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Now you can play like the big boys at any one of our 100+ traditional games! Get in on the live card action located across the casino floor. Get your game face on! Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort invites you to join in on the fun and excitement of table games at our gambling getaway destination. With live dealers and real chips, our ultra-modern table games offer a unique format that keeps all the fun of traditional table games and adds the latest interactive technology. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to table games, every hand is a new opportunity to win!


Harrahs Cherokee Gaming Table Games 3
Take part in the fun with a fast-paced game of 21. Also known as Blackjack, this very popular game is known worldwide! The object is to get as close to 21 as possible while having your hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s. Everyone in Blackjack plays against the dealer. While Blackjack is basically a simple game, its strategy can be complex and often reflects each person’s personality. Hit or stay, it’s up to you!

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Harrahs Cherokee Gaming Table Games 2
“Boxcars”, “center field” and “shooting from the don’t.” Craps is a game so dynamic it has a language all its own. It’s a wildly popular and extremely gregarious game, but a first-time visit to a Craps table can be a daunting experience. However, after a brief overview of the rules, and five minutes at a table, even novice players begin to appreciate the excitement of the Craps tables.

Global Gaming Table Games 38
Roulette is perhaps the most popular game played worldwide. It is played in every major casino and is the primary game played in Europe. The game consists of a wheel marked with numbers 1 through 36 and American Roulette has a 0 and 00. The numbered portion of the layout is called the inside. Additional bets can be made outside the numbers and this area is called the outside. In this area you can also bet just black or red numbers.

Man Pushing Poker Chips Into The Gaming Table
That’s right! Make your bets, and if you’ve got a good hand, just Let It Ride. You don’t play against other players. You don’t even compete against the dealer. Hit a winning hand and you could go home with a fabulous bundle of cash! Let It Ride is a popular spin-off of Five Card Stud Poker. In this game the player is dealt three cards and uses the dealer’s two cards as a community hand.

Dealer Dealing Playing Cards
Three Card Poker is a variation of poker just like Double Down Stud and Let It Ride. With the exception of two pair, this game uses the traditional poker rankings with a couple of exceptions. You only need three consecutive cards to make a straight and only three of one suit to make a flush. In this game a straight is higher than a flush. The payoffs are determined by the pay schedule printed on the table layout.


Harrahs Cherokee Gaming Other 6
Digital Mini Baccarito offers the excitement of traditional casino favorite baccarat in a six-player digital format. Baccarat, which originated in 14th century Europe, is known as the “Game of Nobility” and is James Bond’s game of choice. In our Digital Mini Baccarito format, each of six players can choose to bet on Banker, Player or Tie, with the closest hand to 9 winning. Our digital version of this game includes live dealers, real chips, and an eight-deck shoe. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this classic game in a 21st century way.

Let It Ride and Three Card Poker are trademarks used under license from SHFL Entertainment, Inc.

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort is a casino and hotel on the Qualla Boundary in Cherokee, North Carolina. It is owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and operated by Caesars Entertainment.

Address: 777 Casino Dr, Cherokee, NC 28719, USA
Opened: November 1997
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 828-497-7777
Number of rooms: 1,108

Site: https://www.caesars.com/harrahs-cherokee/casino
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarrahsCherokee/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarrahsCherokee
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/harrahscherokeenc
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1673957/harrahs-cherokee-casino-resort/

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  1. Stephanie Gilmore Sbordone say:

    It’s great fun! A little disappointing the drinks aren’t free while playing, like most casino’s. Still a great time with amazing food options!

  2. Clark Peppers say:

    from all the comments about the place. it sounds like its just a bunch of LAZY Indians there milking the system and wont work and don’t care ,,just PAY me,,i wont be going.,,EVER.

  3. Marquita Williams say:

    Take your money more than it pays out sad damm shame

  4. Flora West say:

    Love going to play with the Indians!!! Too much fun! Nice relaxing environment for those who want it and excitement in the casino for those who wanna have fun times!

  5. Keldrick Sapp say:

    Not bad. Hard to win, but that’s why it is called gambling.

  6. Donna Williams Harrison say:

    Had the most amazing time with my husband and Friends will be back soon

  7. Bill Lyles say:

    Great place to be the shows the games everything was perfect

  8. Nikki Ballard say:

    I’ve been there twice and had a good time, love the restaurants, the food was good. The staff is friendly and the bathrooms we’re clean. The drinks at the bar was good, and the DJ was also good. Just wish I could hit the jackpot lol

  9. Sid Cline say:

    Disappointed with the cadino staff. Some blond named Sandra who was dealing really pissed us off. Bad attitude and she even tried hitting on my boyfriend. Sorry wint be back.

  10. Jessica Hinson say:

    We always have a wonderful time when we go. Winning makes it a little more exciting obviously but love to go and just relax.

  11. Jerry Brueggeman say:

    Machines to tight and too many smokers. Couldn’t breath need bigger non smoking area had to leave early

  12. Marybeth Howenstein Knoblauch say:

    Great customer service. Needed a room not elevator assessable, they went to supervisor and he found me one. Thank you for caring and helping.

  13. William Crowe say:

    Great rooms casino has great selection of machines and plenty of restaurants to choose from

  14. Brandon Coalter say:

    If I have a few free days I make it a point to visit Harrah’s Cherokee. I’ve never had a single problem out of any of the staff and always have a great time when here. I keep reading reviews saying they don’t give comps which is completely absurd, not only do they comp rooms but the past few times I’ve gone I’ve received $20 free play for each night I stay as a part of their code green promotion. I’ll be down the end of this month for three nights, in a comped room I might add, as well as the end of November for the WSOP circuit event.

  15. Tanker Gillis say:

    I have been going to harrahs for 20 years at least 5-6 times a year. It takes 6 to 7 hours to go. I have seen it when it was small and now it’s huge. Overall I say it’s a nice hotel. Most of the time it’s very clean. Have been a few times and wondered what happened to the bathroom in the room. But I can overlook a few things none of us are prefect.
    I’m glad they made an arcade inside the hotel for the kids. The pool is always clean.
    They have a non smoking section and the games are clearly marked. So if you are a non smoker go there. Its right beside thr food court. its a pretty big area where you will not be bothered. Or you can try the new one in the valley all the rooms are nonsmoking.
    I smoke when I gamble and glad I can get a drink to. It bugs me because I am a gambler and a smoker and I dislike when a non smoker sits beside me in smoking section and is just disgusted by me and makes it plainly obvious. Let’s play nice. Well I’m in the right area, it’s my money and I’m not trying to be rude to you by blowing it in your face. i try to be courteous. I’m there to have a good time and maybe get lucky. I’m in my little area feeding the machines.

    Usually, the staff is friendly. I have had a few instances were they were plain out rude to my 19 year old son coming back to the hotel from the pool while I was with him. There are several resturants to chose from for the family inside the hotel. The sleu garden is good. Room service is awesome! Little shops you can get things and a coffee shop.
    I get comps and use my card regularly. They are nothing like i use to get and I spend a ton more then what I use to be. I suppose that’s from all the expansions. My card is always used.
    The casino is very tight. Sometimes you can win a little bit but most of the time it’s just feeding and feeding the machines.
    I loved the wizard of oz games the haunted forest. It’s gone now. I walked the whole casino nope poof it was there in June. � no walking dead either. Only a few game of thrones that stay packed.
    There are no huge jackpots. Like in atlantic city. Which is odd. It’s a very big casino. There are people that come from all over to the casino. My aunt comes from Mississippi.
    Long time ago they use to have drawings for lucky winners and pictures of winners up. I liked seeing those things.Not in years. I went early in the morning to scope some games out. The biggest jackpot was around 50,000. I seen that on 1 machine.
    Overall it’s still a nice place. It just not where you will win enough off the slots to retire. I’ve decided to give Vegas a try for that �
    If they had a game locator at one of those kiosk it would be so much better. �
    There are plenty of places during the summer you can go to not to far away. I’ll probably always go to it. My son was 3 and called it the big hotel he’s 19 and still calls it the big hotel. Lol.

  16. Darla Sue Mitchell Woods say:

    This was our first time here and we loved it even won a little money. We r already planning our next trip making it an overnight trip. Nice casino. Hubby and i loved it. I’ve been telling everyone to go here.

  17. Wanda Murray Blankenship Gilley say:

    I have been there a few times.I really love the bingo a lot.I am a bingo player big time.

  18. Heather Jones say:

    My first time ever coming to the casino was to see Aaron Lewis and omg!!! It was an amazing night!

  19. Shay Cornwell say:

    Went to Cherokee to see the Aaron Lewis concert and it was an amazing venue! Earlier in the day we played some slots, didnt do very good. They were a little tight. But thats why they call it gambling. We also did the BBQ and brew outside near the river. We drove 3 anf a half hours, and will definatly do it again. Best place to see a concert in my opinion. Every employee I spoke with were very pleasant and helpful. Bar drinks were great, a little pricey bit good. I do wish there was somewhere that yall post about upcoming concerts. If there is a site please let mw know. Thanks for a great time, maybe next time the slots will be in my favor!

  20. Arvella Davis say:

    ilike to go to Cherokee casino all the staff are wonderful the Rooms are really nice just a nice place to spend time

  21. Rebecca Smith say:

    The casino is not as Smoky as most. Ruth Chris was great. The bartenders were just ok. The facility is beautiful.

  22. Bonnie Leggett Gregory say:

    Beautiful building, great staff, lots of fun in the foyer with music guests and DJ. Very nice concert venue (saw Aaron Lewis perform). BBQ&Brew was fun and would like to attend other events sometime. Overall, had a wonderful time, but unfortunately, not able to book a room at that time. Received Total Rewards card for new member and $50.00 voucher and won $167.00 on slot machine!!! Wonderful way to end the night. Will definitely go back!!

  23. Jason Amanda Hodge say:

    We was just there for the Aaron Lewis concert. We had a great time at the show and casino, been there twice and had a great experience every time.

  24. Roger D. Jones say:

    The casino was very great you couldn’t ask for no better Casino to be only a four-hour drive the rooms is pretty nice they could use more cleaning but they are clean and I would stay there anytime I have a room if I’m up there need more supplies in the room more coffee more hair shampoo other than that great place I put it as a four-star

  25. Michelle Nunnally say:

    I was there this past weekend for the Aaron Lewis concert and to play some slots. This was my first time I have ever been in a casino and LOVED it!!! I had the best time and will definitely be back with my husband.

  26. James Robinson say:

    Great place… It was amazing… We will be back!!

  27. Jason Brazzell say:

    Had a great time with friends watching Aaron Lewis perform he is absolutely worth the money watching in concert! We also enjoyed our time gambling while enjoying some cold beverages � we will be back soon

  28. Kim Laws-Fox say:

    I went last night august 19th to the Aaron Lewis concert and it was absolutely amazing. Staff was extremely helpful and very well spoken. Went there a few years ago to anything concert and it has only gotten better since then. Love this place and will love going back. Thank you Harrah’s!!

  29. Courtney Horne Butler say:

    We have a great time every time we go regardless if we win or lose!!!!

  30. Cherish Miller say:

    I went to see Aaron Lewis. I had never been there. I had so much fun! The venue for the concert was perfect. There were live bands and a DJ to dance to afterwards. Honestly, I can’t remember when I had that much fun and I went alone!! I only gambled with $5 for a few minutes because I was having so much fun doing everything else. Can’t wait to go back!

  31. Larry Buran say:

    25th visit since
    2012 we love the customer service and all the staff. Brooks and his team do a great job.

  32. Kenny Griffin say:

    I had a great time at the casino. I was lucky enough to break even and leave! Hahaha. The experience at the hotel was another story. The beds was so hard and uncomfortable and the AC in the room didn’t hardly cool. I actually got up and went to my truck and laid down for a while. This was on the 21 of August 2017 so the hotel was packed with Solar Eclipse viewers. No available rooms to swap. If you stay there try not to get Creek Tower room #1259.

  33. Sherry Jordan say:

    My sister and I went there for the first time yesterday it was my first time ever going to a casino the staff was very helpful and friendly we will definitely be going back!!

  34. Tina Marks Flowers say:

    Enjoyed it. We always do. The many assistants walking around are so helpful and the security there ensures a good time while feeling safe. Will def be back.

  35. Norma Orrell Matthews say:

    Too many people smoking! Played slots didn’t win a thing. The food was very expensive. $2. For a cup to put water in that you paid for.

  36. Brandon Phillip Bachman say:

    Harrahs’s is a great establishment, and there welcome to invite me to patronize there establishment whenever they feel like taking my money!

  37. Carole Ann Duncan say:

    Had a wonderful time! I would like to have stayed longer. The karaoke was awesome!

  38. William Henritze say:

    OMG! I straight up ❤️ This place… It’s beyond amazing! Anyone considering a trip here shouldn’t have to think twice. It’s a must! At least once in you’re life.. Well, if you’re over 21 years of age… Wich I am. So, it’s “AWESOME”!!!

  39. Louis Wilson say:

    It’s a crap shoot everytime you visit sometime you win and most time you lose. I will still go back and play I like the atmosphere.

  40. Bonnie Carrano say:

    I feel that even though this casino is obviously making a tremendous profit, it is spiraling downward in many ways. The cleanliness of the rooms has declined MAJORLY! I have had to call upon arrival in my room on several occasions recently due to many problems, including dirty rooms with food on the floors, to dirty refrigeraters, to rooms that reeked of urine, to toilet bowls streaked with feces!!! Just to mention a few!
    Some employees have been rude and unhelpful, something that never happened in the past.
    I’ve been going to this casino for several years now and have even made 7* a few times, but lately it’s not met my expectations. Although I’ve reached a 7* status, I am very often not treated as a 7* nor receive 7* benefits. It seems the only way to be truly treated as a 7* player is to CONTINUALLY be a 7* AND achieve even higher than 7* points at this casino. Which is rather hard to do as the machines do not seem to be paying like they used to! Now in OTHER Harrah’s around the country, I AM treated better as a 7* so what’s the deal here? I’ve been provided excuses by some, but in my opinion, this should be addressed much better.
    Therefore, Cherokee will certainly be seeing less of me!

  41. Sylvia Peterson say:

    It was a blast for me the food omg tast so good makes you wanna slap your self omy the ffo was greatt. The games are yes id love it great but hard to chose from id love to go back .

  42. Tammy Carter Bowman say:

    Can’t win!!!! Smoky!!! No free drinks!!!! Dunkin Donuts make ur own drinks and Donuts out where ppl can tamper with them. ATM charges $5.99. Beautiful, but boring town.

  43. Stormie Speaks say:

    Great venue for a show. Very nice. Clean. Met lots of people there who were awesome. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and helpful.

  44. Jeff Hess say:

    The wife and I enjoyed our visit. Went mainly to see Ron White however played,ate,and toured the entire resort and was impressed. I would not recommend the balcony seats for a comic.Spend a little extra and sit below.

  45. Allen Reed say:

    After the Ron White performance (which was fantastic) we decided to play some Three Card Poker. After 45 minutes of playing we had not seen a server for a drink. We asked the pit boss if he could call one over. He said that they were understaffed but one should come by soon. An hour passed and no server! It’s bad enough that a Casino makes you purchase drinks while you gamble (I’ve gambled in Vegas, Reno, Biloxi and Tunica, drinks are always free). How can you be short of help on a Saturday night with a major performer in town. Poor management in my opinion.

  46. Amy Longshore say:

    Servers need to be more ATTENTIVE


  47. Joe Wheeler say:

    Been there several times now for events & concerts was there last night for Ron White everytime I go it’s always the same thing ridiculously long lines to get a drink and scalpers all over the lobby of the Event Center scalping tickets.. you would really think that they would do more for customer service and security really needs to get the scalpers out of the building it’s ridiculous.. what security people I do see don’t seem to even care what’s going on they’re just standing there staring at people I’ll probably go see another concert out there cuz I enjoy going to concerts but I know what to expect long lines to get a drink and scalpers all over the place it’s amazing that they let it go on

  48. Judy Mabe say:

    You can’t win nothing anymore!Use to like better than Vegas,but no more and I am a seven stars!

  49. Terrell Tee McMorris say:

    My first visit EVER was yesterday 8/26/17 and I must say I really enjoyed myself. The smoke was a bit much but overall great experience, not to mention a WINNER! �. Thanks for a great time and first experience at a casino… Friendly staff and great service

  50. Johnny SirHiclass Lester say:

    I’m not the biggest casino person, however I’ve traveled to a variety of casinos. For me I’m a foodie and I will give a review of my experience with the food. We went for a day trip on yesterday and I usually hate buffets, however I will indulge in the ones at casinos because they are usually good. I believe it was called the Big Chef Restaurant. I found it amusing that the “Total Rewards,” members for a whole $2 discount on the buffet. The casino in Tunica offers better discounts for the rewards customers. I will say the variety of food was good but the quality of food was just ok at best for me. Some of the selections just could have been seasoned better and nothing was just so good that it stood it to me. Would I go back? Probably yes because the casino is a short drive away. But I most likely would not eat at the buffet again.

  51. Jean Bramlett say:

    Up grades are awesome.Went for show.Not a bad seat in the place.Loved it.

  52. Joe Fillipon say:

    I will take Foxwoods any time over this place better food cleaner

  53. Mary Holley Sigmon say:

    Returning from another wonderful time at Cherokee! Tried some new restaurants and went white water Rafting! Casino was great to us this trip…. we have gas to get home on… LOL

  54. Michael Berkhous say:

    Food is really expensive and not that good they don’t give you all the stuff that they’re supposed to give you and it’s definitely not that clean,I’ve been to a lot of casinos in my time and this is probably the worst one I’ve ever been to

  55. Koral Wheatley say:

    I’ve never had an unpleasant experience there…they could be a little more giving!

  56. Zach Chadow say:

    Very nice place, good food and professional employees.

  57. Shelly Martin say:

    Great clean place! Had a great time. Staff was very helpful and their Margaritas are great

  58. Jerry Green say:

    It’s hard for the average person to go to the casino in Cherokee or Murphy. The machines are all set up at a very high Play settings. I go to Tunica Mississippi a lot and although that Tunica has some of the same slot machines like they got at Harrah’s casino in Murphy and Cherokee, they also have lots of machines that are two and three Play credits Max. Also Cherokee Harris and Murphy’s Harris has a minimum $10 at card tables where Tunica has a lot of minimum $5 at card tables makes a big difference when you’re on a budget.

  59. Lisa Shuler say:

    I have only been here once and that was before my dear sweet husband passed away and I am so ready to go back. It was an enjoyable time

  60. Jerry Greene say:

    Been there alot machines a little tight but you can get lucky and win

  61. James Mitchell say:

    Hotel was comfortable, furniture in common area was worn, restaurants were nice, but don’t go in with the idea that you might win weak pay backs, and the tightest slots I’ve ever seen.

  62. Donna Kreeger Lindley say:

    We have been to Harrah’s multiple times and each time I notice that the hotel is deteriorating. We had Soco 736. Originally I had Creek Tower but had to switch at check-in because they had not captured my room request accurately in the online reservation system. They acted like they were doing us a really big favor by moving us to Soco 736. Well I can tell you it wasn’t that great. The AC shut off after first day because it had so much sludge and water in the pan the float tripped. We tried to request someone on the in room TV Maintenance page — didn’t work. Maintenance did come after we called, but only reset the switch. So guess what? AC was not working at peak performance. In addition, the room was not that clean. There were someone else’s hair in the bathroom floor and an inch of dust has accumulated on the tile shelf that lines the the bathroom wall. The carpet is old and dirty. Tile in bathroom is old and cracked. Even the caulk around the tub is missing. I would be really upset if I was paying $400-$500 per night. Rooms are in desperate need of renovations. And there was trash in the hall outside our door. After 3 days the trash still there. We purposely left it to see if it would get picked up by the cleaning people servicing the rooms. NOPE. Food trays lined the hall floor daily and weren’t picked up regularly. The hotel and casino are severly understaffed. What’s up with that? Should be plenty of people wanting work in that area. Is the Casino so bad to the employees that they can’t keep help? We complained about the room and they offered to send up housekeeping. WHAT? Housekeeping was just here. And what needs to be done in that room will take more than a few hours of work. In addition we are shocked by the cost of adult beverages and food in the restaurants. We did discover a few nice places outside the casino that we chose to patronize. Much more reasonable. And I agree with the other comments — you don’t win on slots unless the place is packed and then it is a modest amount. There is not enough staff in the casino to provide drinks or machine service. And you wait in horrible lines at New Years for a drink. When we ask we hear the same thing every visit — well we are understaffed. Harrah’s Cherokee needs to make some big improvements and get their act together or they will lose all their business to the new casino ramping up in SC just south of Charlotte. One final thing — this is the only place I could find to provide feedback.

  63. Greg Burke say:

    First time I visited was sept 1 2017 for the Hank jr concert, Hank was awesome �.. won some on slots best hit was 500 on wheel of fortune 25 cent machine and some smaller hits on other machines. Did nicely on 3card poker as well. Over all I was pleased �. I’ll come back another time.

  64. Betty Sluder say:

    Beautiful place, so much fun. Concert was awesome and had so many options to choose from on food

  65. Johnny Shults say:

    Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Resort, through their HERO Outreach Program, treated eight Desert Storm combat veterans and their spouses to a Casino Tour, dinner at Brio Tuscan Grill, Hank Williams Jr concert and complimentary hotel rooms on September 1, 2017. The participants from the 24th Infantry Division, 1st Infantry Division and National Desert Storm War Memorial are deeply grateful for the recognition and generosity of Harrah’s Cherokee. Thank you, Janna Hyatt, for your time and effort to provide an outstanding evening for our combat veterans to reunite and enjoy a world class event.

  66. Paul Hughart say:

    Customer service across the board was very poor and the casino floor just puts off an even more than usual skeevy environment

  67. Cindy Simmons say:

    Best place to see concerts will come back again and again…

  68. Diane Castro say:

    The hotel is nice but they do not guarantee the type of room reserved. The casino is great and all of the staff are very friendly. We attended a concert. The performance by Hank Williams Jr was fantastic but the experience was spoiled by people going in and out of their seats. It is too bad that the concessions are not closed during the performances. It is a disservice to the performer and most of the audience to have these disruptions.

  69. Angie Sims-Bunch say:

    Always love Harrah’s Cherokee Casino!!! Hank Williams Jr was a great show, good food, Ruth Chris love our coordinator Greg Cable

  70. Miranda Crusan Manning say:

    Went for a concert and spent the night very clean nicely decorated room and service was top notch will be making return visits

  71. Cassarah Ensley say:

    The concert was amazing but when I went to get other drink all the bars were closed outside the concert and it wasn’t even 11! It’s a casino, on a Friday night, don’t you think that’s a little early! I will not be attending another concert here for that reason. There are small local bars that keeping serving til two but the casino can’t serve their customers who paid for a ticket can’t even drink past 11. It should be clearly stated somewhere that the concert bars only stay open half way through the concert.

  72. Laura Small say:

    We love harrahs cherokee we go every month 6 hour drive is worth it great getaway staff is great food wonderful wish I could win lol but I will eventually get lady luck to smile on me lol would recommend this resort to everyone it’s great!!

  73. Charles Slaughter say:

    It’s a gamble. If you expect to just come here and win all the time they wouldn’t be in business. Take the wins with the losses.

  74. Tina Lowery say:

    Didn’t do anything last visit machine seem so dead maybe I don’t know what to play one day I may be lucky if I decide to return

  75. Katie Shapiro say:

    Parts of the casino we’re OK but I must say it was a very very smoky and a lot of the slot machines were filthy. There was a lot of debris and crap between machines that made you feel dirty when you were done playing. It’s just a really simple housekeeping issue that needs to be taken care of.

  76. Jennifer L. Phillips say:

    I had an awesome time at the casino celebrating my husband’s birthday. Only thing I think needs changed, is have more than one of the Batman & Robin game.

  77. Melissa Walker Thompson say:

    It was fun, but not all of fhe bathrooms were were clean, beer over priced and mixed drinks tasted like the had no alcohol in them.

  78. Alison Crawford say:

    I had a good time….the only thing is, I had left some free play & food vouchers at home & for some reason the machine wouldn’t let me print them…it kept saying I had the wrong pin number…so I went to total rewards & did my pin number over & it still kept saying the same thing…i just said forget it, cause the lines in total rewards had gotten longer & yesterday my knees were hurting me…so I didn’t get to use them

  79. James Ayers say:

    Good place to go to lose money. Your better off buying lottery tickets.

  80. Jeffrey Johnson say:

    I love the casino not only for playing slots I like the environment it’s just a fun place to be

  81. Leslie Davis say:

    Love it great concerts great staff always helpful

  82. Kathy Wholters say:

    The room wasn’t worth the price. Most likely won’t go back

  83. Gary Davis say:

    Hank jr concert was awesome!!!! The casino was a lot of fun, definitely going back..

  84. Tammera Garrett say:

    Brought my husband here for his birthday. His first experience at a casino and Harrahs all but ruined it. 90% of the staff were rude and unhelpful. We continuously were given false information including when areas closed and where places even were located. It was ridiculous. When in the casino the vibe was like that of a night club at 2am. Men trying to find something to take home. I haven’t been so uncomfortable since my 20s. The poker tables had a 2-4 hour wait list. By the 3rd day we didn’t even return to the casino. The surrounding area has little else to offer. We probably will not return to this casino.

  85. Rebecca McConnell say:

    This has been a horrible year for me at Harrahs Cherokee as far as winning. The machine pay outs are way too high but of course every time they start building that’s what happens. The shows are good most of the time but the music is always toooo loud so it makes it hard to understand the words of the singers. Last year I did pretty good but this year has been more than terrible. I like yo play in the Non smoking area but it never fails that smokers come there. Security to keep them out is horrible. Murphy security is so much better. They continually walk the floors to make sure nothing is not the way it should be.

  86. Teresa Cofield say:

    It was a amazing first time experience..we will definitely visit again��

  87. Scarlett Wolfe say:

    First time in a casino, was very impressed. Staff was great even though they were swamped with guests, food was amazing, rooms are gorgeous…. Perfect for a day trip, or a vacation

  88. Sheay Harrison say:

    My wife and I love the ��casino, hotel, Ruth Chris and Definitely �BRIO��

  89. Zelda Horndorfer say:

    Insane food prices. Couldn’t win anything. Took my parents there when they visited for our wedding… why can’t you put dollar bills in the machines? That is ANNOYING! We ate in the food court which was, well, a food court. Expensive and mediocre. Stayed in a hotel across the street which was the best part of the visit. Probably won’t be back to the casino, but the area is beautiful. Good to see my cuzzins… I’m Ojibwe from Wisconsin.

  90. Martha Ray say:

    I have had a good time up here, so much fun. Machines have been good to me really God is the one who is good to me.

  91. April Anderson Edwards say:

    A great little day trip getaway! We had a blast and all the staff was super friendly and accommodating! Carl whom I believe was keeping the casino floor clean was an absolute delight to talk too! Can’t wait to go back!

  92. Jay Waya Helms say:

    Got turned away after my I’d was out of date even after I went like staff told me to order a new one online then got Turn away even after I did what they said printed out the paper they said I needed. Then asked to speak to higher up instead of sending a Manger they said over the walky talkie no . I’m disable and did every thing I was told to renew my I’d and then spent money to renew it to get told nope u can’t come in . I will never be coming here again and neither will my family . Great waste made my vacation not a good trip keep in mind I’m disable . So even after we did every thing we were told by paying online for renew I’d I still got turned away even tho I’m way over 21. Thanks harrahs casino for making my trip to cherokee not a good experience. See if I ever come to your casino and spend money. Crappy service and rude Manger who would not even come down to tell me to my face they basically had me spend money for noting . Very rude people working there.

  93. Amie Cole say:

    Loved the appeaser but needed more of the staff showing people how to work the cards and machine’s explain things better to new visitors that come besides that it was great that night.

  94. Christine Sellers say:

    My husband and I had an awesome time. Can’t wait to go back.

  95. Anita Hillis say:

    My first time at any casino and I was not impressed at all. The casino was so smoky you could cut the smoke with a knife. We had to wait 45 minutes for a drinks server to stop by and then she acted like we were a big bother to her. We came for the Hank Jr concert and enjoyed what little we saw of it. People were going in and out for drinks constantly stepping over us. The two party girls next to me were up dancing with their mixed drinks in their hands with no lids and spilled them all over the floor and down the backs of the couple sitting in front of them. Security kicked them out and only then could I enjoy the rest of Hank’s show. And to the man who kept climbing all over us to use the restroom
    Please get your prostate checked!!!

  96. Michael Futch say:

    My only issue was the signage for the restrooms. It was like walking in a vortex

  97. Steven T Austin say:

    I am absolutely over the moon that y’all got Pai Gow Poker! I had such a great time playing those games. I just wish I could’ve gotten into play Baccarat. Anyway, we had a fabulous time celebrating my remission, and I’ll definitely be back!

  98. Patrick Ransom say:

    I never go back too crowded can’t get on machines I like playing and pluse I lost over 2,000 and couldn’t even get a comp meal or room so we end up sleeping in car in garage and drove back next morning…. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  99. Lewis Boyette say:

    Have been going to Harrahs for many years never had one problem always had wonderful time everything first class everyone very courteous don’t always win but have good time thanks Harrahs for somewhere to go and have a good time and really appreciate the comp nights will continue to visit

  100. Kerri Wikle say:

    Do not like the hotel being separate from the casino.

    Beds are high for those of us that are vertically challenged.

    Rooms are very nice, there was a good variety of slots and varied denominations.

  101. Alesia Lynn OQuinn say:

    Very nice casino, I visit every 3 or 4 months I just wished they had more $5.00 Blackjack Tables than only 1 $5.00 table it takes so long to even get a seat to play, also wished there was some $10.00 Blackjack Tables that be nice to!

  102. Noel Case say:

    We like to come over for the day…..eat and play. We usually come to Cherokee and then circle down to Murphy on the return route to East Tennessee. We stay at a lot of Casino’s when we travel and almost never have an issue getting a room for under $100. But, we’ve only been able to book a room there once…..over many tries. So, I’m not sure why you never seem to have a room available. Also, my wife and I used to get mailings with free play (pretty weak compared to others but we got them) every few weeks. Suddenly mine stopped coming. She gets hers….I never do. This doesn’t make sense because we always come together and usually play for about the same time and money. What’s up with this?

  103. Brad Brown say:

    Clean area, helpful staff, we shall be going back.

  104. Jonathan Siau say:

    Your rooms need improvement! No access to chargers either, we only had USB chargers, store should have had the AC plug. Non smoking rooms were still stale smelling. Granted it was a free room, but Mtn Tower needs some renovations!

  105. Debra Vencill say:

    We attended a Doobie Brothers concert at the casino event center so we arrived a couple of hours early to have some fun in the casino. Even though we’ve been coming here for several years, it’s always new & exciting every time we visit! New machines, bigger jackpots, more tables! Can’t wait for our next visit!

  106. Jeannine Bisted Sowers say:

    Major valet parking mess. Mel finally dragged yellow barriers to block off entry, had people leave their cars in place and go ahead inside to attend the SCC Bluegrass, Blue Jeans & Bling fundraiser. Mel was obviously stressed and working hard, sweating, and frustrated that some people had taken their keys.When we exited…I was expecting continued chaos. All the cars had been moved, and parked, retrieval was quick, and Mel was telling jokes and making people laugh. Mel made it a very good experience!

  107. Angie Johnson say:

    I was just there this past weekend. I was not impressed at all. This was my first time in a casino . I will not be going back! The room was too much for what u get ! They need a better cleaning , sheets had holes in them, carpet felt dirty to feet and much more . Also was not pleased with any of the machines I played. I would have been better off going to a Internet cafe to win. It don’t matter to complain because nothing was done to accommodate us. Never going back !😡

  108. Frances Vogel say:

    I have been to Cherokee many times and stayed at the hotel a few times. This time we had annoying issues that make a stay stressful.
    1. Our room was non smoking but a room a few doors down was a smoking room so the hall and our room smelled of smoke. I mentioned it to the front desk and they said the 15 floor was non smoking but the cleaning crew said the suite was smoking. So someone was wrong.
    2. Room wasn’t very clean, there was hair on the bathroom floor and on the back of the couch. There were drink rings on a couple of the surfaces. I always bring wipes with me so I was able to wipe things down.
    3. My room key didn’t work twice! That really annoyed me. I had to go get a new key twice.
    4. The food is mediocre at best.

    I’m sure I’ll go back but I’m not sure I’ll stay the night again. It was overpriced for what we got.

  109. Sherry Raulerson Thomson say:

    We love it. Brio is the Best. The mandara Spa is amazing. Noodle bowl is great for a midnight snack. We love roulette and craps. Hate the smoking, but we deal with.

  110. Roxane Peters say:

    I enjoy going to concerts here. Not many concert venues allow you to go in & out these days. So that is a big plus for me.

  111. Gerald Craig say:

    We got to the Casino early when it was not very busy.
    By noon as more people arrived it became very smokey.
    If fact it got so bad that I spent more time outside than I did inside.
    The nonsmoking area was not enforced. There were even ashtrays siting next to the machines that were marked no smoking.
    I even saw casino staff cleaning the ashtrays and then putting them back by the machines in the nonsmoking area.
    I don’t want make this post run on to long.
    One last thing, I signed up for the players card, please take my name off of your mailing list. I will not be coming back.

  112. Scott Burton say:

    I love it. I’ve never won . But I still have fun every time.

  113. Kristina Martin Burr say:

    We had a great night all employees were nice and knowledgeable…shout out to Robert one if the craps dealers he was the best

  114. Ronald O. Lee say:

    Great service and I won $27,865.00. Will come again.

  115. Nancy Lindh say:

    We had a fun time at the Casino…no luck but fun…had a nice lunch too!!

  116. Dolores Joy say:

    I enjoyed it. I learned how to play one of the game tables.

  117. Susan McMullen Yonkin say:

    It’s not all that great but its the only one close to us. You dont win hardly and if you do its not much. If there was anither casino close by that’s where we would go. Its two hours there two back home. Everything there is expensive. The free play they give you is a joke. Hard rock casino’s so much better.

  118. Julie Fuller say:

    Darius Rucker was great! Crowd control and security were awful! No control at all.

  119. Jenna Surig say:

    We love coming here but after the Darius Rucker show, we will never spend money buying tickets again. We purchased front row seats on the isle and it started out great and we were excited. As soon as the show started people stormed the stage and our “front row tickets” were pointless. Everyone around me complained to the security officers but they were “told to do nothing” one lady tried to make everyone go back to their seats but no one listened to her. Darius was awesome!!! And I will definitely see him again but not there. The casino will probably do nothing about it bc ppl will still buy tickets but warning for the people out there!!! Unfortunately our room was extremely dirty this time too. Oh well right?!?

  120. Tim Krajzel say:

    Great show put on by Darius Rucker. Great venue with comfortable seating.

  121. Rebecca Lowman say:

    I love Darius Rucker and have seen him on many occasion. Last night he put on a great show. I’ve been to several shows at the casino and not once has security allowed everyone to rush the stage and crowd around it like they did last night. I felt bad for the people who paid 300$ for front row seats only to have to look at strangers backs. It was an older crowd up front who may not have been able to stand the entire time. Very disappointed in the security or lack thereof.

  122. Dallas Grey Settle say:

    Review is for the concert venue could care less about gambling

  123. Emily Lilly Stanley say:

    I come to Harrahs at least 3 times a year for concerts. Love it! Never win big..but still fun to play the machines. The room rates are too expensive so when I stay overnight I stay @ The Cherokee Grand Hotel. Wish rates were more reasonable on weekends

  124. Ruth Bennett say:

    The ring!

    I found it on the bathroom floor near the trash can a few months back when I was leaving the Casino.

    I did what I thought was the honest thing. Making a call to the Casino and letting the Casino know if someone claimed to of lost it and describe it I would return it.

    What I got from the casino was.
    A man calling me later that evening with a blocked phone number and berating me. And then I go over to the Casino to play on 9-23-2017. To be told I have been banned from all Casinos in their chain.

    I have not had anyone calling to describe the ring. I will return it to the rightful owner.

    After 45 days I went by a pawn with the ring and they told me it was worth maybe $25.


  125. Kim Stach say:

    I love the drive up to Cherekee! Like the casinio and Hotel! Shows are good! It is a little to loud and you can’t understand what there singing most of the time! Food is not the best! I have had way better at resorts! Diamond lounge is not as nice as in the beginning, food is awlful! Wish the quality of the food improves, like it used to be! It’s like eating cheap frozen dinners?? The casinio is way too smokey? I know we’re in the Smokies but please try and cut the smoking areas back! Or have better ventilation?? We always come home congested from all the smoke there! We will return but just not that often until it improves on this issue! I do like the the staff there! Everyone is always friendly!

  126. Carey Kunz Perez say:

    Had a great time. My only compliant was that the kids had to walk outside to go to the arcade. I do know how important it is to keep them off the casino floor just wish there was a different route for parent peace of mind.

  127. Scot Hughes say:

    Let me start by saying – the Casino is Great! We ate at Brio and that was great as well – they need to work on their event staff – I thought the security people were WAY out of control – when the concert started we wanted to stand for 2 reasons 1) it was hard to see over the people on the floor who were standing and 2) to dance and have a good time – the security guy told us we had to sit, there’s no standing in the whole place – yet they never made the people on the floor sit – then several times during the concert groups of workers and security would stand in front of us and talk and watch the show! Really people – we paid good money to see this and enjoy it
    So I think as far as event is concerned they really need to work on making a great experience for the fans

  128. Beverly Stancell say:

    Had the best birthday ever, at Harrah’s.
    Everyone was polite, the servers, was always right on time.
    Food court, was fabulous!
    Awesome atmosphere, in Cherokee Harrah’s!

  129. Sabrina Duncan-Moreland say:

    My first time at Harrah’s Casino was great.
    The the staff was so friendly, and helpful. We will definitely be back.

  130. Tiffany H. Straw-Botts say:

    My husband and I went to the casino for our anniversary. Neither of us had ever been to a casion so we were pretty lost at trying to find out what we needed to do to get started. We ran in to a few staff that were friendly and helped us get every going. We had a great experience and plan to return.

  131. Kim N Kurt Steiger say:

    It was just a fun time – We have never been to this location, and it was just fun to people watch and play the machines!!!

    We might never make it back, but we can check the box!

  132. Donnie A Morgan say:

    Me and my wife have been going to harrahs Cherokee for 12 years it’s always great I’ve worked all the way up to diamond status then got that taken away for unknown reasons . we have always gotten comp rooms until this weekend plus the guy that checked us in was a smart ass and rude. I will never stay there again . If I’m gonna have to pay for a room it’s gonna be were ur made feel wanted and appreciated .

  133. Kenny Joe Keeter say:

    It’s a fun experience and if you play smart you can win. Good luck comes with patience

  134. Lauri Adams say:

    First visit here from San Diego and could not be more impressed. Very big property with so much to offer. Brio Italian restaurant was superb; both the food and the service – Trae and TJ were the best. The employees are so friendly and helpful…just a pleasure. Gaming is gaming…you win some, you lose some, but overall I got a lot of play for my money. Thank you Harrah’s Cherokee for your hospitality.

  135. Julie Boyd Thomas say:

    I walked in with $60 and walked out with $100. We were only there for about 2 hours and can’t wait to go back. They even gave a $50 voucher for signing up to get a rewards card. I missed out but the others in my group got one.
    It was bigger and better than I remembered. I can’t wait until we go back!

  136. Kelly Anne say:

    This was my first trip in and I would not come back. The staff were fabulous but the rooms were dated and the place was way, way, way too smoky for my liking. From a gambling perspective the machines were as cold as the temperature but they did have a nice variety to choose from.

  137. Lorinda Ray-Driskill say:

    Beautiful setting and the staff have been great. The rooms are great and I’ve been very comfortable.

  138. Sam Smith Subviboon say:

    all location bad smell cigarate,food court too expensive

  139. Salvatore J. Annerino say:

    Can believe they tell me Have Birthday Money
    Nothing there

  140. Lori Abernathy say:

    Love it great place to relax and give money away. Black jack

  141. Jana Todd Haynes say:

    There was a couple issues in the room and the staff handled it promptly and I was compensated for my inconvenience. Room was clean, all the staff in the casino and hotel we’re very friendly and knowledgeable. The only complaint I do have is that it took anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to get a drink if you are playing on the slot machines once you ordered it. I was there for 3 Days the first day I sat there for an hour on a slot machine waiting for someone to take my drink order. I do believe they need more servers. But overall we had a wonderful time it is beautiful there and we are already planning our next trip to Harrah’s in Cherokee North Carolina.

  142. Chris Martin say:

    We enjoyed our first visit there. We were glad you had some slots in no smoking but getting there from
    the ultra center had a heavy smoke smell. The complex is much larger than we expected. Selu garden cafe lunch buffet was very good. All employees we encountered were very helpful. It would be nice to come see a show and stay the night sometime. We look forward to visiting again.

  143. Latoya Oneluv White say:

    Win or Lew’s it’s always a good time great food wonderful people lovely atmosphere and awesome shopping.

  144. Gary Hunt say:

    I’ve been there several times can’t wait to come back next weekend. See them beautiful mountains soon.

  145. Kathi Rylee Cook say:

    I have stayed at the casino hotel several times over the years and have always been pleased with the hotel itself. Everyone is always nice as they can be and helpful about any needs we may have. The food at the buffet could be much more tasty,and the machines a little looser,but the hotel itself is awesome !

  146. Randy Houldridge say:

    They charge for drinks. casinos are doing this more and more these days.
    I did ok playing penny slots i took 60 brought home 100 so not bad.
    buffett was so-so nothing to speak of.
    I stayed across the street and the Fairfield Inn.
    The casino looks mostly empty during the week I don’t know about the weekends

  147. Vincent Manley say:

    A nice place to relax and have fun and Gamble. I plan on going back

  148. Todd Santelli say:

    We came up to celebrate my birthday and I hit a Straight Flush in the first 10 minutes we were there!! Definitely worth the drive!! Highly recommended by Todd & Lora Santelli from Gastonia N.C. !!!

  149. Stephen Tarr say:

    Booked a non smoking room and ended up with a smoking room.

    No excuses made by check in.

    Pathetic .

    Do not accept that the room had to be changed

  150. Sarah Ox say:

    Don’t waste your time. Go on a cruise instead. They refuse to open more than 1 $5 blackjack table, and sometimes 1 or 2 $10 blackjack tables per night. People are lined up waiting for these tables. The manager said it’s because there aren’t enough dealers, but they rather have dealers standing at empty or nearly empty $25 tables than service other guests who would jump on lower betting tables.

  151. Dell Gray say:

    I love going rooms are great! Always eat the buffet..is awesome..

  152. Koren Hailey say:

    The room was very spacious and clean…and I’m really picky. ..I bring lysol when I stay away…I way very pleased…I didn’t win much…but I enjoyed the mini vacation.. I was able to check in quickly…but I received a non smoking room but the hallway smelled like smoke…

  153. Nkenge Hood say:

    I got lost with the dual valet service. But eventually we found our way!!! 😂😂😂

  154. Brenda Archuleta say:

    Wow drinks were crazy expensive! I have never been to a casino that you have to pay if you are gambling much less $8-$10 a drink for hardly and alcohol in the drink. Terrible!

  155. Julie Johnson Mastel say:

    Amazing! Gorgeous facility. It’s so upper class beautiful colors, places to hang out, and the Sound Bytes restaurant was really good !

  156. Reesa Hoefer Lacher say:

    Saw ZZ Top, ate at the buffet, roulette and had a great time.

  157. Heath Mcmeans say:

    We went to the ZZ Top concert, great venue. Would love to attend more concerts there.

  158. Kit McGinnis McDonald say:

    My husband has gone to Harrahs at Cherokee many times and I finally decided to go with him to see ZZ Top. Liked the concert venue…not too big and good seating. We ate at Ruth’s Chris and my sea bass was excellent.

    The staff I interacted with were all friendly and helpful. We took a dog and the room was set up well for dogs with vinyl flooring and lots of space to set up kennel.

    My biggest complaint is that the smoke smell in the casino and throughout the hotel is overpowering. Honestly just walking through the casino makes your eyes burn. There is a very small non smoking area in the casino that isn’t bad but everywhere else reeks of smoke…. even in and around the restaurants there is smoking. Based on a few of the other reviews I read, I’m not alone in this complaint. Harrahs needs to catch up and make the majority of its space smoke free.

  159. LP King say:

    Have an AWESOME TIME. Great music and great faculty.

  160. Darius Tina Barnes say:

    It was my first trip I really enjoyed it just a few things that could have been a little better but overall everything was very nice

  161. Tina Harris say:

    My boyfriend and i didn’t have any problems when we went. Im from NC and i agree people are there to have fun. After all every one spends alot of money there

  162. Regina Siler Barnhill say:

    October 6, 2017…..ZZ Top……drove from Knoxville, TN…..very good experience…..I had my ID with me at all times…..not once was I turned away from entry or drinks…..imagine that…..we love this casino and have a really good time every time we go. We WILL be returning.

  163. Sonya Merrell say:

    First time visitor and I really enjoyed myself. The Buffet!! OMG!! The only downside is that I had to come down that crazy mountain thanks to my GPS. Oh well.

  164. Pam Bentley Cooper say:

    My husband and I have been a couple of times now. We usually go to Tunica Ms. Here the drinks are not free like at Tunica. I was annoyed by people playing more then one game at a time or just sitting and not playing at all, they shouldn’t allow that. We have only eaten at the food court and it was okay. Overall it is beautiful and we probably we go back but maybe in the day time.

  165. Anne Dachowski say:

    If you’ve never been to any Harrah’s casino (anywhere in the country), they give a $50 voucher for free your first visit, which is what they did for me. It was a lot of fun and very profitable for me. I give them 4 stars because there was a lot of smoking going on despite it being forbidden. Otherwise it was quite a nice trip.

  166. Joseph Avery say:

    I’ve been going here since 2015. I think in total I’ve been 4 times… if I could up and move there I would. The food is awesome, the casino is incredible… even though they got rid of my slot machine The first time I went I was able to stay in a room at the hotel and it was great! More than most of the time they play decent music in the casino. The staff has always been nice to me, though the bartenders in the casino can be a little grumpy when not tipped (which is understandable).

  167. Rita Marshall say:

    Went for a ZZ Top concert. We had a wonderful time. We played the slots and left a little poorer than when we sat, but had fun. We ate at the food court and we enjoyed our sandwich and wrap. We asked directions from two staff people and both were helpful and kind. I agree with others that the smoking versus nonsmoking areas need to be better segregated and there needs to be a better variety of gambling options in the nonsmoking area. As a nonsmoker, I appreciate that the nonsmoking area is near the foodcourt – nice to eat without smelling smoke. No offense to smokers, I am a former smoker and completely get the need.

  168. Glenn Marshall say:

    Had a great time seeing ZZ Top. Theater is just the right size. Casino staff is friendly and helpful. Worst thing is the smoke. Non smoking area needs to be larger and include a place to eat.

  169. Lauren Miller say:

    I try to never leave a negative review, but the customer service by the front desk staff was terrible! I won’t be in any hurry to come back just because of that.

  170. Willette Thompson say:

    I always have a good time when i go and the people are so friendly. The staff is so nice i just have a ball everytime i go whether i win or lose.

  171. Stacey Dalton say:

    Very friendly and helpful. Large place and multiple machines to play mostly 1 cent machines. And upstairs is nice as well.

  172. Holly Marie Bonner say:

    Smart enough to leave not broke!!!!!!!!�
    But spent enough to get free motel stay!!!!!

  173. Todd Holloway say:

    Spent the night to gamble and see the smokies. Booked room online but when we checked in the woman at the desk said I had a smoking king room. I booked a non smoking w/2 queens. She was extremely rude and my proof of it on my phone did not matter. She even asked the guy beside her to say he only had smoking king so I would hear it from him. Seriously? After I was getting ready to leave she said she would ask the manager. She came back and meiaculously had a queen non smoking room for us. Very poor service from her. The rest of the stay was nice. This on top of the poor crowd control at concerts Harrahs is making it hard for us to want to come back.

  174. Jim King say:

    Great place to relax and get things off of your mine.

  175. Richard Stuck say:

    Reserved a suite, got a regular room.
    Machines are way too tight; last time we chalked it up to bad luck, but this time the same thing happened. We have had better luck at every hotel we have ever been to in Las Vegas.
    Very limited food options.
    Just a very poor gambling option – next time I’ll fly to Vegas.

  176. Linda Fatima Cotugno Cartee say:

    My husband and I went to Harrah’s for our anniversary. It was the first time at the hotel. Everyone there was very nice and hospitable. We had a blast! Food at Chris’s steakhouse was awsome! Pricey, but awsome! Room was great. Just hate that it’s a 5 hour drive.

  177. Kaylen McCampbell say:

    Being an 18 year old college student on a small vacation with my parents, this hotel very much upset me. I can barely afford anything that isn’t fast food due to school bills and car payments. All I wanted was to go to Johnny Rockets because it was a restaurant I could afford, but because it was in the food court with no access other than through the casino I could not go. The only places to eat that I could get to for a place to eat are places I can’t afford.

  178. Eddie Mills say:

    Went to see willie Nelson good seats I’m a 7 Star enjoyed a good time with friends
    They give you $20.00 free play if you don’t use maid service so when I went to get it was told it had expired no one said you had to get it same day by mis night so for that I will not be in the high limit a lot area today I’m sure it will cost the casino more than that little 20 bucks
    I have found the staff to be very friendly and nice �

  179. Julie Farkas Lowman say:

    Tickets to see ZZ Top.. So excited. I’ve heard good things about the venue. Small, not a bad seat in the place. The band did NOT disappoint. I’ve seen them many times and they’ve still got it. However, the venue DID disappoint. Who’s brilliant idea is it to demand that everyone remain seated?!?! At a concert??? A rock and roll concert??? I have NEVER seen this before. I could understand if people were standing ON their chairs, or even moving into the aisles... but to stand UP in front of a chair that you’ve paid a lot of money for is WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. I am proud of the band to be able to continue with the show while looking out to a sea of people…. just sitting. Or even worse, watching as paying fans are being escorted out simply for standing up, singing and dancing along to their great music. #zztoprocks #nomoreharrahsconcerts

  180. Richard Keith Beckner say:

    Loved our experience arrived and dined at Brio food was amazing. Then we attended the Willie Nelson concert. We will be returning to explore more and see what else is offered.

  181. Karen Doan Ray say:

    Awesome place for concerts. I absolutely love it

  182. Denise Haffner say:

    We went for the Willie Nelson concert and had a grand time. Can hardly wait for our next trip.

  183. Jimmy Bidwell say:

    Always have a great time very friendly staff even though i dont win great place.

  184. Rick Thrasher say:

    Had a great time the staff was very friendly. The casino is always very clean and nice

  185. Ray Cox say:

    Amazing place / It was my first time here, and I really liked it.. I only was here for around 7 hours, but man was this place busy. I took a break, and had lunch here too, and it was very good just all around good place. I will come back, and play Black Jack 21 – I think I will pass on the Craps Table seen people lose thousands in just a few minutes. I must say ( every single employee ) was so professional, and made me feel welcomed I mean even the guards were nice. I went to 2 different Black Jack Tables, and the guys running it were very polite, but made a few ( Money Mistakes ) the customers caught the mistakes and were helping the Dealers which I thought was crazy – everyone seem to be kind – in a place programmed to take your money.. Good Employee training along with understanding customers made me want to come back.

  186. Debbie Hamilton say:

    My fiancé and I went Saturday night for the buffet, the food was delicious as usual, and for him to play poker. We had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to go back!!

  187. Mandy Elliott Logan say:

    I was so pleased when I found they had activities for all ages. My daughter and her boyfriend aren’t quite 21 yet so we had a great time with them bowling.

  188. Ron Schild say:

    We were very excited to go to a casino for the first time and found ourselves confused and not sure which way to turn or who to ask for a little instruction.
    Sooo, we decided we would eat at the buffet. $30.00 a head and it was the worst roast beef I had ever eaten. For someone who is strictly a beef and potatoes guy it was a complete loss. I dont pay that kind of money to eat a stinking salad. In addition, no one, even after picking up my plate of uneatena roast beef cared enough to ask if there was a problem. We enjoyed our trip to the mountains , all but the visit to Harrah’s. We will not be back.

  189. Joe Ellis say:

    love….superb casino, closest to me and really well done.

  190. Patsy Turner say:

    I had a great time. Every one was friendly. Lol I am not a gambler. But had fun.

  191. Betty Benson say:

    Long way to walk, but otherwise nice enough. And I would recommend it to All….. of my friends.

  192. Susan Wilkie say:

    A great time and I even won some 💰 can’t wait to go back in March to see Alice Cooper! May try to get back sooner. Very clean facility easy parking, very friendly staff!

  193. Dakota Kesterson say:

    Wow what a great casino! It was so big! And I got $50 to play with for just becoming a new member! Staff was very helpful in showing how the slot machines work, guiding us through the casino, and just all around nice! I didn’t win big but 10/10 will have to come back! The kids fun center was great too!

  194. Linda Jenkins say:

    The machines are too tight, I Love playing but when you spin and spin and don’t get anything. I think I should get some comps for a return visit.

  195. D'angelo DW say:

    I had a Ball in there very fun everyone friendly and got along!!! I’m there all the time that’s my Get-a-way area and I ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF IT !!👀😍😍🙌🏽🙌🏽😜😜🤗

  196. Donna Jackson say:

    My husband and I have been going for years. Long before they even had the hotel part. We love it ❤️!!!! And will always be back when we visit the Smokies!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻!!!

  197. Mike Hurst say:

    If you want a good card game best place in the south east. 24 “7 all the action you can take whop comeing this month can’t wait all in

  198. Drucilla Dillard Connor say:

    So very nice….. staff were very kind and helpful….. bathroom facilities very clean…. and machines were in great working order and paying out fairly…. plan to go back very soon…

  199. Kitty Mann Huecker say:

    I am a diamond star almost second level aspiration and they only give me $5-20 for my mystery coupons and I never win there.. been going there since 2004.. Murphy N.C only went 2,times spent ovet $8,000 and they gave me $730 to spend there in Nov…I like it better… Cherokee I’ve spent over$50,000 this year and they give me nothing,…

  200. La Toshia Maddox say:

    The complete staff was very professional from the booking agent to the greeter. I took a group of 31 seniors plus myself and two drivers. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and will do it again.

  201. Gina Holmes say:

    We really had an awesome the people their are super friendly. They wouldn’t give me my $ back (lol) but it sure was fun

  202. Steven Lewis say:

    I waited over an hour for the valet to bring my car. It should have been a ten minute ordeal, tops. The people working the valet desk made no effort to help. Finally I got the valet guy in the lane to help. He retrieved the key himself, because the desk people didn’t do anything. The valet offered to get his supervisor but I was tired and angry and just wanted to leave.

  203. Frank Moe say:

    Well everything was going good until we went 2 the buffet and we were in line to pay and the cashier told me my wife my cousin and her boyfriend we could go look at the food and decide if that’s what we wanted. So we all walked around looking and we decided we was going to eat there. The cashier took my and my wife money and another waiter came from the back and told my cousin and her bf they gotta go 2 the back of the line because the people that was behind them spend 750k there a year. So they got mad because the way the waiter came at them with that statement like u r black u don’t have that type of money and threaten to call Security on them. So we will never go back

  204. Pamela Cromwell Hardman say:

    I like that the no smoking section is actually NOT smoky. I still think the rooms are outrageously priced though.

  205. Tracy Lynn Roberts say:

    Concert last night was awesome. Too bad half the parking deck was closed!

  206. Angela Toney Wiggins say:

    We loved everything about it, it was a great get away for me and hubby.

  207. Jenna Slaven say:

    Had the best time of my life! Always want to come back again and again!

  208. Stephanie Wood say:

    Love the casino, the people are friendly, and they have an amazing event and multi-tainment center. It’s like a Dave and Busters with a bowling alley!!

  209. Misty Dawn LoMonaco say:

    Another amazing show with 3 Doors Down last night! Can’t wait to go back.

  210. Steve School say:

    I had a fun trip driving through the smoky mountains and this was my first trip to the casino. Enjoyed the new york steak and baked potato at ruth chris steakhouse. I would do it again!

  211. Mike Pearson say:

    I didn’t Gamble,i just had to get away for the Day,Great Place to unwind,

  212. Ginger Bullman say:

    Attended the 3 Doors Down /Better Life Foundation concert it was outstanding! Everyone was helpful! Enjoyed everything about it!

  213. Crystal Masters say:

    My sis, & a co-worker-friend just went & saw 3 Doors Down!!! Friendly people, concert was great! Only one problem…drunk couple dirty dancing next to us were to busy making out & neatly getting too freaky for show!

  214. Jensie Witt say:

    3 Doors Down was great.. got a pic with Brad Arnold..

  215. Tayna Anderson say:

    This is my third trip to Harrah’s for a concert. My motivation for going is to attend a concert and play a few dollars in the video machines. I really like the concert venue and if I was only rating this area it would receive a 5 star rating. I know I am not the target demographic customer. The bar/club on the casino floor had a live band playing that was very good too. We ate at the buffet before the concert and found the only friendly customer oriented staff member was our waiter James (I hope I got his name correct). Everyone else we spoke with appeared to be very discouraged, unmotivated, and just didn’t appear to want to be there. This level of team members engagement actual dropped to an even lower level with the staff members in the food court on the lower floor. I know we were in the food court after 11pm but the staff’s lack of courteous interaction and efforts to clean the area where the lowest level I have ever witnessed. The burger area had very visible pieces of burger, bacon and bread all over the floor and sticking out under the grill. I looked at the health rating and it displayed 100% but it would not have been if inspected at that moment. Again the lack of energy with the food prep team was so low it was painful to watch. The drink stations ice catching drains where full of ice that reached over six inches high (both of them). Spilled soda residues all on counter and floor remained that way for my entire time at the food court. There was a staff member who was hovering around but really made no attempt to clean the area. I don’t know the general environment the staff have to endure that would make them seem so miserable and unmotivated to take pride in their tasks. I would hope the management would provide positive motivational support to engage staff to create a pleasant customer environment. I almost forgot the very helpful rewards card staff member and the staff members who brought us coffee while we played the video machines. I will go back for concerts.

  216. Lovella Despain say:

    No free drinks while gambling. The walk from the parking into the casino is way too far and no shuttle bus like it states and we visited on a Saturday. Food prices were very expensive. When you do buy a drink it’s expensive and you can only carry one drink at a time so I had toakr two trips for drinks for my husband and I.

  217. Travis R. Howland say:

    Ive never had a bad experience at Harrahs. Felt the need to clear things up some since I saw SO many bad reviews. Other than belligerence from some guests (which coincides with alcohol), the staff has always seemed great to me. Payouts aren’t bad, either (not always of course, but that also comes with the territory)

  218. Paul Puruganan say:

    We had such a great time watching 3 Doors Down concert and had dinner.

  219. Charlene Reed say:

    I went to the 3 doors down concert and I loves it

  220. Heather Blizzard Graybeal say:

    We had a great date night to see 3 Doors down! Security was a little lax but we were surrounded by people who knew how to handle their alcohol. Had 3 drunk woman try to start something by trying to get to the front when the rest of us had waited in line to get a good spot. But they weren’t drunk enough to know when it was time for them to leave. They were sloshing beer all over people and just making a pure spectacle of themselves. One tried to justify herself by saying she paid the same price for her ticket, I then proceeded to tell her I never seen her in the line for a hour before the doors opened to get the spot we had got. But for every rude, obnoxious person there was 4 responsible ones. So all in all it was a great getaway for me and my husband!

  221. Mary Johnson say:

    Fantastic food!! Brio!! HUGE Casino, 16 lane bowling alley etc!! Best and beautiful!!

  222. Vangie Mason say:

    Love love this place a great getaway for a piece of mind and just to relax in the mountains in a near by cabin see you soon

  223. Betty Share say:

    The casino was very smokey hard to breathe .I didn’t stay but only 20 minutes.That was sad because I love slots.

  224. Cheryl Munoz say:

    Awesome venue for all kinds of fun!! Concerts are loud and seating is very comfortable!! Im glad we only live an hour away from all this excitement!! 3 Doors Down concert was my first visit and im hooked now!! Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing smoking and having full bars. This is now my special weekend getaway with my hubby so we can unwind from the stresses of life!! Thanks again for the great time��

  225. T Shular Dodgen say:

    Another mother/daughter day at the casino. Was a huge success. We love to visit the casino. Great day! Will be back.

  226. Diana Beckett-Bryant say:

    This was our first time at a casino.Tonight was our first time visiting we didn’t get a room, but will Thursday night. Met the most friendly staff. The security was so nice and the lady at the counter(Becky) was great. This made our first time here the best had to rent a room. Can’t wait til tomorrow to stay and gamble again.

  227. Steven Reed say:

    Well I was there for my 1st time Monday night and got $50 free play for 1st timer and played a few slots and never hit anything. All blank spins. Went last night played alot more than 1st trip played for 30min went home broke. The parking is a nightmare , the slots are way way tight , every one I saw in the casino playing slots looked dead like they were not having a good time. I will give this place a 1 star. Still my home casino is winstar casino and I will continue going there and there only.

  228. Jeff Webb say:

    I go there on pretty much a monthly basis to play the table games. It is extremely difficult to get a seat at my favorite game, Mississippi Stud. Usually there around midday, never enough tables active. Same with other popular games. Dealers and pit crew are very friendly and helpful. Look forward to next visit.

  229. Hamza Dghaim say:

    Best place when I am boring , I like the new game spot

  230. Tammy Smith say:

    I tell you one thing. A few years back playing 25 cent machine 3 at a time. Hit 5 times pay all the way across. Didn’t know nothing about lock and hold. A friendly man beside me told ne what to do. The 3rd 5 x pay came up and bells and thunder rose. What I would give to go and that happen again. I think they still owe ne comps!

  231. Kathy Richter say:

    I enjoy going here, it is a day trip for us about 4-6 times a year. I agree that the food is overpriced but I do not agree with people complaining about charging for drinks, as this is a driving destination for a lot of people, I do not want to be on the curvy mountains going home along with intoxicated drivers. The machines are tight but I do manage to pull off some decent wins. We get lots of comps for rooms, unfortunately there are usually none available ( this is reason for day trips). I wish there were more video poker and less slots in the 25-50 cent range.

  232. Darlene Thomas say:

    Came for the entertainment and enjoy all the Casino had to offer ,game rooms for young and of age. Great dining areas with friendly service can’t wait to return thanks guys. Oh and Gary Allan is to die for !

  233. Connie Glover Cook say:

    Went for the Gary Allan concert, everyone was very helpful, loved the casino. Especially liked shuttle bus to and from the hotel to the concert and casino.

  234. George Purdy say:

    Good place to get away to for the weekend and not blow alot of cash (if you’re careful and play smart)

  235. Kathy Woodall say:

    Always enjoy visiting the casino. But is a shame that they no longer allow Motor Homes. So probably will not be back.

  236. Tara McClarren Osborne say:

    We went for a concert and it was great! We love the event center, every seat is a good seat. We ate dinner at the buffet in the casino and it was AMAZING!!!! I recommend the buffet to everyone who visits the hotel and/or casino. It’s may seem pricey but it is worth every penny. However, I do NOT recommend playing the machines unless you like losing money.

  237. Bonnie Newcity Reale say:

    We have been going there for 20 years and will not go back. I had personal items taken from my room, and they are doing nothing about it, just telling me that they are not responsible for items stolen from the rooms, give me a break, are they not responsible for their housekeeping employees who are the only ones who enter the rooms????????

  238. Paula McCarter say:

    Excellent. Attended two concerts this year.Awesome. Doobie Brothers, Gary Allan. Wonderful evening. Casino slots was fun as well. Diamond Lounge dinner was wonderful. Thanks Harrahs Cherokee NC.

  239. Gustavo Roca say:

    Impressive. Top notch luxury, but of course super expensive food as expected. Booze is not too pricey though.

  240. Kathy Jordan say:

    I Told my mother there for the weekend, it’s was my 1st visit, I received a $50.00 free play . The staff was helpful directing us around, The food was good, the gambling areas needed to be cleaner, there where empty water and beer bottles setting under the slots, filled ash trays, some machines where sticky.

  241. Vicki James say:

    Had a great time. Enjoyed the concert Gary Allan this is my 2 nd time. Played some in the casino. But it was nice to just get away. Met some nice people and staff friendly

  242. Jamarcus Frye say:

    Good weekend overall! I enjoyed my time and hope to go back soon Go Dawgs!!

  243. Brandi Swink Pardo say:

    First time coming and had a blast. We will be back.

  244. Trey Kat Camp say:

    Great concert Gary Allan Rocked! Everything was fantastic as usual! Ruth’s Chris was also top notch apps and wine were kick’n!

  245. Bobby Ward say:

    Always a pleasant experience. My wife and I always spend our anniversary in Cherokee and donate to the casino.

  246. Carrie Rowe say:

    No kids should be allowed.. it can’t pssibly bring in that much extra money… if any at all. You can smoke inside yet get in trouble for cursing! No mini bar? Understaffed in the waitress positions. But the temperature in the casino couldn’t have been any better and the bed and pillows were awesome. Valet service staff was OUTSTANDING but he check out chickswete miserable and very rude. Luckily we walked away w money. I will go w my date again if he wants but that’s it!!

  247. Donna Nelson say:

    Had a blast this last trip, my first trip however I was thrown out bc I had a hand gun carry permit as identification. Even though it’s the same information as my drivers license.

  248. Veronica Logan say:

    Nice polite workers also the guess,were very friendly

  249. Nikki Lomax say:

    We loved it, and the lady security guard with blonde hair was just the sweetest! Perfect place to top off our honeymoon!

  250. Ranako Adunbi Masud say:

    As part of my birthday celebration, we checked out this morning. I’m lucky to have not experienced some of the negativity that is posted. I’ve stayed twice in Creek tower and once in a tower w/smoking room. The smoking room was in an older tower and it showed. All my rooms were comps. My 1st visit was a one day trip. So, out of the four times, this is the time that I’ve left with negative funds. Started to win this morning, but we had to leave.

  251. Joe Homer say:

    Love this place!! The staff is friendly, courteous and considerate.
    The location is beautiful, if you havent been here yet, GO!!!

  252. Leon Monholland say:

    Keep getting comp rooms but can never get a room. This is my second BAD review. They told us they had a room but my wife wanted to talk to me about it. It was for my birthday. She called back 2 minutes later. They said they had no rooms available, not even an affiliation, even though we checked an affiliation and they had plenty of vacancies. Bad business, horrible customer service that try to make you feel like an idiot. Why would you make offers you can’t uphold? They said that the more you spend, the better your odds are of getting a room. This is BS! Stop sending offers to people if you have no intention on upholding your end. We spend money like everyone else in your establishment. Why do people that don’t spend 10’s o f thousands of dollars in one sitting be treating different? Is there some sort of status quo we must reach to be recognized? Is this some sort of financial discrimination? It seems you only cater to the rich. There are allot more “less fortunate” people than rich. You would make more money being a little more courteous to more than one tax bracket.

  253. Alice Bazen-Harding say:

    So disappointed!!!!!!! The casino had no $5.00 tables for crap players. One and only one $5.00 table for BlackJack and it stayed packed and you could not play. No $10.00 tables open at all. They try to force you to play higher price tables. No fun . I was there 3 days(Oct 29,30& 31) and did not get to play blackjack one time. My suggestion: OPEN MORE TABLES!!!!!!! FOR $5.00 AND 10.00
    I asked the Pitt Boss lady to open another table and she simply replied they could not. So they are not interested in patrons having fun there. She was as friendly as a Grizzly.
    The bar in the casino lacked in customer service.The bartender(at the Rushing Rivers Bar) was unfriendly and did not know how to make a pomegrante martini. He acted rushed and did not communicate with us. My friend and I left to go upstairs to Brio which was GREAT and made up for the rude bartendar in the casino
    Not interested in going back.. Six hours to get somewhere that does not appreciate your business. I rather go out on the Big M Casino Boat in Myrtle Beach.
    The check in process was smooth and the hotel part of Harrah’s was okay. The casino is the problem.

  254. Earleas Daye Fuller say:

    Just like being in Vegas! Would definitely go back and recommend it to anyone.

  255. Brianna Oeth say:

    Hello everyone! A few months back I had my own babysitting business started, my life then took a turn and I moved out of the area. I am now back in the area for good. I have my own house and my own vehichle. I charge low rates, I have a ton of experience and plenty of refrences! If you or someone you know is in need of a good trustworthy and reliable sitter please pm me asap! I do daily, nights, overnights and weekends!

  256. Melissa Bennett say:

    The room was gorgeous and clean. The views were spectacular! Bring your walking shoes as you will walk a lot. Bwry pleased with the restaurant selection and the casino games. My only complaint was that upon checking in we were not given any direction as to where our room was or a basic layout of the property. We will be returning soon!

  257. Lois Cooksey say:

    the staff is awesome, and there is never a dull moment in this lively casino and enormous hotel
    and what a location!
    You can also learn a lot about Cherokee culture while you are there.

  258. Chad Blake say:

    The Alabama concert was fun, but I have no desire to go back. Too much smoke, poor service, slow food and drink service, and slots never paid out. Been going here since 2001, but just not worth the drive.

  259. Vic Brown say:

    Roulette Dealers aren’t friendly, they are downright rude to players.

  260. Janet Burgess Cobb say:

    We went to see Alabama in concert, they were awesome. The chefs buffet was great. The staff we met and asked for info were all friendly and helpful. In addition, we used the shuttle service and it was great too. The only thing I didn’t like was the smoke, but that’s just how casinos work.

  261. Huwi D J Huwi say:

    My first time walked in with 400 walked out with 450
    Second time walked in 400 walked out with 4300
    Shoutout to all of the high rolling craps players
    Thanks for rolling 11’s & Hard Points
    50 YO Love Them
    Win or Lose I will always have some fun here

  262. Deborah Carpenter say:

    It’s a typical casino, hotel, and concert venue. I can say that I had no problem parking in the casino parking deck.

  263. Shannon Parker say:

    Great concert venue! We don’t do much gambling but an over all nice place and we loved the concert venue when we seen Alabama!!

  264. Carol Lesley Florie say:

    Went to concert saw Alabama. It was a great show. Was surprised no security. All concerts I have been to which is a lot have always been checked. Had to walk all the way thru casino to get to concert was so much smoke you could hardly breathe. Will never come to concert there again.

  265. Michelle Hoyle Stroupe say:

    I went to the Alabama concert which was great but no security hardly. And too much smoking in the casino.

  266. Kevin Mcdaniel say:

    The worst casino on the planet! It is THE most astonishing example of corporate greed that I’ve ever seen. First of all, it’s a shitty casino. One night, it literally (the whole casino) smelled like sewage. The rooms are $500 a night. Uh… you can fly to Vegas for the weekend and stay two nights out there for around $500! Why do this? Because they have a strangle hold on the south. They advertise all the way down in Atlanta because we have no choice but to drive out to the woods to Ceasar’s MOST PROFITABLE casino on the planet! They want to rob the poor ass people that flock there from the country, simply because they have a monopoly on the market. It’s the ONLY casino they own that won’t give you free alcohol while you play! Why? Because they’re assholes. I hate going to this place, every time I go. So much so that I have been flying to Tampa (roundtrip for like $100) and playing the hard rock, or just going to Vegas. Don’t spend Vegas money to go to this Shit hole. Go to Vegas! Or make these assholes treat the patrons of this location like they do the rest of their clients at their other hotels.

  267. Alicia Lucas say:

    I had a great time and enjoyed myself immensely looking forward to next trip.

  268. Candy Vivas say:

    Jeff & I came for our anniversary, kid free. We had a blast!

  269. E LeMarr Farrar say:

    Im coming to win my 300 back! Lol love that place!

  270. Cathy S Wilkerson-Rule say:

    This is my second trip to Harrahs for a concert..LOVED Rascal Flatts and LOVED ALABAMA! Loved the food! Ate at two different restaurants in the casino and both were great….especially the buffet. Thanks Harrahs!

  271. Shamonica Washington say:

    My friends and I took a day trip to the casino and had a good time! We play craps and roulette table. And only a few slot machines. We had two bad experiences. One was at the roulette table with a very rude attendant, we cashed out and left at table. The second one was at the restaurant our burgers were raw in the middle. However the manager addressed it immediately and brought us the correct meal and comped our meal. He was very friendly and apologetic. My only feedback would be is to have friendlier staff in the casino. Most of them just clearly don’t want to be there or just unhappy or just have an attitude. When you’re in Vegas or Atlantic City or whatever the attendants at the casino are so willing to help you to make sure that you have a good time. The more fun you’re having the more money you spend the more helpful you are the More money you spend. It’s just that simple. Rude staff makes you want to leave the table and take your money too. Out of the 3 craps tables we played, we only kept coming back to the same one because the staff was fun and helpful. I just have a hard time understanding why are the attendants so angry and not having fun, it’s a casino, lighten up! Will we be back… Sure we will.

  272. Teia Vazquez say:

    It was my first visit! I will be returning! I truly enjoyed the day there!

  273. Gary Sepulvado say:

    Had a wonderful time everyone was very polite, very clean establishment

  274. Jennie Robinson Treadway say:

    Always have a great time when we visit. Friendly staff, nice rooms, and loose slots. It’s our favorite casino!!

  275. Lisa Iverson say:

    Wish there was more $5 black jack tables .. hard to get a comp room anymore but yet they send me comps very aggravating.. also I play roulette a d black jack and spend so much more then a friend of mine that plays slots, I’m talking hundreds more yet they send her comps and room and she gets them.. don’t understand..

  276. Lisa Lillie say:

    Very Pretty casino ,had a great meal at Chef’s table . They had a nice selection of slots and my overall experience with the Casino and staff was good.

  277. Charlotte Poole say:

    Took awesome care of us-we felt like royalty!
    Thank you so much!

  278. Greg Scott say:

    Short staffed, no service, very smoky in the casino, food was just ok and overpriced, room not ready for check-in until late and housekeeping never cleaned our room after our first night(& we got NO credit or discount for the no cleaning!), rude service at the desk and by house phone operators, one third of employees really are great, one third really are rude, & the last third seem embarrassed by it all. I attended a conference there & would again but I would not ever stay overnight again.

  279. Rex Whitted say:

    Well their damn machines are so tight it is not even enjoyable. A hundred dollar bill will not go for 10 15mins. And I’m supposed to enjoy the night?? It is set up to take all you will give it GREED runs that place and I will do anything I can to detour all I know from that experience. Oh by the way I’ve went there since the 90s,so I’ve seen it progress into the suck hole that it is

  280. Mujanovic Fahrija say:

    Second & third time i attend i start to feeling more positive… but would be better if i have friends to have good time everything else is good… i don’t know how to gamble yet, simps to me same as milking a chicken… way much better then August visit.. now i know who is employee who is not� first time i didn’t know what to do. Glad drug dealers are not there anymore. Employees are good comparing crowd they have to please. Rooms are clean and comfortable. Thanks for your efforts to please all adversity people.

  281. Kevin Mcelroy say:

    the machines are not as generous as other casinos and the drinks are expensive while you gamble. it is also a dry county and the internet works spotty at best. nice looking place tho

  282. Janaki B Patil say:

    My husband and I Stayed here for a night, and we had a great time. Clean rooms..

  283. Red Fishburne say:

    I have been to quite a few casino’s but this one is the biggest let down of them all! If it were so ‘great’, then the buffet would not only be a bit more affordable, but be open like in other casinos, 7 days. I mean come on, Have to be a member before you get a discount which is still no deal? 3 days and not one single win, not even so much as a couple of bucks. And not only myself but 3 others that went along with the wife and I. Actually, the whole town of Cherokee is a joke.

  284. Gerald Sliss say:

    We received three free nights and had fun at the casino. The room was large with a large bathroom, but the bedroom counters and chest drawers were not cleaned. Wine stain was left of the chest top and the drawers had dirt so we did not unpack. The restaurants were a mixed bag. The Noodle Bar was excellent as well as Brio Restaurant. We loved their food and value. Starbucks coffee was excellent, but their breakfast sandwiches were to mushy so that they fell apart and greasy. We will be back as this is the closest casino to where we live.

  285. Billy Joe Brown say:

    Stood in the wrong line to eat- not marked!
    The beer special was out by 7:30pm and offered no alternative lol, however the waiter busted his ass. Doubt I’ll eat during a “prime time” again.

  286. Brooke Gillespie say:

    Wonderful first experience! Awesome room, and awesome venue to see Sammy Hagar &a The Circle! We will absolutely return!

  287. Alison Mundy Burns-Parham say:

    The concert venue is top notch. There is not a bad seat in the house! We had a great time at Sammy Hagar and the Circle. However, once the show let out there were several hundred hungry rock and rock fans…. only one restaurant was open in the food court. There is no excuse for this! The casino was packed with people! The only other complaint is the smoke! It’s very very thick and smells awful! Invest in a new ventilation system and let some of that clean mountain air in to clean the air!

  288. Susan Emmett say:

    Harrah s Cherokee is a great place to see a concert…Sammy Hargar was amazing!!

  289. Nancy Simmons say:

    Had a great time today! Just was upset I couldn’t stay for the 10 million dollar drawing:(

  290. Ian Beaver say:

    People complain about everything these days! Harrah’s in Cherokee isn’t Las Vegas! With that said, it’s a great casino for its location, the new bowling center is cool, they have good concerts, and the food is great but pricey! If you sign up for Total Rewards they normally give you $50 free play! On Veterans Day they offered a free buffet for veterans/active duty and it was awesome! I’ve been to Vegas 7 times but love Cherokee partially because I live 15 miles away!

  291. Dulce VanDyken say:

    Always have a nice time there. I drive 2 hours to do some playing on the machines, I go by my self just to get away from things. I really loved the music they where playing last night, I could not help my self but I was dancing in my chair. Thank you.

  292. Daniel G. Hamby say:

    Me and my wife went for her birthday.. we had fun..

  293. Rey McBurrows say:

    I like coming here because of the easy getaway. BUT!!! PLEASE UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE!!!! You have a lot more different table games than what is on your website. I have a hard time getting my friends to come play when you only advertise CRAPS, ROULETTE, 3 CARD POKER, BLACKJACK AND LET-IT-RIDE. You also have 4 CARD POKER, MISSISSIPPI STUD, BIG WHEEL, HIGH FLUSH, BACCARAT, and now PAI GOW. You have at lot of games people love to play. BUT THEY DON’T YOU HAVE THEM. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

  294. Patty Cleary Kelley say:

    Not enough seating, had to wait for people to get up so we could play. Staff wasn’t very friendly. They need more help keeping ashtrays, empty bottles/glasses picked up, there were overflowing ashtrays and cups full of cigarettes everywhere. Buffet was nice, our server was awesome. Don’t use Cherokee cab service, they charged $18 to take us 2 miles to our hotel after telling us the price was $10 when I called…pretty shady. We would go back, maybe during the week, instead of the weekend, when it’s not so busy.

  295. SamSandy Morris say:

    NO STARS! They set their machines super tight and pay the fines every year. I think every year the fines should double so assholes like this can’t keep stuffing their pockets

  296. Robin Bailey say:

    Great free room, awesome room service!
    Very clean and friendly workers. We will be back.

  297. Patty Mccoy Hale say:

    Me and my husband love these place very clean and everyone is very nice .. it is our get away place ❤️👍

  298. Lynda Young say:

    I enjoy coming to Harrah and love the food at Solo Gardens,oysters on the half she’ll are great

  299. Michelle Ivester say:

    We didn’t win anything, but we did have a very good time.

  300. Mary Stauffer say:

    Ok except through smoking and cigarette Butts laying around on stairs floors

  301. Jeremy Suttles say:

    Worked all year to reach diamond status. And for what? To get an email saying that in 2018 the only people with complimentary access to the diamond lounge are the individuals who reached 25000 tier credits (140% of the tier credits required to reach DIAMOND status). Keep in mind I still reached it even tho live tables fail consistently to check you in, and fail to log an accurate bet. The last trip I was betting $150/ hand and was logged at $30. Come on guys be fair to your loyal patrons!

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