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Since it first opened in 1994, The Sandia Resort and Casino has undergone extensive developments to its property to provide a truly all-inclusive and luxurious experience for visitors. Owned and operated by the Pueblo of Sandia, it was the very first Indian casino in New Mexico at its opening. Now there are approximately 25 tribal casinos in the state, including Sandia.

The goal was to create an upscale experience that was close to home for New Mexicans, while encompassing Southwestern pride and culture for out-of-state visitors. With friendly customer service and opulent amenities, this goal was not only realized, it made Sandia Resort & Casino the best place for entertainment in the state.

The Vegas-style casino floor measuring at 140,000sq.ft. is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to all that Sandia Casino has to offer. With the addition of the hotel in 2005, and another expansion in 2014 to add the golf pavilion and parking garage, Sandia Resort & Casino slowly became much more than just a place to game. Now visitors from all over the nation and New Mexicans looking for a place to get away, can get lost in the lights and sounds of the casino floor, relax at the luxurious Green Reed Spa, dive into the outdoor pool, tee off on the 18-hole championship golf course, listen to their favorite singer at the outdoor amphitheater, dine at any of the numerous restaurants, bars, and lounges, get married to their best friend, and spend the night in one of the grand, luxury suites – all available onsite.

Come say hello to New Mexico’s best place to play – Sandia Resort & Casino!

Pulse-racing excitement awaits you within Sandia Resort & Casino’s 140,000 square feet of Vegas-style gaming action, including more than 2,300 slots and a large variety of your favorite table games. Hit the jackpot on your favorite slot and video machines, or court Lady Luck at our action-packed tables, including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and New

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Mexico’s largest non-smoking Poker Room. We also host Live Bingo with progressive jackpots, and Sandia is the only New Mexico Casino to offer Live Keno games. For your convenience, free check cashing and ATMs are located throughout the casino.

Hit the Jackpot with Over 2,300 Slot Machines

Sandia Resort & Casino offers the best slot play in New Mexico with more than 2,300 slot and video machines in denominations ranging from a penny to $100. Discover all your favorite slot games including reel-type and video slot machines, poker, 21 and Keno, or discover the latest and greatest slot games to hit our casino floor. Sandia Resort & Casino has paid millions in jackpots, and our next big winner could be you!

Prefer a smokeless gaming experience? Sandia does offer a non-smoking slot room.

New Mexico’s Best Poker Room! Sandia has the most action, the biggest games and the most jackpot payouts in the state of New Mexico!

We conduct a variety of fun tournaments to choose from. With 15 tables, thirteen 55’’ LCD TVs and cash games daily, Sandia Poker Room is sure to have something just for you! We are Smoke-free and offer convenient food service right to your table.

Daily cash games include 2-4 and 4-8 limit Hold’em, 1-2 and 2-5 No Limit Hold’em, and 4-8 Omaha Hi/Lo.

Check us out on Bravo Live for current games and wait lists.

Lose while holding a Bad Beat Hand and Win the Jackpot!*

To reserve your seat, up to one hour in advance, call the poker board at 505.796.7744.

Weekly Poker Tournaments
Day Time Cost
Sunday Tournaments Starts at 12:00pm $40 Buy-in + $10 entry fee, total of $50
Monday Sprint Tournaments Starts at 7:00pm $40 Buy-in + $5 entry fee, total of $45
Tuesday Bounty Tournaments Starts at 7:00pm $65.00 Buy-in + 10 entry fee, total of $75 $25.00 Bounty’s on each player
Thursday Bounty Tournaments Starts at 7:00pm $65.00 Buy-in + 10 entry fee, total of $75 $25.00 Bounty’s on each player
Wacky Wednesdays
Event Date & Time Cost
Pineapple November 15, at 7pm $50 Buy-in + $10 entry fee, total of $60
River Down November 22, at 7pm $50 Buy-in + $10 entry fee, total of $60
Ladies Night December 6, at 7pm $50 Buy-in + $10 entry fee, total of $60
Omaha Hi/Low December 13, at 7pm $50 Buy-in + $10 entry fee, total of $60
Pineapple December 20, at 7pm $50 Buy-in + $10 entry fee, total of $60
River Down December 27, at 7pm $50 Buy-in + $10 entry fee, total of $60
Turkey Mystery Bounty
Registration Event Date & Time Registration Fees More Information
Begins Monday, November 20, 2017 at 8:00am Saturday, November 23, 2017 at 12:00pm $120 buy-in + $15 entry fee, total of $235 $50 Bounty one every Player
$900 added in Mystery Bounties
One $500 Mystery Bounty Plus
Four $100 Mystery Bounties
First Place WINS a 50″ TV
Santa’s Deepstack
Registration Event Date & Time Registration Fees More Information
Begins Monday, December 11, 2017 at 8:00am Saturday, December 17, 2017 at 12:00pm $215 buy-in + $20 entry fee, total of $235 $900 added
Donate a new child’s coat and receive 3,000 additional chips
New Year’s Eve Tournament
Registration Event Date & Time Registration Fees More Information
Begins Monday, December 25, 2017 at 8:00am Saturday, December 31, 2017 at 12:00pm $197 buy-in + $20 entry fee, total of $217 $2,018 added

Address: 30 Rainbow Rd, Albuquerque, NM 87113, USA
Phone: +1 505-796-7500



  1. Jerry Mac Rotenberry Jr. say:

    I️ had a blast at the roulette wheel. I️ made 300 bucks

  2. Steve Stansbury say:

    a great place to stay

  3. Donnetta Woodard say:

    Write a recommendation…

  4. Daryl Custer say:

    We at Superior Mortgage Services, LLC had our annual Holiday Party at the Bien Shur restaurant on Friday December 16, 2011.
    All I can say is Wow, what an experience….for the last 4 years we have had our party at the hardrock cafe. I am glad we made the change to Bien Shur at Sandia Casino. The food prepared by Chef Marc Quinones was incredible “I highly recommend the Scottish Salmon”, the wait staff was fantastic. It is nice to see a real professional team in action!
    From the people greeting you at the door, to the bartenders, waiters and waitresses…a fantastic experience, thank you from all of us at Superior Mortgage Services!

  5. Henry Rick Anaya say:

    When I’m in Albuquerque .. This is where I Hang Out!!!!

  6. Darilyn J Dazen say:

    this is a nice place to go gambling so y’all gotta go check it out

  7. Blando Bland say:

    Be sure to go eat at Bien Shur the best fine dining in the state!! Cutting edge contemporary cuisine at its best!!

  8. Marc Najmi say:

    Another wonderful dinner at Bien shur thank you Chef Marc

  9. Raymond Bermea say:

    Love doing karaoke Tuesday nights. Tuesday nights at Sandia is Karaoke Night.

  10. Pat Bianchi say:

    Bien Sur, big jackpots. Golf & great location for us!

  11. Stephanie Moquino say:

    Sandra lakes

  12. Rhonda Saylor-Gerdsen say:

    great rooms and pleasant people

  13. Wait Mat say:

    its a good place to go if you have extra cash on hand, or just want a night out! Great Games Like Zeus II and Golden Eagle II

  14. Steph Delgado say:

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  15. Marlin Clark say:

    I would recommend this to anyone. Great place to stay and play.

  16. Jeremy Grimes say:

    I would not recommend this casino i have played the machines a lot lately and have not won a thing i put my money in a machine and it does nothing but eat my money i am very dissatisfied with sandia the only people that win there is old seniors they r taking advantage of them with there times on points cuz they r relying on their government checks

  17. Xae Sanchez say:

    Great place to stay shitty place to play.. They don’t pay

  18. Catherine Milkovich say:

    Its cool an has good rooms

  19. Carol Utley say:

    So pretty great place

  20. Eric Manolito say:

    relaxed floor layout and great snack bar

  21. Erika Whippi say:

    I love this place, they treat my family and I like royalty every time we stay there!

  22. Anthony Nuzzo say:

    Please tell me why Sandia doesn’t have a arcade for kids ?

  23. Brenda R. Thompson say:

    Love staying at Sandia, always a great environment. Good people.

  24. Rosa Martinez say:


  25. Sidney Smith II say:

    Worked and gambled there a must go to place

  26. Shonda Gene say:

    I love going here. it’s very beautiful and the service is awesome and the food is so good, the entertainment is great. hope I go back soon someday

  27. Irma Bazaldua say:

    Love it there!

  28. Edward Lobaugh say:

    Great place to stay. I have had an awesome experience there while at the fiery food show.

  29. Paula Boyd say:

    Love this place, its beautiful serene colors are only the beginning. Magnificent food, friendly service and first class gaming. In late spring-early fall, the BEST outdoor concert venue in Albuquerque. Four stars all the way.

  30. GalyCia Sergio Edrd say:

    Este casino tambien es genial!!

  31. Gloria A Florez say:

    Sandia Resort and Casino is a beautiful place and the people are great!

  32. Lillian Platero say:

    It’s beautiful!

  33. Grisel Garcia say:

    Amazing place been there so many times and still wanna go back again. Great food, great environment, many activities to do, love to gamble there.

  34. Shannon Brown say:

    Love the free bingo for juniors night on thursday!!!! Only wish I could win once!??!

  35. Armando Lopez Jr. say:

    Very spacious and nice outdoor acoustics.

  36. Eliseo Alvidrez say:

    Bufet los viernes de patas de cangrejo y ostiones ,vien perron

  37. Anthony Glenn Lagasca say:

    A grandiose mecca of fun, excitement and unbelievable views around the perimeters of the hotel. Affordable, convenient and very picturesque teeming with wonderful and playful activities all day long….

  38. Pamela Quoyah say:

    Awesome outdoor venue!

  39. Ivan Wilson say:

    Went to visit and I love it…. Beautiful suites

  40. Danny Cruz say:

    Machines never pay are fixed!

  41. Justin Koch say:

    Awesome environment great and friendly staff

  42. Robert Sousa say:

    The absolute best in all of New Mexico.

  43. Kelly Ginter say:

    Couldn’t drink and gamble, had to go to a separate area to get a beer …

  44. Tavee Changsanit say:

    too rich & too busy, too many people….don’t want to play there any more! period!

  45. David C Barnes say:

    I used to love this casino and went every week. Unfortunately, they seem to have lowered the odds on every machine. I rarely go at all any more. It is also dirtier than some of the other casinos that I frequent.

  46. Steve Tafoya say:

    Another MUST for me when I am in Albuquerque. Especially on Friday night for the Crab Legs & Prime Rib.

  47. Bernice Haro say:

    Far from ordinary for sure! Amazing place to stay when I go back home to visit! Enchanting !

  48. José Antonio Garcia say:


  49. Ike Ortiz say:

    Much gooder then isleta

  50. Cheri Parson say:

    Very rude! Went to rent a room for our anniversary and they told us they were full, we said you didn’t even ask when we wanted a room for and they said well we are probably full that day anyhow. We told them the computer said they had rooms available the night we wanted and they said then book online. Sad that is how they treat the local residents.

  51. Lyndon Petry say:

    #atmosphere #slug #slightlystoopid

  52. Deirdre Muzzey say:

    Always have a good time there even if I don’t win at slots or bingo.

  53. Irene Orona say:

    They just take your money.

  54. Ulysses Guzman say:

    They need to book rock bands…

  55. Tina Findley-Holguin say:


  56. Robin Seres-Barrett say:

    Slots are too tight. Don’t let you play at all

  57. Tom Rivera say:

    Great place to see a show

  58. Sky Bird say:

    Best casino ever!!

  59. Michael Hall say:

    Loved it their

  60. Larry Michael Garcia say:

    Really liked the service and enjoyed the live music.

  61. Rocky Nitro say:

    Nice place. Glad they have events like the Chile festival and concerts.

  62. Justin Kelly say:

    Was there last summer had a lot of fun with my mom I really like the late night snack place and the free wife lol, a very fun placr

  63. Daniel Villalobos say:

    Very beautiful Casino and resort mountains in the background it’s awesome, if you go don’t forget to ride the tram up the mountain.

  64. Estella E. Ortega say:

    Can’t afford to stay there.

  65. Robert Turner say:

    Preferred by 9 out 10 tweekers in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, NM.

  66. Mario Valdez say:


  67. Margo Adams-Lujan say:

    We had the best time at Loverboy and the Mavericks. Hope you do these concert series again!!

  68. Doug Taylor say:

    Intimate concert setting with beautiful background views. One of the top entertainment venues in NM.

  69. Tina Mckay say:

    Very nice and peaceful! Staff is very friendly!!! Nice comfortable rooms.

  70. Oly Miran say:

    Is my favorite place in Albuquerque.

  71. Josh Thompson say:

    Nice but I can’t stand the smoke.

  72. Edwardo Bustillos say:

    Good place to eat but buffet need some work with the Asian food its not authentic enough and warm not hot and it’s sucks that they don’t have fresh brewed ice tea or the Coca Cola free style machine

  73. Dave Navarro say:

    Nice outside concert. Could use a couple bars in the lower section.

  74. Maria Torres Chavez say:

    Great place. ..everyone needs to go…

  75. Maria E. Cordero say:

    It was fun.

  76. Erik Cala say:

    Wonderful architecture and setting

  77. Lonnie Castillo say:

    Beautiful and comfy rooms…

  78. Melissa Schreffler say:

    Last summer my friend was 9 months pregnant and visited your casino. Another patron misplaced her money and accused my friend of taking it. Instead of handling this rationally or professionally, your security team acted like thugs. Had they bothered to review the security footage, they would have seen her put her own cash into the machine and is not a thief. Your security cornered her hours after she was near the other patron and got in her face to intimidate her and shake her down for $50. SIX MONTHS LATER you offer her $75 credit at your casino. This is in no way adequate compensation for the stress, anxiety, and humiliation you caused her for something she didn’t even do. She was 9 months pregnant. Thank God nothing bad happened to her or the baby. I am disgusted you allow your security to harass any of your customers. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I will NEVER step foot into your establishment.

  79. Kurt Remington say:

    Fun times!

  80. Tracye Hall Leal say:

    Fun !

  81. Konnie L Frey say:

    Too much smoke for such a likeable place.

  82. Bin There Before say:

    Me and family love staying at your casino!!!!!! Always have a relaxing time!

  83. Todd Trosper say:


  84. Elishia-Charles Walsh say:

    Worst food Ive ever eaten at the buffet.

  85. Austin Mix say:

    Da best

  86. Tesa Lane say:

    Love playing blackjack

  87. Judy Zurawski say:

    Loved it when I lived there…wish they had a non-smoking area….

  88. Brianna Ricenbaw say:

    Horrible! Don’t stay here if you expect any type of customer service from anyone but the valet. This casino is a joke…they are rude for no reason & even their nicest restaurant has shitty servers who show no enthusiasm for their job. I will NEVER stay here again & will absolutely lead my friends away from such a horrible experience!

  89. Ethan Reyes say:

    Great place to have fun! Good entertainment good food!

  90. Sue Moody say:

    Told my wife I won at Sandia she guessed it was April fools she said you can’t win at sandia casino so joke was on me lol

  91. Abid Ali say:

    I love you

  92. Ryan Mason say:

    One of the best casino/hotels in new mexico. Love it.

  93. Angie Bates say:

    Had a wonderful time. Love the local culture!

  94. Ronda Luttman say:

    Love to stay and play!

  95. James Owens say:

    Do not have truck parking and is not trucker friendly

  96. Josee Troost-Joppe say:


  97. Dan McCann say:

    First rate resort.

  98. Mark Delgado say:

    Great location, fabulous venue, Albuquerque is lucky to have it!!

  99. Joey Martinize say:

    Luv this casino, just wish I’d win for once, lol!!! But still a great place to go and chilla nd have a great time!!! Love the $2.00 cheeseburgers and fries!!!!

  100. Kathy Laurich say:

    It great, wish we had one here in daytona, I saw B B King there. Very nice being outside and no seat is a bad seat

  101. Lisa Missy Melissa say:

    Comfy place to relax

  102. Diana Ross say:

    Love it

  103. Bob Merco say:

    Always have a great time here. They need more Keno games though.

  104. Susanne Moore say:

    The Best of the Best

  105. Stephanie Luna Stephens say:

    Very nice accommodations, the views are amazing and food is great! PLUS I have won $$$ every time I’ve been!

  106. Brad Stone say:

    We have been to many concerts here and no matter where you sit the view and sound is great!

  107. Jon Adams say:

    We stayed here in a luxury room and Loved It !! Went down and won a bunch of money making our stay even better !! We will be back !!

  108. Amber J. Rael say:

    Our spot

  109. Cammie Doyle say:

    Beautiful Resort & friendly staff

  110. Gerry Lawson say:

    My favorite in Albuquerque

  111. Stacy Marinaro say:

    Big fan of the two dollar hamburgers

  112. Clyde StClaire say:

    Nice place, beautiful view and well trained staff!!!!!! I’d go 4 1/2 stars.

  113. Corina N Ramirez say:

    Never win but love going

  114. Sandra Lee say:

    Love this place!

  115. Thomas Perez say:

    Lots of money to be Won

  116. Beverly Bendorf Lewis say:

    Fun and friendly

  117. Terri Yarbrough-Herrera say:

    Oh my gosh very comfortable hotel, spa is so soothing, the amphitheater all seats are amazing not a bad seat in the venue!

  118. Everett O'Ryan Arviso say:

    Awesome place

  119. Vickie Otto say:

    Took time out of my Saturday to fill out the “Best of Albuquerque” survey. Drove all the way out there, stood in line, only to get the small notice posted w/o explanation that this promotion had been cancelled effective immediately. Whenever “immediately” was! Used to love this casino, won’t go again!

  120. Martin Y Chayo Beltran say:

    El mejor lugar! !!!

  121. Thomas Mendyka say:

    They keep giving me money! Great place!

  122. Tony Vigil say:

    Me and my wife luv this casino great poker room with great company to play and the rooms are freakin awesome we plan on semi retiring at this place LOL

  123. Carmelita Lopez say:

    Saw Gipsy Kings there 3 times!! It’s an awesome venue… please .. get them back. . bring back Gipsy Kings!! You can Dance and no one tells you to get back in your seat!

  124. Javier Rodriguez say:

    The mobile site and full site are worthless. Try to make a reservation and you have to scroll month by month from the year 1901!! WTF is that?? We were going to spend five days up there but booking it was to much of a hassle so we decided to just stay in Ruisoso instead.

  125. Maria Ramirez say:


  126. Michelle Sanford say:

    Santana was the true legend amazing concert

  127. Roberto Vasquez say:

    Where can I find a list of the staff employed here? Also, who in management do I contact regarding guest complaints?ripoff incident ,not of the standard expected your casino is a scam in that a scam involves wrong doing such as fraud shame on the sandia native americans or indians now I know why they call you red face or red skins ripping off your works and your security a barney 5 if you want to call them security nasty people ,now i know how your players cards work you see when they put it in and I found out by your security you get all my personal enforcement shame on me for trusting a Indian I will tell all how you ripoff !!!!!

  128. Alberto Cortes say:

    Very good and nice

  129. Janie Cutliff say:

    I love Sandia!

  130. Shane Cox say:

    Absolutely beautiful.. great service n clean n well kept

  131. Nandia Elaine say:

    Had a wonderful dinner with my family love 2 for Tuesdays 13.50 can’t beat that.. the kids love it..the best part is our server Lisa at the buffet she very nice always making sure we are doing ok and taking care of us she the best…

  132. Gato Negro say:


  133. Roo Native say:

    A great & fun place to play….

  134. Jenn Pascarella say:

    I love Sandia the best dealers in town! Love playing here

  135. Melanie Escarsega say:

    Great place to stay & play!! Great food! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

  136. Viola Martinez-Cano say:

    Everyone is so nice and love the Keri Simmons Band! Rooms great! Spa relaxing , pool area very nice. Casino clean, but my luck not the greatest… Have fun and Great luck!

  137. Shengyi Peng say:

    Thank for your delicious food, but hope you come to our Coronado Center and Cottonwood Mall location to get a massage after your hard work too, we have chair and table massage there, because I am your customer and vote you too, thank you

  138. Shelby GT say:


  139. Darlene Connelley Jaramillo say:

    Had LOTS OF FUN! Food was Great, Drinks were Great, We Danced the Nite AWAY! EVERYONE WERE NICE, FRIENDLY, and COURTEOUS!!!

  140. Jennifer Lloyd say:

    I love the hotel and resort. To bad i did not get a chance to eat at the restaurant. It’s closed on Sunday and Monday.

  141. Shane McIntire say:

    Such a fun place to go! Clean atmosphere. The buffet wasn’t the best, but still pretty good for the price. The staff was friendly to us, and answered any questions we had. Didn’t get a chance to experience the resort, but if you’re looking to just gamble, definitely would recommend it.

  142. Ellen Elena say:

    Wonderful love it .Come to enjoy it

  143. Kelly Rae Vanderlaan say:

    Beautiful view, exceptional rooms, & friendly staff!

  144. Trisha Ochoa say:

    is ware my lucks at! don’t go to casinos much but . Sandia is the best

  145. Irene Castillo say:

    Hotel rooms are awsome… And the food.. Buffet are great.. Music.. too

  146. Sam Lucero say:

    Fair to good – could use more work on the sound system, otherwise, beautiful views! Bring Santana back, he rocks the house!

  147. Brandon Smith say:

    All sizzle and no steak. Other than a couple of front desk people the staff was generally annoyed that you were there. The rooms look very nice but there were structural things that are tale tell signs that it was done on the cheap (missing grout, pipes knocking, etc.). On top of that my daughter lost her phone, we tracked it through GPS to the security office and they would not help us at all.

    If you are determined to go there, go there now while the resort still looks decent.

  148. Nina TeCube-Martinez say:

    Love this place! Beautiful wedding memories 11-08-2014

  149. Vanessa Castillo say:

    Omg someone needs to get me the HELL out of this CASINO I’M going to make every mother fucker go broke in here lol I really need some ZZZZZ ALREADY DAM

  150. Denise Wollman Colapietro say:

    The VIP seats are the best! Bring in MORE rock and roll!

  151. Lee J Moseley say:

    Not enough staff for simple appetizers and drinks before concerts (but plenty of table games staff)… And not nearly enough staff and spots to get food/drinks during the show, 20-30 minute lines SUCKS!!

  152. Tim Archuleta say:

    As someone who Frequents This casino, It has become Very difficult to Be happy, or smile when ANY amount of time, has been spent there… I Do not win. i read the payback amounts, and I seriously believe that the amount % of paybacks, are Not true… I used to go ALL THE TIME, and more. Any more, i leave with a heavy sinking feeling, and I know If I go back, No matter the amount of $ i spend, Or what’ machines I play. I will leave with nothing. wait. a water. i will leave with a “free” water. I think to myself whenever I leave, Why do I even Come in here? It does not matter how often, how much i spend $ “thousands and thousands in the past 15 years” I have NEVER once won a “HAND PAY JACKPOT”. and this is NO LIE….. I truly believe this casino, Does NOT pay out as much as they say…. close to home? YES unlucky me, Far from Ordinary? YES, I lose A Far from ordinary amount of Cash $ 99% of the time…..

  153. Rose Espino say:

    Wow que concierto de anoche mareachi espectacular

  154. Bill Crelin say:

    From the time we checked in their service was terrific. The golf course was well manicured. The greens were fast and the fairway were perfect. Excellent food in all restaurants. The wait staff was extremely attentive. We can’t wait to come back.

  155. Bob Williams say:

    Amazing concert Venue. Can’t wait to see another one there.

  156. Roxanne San Diego say:

    I had so much fun there! I was impressed with everything there!! I would so love to return!! Gorgeous! Stunning! Extravagant! Spectacular!!

  157. Nathan Bunting say:

    Sandia is awesome. Definitely a good place to gamble. Had a blast there.

  158. Duran D Duran say:

    Nice casino, However, it’s hard to get Room reservation.

  159. Ed Villa say:

    Love to stay the night during baloon fiesta time

  160. John Higham say:

    They need to learn to clean the casino instead of the customers pockets.was in there today and someone was COUGHING ALL over the prepared food at registers…dust on tops of most slot machines and cobwebs hanging off the wooden beams in the area that says phones on the wall.high class should be high class and nothing less

  161. Carlos Gutierrez say:

    Had the worst experience Friday night try to have a nice dinner upstairs was completely ignored after we got Sat at our table we ended up walking out and called the manager and told him our situation he apologized and said that he would make it right I refused because how upset I was we stayed at the upstairs bar to have some drinks then the manager approached us and said he’d make it right for us I refused again he said he’ll come back after we had our cocktails and maybe we change our mind finally after his third attempt we decided to give him the opportunity to make it right he took it to another table service was better we finished our meal I received a $120 bill which was expected the first time I walked in I refused him trying to make it right 2x because I wasn’t looking for freebies but he insisted on making it right and I guess his way of making it right was to citizen give us the service we are supposed to get in the first place he didn’t even offer my girl a free dessert so basically he didn’t make anything right he just Hustle is back in there to get our money where did he make it right still trying to figure that out Horrible will never go back!!!!!!!

  162. Benjamin Spencer say:

    I’ve. Been 2011…after the. Pow wow…gathern. Of. Nations

  163. Cheryl Creller Wolff say:

    Fun place to play
    And eat. Beautiful views and great place to see a concert.

  164. Roberto Bobby Hernandez say:

    To begin with we had not seen such beautiful architecture and design as Sandia Resort. To top it off the breath taking scenery of the Sandia mountains right behind the resort. All in all a wonderful place to visit and to eat at their great buffet !

  165. Joan Alvarez say:

    Had a bad experience in the lounge. Bartenders and management were rude and were less than professional. The hotel only gave us one key and it didn’t work.

  166. Augusto Velásquez Ortiz say:

    The Best hotel in Albuquerque, the rooms a the most comfortable and the view of the Sandia Mountains is breathtaking in the mornings

  167. Jamie Jordan-Prieto say:

    Will never go back!!!! Drinking beer having fun watching the tech game and we were thrown out we had 4 beers over the 3 hours… It’s all good I took the money I won there and played at the isletta anyway. Just sad I had to miss the last few minutes of the game!!!!

  168. Trish Drye Coker say:

    Thank you for allowing rv parking. What a great time. The food in the restaurants were great and priced very well. Love the view from 9th floor. Really enjoyed the craps table also. All round GREAT FUN..THANK YOU.. We will be back.

  169. Gina Chavez say:

    Not trucker friendly and security is extremely rude.

  170. Kendra Elliott say:

    It’s a small venue, with nice views, and great sound!

  171. Keith Richard Vigil Carleton say:

    Looking forward to Hozier Friday. Ready for some great music and the Beautiful Sandias with my Wife. Celebrating 2 years as part of the SFFD.

  172. Hollie Ann Nylund say:

    Fantastic not a bad spot in the place
    Good music great environment

  173. Amanda Espinoza say:

    Love playing bingo at Sandia casino!!!Especially with my grandma its the best

  174. Jennifer Gonzales say:

    Laughter my friend and I laughed the whole time, I think it was because we were so close but yet no opportunity to yell BINGO!!!

  175. Millie Manuelito say:

    Great place to gamble n deli snack concession is good bargain price. Bingo is great price also

  176. Gabriel Molony say:

    The venue is nice, but the seating is terrible. Seat are so small

  177. Melissa Rios say:

    Went there for a concert and the security and event staff were helpful and incredibly nice. Great outdoor venue in Albuquerque! Love going to concerts and events here.

  178. George Hubbard say:

    I had the most wonderful birthday there with my daughter Tiffany. Thanks Tiffany

  179. Paula Boyd say:

    Love Love Love Sandia Bingo. Everyone is so nice, food is great. Now if they could only make it non-smoking…

  180. Marlene Villa Lima say:

    I don’t like the lounge chairs in a different area…there no place to hang your robe and shoes when your in the hot tub.’s a hot mess when it’s crowded. ..poorly designed

  181. Hilda Sanchez say:

    Not comfortable when people stand around you while enjoying playing the slot machine and start asking if you could help them out with some money! It’s happening every time we visit! Other than that we love everything else their food, customer service, friendly staff. Facilities amazing!

  182. Becky Pritchett say:

    I not a big Casino fan, however the venue is gray for live music! Beautiful sound and not a bad set anywhere. The rooms are beautiful and the dine on the sandias from the 8 floor is spectacular. Great bar too.

  183. Louis Cross say:

    Had the most exciting time at the casino I will definitely come back again!!

  184. Pam Valerio say:

    This beds and pillows are terrible .
    Feeling like I slept on the floor..
    Reminds me why I love my own bed ..

  185. Missy Frances say:

    From California… Vactioned in NM in Oct ’15. Absolutely loved it…..beautiful casino!

  186. Ray Martinez say:

    Me and Bri are at Sandia casino
    And having lots of fun together she is a friend but I other bestie is Amanda hyder she is at work tonight wish you were here bestie

  187. Awild Oun say:

    At the infamous Seafood Buffet tonight and its the worst I’ve ever tasted. Vegetables undercooked. Oysters gross and underweight, prime rib tastes like dog food …lots of food either cold or over cooked. Very disappointing

  188. Thomas Sherwood say:

    It’s beautiful but machines are too tight! Other casino let you win more!

  189. Oralia Lopez say:

    This is the 2nd time I visit Sandia. I still think it’s beautiful. The only thing is I could only see my points and nothing else. I don’t know if I had any free plays. But it’s ok I’ll be back for sure within 4 months or so.

  190. Martin Orozco say:

    Everytime I come to this casino I win a lot of money ..

  191. Rex Xster say:

    This place used to be fun
    now It just fucking sucks. Another hundred goes like in 10 minutes pretty soon you lost
    600 or 800 in an hour and 30 mins
    Money drain is all it is
    All they do is favored the ELDERS
    Fuck there Free Play too cuz they don’t do shit and there cheat ass 2.00 food
    Nasty as Fuck !
    New Mexico needs a good casino that fair and square ✌️

  192. Dominic Herrera say:

    Food is disgusting and the chances of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery are significantly higher than your chances of winning at this casino

  193. R.J. Laino say:

    Superb food, amazing views, a phenomenal spa and some of the best live music and concerts anywhere. Just love this place!

  194. Coad Miller say:

    great show looking forward to more great entertainment

  195. Anthony Sanchez say:

    Wow I finally hit a bingo was really nice I split it with my aunt but so what I won

  196. Lovelustenvy Love say:

    Sandia Resort & Casino Your security put their hands on me and detained me and a friend against our will, you are only security and like everyone one else you can and will be held liable, and since you were representing the casino at the time Mr. Security the the tall fat white guy who did touch me and did prevent me from having free will, and gave ample time for you to explain your reasoning as to violating my civil rights and detaining me against my will, and stealing my drivers license, the casino is responsible for your actions, just because your on Indian territory you people at Sandia are not invienceable, I to can file charges with the FBI or USMS services. So you need to mail my drives license that you intentionally stole, and you need to pay more attention to the crack WHORE prostitutes (Joy Morales) that are patronizing people at the casino or are you guys in on that too and take a cut and allowing these strong out drug whores do what they want to do to include menacing, terrorize, herass, and follow people home and threaten lives and lives of immediate family! I will follow through and hope you know I am very serious and will be seeing you in court for your unprofessional decisions you did violating my civil rights, false imprisonment, racial profiling, and assault!

    And when you expect an answer they do this:
    They block you, answer in an hour or less my ass! By not responding and blocking me and not responding you
    are admitting fault, guilt and responsibility! Also need a correct copy of video of incident. Thank you

  197. Adam Griego say:

    Your security put their hands on me and detained me and a friend against our will, you are only security and like everyone one else you can and will be held liable, and since you were representing the casino at the time Mr. Security the the tall fat white guy who did touch me and did prevent me from having free will, and gave ample time for you to explain your reasoning as to violating my civil rights and detaining me against my will, and stealing my drivers license, the casino is responsible for your actions, just because your on Indian territory you people at Sandia are not invienceable, I to can file charges with the FBI or USMS services. So you need to mail my drives license that you intentionally stole, and you need to pay more attention to the crack WHORE prostitutes (Joy Morales) that are patronizing people at the casino or are you guys in on that too and take a cut and allowing these strong out drug whores do what they want to do to include menacing, terrorize, herass, and follow people home and threaten lives and lives of immediate family! I will follow through and hope you know I am very serious and will be seeing you in court for your unprofessional decisions you did violating my civil rights, false imprisonment, racial profiling, and assault! Respond or u admit guilt by blocking user also request video a sap

  198. Mary Ann say:

    Sandia is not what it used to be, they used to appreciate us before .They give us $5.00 free play what a joke, it cost me more in gas to get there. The last year I have lost a lot of money in there, the machines never pay, Before I could play with $1000 for a long time now It gone with in 2 to 3 hours.
    Come on Sandia quit being so tight. Shame on you.

  199. Sherry Wilson Hohenstein say:
  200. Krystopher Pruitt say:
  201. Tonya Christen-wescott say:
  202. G.S. Maese say:

    I love the concerts. This casino is really nice and the staff is really great. Will be back for sure.

  203. Isabel Herrera say:

    Is really beautiful and pice full
    Fun,, and I recommend this place for vacation ..

  204. Menzi Menz say:

    The Hotel and Resort is beautiful. But we made the mistake going to the restaurant 30 minutes before closing. First off one of the waiters kept starring at us. You could tell he wasn’t happy. Than I got sick from my food almost immediately. So, I hate to think someone manipulated my food but I did get a ranzig taste.

  205. Cat N Drew say:

    Haven’t been here in a long time, and now I know why… Customer service in the bar was horrible. The bartenders are judgmental and will call security if they don’t like you; wasn’t even buzzed or intoxicated. Not sure why we had to leave. Will never come back here again.
    This is the bar in the main lobby. It needs be avoided!!

  206. Lorrie Griego-Guillen say:

    It used to be so much fun, I can’t remember the last time I won!! For the amount I play I had at least one hand pay, ($500 or more) now it’s been a year, and nothing, you can even win free games, they must adjust the odds!!

  207. Kristie Edwards say:

    I used to love this place… nice little getaway for me and my kids, and a decent price. We have been going for over 5 years. But I tried to book a room for a last minute vacation. And they raised their room rates by $200. They said they didn’t know why but as of the end of July their rates doubled by over 100%. Well now me and my family no longer stay at this establishment. Well…it was fun while it lasted.

  208. Jennifer Millar say:

    My boyfriend and I wanted to spend my birthday there yesterday so we purchased the birthday package which included a cake, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. I never received the strawberries and the slot took my $147 and wouldn’t cash out so I had to wait 50 mins for them to give me my money back and The staffs wasn’t very nice.

  209. Kate Thurston say:

    I have never in my life been so poorly mistreated by an establishment. 14 girls came out for a bachelorette party, spent money on a double suite, a cabana and a rooftop dinner. Thousands of dollars later we were approached by the waitress at 9pm while SITTING in the lounge listening to the DJ and told we were “slowed down” for an hour, the bride approached a women who “appeared” to be the manager of the lounge to ask why we were being cut off. She accused us of “going in and …

  210. David Biagini say:

    Home of the $4,000 CHEESEBURGER!

    I used to love going to this casino and particularly enjoyed their cheeseburgers so it saddens me to have to write this review.

    I ordered five cheeseburgers to go for lunch with my young godsons. While I was eating my cheeseburger I bit into something that cracked a healthy tooth completely in half. It was quite painful. My godsons were emotionally distressed because they had never seen me in such pain.

    I immediately scheduled an appointment with my dentist. The tooth had to be extracted and a bridge fitted. The total cost was nearly $4,000!

    The casino referred me to their insurance company, Tribal First. Tribal First refused my claim because I could not produce the object that caused the break – I had swallowed it. I had four eye witnesses, the receipt, and phone records to my dentist but they still refused.

    I wrote a letter to the casino’s General Manager. It was ignored. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It has been ignored.

    I am out of pocket nearly $4,000 and have lost a perfectly healthy tooth all because I ate a cheeseburger from the Sandia Resort and Casino. Be very careful if you ever eat at this place.

  211. Bernie Mac say:

    I have no issue with the resort although I am extremely disappointed to see that such a reputable company would hire such a deceiving, cheating, lying and manipulative individual as Victor Saavedra in Security!
    This man and his female partner in crime Heidi have a citywide reputation for being very destructive to many local businesses. They approach a business and do everything in their power to rob them of everything “IF” they do not get what they are seeking! (FREE STUFF)
    They are excellent at attempting to damage small businesses by either gaining free items or giving bad reviews! Fortunately most reading know the pattern of a habitual liar but it is still sad knowing that he is security at your casino! What a shame and what a disgrace to your company!

  212. Ricky Garcia say:

    GREEDY mo fos! They say they honor veterans but yet they can’t even give a Soldier a free hot dog at least…. Ripping people off all day and can’t even do that for the Veterans! WTF???

  213. Lupe Vasquez say:

    Didn’t stay in the resort / we were just passing through but enjoyed it/hopefully I’ll make it back next year and stay at least for the night �

  214. DeWanda LittleCoyote say:
  215. Barbara Johnstone say:

    New waitress I think, food was good thought, typical slots that take your money

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