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Looking for the most action-packed gaming you’ll ever experience? Come and enjoy the glitz, glamour, and sophistication at the only Vegas-style casino in town. We’re featuring over 2,200 slots, more than 70 big-action table games and 34 live poker tables.

Become at winner at Hollywood Columbus! Over 2,200 slots, over 70 table games, 36 tables of live poker and more Vegas-style casino fun.

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

All surface level and garage parking is FREE.

Join us for the all-new Hollywood Casino Columbus featuring all the action and star-studded fun you can handle in Columbus, Ohio!

Plus, enjoy unparalleled amenities including fabulous Columbus dining, magnificent Columbus nightlife and the kind of star treatment you won’t find anywhere else!


Are you red carpet ready?


Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller

Bier Haus

Cash Claw

Cherry Red

China Mystery

Diamond Safari

Diamond Solitaire Deluxe

Double Diamond 3X 4X 5X

Dragon Hurricane

Dragon Wonder

Elvis the King

Emerald Butterfly

Family Guy

Fortune Trip

Gauchos Gold

Gold on the Bayou

Golden Flash

Hot Shot Progressive

Invaders from the Planet Moolah

King of Africa


Mayan Chief

Michael Jackson – King of Pop

Money in the Bank

Money Vault

Monster Jackpot

Monte Carlo

Multi-Game Winners Choice Video Poker

Mystical Unicorn


Press Your Luck

Quest for Riches

Ramses’ Gold


Sir Galahad

Super Jackpot Party

Super Monopoly Money

Super Phoenix

Super Times Pay 2X 3X 4X 5X

Super Times Pay 2X 3X 4X 5X – Hot Roll

Tarzan – Lord of the Jungle

The King & The Sword

The Lord of the Rings – Fellowship

The Lord of the Rings – Land of Mordor

The Wizard of Oz – Ruby Slippers

Triple Double Diamond

Triple Double Diamond – Hot Roll

Wheel of Fortune


Casino with game tables, slots, a stage for bands & restaurants, including a steakhouse & buffet.
Address: 200 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228, USA
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 614-308-3333

Site: http://www.hollywoodcolumbus.com/Casino
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollywoodColumbus
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hollywoodcbus
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HollywoodColumbus


  1. Netta Somindyo Mfownbizzinezz say:


  2. Pete Sakounkou say:

    Zen restaurant is one of these best Chinese in town.. love their ginger ribs…

  3. Ngai Culbreath say:

    You should give free alcohol drinks if you are gambling the act are pretty good

  4. Jeremy Huebner say:

    This is the worse managed casino I have ever been to. Machine goes down and they send someone over that has no clue what is going on.

  5. Ashley Stafford say:

    Machines went down an hour and a half ago still sitting in the same spot to be hand paid. Never coming back.

  6. Debbie Lonzo say:

    Well came here for a party the power went out been waiting for 3 1/2 hours so far for someone to help with my machine can’t cash out this place as no plan in place for power outage wow will not be back

  7. Sanchez Lisita say:

    I used to go here every single day every single day it was a great place to unwind after work but then they started hiring new securities or bouncers whatever you want to call them and I am totally understand the ID thing but if there’s two bouncers and one of them lets me in and the other tries to ID me I think I should have been that in the one of the bouncers recognize me because I go there every day to the point that he Knows My Name the new balancer stars to tell me that he gets to choose who he feels he wants to ID mind you two girls walk in after me who look way younger let some dude doesn’t even say anything my thing is if you’re going to die to everyone then it’s everyone not where you pick and choose who you want ID the ID isn’t the issue it isn’t the big problem the fact that the prejudice against me was the problem especially when one Browns are obviously told you she’s she’s been here before she’s over the edge and then you let two girls walk by they’re obviously look way younger than me and don’t even say a thing

  8. Sherry Trueblood say:

    I’m writing this for a friend named Gary Robinson. He went to Hollywood Casino in Columbus Ohio on Dec. 2 2016. At approximately 8:50 pm there was a power outage and all machines kicked off. Gary had $19.80 on the machine at that time. He had to stay in his seat until 2am before he finally got his payout from that machine. People were leaving and just walking away from machines they were playing on instead of waiting forever for an employee to reset the machine and pay them. Employees were resetting machines that no one was sitting at so people could play them. But the machines with people waiting were the last to get serviced. Gary had ask at least 5 employees to reset his machine so he could get his payout. Every one of them said they would be right back and never did come back. One employee was bitching about working over time so basically he didn’t care how long you were sitting there. He would rather be home. He didn’t have enough common sense to realize Gary had been sitting there for hours. Not getting paid anything! There was a lady near Gary that said the busses stopped running at 12am. So she was going to have to take a cab that cost $7 or she would have to walk home . Which was 5 blocks away. In the middle of the night!
    The five hours Gary sat there at that machine, not one employee offered to get him anything to drink(He dont drink alcohol). And he couldn’t get up from his seat or he would loose his money that was in it.
    It would be interesting to know how much money the casino made just from the people who walked away. The place was pretty crowded. I’m glad I was not there last night. My patience is no where near what Gary can tolerate.
    Gary is not happy with the way he was treated last night by those employees he spoke with,or the way the casino went about refunding people. I wonder if they ever heard of doing something in a reasonable amount of time??
    If you were there on 12/2/16 please feel free to comment how your evening was and the service you received. Maybe next time this happens they will have a different plan to take care of things so people dont go through what Gary did.
    I posted a similar post on the main page for the casino. But conveniently. It wasn’t posted right away . I take it they must have to approve the post first. Well, this time I’m going to copy this post before I push that done button.lol. it will be seen one way or another
    Thanks for reading this.

  9. Austin Escue say:

    Power crashed not once but twice. Wouldn’t reimburse the money that I had on the slots. People were waiting 3+ hours for their reimbursement and probably waited longer… then found out they were reimbursing with free slot play. called local news and they were aware but couldn’t do anything. Biggest scam and seriously unprofessional.

  10. Sajeel Raza say:

    Always visit this casino and we never had a problem of any sort. The bars are awesome special when there a buckeyes game going on

  11. Rick Rickey say:

    I mainly play poker and poker tournaments but it’s a cool place, oh and I love the buffet ?

  12. Aaron D Woosley say:

    Always enjoy my time there. Food is really good also.

  13. Ron Coon say:

    This is one of my favorite casinos in Ohio.. unlike its counterpart in Dayton Ohio. You can actually win something at this casino!

  14. Lucy Yee say:

    Me and my husband have been going every week for this whole year..we dont win everytime but we win some on other nights..we love the staff…the food…I really love the coffee.we will continue making plans in the next coming year…

  15. Ken Niner say:

    Dining at OH was terrible tonight. Menu was wrong to start, food was undercooked, took forever to get replaced, got a $9.99 comp. Pitiful!

  16. Erica Marie say:

    Terrible customer service…………. NEVER again!

  17. Megan Quarry say:

    You should probably get someone to handle your stuff who actually responds to messages… Horrible customer service. Stay far far away from place

  18. Jessica Miller say:

    Never been more dissatisfied with a casino in my life. Skip this place and go to Scioto instead. Terrible customer service

  19. Leah Hughes say:

    Used to be my favorite casino to visit but after a few things Ive experienced. As well as what my friend has experience experienced here has made me totally against it. I will just go to Scioto downs from this point forward. Hollywood needs to handle their issues and not continue to ignore them.

  20. Robert Pelasky say:

    Very clean casino. The dealers and staff were friendly. Will visit again.

  21. Peggy Finley say:

    We totally enjoyed our Christmas Day we were winners Thank You!

  22. Jan Taylor Snodgrass say:

    I think it makes your Casino look really bad when you have so many slot machines broke! The slots in the smoking decks are always broke!
    And me personally haven’t been able to enjoy a De-caf Starbucks in months, its always broke!

  23. Ricky Walker say:

    I may of lost, but i had a phenomenal time on the poker table. Everyone was very freindly and it was worth the loss of money for that experience!

  24. Anthony Goss say:

    I love this casino but too many of the workers talk too much and give off bad energy, overall it’s a good time

  25. Darren Harris say:

    Went to the casino Wednesday night for live karaoke and it was great ?? but decided to go gamble a little and I should have just stayed at the karaoke ?, these machines don’t pay ? out anymore, the place was almost empty and people was bitching about the place not paying out, it looks like that place will be going under it thing don’t change soon.

  26. Melinda Talbot say:

    We had the best time ever! We went for New Year’s Eve 2016 — The buffet was excellent with fresh, tasty food being replenished all the time; the hardworking employees were kind, helpful, and nice even though the place was packed; and we won on the penny slots! You can’t beat that for a nice time.

  27. Michelle Bair Hill say:

    Had a really wonderful time! Lots of fun!! Best New Year’s Eve I’ve had in a long time!

  28. Veronica Montgomery say:

    The best day to go is Friday. They have the best seafood spread ?

  29. Sheila M Gardenour say:

    Had a good time. Went there to bring in the New Year.

  30. Cheryl Ezell say:

    I went New Years Eve had a blast didn’t win anything only lost 40 bucks but the crowd & drinks & music awesome bought 2017 in gracefully ????

  31. Tim Collins say:

    Food at buffet average, attempted to eat at the grill….no customers, waited 5 mins and Left because could not get served, the only employee was doing something w coffee maker, greeted at front door, employee was great spent time explaining layout of casino and offered players card benefits. Lost $120 in 2 hrs of slots..had fun tho.

  32. Linda Wells say:

    Celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary Saturday night in the OH lounge. NuCorp band was playing and we had a wonderful, memorable evening! Many of our friends came to celebrate with us and loved NuCorp band! I would love for them to play more often…anyway that can happen? They have a huge following and the dance floor was full the entire 4 hours that they performed!

  33. Joe Mcmullens say:

    We the band NuCorp enjoy performing at your casino.

  34. Lora Gilliland say:

    Couldn’t by a game no bonuses no money. Put 5 in spin 5 off went right straight thro. May have to start stopping at sciotio downs again

  35. Mo Amin say:

    Winner winner chicken dinner! Always a good time with friends.

  36. Tj Cruz say:

    It’s an awesome place… But you can’t set at the bar table unless you play the poker machine which it’s not all that.. And the food at the Asian place is pricey.. A bowl of noddles for $13. And beer was $7 draft.. I been to many other casino’s where food and drinks are more cheaper And even some casino’s have $1 beer while you are playing.. An no bs .. Am a truck driver all over the country.. And I stopped at many casinos..

  37. Andrea Smathers Conner say:

    Visited for about an hour. It was ok but the slot machines are too tight. Lost interest quickly.

  38. Greg Long say:

    I liked the free parking…. The elevators had a nasty, musty smell like you just entered a wet basement full of mold. My food order at take 2 grill got messed up because they were out of what I ordered but neglected to tell me until after I had paid. No coat check when you enter from what I could tell. Not once was there an offer to buy a drink when sitting at the tables for at least an hour combined. I am not a fan of trying to find a table and having to look at a little screen that tells me what the limits are and you can only see these screens by walking to the front of each table. why no large signage? I guess for a casino located in Columbus I shouldn’t expect much.

  39. Joshua Castle say:

    I have never had a bad time going here to unwind and have a good time.

  40. Gerry Brown Stevens say:

    Our 1st time there and we loved it. Had dinner at the O.H which was very good. We would have liked to try out the Buffet but it was a bit too pricey. We enjoyed the band as well

  41. Donna Maria Greene say:

    Won big bucks tonight. Started with $15 walked out with $225.00 yea

  42. Austin Snyder say:

    I’m from out of town and I actually enjoy it!!!!!!

  43. Jesse Agerter say:

    Had a blast!!!! Won some lost some.Very classy nice ?

  44. Theresa Leogrande Magers say:

    I only go here a couple of times a year but was quite disappointed to find they had gotten rid of my favorite slots “Sex in the City”
    These were fun slots and you could win often on them. Not huge payouts but often and you could stay for hours playing on $20 . Not happy at all

  45. Nick Stathopoulos say:

    Best casino in Columbus. Love going here with friends and wife

  46. Josh Isenbarger say:

    Nice place but holy hell clean the damn elevators and lobby they smelled horrible. Smelled like a condemned building in Detroit haha. Good variety of slots not overrun with penny and nickel slots. The buffet was nothing special at all especially when compared to Jack casinos buffet it was like a MCL cafeteria. The staff was very nice but the biggest problem I had was I had to exchange my rewards card 4 times before I got one that worked.

  47. David Wandling say:

    Great time, we will definitely be back..great food and fun place to spend an evening hanging out……

  48. Kyle Brozak say:

    Had a great time watching the Muay Thai fights. I would appreciate however if more ushers were present. People kept coming from the back and taking seats in front of us without paying for them. Other than that. A couple more roulette tables and I’m happy! And maybe another Texas hold’em bonus table. Gets a little crowded on Friday nights.

  49. Jon Pavich say:

    Had a good time at their fight night “Pro Boxing ?” . They should do more events like that one. ?

  50. Peter Allen say:

    I go a couple of times a week and I haven’t had a bad experience yet. The black jack dealers are nice and helpful.

  51. Sherry Jacobs Hersman say:

    Slots need to pay out better…it is a nice place, but you have to have money lots of money to play!!!

  52. Yvonne Macey Price say:

    I”ve been enjoying myself most of the time at Hollywood Casino.. (only when I win)… this is my Home away from Home.. It was a good day on my B’day…thank you… I’d rather win then donate.. Don’t we all? See your all Again Saturday.

  53. Julia Cremeans say:

    BEST RUEBEN ever at OH … waitress leaves a lot to be desired, slow, chatty with one table imputicular the blonde that carried the food out acted like it was an inconvenience … had fun with the slots and again BEST REUBEN EVER!!!
    If you’re trying to be like vegas you need the best friendliest staff!!! Those 2 were not it

  54. Tafain Mahaxay say:

    Casino was fun but the casino buffet was not good at all, The only thing that I like was probably the snow pea cooked in butter. The people are friendly.

  55. Joe Hendricks say:

    My wife and I ate at the buffet Sat night 3/18/17 and had all the porterhouse and large breaded shrimp I could eat. Was it great… Wow now who does that. Thanks. Unfortunately she lost her perscription glases and has not had them returned as of yet.

  56. Matthew McAlexander say:

    Had an absolute fantastic time…no complaints from me…cant wait to go back!

  57. Amanda Carter say:

    Not a server in sight for the couple hours we were there, it is going downhill quick, as several said, we’ll probably not be back soon.

  58. Brent Pettibone say:

    I had a great time. I walked in with 100 dollars and walked out with 300 dollars. We were there for over 4 hours. I always do better there than I do at Scioto Downs.

  59. Craig White say:

    My favorite casinos outside of Vegas are the Hollywood Line-up. Went to Indiana last weekend and had a blast and headed to Columbus tomorrow afternoon and evening for another great time! As always, my wife and I really enjoy Hollywood!

  60. Samuel Pinizzotto say:

    Poker room is awesome. Just wish they had free snacks and such for the hrd core players. Everywhere I’ve been has free snacks. The poker room is great with high hands bonuses and good ratings on your card for comps.

  61. Eric Mathes say:

    Terrible. Waiting in line for 20th minutes to get an $8.00 draft beer is ridiculous. The place is laid out poorly. Restrooms are a mile away. Will not be back.

  62. Tammy Kay Senyer say:

    I’m not a drinker so for me to drink 5 Absolute Vodka, and Tonic’s, and a long island iced tea when my limit is three means their alcohol is very diluted. I walked out of there barely buzzed. I should have been completely intoxicated after four. LOL WASTE OF MONEY AT THE BAR.

  63. Chuck Lilja say:

    I love the poker room!! They were running an awesome high hand every 1/2hr. Definitely will return!!!

  64. Nicky Fawcett say:

    A moldy stench hits u as soon as u walk in…there were only 2 Texas holdem tables so I only got to play a couple hands before having to leave. I spent most of my visit waiting for a seat, not a good first experience in my opinion….if I go gambling again I’ll just be going to West Virginia ?

  65. Jerry Sprague say:

    Great time, highly recommend going to their poker room

  66. Shanya Fortune say:

    Smells like mold when you walk in from the parking garage. The buffet food was cold and nasty. I lost money again I never win when I do go!

  67. Constance Cindy Hammons say:

    Very big place !! But had light up sign’s on top to let u know exactly what u were looking for.foods an drinks!! Pricey BUT OK

  68. Chuck Northcutt say:

    I won money, so I had a great time! Other than that, I always have a great time there.

  69. Darien Billingsley say:

    So much fun and a great atmosphere! Drinks were reasonably priced and servers were so friendly!

  70. Billy I. Bedgood Jr. say:

    Great nice place like the one at Kansas Speedway! Epic buffet is very good. Plenty of truck parking too for you truckers.

  71. Heather Gallo Jacob say:

    The fact that you no longer have 5.00 three card poker tables anymore, will make be go elsewhere

  72. Dennis Bosher say:

    very nice clean place but machines are set low.no payouts

  73. SiSi Turner say:

    You got to know how to control your money I went to the 5 with no money go the free slot play and came out with 30 dollar yesterday and ten today…

  74. Teresa Sturgeon Norris say:

    I thought it was a very nice place… would of liked to buy a tea shirt to back to Oklahoma with me …

  75. John Cornwell say:

    Doesn’t even give you chance at making money. It is not gambling at all. It is just a waste. Go to Scioto downs. At least it is real gambling.

  76. Fannie D.Gray say:

    It was fun and I won….. Felt like a winner. I enjoyed the live band and the food is great…

  77. Kennitra Walker say:

    While the casino and the employees in the lobby were Amazing….our dinning experience was the WORST ? WE decided to eat at O.H sports bar waiting to sit in a booth we tried to ask (3) different people one being a manager “SHANNON CONNOLLY” who refused to acknowledge us. Once getting her attention she advised that she would come back to her table but chose not to, looking at us rolling her eyes- walking by our table 3’4 times. Our waitress finally approached the table we ask for the manager “Shannon Connolly ” to come to the table once she approached the table we advised her that we try to get her attention to get moved and that she was being completely Rude at that point she became very argumentative and told us that we should have waited for someone to move us and that she was not the hostess and that she was busy. We even ask for another manager in corporate number she refused advising she was the highest manager and that there was no corporate number and proceeded to walk away from us. Not even 2 minutes later another manager approach our table apologizing for the situation and offering complimentary we advised that we didn’t need anything just want to inform someone of Shannon Connolly attitude towards the customers.

  78. Tom Noble say:

    Slots are way too tight and bonuses don’t pay. Doesn’t pay too bet big cause you won’t win.

  79. Marcus Hill say:

    It’s not Vegas, but it is decent. Clean, fairly friendly staff. I would love to see $5 Blackjack tables. The slots are tight…not very good on payouts. I would like to see more novelty slots. Superman, Iron Man, The Walking Dead, etc would be nice. Haven’t had any of their food, but I heard good things from friends of mine. Overall pleased and I can see going there maybe once every few months.

  80. Missy Scheiba McComas say:

    My husband and I went with another couple and we had a great time. We had dinner at O-H yummm. The band’s were entertaining…..but the #1 reason for our great time is because WE ALL CAME HOME WINNERS !!!!!!!!!!

  81. Mary Kachurak say:

    they use to send monthly comps, no longer. Buffet had half off weekly specials, no longer

  82. Shawn Poirier say:

    We go every so often. The venue is clean and staff is great. I love the slot machines and can have a great time with not a lot of money. They hit pretty decent too!! The musty smell from the elevator isn’t as bad as people make it. There is a smell but not awful. You can have a decent fun afternoon when it’s crappy outside in Columbus!! We have been to a few of the Drag Brunch’s and it has been a lot of fun!!!

  83. Kathy Conrad say:

    This place is a freaking joke the staff suck they’re rude none of their damn ticket redemption machines work you have to take your ticket to a cashier where you get a rude fat ugly staff member they can’t even apologize for all the machines being broken. I will never go back in I would certainly go to scioto down over this place any day. ����

  84. Fatima Smith say:

    Love everything about this place its very clean the staff are polite i hit for at least 300$ when i go and all the extra rewards are AWESOME!!!

  85. Sonu Girija say:

    Amazing place Nice � ambience and Dealers are Smart and Great Service and wide varieties to hang on and get entertained.Usually in All Night long

  86. Steve Bobbin Sr say:

    Slots way Too tight… Drinks overpriced
    Tables too much…4th time there since opening…

  87. Nora Cook say:

    Once you get past that nasty smell and inside,its a very exciting place to be.I’m sooooooo glad to see they build a restroom right inside the entrance from the garage, life saver! The buffet used to be a lot better food,going downhill! And more expensive! I never win but expect it every time I go so no surprise’s there,all in all,fun,exciting place to spend a couple hours and your life savings!!!!

  88. Rheta McConaha say:

    biggest bullshit place!! Got banned cause i was sitting smoking but trying to say i was going thru ashtrays

  89. Brenda Jenkins say:

    We love Hollywood casino they have the best buffet and it isn’t such a long drive for us to get there. We play video poker and they have plenty of machines to choose from.

  90. Kathy MsKitty Coles say:


  91. Lisa Wiley say:

    Lots of bells and whistles. Very confusing but not big on throwing my money away …like this.

  92. Paul Crosby say:

    Had a blast with my cousin brandon…i left $110 ahead and he got em for $460 …might not be a lot but atleast we won somethin and didnt lose…so thanx hollywood

  93. Leta Conrad say:

    Had a good time… buffet was awesome wish they had wheel of fortune quarter slots though…those are my favorite so I am headed to Columbus next time

  94. Nailsby Julia say:

    First time at H casino, Loved the atmosphere, Entertainment was awesome,
    HATED that we didn’t win anything.
    No worries.

  95. Brian Ogilbee say:

    Who doesn’t like Blackjack and Slot Machines?! Loads of fun, as long as you do it responsible.

  96. Ken Sartor say:

    Was here for a meeting, great facility, great employees and the food is amazing… Will definitely go back!

  97. Dustin Vanblarcume say:

    Been going here off an on since they opened well last night was bad let’s just say that I was playing black jack got up to go to the bath room by the time I got back to my set I was rob for a good amount of money and the people at my table was telling the dealer that it was not the guys money the dealer new it wasn’t and the guy played a couple more hand and when I got back to the table boom all my money was gone really hoping they find the pos funny thing is that he used his player card so with any luck IF they find him I’ll get my money back. I seen this happen before and the casino was on it and the guy got kicked out a couple years ago but it happen to me I need the guy walking out the door happy go lucky just wish I would have know it was before of my money that he stole. Hoping for a phone with the casino about they have my money and that they found the person that did this.

  98. Eric Wagner say:

    Was very disappointed with the service at the OH lounge inside your casino food was cold and the service was horrible will not eat here again

  99. Donna Elizabeth Pagano say:

    Fun place to visit nearby, stop in and visit when you go!

  100. Will Mccrackin say:

    Broken soap dispensers/Paper towel dispensers in the restroom. They moved the 3 card poker table/s to the “Asian Pit” as several pit bosses have named it that. 1 of the 4 beers I bought was disgustingly warm. $15-$30 hands depending on the game with a players card for 4 hours didn’t even get me $2 worth of Comp. This Casino used to be soooo much better…

  101. Brentney Howell say:

    My only complaint: Well….I went yesterday on my 26th birthday….and was informed that I am now over the age of needing a wristband….it was a bittersweet moment….???

  102. Jake Shuman say:

    Its actually a good place. But they never have more than two ultimate hold em tables. Hundreds of people. 12 seats for hold em. How dumb is that?

  103. Rivas Hernandez say:

    Is very nice I feel good every time I have the opportunity to stop I like it

  104. Patty Beal say:

    Always have a great time win or lose. I enjoy going with my family we laugh and see who can win the most, ususlly lose but great times. First time at the buffet, wonderful food. Ready to go again

  105. Carol Gallion say:

    I was so excited that I finally won!!!! Coming back for sure!!!

  106. Tammy Reynolds say:

    I actually prefer the Scioto Downs Racino, where I can afford to have a little bit of fun and the drinks are half the price. I only came here to see The Reaganomics, my favorite local band.

  107. Harley Dadoge say:

    Smells like mold and the food has been bad in the three times we went. I won $1200 last night and security wouldn’t escort me to parking lot because they said they were understaffed. That makes me worried for two reasons, obviously it’s bad if the bad guys find out security won’t escort people but also bad that they would ever be understaffed for security in this day and age.

  108. Jeffrey White say:

    I usually go to Scioto Downs and only go to Hollywood once in a blue moon. The slots were EXTREMELY tight�. What was most disappointing is that at 8pm the OH Lounge told us it would be an hour and a half wait…but there were MANY open tables. Staffing problem??? Either way, they lost our business �

  109. Richelle' Ginn say:

    We had a great time at the Prince tribute. I enjoyed myself.

  110. Sean A. Parrish say:

    Fun stuff. Take only a little money with you and/or have some restraint.

  111. Mareesa Hopkins say:

    This Casino was great even though I didn’t win any money. Lol!

  112. Ravanna Blue Morgan say:

    Great when you first start using your card, after a while like 90% of casino’s you lose more than you win consistently. And just like any other casino’s the high rollers (those above a red card always seem to win, yes they spend more money, but some of us do not have that kind of money but do like to go out and maybe win a little). As far as rewards there are other casino’s who give you more free rewards even if you do not go as often. A very clean place, could use a different coffee or a better creamer…machine attendants have always been nice. the only other thing going for it is it is a much nicer casino than Eldorado.

  113. John McAlister say:

    It wasn’t sex but it was a great 15 mins ive spent in a long time:-) and I didn’t have to shower after:-)

  114. Will Stivers say:

    The epic buffet was terrible for the price i mean 30 dollars for all you can eat cold steak dried up nasty mac and cheese i think the only thing i ate that tasted good was the cottage cheese and broccoli. For the casino its self i never win anything ive been there a few times and the machines take my money too quick to even enjoy myself

  115. Kathy Moore say:

    Went to see Grand Funk and they were advertised to play from 9:00-12:00 , only played till 10:30! Understand was no cover , but if that is reason they only played an hour and half should have advertised that!! They sounded great and casino was clean and I felt safe .

  116. Rodney McCloud say:

    We went to see Grand Funk Railroad and they were way beyond our expectations. I saw them in 1971 when they open for Steppenwolf . The singer that they have in place of Mark Farner is completely amazing. These guys played nonstop for an hour and a half great show and the crowd was rocking

  117. Cynthia Ellis say:

    Very bad cooking in the OH Lounge my first 2 steaks were burnt! I waited one hour and 15 minutes for 1 medium well done steak! According to Chef Matt the pictured Steak is medium well done!

  118. Tim Barnhart say:

    No let it ride tables, 1 three card poker table and 30+ black jack tables with $10 limit the smallest. Not much of a variety for the casual gambler.

  119. Harold Price say:

    We g games . Go ever so often we have a great time. My brother from Illinois really likes the Card games, we like the slot play . Just wish someone would show how to collect reward points.

  120. Crystal Nelson say:

    This my second time going and Friday morning i had won 200 and my husband won35 and we had left and we had a lot of fun but we be back up there later on after my daughter’s birthday party so see yall gn

  121. Vickie L Donaldson-Wolfe say:

    Had a good time with my daughter. We always have fun when we go. Win or loose.
    Just wish they had a little diner that served a cheep breakfast ?

  122. Randy Seymour say:

    Buffet is way over priced for what they offer. Wish the table minimums were better. I would go more often if they had $5 tables. Only live 10 mins away and only go there on special occasions. What does that say about a guy who loves to play craps. If Scioto Downs gets table games I won’t be back.

  123. Cheryl Ann say:

    I was there yesterday Sunday I go every Sunday but yesterday not one machine hit of spending over $100 that is not very good and I do expect to lose some money but I do not win very often I really go for the entertainment

  124. Kimberly Graves say:

    I had a great time with good friends and won a little money

  125. Greg Bachler say:

    I enjoyed my day…spending time with gary and his mom…what more can i ask for….

  126. Keith Wilson say:

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, we had dinner at the buffet and we all were pleased.Went to the slots she had the best machine.She walked out with cash ? in her hand,David and I were the loosers. Happy she won it was her birthday! PS I will not say her age?

  127. Kelly Hait say:

    Most out of date casino i’ve ever been too period!…I travel all over the country for work and frequent casinos….this looks old, smells, all the slots are old ,maybe 10 games that were released in the last year…worst payout I’ve ever experienced and yes I spend enough to be able to say that…you just bleed through your money here fast because the games are old and terrible…the games they have here are the games people pass by or ignore in other casinos …For being near a major city I would have expected a lot better…

  128. James Szymczak say:

    Nice establishment..always love playing our pool championship here..thank you guys

  129. Mary Catherine Hankins say:

    Was great experience but there were hardly any actual penny slots that played one penny-the bathrooms were dirty and the OH Bar is short staffed. I did enjoy myself though

  130. Bill Copley say:

    Friggin packed yesterday walked out 65.00 to the good ?

  131. Kirk Pemberton say:

    Place is pretty dirty and they do not repair their machines. Have seen broken machines not repaired for months. They also get rid of popular machines like clue and Tarzan.

  132. Paul Caballero say:

    Two craps tables! Good crews and reasonable minimums

  133. Jackson Worner say:

    I always have a great time. Great staff, great food, and lots of fun.

  134. Matthew B. Clark say:

    First time here and walked out with $200 !!!!! I will definitely be back when I come back in town.

  135. Deborah Newmeyer say:

    oh cafe, Food was just okay, service was HORRIBLE!!!

  136. Rick Salyer say:

    I only play poker so I can’t speak for the slots, but if you expect to win playing a computerized machine you are foolish. There is a reason casinos are in business people! Most negative comments are from those who lost and probably didn’t have the money to lose in the first place. Love the poker room.

  137. Breeann Marie say:

    Only 1 crazy 4 card poker table on a Saturday night. Came 2.5 hours for slots and I don’t care for them. Will not be returning to this location.

  138. Kathy Bucholtz say:

    Slots are sooooo tight! Never win! Table minimums are too high! Would like to see $5 minimum for those who can’t afford more but still like to play!

  139. Carlos Bodra say:

    A good place to have some fun, a great buffet and an excellent restaurant, Final Cut.

  140. Julia Bricker say:

    Hollywood has lots of great entertainment and food!

  141. Michael Davis say:

    Eddie Money gets 5 stars the casino gets the 3. They need a bigger and better area for the shows.

  142. Abraham Chavez say:

    Poor pay outs that’s all i can say even if you bet the max bet. �

  143. Eudora Denise Harding say:

    Machines make lots of noise but pay out very little! Restaurants are overpriced. Drinks are watered down. H lounge is too small nowhere to sit most events

  144. David Kash say:

    overall i like this place but the slots anymore are really tight. i used to get handpays every so often last year, now this year hardly none at all. i believe they tighten them up

  145. Parreese Wee Wee Logan say:

    They took my money .I pushd the bell for service no one came .I put my free money n my card n didn’t know i was playn thought i cudnt get it rite.So i went to another machine that i knew how to play n i had no money left.I went n startd eatn till my family gi2t ready to go.

  146. Cheryl Brooks-Hewett say:

    Epic buffet food was really very overpriced and the food was horrible. Ladies restroom had no toilet paper and no paper towels. The casino was othereise very clean inside. Had a good time at slot machines. Staff was very friendly.

  147. Cathy Haycox say:

    I don’t like that all my favorite games are gone. The slots are boring now

  148. Brent Russell say:

    They must be broke here because they cheated me out of a $50 bet that I had down on the roulette table before the dealer said no more bets and they didn’t pay me. I’ll never ever come spend money at Hollywood Casino, Columbus. The only casino I know of that will cheat you out of your money as opposed to beating you honestly and allowing you to enjoy your gambling experience.

  149. Jeffrey Stipe say:

    Am from Tampa Florida and first time there with friends and family….we had a blast…will definitely be back…..

  150. Monica Grant say:

    Went to this one in Columbus for the first time, my daughter just turned 21 so we went for the all you can eat crab legs. When we got there, no line, she was wished happy bday, food was fresh and hot! Had a great waitress too! Buffet was well worth the money that night!! Slots weren’t so kind to us however. Overall had a really good time!

  151. Sean Milton say:

    I won $550.00 on a $5 slot machine, and hadn’t been in the casino ,but only 5 minutes! This is the best Hollywood casino I’ve ever been to!

  152. Lance Begoon say:

    Lots of fun. Final Cut is very good. It’s very expensive but hey, it’s a casino.

  153. Terry Baker say:

    I always have a good time listening to music in the H lounge.

  154. Brenda Grace Wolfe say:

    Went with daughter and granddaughters 21st birthday. Have been disappointed the last few years. Pay outs are really bad. Have not been going as often as I used to. I had never seen casino so empty as last night. Not sure if I will go back.

  155. Susan Beth Norris say:

    I go often just for the atmosphere. I love playing slots. Not a big spender but if I ever get a big win then I will play the tables.
    I finally ate at the Buffet and thought it was great. Pleasant service also

  156. Steve Druhot say:

    Had a great time at casino !
    Unfortunately we ate at o.h. restaurant in the casino. Service was terrible. It took a half hour to get drinks and place order. Another 30 min. To get appetizers. I was in a party of eight, but there were only two other couples in the place.
    Good arrived at different times and waitress forgot to place order for one of the people in our party. Food was sub-standard and delivered Luke warm to cold. It took waitress three times to get the checks right.Would never recommend eating at o.h. unless you have a few hours to burn and a strong stomach.

  157. Cindy Piper-Salyer say:

    Love this place! Employees are friendly, and the slots machines are great!

  158. Susan Stenson say:

    Have played here for 5 years. This casino has No Hotel, No VIP Room, No Casino Gift Shop and nothing to comp you but food. It’s a sad day, the Casino gift shop closes today!!!!! Loved the gift shop employees…..

  159. Lindsie Lou Hale say:

    First time I’ve done good, first time for everything though:)

  160. Jerica Myers say:

    Nice place but food needed work. Chicken was not breaded, seasoning was strange, carrot cake tasted like sweet flour w/powdered sugar icing. The band was supposed to play until midnight but ended up stoping at 11:30pm and starting back up from midnight – 1:30am. Overall, it was good but the food killed it for us.

  161. Phyl Withers say:

    That’s Thursday I went to the buffet because I had a free voucher. I guess I shouldn’t complain since it’s free. However most of the food needed refreshed and/or filled. The thing that bothered me the most was when I asked the lady behind the dessert/salad counter for a cup or bowl for the chili. She rudely replied”we don’t have any”. When asked what that meant she said “they are in the dishwasher”. Later we got puddings and asked for a spoon and she said they didn’t have any. We ate our pudding with a fork!!! Can’t believe they were out of spoons. Someone is to blame for this issue.

  162. Cindy Stoppa say:

    I agree with previous posts. Short staffed at the OH lounge, long wait for food, not much of a menu there. Didn’t look at the buffet as we didn’t want to lose our table. Bathrooms were short on toilet paper and paper towels. “family” bathroom smelled like weed. And the patrons were sloppy drunk and rude!

  163. Sandy Slane say:

    Fun place to celebrate birthday with friends! Thank you!

  164. John Keller say:

    Good food but a little pricey. Filthy restrooms but otherwise very nice.

  165. Heather Allen say:

    1st time there. Seemed pretty nice. Only bad thing was we valeted the car and the guy that brought it back stunk so bad made my car stink

  166. Kathi Barnett say:

    Eat at the Sports Bar and was very good food and listen to the great band, No Regrets…just an awesome performance by this band, Loved the energy of the atmosphere.

  167. Felicsa HoneybunzDarden say:

    I had a ball at tha casino played for tha first time n did good

  168. Jennifer Stidham say:

    Had a great time always do and the workers are so nice

  169. Felicia Stinson say:

    The epic buffet was wonderful it was my first time in Ohio enjoyed it.

  170. Nalynn Hall-Williams say:

    Very nice and clean but it should be because we couldn’t win anything. Just kept feeding the machines. First time ever been their. Not a fan!

  171. Brooks Damphouse say:

    I called to get a booth for Blues Traveler and this lady told me yeah! Seats 6-8 $150 for the booth…I said sold!! Blues traveler in a booth!! NOPE I called back because she said someone would call me..nobody called…so, I call again…this guy answered and said yeah, let me transfer you…I get a voicemail…I left the voicemail…she calls me back and I couldn’t answer and the voicemail she leaves me….oh sorry, we are all sold out for the blues traveler show!! WTF!!

  172. Lashandra Boniaby say:


  173. Anna Shandale say:

    A fun time. Food is good,if not they will make it right. Never take more money than you can afford to lose.

  174. Diana Blakeman say:

    Brawl in the ballroom was a great event to work! Great atmosphere and people

  175. Shannon Cottle-Hadding say:

    We were at the Casina for a bachelorette party and were hosted by Shaun Tucker who was amazing!!! The buffet was Amazing! Thank you!!!!

  176. James Bassett-Smith say:

    The food was terrible, my daughter and myself ordered a steak in the bar as the buffet was closed. They were wrongly cooked and extremely undersized from what the menu claimed. No decent value here at the Hollywood casino. Certainly won’t eat there again.

  177. Doug Maag say:

    Whatever you do people, do NOT plan on eating there, esp. on a Monday or Tuesday. Took some guy over 25 min. to get his chinese food on Tuesday from the restaurant. The people behind the counter at Take 2 are zombie-looking young girls who even physically move slow. Can’t make tips that way ladies. I was needing food because I was light-headed after playing so long so a lady in line suggested i grab a vitimin water which I did because the wait was another 10+ minutes. Then I was charged $4.95 for it. lol. more than a beer? Whatever you do, just dont eat anywhere there unless it is the buffet.

  178. Goo Pullie say:

    I loved everything about it , i go every chance i get !

  179. Jeff van Beveren say:

    Went for the evening to watch the McGregor/ Mayweather fight. Buffet was great. Like black Friday at Wal-Mart trying to be one of the 50 people out of 2,000 that could watch the fight. What a joke!!! Two television screens 3/4 concealed by curtains in the whole place that had the fight on. As if that wasn’t pathetic enough, it took 45 minutes in line for a round of drinks at any of their few little understaffed make shift bars. Hopefully people that go there start losing more money to them in the future , maybe if they make a couple more million in profits this year they will be able to televise a PPV event on 3 or 4 of their 100 televisions instead of two . 45 minutes for a drink to not be able to see a fight we went there to watch…a horribly sobering experience!!

  180. Rochelle Wilkerson say:

    Like the vibe and variety of machines. Table limits can be a little high for a “low roller” like me, but still fun for the occasional night out.

  181. Steven Overton say:

    I decided to watch the Mayweather McGregor fight at the casino. I was pleased to see the fight on the big big screens as soon as I entered the place. They had mini bars set up on the casino floor and those lines where long. However, there was no line for the free root beer at any of the soda fountains. It was a great atmosphere. A great place to watch a fight. I didn’t even feel bad losing money at the end of the night. Only thing stopping me from loving this place is I’ve been to Vegas.

  182. Mike Gibson say:

    The scioto downs Racino is a so much better place. Hollywood will not let u win any money. If u do it’s not alot. The rewards program sucks ass. They don’t give u the free play like scioto downs does. EVERY TIME I LOSE MY MONEY.

  183. Donna Richards say:

    The one thing I wish they would take care of is the smell when you walk in the casino from the parking garage. It stinks! We don’t go often but we do like the Las Vegas atmosphere. We were there for the Seven Bridges show and had a booth but if you’re planning on sitting in one to watch the show you might as well save your money because everyone is standing in front of you and hanging on the back of your booth. They should leave the little tables on the floor for people to sit.

  184. Cindy Opincar say:

    Went there Saturday night. I didn’t care too much for the place. Bathrooms were dirty, the kiosks didn’t work, no money in the ATM. The smoking rooms were dirty which the machines were dirty as well. I didn’t know I should have carried disinfected wipes there. Didn’t win At all! I wouldn’t go back. I’ll stick with the Jacks Casino in Northfield. �

  185. James Talbott say:

    $7.00 domestic draft beers??? Was told it compares to the arena district. I asked if the Blue Jackets were playing here tonight?

  186. Jermaine Rihlg Glennboyz say:

    I had a good time but I didn’t win no money �. Its all good

  187. Michael Miesse say:

    Went to eat at Epic Buffet for Labor Day Bbq. Great!

  188. Gloria Brown say:

    Well people I did not go to the Columbus. Ohio. If any one go there let me know how you like it.

  189. Brenda Smith Moore say:

    Had A Great Time…. Very Clean… Lots of Different Slots And tables Will be Going Back

  190. Cindy Simpson say:

    Took a group of seniors and we all had a great day! Enjoyed the buffet and the slot machines. Being a “first timer” I had to push my help button! Staff were accommodating and friendly!

  191. Teri Lin Paukert say:

    Well the slots basically did not give you much play….few bonuses. So made me wonder about what percentage of payouts they use. We were there an
    Hour or so on a Friday evening. I can get a bout 3 to 4 hours play at Hollywood Mahoning valley for same amount of money played. One would think it should be the other way around if you would go by their sizes.

  192. Michelle King say:

    Visiting from Baskerville Virginia had a nice time

  193. Susan Lyle Smith say:

    Its very nice all the staff are very helpful and polite had lots of fun there and I will be back!

  194. Jamie Bryans say:

    Came for the mccartney project concert . Which was amazing. Wish you would turn the tvs off above the stage while concerts are going on they are distracting. I don’t drink beer but will drink mix drinks. They weren’t the best made so I’ll stick with the free pop for now on. My wife did well on slots . We had fun

  195. Thomas Rose say:

    Great poker room. Great weekly tournaments. Great cash games.

  196. Teri Lott Ruby say:

    I want threatened with physical assault by another guest and security did nothing to him. I do not feel safe at this casino.

  197. Miriam Bogard say:

    I would agree, tightest slots ever! I only co.e a couple times a year and haven’t hit anything to keep me there for more thsn an hour….

  198. Ashley Renee Martin say:

    Loved the free show last night had a great time!! Kellie pickler was amazing!�

  199. Linda Kesterson say:

    Please put the furniture back. People need a place to sit when waiting on others still playing.

  200. Darlene Jeffers say:

    I go to casino frequently. Usually do not eat at there. Have in past at oh lounge and service was horrible and food was horrible. Steak was so ruff couldn’t chew and ask for manager… He was an ass. Told them I would never eat there again and I won’t. Have fun playing slots but never win…… Which is getting old. Going to try scioto downs for awhile… Or going back to wheeling.

  201. Leslie Crider say:

    I love the food places and the music that they be having, and I like to play the slots.

  202. Sandra Meade say:

    We ate at the buffet once and no line and the food was great. And the desert bar was really good We had no complaints about any of the food.

  203. Angel Dewitt say:

    It was amazing but i think they let the ppl they want to win

  204. Mike Puckett say:

    Was there for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Slots weren’t too bad to me. When wanted to cash out went to 2 cash centers and was told to go to cashier services for an $18 payout. Had to wait there for nearly 30 mins to get cash. This was my first time here, with the exception of having to visit cashier it wasn’t a bad experience.

  205. Angela Davis say:

    Been coming here for years, use to be able to play for a few hours, now all im doing is donating… your casino is to tight. You barely see anyone smiling or even having a good time. It’s really dirty, and smells. Your promotions suck… for instance spend 2000.00, here is a postcard for a free pen…come on tight ass…give back to your loyal players

  206. Steve Halliday say:

    I don’t really care for this place all that much. The bathrooms were disgustingly dirty, every trash can was full and no soap in any of the dispensers. We ate at the buffet and the waitress took forever to get us our drinks which sucks because the food was delicious but being a thirsty person I need something to wash the food down with. I won $80 which is cool but I don’t see any reason in returning. My lonely review won’t effect this place one bit because it’s always busy and this will not effect the business one bit. I think I’ll hit up the race-casino next time.

  207. Crystal Marks say:

    We go here once a month and we don’t always win something but I’d say about half the time we do. Love the atmosphere here too.

  208. Brad O'neal say:

    I love this place,u win some,u lose some.Its part of the game.Well be safe n God bless.

  209. Tina Ritchhart Woods say:

    I always enjoy playing the slots here , but I feel they keep them way to tight ! Been enjoying them for the last 5 years. Nice location to just go and have some fun and it’s not a long drive ! Only wish I could get lucky enough to Yell ” Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ” .

  210. Dan Kaufman say:

    Very rude folks working….listening to Mustang Sally ..sitting at a booth that had no reserve sign…told to evac the table …but not reserve sign or roped off….do your job….oh and way to expensive on bar …why I don’t come and spend money on the tables….

  211. Madison Wolever say:

    The payout at Hollywood is terrible and the wait for food in oh is absolutely ridiculous.

  212. John Biller say:

    It was my 1st time going to the casino. I thought it was very nice, went to try the buffet.Was not disappointed, the food was very good. I will be going back.

  213. Sakia Ike say:

    They weren’t prepared for the large crowd so being able drink and eat was very challenging.

  214. Marcie LaGrange say:

    It was quite busy,very crowded,,of course it was a Friday evening! I won my money back so that was good.. I pushed the service button a few times & no server showed up!So it was just okay to me,Especially after going to bigger casinos!!

  215. Steven Swyck say:

    Over crowded went up to black jack table and was never seated. Lost 80 bucks in stupid slots lol

  216. Farah Eason say:

    The casino is nice. It was crowded and hot during the concert but wasn’t too bad. There are several dining choices as well. I would go back again. The Casino is large, has plenty of machines and tables. There is also plenty of parking.

  217. Nichole Choate say:

    The line for the buffet was at least 3 hours long and some of the cooks and servers were rude, unpleasant and unprofessional. For $32 all you can eat crab legs I had to be served by a cook who gave me scraps and acted as if we irritated him. For the wait and money the service should have been better!

  218. Amber Kirsch say:

    Went for a concert, spent almost the entire show in line to get a drink. NO IDEA what the hold up was. Every “kiosk” bar was like that. Cash bar only, sucked. Good entertainment, but between the 50 minute wait for a beer then an hour wait to get out of the garage I doubt we’ll return unless we plan to stay all night

  219. Denny Preston say:

    It was wonderful. I had a great evening. Seeing Morris was so much fun. There performance was excellent. They were friends so it was sentimental. Prince, and I have been friends since 1978-2016. FOR me this was more than about the performance.

  220. Denise LaChelle say:

    My very 1st visit was awesome!
    Great food!
    Live entertainment!
    Addictive games!

  221. Dana Benson say:

    Alright casino machines are tight. Concert was great need to show entertainers on big screen throughout the casino due to limited space at the lounge area.

  222. Cheryl Logwood say:

    It was my first time and I was impressed with the building and Decor itself. The drinks were very watered-down for the price. Left leaving with empty pockets as usual as in all the casinos that I go to.

  223. Leah Tuttle say:

    It was fun, Very Very Big,Busy, Overwhelmed Me.. Maybe next time I will gamble…

  224. Kerrie Reed say:

    Good time fun free concert. Tried to get something to eat before the concert.
    Not enough seating in the food court area.
    $5.50 to get your own money from the ATM.
    You never win anything.
    All they got going for them is entertainment.

  225. Edna Mason say:

    I like the Casino. Staff are friendly. I enjoyed the atmosphere, which I found to be clean and attractive. I loved the free concert Friday night!

  226. Carolyne Long Uhas say:

    We went there only to dance because of the band. They were awesome! Had a great time dancing . The crowd was friendly and the music great.

  227. Bill Borden say:

    Good video poker action – unusual for Ohio. Main restaurants closed on Monday & Tuesday.

  228. Margie Rico Bischoff say:

    I’ve been at several other casino’s. An this one Hollywood in Columbus,Oh. has the worst waitress service. So dissappointed .

  229. Sue Manente say:

    We may eat there for our 25th ANNIVERSARY tomorrow and gamble a but as well….

  230. Renee Harold say:

    Had a great time watching Morris Day! The H-Lounge Resturant is not a friendly place. When you have a line of people waiting and then told that all those empty table have reservations. We waited 1/2 hour an the tables were still empty HOW LONG DO THEY HOLD RESERVATIONS??? The line finally left and we all went to APPLEBEE’s They need new management wat the H-Lounge ho know how to keep the money at the casino

  231. Dusty Misty Knapp-Wiseman say:

    Group of us ate at the O.h and it took us over and hour and a half to get our food. One thing I ordered they didn’t have. So I ended up getting the fish n chips. Fish was so greasy I couldn’t even eat It.

  232. Marites Aesquivel say:

    The seafood buffet is good on Friday. Angel, our waitress bring all the condiments in our table that we requested from her.

  233. Brian Woodrum say:

    A lot to do there with live tables, video poker, food and live music.

  234. Stefanie Mayausky say:

    Wonderful customer service, excellent food! I would come here again!

  235. Mark Van Hook say:

    The worst customer service of any place i have ever experienced, including the irs. Exactly what you’d expect from a “casino” on the hilltop.

  236. Thomas E Cull say:

    All service personnel need retraining; not to achieve excellence; but merely good service. Ask and wait for drinks at tables the entire night. The main bar was short staffed with a major football game on tv??

  237. Derrick Blake say:

    Same story as every time I come here… lost money. The table games are okay, good dealers… but the slots are unreasonably tight.

  238. Wendi White say:

    I went to the Ohio Made craft fair, while my husband gambled. It was the best of both worlds. Only bad thing was the line at the craft fair, I don’t think it was a big enough venue. Overall it was a fun day and would come again.

  239. Jill McNeely McQuaide say:

    I prefer the racino. No incentive to go to Hollywood.

  240. Kenny Hope say:

    The OH lounge claims to be one of the best “sports bars” in columbus. Thought we would give it a shot. They dont even have the NFL Ticket!! Not even close to a sports bar. Just because you put the Bengals and Browns games on a TV doesnt make you a sports bar! Decided to try the buffet since we were already there. Ive seen Chinese buffets with a better selection. You could tell the food had been sitting awhile and most of it was luke warm at best!! All in all it was a total waste of a trip!!

  241. Jeffrey Mccoy say:

    I’d rather drive to wheeling….just haven’t been impressed after 3 visits

  242. Carolyn Cheatom-Echols say:

    Went on Saturday to see a Band, the band was awesome, our waitress was great. They serve 10.00 drinks in a plastic tumbler, ridiculous. Drinks very expensive for what you get…

  243. Carl Schafer say:

    Love the place great food and hospitality. One of my favorite casinos in the country.

  244. Justin Ray Poole say:

    The Hollywood Casino staff is outstanding! Their event center is beautiful.

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