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Empire City Casino, one of the largest entertainment and gaming destinations in the country, features 5,300 of the hottest slot machines, electronic craps, roulette, baccarat and sic bo; year-round harness racing & International simulcasting from North America’s leading harness and thoroughbred venues; nightly live entertainment including the best party and Latin bands, comedy and more.

A plethora of dining options will satisfy even the most discerning palate: enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at Nonno’s Trattoria; dine trackside with live betting at Empire Terrace Restaurant; convenient delicious options at the International Food Court or Lil’ Cocina. A new $50 million expansion added Dan Rooney’s, a high-energy sports bar and Alley 810, a craft cocktail lounge rounds out the entertainment options with retro bowling lanes. 


All of your favorites and the hottest slot machines around! We offer a full variety of exciting game themes, as well as Video Poker, Progressives and Keno with individual and multi-denominations ranging from 1 cent to $100, on both reels and slot machines. It’s easy to find your favorite game on the casino floor. Don’t miss our



Empire City Casino is home to your favorite Table Games. Electronic Blackjack plays just like live blackjack! Minimum bets start at just $10 and with 3 to 2 payouts on blackjack, Empire City Casino has the best odds in town! Electronic Roulette makes playing roulette with friends easier, faster, and more fun than ever before!



Half-mile harness-racing track & a casino with slot machines, electronic games & multiple eateries.
Address: 810 Yonkers Ave, Yonkers, NY 10704, USA
Hours: Closing soon · 10AM–6AM
Phone: +1 914-968-4200

Site: http://www.empirecitycasino.com/casino/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empirecitycasino/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpireCCasino
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/empireccasino/

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  1. Blanche Nurse Hodge say:

    I like going on Wednesday because of the live music during the day. I don’t win, there’s no incentive giving you a chance to win, that’s why I don’t go on the other days.

  2. Ana Arbaiza say:

    Me gusta mucho vengo siempre que puedo. Se distrae mucho jugando

  3. Yvonne Carrillo say:

    I never went there before but my family like to play there lots.some time cousin play there in a band on Sunday night they play salas music and other music.

  4. Esteban Franco say:

    Una experiencia inolvidable entre de lo más feliz y salí de lo más pobre ;(

  5. Rick Bassett say:

    Dan Rooney’s is the pits! Food is poor but the staff absolutely sucks. Rude, can’t be found and seem to constantly be on their phones. Will NEVER eat here again. The food court is great though. Chicken wings are terrific and sandwiches fine. Servers are polite.

  6. Elena Soto say:

    It sucks they took out all the good games like prophecy the king cave the siren i go there and come home broke all the time they don’t give out good free plays if i lived close to ac i would’ve been going there would have a better chance

  7. Q V Perez say:

    I took my mom last year when she came on vacation from Puerto Rico we had a blast. She actually won pretty big. I have been going ever since.

  8. Kimberly White - Newman say:

    Bethenny Frankel from the new Housewives of LA New York Facebook or messenger

  9. Elina Barrios say:

    Perfect Setting for relaxing…moments with friends and family…exotic resort!!!

  10. Savita Somwaru say:

    Empire city casino is beautiful …. and lots of machines….. people around are friendly.

  11. Latunjia Ceesay say:

    Machines wasn’t paying out good time too go I’ll think is around midnight to 4:00am

  12. Adriana Moncada say:

    Muy entretenidas las máquinas y muy buen ambiente los domingos con las orquestas de salsa súper pero cuando estás jugando en las máquinas te mueres del sed por qué no pasan las meseras para comprar algo de tomar te toca dejar las máquinas e ir a la barra mal servicio

  13. Christine Leone Silango say:

    Yes my husband & I love to come here once in a while. It is not to far from us. We just recently went for our Anniversary.

  14. Bridget Fagan say:

    Great Tribute Bands On Thursdays

  15. Teresa Medina say:

    The best…ampire casino..el mejor casino de.yonkers..me gusta..

  16. Ashly Barretto say:

    Love the casino and the security are amazing they are really work HARD..I got wallet stollen they watch the camera ,they catch the person in a week and they got my wallet back w my $

  17. Carmen Eyzaguirre say:

    Buen ambiente me agradó sobre todo la música para bailar,divertido los Domingos

  18. Nandram Virappen say:

    Casino was great and atmosphere was amazing but the food choices sucked especially the Chinese restaurant there food was stale and horrible

  19. Helen Rossi say:

    They’re not giving anything away that’s for sure

  20. Ellie Sarli say:

    I love empire casino visit often but their $1.00 poker machines need to be serviced badly. I get discouraged when I have to touch the screens. Please put progressive poker machines

  21. Estevez D Estevez say:

    This casino need a good restaurant the food is really exactamente discusting ��������

  22. Marlene Gonzales say:

    Really had great time last night looking foward for next one

  23. Latasha Bates say:

    I love the players club. I would love to visit the club once a week as a member. Go Empire City Casino.

  24. Iveth Aranda de Marín say:

    Me fascina, es el lugar idóneo para votar el estrés.
    Hay una enorme variedad de máquinas me encanta.

  25. Euneek Spelengz say:

    Not even a water I was offered….plus I lost so much money..

  26. Angela De Ritis say:

    We had a bus trip to Empire…a lot of new penny slots. The Italian restaurant up stairs
    Is fabulous. Delicious food at a good price. We will be returning soon.

  27. Julie SantaMaria-Leone say:

    I had a great time and I signed up for their card and got free parking and free $20 play!

  28. Phillip Lopez say:

    Love everything about this place, come here and check it out.

  29. Kunta Spell say:

    Love Empire
    Comfortable spot to spend the day with ur family & friends

  30. Maria Morales-Dinolis say:

    I enjoy the live Salsa Bands on Tuesday & Sunday evenings! Definitely gives me something & somewhere to go. I feel very comfortable & safe at Empire. Thank you to all the employees & they’re Security keeps the place……in check!!!!!!

  31. Renan Morales say:

    The home of the Salsa Warriors. Love Empire City Casino!!

  32. Lester T. Alonzo say:

    Si me diviert,,, mucho Jugando,con las makina es vien chevere,����������??

  33. Michael E. Bishop say:

    We tend to go to comedy nights. As a card holder you get to see 3 stand up comedians for $5, plus a drink ticket. Sometimes the comedians are hit or miss, but I always enjoy it. I wish the crowds who show up would come into laugh, some sit there determined to not laugh, why did they bother to come?

  34. Tiffany ThicKums Stephens say:

    Omg I Was Like A Kid In Candy Land Loved It And Defentily Coming Back Love The Drinks Friendly Atmosphere

  35. Carmen Afanador say:

    Went with my boyfriend to see Luisito Rosario…love the Orquesta and the people having a great time dancing! Definitely going back!

  36. Sonia Rodriguez say:

    Every time I go I enjoy myself…and we”‘ll keep going

  37. Marva Reed say:

    Well I have been going there since it open. Now that place is a dump half of the machine don’t work. The floor people takes their sweet time to fix the machine. There are mostly tables were the slots were at. That restaurant next to the bus depot in the back needs to be closed down the meats are all fatty dried up meats on that table needs to be in the garbage not on for display who wants to order looking at dried up meat. The staff has a stinking attitude when serving you.

  38. Mohamed Jawab say:

    I like it I win yesterday 7000$
    Very nice always win with this casino

  39. Anthony Gregg say:

    I really enjoy mY time there. A great place to clear mY mind, and keep it on That Fetti…

  40. Zoraida Rosado say:

    I love it, I enjoy the comedy show very much.i had fun.

  41. Frank Alvarez say:

    The Good thing about this Casino is that it CATER to THE COMMUNITY! with music and entertainment! But its FLAWS are! Gamblers dont have a chance in WINNING BECAUSE THE MACHINES are OFTEN Obviously Rigged! ..

  42. Luz Ruiz say:

    Beautiful Casino. Loved the place. The music area is a great place to dance and listen to music.

  43. Deb Tamucci-Frawley say:

    Its ok……close to home…….good for a night out but definitely not like when it first opened! The parking is HORRENDOUS!! Free you wait forever for the bus……and $15 for valet?????? You spend enough IN the casino……that’s more expensive than AC!

  44. Leya Figueiredo say:

    I didn’t know to play… the machine stocked and I ask for service that never came ….the ladies serving drinks are rudes, I went to the bar to take a drink �martini and the guy put just half and took away the other half ��� and I paid $11. I went there so happy and came home so sad ….

  45. Bernardita Taveraz say:

    Uno a pasar un momento agradable me encanta de ka cocina los camarones empanado me fascina jugar pero no he tenido mucha suerte voy para ya en este mes a sacarme un premiecito

  46. Stephanie Brown say:

    Lately i have been a regular on Friday n Saturday evenings, the live band n dj are very entertaining! Im also a regular on comedy night, i never had a problem with the service or the machines such as late service by the technician when a machine was broken! The only problem i had was at Rooneys restaurant when ordering a drink, the guy felt s if i should be served after other customers and then seemed to have an attitude when he gave me the wrong drink, i never went back to that place again! All other places, i have no complaints, i would be there now if I weren’t so tired! Also, the bus service on Broadway is a great convenience, i dont have to worry about a designated driver if i stay late!

  47. Luz Jimenez say:

    I love this place. The staff is always courteous and professional. I have won at times. Lost at times. Broke even at times. It’s a casino and I know that I’m not going to win all the time. You have to know when to stop. Entertainment is great. Food is good. My husband and I go to relax and enjoy. I recommend it to my friends and family.

  48. Ginny Turner Brown say:

    Hey people it’s a casino, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. It’s closer than AC wish they had real table games with a real person dealing. But I continue to average once a month

  49. Albert Jansky say:

    I find the location accessible to me although I haven’t hit extravagant amounts I have occasionally won in the past it was hard to find floor walkers when you had problem with machine I feel choose a machine wisely bet within your limit and you come out a winner �

  50. Mercedes Abreu say:

    It’s okay I enjoy the night I relax myself, I love Empire city casino.

  51. Richard Sandler say:

    I am very upset with Empire City and may never again visit there. I would rather go to Resorts World. Sun. 11/27/16 I visited Empire…when I checked the kiosk I found that all my players points have been taken away from me…and from my wife. Many years I have had this card and played often. I had thousands of players points that could be used for gifts and food. Without notification Empire had decided to take away all points if players do not use their cards in within a 3 month period. I had a prostate operation and hadn’t been to Empire since the summer. Resorts World is much closer to my home…Resorts World does not take away points in 3 months. Resorts World has outdoor and indoor parking. It is easy to get there as it is right next to JFK Airport. It has a Giant TV showing sports and entertainment…and for those who love horse racing…Resorts is located at Aqueduct Racetrack.

  52. Miguel Genaro say:

    Download mercari they are giving away free 200$ to download there app you have to use promotional code ERCCFV to get your money I did this on three devices thank you mercari I got my money put onto my card in 5 mins after signing up this deal runs out tomorrow remember use promotional code ERCCFV when you sign up it’s 100% free to sign uP

  53. Ruth Holloway say:

    The casino in the Bronx ,the empire was a great experience it has plenty of machines to play and lots of room.to move around and plenty ladies room the worker were very friendly. I just love it can’t wait to go again.

  54. Christine Hutchinson say:

    First time I went and they gave me a free scratch off and a $20. Voucher to play any games, yay
    Great experience!

  55. Rose Cammarata say:

    What happened to all the good interactive games with the large screens? Payoffs are crap too! I live closer to Resorts but always liked Empire better, not anymore.i won’t be going back.

  56. Carmen Saninocencio say:

    Its a very nice place i live close by and enjoy the salsa nites its a nice crowd

  57. Go Steph say:

    I hate it especially one security guard makes me feel uncomfortable, all other are good but if he continues to be in valet I’m not coming there anymore !

  58. Roli Ravelo say:

    The band is not that good for a Saturday night. With all the money the Casino is earning, they should get a much better, and a high caliber one. . .

  59. Eleanor Cox say:

    I really. Like empire casino. It’s. Relaxing. For. Me. And. Sometimes I win sometimes I don’t. But I still enjoy it. No. Matter what. They have so many machines to choose from my favorite machine is big diamond but it. Seems like everyone likes. Playing it.

  60. Richard Medina say:

    They dont give you no free play$$ in your card randomly like in queens.

  61. Frank Marzan say:

    I had a great time there.the staff is great the place is lovely.

  62. Bears Cookies say:

    Club 810 is the place to be djs Awsome Bartender. I Orlando treats everybody like vip you need more like. Him

  63. Jhovanny Joya say:

    Muy buena opción para distraerse. Pero no entendí mucho de la funcionalidad de las maquinas.

  64. Niqua Smith say:

    I really enjoyed myself here!! The Music The Drinks The People HAD A BALL AND ALSO HAPPY NEW YEARS 2K17 GOODLUCK AND WIN SOME FUNDS���

  65. Hart Thatsme Kadie say:

    I teally enjoyed myself,and i love how it is not just for gambling you could grab a bite listen to the band ������

  66. Emmanuel Sanchez say:

    Had I blast won some lost some but most of all truly enjoyed the food the most

  67. Bobby Chisom say:

    I lost 280 dollars yesterday. They jerked those machines.

  68. Grace Laleta Henriques say:

    Love going there, even tho I didn’t win any money!

  69. Jo-Ann Kriz say:

    Doesn’t compare to Mohegan Sun ….
    The machines need major overhauling
    It takes sometimes 10 tries before it accepts your ticket or cash …And the Kiosk machines are always out of paper, even in the beginning of the day ….Oh and it’s true if your machine goes out of service, you can grow old waiting for someone to come. The bottom line is that it’s close to home.

  70. Latasha Rivers say:

    New year’s eve visit was ok for a first time ever.. The place is huge I won I lost but I broke even when I left.. It was a lot of winners there so it was ok.. The drinks were small for the price. The $5.00 shots were better.. All in all I go back give it another shot..

  71. Edgar Flores say:

    Se pasan momentos muy muy agradables.,me encanta vicitar Empire City Casino

  72. Tonya Copeland say:

    I had so much fun on my birthday ?. I won ! Casino was clean and easy to get around and I love the Dim sum cart on the floor good idea.

  73. Donna Gregorek say:

    Just left your casino and had to wait 20 minutes for my car at valet. This has happened more then once. That’s not the way to run your valet service. And the guy who runs the operation doesn’t give a shit! You need to have more competent people working for you. I will not be using your valet anymore.

  74. Corinne Potter say:

    we lost as always……….. i very rarely see anyone win- good luck to whom ever goes- play at ur own risk

  75. Troy Wilkerson say:

    I love empire just wish i can find the game thats on the jitney that takes you from your car to entrance …it’s called candy something i play it in Atlantic city!

  76. Marcy Oakley say:

    I’m very ashamed that empire takes all our money gives minimal coupons n there is nothing to show that they are helping improve the Yonkers Public School districts! More serious than that is the fact that they do not celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day they celebrate Valentine’s Day they celebrate St. Patrick’s day but I guess our people of color are not important enough for them to celebrate MLK day but were important enough for them to still take our money I’m disgraced!! N all people if color should boycott!!!

  77. Octavia Kelley say:

    Had a great time like always. Can’t wait to visit again.

  78. Fabiano Silveira say:

    I just had a terrible experience with Empire City Casino’s customer service. I was treated unfairly and very disrespectfully by one of the valet service guys. I won’t recommend this casino to anyone. Please if you are thinking about going there I highly recommend going to other casino.

  79. Damaris Sanchez say:

    Awesome thanks especially when they play salsa. Jaja

  80. Anna Ciotola Salley say:

    My only issues are when machines break when I’m using takes awhile for someones help to fix. Just takes valuable playing time from us ��. I often see a lot of machines down through out the week. I’m a regular. �. Overall I’m blessed to have you near by. Lovin y’all ��

  81. Angel Delbrey say:

    Did not win but it was good � had a good time I would go again

  82. Maria-Joey Ruiz say:

    The lounge for the private event alley 810 is very nice. It was a great ambience and I thought it was a beautiful set up for celebrations.

  83. Crystal Cuevas say:

    I don’t know how to play and I hate loosing lol. ��� I didn’t like the restaurant food there. Was my first time visiting but I’ll be visiting you guys soon again.!

  84. Tequillia Greene say:

    Machine was horrible, no free drinks,waitress was rude,not to mention they look very unprofessional Never going back.

  85. Joanne Rivera say:

    I go a few times a month and I like it they have good music you can dance they also have comedy nights

  86. Miguel Romero say:

    Pues yo e estado yendo pero aveces ganó y aveces pierdo pues yo que según la suerte de cada persona pero hay que seguir intentando la suerte para todos…..

  87. Hector M Sanchez say:

    First time going there. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves.

  88. Natasha Hardeman say:

    Boring.. Booo ? .. No dealers all SLOT MACHINES! ?

  89. Latoya Reid say:

    They need to fix the machine they are not working properly. But other then that I always enjoy myself

  90. David Sica say:

    Had a great time at the NY Rangers viewing party @ Dan Rooneys! Can’t wait to come back soon. Thanks.

  91. Eddie Ruiz say:

    Slots,horses,music,comedy, athletes and the food are all top notch

  92. Sharon Free say:

    First time at Empire Casinos. Impressed with the place. Really going on. Valet parking, tons of slot machines and they have virtual blackjack. My fav. I can’t believe how close to home they are. No more CT Casinos…

  93. Jadel Rivera say:

    I live in Newjersey me and my husband had a good time not bad at all we went with some money came back with more we go one time a month on a sunday morning from
    10:00a.m until 5:00p.m and also we go all the time by bus can wait to go back….

  94. Ivette Rodriguez say:

    La. que a cambiado es la música no es la misma se llenaba y ahora no

  95. Cås Câs say:

    Would have been nice to be a winner but at least the piña coladas were delicious!!

  96. Raymond Pinkston say:

    It is close to where I live the choice of food needs in proving to be better

  97. Ricki Perlowitz say:

    Have many more people win . Buses run more and give people more,free play

  98. Bryan Cachola say:

    Fun time. Decent dinner. Normal atmosphere.

  99. Rosalind Carrington say:

    I enjoy myself when i go. I eat play sometimes win sometimes not. 15 minutes from home so i like that

  100. Yasmin Lopez say:

    Need more floor attendants! Had to call the casino on my cell to get someone to help me with a stuck ticket. Otherwise love ❤️ the vibe of the place. Very relaxing ?

  101. Jose Lajara say:

    Go and play have a slot machine the dia game � shot

  102. Malika Reavis say:

    It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy yourself win or lose

  103. Virginia Clavijo say:

    Es un lugar cheverisimo para distraerse se come muy rico, el ambiente es bueno,maquinas todas las que quiera.Y la suerte es loca y a cualquiera le toca.alguien dice no entender las maquinas eso es muy facil vaya con alguien que sepa y veras que aprende.

  104. Karin Mikkelsen Kinney say:

    This was my first time at Empire City Casino. I had a good time, it was different as I always go to Mohegan or Foxwoods since I live in CT. My only complaint was the condition of the restrooms, they were not very clean and smelled horrible. The food at the food court was great and a nice selection. I enjoyed seeing the horses race, although it was raining. Will I come back, most likely, I had a nice time. Thanks for having me!!

  105. Ja'Anthony Hwb say:

    Its a great place to be I’ll be there again the atmosphere is nice

  106. Allison Shim say:

    I enjoy the casino and I hope to see multistrike poker machines really soon!””‘

  107. Lisa Cashin Overton say:

    I am a very frequent visitor there and my favorite machine is the fireball afterburn 2. Ever since you guys moved the machines, they have been cutting off left and right. Especially when you’ve just gotten The bonus. I have to call the main casino line and speak with someone because trying to locate someone in that section is near impossible. Then when you do, they have attitudes. I know the machine picks up where you left off and you don’t loose anything, but it’s a huge inconvenience

  108. Janice Polk say:

    Don’t go to empire. Even if you win a game empire won’t pay you more than you had betted. It is not worth risking your money to win when the win payout is going to be less than what you betted for. It is just not worth risking your money. The longer you play the more you will loose. If you do decide to go to another casino (they all are doing the same thing), and the payout is less than what you are betting don’t play there anymore either. Listen for the sound of the winning machines – you won’t hear any and you won’t see people being happy, but you will hear people complaining a lot. The casinos are being greedy they are not letting people win, soon no one will be going to them (I know for sure I will not be going to empire again).

  109. Migdalia Moure say:

    Not many quater machines to many penny and nickles need more 1-4 quarter machine dont go play 1cent and 5 cent

  110. Dennis Dunn say:

    Great staff with great events!!!!! If you want to have a good time…You know where to go!

  111. Dolores Farmer say:

    I’m not a gambler but I go for the FREE entertainment, which is great, I mostly go on Salsa nights !

  112. Sasha Love say:

    I love it , but i never win. I wish one day I would win .

  113. Adriana Gomez say:

    Me encantó el lugar es muy bueno se pasa uno muy bien y muy agradable. He ido dos veces la primera gane algo y la segunda vez no gané pero es así siempre se pierde y se gana pero es bueno. En. Empire. City. Casino.

  114. Tyesha Jackson say:

    I always go to empire casino. Not my first time. I always have fun. No I didn’t win no money.

  115. Sherrielinda Sonkin say:

    I’m here for five years and my first time to be inside the Empire had only dinner in Italian restaurant and walked around..lots of people there And the place is not as noisy as the other places…people having fun and a place to meet for some..

  116. Pattie Perricone-Colavito say:

    they sure have a lot of good machines – surprised they never got Top dollar which is a machine a lot of casinos have – I hope they read this and put it in. As for the kiosk machine by valet, OMG it never works – u guys need a better kiosk machine and more of them would be nice too

  117. Madeline Barbosa Rosa say:

    I enjoying going to Empire, always clean, food is good, love the slots, but they hardly pay off. I won once in the many, & I mean MANY, times I’ve been to Empire. I do have complaints this time. Was just there this past Sunday & loved that they had a new slot machine I play in Atlantic city called The Sphinx, but they stopped functioning so many times & workers took to long to come & repair the machines. Also had a complaint w/the barmaid… I ALWAYS order a Frozen Margarita & it’s ALWAYS given to me in a large cup, we’ll I ordered one this Sunday & was given to me in a small cup, charging me what I have paid for a large cup… was told that the bartender must have been nice to give it to me in a large cup… I did tell her “then I guess all the different bartenders were nice to me”… Didn’t buy it. Empire seems to be getting sloppy, so do hope they start to improve. There’s a new Casino opening in Long Island & folks will flock to it if Empire continues to flop!!!!!!

  118. Barbara Jean Costello say:

    I thought it was awful. Torn seats at the slots, many out of order. Waited 1/2 hour & no one came to give assistance. I would never go back again. Nothing ever paid off !!! Not fun ?
    Dark and dreary……..terrible music. Yuck !!!!!!!!!! ?

  119. Telicia Creation say:

    I love to play the games at the empire but the customer service is rude and some of the staff are not professional..

  120. Juan Krlos Saavedra say:

    Para ser la primera vez, mi esposa y yo, la pasamos súper,todo muy bien…

  121. Gina Heitzenrater say:

    Will never ever go back. I didn’t lose but it took 35 minutes for valet to get our car. Kept checking back with them and they kept saying it is coming now. Worse experience ever with any valet service!

  122. Brandon Rock say:

    I had a blast and I will definitely go back and visit

  123. Carlos F. Encalada say:

    The commercials you see on TV do NOT depict the reality of the venue. The couples in the commercials do not reflect the actual patrons of the casino. In addition, the casino is warm and the ac inadequate. And no security was seen monitoring the parking lot.

  124. Angela Robinson say:

    for my first trip I had a great experience . I won some money and the show was great

  125. Lisa Acocella DiDomizio say:

    Was there for the first time yesterday! Empire offers no coupons/free slots for first timers! Hated it! The atmosphere, people there were so rude! Not my kind of casino! Also first time I came home with ZERO!! Will never go back. I’ll stick to Mohegan Sun without a doubt!

  126. Marc Giord say:

    This place is a big fraud, they had a promotion for a slot tournament, it said you need to earn 1000 points in the month of feb to be eligible, I earned 3000 and didn’t got no invitation. Call an a rep said I was ineligible. After losing over $5000. They have their own people who they cater to. What you get in return is a measly $20 free play and $20 food voucher, after you lose over $500. New Yorkers wake up and send this place out of business. Go to Sands in PA. The least comp’s I received is $75 and I spent 1/10 less there than empire. It’s worth taking a 90 mins bus ride to there and their slots are not tight like empire.

  127. Deedee Soto say:

    I have to admit I like going there to play the hundreds of slot machines that you have to offer.. I use to go to Atlantic City but have not gone since the opening of Empire.. it is big and roomy so nobody is on top of each other.. I recommend all my friends to go there.. The food cart and restaurant food is very good.. ??Also I enjoy salsa sundays it is great I love it. All the bands that have played there have been great!!! ??And the dance floor..

  128. Iris Reyyes say:

    Is ashame that you could put $200 or more and you can’t get a bonus. The machine keep eating your money less than 15 minutes. I play quickhits and is becoming more difficult to win. ��

  129. Emily Vento say:


  130. Kevin Campble say:

    we can rebuild then we need on of your casinos in Coney Island!

  131. Chez Sanchez say:

    took the wife out on salsa night we had a great time and the atmosphere was outstanding

  132. Selma Cetin say:

    It was a very interesting experience. I went with a VIP regular. She has a lovely time every time she goes. We all enjoyed a nice meal and the staff was very accommodating. Let’s face it, if you go to a casino, you should be prepared to loose. It’s ludicrous to think you will win every time.

  133. Lisa Lark say:

    Trashh nothing like AC wont b going back unless its free

  134. Robert W. Vikara Sr say:

    Have Some pretty good luck on a few of the machines. Like the food court and view of race t ack

  135. Charlene Spivey say:

    Empire City Casino is a fun place to go. When you play the slots you should play in moderation. I saw a few people winning nice pots. The food is very good. Also the entertainment is very nice. Love to watch seniors anf young people dancing and enjoying themselves.

  136. Marita Rodriguez say:

    Es mi primera vez que voy!Me encanto es muy lindó el casino!No te das ni cuenta del tiempo!La pasé genial,con decirles que sin darme cuenta me retire del casino a las 6:00 am jeje!!����

  137. Lorraine Gregg say:

    Its okay. My husband won’t be returning. I like the voice band and horses.

  138. Shirley Rider-Pina say:

    First and probably last time there Sunday 4/9/17! You don’t earn many points and machines weren’t paying out much at all. My friend won on the slots which was great for her.

  139. Carlos Merencio say:

    Una experiencia fantastica, unica muy atractiva forma de ocio, un ambiente excepcional en el Empire City Casino.

  140. Wanda Johnson say:

    I’m from Philly so whenever I visit family in New York we go. I truly enjoy myself and most of the time come out a winner. You don’t feel like people are over you or when you move you hit someone. Can’t wait to go back.

  141. Phyllis Stoltz say:

    I had a great time with my family.
    We all came out happy gamblers

  142. Terrel Mison say:

    I feel like an old fat lady Playing the slot machines, the games and slot machines felt very rigged however the drinks was nice. Maybe gambling is just not my thing. It was my first experience at a casino I’m not planning on going back

  143. Elly Blanco-Colon say:

    We go to Empire when we come down from CT to visit our brother in the Bronx….I’m not too much of a machine player but play a round or two….winning….never had the luxury of hitting big but have broken even which i consider winning…..however the food court is great and reasonably price and the best is the entertainment….Between Coast 2 Coast, Pulse and Latino night….I could sit there and and listen to them and dance all night…..

  144. Janeth Reimer say:

    Love there very nice place. The slots machines .wonderful. lots of winners. …no complaints. .recommend all to going and have fun ..Racing track love love love �.� � � � � � � � �

  145. Te'Yanna Williams say:

    My husband and I arrived at the train station and the booth was closed so we couldn’t get the promotion tickets for the $10 food court. We still bought round trip tickets which cost more but they wouldn’t honor it. Then being it was our first time there we signed up for the membership. We were told they had a promotion going on that if you gave your email you get $20 on your card. Plus another promotion where whatever amount you played up to $100 you get that money back in your email but it has an expiration date so be on the lookout. I was told this would happen on Monday when I signed up Saturday night. As of today, no money yet, no email, nothing. I dont know how they took these pictures on their Facebook page of machines winning but I can’t believe it since we won absolutely nothing. I know it’s a casino and it’s gambling but we didn’t even win a dime. Sucks! Will definitely be headed to AC next time!

  146. Cara Fahy say:

    It is what it is … slots, pay for drinks, but the bathrooms were clean, staff was friendly

  147. Giss Cotto say:

    Great place really have [email protected] love salsa Conjunto Imagen performance! Also the staff very polite. Thanks went to celebrate my moms bday.

  148. Kerri Swofford say:

    I enjoy playing in this casino immensely…King of Bling is soon Fun,so many events that come up as possible WINS!!! I Give an EXCELLENT!!!

  149. Michele Danuza say:

    Lugar super agradável, podendo passar horas e horas com toda família.

  150. Sharon Reed say:

    My mom loves this place I get to spend time with her have lunch then go home

  151. Diane Dennis Moschillo say:

    I put $100 in slot�there money�won a jackpot.so it’s not true what you put in you only win?

  152. Richard Rosenblum say:

    I play the races do not like the slots,it’s a mindless bet.

  153. Winter Denne Santiago say:

    I ENJOY coming there close to home. However some machines have malfunctions, when you have to pick to match for the free play spin. You wait 45 mins for assistance, some of the promotion booth workers are very rude. And the waitresses look very shabby and some of them are rude as well. The actual bartenders at the bar are excellent.

  154. Lacrecia Harvey Stowers say:

    You don’t win shit it’s like the machines are rigged I signed up with a email I never got the $20 they tell you one thing its another.

  155. Tonytwolips Sunt say:

    Not too happy with empire.No matter how many times I go or how much I invest ,I always leave a loser.Years now.Not fun.I put in hundreds to get the bonus and it gives me dollars.The machines are purposely set to low payouts.I saw a machine yesterday that someone was playing on and they luckily won 1,600 on but they were betting 100 dollars at a time so I would imagine their losses at this place.All I see is angry faces and the false hope of hitting someone big that never happens.They do let a random visitor hit a jackpot but I am question the validity of some of them.No wonder.

  156. Sue DiFabbio Bohnenberger say:

    Its a night or sunday afternoon out your going to spend the money away movies dinner all the same you spend 100 or better on dinner movies going to ball game is worst parking 40.00 tickets 150.00 food another 50.00 soda snack you in for 30.00 or better so you have some fun and just maybe you will be LUCKY you never know

  157. Luis Carballo say:

    Bonito ambiente buena música Los Domingo la comida buena buena atención y delo del juego es cuestión de suerte y bueno bonito estar ahí muy agradable ????

  158. Nelly Torres say:

    Mi esposo i yo vamos al Empire City Casino desde que abrieron de ves en cuando. Es bonito , buena comida, se puede ver la carrera de cababallos,los domingos tienen buena música salsa si se desea bailar. Se nos hace fácil llegar allí. Uno no se da cuenta del tiempo. Ahora es absurdo pensar que siempre va a ganar hay que jugar con moderacion.

  159. Jeanette Jara Mosquera say:

    Great place nice mature people and love Sunday salsa �

  160. Dena Robins say:

    The Cinco de Mayo celebration food and Mariachi Band was awesome.

  161. Karrie Archibald say:

    The derby hat contest is bullshit, clearly not considered for the artistry or beautiful work people put into the event. You have to crawl on ur handsome and knees or shake your ass for the judges to win. Thanks but no thanks. I gracefully bow out, never again

  162. Tracy Ann say:

    Horrible. My first time here. I put my ticket in the machine and didn’t receive a credit. Pressed the service button but nothing. Very unhappy about this. Sitting here wasting my time and no service.

  163. Elio Renan Alpaca say:

    Malisimo antiguo mal servicio no volvería falta más atención al cliente

  164. Ivelisse Luna say:

    Una experiencia fantastica, unica muy atractiva es forma de opcio, un ambiente excepcional en el Empire City Casino.

  165. Ruby Martinez say:

    The place to be. Had a Great time. Until next time.

  166. Karima Singleton say:

    When I drive an hour somewhere & spend thosands of dollars, I expect better service from those that work the floor! The Casino I love but the “floor staff’ need to go back to training or either they need to change who’s training them! Decided to spend my Mother’s Day there & not once from the machines to the tables, $1300+ later did I get a cocktail after stopping 3 different ladies, of course when I could find one in GHOST TOWN, than she tells me she’s not making mixed drinks, oh really, no problem, I’ll have my own mix & that’s if I ever decide to go back! To think I wanted to give a bus ride there & a friend wanted to celebrated her Born Day there, I THINK NOT!!!

    Very disappointed money spending customer…

  167. Joy Mitchell say:

    I enjoyed this trip even on a tuesday that’s saying something

  168. Judy Hassan-Sparks say:

    I lost a lot of money. It was a bad day for me there.

  169. Donna Oliver say:

    I really enjoyed myself. I miss coming out gambling but I made it in spite of. It was not a jackpot night but it was fun filled as usual.

  170. Andrea Ferris say:

    We love it for a great night out when the music is getting you moving, the slots are busy, there is no smoking so the air is always clean, everyone is so helpful. The bathrooms are new and immaculate especially in the new section where we enjoy playing. We ate at Dan Rooney’s where the drinks are humongous and the portions are too big for one person! Close to home and civilized with plenty of help. The reason I didn’t give five stars is because they shoul charge less for drinks on the casino floor. I think they should be free as I’ve never had to pay on the floor, but I understood it’s some crazy New York State tax law, however, the law does not say you can charge exhorbitant prices for floor drinks when you’re already contributing in the casino. Having said that, they have great entertainment and it’s so nice to see the dancers having a great time and making the most of life on the dance floor ! The $5 wheel of fortune is the best bang for my buck!!!! Also, this casino has a great assortment of machines – something for everyone !!! A great night or day out, especially if you bring a large group ! One more drawback, They’re lacking shopping and more diversified GOOD dining experiences, and a hotel. Being 15 min away means I do not need a hotel, however a hotel brings more amenities.

  171. Fiona Allen Cerrone say:

    Thank you for liking my picture. We had a great time at your business from taking the seriousness of no children allowed on floor to escorting us to the event. The food and drinks upstairs for Rose Of Tralee and the staff who catered the event was amazing. Food was delicious. Looking forward to next year. Only thing bad that happened was my son lost his optimum prime truck and was never found I passed on my no and never heard back about it.

  172. Vilma Mendez Leon say:

    I love to go to Empire Casino. It is literally half an hour from my New Jersey home. I don’t do too bad at the slots machines. A good night out or Day

  173. Hector Jimenez say:

    La verda esta muy padre el lugar el tienpo pasa muy rápido y todo esta super nice

  174. Margie Cinquegrana-Trotta say:

    First time there!
    Liked it, but 3.50 for water!
    Atlantic City is free……

  175. Mari Mari say:

    It’s an ok place as long as I am winning love Sunday Salsa nights and the drinks are slamming.

  176. Liz McSweeney Reynolds say:

    Love going there with my cousin to celebrate our Birthdays�

  177. Sandra Atkins Williams say:

    Well I know Casinos are set up to makey money but these machines dont provide any play time. No teasing, no foreplay, just straight up take your money. I played about 50 games all of them straight up bandits. I was looking for my favorite game (Jackpot Party) however I was informed it was no longer available. I was a little disappointed but the food at Dan Rooney’s was good.

  178. Sara Morales say:

    Sunday Salsa is the bomb! Live musics. Fun people. The ka-ching of the machines in the background. Great nite!

  179. Michael Levine say:

    I usually write good stuff about Empire but yesterday was not a good day. The promotions were way under staff for the promotion they had yesterday. Half the Kiosks were not working and some people were using multiply cards to get there $8.00 freeplay. The food court was good enough but I felt that my cook for my cheeseburger was being rushed. I asked for medium well and I got medium. As for the waitress staff the one drink I had I guess the waitress was having a bad day. Otherwise I had a nice day.

  180. Aida Aldarondo say:

    Great music, great friends friendly ambience . Dance from 8 to 11. Love it

  181. Tina Edwards say:

    I love that place. .always happy when I am there. .

  182. Douglas Mathews say:

    Seeing the horses run in the sunlight it’s so nice nice little getaway in Queen first year then we go and have a bite to eat at the food court and then to do a little bit of gamble afterwards it’s hard to believe them in New York state I can’t wait until they legalize it in the whole New York State please hurry up and sign the bill Governor Cuomo Doug Matthews Matthews New York. That’s my friends come on to the casino nice shows nice atmosphere

  183. Gina Bee say:

    I had fun with my son for his birthday. I won almost 200. Food was delicious .

  184. Willie Mae Langhorne say:

    I can’t believe they don’t give you slot play for your birthday.

  185. Frank Anderson say:

    Won’t ever go back again. Spent over 5000$ in four days never ever had any money put back on my card like every other casino I’ve been to before. They called me and said a few weekends or Fridays in June I have 25$ back on my card, totally unacceptable. Never again.

  186. Joseph Palladino say:

    I love Empire City Casino. I love Yonkers. I love Yonkers Raceway.

  187. Peter Kuo say:

    If you are a foreigner, be careful!
    They might NOT wanna pay you!!
    I won some money and went to the cashier to redeem cash home!
    But they told me I am on some issue with lottery ?
    WTF, I NEVER win any money from lottery!
    And I was accused with CHEATING with their machine!
    Come on , if I wanna cheat, why don’t cheat on penny slots! Funny!
    And those secure gays treated me like a thief!
    That is terrible!
    They just gave me different stories without paying what I won!

    It is disturbing and annoying !
    Maybe guys thought this is a story funny!
    When you have the some issues with this casino!
    You will know!

    Thanks for reading!
    Good luck and make some money from other casino!!

  188. Loretta Fleming say:

    I go with my adult day center,and I like it!!! The first time I went,I won money, usually when I go to Atlantic city,my boy friend wins,I never win,but I won here at empire!!!

  189. Josie Valentin say:

    Have a good time enjoyed the life music. Also did some gambling won some but lost it again plus. Liked that there are plenty of machine to choose from.

  190. TeeCee Love say:

    Been yrs since I visted but was there a couple times this week & really enjoyed it. The renovations are awesome & the games pay out better than before. Drinks too expensive so it’s good in not a drinker ?

  191. Raymond Johnson say:

    Nice casino for us non-smoker ….i liked it there

  192. Aret Altunkara say:

    Haven’t had a bad night there.. love this place…

  193. Wanda Jackson say:

    It Was the 1st time I was there In awhile.left my voucher in the machine I was on… knew it wasn’t going to be there if I went back. (lost)
    but it okay�

  194. Linda Burroughs say:

    I have been going to Empire since they opened. I have been there through their expansions and all. Unfortunately I have never won a jackpot and I have been coming here for a decade. In fact it seems that once I insert my player card, I actually lose even faster. Needless to say each time I go, I get an email about rating my experience. I must say that I have never even won the $75 survey. I also feel that certain “ethnicities” win way more than others. The staff are also a bit racist and with all the money being poured into this place they need to do better.

  195. John Anthony say:

    Our band, @ArenaRockTribute, really enjoy playing at Empire. Great staff, sound and crowd!

  196. Gladys Rodriguez say:

    I love the Casinos, but I never come out a winner at this Casino! I won Over $1,400 at the airport in San Juan P R this past May! I loved all the slot machines there. I wish those machines were at Aqueduct and the Hotel in PR! ?

  197. Debra Yung say:

    My visit to Empire New Yorktastic. It’s an experience.

  198. Agata Blachut Tunc say:

    I love coming here all the time worse casino for service

  199. Lois Woods say:

    Had a good time yesterday didn’t win but can’t win every time yes I will be back soon

  200. Carolina Macapugay say:

    Too many people,I stayed in line to get my bonus for 20 minutes. Good ,I just got break even.

  201. Raylette Crossfield say:

    Very relaxing atmosphere, And very friendly staffs !

  202. Elsie Hill say:

    well……since I been going to EMPIRE PARK CASINO from the 1st day they open I am glad to say that I have one over $25,000 plus all the free food and drinks and special gifts and I wont forget the entertainment I love going to Empire!!!!!

  203. Linda Moore Latona say:

    Waited a long time to make our first trip to Empire City….wow, I was so impressed. Loved everything about it. Plan on returning very soon. No need to make the long, long trip to Atlantic City ….this was less than 30 minutes away and the fun and excitement was the same as going to A.C. Everyone was so friendly and helpful too. Thanks for a great experience to all the staff and employees.

  204. India Gonzalez say:

    Buenos el sitio es hermoso y acogedor pero de 100 uno y de mil ninguno que ganan, yo siempre pierdo

  205. Tyray Luckett say:

    Very nice and great atmosphere lovely casino to go to

  206. Jorgito Jorgito say:

    I had a great time! It was salsa night and as a true Puerto Rican man that i am (born in Puerto Rico) i enjoyed the latin band and seeing the latin people dancing! The food is great and the rewards you get for playing in the slots are awesome.

  207. Declan Fahy say:

    Horrible place,don’t be insulted by even coming!!

  208. Milly Rodriguez say:

    It was a wonderful experience I enjoyed it loved the atmosphere the drinks were great and so was the food

  209. Travis Diaz-Clark say:

    Great place, loved the salsa band, but were overcharged for several drinks and had to speak to the manager who thankfully adjusted the bill to the correct price.

  210. James Connors say:

    We were told that they would not have any performances of any type going on last night. Thanks to this page I just found Out they did SMH. They don’t offer comp drinks as you spend your money with them and Everything is computerized, whatever happen to real ppl dealing you real cards? We were so bored and sober we ended up leaving early. So much for my visit to NYC and marking this as a place to come to.

  211. Nidasha Duhart say:

    Good place to have a drink. Nice fun environment. Live music.

  212. Theresa Colon say:

    So much fun as always !!! Meet the best people !! ?

  213. Maria Cruz say:

    El Casino me gusta cuando voy juego en las máquinas que me gustan aveces gano otras no pero me divierto el lugar es cómodo ��

  214. Betty Pringle say:

    Very nice, digital. Very few workers. Computers replacing people.

  215. Ina Adams say:

    Would like to win a big jackpot

  216. Maria Carrillo say:

    I loved it…I found the machine I wanted and enjoyed every minute of it..did alright…

  217. David Welch say:

    It was okay but somewhat dead. Food was not bad at all. And I’m not a millionaire yet �

  218. Christopher McGuirk say:

    Great spot. I always stop in after I’ve been to Rory Dolans on McClean ave. I make a day out of it. Can’t wait until my next trip….

  219. Yolanda Rodriguez say:

    I been going to casino ,every week it fun , it got better now, it biger , more machines , i like it ,

  220. Jill Alicia Gomez say:

    I love it! It’s an awesome CASINO! I go all the time!

  221. Miriam Lopez say:

    Es lo mejor como sitio de divercion donde todos los visitante se sienten feliz y afortunados

  222. Tracy Gill-DeBoe say:

    It was okay, I guess. There wasn’t enough seating, lots of areas inside the casino were closed.
    Black female bartender was friendly, hospitable, curteous, and professional.
    Valet service also very nice, and professional.

  223. Sonia Ortiz say:

    Like to go in my birthday I get a free t-shirt and I win $400

  224. Christi Love say:

    Love This Place!!!!! I had a BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY HERE!!!!!

  225. Maria Lopez say:

    You win you really win

  226. Beverly Rhett say:

    Went mainly to see the Marvin Gaye/Bill Withers tribute band. My thoughts were, if you pay tribute to such great, iconic and masterful singers, you’d better be prepared to “BRING IT!” So, this band barely brought it. Their performance lacked the power and enthusiasm necessary to highlight the artists they were emulating. they were just o.k. but hey…it was a Thursday night out.

  227. William Torres say:

    Had a great time at the slots. Had me some � to top off the day.

  228. اندا غارسيا say:

    I love it, it’s closed by and fun, wouldn’t go anywhere else. I lose lot.

  229. Renee Barrett say:

    I see so many people leaving bad reviews because they didn’t win, NEWSFLASH it’s called gambling for a reason. If a casino allowed everyone to break even they wouldn’t be in business.

    If you want to play the slots and don’t want to take a long drive empire is not a bad place to go.

  230. Lucero Hiraldo say:

    I love all the promotions they send, keeps me coming back!

    And those Wonder Woman Machines are a real treat too!

  231. Ana Esther Medranda Macias say:

    Para que se queja la gente! Si Sabemos que la Banca nunca pierde! Yo cuando voy ya sé que mi dinero se queda allí, para que quejarse y cuando gano algo aunq sea un poquito tambien me alegro y si no tengo para dejar mi dinero alli no voy y Listo !!! Suerte a todos! Bendiciones ���

  232. Sandy DiBella say:

    A great place to play. Smoke free and close by our home. Love Empire City. Sign up for their player’s card, great perks.

  233. Karen Christopher Dolocheck say:

    This is definitely my go to casino. It takes only 45-50 minutes to get there, and we did hit traffic. I play slots and there are so many machines and a great variety. I just have a great time every time I’m there

  234. Renee Maceden say:

    Didn’t win a lot but it was fun. However I will not be making it a habit

  235. Tara Dowd say:

    We had a great time celebrating my son’s 18th birthday! Dan roonys back lounge made the day even better. Fabulous dinner and service- and room was gorgeous! He won a little spending money and he was happy! We all had a great time ?????

  236. Luc Dany say:

    A totally rip off. I was trying any way that i could to win some money. I ended up losing everything. I put $50’s bill, $20’s bill. I lost it all. I even went to ATM twice where they charged $4.99 per transaction. I won $200 then i lost it after a couple minutes. A totally disappointment a waste of time.

  237. Leandro Orrego say:

    Gane 300 dolares en las makinas como no me va a gustar gracias Casino

  238. Hope Johnson say:

    Love it. Always go when I have some extra cash to play

  239. Kenyetta Thomas say:

    Awesome place to go have fun and the same time relax ..

  240. Vania Ciceron say:

    The place pulls u in …you have to win and go home…or you will go broke..but it is very beautiful..

  241. Johnny Gabagool say:

    Great place and close. Wish they’d pay out more but hey that’s why it’s called gambling!

  242. Joyce Strongbow say:


  243. Max Rudic say:

    Shady place!!!I never win there hmmmmm. But I do in Ct or AC that tells me something!

  244. Zoe Vera say:

    Great music ? fun night out , bartender was super nice

  245. Tamoa Martinez Bosch say:

    I’ve been going to Empire for a few years. You cannot beat the free or low price Entertainment. Love the live bands, antique car shows, comedy nights, etc. However, I hate that some machines have missing buttons, dim screens or no sound. But that doesn’t keep me away. �

  246. Muriel Ventura say:

    I love coming to Empire – love the different slots and the amount of slots – everyone is friendly and I always have a great time – I don’t always win but sometimes I do and that’s why it’s called gambling. :000 Thanks Empire!!

  247. Princess Jlo say:

    First Time there it was nice will go back again ?

  248. Shearrie Skrilla Eure say:

    Always leave filling great��� Just love the surrounding very peaceful

  249. Pasquale Capozzoli say:

    1st time ive ever been there, truly impressed will be coming back

  250. Michael Maybury say:

    Had a great time watching the big fight.
    The atmosphere was electric and the hospitality from the staff was outstanding.
    I would recommend for anyone to attend Empire City for any high profile big event.

  251. Danielle N Ponce say:

    We had a blast!!! My first time there. I learned a few new games that I never played before!

  252. Luis Rodriguez say:


  253. Reenie Cee say:

    Empire is definitely a winning casino. You just have to know how to *play-the-game*!!! I’ve won some good money there, and I’ve seen others do very well. You just need self-discipline to know when to take your money and run!

  254. Danielle Rosenberg say:

    I used to go a lot and was excited to have a casino close to home. But i would spend a lot of money and barely won and never got free plays worth going back. I don’t want to go to a casino to eat so i rather free play. I will give it another few chances and i will keep you all updated if i actually win or if you should go to other casino’s

    Also valet should be cheaper or at least if you spend more than $100 than you should get free valet for that visit.

  255. Jean Marie Chiaramonte say:

    I go to the casino to play video poker (game king). I have to walk around for 1-2 hours and 11:– AM on a Tuesday in order to play, because Empire has taken approximately 20 game king multi poker machines out. Why? They don’t make money. Instead, there are hundreds of slot machines that noone sits at, There are $5.00 game king video that no one plays, and a group that come in at 10:00 AM on a bus, sit at every poker machine in the building, most play one quarter, get up every 10 minutes, leaves a bag on their seat and eats their own food at the machine, so no one gets a chance to play for hours. They don’t buy drinks, they don’t buy food and the ones who do play poker and spend money at the casino, can’t play. Bad Management…Need better house rules

  256. Emele Kibaroh say:

    I go all the time and they have a great mix of events as well as combinations of new games � Its never boring with all the fun promotions they have going on! Thanks Empire �

  257. Seth D Stern say:

    The tribute band on 8/31, Angry Young Men was probably the worst Billy Joel Cover band if not Band that I have heard play at Empire City in the last 5 years. Between the lyrical mistakes in Only The Good Die Young, poor female lead vocals on Say Goodbye To Hollywood, Synthesizer horns on all songs, failing geography by calling Long Island a town, off key guitar, synthesizer, and vocals during Down Easter Alexa, messing up the lyrics during You May Be Right, no sax during New York State of Mind,and messing up the first verse of Scenes An Italian Restaurant.

    When asked which version of Billy the kid they were going to play tonight, The lead vocalist responded none because he sick of that song. He also said it was too expensive to have a horn player but they could get one if it was really needed. These guys are all about the money in their pocket and not the quality of the music.

    The second set started off with the band off key in Angry Young Men and Pressure. The female vocals over the male vocals during The Stranger made them both sound off key. After they butchered Benny and the Jets, it was enough to make us leave.

    Would I ever go see this band again? I would rather go have a root canal with no anesthetic.

    If you are going to continue with tribute Thursday, please only bring in bands that have doing it for a long time and not the instant bands that Omni-pop puts together.

  258. Ruben Peralta say:

    This place is the best way to win a lot money

  259. Geradina Santana say:

    Great show with jenny colon bring her back Agian love the music

  260. Colon Marcos say:

    Awesome Shows By Jenny Colon
    Most bring her Back.

  261. Debbie Carter Williams say:

    Had GREAT birthday at Empire City yesterday! Thanks for everything! Great slots too!!!��� I appreciated the free play as well!

  262. Darlene Anderson say:

    Haven’t won much of nothing in the past 3months. The machines all seem to be skipping when they spin and the last reel never completes the spin. 5 of a kind on nothing reel always stop at #4. Why keep playing when you bet 1.00 or more and win less that 3 or 5 dollars and you had 20 spins. Not cool. I see they are replacing the chairs at Empire heck why not? you take all our cash you should name each chair after the players we brought them.

  263. JP Desiderio say:

    Dirty, unkept place with nothing exciting going on….Low-end.
    Best thing was cover band, sadly.

  264. Nicky Marte say:

    I love seeing my mother , win free games… she gets very excited..

  265. Christian Lozano say:

    Me encanta este casino.y los grupos de salsa que se presentan.
    Ganó algunas como también pierdo.
    Pero lo único que no me gusta es la atención de las cajeras.son muy déspotas para atender.

  266. Frederick Giancarlos say:

    Nice place to gambler and enjoy live music……..

  267. Brighteyes Maisha say:

    I never win, but I take my aunt she enjoys gambling

  268. Linda Valentine say:

    Had a great time with my sorority sisters listening to Earth, Wind, & Fire perform!!

  269. Michael D. Garcia say:

    Good rate of pay out even on the $.01 slots. Easy going vibe.

  270. Annie Nelson say:

    I love this casino. The atmosphere. The food and i especially like when i win. I haven’t hit a big jackpot but i know my day will come. I also like the free plays each months but i have a problem with the kiosk getting my promotions.

  271. Lana Del Reign say:

    Friendly bartenders and security! Loved my experience there!

  272. Cliff Wilson say:

    Tell your cashiers they need a new attitude. Promotions should train them to Smile, Give a greeting, & say Thank You. Is it some rule that if you are a casino cashier you have to be grumpy & cranky?

    Also you need to fix the screens on a lot of your slots. They do not respond to your touch. Cant raise or lower volume, read rules, etc.

  273. Barbi Ison say:

    I enjoy going there to watch the live band , dancing , & play games .,,

  274. Eileen Gravenese say:

    VIP room very nice for events great space. Would have like a better wine selection if it was a cash bar. Downstairs Casio where band shell was filthy. So much trash nowhere to put your drink down. Every surface was covered with people’s food trays. Couldn’t enjoy the music and the crowd while looking at people’s chicken bones. Gross. Lots of
    Money went into this establishment it’s a shame patrons can’t respect it.

  275. Kathy Meck say:

    great place to go i want to win the trace adkins tickets and enter for the $1,000 dollars

  276. Ronald Lashley say:

    Won a couple dollars nice environment always comfortable with friends or alone

  277. Lillian Harris say:

    That place sucks…drinks high as shit and weak…very dull…energy in the place was low…employees not friendly… That place sucks!!!

  278. Darlene Reid say:

    I loved it as always. The sound of the casino atmosphere is music to my ears! Cha Ching! ������

  279. Judy Piretra say:

    Had a fun time – came home with more money than I walked in with – which always makes it a better time. Suggestion to management – please do a better job with the bathrooms, most smelled like a NYC Subway. ?

  280. Donna Bauer say:

    FUN PLACE…great food and maybe sometimes a win..Its a DONT MISS TYPE OF PLACE!

  281. Diana Preps Adams say:

    Empire City casino is really a 5!!!! I going there. The machines are exceptionally unique. You hardly seen them anywhere. I was one of the PROUD winner on Monday 10/30/17. I heard my name called!!!-to my surprised i was a very happy Camper.Empire the GREATEST. Keep up the good work.this Place.

  282. Elizabeth Perez say:

    I absolutely love go me to empire city casino. My fiancé and myself win almost every time that we go and even if we don’t win we just always have an amazing time!

  283. Suzanne Joy say:

    Not enough staff in the place. Not enough security near the parking lot. Food options are awful. Not the classiest joint.

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