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This North Carolina casino features 50,000 square feet of gaming space with more than 1,000 slots and 70 traditional table games, there is something for everyone.

Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly, Quick Hits and Blazing Sevens are some of the 1,000 slots that make Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River a favorite place to visit. Live table games include favorites like mini baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, Mississippi Stud, three-card poker and more.

Beyond the lively gambling offerings, The River Tower offers plush comfort on seven stories, with 300 well-appointed non-smoking rooms. The Food Market, conveniently located right off the casino floor, offers great tasting selections from Nathans Famous®, Panda Express®, Earl of Sandwich®, Papa John’s®, and Starbucks®.

For a cocktail or refreshing beverage, our casino bar offers a full assortment to suit your thirst. It’s the ideal place to meet up with friends before heading out for a night of good times.

The entire Harrah’s experience is enhanced for members of the Total Rewards® program, with exclusive access to the casino floor’s upscale Diamond Lounge for guests who attain Diamond status. Total Rewards is free to enroll in, and allows guests to earn Reward Credits® for hotel, dining and more at any Caesars-owned location.

An enterprise of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel is located near Murphy, North Carolina. Come out and play at this exciting casino located just two hours from Chattanooga, Knoxville and Atlanta.

Address: 777 Casino Parkway, Murphy, NC 28906, United States
Phone: +1 828-422-7777

Site: https://www.caesars.com/harrahs-cherokee-valley-river/casino
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarrahsValRiv/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/harrahsvalriv

Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino Online & Hotel, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Online Casino & Hotel


  1. Toni Bennett say:

    Had a good time! Except for the drink servers they don’t come around often enough!

  2. Dolly Roney Christopher say:

    My husband and I always have a good time… everyone is friendly and helpful. 👍👍

  3. Anna Marie Mullins say:

    This was my first time there I really enjoyed the drive up from Atlanta . My friend and I went together and it was his first time as well we have been to Cherokee North a few times. The machines are too tight in both places but more so for River Valley . We did not even win money to continue to play we walked out disappointed . The food was extremely expensive for fast food . We decided to eat off-site Thought we might come back after a nice meal but decided it just wasn’t worth it . I doubt that we will return.

  4. Bernice Martinez say:

    You will enjoy yourself playing slot machines and eating, drinking

  5. Mike Tina Howard say:

    We love it, it’s close to home, the rooms are very clean, the staff are always very friendly. And it’s never too crowded, and not very Smokey from all the people that smoke. Will be back soon.

  6. Joey French Grubb say:

    I love the drive from Cleveland, TN to Murphy, NC, It’s a beautiful ride through the mountains to Cherokee Valley River. The Employee’s at the Casino are really nice and i feel very safe. The rooms are clean and very comfortable.

  7. April Mara Fujiwara say:

    Small with only one bank of elevators. No restaurant or room service. Just the food court. The rooms are average but who spends much time in their room at a casino?!
    No dollar or 5 dollar machines on the floor. Mostly seniors on penny and nickels. Poker and a few in the High Limits room were all I played.
    The staff on the other hand, lived up to my expectations. From the valet, bellmen, floor staff etc. all were professional, cordial and efficient!!

  8. Desiree Brignac-Sutton say:

    I’ve been to many casinos but this one isn’t one that I care for. If it’s raining, you’ll be soaking wet before you get in because there isn’t any cover to keep you dry. The machines were older than it should have been for a new casino. You’d have to wait a while to find a waiter or waitress. There isn’t a self serve beverage stand but there is a kiosk to buy beer. It’s just too Home Depot looking….

  9. Nettie Wachacha say:

    Went with my sister last night. We really enjoyed ourselves. Waitstaff came thru couple of times and were very friendly.

  10. Jimmy Long say:

    Very dispointed in this Casino , small and no Casino feel. Should have the bells and whistles like others. Yes I loss � but that’s expected but a small pay out every once in awhile would make some fun. I would drive the extra hour to Cherokee. �

  11. Judy Holcomb Hemmis say:

    Very clean nice atmosphere had a great time recommend checking it out

  12. Linda Dalton say:

    I have been 3 times and drive from Ga and this past Fri drove up with my Son and won the most I have ever won $125.00 wasn’t worth it, and I like the fact that it is closer, but the smoke, and not winning for 3 times, means I’m done!!!

  13. Bill O'Connell say:

    They have always been generous with their room comps with me. I am disabled & their accessible rooms are very well appointed.
    I have family in Murphy, so I get to visit, & get plenty of time at the roulette table too.
    For other than fast food, you’ll need to go off site, a real restaurant would be nice.
    The staff is fantastically friendly in all areas.
    I’m still playing using their money I won on my first visit – & I think this was my 6th time there.
    I won, lost, & left even this time & had a good time.
    I recommend it.

  14. Michael Justus say:

    Going back again on may 19. Always have a blast

  15. Bob Brown say:

    Had a great time for my first visit. I will sure plan to go back again soon

  16. DonnyBrenda EmilyBrummett say:

    Not for me just has way to many problems to even start on been there 3 times won’t be back

  17. Tom Pastore say:

    Always a good time, but alcohol drink should be free..�

  18. Charles Loughlin say:

    DO NOT….EVER…NEVER EVER…PINCH THE DRINK GIRLS ASSES !! ( it was like ” Security Rugby”…and I was the ball !! )

  19. Price McKeever Stiles say:

    Great place and lots of fun….except for the smoke….

  20. Tara M Finch say:

    First time at the Murphy location and I really enjoyed my time there. Will be coming back soon!!

  21. Tim Beasley say:

    What a great place for a getaway! I was there last July 14, to Emcee the big 25th Anniversary of the Cherokee Elders celebration in the grand “Event Center” venue…Wonderful accommodations, locale, there in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains!

  22. Edith Winfrey say:

    I really enjoyed my visit last week end i hit a jack pot i will be back real soon. i enjoy win or lose, but i enjoy more winning

  23. Gail Ives Landis say:

    It;s a great casino. Closer to home, can go for a quick daily visit. Only thing that would make it better is a better food selection, which I am sure will will happen as the new casino property expands.

  24. Rebecca Hahn say:

    If you enjoy gaming in a fun place to be, then Harrah’s is for you. Multiple types of games available – slots, poker, roulette, craps, and more. Slot tournaments, Total Rewards prizes, the fun is endless. The Food Market has a wide variety of flavors for all tastes – Starbucks, Papa’s Pizza, Panda Express, Earl of Sandwich, and Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Come one, come all – I’d love to see you there!

  25. Jeffrey Cox say:

    They really need a good place to eat, other than that a great place to gamble.

  26. Sophia Griffith say:

    That’s some bogus bs..got free play coupons in the mail for the month of May..I accumulated 3241 points last month and only get $10 x 3..and hubby only had 836 and got $15 x 3…of free play…the casino did this last yr..when points were the other way he had more and I less..but he still got more free play..it’s not fair that the men get more that the women

  27. Shamica Jones say:

    My 1st time…and it was exciting and very fun! Definitely looking forward to going back🙂

  28. James White say:

    Well, I’ve been going to this Harrahs over 10+ years now. I’ve watched it grow. And it’s beautiful. Inside and outside. The food at the buffet is awesome. As far as the gambling… please do not go there expecting to hit it big. You will be very dissapointed. The most I’ve won at one time was $125. I won’t even mention how much I’ve played. At least my money lost went towards the construction!! 😂😂😂

  29. MissJuicyauntiejazz Astin say:

    Staff was very courteous and friendly i had a great time!!!!

  30. Elizabeth Benz Vititoe say:

    First time. Had fun. Won money. Didn’t care for the smoking. Came from CO and they don’t allow smoking in the casinos.

  31. Linda Halford McCartney say:

    If you go there hoping to win you will be very disappointed most of the time.
    And the only food is fast food unless you leave and go into town. The people that work there are nice and friendly though.

  32. Carolyn Stepp say:

    love going there is close and lots of fun I like it is smaller than Chorokee and you can usually get your favorite machine hope to see better food in the near future like a sit down or buffet rooms are clean and very nice and easy to win which makes it even better a 5 here for sure

  33. Joseph Pruitt say:

    Dan was canceled for karaoke nights. I planned on going this weekend but not now that they got rid of quality local talent.

  34. Clint Mize say:

    The Casino is nice and clean. i think the lack of space hurts because when i went you couldn’t get on any machines. I think they need to expand it a little bit and put more bar windows throughout the casino as well. IT was hard to get a drink. To me it seems like a mini Cherokee.

  35. Martha Lamb say:

    Love everything about this Casino……………….

  36. Mary Montenegro say:

    I loved it and can’t wait to come back and lose more money and stay there all night long!!

  37. Kay Kirkland say:

    Best Crepe’s in the world on the Buffet which has I think 9 different foods to choose from. The desert bar being the very best!

  38. Steven Tanner say:

    It is a little closer than Cherokee but the spins are higher on most of the machines by .50 per spin That is a lot The machines don’t pay as good either I went all the way to Cherokee last time. I lost $300 at the river casino last time to

  39. Freddie Summers say:

    We always have a very good time. All the workers there are over the top A+ helpful…All of them – have not met one that was not. A pleasure to go and close by for us!! Plus a very very clean facility and a beautiful setting…

  40. Robert Glover say:

    just returned from visit ,had a blast at the casino and the room in the hotel was very nice

  41. Barbara Alligood say:

    My cousin and I had so much fun. Wish you were closer

  42. Jennifer Jackson Reddish say:

    First time ever in a casino and got $50 free play from y’all and walked out with $78 more than I walked in with.

  43. Kim Ingrid Evans say:

    About 3 years ago, a person could go play for an hour on just $20 because payouts would at least let you break even. Now, the machines are set to even less payouts and a $20 is gone is less than 15 minutes. Harrah’s has no competition in which to allow better payouts in order to keep loyal patrons. If I want to gamble again, I’ll fly to Reno.

  44. Milton Tell say:

    Had a lot of fun with my wife. The rooms were spacious and comfortable.

  45. Mark Randle say:

    Hotel was really nice, rooms are spacious & comfortable. The Casino was a little disappointing with the slot selections. Could use more non smoking areas. Staff was great. A full service restaurant & a pool are in the works from what I’m told. Having to pay for wifi was ridiculous. Will probably go again when I feel the need to waste money.

  46. Donna Sue Moyer say:

    First of all, The smoke knocks you off of your feet, before you even walk in the door! I couldn’t believe that! We were walking up to the door. And you literally smelled the smoke coming at you, through closed doors, before you even walk in!

    As far as food goes. Not too much to choose from! Where are the sit down restaurants? Didn’t have any. The hot dogs sucked!

    And the slots were very tight!
    This was our first time there! And we weren’t too impressed!
    But, they do have a lot of awesome machines to choose from, to play, even though you don’t win!

  47. Harry Tzoumas say:

    Quiet, Serene little hideaway to get away from it all once in a while. (Of course it’s always better if you win!) lol

  48. Jan Thrasher Bales say:

    We stayed a day at Cherokee and a day at Murphy and I would pick Murphy any day. The food was so much better than Cherokee and the games and just the overall atmosphere was better. I WILL BE BACK!

  49. Tonja C. Hodges say:

    It’s okay not a long drive so that’s why I go but as much money we have spent there the winnings could be better my friend is a diamond card holder so that say a lot well just show how much he has spent with them but he never hit big lololol just spend big �

  50. David Gladstone say:

    The casino was bright and shiny…the minimal staff interaction was excellent…but this isn’t a casino it’s a video arcade with a few tables…and even the video poker was limited…it’s all about the slots…if you like that – it’ll be great…if not don’t waste your time…

  51. Deborah Ruppel say:

    I’ve been several times and I usually break even or take a little back home. The drive isn’t bad up the Ocoee from Chattanooga. I got a comp room for a Friday night. …it was very nice and clean. It was nice to be able to enjoy a few drinks and not have to drive back home.

    I do wish they had better food choices. ..the food court sucks! I also wish the smoke ventilation worked better. My eyes were watering from the smoke on a Friday night. Better would be to have a totally smoke free area in time.

    Overall, not a bad experience. Hopefully, they plan to expand a offer more things to do like cherokee.

  52. Susie Meacham say:

    I know it’s a very small Casino but it’s still lots of fun Cherokee started out small too always do good on the machines they seem loose

  53. Connie Kittle Richardson say:

    I really like it there in Murphy, NC. Just wish they gave out free rooms more often

  54. Scott Mcallister say:

    My wife and I will hit Murphy on a Thursday night of a long weekend trip to the mountains if we have a free room and some free food comps. I figure the money we lose on the penny slots is about a wash for the room and food. Otherwise we stay away from this place, as we have never won here. Rooms are clean and beds are comfortable. Staff is typically very nice.

  55. Stacey Kosub say:

    It’s amazing here! The scenery is gorgeous and the hotel is beautiful. They always offer specials to get free money so you can play the slots. People here are very nice. Love it here!

  56. Ramona Daniels Winters say:

    I didn’t enjoy the food choices I was hoping for a all you can eat buffet.

  57. Kim Ogletree say:

    Had enough Gambling…Next time Ill save my Money and spend it in Helen..

  58. Maria Tkach say:

    I enjoyed my time here…drove up from Georgia where Im staying on business. I hit nicely on several of the my favorite penny machine and a nice hit on a dollar machine. Staff were all very friendly. Will definitely stop again while Im here.

  59. Calvin Gilmer say:

    Nice Casino!!! Slots are tight but that would be expected since still new!! Ate at Panda Express they have and was delish!! I’ll be back!!!

  60. Michelle Ernsberger Swafford say:

    Drinks were hard to get, if there was just ONE self service soda machine this would be my favorite casino!

  61. Brooke Whitlatch say:

    Made a last minute decision and went just for one night. This is the perfect casino for a short trip! The rooms are gorgeous, staff was wonderful, and we had a great time. Food was limited to a food court with 4 choices plus a Starbucks, but that was fine for us. We enjoyed our time in the casino, and with my husband being a smoker that part didn’t bother us. The blackjack dealers were wonderful, found a few slots and video poker machines that payed well, and ended up down but not by much, and still left happy. Floor attendants were great too, and always available when we needed something. Not a good choice to bring kids; there is no pool or arcade or really anything to keep them occupied (that and the food are the only reasons I gave 4 instead of 5 stars) well go to the bigger one in Cherokee for that!

  62. Donald Heavyd Lyons say:

    Me and my wife went for 4 nights to celebrate her last chemo treatment. We had awesome time room was great. Not much on the food court and the smoke in the casino was bad. But coming back in 2 weeks !

  63. Kim Arden Griffin say:

    Was there Saturday night! Event Venue was fabulous. Alice Cooper was amazing! Pizza and burgers were good. Drinks were good and reasonably priced. And the gambling was fun!! Loved it and I can not wait to go back.

  64. JMarie Welchel say:

    The darkest Casino I have ever walked into, more like a bar. Saw only one waitress, no where to eat until 4:30. You either pay $12.00 for valet parking or walk. Do not plan to return!!!

  65. Keri Evans Marlar say:

    My husband and I just came up for an overnight stay and really enjoyed it! It was our second visit, and we’ve been impressed both times with our room. The walls are a little thin though – our neighbor’s TV was easy to hear the next morning. But the room itself was very clean and comfortable. We like the size of the casino. I prefer the newer slots with bonus games over the old Vegas-style machines, and there is a pretty good variety. The dealers at the tables were very nice. Like some others who’ve commented, I do wish there were more food options. At least one sit-down type restaurant would be nice instead of all fast food. But the portions were good and the food tasted good! We will visit again!

  66. Martha Rendon say:

    I had an amazing time in this location, the crew are extremely nice , the food is delicious, the hotel is very clean, definitely I will recommend to a friend or family members �

  67. Lisha Hernandez say:

    It was a great place to gamble an great place to stay. Rooms were very clean

  68. Ruth Gordon say:

    Yes I’ve been there and I came away with more money than i took with me love it there lolol Ruth

  69. Dennis Glaser say:

    Good rooms and food. But machines are tight. And it is nearby

  70. Leo Falesnik say:

    We had a wonderful time, we try to make it up to the Casino 3 or 4 times a year
    we were not able to get a room for this weekend but the Hotel in the area are nice and we don’t mind diving down the road a little bit to stay at one. We actually left winning a little money this time which is always a nice feeling.

  71. Ben Slay say:

    there is not any poker, they dont have alot of tables games and probably never will(IE ultimate texas holdem).. they dont have free drinks like every other casino i go to, understand NC casinos dont do that.. also learned they cut off serving drinks at a certain time as well.. i just think its a joke.. i only go here every blue moon bc of how close it is in proximity ..most of the dealers are friendly, minus the craps table. wont even attempt to play it here again after a few times ago. pitboss was awful. i caught 2 mistakes from the house. the first was in my favor. so of course said nothing, 2nd was theres. i said something, it was made right. but pitboss acted like it was not significant enough for me to have even said anything. i get mistakes happen, wasnt mad, just wanted my correct pay out. and i know being off 24 bucks isnt huge. but she missed an entire pay out. and i want my 24 dollars. so that guy needs to understand that.. anyways. u wanted a review , there it is!

  72. Cody Banks say:

    Had awesome time , even though Iost my ass , lol!

  73. Linda Parker say:

    Look forward to it every year.
    For some reason, it’s not as easy to hit a win as it use to be there. Can’t figure this out !! Hummmmm

  74. Eddie Delp say:

    We all know what the odds are winning you are never guaranteed to win but we have fun win or lose. I lost $100 in one hour but I had fun. Going to Cherokee North Carolina May 26th

  75. Bryan Gales say:

    This was me & my wife’s first casino experince & it was great. The hotel was uber nice so were the staff. The only thing I thought was weird was the fact that you couldnt hand anything to anyone directly you had to place it on the counter. Iwas always taught that its disrespectful to do that, but I do completely understand why they have to do it. Overall we had a lot of fun & I cant wait to go back�

  76. Truman L. Tinsley III say:

    The proximity to Atlanta is just about right. The casino itself was nice and clean (wish it was non smoking) and the state of NC would allow them to serve complimentary cocktails �.

  77. Carla Thomas say:

    I enjoyed it will love to go back soon. Hope that me and my friends can come back soon.

  78. Marty Fabiszak say:

    I love this place……. been several times. Always great service, great rooms and love the casino and the dealers!!!! Feel of a large casino and they make you feel like family!

  79. Mary Pat Lilly say:

    Just saw the review about the SMOKING Smell. I was going to stop there on my way for FL to KY this summer, but I couldn’t go into a building that had that much Smoke.

  80. MikeandKristie Davis say:

    We ride our bike up and wasn’t really planning on staying long. We took home 2k in winnings and loved it. We were there for a couple of hours at the most. The food court needs more improvement and more people to ring customers up. We will be going back. But we will be visiting the bigger casino more often.

  81. Rodger Felty say:

    I checked Harrah’s Cherokee Valley out today. If you become a rewards member by the end of the month you get 50 free slot machine credits! I played Blackjack, extremely friendly dealers and a very clean atmosphere — I recommend if you’re in the area.

  82. Renee Benson Sellers say:

    The drive from Atlanta is peaceful and the Casino was nice. Two things I would do to improve it. Add a Buffett or nice restaurant and have no smoking.

  83. Sherry Mcneil Nabors say:

    Loved this place I won $1,800.00 off the penny slots. So many people winning. I loved it. This place is hopping.Great food,Hotal is Beautiful.Employees soooooooo nice.I have been to alot of casions this is BEST one.I did not smell any cigarette smoke,or maybe I just did not notice it I was having so much fun. I will be back. Thank you

  84. Kristin Cameron Hughes say:

    Didn’t stay at hotel. Casino was okay. The black jack tables were awesome. Won some lost some. Some dealers and upper staff were very hateful to people spending a lot of money, not very friendly so made it a little uncomfortable.

  85. Carolyn Sue Porter Rigney say:

    Amazing staff! Great service! Especially Robert “Bob”! What a treasure he is!

  86. Terry Mitchell say:

    I love this place. It is beautiful. We have a blast every time we visit.

  87. Regina Cason say:

    Arriving on 23rd of may is there music then what kind of entertainment

  88. Mimi Hoang say:

    Iluv everything here .onlything i hate about the food court.specially the cashier her name i belived denise.she is so mean and races .used too you can get free drink here like coke products.i saw the small cup and get one to fill the coke and .she ‘saw it and look at me like i steal something from her. I already says sorry to her.i didnt know that .she says i have to pays for it .and charge me like $5.seriously $5 for small cup

  89. Michelle Dozier say:

    I think it’s a damn shame when you send me promotions weekly to my mail but yet I can never book a room with what you send me. I have screenshots from tonight to show that you can’t even book a promotional room all the way through may, june, and july……….. at this point I stopped looking. Why even send me these things if you don’t let them be used? This is the fourth time I have called in the past couple months to try to come up there and been told over $200+ for a room even with the so call free room promo. Honestly I will keep going to Mississippi and Las Vegas, they actually honor their free room promos even on the weekends!!! This has been my last attempt with Harrahs valley river and cherokee for that matter.

  90. Marie Nichole Thomas say:

    First and last time going to this one . Went for my birthday weekend and they don’t even give you anything for your birthday like other casinos do like 10$ for food or something . They had a touramnet going on and get you all excited thinking you will win but out of all the people that play only the TOP 5 can win . Instead of someone winning every round or something. And we normally always either break even or come home with a little bit and we lost all of it none of the machines are paying out at all just a terrible experience and we won’t be coming back .

  91. Elizabeth Clark Pigg say:

    My visit would have been much more enjoyable if customers were NOT allowed to smoke inside. I left the building smelling like an ashtray, allergies irritated, and had the beginnings of a migraine from the second-hand smoke.

  92. Altheia Gibson say:

    Very nice had a wonderful time and won some money, Ate dinner and shopped all under one roof

  93. Phillip Woods say:

    I love this new casino that they built and I won a pretty good amount of money playing the one cent machine!!!

  94. Patti Griffing say:

    I liked the casino. It will be great if they can add a restaurant to the property that would helpful. The workers were pleasant and friendly. The slots were great if you max your bet.

  95. Cassidy Erin Prather say:

    The hotel is nice. Wasn’t impressed by the casino. Won’t be back.

  96. Mike Whitesides say:

    It is nice but not as big as Cherokee but i won 750 on pot of gold had a good time

  97. Danyell Nelson - Hewlett say:

    Jeff and Aaron made my first time playing the craps tables enjoyable!

  98. Joy Holland say:

    I don’t want to leave. I live in grove Oklahoma and this place is the best place to take a vacation. Love love love it!!!##

  99. Ann Sisk say:

    I will be back. Clean rooms courteous service. The Casino had so many games. I was never at a loss for fun.

  100. Ashley Marie say:

    Never been to a casino that didn’t have free alcohol it was def a first but hey I won a nice chunk of money!!

  101. Donna Bostick say:

    We have been going there since they opened . Everyone is so nice, the rooms are great. Do wish they had a pool and outside bar. Also a nice Steakhouse or a nice buffet. The food court is o.k.
    They have added some new slots, Miss my son’s of anarchy!!! We will be back !!! Never win a lot, but do break even or lose a couple hundred. Oh well that’s why they call it gambling not winning!!!!

  102. Yvonne Bostick Cruse say:

    I have been going since it opened. Very clean and very nice servers and attendants. I receive free play in mail which is appreciated. I would like to see more restaurants, food court is ok. Maybe a outdoor pool for families. Free rooms would be great!!! Slots are fun but haven’t been winning much but always have fun!!! �������

  103. Carole Murray say:

    We come to this Casino at least once a month, sometimes every week. We love the people and the rooms are wonderful. The staff in the Diamond Lounge are the best!

  104. Lynn Lingerfelt Hamm say:

    My 1st time going and I had a ball. The valet guys were awesome and my favorite game is Sinbad. My friend and I really enjoyed it

  105. Hackney Meg say:

    Lets like wow. New to the tables and slots like the music

  106. David Hughes say:

    Depends on your attitude about losing money cause when you gamble chances are you gonna lose and if you win don’t think you gonna do it every time cause they there to take your money

  107. Muay Watson say:

    A black guard lady was so rude by the elevator… Noodle Bar has bad service. $1 slot machine ate my thousands.. everything else was fine. Room is clean, but pillows has feathers poking out even after I pulled em out. lol. No fan in the Bathroom because after I used the restroom it was embarrassing after I took a dump. If asking me if I will go back, I say “yes”. Buffet dinner was awesome! Spa, pool, gym are nice. We will definitely drive six hours just to get there. �I enjoyed my weekend there

  108. Mary Griffin say:

    Left with more than we spent. The casino is very nice but limited on food choices! Other than that it was a fun experience!

  109. Chris Lagasse say:

    Small place but a nice get away if you dont want to go all the way to the bigger Cherokee .. No food options other than fast food.. So that kinda sux.. Nice room.. Very clean property and everyone we dealt with was extremely pleasant and helpful.. Decent selection of machines .. We had a great time… Will be back for sure..

  110. Andrea Evans Mikula say:

    It is a great place to visit! I love the setting of the casino. In the most beautiful valley. So much to see in addition to the casino.

  111. Terry Allen Weekly say:

    Really great place. Very clean.I will be back soon.

  112. Nicole Cossitt Bird say:

    We spent a few hours here enjoying the casino. It was much larger than we expected. There are a large number of slots. They have new ones and the favorites. We were impressed and we will return.

  113. Barbara Ware say:

    The casino pit bosses suck. They will never make a decision in your favor.
    I won’t be back even tho I have been a loyal customer for many years. Dealer lets you play your hand on 3 card and you have a straight flush. Oops the dealer was running her mouth complaining she was rotating on 4 different games and her brain couldn’t keep up she forgets to give herself a card. Pit calls it a miss deal. I call it over worked undertrained staff and a pit boss who could care less about doing the right thing.

  114. Greg Hall say:

    Very small casino but kinda quaint. Rooms are excellent. All staff, especially those at check-in, are very nice & friendly. Also serves as a nice introduction to the town of Murphy & the nearby area/attractions. On my second stay. Cannot wait for #3!

  115. Kristeena Nicole say:

    I guess locals can’t catch a break here. A real win seems impossible. Never have I seen a local win anything. Heck, you can’t even win enough to keep playing. Guess locals should just stick to Cherokee. I have never gone in expecting a big win. But just being able to play for a while on what you take in would be nice. NOT worth the drive if you can’t play more than a few minutes!

  116. Debra A Zackman say:

    Very, very friendly staff, which makes it enjoyable.

  117. Kerry Johnson Harris say:

    Harrah”s have been nice enough in the past to send me coupons for free rooms along with free play money and food coupons but, for some reason they have stopped with the free room and only offer a discount rate, I’m from Michigan and for me to drive all the way down just for a discounted room is sort of hard to do.

  118. Melinda Ragan Barnes say:

    we love coming up there to play. can’t wait to come back

  119. Sand Tookes say:

    I Loved it.. Had An Great Day!!!!!I I Love all Casinos… Rather I WIN OR LOSE….

  120. David Williams say:

    Had a good time. Won a small jackpot of $75 and got out. lol

  121. Otik Harris say:

    I guess because it’s new or the only thing around the machines don’t pay off much at all. The tables are good. Had fun on roulette just not sure if the pit boss gave me all my credits. I play black and purple chips not the $1 ones. Anyway. I wish I could let my dad use my offers. I live in Houston so I’m only able to use my offers when I visit but they keep sending good offers so I’ll keep coming when I visit.
    The only food request would be a buffet. The fast food selection kind of sucks.

  122. Elaine Farmer say:

    they need to put more .25 slots. blazzing sevens or double blazzing sevens like they have in cherokee and i would come there in stead of going to cherokee. its a nice place but really small and the only slots i liked where the wheel of fortune slots.

  123. Jonna Prescott say:

    Maybe if I had gone to this one first, I might say it was the best but it is NO where as big as Cherokee’s casino. So it was like comparing a Cutie to a Grapefruit. But everyone should go, just to experience it for yourself.

  124. Michelle Goff Chandler say:

    The absolute most pathetic place in the US. My daughter had her phone stolen and taken there and the Tribal police just let the thief have it. I used to eat there, but NOT anymore. 👎😡

  125. Daryl Turner say:

    Lost money ever time i have been.Never sent any offers.Cherokee next time

  126. Dave Visscher say:

    Only one 10 dollar black jack table in the whole place waited over an hour to get on. 15 dollar and up was all that was left to play. Too rich for my blood. Totally ridiculous. They are not catering to the people who don’t want to loose their house. Left them $250. No luck at all. Not interested in going back.

  127. Tina Vincent say:

    I get several coupons for Harrah’s in Cherokee but unfortunately can never get a room there anymore and even worse you can’t use your free slot play coupons at the casino in Murphy. It’s my first visit to this casino and probably my last….the rooms are definitely nice enough but slots don’t pay (not even enough to keep you playing for any length of time), the workers in the hotel are definitely nice and friendly but the workers in the casino are VERY unfriendly and RUDE!!!

  128. Joyce Stover say:

    Love this place…. Very friendly staff… Will go back every chance I get…

  129. Chris Brown say:

    Nice place most of the staff were awesome except one of the craps tables . They payouts are okay all in all we had a great night

  130. Angela Howell McDermott say:


  131. Kevin Popham say:

    I love valley river casino I get free room and some free play voucher but never touched for food court which is disappoint I go bout 15 times a year and never won. It I still love the place!!!

  132. Chad Sexton say:

    I had a blast! Definitely want to come back from a entire weekend. Was only able to stay 1 day! Not a huge Casino but it was still a fabulous experience!!

  133. Elizabeth Almánzar De Esquivel say:

    I decided to take the 5 hours Drive to celebrate my 5th marriage anniversary, once we got there I checked in and went to the Casino, while at the bar a Caucasian man stared complaining about me talking Spanish with a couple of Mexican guys that was there as well , I don’t know what he told the bartender that she told me that I wasn’t allowed any more drinks. When I complained I manager came and told me the same thing.. I got so mad but didnt make a show . I when to check out and security and another manager came to apologize for what happened, I stay are the hotel and continued with may vacation , the following night Leslie Jones was performing and I was on the VIP section and once again same thing 2 couple got in my face screaming at me bitch this is America speak English , I got mad and leave cause no one there did nothing .. it’s not my fault I speak 5 different language , it’s not my fault you people are so ignorant . Funny part calling me wet bag go to Mexico. I’m a American citizen born and raise.. no ties to Mexico whatsoever. Will never go back..

    Thanks Vinny and Toulouse, you guys where the only ones that did care and are aware of the situation .

  134. Scott Gruber say:

    We always have a great time at the casino, been there several times but will have to agree with alot of others on the comps… They know all about you while your there and I am never there during the week but they always send comps for use during the week and won’t let you use on weekends so we stay 30 miles away and have to drive back and forth, other than that it’s an awesome place

  135. Lynn Schuster Driver say:

    First time their yesterday,I liked it going back tomorrow. Btw your coffee is excellent.

  136. Nina Martin say:

    Great place, great people and wonderful food. Will be back to see y’all soon.

  137. Pam Betty Brown Jones say:

    Love that place everybody need to go and have fun

  138. Kathy Hirschy say:

    I visited with a free play mail voucher and tried to use it but the machine wouldn’t accept the ticket. I was told to take it to cage so they could fix the problem. I was told I was given the credit after 5 minutes of some rude man in his gold jacket researching this. I explained I never received the credit and short of calling me a liar I told them to keep there ….. free ticket ! Poor and rude customer service !!!!

  139. Sandi Fedler say:

    The casino is much smaller than Cherokee, but closer to Atlanta for a day trip. The employees are very friendly and it is very clean. Have not played the tables at this casino, but have played the slots. All three times I’ve been here, the machines are TIGHT. Doesn’t take long to play through several hundred dollars…..probably won’t come back to this location.

  140. Angel Parella-Benthall say:

    The hotel/casino is very nice. The staff was friendly. Love the slot tournaments on Thursday. Had a fun time.

  141. Pete Ortega say:

    Thanks you 2 days Free Room see it not that hard to get a room.

  142. Jimmy Joe Vaughn say:

    People there were great. The hotel was clean and very nice. So, then why a rating of only FAIR? I have been to Harrah,s in Las Vegas, Biloxi, and Tunica and now Murphy. I can tell the the machines are tighter in Murphy and I’m not to lose that quickly and pay for my drinks. No where else have I paid for a drink while I was playing. With all the money that’s being lost there I can’t believe free drinks would break them. Yes the machines are tighter, but I don’t go into a casino thinking i’m getting rich, I go to have fun and maybe make a few dollars and sometimes I do. I don’t go that often so I don’t get alot of comps but I usually spend enough to get my room for free, but not here they didn’t even offer to check. Again, wonderful people, crappy casino experience. Don’t plan to go back will drive a little further the other direction.

  143. Brenda Mcdowell say:

    Exciting. Friendly environment. A great place to let loose!������

  144. Dwight Moore say:


  145. Stephen Hurley say:

    Never stayed there, but the casino is fairly awesome.

  146. Trabue Brown say:

    ������� everything is quite great. I � meeting new people and having fun.

  147. Carole Ray say:

    the hotel was good again.But the housekeeper need to vacum good (had crumbs on floor near the dresser, need to vacum behind the chair against the wall, had face hair in the sink from the other guest, need to sweep good in the bathroom, need a long duster to reach the dust above the mirror in the bathroom.)The bed is so cozy and comfort . DID NOT HAVE A FRESH CLEAN SMELL IN (Room 343)when you open the door.

  148. Cathy Stiles Thomas say:

    I enjoyed playing at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River, My mom and I had just left Harrah’s in Cherokee and decided to stop and play in Murphy for a little while, I lost money in Cherokee but I made up for it in Murphy, I had a pretty good run on every machine I played on. I will be back to Murphy, hope we can get a room next time.

  149. Judy Raulerson Glasgow say:

    Had a blast! Cant wait to return again soon. Loved it!

  150. Angela Lewis-Heard say:

    Funny thing happened yesterday. My husband called the hotel because he got two different offer codes stating a free hotel stay for ANY DAY at the casino for August and September. He called and asked for ANY Friday or Saturday in August or September. He didn’t say a specific date. And was told NO rooms was available for ANY Friday or Saturday in both months. Keep in mind he didn’t say specific date. Since he was on speaker phone quite a few people heard the conversation. And witness first hand the WOW factor. Need I say more.

  151. Oliver Jenkins say:

    There were no black employees . I feel if it’s alright for my people to spend money at any business , then it should be alright to employ us. �����

  152. Kenneth Thompson say:

    The best of the smokies!!…Into a beautiful world of the Cherokee Nation!!!!…I’ve never seen a more beautiful place than this!!!…breathtaking views,games,!!
    It’s just a wonderful place to VACATION AT!!

  153. Thlesiha Nichole say:

    It was great. Best time I have spent with my loving Family in a long time

  154. Felicia Sutton say:


  155. Beckie Pierson Nichols say:

    Had a great time. Great friendly staff. Hotel was very nice and clean

  156. Demeatria Farmer say:

    Great place and great staff!!! I will definitely be back

  157. Denise LibraGoddess Parks say:

    Haven’t won in a very long time. Some of the Pit bosses are really mean

  158. Willie Nelson say:

    Been to this casino twice friendly staff clean rooms

  159. Laura Kristine Stanley Bedell say:

    � this place! We always have a great time when we make the trip across the state!

  160. Beverly Bates say:

    I really like it as a quick get away for my husband and me, we get free rooms and free play and the customer service it awesome, but the food sux and it is way over priced, and you can’t get free drinks, and if you stay you have to pay for WiFi, so it is only a one night stay for us, we go to biloxi and stay for 4or 5 days free plus free food free drinks and free WiFi

  161. Cody Ryan Knapp say:

    I went last night with my girlfriend and of course you have to be 21, easy. We get in. She is literally IDed another 12 times before get to a game. I get it, but after 3-5 hrs of being in the casino, it gets old and ruins the mood. We walked by a blackjack table (which was full), the dealer stopped my gf mid deal to ID her. Then after ordering many drinks from the server, she asked for a water and got IDed for a water. I literally almost lost my mind, we all cashed out and left. Why have all those cameras and security scanning ids if your going to ruin your customer’s experience. Complete and utter bullshit. Management is horrible and Dennis is too. Never will I go back to this establishment, ever.

  162. Wanda Self Fulmer say:

    It was my first visit to a Casino, my friend had Free Room for 3 nights. We enjoyed it so much. Clean room, Comfortable Beds and Pillows. We both played in the Casino…I walked away with more money than I started with !!!

  163. Bob Betts say:

    Very tight slots and the comps aren’t the greatest.

  164. Adnan Suleman Abubakar say:

    Its a enjoyable place for resting and security personnel

  165. Chenita Bowers say:

    I loved it…But, it was a last minute trip. I went with an older lady who needed someone to ride with her. Of course it’s the months end and I was broke, walking around watching others hit jackpots all around me, looking like a sad puppy, with my smiley face sign on…Lol
    But I do love the place. Total rewards service wasn’t all that great unti day 3 when a supervisor helped out. Good luck people.

  166. Danny Prater say:

    Yesterday was our first trip there and was not impressed at all. In the time we were there we didn’t see anybody winning anything. It doesn’t take very long loose enough that you’re ready to quit. To add insult to injury they charge you for drink while you’re playing, that’s a first in all the casino’s we’ve been to.Glad we didn’t decide to do a weekend since the food selection is poor and you would have paid for wifi. From now on we will go back to Biloxi or Vegas and stay a few days.

  167. Mary Anderson Malcom say:

    Enjoyed our time we were there . Very friendly people. Hope to come back soon.

  168. Vmadison Madison say:

    The experience was one of a kind,and I look forward to going back for my next visit .

  169. Angie Dixon say:

    U cannot win goin on the weekend. I go every time my hubby. Clifton Reagan goes. And they send him $50 vouchers & send me $0 wth

  170. James Klaucke say:

    Fuck that place. How u goin to tell the customer its their fault the dealer screwd up. Dealer made a mistake and paid out an extra $15 with out anyone noticing. 20 min later they come to me and say I got to pay it back or I’m kicked out. Not my fault. Dealers fault. All the money they get and they bitching over $15. Won’t never see me again. Fucking crooks. Wouldn’t even show me video of them fucking up. Wrong wrong wrong

  171. Fred Roper say:

    OK But too much smoke . There needs to be a separate building for smokers

  172. David Bishop say:

    FIRST OF ALL. When you charge people that pay for rooms for WI FI in 2017 that shows yall are cheap as hell plus the machines didnt pay out worth a flip for 2 days of stay. Stay here for a free hotel and then go whitewater rafting.. the Arthur Treachers fish needs to be shut down it is so gross..wont be back! But the bloody marys are amazing

  173. Amanda Michael Patterson say:

    one of our favorite quick get away spots…. so much fun !

  174. Chris Gilreath say:

    it’s peace on Earth! best place to come and relax with your spouse or whole family!!

  175. Genia Faye say:

    First time there…loved it will be going back for my bday ….

  176. Carol A Perdue say:

    We had a good time , we didn’t win as much as we do in metropolis Illinois Harrahs but the people were great to us!

  177. Michael Jordan say:

    I had a good time but wish I could have won something or broke even lol

  178. Bill Thompson say:

    The staff are top notch, easy to talk with and friendly. No complaints with the hotel or rooms, food is limited but good the restaurant addition will be great so long as the prices are within reason if not there are lots of places in Murphy. My wife and I were there this week and for the first time are considering not returning, the payouts on the slots were that bad. We don’t expect to walk out winners it’s a Casino but we do expect to enjoy ourselves even if losing, we did not, what we did was like seeing it in the rearview mirror on our 6 hour drive home. It was just as bad at Cherokee.

  179. Ann Lewis Joyner say:

    Hotel and employees very nice. Casino is great loved every minute.

  180. Kieran Rose say:

    Awesome staff. Clean room. Food is basically fast food, which when you’re only staying for a day isn’t a big deal. The slots did suck for me, but my boyfriend won a few. Roulette and blackjack were great, if you can’t afford a $15 buy in, play earlier in the day. Both my boyfriend and I walked away with a pretty penny, but only because of dealer games. I will say, we shouldn’t be paying for our drinks. They were standard bar prices, domestics $4 and titos $7. Otherwise, great place.

  181. Audra Eubanks say:

    Probably won’t be back. The machines are too tight. I can’t afford to lose hundreds of dollars that quick. I was down 225.00 in about 30 minutes worth of play. My friend who was with me had the same bad luck.
    I’ve played Vegas, Biloxi, Tunica, Caribbean, and cruise ships. NEVER have the machines taken my money so fast. I don’t expect to strike it rich but the slots should pay out enough to show your customers a good time. And from reading other reviews, I see I’m not the only one who feels this way…. 🙁

  182. George Westbrook say:

    Just the right size to have fun. Food court was small but had a good variety of food.

  183. Saul Gonzalez Jr. say:

    Try to go there every year….I take my lovely widowed Mother of course…..beautiful casino….awesome architecture with the mountain stream going through the casino….good promotions….ill try to go during the off season!

  184. Cheri Crabtree Marchewka say:

    Went here for the eclipse. The place was clean, unfortunately people were smoking inside, so we only played the $50 voucher given to us upon arrival and left. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

  185. Debi Jeffers Pitstick say:

    Don’t eat at Nathan ‘ s, the French fries are soggy and the hot dog buns were hard. It was loud in the food court we had scream at each other to hear.

  186. Sandra Pettinaro Redden say:

    I love River Valley because it is still small and inviting like Cherokee was 20 years ago. O know they are expanding River Valley and adding a sit down restaurant, but I hope they don’t lose the “small casino” feel. Love to go to River Valley.

  187. Andre Smiley Sorriso say:

    Great Service ! Had a blast ! Will definally be going back.

  188. Joshua Lee Fair say:

    Home away from home! Absolutely love this place. The dealers are hilarious. The staff is awesome. Solar Eclipse event was great

  189. Loretta Fox say:

    Loved every minute wish we could have stayed longer

  190. Bridget Guthrie Asher say:

    This is my new favorite place .. beats driving 6 hours to lose the same amount of money , although I’ve won way more in Tunica than anywhere else.

  191. Lisa Strauss Gordon say:

    Ugly. Looked like nothing more than a climatizes warehouse. I guess it serves the purpose.

  192. Robert Hohn say:

    The casino was clean, the staff were very friendly, and there were actual tabletop games like Blackjack and Roulette! I’m not sure what else you can ask from a casino, especially since we weren’t interested in dining or staying at the hotel.

    I’d knock it for the very high drink prices and limited rewards, but it seemed like the machines were “loose” relative to other casinos that I’ve been to, so I’m hesitant to really complain about that stuff. We went in with $20 and had nearly 2 hours of machine time with plenty of ups and downs.

  193. Kathy Metts say:

    I have been there 4 times and will be back Sept. 10th. Enjoyed every visit did not always win but enjoyed the machines and the people that work there. Would recommend it to every body. Did not find the food that pricey.

  194. Philip William Mosely say:

    I loved it I won 1 million dollars $! €£¥₩ I also had wild homosexual sex in a public restroom. It was not as good as winning the $ though.

  195. Will Roberts say:

    Game wouldn’t take the coupon found out the ones you print from the kiosk are the same they mail… Stupid!
    Then redemption machine wouldn’t cash the ticket voucher, had to go to cashier.. Wasted time!
    Food Court excellent, Beverage staff excellent, Gaming host seemed like she didn’t wanna be there. No interaction except the Welcome and Good-by from Security Guards… On a 1-10, would be a 4…. Gaming host was the downward spiral made being there playing seem like I was imposing on her!!!!

  196. Amp Jackson say:

    cherokee casino was an awsome experience for me everyone was very nice and the live poker room is the best love that place….gotta miss this weekend but will be back next weekend…trying to go every week lol..poker for me….

  197. Cathy Maffett say:

    We had a great time. Even brought home cash. The staff were very attentive. Very clean.

  198. Cody Miller say:

    Had an awesome time, stopped in on a bike ride. Very nice and clean place. I’m sure we will be back

  199. Michelle Sage Watson say:

    What a great establishment! Was a great weekend getaway!
    Staff is excellent, very clean. Will definitely go back!

  200. Robert Vila say:

    This had to be the worst casino trip that I have ever made! Toothless dealers robbed my brother for 1200.00. Called to have the video reviewed and the manager agreed that my brother made the correct bet. The security was trying to fight us. They said if we didn’t stay quite about the money that security would take it out to the parking lot! So we were forced not to speak! We were able to take about 7000.00 home and it’s sad because I’m not even happy about winning the money! Horrible staff, and a negative environment. We make a trip every month or two and our group will never go back again! Thanks Cherokee!

  201. Kyle Vila say:

    This was the first time I have walked out of a casino with a pocket full of money and still did not have a good time. Horrible management and staff!! You would think there would be some type of screening process for the employees and if there is it’s not good enough. I will take my money elsewhere next time. I hope everyone else does the same.

  202. Colby Johnson say:

    Staff was very friendly. Just wished there was a few Texas hold em tables. So i played blackjack instead. Dealer was very helpful and friendly and even corrected me on times I should of hit or stayed.

  203. Martha Chambliss Johnson say:

    Clean and well kept facility. Very small for the quantity of customers inside. Crowds almost too much for the weekend.

  204. Lisa Huffman say:

    It was alot nicer than the Cherokee just my 1st visit though big crowd nice place had very nice workers I was inpressed

  205. Mitch Wood say:

    Environment was great as it’s a beautiful Casino. Food service not so much. Had to wait 10 minutes for Panda Express to prepare chow mein that they were out of, not a big deal. By that time they ran out of the mushroom chicken & I had to wait for that too. Long story short I waited nearly 20 minutes to eat. Starbucks also failed to satisfy as they gave me a drink that wasn’t prepared correctly. Might be back, but I guess I’ll have to pack a lunch.

  206. Gail Simpson say:

    Room are very nice love the shower,and bed,’s are so soft.Even tho you don’t stay in the room long it’s nice to have a break and rest for a while.

  207. Linda Sealey say:

    I haven’t been in awhile but was great rooms were excellent. Love to go back and could care less about the smoking if you don’t want to smell it don’t go to casino. I am a non smoker now but it wouldn’t bother me if I was enjoying myself. Some people just have to complain. You can’t please everybody you knew it before you went….

  208. Teddy Reece say:

    I always have a great time at Harrahs gonna go back soon

  209. Lauren Huynh say:

    I called for a complimentary room and the lady tell me there is a room available and if I would like to book it. I drive 3 hours here and they tell me it will be $199. They say they pull the recording and that I agree to the price and agree to book it but i don’t get to hear this recording they speak of. And when I ask her about when I ask if there was a complimentary room available did the lady reply to me saying no there is not but we do have a room available at this rate, which is usually the reply I get she just keep telling me that the lady never said anything about complimentary and then she tell me everyone answer the calls differently but when someone ask for a complimentary room why wouldn’t you say no first instead you say yes we do have one available at this rate which I didn’t even hear her tell me a rate. And usually they alway confirm your charges at the end telling you again how much n if you agree to the charges, i didn’t even get that, I feel like they just set me up, drive all the way here and force me to pay for a room. Horrible customer service!

  210. Kimberly Judkins say:

    We love going here everybody’s so nice we wish they had more waitresses at night time but other than that it’s wonderful.

  211. Franky Logan say:

    This casino is a great place to go for a quick getaway.

  212. Grace Anderson Brown say:

    Looking for to stay next week it is a beautiful place. I was last up there on 7/17 celebrating my moms 84th Birthday and then she passed away 8/11

  213. Suzi Bee Homemaker say:

    We on our way again! We love coming here! Muuuuuah

  214. Margarete Maggie Munkus Powers say:

    Great hotel and casino. Every employee that I was in contact were extremely nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend this hotel/casino to my friends and family. My room was very comfortable.

  215. Denise Green Waddell say:

    Everyone there was super friendly it was our 1st time there we had been to the one in Cherokee one time also both casinos had amazing staff and answered all of our questions in a professional and polite matter we will definitely be back

  216. Noris Padrón say:

    Every time I go. It’s good!!! I really enjoyed it

  217. Angela Harrison Brigmon say:

    I had a blast being it was my first time there I got a free fifty dollars to play won 170 bucks plus my fifty the staff was awesome!

  218. Elizabeth Rea Mathis say:

    Terrible visit on Sept 23. I visited this casino last year many times since it’s the closest to where I live in Georgia. My husband and invited his friend and fiancé to come to casino and paid full price for their room since I could only get one comp room although I’m a diamond member. This was just for one day. You’d think I could have gotten more than just my one day room comp or at least the next room discounted. Our friends had never been there and will never be back. I’v…

  219. David Thompson say:

    Plenty of table games available to suit my taste, however everything else is lacking. Sta8y there two nights in their hotel, be prepared because they nickel and dime for everything and I do mean everything. I find it weird that valet parking is free, but they charge you for internet. I also found it really weird that they do not have Fox network in the rooms, and I was later told it’s because they want to force you to come downstairs to the bar and casino floor to watch the football games. Why is this? So they can make more money off of you while you drink, eat, and watch the game. Being in the South, everyone knows that all of the NFL NFC South football games are on the Fox network, so to do that intentionally is offensive to guests. If you are going here for a day trip to gamble and go back home it’s perfect, otherwise it’s rough if you’re planning multiple nights. Dining options are really really bad and unhealthy right now, but I do see that they are in the process of building a new dining facility as well as a bowling alley. Hopefully they will have something other than Mall food court type restaurants going forward.

  220. Jay Skinner say:

    We had a good experience here. The staff was helpful and patient. We are at Ruth chris and it was much better than the one in Atlanta. Could not get the room cooled down below 76 yet the casino was cold and though there were some people smoking, the air system was cranking and it was not smoke filled like Vegas. There was a no smoking casino. We will go back

  221. Debbie Williams-Gillig say:

    The room was ok. The shower had some mold issues. The food market wasn’t that good. When we go to a casino it’s a date night. We want to be wind and dined before we spend our money in the slots. If we wanted fast food we would go through a drive thru.

  222. Kannah Massee say:

    THE CASINO SUCKED!! The eyes 👀in the sky only let selective ppl win big on the machines if you get the hint

  223. Kim Diegel Brown say:

    Stopped in for an hour while driving by from out of town after hearing about the casino at Riverbend in Chattanooga. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. No luck finding tables open for our price and game so stuck with automated. Machine sections need better signs and grouping. Spent too much time wandering when there were few customers. Food court is a welcome addition but the building exterior is atrocious. Very dated looking. Just a poor design.

  224. Sharon Thornton say:

    This was my first time there an i absolutely loved it. I will be going back.

  225. Tyrell Edward Harris say:

    I love going down there to play Blackjack, I don’t understand why other people try to give a poor rating on this place….. maybe because they lost all their money and need to complain. This place is beautiful, I was always treated with respect by the staff and guest. That’s why I drive 2 hours just to be there.

  226. Michael Haynes say:

    Very clean-looks like new. Very courteous staff. This was our third visit and we will be back. Arrive before 5:00 as the hotel parking lot fills with the overnight guests.

  227. Marshall Kimbtell say:

    Sorry,but i seen Cherokee then seen the address is Murphy,N.C.Still educate your employees.

  228. Bruno Burghard say:

    I was told on the phone that since I’ve never been there before I would have to pay full rate, even though I’m a diamond holder. So I decided to make a day trip being I’m from California and working in Atlanta. The staff seemed ok the place is a little on the small side which doesn’t bother me. After driving a few hours it would have been nice to take a shower and freshen up rather than knowing I had to drive back in the same day, it’s just not worth it I doubt that I will go back

  229. Angie Werner say:

    Our first trip there for my Birthday Weekend. We usually go to the other Cherokee. It rained all weekend so we had nothing to do but gamble. My son and his wife and friends joined us. My son and I played Blackjack. Our dealer was the most rude dealer I’ve ever Encounterd!! Would not talk or smile and made our experience awful!! The food was nasty. Had to go out in n the pouring rain to get something decent to eat. Beds are very uncomfortable. The first two days we did good on the slots but after that we couldn’t hit a thing. Like they turned the machines off after the weekend

  230. James F. Saxe Sr. say:

    My wife and I visited Valley River while visiting Harrah’s Cherokee. The drive over to Valley River was beautiful. We love this casino. The security was very pleasant to us while doing his job. We found plenty of games to play. Waitress came around quite frequently and were very pleasant. Yes we won a little and had a great time. I found several Black Jack tables with $10 minimum which was nice. We ate at the food court and our burgers from Nathan’s were hot and enjoyable. Didn’t take but a few minutes to pay. We also purchased several coffee’s at Starbucks where the staff was very polite and cheerful. The coffee’s were as good as at any Starbucks. The air filtration system was wonderful and didn’t have an issue with smoke. In fact we found the air seemed very pleasant. The casino seemed very clean to us and the staff were always coming around to clean up around the machines. As we left we were told to have a nice day and come back to visit. I can’t speak for anyone else’s visit but our was wonderful. We know that Valley River will expand as time allows and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this casino. We are looking into finding a campground closer to Valley River. Thank you Valley River and Harrah’s for another wonderful time and can’t wait to come back.

  231. Judy Poirier say:

    I was excited to be there very clean and staff was very friendly. How ever I droped 100$ there in just a short time, and didn’t even get a free spin. I guess that’s how it goes when you gamble. But a few free spins would have been nice.

  232. Steven Pieniaszek say:

    Freindly, helpful dealers and staff. Room very comfortable. Looking forward to their new restaurant to not have to eat fast foos all the time.

  233. Lauren Pieniaszek say:

    We really love coming here. We go just for fun. We know that you can’t win a million dollars when there. Since it’s the only casino in the area, they don’t have to have loose slots or offer free drinks, cause there’s no place else you can go. Love the bright lights of the slots and I play them for awhile, but Black Jack is the game where you have a better chance of not going home empty handed. Just about all the employees are very friendly, from the hotel staff to the casino staff. Very generous comps if you remember to use their Total Rewards player’s card at the machines and the tables.

  234. Nikki Self Kellogg say:

    I love Casino great games really nice comfy rooms

  235. Casey Spears say:

    I lost some she won some you know how it goes. Had a blast.

  236. Angela Harvey Ashburn say:

    Had a decent time after finding the machines we wanted to play,they need to be sectioned by bid amounts instead of scattered all over

  237. Tyler Haney say:

    Loved it had alot of fun ya it was my first so I got the free 50 to play and I put it to good use keep up the good work

  238. Sandy Bell Naylon say:

    Nice hotel and casino. Fun stop! Friendly staff!

    not pet friendly
    no sit down dining restaurants (food court only)
    single bar, smoke free

  239. Jamie Brown say:

    My first time ever at a casino so I don’t have others to compare it to. I won $250 in the first 5 min of playing so that was alright with me. I don’t like that it smells like smoke. Staff was very helpful and courteous.

  240. Colleen Lindsey Posey say:

    Less smokey than most casinos! And I won! Drinks were brought around every few minutes.

  241. Jernice Thomas Speer say:

    Hotel rooms are very nice. We came on a short notice to celebrate my friend birthday weekend. This was my second time here. This Casino doesn’t have any of my favorite games that are at other casinos. My friend was disappointed at the limited table games, especially poker. She does not want to come back. So, we are going to drive further to get to the right casino with more gaming options.

  242. Eileen Weaver Fordham say:

    We went for a day, to play. I came back without money, but my husband won. Our friend came back without money, but we had a good time playing. It’s one of our ways to spend a Saturday to relax from the work week. We go with a set amount of money. If we lose, we lose. If we win, we win. We don’t whine about being took by the casino.

  243. Alesia Brown say:

    It was fun. But they need better exshast fans. So smoke filled I only lasted an hour before I had to get out.

  244. Travis Fields say:

    I will definitely go back there with more $$$ this time..

  245. Renee Berry say:

    I drove from SC, a 3 hour drive. I can say I had a wonderful experience. My parking was near the elevator. My experience at the slot machines was good.

  246. Kitty Mann Huecker say:

    The scenery there is beautiful. The luckiest I’ve ever been is at this casino and I can’t wait to see the extension when it’s done.. I am booked to go there every weekend next month can’t wait:-)I love going there..my favorite casino:-)

  247. Dwight Thaxton say:

    It was fun. Been better if I knew what I was doing lol. The only complaint I have is they should have a smoker and nonsmokers sections. I don’t smoke and it bout got to me. Besides that it was a great place.

  248. J Mack W Cng say:

    Always have a good time at Harrahs Valley River Casino! Can’t wait for the new expansion!

  249. Donnie Lord say:

    I wish they would post when they get new table games or at least put it on the website. Like high card flush has never been added to website. I like to know when u get new table games. Have you gotten ultimate holdem yet Harrah’s cheerokee has it. I’d like to see Chris cross poker too

  250. Trevor Long say:

    My first time was a good visit but they need to build more around and attached to the hotel and casino there is very limited food and nothing to do besides gamble if your out of money for your stay! The casino is ok it’s lacking more three card poker tables! As only three was open! The pit bosses were kind of rude and did not talk or even acknowledge you! We had a great dealer at the table we sat at all night and her name was Kim and she was great she made it entertaining and made it so everyone at the table had fun and felt welcomed! ( even if you lost) The casino will be better if they add around and build more stuff in the area similar to Cherokee!

  251. Will Rosenberg say:

    A large smoking warehouse!!!! It is absolutely ugly on the outside and inside. Harrah’s should be ashamed about building a 1 star Casino/Hotel and then stealing all the money from all the local people. It smells bad inside!!!!

  252. Micheal Holmes say:

    Could someone tell me why In 10 month of coming to cherokee and valley river. I only have 2400 teir credit points. But then go to Harrah’s Gulf Coast for 2 days and now have 8855 points. And they gave free alcohol while playing. Also I can’t sniff a comped room on a weekend but have never been to Biloxi and they gave me a Saturday and Sunday for free

  253. Jacob Bradley say:

    Management was very nice and understanding. Helped me out win my slot was betting weirdly

  254. Donna Bowen Reyes say:

    Be prepared to not win much at slots. Guess they have to pay for this new building. They also need better ventilation. Smoke was everywhere.

  255. Lagretta Brailey say:

    My first time. My husband I had a great time. I wished they had a room available but we stayed down the street. Food was great. They need more Wheel of Fortune machines on the lower side. Other than that, I will return. Have more hotels near so if no rooms are available, we can walk from across the street.

  256. Marvin Lane say:

    The wife and i have been going here instead of cherokee which both are the same distance from us and we seembto love this one alot better .. layout and over staff and things seem friendlier

  257. Crystal Nix say:

    Was there Sunday night with family and had a blast.

  258. Cheryl Ann Merideth say:

    We were driving home (a 7 hour trip) and it was lunch time. Casinos have always had wonderful food so we stopped. Very disappointed, fast food court, like at a mall. Nope. Had been thinking of a weekend trip but without decent food it’s a defendant no.

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