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Hollywood Casino is the place for you! We’ll add winnings to your days and electrify your nights with live entertainment. Hollywood Casino is a smoke-free facility that offers valet parking, big-time games, incredible restaurants, and fabulous promotions. Our casino also features two exterior covered smoking areas to accommodate every season.

With 125,000 square feet of thrilling casino action, you’ll never run out of ways to play at Hollywood. Get that winning feeling with more than 2,000 of the hottest slots around. We’re congratulating new jackpot winners every single day. Our next big winner just might be you! Challenge lady luck at Hollywood’s 60 table games, including a 20 table poker room, deal yourself in!


Featuring your traditional favorites to all the newest games with cutting-edge technology, there’s a slot machine for everyone at Hollywood Casino Toledo. We offer slot denominations from penny slot machines all the way up to $100 slot machines. With our blockbuster jackpots, nobody has more winners than we do!


We also feature climate-controlled decks that let guests smoke while they play one of 28 games while maintaining a smoke-free casino floor. The two decks allow players to smoke in comfort with infrared heating and retractable covers while they play their favorite games. The slots and smoking terraces are located near the promotion area and adjacent to Final Cut Steak & Seafood.


Experience the heart pounding thrills of classic casino table games. You can play traditional games like Blackjack, Craps & Roulette, plus exciting new games like 3 Card Poker Progressive with 6 Card Bonus!

• Ultimate Texas Hold’em • Mississippi Stud
• Let it Ride • DJ Wild
• Three Card Poker • Crazy 4 Poker

Enjoy $5 Blackjack every Thursday & Friday from 4PM-8PM and a bonus on Sunday from 8AM-Noon.

Click on a table game to learn how to play below:














TriLux Bonus in an optional side bet for blackjack. Players must make a standard blackjack bet in order to make a TriLux Bonus bet.

The TriLux Bonus bet considers both the player’s initial two cards and the dealer’s up card. If they combine to make a Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, or Straight Flush, the player will win. After the dealer has completed the initial deal and revealed their up card, they may resolve the TriLux Bonus bet immediately.


Hand Ranking Pay Table Lucky George
Straight Flush 8 to 1 $1
Three of a Kind 8 to 1 $1
Straight 8 to 1 $1
Flush 8 to 1 $1
**Lucky George – This payout goes to the dealer toke pool. When the player hits a corresponding hand, the dealer will get a payout as well.


King’s Bounty is an optional side bet for blackjack. Players must make a standard blackjack bet in order to make a King’s Bounty bet.

The Player is paid if their first two cards add up to 20 (using traditional blackjack rankings). Their payout will increase if their 20 is of a particular type as shown on the pay table below. If the Player has a Pair of Kings in Spades, the dealer’s cards will be used as well. If the dealer has a blackjack in this case, the Player will win the top award.

After the dealer has completed the initial deal and revealed their up card, they may resolve the King’s Bounty bet immediately.

Exception: If a player has two Kings of Spades and the dealer has a potential blackjack, the dealer will settle that bet at the end of the round.

Dealer Envy – This payout goes to the dealer toke pool. When the player hits a corresponding hand, the dealer will get a payout as well.

Let It Ride Bonus, Pai Gow Fortune Bet, 3 Card Poker, 6 Card Bonus, Crazy 4 Poker, Mississippi Stud and Ultimate Texas Hold’em are proprietary games and their trademark has been used under license from SHFL entertainment, Inc.


Gambling venue with slots, game tables, a poker room, 4 dining venues & live entertainment.
Address: 1968 Miami St, Toledo, OH 43605, USA
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Menu: urbanspoon.com
Reservations: opentable.com
Phone: +1 419-661-5200

Site: http://www.hollywoodcasinotoledo.com/Casino
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollywoodToledo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HollywoodToledo
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/hollywoodtoledo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollywoodtoledo/

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  1. Tammi Hudson Brigandi say:

    We had a great time listening and dancing to Fool House on Saturday night! They were very entertaining!!! There was a fairly long wait for drinks and an hour and a half wait to eat in the lounge! Luckily weren’t starving. it’s a nice place but they could work on these wait times for customers. Once we did eat the food was good and our waitress was very attentive. I would go back again

  2. Dan Wallace say:

    I was not happy with my experience there. They had something wrong with the ticket pay out machines. Had to stand in line for a hour just to cash out. No comps of any type was given to anyone for their inconvenience. So will not go there again.

  3. Shannon Goodell say:

    The server was down so if you got a ticket while the server was down you had to cash it in with the cashier. Which the line was half way around the casino. It was ridiculous. Didn’t win anything payouts were horrible. Nice casino.

  4. Desiree' Oberhouse- Warford say:

    Had a blast at the 90’s Dance Party Saturday night! Can’t wait for another awesome event! Thanks for hosting it! My friends and I had so much fun!

  5. Dobie Martin say:

    Nice and clean casino! Had a good time! Will probably go again!

  6. Nate Brown say:

    It was nice clean fun environment. Non smoking casino but there are smoking areas.

  7. Debi June say:

    The Service and Food were excellent! I asked several different workers while getting my food questions and they were all answered with smiles. One guy got me a fresh dish of baked cod that I asked for! Wish I had his name! Thank you for a great meal!

  8. Linda Smith Wildman say:

    Machines are way to tight,and the fire alarm with off for about 20 minutes !

  9. Robin Gill say:

    Machines too tight, too many drunks running around. Maybe Saturday night is the wrong time to be there.

  10. Joe Hernandez say:

    I should of walked out while on top but either way had a great time with my son and my beautiful daughter in law

  11. Jacob Bray say:

    No complaints here. I and those I’ve brought with me have always really enjoyed themselves.

    Remember me Hollywood casino. I might be coming in tomorrow. Throw some coin my way and Ill bump it up to 5 stars haha ��

  12. Beth Shook say:

    Awesome place workers are helpful and friendly cant wait to go back

  13. Brenda Bear say:

    Went to buffet sat nite it was OK never going g back

  14. Christopher Beck say:

    Drove 2 hours to play a couple poker tourney during their poker series. Saturday tourney was fine. Sunday morning advertised tourney and they only allowed 27 players to play while all others were placed as alternates… I waited over an hour none of us got seated. When asked “Elliot” the poker room manager was quite rude and refused to open another table to allow the 10+ players waiting to play. Claimed not enough dealers? However many were just standing around…and they just so happened to have 8 dealers for the tourney that started 2 hours later.

    Disappointed and most likely won’t ever return.

  15. Bradley Lewis say:

    Went for the knives and cutting board. Was told they were out of them. Took free slit play instead. Went to my ticket in the drum low behold knives and cutting boards some how reappeared. What a lack of communication.

  16. Stacy Silberhorn Pacak say:

    I love this Casino! Epically Alice & slots! We did Steak & Crab Buffet for the first time this past Saturday & it was awesome!! Have done many lunches at Epic as well � as other places..seen bands play and did black jack and some purchases at gift shop! Enjoy this Casino!

  17. Travis Lowell say:

    Me and my girl went last night went down a few dollars but played 1 more machine before we left and all in all we won our money back we came in with.

  18. Dave Schmeltz say:

    Like that they keep bringing in new gambling machines. Seems like they haven’t got the cash out machines issue resolved. Had to go to the customer service to cash out.

  19. Carolyn Owens say:

    Had a wonderful time with our awesome granddaughter and her future husband. It wasn’t all about the gambling,( although our winnings helped) we enjoyed speding time,drinking, eating,and gambling with them. We always enjoy going to Hollywood Casino Toledo, win or lose. Carolyn Owens.

  20. Stephanie Clapper say:

    Excellent Casino! Great onsite parking, friendly and helpful staff, and awesome food available on site! Will be back again!

  21. Chris Elwing say:

    The wait was 15 minutes with at least 6 open tables.but my disturbing concern is with an item on the menu..Vegiterorist is a word that should not appear in your establishment.Terror is not an item for sale.wouldn’t you agree? I would appreciate a response

  22. Sharon Rzeznik say:

    Fun, vibrant escape from Toledo on a Friday night even though its still Toledo it feels like somewhere far, far away.

  23. Ali Reardon say:

    I loved it when it first opened, but now it seems like nobody ever wins on the slot machines.

  24. Russell Gronbach say:

    Had great time. Lunch was great can’t beat the price.

  25. Krista Dishop say:

    It was a lot of fun! I recommend going! Tons of slots to choose from, very laid back environment. Super friendly staff!

  26. Irene Jacobs say:

    Love going to Hollywood Casino H-lounge almost every weekend !! The entertainment is the best in Toledo..!! We are treated like VIP’s..by the staff..

  27. Tim Conrad say:

    I will never return there ever again..They have there machines set way to tight..

  28. LeAnn Hall say:

    Talked to a woman next to me at one of the slots and she thought it was more difficult to win at HCT than at other casinos. She gave me a few tips for being more successful! Staff there is very helpful and friendly. Restaurants and food topnotch. Read some of the other reviews and many commented about long lines for food and services. Sounds like HC needs to work on this.

  29. Tracy Fackler Patrzalek say:

    Why is it that when we are at a table gambling, it takes over an hour for a server to come by then once she takes your order, it’s another 30 minutes before you get it. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo trying to find a server. The lines at the bar are ridiculous, if you want to keep people at the tables playing, get more servers on the floor. Just a thought.

  30. Mash Bouncer say:

    I really like this Casino, We drive about an hour and a half to get there. Love the Epic Buffet, we go for lobster days and crab leg days.
    Always had great service.
    Most of the Dealers are very friendly, could use a few more pit bosses. They seemed to never be around when we needed one.

  31. Cheri Kaintz say:

    Ate in the Sports Bar. My turkey Reuben was delicious, my husband’s French dip, not so good. Server was very attentive. Machines were running tight as usual!

  32. Billie Joel Owens say:

    It was my first time there and I really enjoyed myself. I just didn’t like how I was rushed to eat at the buffet.

  33. Sam Daleo say:

    Me and many others on the tables tonight are pissed were being forced to listen to this Islamic concert. Half the tables are closed. Your choices….. Leave or listen to muck mucks on the mic all night. Distasteful Hollywood

  34. Scott Mahoney say:

    Machines are very very tight in payouts, entertainment value is just about a zero, good luck trying to find a drink girl, bathrooms are always disgusting, VIP means nothing and the junk they offer isn’t worth the trip. Not to mention the numerous loitering of people waiting for your machine… only reason we go there is for the Epic buffet. Saturday crab legs are the best!! Even though management keeps the crab replenishment light and the lines long.

  35. Brandy Latham say:

    This place is BORING!!!!!! No live entertainment, the music On the loud speaker was at a whisper and playing country music on a Saturday night, which I like country music but It killed the Saturday night atmosphere. It was like a senior rest home nothing but older ppl at slot machines dozing off lol. No excitement of ppl winning money, no laughter, no smiles from the employees….. hell security walks around like zombies that won’t even take a picture of your group when asked. It was a waste of a road trip, drove 1hr30min from Berkley, MI looking for a new exciting casino then what we have here in MI, but you guys were a snooze fest. Sucked the life right out the spontaneous road trip, and almost made us to bored sleepy for the drive back home. Oh your food court options is like middle school lunch room food yuck yuck yuck. The buffet looked nice, but was closed so I won’t Rag on that. I do like the smoke free environment, but that’s about it…….. not very entertaining for a place of entertainment. Oh the drink options kinda basic choices beer or wine, no real specialty drinks to catch the eye. Bathrooms have a nice set up plenty of mirrors for ladies to take selfies, but as a lady would have appreciated a clean bathroom to take selfies not cool. Overall disappointed and not worth the trip if you live out of state, and if you a local make Hollywood casino plan B if when all your other plans fall apart

  36. Bob Babiuch say:

    Saturday lunch buffet deal is good. Even at the regular price its worth it. Slot machines are just terrible anymore. High bets or low bets just not very good on payouts. $8 bet and got free spins for a $60 payout. 50 cent bet and got $1.25 on 8 free spins. Most games you struggle to even get a bonus and then is crap. I used to go every weekend but with the machines being so tight ill make the trip to Detroit

  37. Brendaliz Monjaras say:

    Me Gusto esta muy bonito y grande la musica fue buena la comida excelente en fin me Encanto pronto Volveremos??

  38. Jodie Lintz Davis say:

    Don’t expect big payouts. It’s a very tight casino.

  39. Michael J Skaff II say:

    The slots are too tight no pay out can’t enjoy yourself when to there no pay out !

  40. Jennifer Lapratt-Wale say:

    Had a great time! Love the spacious gaming floor and all the dining options.

  41. Kevin Bell say:

    Went out for a smoke played a machine out there hit 182.00 always fun place won 1200 on quarter machine last yr . 845.00 yr before gotta get right macbine.

  42. Penny Davis say:

    Forrest working the service desk is a wonderful employee count your blessings. We came yesterday for quick business meeting from Detroit. We will be back. Anyways please commend Forrest

  43. Raul Valle say:

    Do not go there
    Never win
    U no me
    U see me on your cieling cameras
    Every time I put my card in the slot, the Mach does not pay
    I will never go there again
    Will I win x time????

  44. Dee Dee Benschoter Thorsby say:

    Always a good time at Hollywood. We love our server jayme in the h lounge, she always takes such good of us.

  45. Vanessa Martinez say:

    Always love coming here! Coming back Easter Sunday my friend birthday hope we win big

  46. Lisa Tate Buchanan say:

    The employees that I had talked with was polite and very helpful. Had a wonderful time and won some extra spending money � although we ate before we went there the food looked good and prices seemed to be within reason. The restaurants on the other hand looked a little pricey. Wish there were more .25 slots to play. Cashing out was easy and fast no waiting at all. The place overall was clean. Parking was good. It was a fun night out.

  47. Alexandra Evans say:

    Never once had a server ask if I wanted anything. Was up $30 on the very first machine I went to, then couldn’t hit again the whole night. It was really disappointing. Very busy casino and I only heard/saw two people hit big for a couple hundred bucks. Not very impressive. The tables weren’t even lively! I’ll stick to the Native-owned joints, in Michigan.

  48. Sue N Ron Whittenberg say:

    The machines are so tight, we never seen anyone win while we were there and we’re there for 3 hours. Kinda sad. Not sure we will return.

  49. Lee Herrling say:

    Wife and I had a good time! Didn’t win but we had a good time!

  50. James Jeremy say:

    Had a great time! Won lots of money and enjoyed the people

  51. Janet Bush say:

    I really like this Casino. Especially the no smoking policy. Better than Windsor and the Detroit casinos. I’ll be back!!

  52. Patty Ansara say:

    Loved the Aerosmith tribute band. It was a good time

  53. Denise Barber Andersen say:

    Had a great time… It was our special Easter Day celebration….bonus…. all you can eat crab legs, my husband’s favorite!

  54. Shawn Carnes say:

    We moved right through the line with hardly any delay.. Even though we were there for the excellent crab legs.. The steaks were cooked to perfection.. our waitress was courteous and very attentive.

  55. Sandi Hylton Franka say:

    Loved it. We will drive the extra time to go to this casino from now on. So much cleaner than any of the Detroit casinos. They also have better slots and options for food instead of just a buffet. Excellent!!

  56. Bren Moore say:

    Brianna my cocktail server was the bomb Disco Inferno was great had an awesome time.��

  57. Michael J Wesolowski say:

    Food needs to get better. Almost everything they had was old dry like it was reheated. Staff was very friendly but the food isn’t worth the price. Fresh foods with a better selection is needed before I go back.

  58. Tonya Ross Brecht say:

    Lunch was good & filling & free BC I won my $$$ Back ?

  59. Sonya Sharp say:

    Such a fun place and the buffet was so good, kind of pricey but there’s was lots to choose from

  60. Robin Klobnock say:

    Nice clean casino.. wish I would have won but we will be returning ?

  61. Druda B'car say:

    We ate at Scene in the casino today. The food was horrible. The fries came out hard and almost warm. The burger was extremely small and tough to chew. The Brisket burger had 2 pieces of very thin meat on it and hard over cooked macaroni and cheese. And the cost for the quality of the food was outrageous. We will not eat there again. And really hope this gets reviewed and passed along to the management there.

  62. Gregory Kapelewski say:

    One of the best casino in Ohio. Friendly staff and good comps given to us. Such a better time then the Jack in Cleveland.

  63. Cyndi Pasti say:

    Visited yesterday for the first time – was very impressed – parking was easy – layout of casino was open & inviting – had a great time – can’t wait to go back

  64. Allison Marx say:

    The wait for the buffet was terrible. I didn’t want the crab legs but still had to wait in line behind people waiting for them so by the time I got back to the table my food was cold.

  65. Robyn Belknap say:

    Can barely hit anything. Machines are calibrated too tight. I’d rather go to Detroit.
    It’s a nice casino; but don’t think you’re going win anything there…………..

  66. Shannon Hall Baughey say:

    I was so excited to bring a bus full of people to the casino this past Saturday night. It was my first time there. Started off great and was given some Free Play and was enjoying myself. That was until a security person made me leave because I parked a bus in the back parking lot. Was told no big vehicles allowed. On my way out, I was approached by another security person in a vehicle who, again, lectured me about parking a bus there. (I was parked where there were no vehicles anywhere near). He followed me out of the parking lot. When I returned, there was another bus (was there when I was told to leave) plus 3 big trucks still in the parking lot parked near other cars (I parked where there was no one)
    Needless to say, that was my Thank You for bringing in a bus load of people to spend money while I was treated terribly.

  67. Julie Croad Stadtfeld say:

    Very clean, love the no smoking! Staff was extremely helpful and very friendly ��

  68. Leron SR Wilcox say:

    First time going to Hollywood Casino in Toledo I really enjoyed myself to food was good the band was okay but they had a DJ he was hype it nice crowd everybody friendly I will definitely be back again

  69. Sabrina Duffey say:

    Nice experience going to Toledo and the Hollywood casino. See you soon

  70. Leo Zrebiec say:

    Slot machines are horrible small or no payouts not a beverage person around all night.

  71. Donna Fender Winchester say:

    Always a great time. Clean open floor plan. Love the gaming room for the smokers. Staff always very nice, friendly and helpful. Only have ate at the Buffet and if you leave hungry that’s no ones fault but your own the food is delicious. Love the freebies they give away, their awesome way of giving back to the customers.. drive over 2 hours, right pass the 3 in the D. Well worth the drive

  72. Sharon Neblett Zrebiec say:

    To many penny slots !!!! Need more quarter and 50 machines !!! Win sometimes atmosphere is nice not crowded unlike Detroit casinos but very poor variety of slot machines and the ones you have are crazy big max bets or no bonus !!

  73. Brenda Pressler say:

    love the Hollywood casino in Toledo,ohio. can’t wait to go back

  74. Christina Swan del Rosario say:

    First time there and will definitely be back! Had a good time, place was clean, machines in great working order and the food at the buffet was great. Service too!

  75. MsVenice Beach say:

    Great atmosphere and great food I won $85 only after a couple of tries. Nice place to visit

  76. Douglas Simmons say:

    Visited the Casino last Tuesday 5/2/17 and was disappointed with the EPIC Buffet. Not so Epic. My wife and I have been going to the Casino since it opened. We have seen a slow decline in the casinos buffet. The selection of entree’s has declined steadily Half of the popular selections (i.e. shrimp, fish, stir fry, vegetables, salad bar, etc.) were out of stock. When the casino first opened this wasn’t an issue, the buffet was equal to many in Los Vegas. Now just a steady decline, I think to drive profitability.

    In my opinion the buffet is a comp to entice my gambling dollar. I think that management is losing sight of this. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. There are other alternate casino’s with in a short drive of Toledo.

  77. Rob Twining say:

    Food in the buffet was really good… didn’t lose any money gambling… didn’t win any either tho. It was a great time.

  78. Anna Solis say:

    We always go here and spend a lot of money I have to say we haven’t been there in a couple of weeks and we went Cinco De mayo and have to say We was very very disappointed in the buffet it was 65.00 for two and hardly no food and food was cold and when went to see bands there no seating because they had them reserved tables and no people sitting in them so those tables was empty all night we played till midnight and lost so not sure if we will be back for a while sorry we just had a bad night all the way around.

  79. Larry Grant say:

    Too many people for an event inside. Not enough bartenders to handle the crowd.

  80. Laurie Chasteen Mims say:

    VIP table was supposed to be for 4. Only had it for 3 so one of us had to be left out. No rain they couldn’t have added a chair. Try to get to our table with my blind sister and was told we couldn’t access the area without going through the massive crowd which required us to push through the crowd, while being asked what we thought we were doing. All the guy had to do is let us walk across the area he said needed to stay cleared but was told no and good luck reaching our area. I would think they would be more accommodating to a blind person. Not happy at all.

  81. Jennifer L Johns say:

    The act itself was amazing loved the Prince experience… I feel like you should have two bars open out in the main area the one just does not cut it. While their are restaurants galore, another bar would be helpful! Lines were horrendous!

  82. Barbara Stovall say:

    I like the casino itself, but the show was horrible. Gabriel Sanchez presents The Prince Experience was a disgrace to the iconic, brilliant musician, Prince Rogers Nelson’s legacy. It was awful������

  83. Charles M. Huppernini say:

    Prince tribute was awesome! Can’t say much for anything else. My card had to be reactived twice and then the machines kept rejecting it over and over. It was so aggravating. Payouts are horrible if any at all. Machines just eat your cash! They absolutely need another late night restaurant on site, long lines and waits for food. No place to sit because the beer drinkers are using the tables that should be used for people purchasing food! I don’t think I will be back very unimpressed.

  84. Carrie Anne Sonnenberg say:

    I had a wonderful time, so many people, the band was awesome and I loved the fact that there were so many different age groups there. Prince truly touched many lives no matter our ages, race and lifestyles. �

  85. Hope Shetterly say:

    Went there for The prince Experience May 6th and it was the best time ever!! He threw his drumstick to me!!

  86. Tina Tolliver say:

    Prince was awesome. Great experience for sure..love it!��

  87. Lisa Johnson say:

    The Prince experience at this Casino was terrible. They did a great job advertising this event but they did not have the staff in place to ensure a good outcome. The sound was terrible. I was there with a group of 16 people, only 2 stayed and it was not myself or my husband. The Prince experience was poorly executed unfortunately because we really looked forward to this show. We all are looking to catch this show elsewhere so that maybe we can enjoy it. Sorry Hollywood, Epic fail!

  88. Steve Zawodni say:

    I was there for the Prince Experience show. The performance by Gabriel was very good! But…The acoustics at the stage were dismal at best. The sound was not clear. The music before the concert was even muddier sounding. They were grossly understaffed for serving adult beverages. You had to wait more than 20 minutes in line. It was also very hot, I felt no air circulation.
    In conclusion, the Prince Experience, thumbs up. The venue, thumbs down.

  89. Aaron M. Frye say:

    First time there was for the Prince Experience. Great show, but the music needs to be projected throughout the facility, especially since you couldn’t get near the stage. The lines at the bar were a45 minute wait. Having some auxiliary bar locations on big event nights would be helpful.

  90. Laura Barnes-Fowler say:

    Band was terrible, slots were tight as usual, you don’t even get to the bonus round after spending 50 to 100 dollars, never get comps, you have to go to player services and beg for a comped meal then be at the mercy of whoever is working that night.

  91. David Camper say:

    Instead of spending all that money on a new smoking area how about putting some money into a different stage area . That way when seeing a concert (prince) it would actually be more enjoyable . To many people crammed into a small area makes you just want to leave !

  92. Greg Schmeling say:

    Great spacious casino ! Food was great staff was friendly!

  93. Mike Hill say:

    Was there 5/7/17 played a 30cent min. Slot, put in a dollar machine was only crediting me 50.5 cents….question is why does it take 49.5 cents just to sit at a machine, place literally robbed me, a friend who was with me pointed it out

  94. Dawn Cordone say:

    The best part was that there was no smoke!!!!!! I loved it! It was clean and there were a big selection of slots . I will drive the 1 1/2 from Michigan to come back.

  95. Carol Mohr Vogelpohl say:

    I love the Casino but there are some improvements you could make: have more than one bar because you can’t handle large crowds efficiently., loosen up the slots a bit so you play longer, and a larger stage area. I also saw very long lines for the buffet and have never tried it. One night a few weeks ago there was no regular coffee in any machine!

  96. Jackie Butler-Bester say:

    Loved the show itself, hated the seating arrangement. Disagree with the event seating being reserved.

  97. Tony Mannis say:

    Great time Sunday night VIP seats and 4 them and fun, 1st time there it was great , everyone has they own opinion.

  98. Teri Gonzalez Aldrich say:

    If your not doing concerts outside no more then you should add on a huge venue to that site, lots of people for the Prince Tribute not enough drink stations & seats for handicapped we had to stand along ledge. I notice lots of tables reserved were left empty and if no one is there by showtime then next in line should be able to reserve…was an Outstanding performance with The Prince Experience!

  99. Vincent LaMarr Smith say:

    Epic Buffet Very Nice….I’ll Go Back For Buffets�

  100. Denise Brown say:


  101. Teresa J Mcgrath say:

    I had a great time and won some cash, the buffet was delicious, prime rib ,steak and shrimp .smoke free is the best for me too.

  102. Peg Swartz say:

    The Hollywood Casino is great! The Epic Buffet is phenomenal! The layout of the casino is very good. Definitely will be back soon!

  103. Kristi Smith Connolly say:

    Wish they had a dress code ! People dressed so bummy !

  104. Greg Ball say:

    Brought my sister from Michigan to the casino for her first time ever ( she’s 54 and never been in a casino). I live in Toledo so not a big deal for me. The line to get her a marquee rewards card was sooo long we waited for 20 min. When a man said we could go to a smaller window by main doors by the poker room. We got there and waited yet again…..finaly got to the window and the older ladie behind the counter started literally yelling at my sister because her state Id had expired 2 days earlier. And how they won’t issue a player’s card to someone with an expired Id. I can under stand that but was it really nessary to yell at someone about and want them to never come back? I mean really. Do you train your employees on customer service? And to NOT make a big deal out of nothing and embarrase someone. Even people in the line were saying how rude this woman was. This was 2 Sundays ago. I tryed to get my sister to come back with us and she now says she will never return to Hollywood Casino. Way to go……

  105. Patricia Nobles say:

    My daughter and I were there celebrating Mother’s Day. The worst of all possible things happened, I lost a very special bracelet��I called their security today, no one had turned it in. I thought I’d be as lucky as a person on Fb last week who lost a ring at Krogers that was returned. There are still honest people out there.

  106. Clayton Moore say:

    Great casino in a great location. Lots of fun for the beginner to the experienced gambler.

  107. Dennis Abbott say:

    Nice place but buffet closed Mon, Prime Cut closed Monday and Tuesday. And those were the tightest slot machines I’ve ever seen st any casino�

  108. Melo Davis say:

    Excellent and very entertaining….first day there not even twenty minutes in I won $348.00 dollars off a 1c game….

  109. Colette Peter say:

    I came to have a fun time but was told my oversized vehicle was NOT welcome in their parking lot. They have surface parking in the back that was not even half full but the security told me I would be towed. Do Not go here if you drive a tall vehicle. I was told maybe Days Inn would let me park there. WTF, I was not going to Days Inn. I have never been treated so rude.

  110. Kimberly M Sheppard Cma say:

    I think they need to have a lounging area with cell phone charging stations. Something more classy and relaxing. Let people relax then go back to gambling. And they also need another late restarauant.

  111. Chris Ibelongtogod White say:

    It’s okay but I like Firekeepers better but I will go back

  112. Donna Telles say:

    Bad u toke all my money I need to find somewhere else to go have fun

  113. LaDawn Thomas say:

    Had a nice time without all the smoke like Detroit casino eat at the buffet was ok

  114. Jessica Hughes say:

    We had A blast want to go back real soon the bar made us great drinks

  115. Linda Lucas say:

    Went to hear Voiceplay. There were no seats at all unless you paid $25 for a table or were a member of the VIP player club. So as long as you were ok to stand the whole time it was ok. Most of the tables were empty. We stood on the other side of the rope line like we were in line for the TSA. I think more people would have stayed to listen if they could have sat down. It was billed as a free concert. They were excellent and very entertaining. I’m sure they wondered why the crowd was so small and why there were so many empty tables. Guess making money was more important than having a bigger crowd. Not sure I’ll go down to the casino for another “free” concert.

  116. James Gehr say:

    No where in their adds does it say a $25.00 charge for a table to hear Voice Play. They tout free admission then charge $25.00 for a show that started at 10:02 and ended at 11:10.
    68 minutes, yes an hour and 8 minutes for $25.00. I felt ripped off. The DJ was better than the show.

  117. Brian Medved say:

    Last Sunday (5/22/17) I took my girlfriend for dinner at the Final Cut. We had an outstanding meal and the service was superb. Shawna (forgive me if I didn’t spell your name correctly) was our server and did an excellent job. The other wait staff were very helpful too, including their recommendation for a red wine (Cooper and Thief) that was out of this world. Thanks for making our night very memorable. We will be back!

  118. Len Lawniczak say:

    Great time last night, fun date night. Enjoyed the scene bar and there band was phenomenal. Polished of the night with gambling and dinner.

  119. Robert Sacerich say:

    The casino was OK, though I’ve been to better. The staff, however, was incredibly rude. It was my first time there, and I had questions. The place wasn’t busy, but the cashier’s office people were extremely unpleasant.

    Out on the floor, I had questions as far as using their system, and it took me like 20 minutes just to find an employee to help.

    I don’t know that I’d go back.

  120. Joseph Washington say:

    I been to casino buffet all around the country and this one ranks at or near the top. Friendly staff working in a clean environment. Slots were mean to me though. ?

  121. Michael Lambert say:

    I don’t go too much anymore. Never seem to win anything anymore. Plus my girlfriend gets all this free things in the mail. I use to get those but nothing in the past couple years. I go to Motor City in Detroit. Prolly 8 out 10 visits I come back with extra money in my pocket plus I get a free nights stay once a year.

  122. Bonnie Herzog say:

    Lots of people but great music. Abba music was played by a live band.

  123. Heather Linden say:

    I love this casino because it is SMOKE FREE and not at all crowded during the day, during the week. Detroit casinos are always crowded and smokey.

  124. Gary McMurtrie say:

    I don’t gamble, my wife does…lol. I did enjoy the excellent selection of craft beers at the bar, whole watching the Tigers game. Y’all ought to put a jukebox in the bar.

  125. Ben Ploch say:

    Casino is VERY clean. The service and food at the buffet Friday night was excellent. Table game dealers are very friendly. Have found after several visits that the slot machines have very low payoff. Sadly no hotel.

  126. Deb Katzenmeyer say:

    They definitely earned an A+ from us this weekend, and every other time we’ve went…great service, security, food, entertainment, and cleanliness Well worth the 1hr 45min drive.

  127. Sue Sacerich say:

    I have been there with my boyfriend 4 times. I have always won and have a good time. Usually play penny slots but decided to play roulette. Glad i did! Great payouts akways.

  128. Mary O'Brien Rutherford say:

    Machines are very tight. They should have smaller jackpots and more winners.
    This would draw more players.
    Was in New York. (DelLlago) the machine there are very giving.

  129. Misty Schultz say:

    I thought it was too cold in most spots. I get it was 89 degrees outside, but it was bordering on 69 degrees inside. So I didn’t stay long, nor did I spend any money. It’s the middle of June in Ohio, I’m not trying to have to dress in a parka.

  130. Linda Ferguson Martis say:

    Casino is clean, and I love the non-smoking environment. The buffet specials are good, but I wish they could change up some of the offerings a little more often. For those who say they should loosen the slots, I don’t think they can. The slots come from the factory already programmed. There are looser machines in the casino, and you just have to find them! And-rubbing the screens won’t help! Sorry if I’m ruining anyone’s fun!

  131. John Smith say:

    My wife and I used to drive 90 minutes to get there from Howell Michigan, Would go 3 or 4 times a month.. The place has gone down hill. Comps are stingy..Service is VERY slow getting drinks to tables.
    few blackjack tables open, I had to search for a while to find a seat.
    We have decided to go back to Detroit casinos where they treat us better and we can find open tables

  132. Christian Davis say:

    Changes to the Rewards program made this year have really changed their comps, between that and really tight machines this place is now more like the Indian casinos or Tunica. In the future, will reserve my bigger play for Cincinnati or LV. At least the food at all the venues is pretty good.

  133. Mary Banks Partlow say:

    I love it! A great place to eat! A wonderful place to visit and I won $170.00 so that’s a plus! The workers are all friendly and helpful!!

  134. Lydia Payne say:

    Battle of the bands was great! Can’t wait till next week…. My fiancee played his first slots the other night…. Awesome time!!

  135. Susan Rinebold say:

    I had a ball….can’t wait to go back…………………..

  136. Lisa Moser say:

    It was a few weeks ago and we had a blast. I loved it ♡♡♡

  137. Butch Flotard say:

    We (wife and I and well as our friends) went to the Casino yesterday (Saturday before Fathers Day 2017) for the Ribs and Beer at the buffet. After lunch we gambled a bit, but very little as we forgot our Marquee cards and didn’t feel like replacing them. Upon leaving we took elevator (car #2) and proceeded to become stuck for over a half hour. There were 6 of us in the elevator with NO air conditioning or even a fan for air movement. We became VERY uncomfortable.

    The man on the intercom assured as they were “doing all we can to get you out” and “We want to make this right by you”. When they FINALLY got us out we were told a free meal and slot play would be credited to our cards. The other couple we were with, who are local to the casino, went back that evening and found that zero was placed on the cards and had to get security involved just to have the meal credited.

    Disappointed, to say the least. I will wait to see if it actually gets credited, and if not, my wife and I will probably not return.

  138. Holly Curry say:

    Wish I could give you 0 stars! Drove 2 hours and you all wouldn’t let my cousin in whom is 30 and had his driverlicense to show his birthday and they said because his driving priveledges were expired they wouldn’t let him in…. What does driving have to do with his age! NEEDLESS TO SAY OUR WHOLE CREW OF 6 turned around and walked out I mean we can’t leave our cousin in the hot car.

  139. Linda Webb Bowland say:

    Always nice there. Hope I start receiving promo cards via mail

  140. Diane Fisher say:

    So much fun, great entertainment and delicious food and drinks.

  141. Suzy Dilbone say:

    They have good food, it was clean. The parking garage is big and eazy to get to the casino

  142. Rich Hassan say:

    My wife and I go about once a week never have a problem we win sometime we lose sometime I do not think Casino`s are meant to be a easy street to retirement.If I walk out braking even I`m a winner.

  143. Margie Hallett Langenderfer say:

    GREAT Battle of the Bands! Can’t wait for next Thursday for the FINALS!

  144. Lisa Gary say:

    We travel from Michigan and absolutely love the casino. We enjoy the music and the wonderful staff. Love that the smokers are in isolated areas only!
    Favorite get away spot for a great night:)

  145. Clyde Harder say:

    Big Prize WINNER on Friday 6-23-17 … 46 ” Riding Lawn Tractor . I find that my personal experience in Casino Action and a Welcomed Atmosphere is at the Hollywood Casino In Toledo, Ohio . I always have a pleasant trip there .

  146. Gary Gustafson say:

    Being from Las Vegas I was let down five dollars for beer when your gambling (are you kidding me?) and I was there all nite and saw no winnings anywhere in the place. But the steak house was five stars. Buffet five stars . So go there to eat not to play?

  147. Christine Hammond Carlson say:

    No smoking. Not too big. Ate there. It was Great!

  148. George Baum say:

    Overall a good time. Parking was easy very clean no smoking. Buffet needed to be refilled a lot of empty pans.

  149. Maria Mireles say:

    I didn’t like my food. Took forever to service to our machine then all of a sudden 5 service people came

  150. Bev Spetz say:

    Loved the bands! The competition was exciting! And I’m not usually crazy about casinos because their so crowded and noisy! But the Toledo location is So much better! More space more comfortable not so obnoxious noise just feel like you can breathe and be comfortable without being on top of another person.
    100 times better than others I’ve been to! And some of the other ones like Detroit and Florida I just stopped even trying to gamble because I felt on sensory overload and suffocated. Good job Toledo!

  151. Jerrilynn Ringer say:

    If you want an “A” from us maybe you should organize concerts better. I stood waiting for 2 hrs and when I finally got in ppl that got here WAYYY after me are on the stage and I’m not. You can guarantee we won’t be back.

  152. Kathy Wood say:

    Went down Sunday for the Brett Young concert he was amazing. The casino was nice most of the staff was friendly and helpful. The only compliant is the blonde I think named Ericka that was runnning the concert because we were told it’s a free concert first come first serve for standing room (seating was sold out).

    Concert started at 8:00 pm we arrived at 3:00 pm asked josh a mgr in the area how this works he was very nice and helpful said keep an eye on when people start lini…

  153. Lisa Parker-Webber say:

    We have been there for outdoor concerts that were fabulous. The concerts in the lounge are horrible. No way does this reflect on the artist. The acoustics are bad, too much back ground noise. Not enough places to stand.

  154. Brandee Alyce say:

    Had a blast for vip but my waitress charged my tab 2 times with 2 prices …..brett young was great and so was security!

  155. Jolene Scott say:

    I have to say being from toledo and going to a concert brett young he was amazing as of the staff at this place?Rude and wouldn’t move out of the way so short people could view the one lady by the reservation place was excellent Marilyn?no Melissa she is great!!the others very rude to people other then this place looks good and brett young was amazing!!

  156. Jessicia Hildebrand say:

    First time ever going to a casino. Was so happy that I went and the first time I go is also the first time I got to see Brett young!!

  157. Latrilla Sadowski say:

    Loved the Brett Young concert though! Food good at the Scene.

  158. Roni Lanum Hakeos say:

    Nice offer but wrong idea!!! How you going to offer a free concert for a major country star and have it indoors? Massive rude crowd, couldn’t hear him singing at all, and screen was blurry. Was not a good experience!

  159. Steve Barton say:

    Played several slots. Didn’t hit on anything, not even any free spins/bonus games! Starving after spending the day in Dearborn. Buffet was closed, Final Cut steak place was closed, didn’t want grill food so that left Scene. At 7:00 PM on a Monday there were more open tables than occupied tables but we were told it would be a 30 minute wait. I asked why and was told they were short staffed. Really, short staffed on a Monday when two of the four places to eat are closed? So after waiting 45 minutes and not getting called, we left. Very disappointed Hollywood Toledo!

  160. Matthew J Waterer say:

    Don’t always leave a winner, but enjoy the atmosphere. The entertainment has really been good as well as the food in the buffet.

  161. Pam Strunk say:

    Amazing! We had a blast on our anniversary. Lots of variety of slots. Totally recommend

  162. Joseph Becker say:

    Tightest machines around, don’t plan on anything but dumping money

  163. Tony Romaker say:

    The free concert that cost 50 for a table smh bbbbbb

  164. Sharon Phlegar Shafer say:

    Had a great time with my friend, Annette. Had lunch at the buffet. Every thing I ate was delicious. Had fun playing Wheel of Fortune and another machine don’t know the name of. Wish I knew when to quit but I don’t. Great time anyway

  165. Paula Squires Ehrenberg say:

    Worst casino ever. People are rude, Machines are tight tight tight and little variety.

  166. Tammy Harmon-Timmons say:

    Used to have a vip card but this casino dropped me back to a celebrity because they re-evaluate you on what basis all of a sudden how can you just decide to take away a vip status that was obviously earned and now you wanna drop a status because what??? You can this casino sucks.

  167. GaryandPatricia Traxler Harvey say:

    We drove all the way to toledo because we went to detroit a few weeks ago & the cigarette smoke was terrible…we had a great time, I’ve been about 3 or 4 other times & usually come out ahead…will definitely go back

  168. Charles Buday Jr. say:

    Went for a friends 21st birthday recently and did fairly on the machines while also hitting for 350$ on roulette. Also enjoy the smoke free inside while another friend enjoyed the free air smoking area. That’s the good. 95$ for 4 people to eat at the “Epic” Buffet ,which is poorly named! Most dishes were empty and what was in the rest was not even as good as Golden Corral which is about $8 a person cheaper. $4 for a Bud Light while playing is ridiculous and 6.50 for a jack and coke is equally insane. I work on an island that is high priced but after that i was longing for island prices. That’s the BAD! As i mentioned my friend has her 21st birthday and for some odd reason that was never explained they made her wear a yellow wristband which i thought was odd since she was still able to drink the enormous margarita in the novelty cup and wasn’t given anything special like a free drink or what not. So what was the wristband for besides to question its purpose? That’s the ugly.

  169. Jeff Howard say:

    Epic Buffet and The Scene are both good restaurants. The Final Cut is absolutely the best 5⭐️ Restaurant I have ever been too! Casino is clean, blackjack dealers and pit bosses are friendly. The only complaint I have is their slot machines are way to tight! And so you that are used to Vegas and free drinks, sorry but Ohio law prohibits that.

  170. Rita Koelsch say:

    Love it, easy to get to, parking awesome, friendly, clean !!!

  171. Jim Simpson say:

    The buffet was great the attendants were helpful loved it

  172. Marie Patricia say:

    Food ok. Never win there. Never even give you play time. Take take take. It is clean and non smoke positives. To far to travel for me. Fire keepers is the best.

  173. Andy Lavigne say:

    Well it went like this..when I got there I had a bunch of money, and after getting my dick kicked in at the blackjack tables I didn’t have any money, who would of thought you could lose 9 hands in a row, those dealers make 20 and 21 a awful lot

  174. Brandie Sanders Wright say:

    Everyone was very nice and it’s Smoke Free! Very nice to be able to breathe while spending money.

  175. Reazette Hicks say:

    The food was cold and no seasoning at all. I had baked chicken and fried it was cold… mash potatoes cold….vegitables cold. Terrible

  176. Rodger Cook say:

    Got a whole 5 dollars free slot play for my birthday lol…Also don’t think they should reset points ….once u get to a certain tier u should be able to stay there…

  177. Amber S. Hawkins say:

    Had a ball at the El DeBarge concert last night. Acoustics were great. When I needed some help with a few things, the staff was right there. Very friendly. Didn’t hit but I’m glad there were penny games. Been to the buffet before but got there late. Hopefully you all will discount nights for the buffet. I love it, but it’s too expensive.

  178. Bradley Walling say:

    Not lot people got play what I want play and smoking was in close room in back

  179. Dollie Hopkins say:

    Went to the El Debarge concert. Nice atmosphere overall. I love the no smoking! I am able to breathe and not feel suffocated with smoke like in Detroit!

  180. Tammy Denise Wise say:

    Love the food. Always good music. El DeBarge was awesome. Played a slots didn’t win much but I had a nice time.

  181. Cynthia Dingus say:

    Had a great time can’t wait to do it again Shawna ,Ronda ,Vicky, Ashley,Brittanyand her friend her friend And our Birthday girl April! What a bunch of crayzy gals love you all

  182. Dave Mefferd say:

    We live close enough that we generally have went there about every other month and we used to enjoy it. For about the last 6 months the slots have been very “tight” and the promo amounts have gone down.
    We pay attention to the little details, and to “prove” what I’m saying, we have noticed that there are a lot less problem parking this year. People in the casino both inside and on the smoking deck seem to all have the same thing to say about how the machines don’t even pay out anymore like they used to.
    Have even noticed that the restroom isn’t being kept up like it used to. Alot of new staff faces, does that mean employee’s aren’t satisfied and leaving? Free drink stations are not as clean or stocked like they used to be. Not sure exactly what is going on there, but it just seems to be heading downhill.
    The one thing that we are still impressed with is the Epic Buffet. Still very good and actually reasonable price wise. If you decide to go to Hollywood, all I can say is good luck…. Your going to need it.

  183. Sundi Papulias say:

    Had fun Hubby’s BIRTHDAY didn’t win anything, but had a good time, very busy and but not too crazy. Love the atmosphere..

  184. Gina Likes-Positive Peoples say:

    I only went there for the El DeBarge concert. I enjoyed the concert then left. One thing I noticed was that all the pictures of iconic people placed on the walls on the inside of the casino were only of people of European descent. Yet people of color frequent and spend their money at this venue. Isn’t the world filled with icons of all nationalities..

  185. Vicky Flores say:

    Had a great time for a freind birthday ther was a group of 8 with us love thefood and drinks played my favorite slot mayan cheif extra reward didnt win anytjing but had a good time hopeing to be back to visit with of group of us again in and around august 25th

  186. Rob Dorsey say:

    Enjoyed the free Phil Vassar show. More free shows would be great with all the money spent here lol

  187. Kristina Bixler Heath say:

    Comps have gone down and we get better offers from other Ohio Casinos. Elevators seem to not be working very well. But… free Phil Vassar concert and we hit. So all in all a good time. We did find it clean and friendly as well

  188. Denise Dalgo Gorrell say:

    Wonderful small town casino . Staff is very accommodating and food is amazing !! Entertainment is very diverse and action packed!!! A must see!!

  189. Julie Churchvara Jones say:

    Love the non smoking! Very clean and beautiful! Went there before a Mudhens game! My daughter won $700 and my husband $300! Cute casino!

  190. John Perryman say:

    I swear they can not count.!!!!!an very inconsistent

  191. Theresa M Johnson say:

    The band was great, as usual the staff was kind and very gracious. A gentleman was some what under the influence and needed assistance.
    He was provided with help and was walked out of the Casino, no big fuss, lots of dignity. Mr Al handled it with finesse. Love the 80 theme music and videos. Hollywood you rock.

  192. Maria G. Solis say:

    I love Hollywood Casino in Toledo. I always have a lot of fun. The family love the buffet meal. At a casino, a person wins or losses that is the game. Do not expect to win all the time. But it is up to person as to how much to gamble. Set your limits.???

  193. Larry Marcum say:

    I think the new smoking section they built is a joke it’s way to small only 20 machines in it and the old smoking section has 5 machines..I waited 15mins for a beer 2bartenders and only 3people at bar lazy and rude bartenders..I went with my famliy who lost alot no machines where paying out and we couldn’t even get 5 bucks on are card no perks at all just a wast of time and money will be going eles where like everyone eles the place was a ghost town..i did have a good burger called the casino burger it was 15 bucks so much for a goodtime..take my word for it don’t go there go somewhere else..

  194. Danielle Emerick say:

    Went yesterday W/ my brother,visiting from Fla. Been to alot of casinos in the USA.and Hollywood was very nice casino,buffet was good,slots were really tight,bonus rounds,if U hit one ,were hardly nothing!employees were all pretty grumpy, overall we had a good day! Considering to return.

  195. Amie Gomoll say:

    We went to see the Femmes of rock last night. They were great but didn’t play very long. Not the casino’s set I’m sure. Mixed drink was tasty and I left with more money then I came with so that is a plus! But…my biggest complaint was…we ate at the scene, you have signs posted at the tables that say something about limiting your stay to 90 minutes…wow! The service was horrible and it probably took 90 minutes just to get our food. And we were afraid to even ask for a box and to split the check. We paid cash because we didn’t want to wait for our cards to come back to us. Waitress was nice but we barely saw her and she didn’t have much to say to us! Overall we had a decent time.

  196. Camille Hamel say:

    I like it its a very nice place to go for entertainment although i dont gamble.its safe there and. A lot of good bands play there.

  197. Brenda Trzeciak say:

    Machines are tight especially the first if the month when people get their checks hmmmmm

  198. Linny Maginny say:

    This is the worst paying casino I have ever visited. I know they read reviews and look peoples players account up I was personally told this by a host. Stay away do yourself a favor and go somewhere else! You can’t even play for fun on a min 20cent bet this place eats $100s….

  199. Terri Roughton say:

    Machines are tight. They are getting more and more higher end machines and less of the penny. A lot of the penny machines the minimum is 40 or 50 cents and higher. I only come here because of my mother. The kitchen staff was slow on our food at The Scene.

  200. Becky Sarka Niceley say:

    We had the crab leg buffet and it was excellent!! Crab legs were cooked perfect and service was fantastic! Never had to wait for crab legs and it was packed!! Will definitely be going back and I highly recommend!’

  201. Kat Thornton say:

    NO payouts, 1/8 of the floor was bare, with NO machines, and the buffet was mediocre, at best. WILL NOT be back! I’ll save my gas, and stick with Greektown/Motor City/MGM, in Detroit, or Caesar’s, in Windsor. I’m moving to Texas, so I’ll wait to go back to MS or LA.

  202. Tracy Tedder say:

    Very clean non-smoking environment. Can’t wait to go back and try the buffet

  203. Tracy Tedder say:

    Very clean non-smoking environment. Can’t wait to go back and try the buffet

  204. Philip Hawn say:

    Very clean , non smoking. Easy to find location. Buffet restaurant has excellent food and huge selection.

  205. Philip Hawn say:

    Very clean , non smoking. Easy to find location. Buffet restaurant has excellent food and huge selection.

  206. Teena Snyder say:

    Slots are extremely tight and there seems to be an over abundance of penny and nickel slots, which are a rip-off. I have been to Vegas several times, as well as other casinos around the state, and I don’t mind spending $100 for an hour of slot play, but here it goes way too fast with no return to even prolong playing time. Was not at all impressed with the quality of entrees at the buffet, but the desserts were good. Staff was VERY friendly and the casino and bathrooms were clean. All in all just so-so.

  207. Sherry Holas-Herrick say:

    The Final Cut is excellent. Best part of this facility!

  208. Patricia Melnek Thompson say:

    When I win some playback cash, they have way more non paybacks than paybacks machine!

  209. Patricia Melnek Thompson say:

    When I win some playback cash, they have way more non paybacks than paybacks machine!

  210. Elizabeth Martinez say:

    Everything about it is great such friendly people and good is great too!

  211. Gregory Lunar say:

    Slots tighter than a virgin. Never any free play.

  212. Amanda Stoller say:

    Even though the casino was under construction it was still very clean. I like that there’s no smoking. However, in my opinion, the slots could be improved upon. Detroit has more of the bigger, entertaining slots that seem to pay out better and Hollywood has a ton of the less entertaining penny slots.

  213. Dave Brown say:

    Marshall Tucker was real good , Does anyone know the name of the opening band ? They were real good also !

  214. Dave Brown say:

    Marshall Tucker was real good , Does anyone know the name of the opening band ? They were real good also !

  215. Shirley Stehle say:

    I have a good time when I go but I agree with the comments regarding the slots being tight. As far as the restrooms go I can’t complain, they seem to be clean. I love eating at Scene, good food and plenty of it. I always have to get chicken noodle soup, it’s yummy!

  216. George Wagner say:

    It is obvious that they are trying to squeeze every penny of profit. Nearly cut out the $5 blackjack table completely, and cut the payout on a blackjack when they do have a $5 table. They are using the auto shuffle shoe more and more which puts the odd in the house’s favor even more. And I have gone there so many times and not been able to even find a blackjack table that has an open seat. Not because they are busy, but because they don’t have many. They are trying to push for more high rollers and ignoring the casual, smaller players. Hey guys, it’s Toledo, remember??

  217. T.j. Plock say:

    Went last night for the Mayweather fight. Granted I get it I did not pay to watch the fight. However the 200 other people besides myself did also not pay as they were watching. My point is this casino made a lot of business off of the fight and to only carry it on one TV is a joke. I’m not saying every TV needed it but one other large viewing area would have been great. This casino is fading fast a d with any luck will be closed in the next 5 years. It still remains located in the worst spot in Toledo.

  218. Taylor Heitsche say:

    Went to the casino after a wedding. Threatened to tow us for parking our RV to play. Will take money elsewhere.

  219. Bill Cody say:

    I have been to Vegas, Atlantic city, ect. I just didn’t get a casino feel. Saw no one winning. They did have free parking, good thing, not the neighborhood you would want to park in. Finally made it there, and was disappointed. Just bland.

  220. Joyce Stoll say:

    Our bus stopped on the way home. Liked the machines. Staff was really nice and food was excellent.

  221. Don Krueck say:

    The Epic Buffet needs to bring back Yuengling beer and cheese soup on Thursdays

  222. Don Krueck say:

    The Epic Buffet needs to bring back Yuengling beer and cheese soup on Thursdays

  223. Kurt Knowles say:

    A true Toledo destination. Could be even better with dock access.

  224. Ron Wojtkiewicz say:

    Nice place with a Las Vegas feel. Outstanding Buffet!

  225. Gary Rogers say:

    place actually isn’t very well organized for pushing a wheel chair around , a lot of the rows I went down couldn’t get wheel chair threw, plus the card doesn’t work 95% of the time I put into machine , then when I did doesn’t add up to shit , spent over 1000 on the slots and rewards were like 4.38 cents ridiculous , so threw card away and wont come back

  226. Sandra H Lewis say:

    Had dinner at the final cut the food and the service was to say the least.
    Awasome. Our server was so helpful in explaining what some of the food items were and
    RON. Was the best I think the chief. Did an awasome job on the presentation of the food
    Great job

  227. Tammy Barringer say:

    Had a good time. Don’t seem to win at this casino to much.

  228. Tammy Barringer say:

    Had a good time. Don’t seem to win at this casino to much.

  229. Daniel Cheatwood say:

    Cool place. Non-smoking casino pleasant experience left some money there(did not walk away a winner). Overall I enjoyed myself.

  230. Marlene Sibert say:

    Love it spent all day and had lunch to nice time every one is friendly there and it is very clean.

  231. Alison Ramage-Campeau say:

    My 1st time and it was very nice!!! Clean, love that it’s non-smoking! On that account I will go back vs. the smoke filled casino’s here in DTW. And the ease of not having to cross the border (bridge / tunnel tiles and dealing with customs) to go to the non-smoking Ceasars Windsor…I will just drive S on I-75 to Toledo. But…I did find the slots “tight”…not letting you play on your money or provide any winnings. I ate at Scene in the middle of the Casino and it was very good food, and Heather my server was very good. Next trip, I will try EPIC when I am much more hungry!

  232. Victor Johnson say:

    I had a good time the bathrooms were clean the no smoking was super great and food awesome

  233. Mike Puckett say:

    This was the 1st time here. It was clean and the slots that were played seemed alright. Like any casinos you have to expect some slots do better than others. Overall not a bad experience

  234. Jocelyn Allen say:

    My sister and I went yesterday early evening. The place is nice. The main casino is non-smoking. They do have an area for the smokers. The machines did not pay off like I would have liked. We ate at the sports bar that is there. The food was good and the prices were very reasonable!!!!!! Would I go back???? I don’t know because I can go closer. The MGM and the Motor City Casino are 10 minutes away. It took us about an hour to get to the Hollywood Casino. I guess if anything it was a nice change

  235. Robin Nadolny say:

    I was there to see Fleetwood Mac tribute band…couldn’t hear the band sound was terrible& I know it wasn’t the bands fault had this happen before with other bands plus when you have an event like this shouldn’t you provide some seating for patrons also lines way too long for drinks ridiculous that you have only two areas to purchase drinks 20 mins is way to long to wait I love the casino we go quite often I left last night pretty disappointed ?

  236. Joanne Nejman say:

    Rumors ATL were awesome! nice job in the concert series!!!!

  237. Jeff Vernon say:

    Great clean facility. Helpful staff and just plain a lot of fun. It is always more fun winning than losing and I did both.

  238. Carol Lucken say:

    Don’t know if it deserves 5 stars since I’ve only been there once and that was right after it opened so it’s been quite a while. We are going tomorrow and I wonder whether it is mandatory to have a Marquee card in order to play slots or cards????

  239. Ted Lee say:

    Worst slot payback in Ohio, maybe the nation. I have been to many casinos including the big vegas ones and I can tell everyone the slot payback percentages here are set as low as you can make it. Good way to loose patrons.

  240. William Lewis say:

    Bus trip was awesome, lost 5$ good Buffet. Good service, penny slots black jack poker

  241. William Lewis say:

    Bus trip was awesome, lost 5$ good Buffet. Good service, penny slots black jack poker

  242. Courtney Kovesci say:

    My favorite casino in Ohio. Came in for my birthday over the weekend and had a great time. The casino is always clean and Scene is a great restaurant!

  243. Tracy Akers say:

    I keep getting emails to come on Sundays to get free gift but every time I go they are “all out”. THEN DONT INVITE ME!!!!!!!!!

  244. Tracy Akers say:

    I keep getting emails to come on Sundays to get free gift but every time I go they are “all out”. THEN DONT INVITE ME!!!!!!!!!

  245. Pete Urton say:

    Very clean n very friendly atmosphere. Always good entertainment

  246. Sidney Marmon say:

    Love the buffet in the non-smoking casino perfect the people that work there couldn’t be any more professional and friendly

  247. David Emminger say:

    Normally it’s pretty good, however yesterday the service was bad. The line is way to long to get crab. The line needs changed. Everyone lining up to get buffet items with just people getting crab legs creates a mess. Since the line was way to long I decided to get just steak. Well that didn’t work out either. There was no steak, the cook just threw on all the steak nothing was close to being done. So I grabbed something from the salad bar waiting on the steak and line to go down. I just gave up after a couple rounds, certainly didn’t get my money worth. The line for people who just want crab legs needs changed around. I already stopped gambling there because of the rewards program sucks because it resets at only 6months not 12. Guess the next step is to stop eating there too.

  248. Renee Schneider say:

    When I have a day to myself, I go here to chill ad have a ice cream cone. It’s my “Me time” away from work and reality. Love the buffet when I get the chance, too

  249. Angelo Cellura say:

    NICE PLACE,AND THE BUFFETT WAS EXCELLENT………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  250. Peggy Russell Courtright say:

    Such a fun night!!

  251. Andrew Coleman say:

    Arrived quarter to midnight last night to relax and play some Blackjack. The floor layout is easily traversed and seemed to be well maintained. Went into High Limits, was greeted by the dealers and Table Games Supervisor, offered a drink, and sat down at a $50 minimum table. During the 4 1/2 hours I played, I had the table to myself for all but 20 minutes. I was able to wager at my pace, chatting away with the dealers between rounds. The dealers were very professional and experienced. After playing, cashing out was a snap.

    A HUGE shout out to A.J. and Kristen for dealing smooth as butter round after round, while being quite candid and funny. I can’t remember a time when either of you flubbed or fumbled with the cards or chips. BOTH of you are flagship dealers for the property!

    I had a relaxing and entertaining time, which is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll definitely be back to play again soon.

  252. Shell Schaub say:

    It was great!! Great atmosphere, great service..but I ended up even..so I can’t say the pay outs are great..dammit..lol..�

  253. Jacque Macias Tiell say:

    Played a little Black Jack. Won a little lost a little.

  254. Tom Snyder say:

    The poker room is excellent I love the dealers love the game and the promotions are easy to hit they will always get my business

  255. Donna Wesley say:

    Not worth going very ruled waitress,mgr in buffet will never go back.

  256. Lorraine Dombkowski say:

    We have been wanting to go to the casino since it opened, we just never had the opportunity. Living in the Toledo and always looking for something to do, yesterday, we took the chance and visited the Casino.
    The Casino is beautiful, clean, well lit. The staff we encountered were all very nice.
    Our overall review is…….. We had FUN!! We didn’t go home winners, but we knew what to expect when gambling. We lost a couple bucks, but we will most likely come back, and try our luck again. Thanks for entertaining us for a few hours.

  257. John Roberts say:

    Very nice. Super clean, non-smoking casino. We go for the $10 lunch buffet. Coolness

  258. John Roberts say:

    Very nice. Super clean, non-smoking casino. We go for the $10 lunch buffet. Coolness

  259. CherieMae Goralski say:

    The buffet at Epic Buffet was awesome. We live in Michigan and its an hour drive. We might come back in the future just for the buffet….�

  260. Carrie Leroy say:

    Awesome time battle of the bands was a good idea my lil bro and sis are in it to win it be there nov 16th

  261. David Miller Jr. say:

    Really nice place but they need to loosen up the machines! Horrible winning percentages!

  262. Lynne M. Fox say:

    The Casino was very clean. I love that there is space to walk around without feeling cramped while playing too. I really dislike going to a Casino that smells like cigarettes and I come home smelling like cigarette smoke, and there was no cigarette smell at Hollywood Casino. We had a wonderful meal at the Buffett. The selection was wonderful and the food was delicious. The only thing that could have made our first experience at Hollywood Casino better is if we had won!!

  263. Victor Coronado say:

    Nice place to have fun I will recomend this place to my family and friends.

  264. Stephen Thomas Paulaski say:

    We had a great time , won $$$ we will be back again.

  265. Stephen Thomas Paulaski say:

    We had a great time , won $$$ we will be back again.

  266. Tanya Hamilton say:

    It’s okay except for the parking on the main floor in parking garage. I’m disabled and have a handicap placard, but I have to park in the back half because I’m not VIP. Bullsh*t!!!! If you really want to rectify the situation, then put it back to the way it was or make me VIP. Total crap.

  267. Anton Sears say:

    Normal casino it’s very clean and staff is very nice

  268. Anton Sears say:

    Normal casino it’s very clean and staff is very nice

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