, Prop and Hardways. Sound confusing? Our friendly Dealers are more than willing to help novice and experienced Players.

HOURS: Open daily at 10am, Sunday – Thursday close at 2am, Friday and Saturday close at 4am



Watch the ball drop and land on your favorite number for a chance to win 35 to 1. No favorite number? You can bet “Odd”, “Even”, “Black”, and/or “Red”.

HOURS: Open daily at 10am, Sunday – Thursday close at 2am, Friday and Saturday close at 4am




Big fun and even BIGGER prizes, only at Fire Rock Casino!


Regular Session: Monday-Saturday 5:30pm-9:30pm, & Sunday 12:30pm




NOVEMBER 10 & 24  |  9PM

Chance to Win a share of $2400




Win a share of $2,000




Win up to $300





EVERY MONDAY | 8:00AM – 10:00AM

$1.99 Bingo & Breakfast for Seniors 50+  |  Cheii’s Restaurant




After Regular Session, the lights go off and the black lights come on. Enjoy music, fun and BINGO in a whole new light.



From Yatahey, NM

Albuquerque, NM

Ft. Defiance, AZ

Navajo, NM

Goodyear, AZ


Fence Lake, NM

Fire Rock Navajo Casino is a Navajo casino located in the town of Church Rock, New Mexico, on historic Route 66. The casino opened on November 19, 2008.
Address: 249 Rte 66, Church Rock, NM 87311, USA
Opened: November 19, 2008
Total gaming space: 64,000 ft²
Hours: Closing soon · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 505-905-7100


Fire Rock Navajo Casino Online, Fire Rock Navajo Online Casino, Fire Rock Online Navajo Casino


  1. Marlinda Jones say:

    Congrats to all the Jackpot Winners.

  2. Gloria Ann Robles say:

    Great atmosphere with great spiritual energies that ignites an appetite for winning adventures….staff will take good care of you. I know I witness the best tasting food @ the (Cheii Grill & Pub) on top of my every needs with my food or drinks they were willing to assist me with a great smile and welcoming service…. Thank you Fire Rock…. You rocked my world.

  3. Glenda Joey say:

    Something New…… Had a good n great time in the view.

  4. Franklin Begay say:

    I’m very disappointed. I played Thursday from 3 to 6 pm and I thought I earned a fleece I made over 2 thousand points. So I guest points earned on the players card is not the same as points earned at the players club???? Confused? And disappointed.

  5. Delvina Morris say:

    Bad casino…..can’t even win there no more…..NAVAJOs BEING NAVAJOS….

  6. Clayton Lee Maestas say:

    Was there today 11-7-015 machine’s were to tight trying to have a good time. But my wife went to use the restroom and it overflowed and got her pants all wet so told the manager she was very rude and told her their was nothing she could do about that it was an accident. I know that but she could at least apologized or something but they were just rude about it thay could have said well go home and change and come back and have a dinner on us or something like that. Especially if you’re a regular customer we do spend a lot of money their nothing to make sure you are worth something then just a paycheck to them no consideration whatsoever so I give them an F in public relations.

  7. Guillen Gallup say:

    Pretty cool ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  8. Hashtlishnii Ann Edison say:

    The only place that has my fav slot machine and the food is great to.

  9. Ardy Thompson say:

    Cheii’s grill isn’t the same anymore, the food wasn’t at its good standing..Thanks!

  10. Dustin Jackson say:

    Nice awesome upgrade but same bad service and horrible supervisors ! Place is full of false advertisements with the same old tired navajo lady workers . Its almost 2016 catch up with the new technology fake ass Northern edge. Sumone needs to fire the Managers no joke .

  11. Javier Villarreal say:

    The machines been kind of tight be going and u could tell also when the season is here for holiday they should pay out more instead of trying to make all the money cause of the things given out they just break even the don’t loose much

  12. Charles Johnson say:

    To many smokers with very little respect ,to many slot machine hogging , cash out machine is always not working

  13. Warren Hod say:

    heard that they lowered the payouts on machines

  14. Melisa James say:

    The food wasn’t that good. I use to have a club sandwich there and i use to like it. But today was different. It was just a sloppy put together kind of sandwich.

  15. Tam Boyd say:

    I usually have no problems but today I was extremely disappointed in the snack area service. I ordered a cheese burger w fries & green Chile on the side. it wasn’t a difficult order. the lady who took my order was a bit rude. I waited &waited&waited this was around 2:30-3pm. I wanted a quick bite before I headed home. I saw my order appear on a plate(I asked for Togo when I ordered) When I went back up the cashier said someone picked up that order already. but I was watching every order and the only thing I witness was another staff coming for a Togo order just picked up &left. but the plate w a cheese burger just walked away. I asked for a refund & the lady told me she needed a managers approval. I said go get who ever so I can leave. I was angry & hungry. I got my refund but I will not go back. Please work on customers service & write #s on boxes so theirs no mix ups. Signed, A very disappointed customers

  16. Andrea Yazzie say:

    Bad disrespectful service on the restaurant side

  17. Joyce Hudson say:

    Tonight sea food night. So disappointed in the food. A new chef. A Navajo chef is suppose to be onboard but there is no difference in the food. I can’t post pictured of my disappointment, but I was given plastic ware and no one checked on me. I had four large plates of crab legs, which were mostly empty. I received no crab tools so it was difficult. I asked for some but was told in process of cleaning them. Sandia Casino you will be my choice for seafood night.

  18. David Schmitt say:

    Very disappointed in the breakfast buffet. Need to improve. Will not be going back. (Have had better food during dinner)

  19. Ted Parkett say:

    Fucking cheap place to play fuck this casino. I hope they close this shit down

  20. Lori Padilla say:

    They have the worst free play ever…………….

  21. Rosella Morgan say:

    I know about the restaurant! It sucks. Wouldn’t recommend it to anybody!! Who makes frybread w/yeast!! And I guess their too lazy to peel their potatoes @ cut their meat in smaller pieces for stew!! That’s why we don’t eat there!! The slots r alright. But seriously u need a new chef that really understands native food!! They have a great chef at Northern Edge.

  22. Mark Yellowhorse say:

    This casino only generates money for the select. Navajos do not profit and most gamble away they’re savings there without any type of return compensation. Alcohol is illegal on the reservation yet served in the casino. This casino is the highest form of greed and ruins our communities and the Navajo Nation from within…. Yet or Nation allows this to go on and on.

  23. Trish Largo say:

    The food here was disappointing. didn’t like my Navajo taco, the worst navajo taco I ate in my life..I just took it home for my dogs

  24. Chato N Sarah Santillanes say:
  25. Ray Sonny Armstrong say:

    The 2nd Hand smoke very unhealthy, health standards need to overcome MONEY Making revenue. Navajo Nation President and Vice President need to address this situation our Díne people make over 95% of the incoming revenue to our casinos and they go there to enjoy their money but may go home coughing, congested etc etc…. It is estimated that secondhand smoke caused nearly 34,000 heart disease deaths each year during 2005–2009 among adult nonsmokers in the United States. So please purchase an air exchange system for your casino you can afford it for sure….Just a concerned Díne tribal member. You’re entitled to an opinion so if this opinion gets the ball Rolling then let it happen.

  26. Darrel Smith say:

    Its been several months since I a Casino..lil over 6 months.. I miss the sound ..the smell ..& the people …I enjoyed my self.. Thank you ..

  27. Angelo Rod say:

    I lost 180 not a winning place it was better before the other Navajo casinos opened

  28. Walter Knight say:

    Y’all never have any promos. Northern Edge has locals days with $10 free play via 10 points earned. That and the non-smoking area should extend to the entire front part of the casino. Make the smoking area in the back. This deters a lot of players from staying.

  29. Jeannie Muskett Boone say:

    Service is always lousy I’m sorry to say i don’t why but never again

  30. Janice Billy say:

    Haveing a good time and have friends to talk to enjoy you’re self have a good food to eat

  31. Jonathan Nez say:

    Fucking bad ass casino.. Fuck yhu all that dnt lik it your lost bitches

  32. Bee Cee say:

    This was my first visit ever. The food (beef stew and frybread) was delicious. Our waitress was so sweet and attentive. Service with a smile. On the other hand, the valet was odd. The two young men stared at us with blank stares because we weren’t pulled up far enough. One looked disgusted at us as he shook his head back and forth like we did something wrong. I’m used to valet guys working hard for their tips and working valet efficiently. We were the only car at the moment. They need customer service skills/training or social skills altogether. Perhaps another job. But overall, it was a good time. Always room for improvement.

  33. Peterilia Earl say:

    The seafood buffet was not that great as before…will not be visiting the buffet any time soon…was not worth the money…

  34. Serphina Smith say:

    Food was alright but service does need a lil work. Every person I have encountered just to ask a simple question gave me a vibe of “Find someone else to ask.” We are the customers and we should be treated with respect, fairness and simple common courtesy.

  35. Henry Yawakia say:

    It was great, I had a fun time. The entertainment was different than most casino and well it felt more like New Mexico.

  36. MariAnna BeNally say:

    Its annoying wen people jus watch u while ur playing n it smells alot too… Unsatisfied.. N the food is cold…

  37. Daniel Clark say:

    I enjoyed the steak and lobster dinner. Service was great.
    The baby Craps table has got to go. You can operate the full table on one side with 2 employees or entire with 3 but hey if you wanna lose customers then you just lost this one.
    Don’t waist your time at this casino whales. It’s a percap place to catering to the Indians.

  38. Jack Crouch say:

    I drive trucks I had to park it quarter to a half mile in the back walk all the way up there and they’re closed I’ll never stop this place again just a big waste of time

  39. Fray Freedom say:

    It sucks slot machines are money hungry and you can never win

  40. Edwin Yoe say:

    First time I visited, I had a good time. Too many good slots to played.

  41. Kevin Valdez say:

    Had Steak and Shrimp on Tuesday night, it was very good..! Sweet Potato fries are the bomb and our server Anna did a great job…!!

  42. Tom Hughes say:

    A shout out to Monta Begay and Shalii White for the good programs and drawings at the Fire Rock Navajo Casino.

  43. Eric RhiAnnon Jones say:
  44. Steven L. Bowen say:

    I think its stupid not to have a little waiting area for a spouse and a child. I just wanted to play a few games and leave but they told my wife and son they could sit outside the gaming area. The problem is there is no place to sit. So I saved my money to spend elsewhere. Food is great and almost fairly priced although it wasn’t as good as in the past.

  45. Raymond K. Nopah say:

    I tried. Poor food & service on Fathers Day.
    Cold meal, no drink refill. Not coming back.

  46. Steve Tso say:

    OK well here it goes. No.1 cheii’s grill ran out of steaks for father’s day special by 5:00pm. So I ordered lamb stew, fry bread however, to crispy, overcook. 2nd I got my veteran’s players card. Overall I made out with some$$.$$$.

  47. Christine John say:

    Food Was Delicious The Atmosphere Was Great And Service Was Really Awesome My Family Really Enjoyed The Food

  48. Llewellyn Russell say:

    When using my player’s club card, to accrue points, half of the slot machines do NOT recognize the card. The player’s club employees aren’t helpful, saying only that my card is valid. Also, the slot machines are greasy and dirty. What do people do, smear mutton grease all over?

  49. Thelissa Becenti say:

    They need NEW machines, need to get rid if the old , need to reorganize the layout, and have a larger non smoking are. I smoke n hate getting the evil eye when I sit at a machine, light up and I get the go to hell look. If u don’t like my smoke, go to non smoking please. I agree about people who just sit around and sleep at vacant chairs. I don’t care for the restaurant. The service is bad, in major need of improvement on customer service. The service and food is better at the snack bar.

  50. Anne BainBridge say:

    Don’t ever trust the Valet drivers. They drive your vehicle all reckless and no care until they bump into the curb. Awful service I seen yesterday.

  51. Trebreh Yalnats say:

    I like going here when i get the chance. Have yet to try the food but have heard good things. Don’t mind the smoking as all casinos I’ve been to have it. I like having the freedom to light up and relax while I play so no complaints from me.

  52. Cal Smallz say:

    If u can stop people using smokeless tobacco I’m sure u can stop the cigarette smoking too!!!!

  53. Danny Bit say:

    When R they expanding this place or constructing a new buiding? When is the Navajo Nation constructing a parking structure for this location? When is this casino and it’s staff going to appreciate its customer. Seems like I get more in turn from @HondahCasino and @IsletaCasino with rewards and promotion. But with the $$$$$$$$$ this casino is making off of its own people, they would care less.

  54. Moses Marvin say:

    I like our Fire Rock Casino but 1 thing I don’t like is our Casino here in Gallup it looks shity, other Navajo Casinos they look pretty awesome they need to up grade.

  55. Lee Begay say:

    Thank You Fire Rock Casino for having us this week end. Had a wonderful time. New Friends and Fans. Thank you Fire Rock Patrons for Supporting Live Music. See You All Soon…

  56. Díne Asdzání say:

    We are from out of town & the only reason I stop at the casino is for the Lamb sandwich. Very good service & our waitress was so nice. I would suggest more tourist items in the gift shop tho.

  57. Melvin Harvey say:

    Just know when to say yay or nay ! Trust your first gut instinct ! If you’re not feeling it, just get a bite to eat or socialize with the some folks. Otherwise, go ahead and donate it’s your money !!!!

  58. Mitch Brown say:

    The no promotions for ppl who work there sucks and air vents don’t seem to work

  59. Vault Barrington say:

    Bad server. Bad experience with greedy server, an old lady that needs to hang up her apron and get a job that doesn’t deal with customers. And she actually had the nerve to say we look like we need the money more. She doesn’t know us and how much we are worth. Let’s just say we can afford to do a major overhaul/ make over on her and her attitude or greediness. Does the Casino allow this?

  60. Jennie Trujillo Barreras say:

    Had an awesome time, won a little money. Food was delisioso…

  61. Lisa Marie OldDwarf say:

    Never been there but I see a lot off ppl parked there. not much of a gambler would like to try there restaurant but never have the time busy beading lol

  62. Trebmal Jordison Smith say:

    I had lunch with family here.We had the steak and shrimp special in Cheii’s grill and my corn was old,so the waitress was kind enough to replace it.Other than that good was good.No complaints.Keep up the good work and hopefully some day I win a big jackpot.Lol..���

  63. Dan Maxwell say:

    Being a long haul truck driver this is one of the best casinos I’ve found. Just wish they would make a better truck parking area. The food was good and the people are wonderful. I love to stop when passing through.

  64. Jolanda King say:

    It waz ok.. Bt it would be nice if the employees spoke navajo too the Elders � Also if the music they play waz Native instead of rock.. Like come on.. The Native Elders don’t listen too that crap.. Also service with a smile �

  65. Kirbz James say:

    Security guards are full of shit..and besides the food was a joke do to the waitress

  66. Sunshine Lightfeather Knott say:
  67. Aaron Yazzie say:

    Food was good, but firerock added automatIc18.00 tip for 4 adults n 2 kids then on top tax and jubnk food 26.00 additional.. tip should be up to, ,, I thot that was outragious…

  68. Lenora Garcia say:

    You need to get Reid of the line buttons 1-30 etc.
    The majority of the players are playing 1, 5 or 10 cent esp around the Golden Wings Machines.
    This would give others to enjoy playing that bet at least .30 cents

  69. Mindy Jim say:

    The giddy up and gallop horse races is an false advertisement. I was on two machines that didn’t let me play. I made more then 10 points. One of the machines I was on was 8413. I informed the employees every time that happened. All they said was they can’t do anything about it.

  70. Nizhoni Rain say:

    I seriously think this casino is going downhill.. I come here often to enjoy relaxing and having a little fun or to enjoy dinner but having no jackpot payouts, no bonuses, no free games while playing max bet, how are we suppose to gamble and have fun when we don’t win big…

    Also slot machines are nasty and dirty, house keepers need to do a better job at wiping down the machines and keeping the slot area clean and sanitize for other customers to use. It’s awfully disgusting to see cigarette ashes all over the ground, all over the slot machines, and seeing the slot machine buttons broken or stuck or sticky. Also no free promotions for Birthday guests or no free Bingo, it’s such a shame that this Casino does not offer anything for Birthday guests. Also update slot machines and remove more of the old slot machines.

    I believe Fire Rock Casino needs super huge improvements, a bigger casino resort would be nice, maybe add a fun center for children (18 and younger) add a bowling alley or fun room like Route 66 Casino, maybe add a Hotel and a few different restaurants like Isleta Casino, bigger parking area or a 3 story parking garage and a underground parking garage like Sandia Casino and maybe add a back door entrance on the westside area, it’s too far to walk from the westside parking area for elderlys and create a different parking structure for valet parking… Maybe add more water fountains with neon lights, a better building theme, the dome is getting old and not looking nice at all. Also maybe a closer exit entrance for customers who use the interstate freeway and more lights along the entrance near route 66 frontage road or an intersection traffic light by the Sundance Community, traffic is so dangerous right there.

    Also employees need to be more friendlier and more professional at their jobs, we go there to gamble to have fun and spend lots of money and we get treated disrespectfully with rude behavior, more smiles and more energetic workers would be nice.

    We have a beautiful scenery and this Casino really needs a major upgrade and needs to be improved to attract more tourists and more customers. Come on Fire Rock get it together and satisfy your customers.

    Have a great day!!

  71. Greg Todakonzie say:

    Its alright the bar only serves 3 rds then cutoff, the stage is right inside the restaurant? So when your watching a performance all the people are looking at you while your trying to watch the performer 😁

  72. Jonah H. Yazzie say:

    Thanks for all your greetings n comments…God’s blessings to you all…

  73. Latricia Ramone say:

    Went to Sunday Brunch….first time ever! Was not impressed! The spread looked more like a continental breakfast! Mediocre!
    Golden Corral has better breakfast 😊

  74. Smith Marilyn say:

    All employees at Fire Rock needs to practice
    Gooood customer service…

  75. Yvonne Jean Claude say:

    I’ve ordered a Cheeseburger To Go. It’s always been good, however, not last night. The buns were burnt really bad on both sides when I sat down to eat when I got home. I’ve lossed my appetite & tossed it in the trash can. Grade!.? Really bad!

  76. Haisi Eisost say:

    It funny, I’ve worked at twin arrows before, I don’t know why the food and the gift shop, the hotel rooms are expensive and here the supervisor and the highest manager tell us what to do and yet they gave us a shitty pay, no over time, no rasie, no bonuses, no discount on anything for employees, I swear some one needs to say something about all this shitty stuff that going on, it unfair.

  77. Paul Sears say:

    Restaurant was ok not great. Not a big selection of $1 slots. But people were fantastic and if you got thirsty it’s your own fault. Servers were around every 30 minutes or less

  78. Noni Begay say:

    They need to get new machines and extend the place……….(too crowded)

  79. Ben Shirley say:

    They need a casino that smoking is prohibited, Red Rock us chain gang of smoking like your walking out of a bar.

  80. Toxx Yazzie say:

    Well its small with no room to move around I tried my wifes lamb stew and frybread and it was too bland dry as heck tast like liver not lamb the frybread was missing salt and dryed milk . The gambling area was crowded and the smoke gave me a head ache some machines would take my useless card and some wouldnt what a joke might as well just drive to vegas or rout 66 outside of albs bigger is better or better yet has anyone been to twin arrows ?

  81. Kal James say:

    Tried to order a drink. The bartenders never greeted or asked if I wanted anything just stood there and stared. Once I did ask the guy accused me of already being drunk when I had a cold and my nose red from blowing it so much. Shitty bartender service if you ask me. You’re better off going to Sammy C’s

  82. Tashina Begaye say:

    Had the steak and enchiladas. The steak was so thin it looked like beef jerky. But had a great waitress.

  83. Jolanda Bryzzo say:

    Itz a Navajo Casino.. Soo speak Navajo too the Elders.. Play sum Native music.. Instead of that trash.. Many of the Elders don’t listen too that crap.. They say keep the Navajo language alive.. Bt itz not even spoken at the Casino… “Yadilah”

  84. Ang Marie say:

    Please change your food menus…. Clean more often especially around the machines!!!!

  85. Holi Hernandez Jr. say:

    I was racially profiled out of 100+ people I was stop an detained jus for my ID

  86. Monah Starfish say:

    What happened to seafood Thursday? Where’s the Alaskan snowcrab? We don’t like Russian crab. Bring back the Alaskan Snowcrab!!!

  87. Emery Bahe say:

    I ordered a cheeseburger with fries. And a side of zucchini for appetizer . I end up getting my food first and my appetizer last.

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