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Enjoy the hottest Vegas-style action at Riverwind Casino, including over 2,700 electronic games, off-track betting, 17 Poker tables and 20 gaming tables such as Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Holdem’, 3 Card Poker, Card-Based Roulette, and Baccarat.

Many world-class acts have taken the stage at the Showplace Theatre. The 1,500-seat theatre is the most luxurious venue in the area. Also in the theatre is a mezzanine area, lounge, and two corporate boxes.

We offer a wide selection of restaurants, including the Willows Buffet and the Seasons Food Court, featuring Burger King®, Rick’s Café, Taco Bueno™ and Panda Express®.

Don’t feel like walking far to park your car? Drop it off at our North or South Valet, and take just a few steps to be on the casino floor. And if you’re too tired to even drive home, stop at the Riverwind Hotel, attached to the casino’s south side by a walkway. The hotel, outfitted with the latest luxurious amenities, has 100 guest rooms, including nine spa suites, a junior suite and a governor suite and is sure to be your gateway to relaxation.

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For our guests who need to travel by airplane, we are conveniently located 23 miles from Will Rogers World Airport. Nearby is Oklahoma’s “most unique entertainment destination”, the Bricktown Entertainment District, as well as the Winter Creek Golf Course, Sooner Mall, and the University of Oklahoma.

Table Games

Riverwind offers visitors table games to suit every player of any skill level, whether you’re a novice or a veteran of the tables. With 20 table games, you’ll be sure to find just the one for you. We offer Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Poker*, Card-Based Roulette, Crazy 4 Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em*. Table minimums range across all stakes from $5 to $1,000 and games are available to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your convenience, the Energy Bar is located right next to the tables making it easy to grab a cocktail while playing.

Attention table and card game members, we have recently replaced our chip inventory with new chips. Please return any of the old chips to Riverwind by February 1st, 2018.

*Proprietary game and trademark used under license from SHFL entertainment, Inc

Roulette Official Rules

Roulette is a popular, fun and exciting casino game. It is based on chance and does not require the Player to possess any special math skills or large amount of prior knowledge of the game.

In the game of Roulette, Players may choose to place wagers on a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even. After the winning number has been determined, the dealer will announce the winner and place the marker over the winning number. The dealer will then sweep away all other losing wagers and determine all of the payouts to the remaining winning wagers. When the dealer is finished making payouts, the marker is removed from the board where Players collect their winnings and make new wagers. The winning chips remain on the board.

Pay Table for Winning Wagers

Wager Payout
Red 1 to 1
Black 1 to 1
Even 1 to 1
Odd 1 to 1
1 to 18 (Low) 1 to 1
19 to 36 (High) 1 to 1
1 to 12 2 to 1
13 to 24 2 to 1
25 to 36 2 to 1
Single number (straight up) 35 to 1
Two number (split) 17 to 1
Three number (street) 11 to 1
Four number (corner) 8 to 1
Six number (line bet) 5 to 1
0, 00, 1, 2, 3 (top line) 6 to 1
Column Bet 2 to 1


  1. Card Roulette uses 38 cards. Each card represents one of the 38 possible an ante to enter the game.
  2. Players will place a wager along with an ante to enter the game.
  3. Wagers may be made with casino Value Cheques, or the more commonly used Non-Value Chips. Non-Value Chips consist of various and distinct colors which
  4. When Non-Value Chips are purchased at the table, the dealer will issue each player an individual color of chip.
  5. The minimum value of any Non-Value Chip will be $1.00.
  6. The Non-Value chips have no value except at the specific table from which they were purchased. Players must redeem them for Value Cheques before leaving the table.
  7. If a Player leaves the table with Non-Value Chips they shall not be redeemed for more than the minimum value of $1.00 each.
  8. In order for a Player to receive Non-Value Chips, he/she must purchase a minimum of $20.00 worth or twenty Non-Value Chips for their initial entry into the game.
  9. Non-Value Chips may only be used for game transactions and wagering at Card Roulette and may not be used for any other purpose.
  10. The spin will be initiated by a successful scan of the card.
  11. The winning number shall be determined based on the card scanned by the camera in the card reader.
  12. The Dealer will announce the winning Number, color and whether it is Even or Odd, and place the marker over the winning number palm up.
  13. When the marker is on the table, Players may not place wagers, collect wagers, or remove any wagers from the table.
  14. Players are responsible for collecting their wagers/winnings.
  15. Any wagers/winnings left on the table will be considered up to win for the next round of play.
  16. Side wagering between and against players is strictly prohibited.
  17. Participation in the game is gained by purchasing cheques at the roulette table. Cheques can be purchased with cash.
  18.  The manner in which Card Roulette will be dealt is at the discretion of the Chickasaw Nation.
  19. All decks of cards used in play will be from a standard “52” card deck.
  20. Foreign cheques, coins, currency, etc. will not be accepted.
  21. All Title 31 and Currency Transaction Reporting (CTRC) requirements will follow the general guidelines and requirements set forth from The Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce.
  22. All game irregularities/disputes will be handled by management.
  23. In the case a dispute cannot be resolved by facility management, the player may invoke their right that exists under law to request that the Chickasaw Nation Office of the Gaming Commissioner conduct an investigation into their prize claim. Management will immediately notify the Chickasaw Nation Office of the Gaming Commissioner.

Casino Poker


Lean in and let the action unfold at the Riverwind Casino Poker Room. Here we offer all your favorite casino poker games in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Our selection of 17 different poker tables includes Omaha as well as an international favorite, Texas Hold ‘em. Our skilled dealers are the best in the business, and our casino poker tables are the very hottest in town. The poker room is open 9 a.m. – 3:30 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 9 a.m. – 4:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Riverwind Casino is located south of Oklahoma City in Norman, Oklahoma. Our poker room is open all day long, so stop by the Riverwind Casino Poker Room today and discover the most rewarding poker experience in Oklahoma City.

Riverwind Casino is a casino located in Norman, Oklahoma that opened in 2006. The 219,000 square feet casino, owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation is one of the largest in the state.
Address: 1544 OK-9, Norman, OK 73072, USA
Total gaming space: 5 acres
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 405-322-6000
Number of rooms: 100 (9 suites)

Site: https://www.riverwind.com/casino/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RiverwindCasino/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiverwindCasino
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RiverwindCasino
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/riverwindcasino/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+RiverwindCasinoNorman

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  1. Sandy Munier say:

    My husband and i went and we loved it. Then they sent us cards for a free night at there hotel so we stayed two nights, very clean everyone was nice won some money. That’s one of are favorite casino’s.

  2. Jennifer Willis say:

    Fireworks on a Saturday night??? It sounds like bombs going off! That’s not comforting, very annoying and it’s ridiculously long!

  3. Dana Vandehey say:

    Rooms r nice ,booked one it was in the smoking area non smoker it was really nice the bed was soft might have up grade to a king

  4. Dawn Dye say:

    Spent my 21st birthday here and had a blast without having to stop at the car. All the games just catch your eye, the bar was the last thing on my mind. The hotel side of the building has exceptional service and wonderful rooms. Can’t wait to go again!!!

  5. Craig Lee Baylor say:

    The posts on the north east corner of the drive are accidents waiting to happen. I have seen 3 cars get side swipped on the turn. There is no good reason to have them there. I thought when they took them down to paint they would take them out but no……..they are back up and dangerous. Use caution when turning. Wait for cars to go before you do.

  6. Rudy Rosales say:

    The buffet was bad worst I ever had. Played the games afterwards and lost 40.00 in 2 minutes didn’t even get a bonus play. Very disappointed.

  7. Susan Barnett Martin say:

    Should be called NeverWin! I will never walk in this casino again. Save your money, don’t go!

  8. Tami Humphreys say:

    Racist blackjack dealers one in particular Cheryl Sherman

  9. Sue Moody say:

    You guys sure don’t take care your players anymore!!! so THANKS to your pushing us out to other casino NOT A SISTER CASINO we made sure of that now we have got a return about time. Tell Dave thanks butt no THANKS

  10. Crystal Nevaquaya say:

    I was going to call to voice my complaint but decided what’s the point we probably won’t return. I use to work in a casino for almost 10 years and I know all the rules. The rule I’m speaking of is taking pictures. My son just turned 18 and was excited about his first trip to a casino. Of all places he wanted to go to Riverwind. As we walked in the door of course all the lights and sounds were exciting and he wanted to capture the moment. A female security guard quickly approached and was very rude with the way she handled the situation! Again I’ve worked in a casino and think this young lady is in need of some serious customer service training ASAP! So needless to say his first experience at a casino was not great and we ended up leaving and going to Newcastle.

  11. Michael Hulsey say:

    I’ve been going to Riverwind for 6 years, and I always have a good time. I live 4 hours away, and it’s well worth the trip. I understand that the comps they offer decrease if you don’t go often. That’s just business. The hotel is very nice and clean. Very comfortable beds. The staff is very friendly. I’ve seen people on here complain about the bar prices, but this is a resort and not your local dive bar. If you want free drinks, go to Nevada, Colorado, or Mississippi. The Native Americans have to abide by Oklahoma alcohol regulations. I love the slot machines there. The floor is well-lit, and it’s easy to find your way around. Do I win all the time? No, but I know that going in. In fact, I know I’ve lost more times than I’ve won. It’s a casino, so the house always has the advantage. For those who complain about not winning, I say, “Get over it! You knew what you were dealing with when you went in!” The only thing I miss is the free breakfast buffet at Willows for hotel guests. However, the omelets are still good. Chips & Ales is very good. I get the All-American Sandwich and it’s delicious! If you’re looking for a good-time getaway that’s close to home, then Riverwind is the place to go. Not too big or crowded like Winstar, and it’s easy to get to and around. I will continue to go back whenever I can. Thank you, Riverwind!!!

  12. Eric Shea say:

    Best time i have had in a long time
    Every machine would hit a lot

  13. George OB O'Brien say:

    Only go here to eat or watch TV. I don’t gamble…..

  14. Cheryl Lutrick say:

    First concert and was very happy! High suggestion, get multiple drinks before sitting down.

  15. Mical Burchfield say:

    This last weekend was mine and my wife’s first visit there. We have been to casinos in Vegas, Atlantic city, Mississippi and a couple of others south and south west of Riverwind. First off, I never walk into a casino expecting to come out a winner. I look at it as I have paid a good sum of money for a little entertainment. My entertainment at Riverwind just didn’t last as long for the money spent as it did in other places. But that happens sometimes. My wife came out a little ahead after playing machines most of the night. I threw in the towel a little earlier and took the shuttle back to the Sleep Inn. The gentleman at the door that called for the shuttle was very nice. We chatted some about sports in between him opening the door for other patrons entering the casino. My first impression of the place as I walked in was the smoke. It was by far the smokiest smelling casino I have ever been in. Like I said, I went back to the room around midnight and the wife came a few hours later. When she got into the bed I could smell the smoke all over her. Other than that, the place seemed fairly clean and the food at the…I forget the name of the restaurant but I think it was Chips and something, was pretty good. My burger and fries were good and the chicken pot pie my wife had was really good. Over all, the smoke was bad and the payouts seemed to be lower. The employees were friendly and other than that the place was OK.

  16. Nancy Fritz Gomez say:

    I had a great time just didn’t win I spent more then what I got back

  17. Jared Day say:

    Horrible!! All the regulars are leaving. They are getting to stingy with the floor machines. Even high limits sux!! Go somewhere else

  18. Missy Keener say:

    It was our first time there and we enjoyed it, we will be back even though we didn’t win �

  19. Rishawn Lacey say:

    We went to a concert there. The valet was tip only. The band Gin blossoms was great and the chairs were super comfy. The food court was great as well! My friend sat at a slot and won $1000 off a 5 dollar bill. My only complaint is that it’s a little outdated and smokey.

  20. Rodney R. Roberts say:

    Concert venue is awesome. Highly recommend VIP mezzanine section.

  21. Jill Parker say:

    Awesome place !

  22. Bruce Rodgers say:

    Not any good since they changed the slots in the high limit area. No red spins and does not payout at all. I used to go there every weekend, but have changed to Lucky Star and have hit 6 jackpots in 5 trips there. I will not be back to riverwind until they change back to paying out.

  23. Patricia Lipson say:

    We decided to stop and parked in the RV Parking area. Although the parking area is a little far for me to walk (I use a cane), they do have a shuttle that will pick you up. The driver was so nice. The parking lot is very well lit and quiet.

    They have quite a few choices in food which was appreciated. I found the casino to not be as smoky as a lot others which I appreciated.

    We decided to stay an extra day or so because we felt so comfortable.

    We will definitely stay again. Just PLEASE consider adding some RV hookups and maybe a dump station. You would defined be 5 stars then.

  24. Rickey Manowski say:

    No promotion call unless you are a VIP they call you at home.

  25. Micaela Rosales say:

    Perdi. Me. Perdi. No. Pos. Wuoo. Q desagradable. El. Dia. D. Ayer. Riverwind casino. Vueno pero. Un rato. D. Distracccion. No. Cae. Mal. Grasias. Negrito. Mateo.

  26. Karen S Nielsen say:

    The people are so friendly the rooms are beautiful the slots are friendly chips and ale has delicious food and I have never come to the river Riverwind that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed my time there great staff

  27. Angelia Casteel say:

    I rarely frequent casinos but I have been to Riverwind a few time times. They need to fix a few things.
    1. The cigarette smell is overwhelming! I go to Vegas and never have a problem. Riverwind need to do something with their filtration system.
    2. Don’t even bother playing slots. No payout.
    3. Housekeeping staff are rude!

  28. Tonya Mahaffey say:

    Most of my friends call it Neverwin…beginning to agree with them..

  29. Trina LJ say:

    In the mail I received a free buffet coupon for Saturday night. I was quite excited as that is Seafood Night! I had slacked up on going to Riverwind because of ZERO PAYOUTS!! I decided to go for the free buffet. (Their genuis plan anyway).After waiting in line for an hour, going through the buffet, I discovered there weren’t any crablegs. I was quite disappointed as were many other patrons who were asking for crablegs. As I ate, I was thinking ‘this food is disgusting.’ Then I heard an old lady tell the server, Odessa, “The service was great but the food was terrible!” The lady next to our table turned & said to us, “I’m upset there aren’t any crablegs. I agree, this is digusting but I drove a long way and stood in that long line.” We went on the floor and played. The atmosphere was dead; no ringing from winning machines, two radio stations playing over each other & I didn’t win a damn dime. I didn’t play with chump change either. Never again. Forget this place. I’ll get my casino fun from The Grand in Shawnee!!!

  30. Jeremy Quary say:

    Good times with good people. The only problem was the $5.50 for a Corona was a bit steep.

  31. Diane Morton Limbaugh say:

    Too smoky!!! My nose is still burning� Too hard to get a drink. Not enough bars. Concert facility was great! Valet was ran very efficiently. Will go back for concerts but not for gambling.

  32. Devon Barlor say:

    I love to come here when I want a close to Vegas experience. Yes it’s smokey…it’s a casino. Yes you lose….the house has the better odds. Don’t take more than you can afford to lose. Concerts are great…atmosphere is great….now….GIMME A JACKPOT!

  33. Nelly Rios say:

    Muy bonito lugar limpio y buen servicio me gusto mucho tanto que ya voy a ir mas seguidoooo

  34. Frank Lee say:

    I play here every time I’m in the area and always enjoy it. I typically stay the night at the casino hotel when visiting and the rooms are nice. It’s not a huge facility, which is something I like about it, but it is plenty large enough to have a good variety of games available. They have a friendly staff and a reasonable variety of food choices. The only things I wish were different is it seems that out of state customers get very little in bonus plays, rewards points and other offers compared to locals (which is understandable, but still kinda sucks for those of us who are out of state regulars), the buffet and drink prices for players are higher than many other casinos I’ve visited, and the payouts could be a little higher. However, it’s a great place to visit and I’d recommend it to anyone. Like with any casino, sometimes I leave a little richer and others I leave a little poorer, but it’s always fun to try for the big jackpot there!

  35. Lorena Chapis Varela say:

    Me parecio un lugar muy nice… Legue y estube jugando desde las 2 de la tarde hasta las 8 de la noche sin ningun ploblema….Hasta que se me ocurrio comprar una cerveza y me negaron la venta xq mi identificacion era mexicana… Ya llevaba varias cervezas que habiamos comprado..Tengo 37 años y no he tenido ningun problema en ningun casino con mi ID… Solo en ese casino…. El personal se porto muy despota, el cuardia fue muy grosero y al momento de pedirle dentificacion a mi mama no quiso ni siquiera ver las I D’s que le mstro… Le mostro 2 id;s americanas y ni siquiera quiso mirarlas…. Fue una situacion de muy pesimo gusto y de un trato muy pero muy mal….Deseo jamas volver ahi…!!!!

  36. Todd Feehan say:

    We always enjoy a good time at Riverwind for Thanksgiving. Willows is starting to slip on its quality and selection.

  37. Dennis Patterson say:

    Never win crap, been there numerous times always the same result every time �

  38. Debbie Blaine say:

    Well I was mainly there for the Tyrese concert but all was good. Employees were very nice and helpful. I would come back again for another concert.

  39. Joly Valencia say:

    The show was great very entertaining Tyrese did an amazing job ofc tho was bit disappointed I thought we’d see more of him and the meet and greet was fun just we’re still waiting on our picture with him

  40. Roxzanne M. Bowman say:

    The staff were very friendly and the drinks were great and the concert was awesome

  41. Goody Hamilton Jr. say:

    Probably my favorite casino in the Oklahoma central area because of its large selection of games. I’ve hit for some good amount of cash a couple times, ate good food, listened to good music and even enjoyed the Tyrese concert there last night. I definitely lose more than I win..payouts seems low but I guess that’s most casinos. I remember back when every Saturday was “earn 20 points and recieve $20 in free play” (no special flyer or coupon needed)..now it almost never happens. Don’t understand the purpose of rewards points because the money never accumulates to much of anything. Besides, I rack up hundreds of points almost every time I’m there and I still don’t understand the purpose or benefit of it. I receive flyers/coupons for $10 or $15 free bonus play which is cool if I were already planning on going but it’s definitely not an incentive for making the 30 -45 min drive (traffic) and it can only be used certain days. It seems like Riverwind had gotten a little stingy with their promotions, especially now that they have been around for minute. I do like the “card maker” machine because I always seem to lose mine or leave it at home and I hated standing in line to speak to someone about it. I stopped smoking but I don’t mind the smoke, after all its a casino and I don’t think it’s that bad. I think even though I no longer smoke, I would feel out of place in a smoke free casino (if those exist). I’ve never stayed in the hotel however, the casino employees have always been friendly and the casino itself is a nice facility. Anyways, overall I give it 4 stars. ~ Samuel Hamilton – MWC, Ok

  42. LQ Rogers say:

    When I have the CHANCE I come to Play while ENJOYING MySELF. The #TYRESEConcert was GREAT, it was NOT OVER-RATED, YOU could tell He was here to IMPRESS His FANS/NOT just receive a PAYCHECK. Riverwind ALWAYS has GREAT VENUES!!!3 THANK YOU RIVERWIND for the FREE TICKETS!

  43. Jake Tennell say:

    Always a blast! I have met some of the most interesting people there, and the food is great!

  44. Kyle D. Davis say:

    Stop over on the way to San Antonio and glad I stopped on the way there and the way back home. First night kept hitting nice pays on newer pennie machines playing max bets of at least $5, won enough to pay for my trip and all the great food and booze during the week in SA. Hit the place back up on the way home and made enough to do my christmas shopping this week. The hotel rooms were crisp, clean and quiet. I would recommend staying there to anyone. Food there was average.

  45. Kevin Gregory say:

    i like the poker room there the dealers are very nice. my fav poker room.

  46. Deborah Smith say:

    This used to be a fun place, but something big must have happened about 6 months or so ago. I lose every time I go, which used to be several times a week. I had to find another casino for entertainment. It’s not entertaining to feed slots with absolutely NO bonus rounds or any little payback to keep playing. It’s horrible lately.

  47. Michelle Stutzman Evans say:

    The hotel is nice. Fast checking. Reasonable prices, clean and we had lots of fun

  48. Nancy Jody Loyd say:

    You should pay attention to how many people were there on Saturday the 10th. If you give more stuff away, people come. You need to spread the wealth a little better.

  49. Greg Washburn say:

    There’s rarely a time I don’t win! I’d say 2 outta 10.

  50. David Wilbourn say:

    Need more entertainment during the week , and the drinks are a expensive…

  51. Dilcia Cruz say:

    Is a good place to gambling and bery good atmosphere we enjoy so much

  52. Amanda Zink say:

    When I was asked what I wanted to do for my birthday I quickly replied “Riverwind restaurant for seafood night”. The weather was frigid but my boyfriend and I braved the -5 wind chill to go eat at this fantastic buffet with all-you-can-eat crab legs. We used to go to Riverwind buffet regularly but I moved 4 hours away so we haven’t been since the beginning of the year. We knew to get there an hour early because the line of people would be wrapped around the casino if you showed up too late. I thought it was strange that there weren’t as many people in line this time but figured it was due to the weather. Nope. Here’s the summary…no more crab legs for their Surf and Turf night and the price was still $24.99 each. The hot food was cold. The dining room was chilly (I’m hot natured and continued to wear my coat). The desserts were either mushy or super dry. The best part of my meal? Linguine…which I can make myself at home.
    My boyfriend and I went to Walmart to buy their frozen crab legs just to feel less cheated for the evening. Did I mention the over abundance of smoke in the air? Did the air filtration system break? I don’t remember it being that strong. I came out of the casino smelling like an ashtray and still congested a day later. What the hell happened Riverwind?? I’ve had a better food experience in an elementary school cafeteria. Next birthday we will go to the Grand Casino in Shawnee.

  53. Kathey Pool say:

    The Riverwind gaming machines have improved I like the Ruby Reds lucky lady and the last time I was there the machine didn’t work. But i did get a diamond and it’s a good thing i stayed at this machine because i had won. They don’t give you very many chances to catch the diamonds which makes me happy when I catch one diamond. But overall I go there for breakfast ON Wednesday and it’s excellent breakfast. The coffee is better in the gaming area but this time Wednesday 12/ 21/16 coffee was pretty good. I love the egg omelets. I win a little but nothing big. I like the many different slot machines. Overall it’s a fun place the music’s fine but I’d like to get a coupon for the main restaurant Willows. I hear that crab legs are good.

  54. Matt L. Lorenz say:

    Won money so I loved it yesterday. Out of the Casinos in the central Oklahoma are it by far is the Best.

  55. Kaley Ward say:

    Great stay for New Year’s! The cleaning staff left our towels shaped like elephants on our kids beds & two swans with necks together creating a heart on our bed! Very cute! The girls loved it! We also had chilled champagne left in our room & a gift (decanter set) for New Year’s! Excellent customer service! Thank you for a great stay!

  56. Monica Candelaria say:

    Had a awesome NYE Rocking 80s Party the Band was outstanding the stilt walkers were great the decorations at our reserved tables were good. The sound system outstanding and everyone got along no nonsense at all. Looking forward to NYE 2018 I will book again! �

  57. Deanna Maddox say:

    Had a amazing time. Would do it again. Was a awesome show.

  58. Connie Collamer say:

    I have been going for years to Ricerwind. Only won one jackpot then they took machine away. Food use to be good but now it is horrible. I get free coupons all the time but it is so bad I won’t eat there. Would rather pay and get a good meal. Machines never pay off. Great facility but not worth losing every time you go $500 or more.

  59. Ann Eaves Parker say:

    I like going there. Used to like it a lot better. Now the piped in music is so loud my husband and I can’t even have a conversation. Very very annoying

  60. Matthew Chambers say:

    Good times with the family at the Travis loydoyt concert!!!! The cigarette smoke sucks but I guess you have to expect that at a casino everyone should vape at least you won’t stink !!

  61. Joanie Jezek Jedlicka say:

    Came for my birthday to see “Elvis “. Show was great. Enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere, reminded me of Vegas.

  62. PAul Deer say:

    I am a cheyenne arapaho tribal member,before and after my first time there, i was like “Fuck Lucky Star”, lol,real talk, I Never Win At ” unlucky star”, like i do at river wind

  63. Karen Woolsey say:

    had a great time but it was a long drive but enjoyed the time spent there with my mother who drove up from San Antonio TX

  64. Annie Irwin say:

    We had a very enjoyable time and had a nice meal at Chips and Ale and had fun playing on the machines. Enjoyed listening and dancing in the lounge!

  65. Sheray Bandy Collier say:

    8 of my family went together, had an amazing time! We all won money, enjoyed our drinks, and the hotel was super comfy!

  66. Prexiosa Gutierrez say:

    Bueno ami no m gusta casi el casino pero ayer fui con mi novio y ganamos. 650.00 dolares despues de estar hay x 3 horas pienso q voy ir mas seguido y es un lugar tranquilo

  67. Carolyn Jackson Kuester say:

    Went to Riverwind to watch The Oak Ridge Boys!!! It was a great concert. They played about 1 1/2 hours with no break. Enjoyed the show and the facility.
    The only complaint is we waited well over an hour at Valet South parking to get our car after the show. Not sure if this was normal, but thought that service could be better.

  68. Patty Cole Lewis say:

    I went for the Oak Ridge Boys concert. Happy that they keep coming back. The concerts are always wonderful. Comfortable seating and sound is clear and not to loud. The casino part is too smoky for me to actually stay very long.

  69. Ricky Stegall say:

    Yesterday was my very first time to go to Riverwind Casino. Me my mom and two of my friends went their to see The Oak Ridge Boys. We drove 2 hours one way to see them. We liked the casino as and the people that works their but we was disappointed about the buffet. You didn’t have much to choose from and the food wasn’t that good and if you wanted ice cream you had to ring a bell so that a worker can ask you what flavor you want and you only had two choices in flavors….no soft ice cream and you only could go once. That was the first buffet that I have been to that you couldn’t get your on ice cream from the machine and get as much as you want. Good thing that you get $5 off of the price with your concert tickets cause it’s not worth the regular price. The venue was very nice even though it is smaller than most casinos and the show was awesome. Will be back for other shows but will eat somewhere else

  70. Jodi Sanders say:

    It was fantastic. Had a blast. Perks.the whole time ur there, they have free pop and or hot chocolate and coffee. And u can light up a cig wh

  71. Jackey Carol Cooper say:

    Marcie the mgr of the Showplace Theatre is amazing she reprinted my tickets to Joel McHale after I lost them!!

  72. Laurel Brown say:

    Have a little respect where you throw your fliers, I would say emergency care facilities are off-limits.

  73. Chance Parcell say:

    I was able to spend a night on a free one night stay offer from the mail, able to come up with $30 free play, had breakfast at the Willows, and got a complimentary salad, main course, and desert at Chip’s ‘n’ Ales’ last weekend.
    I had no problems with my mattress to speak of but the room was quite cold.
    I missed the keno at 11 o’clock but won $1,672.38 on a slot machine.
    Wasn’t able to get more jackpots anymore.

  74. Allyson Poore say:

    I don’t care at all for the cigarette smoke.
    We never win and trust me we are not cheap.

  75. Gail Prater say:

    As soon as you walk through the doors you feel welcomed. Everyone is happy and smiling. Very nice and clean casino. Will go again.

  76. Bryan Perez say:

    Had a blast at the concert Foreigner was awesome

  77. Brian Dick say:

    Never Wind

  78. Curt Littrell say:

    So colorful spacious and very entertaining! Best of all I get to spend time with my best friend

  79. Yimma Penalba say:

    I love to go with my bf David. Really I enjoy to go there. We spent time eating, playing and dancing. Love Riverwind Casino:)

  80. Patrick Mccain say:

    What can l say it’s exciting.fun nice people the staff is super nice very quick to help great food and a atmosphere

  81. Kathleen Michelle Mathis say:

    I left my purse at the Foreigner concert and so many honest hands must have touched the purse to get it safely to Security! Thanks so much to all that helped get my purse back to me intact with all of the cash, ID, and credit cards! We left the next day for Dallas and then on to Vegas so it was nearly a week before I could claim the purse and contents. You guys/gals ROCK!!!! Thanks so much!!! Sincerely, Kathy Mathis from Ada, OK.

  82. Penny Postlethwait say:

    Had the time of my life! Went to see Rick Springfield!

  83. Marcia Yeomans Heitzman say:

    Great fun, great atmosphere. Only disappointment was the buffet. The service was good but the food was terrible!

  84. Cecilia Pitts say:

    Went to the rick Springfield concert had a ball . I would go back there for another concert this was my first concert at riverwind

  85. Scott Edward Albano say:

    Great venue for concerts v and shows. Resonable prices and very nice staff

  86. Martha Lety McClure say:

    The dinner buffet was not good. The prime rib was so tough, we couldn’t even eat it. The dessert bar could have been better. My husband asked if they had anymore coconut cream pie… the lady told him yes and brought some out. It was FROZEN SOLID! Why did she even put it out there is my question! For 25.00 per person I expected better! Yuck.

  87. Patrice Nelms Miles Williams say:

    I love the concert venue! Have seen Rick Springfield twice here and it has been my favorite.

  88. Allen N Karyn Haley say:

    The slots lot tighter sconce the last time was there. The buffet wasn’t as good for what you paid for. Prime rib tough and where was the seafood last time we had great crab legs and better shrimp most of food was cold like it been sitting out without heat. We was one of the first thru the door when open. The hostess was great. Springfield concert was good only complaint is vendors selling merchandise that don’t carry right sizes for the price they ask for.

  89. Carmen Labeth say:

    Best Rick Springfield concert I’ve been to!
    Concert was smoke free too. Nice friendly crowd. Easy parking.

  90. Jack P Murdock say:

    Had fun neverwin let me win once lol. Buffet has changed it was good a few years ago

  91. Stella Harrison say:

    The T&T Ball is the best! As I wandered about dressed in costume I was surprised at how many people had no clue it happens every year. #BlackWaterBridgeROCKS!

  92. Carol Cecil say:

    This was my first time to attend !! & it was a blast !! Have plans to attend next year !!!

  93. Ava Bynum say:

    Family fun day- it was busy busy last night and the cigarette smoke almost made me sick- we really need a couple smoke free machine rooms. I am sure it has been mentioned a million times but man, those things just stink and could not find a smoke free bank of machines anywhere. I thought “well, I will go sit in the bathroom for a moment and get out of this place”. The restaurants and bathrooms are the only place you can go without being almost burned by someone’s cigarette or choked to death because you are the only one on a bank of machines not smoking. So if you are a non smoker, don’t go on Saturday night. I won’t do it again.
    But, we all won a little, played a lot and left with smiles .

  94. Mario Sepulveda say:

    They need to do something about the excessive cigarette smoke in the building… better ventilation perhaps. From the moment you walk in your eyes tear up from the smoke and smell.
    Sad cause the place is fun.

  95. Michael Taylor say:

    I will tell you that’s its the best one of all of then the staff was really help full I think I won more there then any place I’ve been to had a great time I’ve been to all of the casinos And won more there then buffallo run don’t go to grand casino unless you want top lose

  96. Josef W Smith say:

    Truly a great place to win !! I always seem to do better at this casino

  97. Lois Traylor say:

    It was fun to watch people who are gambling and winning. My friend won big, but also played big. I’m not a gambler,so I won little, cause I played little. Lol. Had a great time.

  98. Paul Sterling say:

    The ladies I met at first getting my card done were great. After that all went downhill the card set up on the little brochure does not complete the maze. I had to walk a distance to discuss it with the ladies. The machines wouldn’t work. A male worker said he would find someone to help, they never showed, so major frustrating. So I got nothing and used my own funds for my introductuction

  99. Margaret Childs say:

    Had a blast at Maze & Franky Beverly concert….. Was great

  100. Revetta Brewer say:

    I was there for concerts.
    The staff members where amazing!
    Can’t wait until next one.
    Thank you for your service.

  101. Laderica Knowles say:

    We didn’t go to Riverwind to gamble. We attended a concert and decided to eat at the buffet since we arrived early. It was the worst buffet my husband and i ever ate. I don’t know how to explain it except to say i was utterly surprised since most casino buffets are pretty good…. there was food in pots on the line, like they took the pots off the stove and stuck them on the buffet line. , No variety -corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, only one type of fish and that was fried catfish nuggets. And the cost was $20 each…. Golden corral would have been better…

  102. Misty Denton say:

    I work at Willows and love it!!! My co-workers r so nice and so r the managers !!

  103. Christine Cardenas Villarreal say:

    Yea I won. No free liquor. Louisana casinos give free liquor. Besides that I enjoyed myself.

  104. Derinda Yahne say:

    We were there Saturday night for hours with not a waitress in site. We were holding machine so other could go to the bars for s drinks. But the line st the bar was so long too . People were mad and leaving. Bad night at river wind

  105. Regina Johnson say:

    It was nice went for concert bathroom was clean frist time like that it has different eat places

  106. Tammy Perkins say:

    OMG I had the best time ever!!! Jake Jam was amazing and Easton Corbin is so hot!!!! I always win when I play and most of time I play it back lol!!!!, An awesome night

  107. Yami Guuchie say:

    Our girl’s night out was so fun. All the staff was very helpful and friendly. We had a blast ! We will definitely be back soon🤗

  108. Jeanna Hix say:

    Willow’s just isn’t what it used to be.. The food tonight was just bad…I would tell people it was the best place around not going to be going back no time soon…

  109. Jan Davenport Thornton say:

    I am a frequent visitor. Not too happy about the changes in the machines in the high limit area. It has always been cold in that area but on the 13th of March it was unbearable!! I always dress warm but my finger tips were numb from the cold. I had to quit playing. This area is where I always play.

  110. Lauren Perrigo say:

    So much fun!

  111. Judy Elmenhorst Cosby say:

    I consider myself a regular gambler, but I can honestly say I NEVER win there. I’m done going there for awhile. I only try it because its close to home. I feel like its worse if I use my card in the machine so I don’t get any benefits of going there.

  112. Gary Stelzer say:

    It was great, good time.Good music, good food.Had fun.

  113. Jodi Lee Mooney say:

    I don’t win very much. The concerts are good, but better seating is needed. Use your winnings to upgrade it.

  114. Lou Ann Burriell say:

    First time i want the cigarette smoke was terrible. It was hard to breathe and the games weren’t that good either I won’t be going back

  115. Morgan Hensley say:

    I won’t be returning anytime soon. Maybe they can reevaluate the staff to actually hire nice people.

  116. Kim Price Smith say:

    Great place, awesome concert! We saw Aaron Lewis, he was amazing. Definitely get seats in the mezanine any time you can, totally worth it.

  117. Lorena Bolding say:

    Watched a concert in the Showcase Theater; no matter where you sit, all the seats have a good view, even the very top bar area. Afterwards, we listened to a live band in the lounge; great crowd, limited seating area but that was to accommodate the big dance floor. No waitresses, bar only but service wasn’t too bad. Overall, we enjoyed our night and will definitely be returning.

  118. Mary Baker say:

    Best concert I’ve been to in a long time. Aaron Lewis has an awesome voice and I love his attitude. Doing the Pledge of Allegiance before he started was the cherry on top

  119. Lee Dyer say:

    Went to the Aaron Lewis concert an played a little poker . The concert was a bust, he forgot words to songs an only played 45 minutes. He was so meshed up that his second song that after it he himself said he was to stoned to sing. Then it got real bad. A good night was turned bad… but being with my lovely wife made it worth it… thanks babe love you…

  120. Marge Ratliff say:

    Pay outs were small but came often. Free buffet. Amazing. Just enough sugar free dishes Did this diabetic could enjoy a variety of dishes.

  121. Robyn Bridges say:

    We just attended the Styx concert. It was fantastic! Attended Foreigner last month. Thanks for the great concerts. Keep them coming! The Riverwind hotel is always first class. It seems that the slots have been a little tight the last few times but I was able to recover my losses after hitting a jackpot. Thanks Riverwind for providing a great getaway!

  122. Frances David Rocha say:

    Casino and the hotel very nice.but the buffet was horrible .

  123. Sherrey Lynn Nettles say:

    Had a mother daughter date she took me to River wind had a good time won a grand have no complaints that’s why its called gambling.

  124. Ron Brazer say:

    …………………………………. …… .

  125. Diane McMurtry say:

    We where there on a Wednesday so they weren’t that busy. Didn’t get to play the roulette wheel at the table because they never opened it. That was the only reason we went there. But I did end up winning on the slots a little.

  126. Laura Heminokeky say:


  127. Chelle Bentley Bryce say:

    Will NEVER GO BACK!!! Im an adult that was cut off from drinking alcohol….Their was absolutely NO reason given!!! My tab was 17 bucks if that tells you anything…Worst experience EVER!!! I do NOT recommend having a good time at their bars which was only there to see a friends band play. You can’t cut someone off based on NO REASON!!!! I’ll stick with going to bars that are not discriminating!!!!

  128. Terry Alan Wright say:

    I will be back. Nice place and the staff is top notch (especially the dealers).

  129. SaraNathan Alsept say:

    I had the best time. Thank you. 104.1 magic was great. I just love the magic man

  130. Tony Mixon say:

    Had a good time with friends, they really need a parking garage!

  131. Stephanie Wadley- Helton say:

    I use to love going here but I absolutely HATE it now!!!

  132. Chinifa Barnett say:

    Awesome fun filled afternoon will be visiting again even the food court was awesome

  133. Shawn Kaye Simms say:

    We went to a concert. The venue was great, smaller, more intimate. The loss of a star is due to the cigarette smoke you have to wade through to get to the concert. It would be nice to have a door to go into the venue not through the casino. Of course that would defeat the purpose to get you to gamble.

  134. Johnny Buschardt say:

    The casino itself wasn’t bad at all – there were plenty of games and fun to be had. I thought it was interesting that they had an actual food court with a Burger King, a Taco Bueno, a Panda Express, etc. I had never seen a casino with a food court in it before, so I wonder if others will follow their example or not.

    Of course it was smoky, but that is to be expected from the casino. The casinos here in the Midwest have not taken the steps that those on the coast to have an opened up “smoke-free” areas and rooms… but I’m sure they will eventually.

    The only complaint I had was that the staff seem to be exceptionally rude. I was there for a concert (as part of the crew, not as a fan) and that was the third casino we had played in about two weeks. The other casinos had staff members who were friendly, outgoing, and truly seemed like they were there to assist you and help make sure you enjoyed your experience. At Riverwind, they just acted like you were wasting their time or that they have better things to do. Of course, once they found out I was there with the artist, everyone was incredibly friendly – but I intentionally walk around the casino before hand to get a feel for the staff – and I was not overly impressed by Riverwind’s.

    With all of that said, however, it sure seems like the folks in the gaming areas were having a good time.

  135. Tricia Wisehart say:

    Concert venue was excellent. Walking through all the smoke in the casino to get there, not so much.

  136. Azella Raze Morrison say:

    Great truck parking shuttle driver very friendly and so was the guard…. however once me and my fiance entered it sucked finally found the area to get the card was given the cards then basically ignored. Staff was extremely rude…… when ever we tried to get any info….. ended up leaving with a full stomach and did not play anything so…… may go again if going through there

  137. Jamal Conwel say:

    Looking forward to my next visit we all had good night out

  138. Karen Webb say:

    The staff from hotel valet to the restaurant employees to the housekeepers, ALL are so attentive and nice. Great old fashioned hospitality in a newer casino. I never saw so many housekeepers in restrooms, and out on the floor get so many tips. I had a paper jam while cashing out, and a floor attendant was there within 2 minutes to help. 3 of the employees remembered us from over another ago!

  139. Pam Keeble say:

    We went in this morning to eat senior breakfast . There was not any bacon except crumbs no scrambled eggs . Worst food I had got . We did breakfast because lunch has been pretty nasty . No sercice
    Decided I’m not wasting my money there.

  140. Rachel Morrow say:

    Beyond having horrific luck and losing the allotted money I took to spend, I had a fantastic time.

  141. Jon Underwood say:

    If you want to spend money it’s a good place to do that, but if you want to have fun I would go somewhere else. Eight cops to tell you You’re having too much fun seems a little excessive. funny thing was it was right when I started to win. Imagine that. I’ll go to New Mexico, same distance And no fun police.

  142. Colleen Keener say:

    We had a 5 star experience from the complimentary valet parking, to the awesome theater for the Kansas band concert, to the security staff at the concert, to the great blues band in the Lounge free of charge and all the staff throughout were super helpful to us as first time visitors. All in all, Great Vibes throughout and a stellar experience!

  143. Danny Kuchynka say:

    Attended a concert, very nice venue but the cigarette smoke made it very difficult for me to breathe. Even hours after I was having chest pains, it will be a long time before I return.

  144. Steve March say:

    Very friendly and polite staff. I don’t like casino atmosphere in particular, a little overwhelming. I was there for a concert. But the staff was very helpful and friendly

  145. Rita Henderson say:

    Saw Kansas it was a Fun concert! Riverwind had Lots of security and everyone was really friendly and helpful! Felt safe.

  146. Christine E West Presson say:

    Showplace theater was great place to see Kansas
    It is worth extra $5 to sit upstairs

  147. Shelly Campbell say:

    The room for the concert was very nice! I really enjoyed the concert “KANSAS!!” Loved the atmosphere and even won a little. Would definitely go back!!

  148. Tom Lehner say:

    Every time we go we find the place very clean and everyone so helpful. We saw Kansas this night and had a wonderful time!

  149. Janice Harger say:

    Saw Kansas, enjoyed it very much. Didn’t have any luck on slots.

  150. Debra Broce say:

    It was very clean, staff was friendly and comfortable bed. I wish room service was more professional on phone. We had to call twice but the girl that delivered was a friendly delight. The food was amazing!The wifi was not good so don’t plan to do any buisness on your labtop unless ur going to use your own internet source. They do have a buisness center but in my line of work I needed more security. Overall great hotel. We will definitely stay again.

  151. Jamal Newton say:

    I always love coming here due to the variety and the friendly staff, it helps to hit a couple big wins every now and again as well.

  152. Jonelle Nicole Wood say:

    I love this place I go and play Ann’s over been to a few concerts it’s a great place

  153. Arlene Wilson say:

    This casino is absolutely awesome. The hotel and casino staff are amazing, kind and always smiling. It’s a very friendly group of people from the customers to the staff. The casino is bright and colorful and very clean. The hotel rooms are very nice, clean and not over priced. This was our first visit and stay and we will be back for sure.

  154. Carlene Adamson say:

    Just had the worst expience with a manger on the phone and all I wanted to do was see Katt Williams for my birthday and ask why my bank stament say I was begin charged twice.#wowsad

  155. Brenda Seitz say:

    been there, clean, and staff and floor workers polite and kind,

  156. Dawn Pringle say:

    Very much enjoyed my time at the casino. Live entertainment and fairly loose slots. I’ll be back.

  157. Tami Marcelino say:

    I called the casino to buy tickets to see Ron White May 19th …I bought the tickets on Feb.23rd and they were more than happy to sell me the tickets ( 4 ) but refused to book me a hotel room…They told me to call back in May to try to book a room. I called back today April 23rd….there are no rooms available, all open rooms are for people with Players Club Cards that have free room comps through the mail. They would not refund the show tickets….They did finally offer me to stay at the Sleep Inn in the same parking lot with free 24 hr shuttle service to and from the casino. I will NEVER recommend any friends of mine to try to book a room at this hotel!!!!

  158. Sarah Repasy say:

    Best in Oklahoma hands down. Service is beyond excellence. Only went for a show and casino but would love go back and stay at their hotel as well. Definitely will be frequent visitor. Recommend to anyone, especially when they different shows and different promotions.

  159. Robert Allen say:

    Been going their for years with my family. I have watched overtime the dealers and pit boss’s that have been there for ever, get older and grey.
    With that being said, last night my family and I were there playing blackjack. I went to the rest room
    Washed my hands, didn’t look at anybody, speak to anybody. On the way out the restroom, the restroom attendant walked in looked at me, in passing and said something like, “you got something say”. It’s like what the hell, and walked on out. I realized I’m not putting up with that, I’m a customer. I flagged a little security girl down. I told her about it she didn’t understand it was a casino employee at first i was talking about. I asked for her boss just wanted to report it. This other little woman came over and asked for my licence. I gave it but I didn’t understand why she needed that. This woman didn’t understand the difference in an angry customer and just someone being rowdy saying I was rude etc. Just ridiculous
    She made a call. Next thing I know I am surrounded by about 7 hulking security guards. It’s like what the hell is this. I felt so threatened. All I wanted to do was report that restroom attendant causing me to feel uncomfortable.
    I’m done with people’s crap. My family can keep going there but I think I’m done. I will just go to New Castle or other.

  160. Cassie Todd Lindsey say:

    I won a jackpot!!!! Super happy!!!! Never win, the guy who took care of it was super nice

  161. Terry Granado Munoz say:

    We had a great time. Lots of of favorite machines with new ones too.
    Money went a long way because we were getting frequent bonuses.
    Feels good to win enough to keep playing. House band was great, enjoyed the music.
    Buffet had very good food. Hotel next door was perfect. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

  162. Teresa Wilder-Walker say:

    The food in the restaurant was wonderful hats off to the chef I give him/her 5 stars!!!

  163. Kim Stark Wells say:

    I really enjoyed my night at the casino and the hotel really good people and staff and great food.

  164. Carlos Jerez say:

    Me gusto,lastima que solo una hora pude estar, porque tenía que ir al una fiesta de 15 años.espero regresar pronto.bendiciones.

  165. Verona Gomez say:

    The staff very friendly and the place was very clean. I went there to get my katt Williams tickets before the show on may 27th. stayed after to play the slot machines and I was on a winning lol

  166. Jeffrey Joyner say:

    Food is very good. Service was excellent. I enjoyed myself.

  167. Jimmy Oh say:

    Restrooms were spotless and smelled fresh. .Free drinks as long as you play. Bad thing is the cops are waiting in you when you leave so don’t drink too much or chase every drink with a water. Loved it

  168. Jennifer Ellis say:

    Had a great time. Great selection of food trucks and great music. Would love to go again.

  169. Linda Houston Cummings say:

    I saw the Beats & Bites , fantastic, and food trucks that was there was delicious!

  170. Cherie Greger Felty say:

    My hubby and I used to really enjoy coming here, and I always seemed happy when I left because I either broke even or ahead. Lately…and I mean a few times a month…we have left with all our money list! ☹️ I understand it’s gambling and you takes your chances, but their machine have gotten very tight the last few months. Machines are a great variety, but the free buffet you get for gambling no longer makes up for money lost as their food has been horrible lately too and they did away with crab legs on seafood night. My turkey was raw, and the prime rib couldn’t even be cut with a steak knife or chewed…gross! Sad that it’s going downhill.

  171. Blake Massey say:

    Over the course of a year, I have spent many weekends and who knows how much money at Riverwind. Decent facilities and friendly staff, but easily one of the absolute worst payouts ever, and I mean ever. Management knows they can bilk out money from anyone since they don’t have to publish payouts and clearly resets progressives without anyone hitting them.

    In sum, you can throw hundreds or thousands away here without seeing the slightest return. Go to Riverwind and watch people angrily trying to win back their losses, not enjoying the games.

    Your better off at the Absentee Shawnee casino on highway 9 or one of the smaller area casinos if you want to actually see any worthwhile win. At Neverwin, your better off donating your money straight to the Chickasaw Nation than pretending you might win something.

  172. Juan Poppa Bear say:

    The casino is big but drinks are expensive machines weren’t hitting and too many drunks and drug addicts

  173. Nicole Porter say:

    The only complaint that I have is the buffet. The food was not good. I ended up only eating a few desserts because everything i tasted was bland or undercooked or overcooked. Just not what it used to be. They need better cooks or a change of menu. For the price I pay at the willows i could just as well go to furrs or golden coral.

  174. Karen A Thomas Herrick say:

    Loved it. Worth going to. Cant wait togo again. Loved seeing Ron White, looking forward to more concerts.

  175. Karen Crittenden say:

    We were there for the Ron White standup, for the early show at 7pm. They closed the bar down just shortly after it started!! Really? Who does that? When it was over, we went out into the casino for about 2-3 hours. I was lucky enough to find a penny slot machine that paid pretty well, so I sat there for at least a couple hours playing, and the wait staff just walking by many times with out stopping. Not once did anyone ask if we needed anything to drink. I finally got one person to stop, and she definitely wasn’t very friendly at all! Probably won’t go back. I’ll wait and go to The Hard Rock.

  176. Marianne Riley say:

    Had a fun time, went to 10p Ron White show a lot of laughs, the food court could be better.

  177. Jennifer Kohrt say:

    Had a great time. Was there for the Ron White show. Was difficult to get a drink, the line was super long to the bar. But over all, had a great time, even won some cash♡

  178. Tally Michelle Carpenter say:

    Went here last night for some crab legs not knowing they did away with them and ended up paying $50 for 2 peoples meals and having the worst buffet ever. Won’t be going back I only ever went for the crab legs. Although our waitress was awesome!

  179. Benji Cotter say:

    It was cool , i had bells going off all through the casino .came out broke and happy .

  180. Kerry Scheerger say:

    Had a good time this last weekend. Coming back from a graduation in ardmore, left with at least 100 dollars ahead. Found a few machine that were paying out so it was enjoyable. It’s a nice casino inside, stop here about 2 or 3 times a year, like the variety of machines.

  181. Susan Deaton Schwind say:

    We were there this weekend due to the fact that we had free rooms and buffets, booked the rooms a few weeks ago and then learned of the sad events that had taken place in Jan. When we checked in and found out we were in room 404 we asked to be moved and told why, she refused to move us and said they assigned the room when booked and there was nothing she could do! We got very little sleep and was just not worth it. Looked out at the parking lot at 7:30 the next morning and it was empty, they had plenty of rooms they could have moved us to, very poor customer service, rude on the phone and in person! The food was horrible in the Willow’s and did not hear or see one person being paid out on the slots, NO ONE was winning! Winstar may not comp like they used to but when they do it’s so much more worth it and at least you can win there!

  182. Jon Baker say:

    It’s a decent casino for what it is. The atmosphere and decor are fun and their contracted employees are friendly but the actual casino’s employees act as if you are bothering them. The food at The Willow’s is barely better than fast food, I do miss the steak house that was there many years back. I’ve always thumbed my nose to buffet food but ate there a couple of months ago and much to my surprise, it was outstanding. I have since gone to the casino during the workday if in the area, solely to eat and leave without gambling. I receive monthly free play of $10 to $50 depending on the month which is not enough to entice me to drive there versus another casino and two free hotel stays per month but they are only valid Mondays through Thursdays and since I’m a working adult, I’ve never had the opportunity to put them to use. I’d have to say that if you are looking for a fun casino in Oklahoma to spend a couple of days at, this is not the one but if you live in the area and want to spend a couple hundred gambling than it is decent enough for that.

  183. Queentesa Bostick say:

    Had a great night went an ate at the buffet an seen Katt Williams!!!!! DRINKS WERE GREAT!!!

  184. Melissa Castro Perez say:

    Casino was great so was staff but Willow restaurant in the Casino is no bueno anymore. Prices sky high and no longer serve breakfast buffet.

  185. Lajuan Austin say:

    We went to see Katt Williams and the show was amazing. The staff at the riverwind were very friendly. This was our second comedy show at the riverwind. Keep them coming!

  186. Renee Andrinee Holloway Wright say:

    We had a great time and the comedians were hilarious!!!!

  187. Dara Dondo say:

    Casino is a great experience. So much to do and such good food. The events are next level. The Katt Williams show was one of the best ones I’ve ever been to. Thanks Riverwind

  188. Roshanda L Davenport-Tinnin say:

    Casino, was great!!!! Katt Williams Comedy Tour was amazing!!!

  189. Kim Mcconnell say:

    Had a great time! Staff were very kind an helpful. enjoyed the live music.

  190. Brenda Rayson Barnett say:

    I really enjoyed the Katt Williams comedy show , did not like all the cigarette smoke in the casino

  191. Christopher Unruh say:

    went to katt williams. it was awesome. super hard to get alcohol from the bar. beer lines shorter. comedy is better with mixed drinks. won 30$ on a slot. that is a good night in a casino

  192. ShiningStarr Mitchell Kirby say:

    This was our first time ever going and i went for the Katt Williams tour. The show was great but the seating was a hot ass mess. I’m part of the plush pal team and i didn’t plan to be sitting in laps. Then the 2 extra large plush pals in our row didn’t have the manners to get up to allow us thru, so they basically gave us oral while we scooted to our chairs. I will come back don’t get me wrong but the seating arrangement needs to be more spaced out.

  193. Judy Johnson say:

    I only went out there for Katt Williams not tell you that the best show I’ve seen

  194. Linda Murphy say:

    Always fun music good bands good drinks nice people

  195. Brandon Pruitt say:

    Machines there suck….. first time there on my birthday and no hook up for the bday boy….Kickapoo gave me $35 to play but bit riverwind….smh… bigger places less customer services. …

  196. Neisha Imthatchick Henderson say:

    My first time being there an i stood waiting for someone to help me for a good ten to fifteen mins. Then when i did get some help the lady helped a man behind me first. Smh Need better customer service. �

  197. Kitty Nelson say:

    I had a good time class from 1 TIL 5:30 IDPS IS WHAT IT IS STRESS FREE Thank U Jesus!!

  198. Kathey Pool say:

    The Wednesday Breakfast buffet had all kinds of pastries. There were two lines for the omelette’s. It would be better to have three 0melette stations as there are many different ways and choices for dressing up your dish. Sometimes the slot machines pay off it takes patience on picking a good one. I have a strategy and usually win or walk away.

  199. Aaryn DeSellier May say:

    The casino was ok, but the very best part was the No Sauce Needed food truck. The food was SO delicious! I have never tasted anything quite like it! It was amazing! Anyone planning an event should call them. Not only was the food great, they were so friendly!

  200. Tonya Madden Fletcher say:

    Had a great time! We will definitely be coming back.

  201. Veronica Cwynar say:

    Pat Greene, bring him back and Shawna Russell,
    What a great evening for concert !!!

  202. Jo Lynn Hardman-Spriggs say:

    First time any Beats and Bites.enjoyed the people and the food. I will be back

  203. Michelle Bartley say:

    Went to bites and beats and it was so fun. Even took my kids.

  204. Jeff Ward say:

    I loved the Pat Green concert. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and a lot of games I liked are gone. Had more fun with games at Newcastle a couple nights earlier.

  205. S'Quetta Lehman say:

    Had a lot of fun. Very nice place. Staff was very friendly

  206. Diane G Wilson say:

    Went to the Beats and Bites festival. It was pretty cool. Like twelve different food truck to pick from plus three of them had desserts. I would definitely recommend bringing your own lawn chairs.

  207. Tonya Gore-Gosnell say:

    Went to Beats & Bites to listen to Pat Green! Great concert, good choice of OKC food trucks, cold beer! Worth your time to visit these free concerts each month. Only draw back is beer is only option minus 1 wine booth (local), but took them awhile to open due to casino policies.

  208. Alan Kudra say:

    Wasn’t bad but I won I’m glad I won back some of what I lost last time

  209. Doris Chance say:

    I love Riverwind, the Hotel and the Casino, I think it is an Excellent place to stay and gamble. They have the Beats and Bites up their and I enjoy it very much. I would like to have more free nights at the Hotel, but I give it 5 Stars Plus.

  210. Cindy Huff Carpenter say:

    Beautiful casino. I have been to several concerts and enjoyed them. Can never get a room. Always says I have free play on my card but can never get it. Always says call attendant but it is always so busy I gave up. I’ve probably lost over $200 free play because of this.

  211. Darrell Ranch say:

    The casino was okay. But don’t eat at willows! Worst seafood experience ever! Raw shrimp was edible. But the catfish and froglegs had absolutely no flavor! The prime rib, tip steak, pork chops, and chicken was more like chewing rawhide! I’m sorry but when you spend $25.00 a person a decent plate isn’t outrageous. I tried everything and my family was pretty upset spending $75.00 for food worse than taco Bell.

  212. Judy Campbell say:

    Had a great time at the slot tournament. Food was delicious and plentiful. Won big in casino and will be returning soon.

  213. Alex Buterbaugh say:

    Thank you to Riverwind Casino for being the Polo Shirt Sponsor in the 2017 Meals On Wheels of Norman Golf Scramble, on July 24th.
    Your contribution to the ill, disabled and elderly of Norman is appreciated!

  214. Timothy Quinn say:

    Truck driver friendly. Shuttle to and from Casino. Nice people. Classy place. Good food.

  215. Vince Johnson say:

    Lost all my cash but I got piles more so who cares! Great place good workers

  216. Cindy Stroud say:

    The people that work here will bend over backwards to accommodate you period I have never met kinder people that really love their job.. And that’s all the way from the casino to the hotel, all of their employees valet included are just amazing

  217. William Zdrojewski say:

    Fluffy was amazing way better than on TV, and the casino employees were very polite.

  218. Melissa Cherie Brown say:

    The place was filled with smoke. We had to eat in the food court because the restaurant was over an hour wait. We had to walk a half mile to guest services to get a new card. There was only 1 bar in the place with was a long walk from the venue where we watched the Gabriel Iglesias stand up show. There were beer carts places, but I don’t drink beer. The bar in the auditorium was closed. When we left, we didn’t want to spend any more time or money in that place. This takes nothing away from the show we watched. That was awesome.

  219. Steve McCormick say:

    Just went to see a show. The show was great but now I’ll have to get my car detailed because it stinks like cigarettes from my clothes for the 2 hours I spent in there. As for the gambling, im sure I’d be better off just throwing my money on the floor and walking away. A fool and his money are soon parted. 😂😂😂

  220. Kevin Birdshead say:

    Great place to attend events, seating is a bit close. But outside of that pretty good place

  221. Nikki Butler say:

    I went to a concert there other than that I had never been there. Got in to be seated and found out that unless you wanted a beer out of big bins you wouldn’t be able to get any kind of drink in there. The bar was closed and the coke machine was out of order. Needless to say I went thirsty. You can take drinks in with you but of course since it was my first time I didn’t know that. Would have been nice to know before I was seated. I will go back for other concerts. It was a nice venue

  222. Kellie Cook say:

    We haven’t been to RiverWind in a few months. We went to see “Fluffy” in concert…I had a coupon for a free Buffet and I’m glad it was free because That was the worst food I have ever seen The willows. The food wasn’t fresh, it looked liked it had been there since lunch. So disappointing….
    We gambled a little but didn’t get much play for our money, and I didn’t see anyone, NOT one person win a hand pay out… The only enjoyable part of our night out was seeing “Fluffy” perform… We were celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary this night and luckily we had a great time at the show… but we won’t be returning anytime soon to RiverWind..

  223. John Barker say:

    Went and seen the great fluffy. The show was great but the comedian had the bars closed. We wasn’t informed this and had chosen to drink during the show not before. A little heads up would have been nice.

  224. Melina Jones say:

    We had a great time seeing fluffy! We do wish there would have been more live music or something like that.

  225. Rhonda Milia say:

    I went to Riverwind last for the Dwight Yoakam concert. I’m not much of a gambler, but I do go there for the concerts. The place is beautiful, clean, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I had to drive, so instead of drinking, I went to purchase a bottle of water. Much to my surprise, it was FREE! I know that may not seem like a big deal, but it was to me. Thank you, Riverwind, for making a fun night even better! ������

  226. Greg Queen say:

    Dwight Yoakam was great, but the sound system at the Riverwind Thwater was terrible

  227. Kevin Brooks say:

    I really enjoyed Dwight yoakam. I have been to many concerts at this venue and it was by far the worst sound I’ve heard. Too loud and too much distortion

  228. Elisa Kraemer-Paonessa say:

    I went to a concert that was advertised doors open at 7 show starts at 8. At 8:45 the show still had not started and I asked three different employees what was going on or when the show would start. Finally someone told me that they didn’t know when it would start, but it was running behind because of the meet and greet. If they had made an announcement that there was going to be a hold up, then people could have gone and gotten some drinks, played some games, or had something to eat but instead we all had to sit there for an hour waiting for the show because nobody bothered to take the time to inform us that it was running behind. They were very rude when I was asking what was taking so long and nobody really seem to care that a roomful of people who had paid to see a show were sitting there waiting. Worst customer service ever.

  229. Cathy Morris Johnson say:

    Yes Id love to pist a review on Riverwind Casino. Id like to thank Marci and the others at the ticket sales office for being so very kind finding Gloria and I replacement tickets to the concert. They were above and beyond our expectations. Loved the auditorium. Thank you thank you.

  230. Mary A Boren say:

    Well organized. Buffet horrible, payouts on machines horrible. Every game we liked is gone and 2 we started playing have gone south. Thought we might try the castle on a Saturday night. Didn’t have to be a vice cop to spot the prostitutes and druggies. Guess we will not be coming back. Choctaw at Durant much better food and accommodations. It is farther, so we will go less, but will enjoy their establishment and yes we get free rooms there and win some there. Gonna miss u, but small timers can’t afford u anymore. We do get free buffets, but the food is disgusting at the Willows.

  231. Brian Ellis say:

    Dwight was awesome…::: but the crowd was pretty lame.

  232. Elvis Anders say:

    I had a problem the other night while seated in the concert before Dwight Yokam came out, Went to the box office and was treated like it was a really big bother to help me. If I just have a question come on box office people don’t act like you are to good to answer or at least don’t turn your back and walk off. I would love to see the Beach Boys but forget it. The way people ware treated by these box office people make the whole event not worth it. After the concert we left without spending a dime in the slots or tables (we planned to).

  233. Olivia Brown say:

    I usually go to Remington because it’s more convienient…. but my sister LOVES riverwind… she just moved back from San Antonio so we stopped n…. my husband n I went to c Katt Williams…. HILARIOUS…. great time…. good drinks…. n I ALWAYS spend $ on slots…. last night couldn’t even win a free game…. but I will b back!

  234. Romy Johnson say:

    Very nice and clean cozy room. The bed felt like heaven, I didn’t want to get up this morning. I was trying to make my reservations for July today. Lol!

  235. Betty Phillips say:

    Very nice !! Will go back !! Clean and not a lot of smoke !!

  236. Mary Lee say:

    we had a blast thank you .very much we will be back

  237. Machele Chastain Dorrell say:

    Stayed overnight. Mattresses were worn out, very uncomfortable!

  238. David Lloyd say:

    Riverwind is a very well laid out casino with a friendly and helpful staff. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

  239. Rebecca Bean say:

    It’s 10:45 PM ON THE 8th of JULY. Your loud fireworks are terrorizing the animals in our neighborhood and keeping us all awake. We live 6 miles away and it’s ridiculously loud. Surely animals are running scared and the shelter is closed tomorrow. Not cool.

  240. Stacy Brown say:

    Too many fireworks. You’ve essentially re-traumatized everyone who barely made it through 4th of July week tonight. I wish you could show more respect for veterans and people who have issues with sound trauma or who have lived through violence. I counsel some of those people. There are other less invasive ways to celebrate, and there are also silent fireworks on the market. Please consider the consequences for others when you set off fireworks. And you should also consider all of the wildlife around you especially at your location. Fireworks are traumatizing to most animals.

  241. Sheila Dilling say:

    After providing feedback on another review posted here in regards to a late night, lengthy, and very loud fireworks display (on the EIGHTH of July), I got an unapologetic response. I will not attend any further events at Riverwind and I encourage other community-minded neighbors to do the same. If they can easily dismiss the concerns of their neighbors, they don’t deserve my business. I hope they have a change of heart.

  242. Bryan Hooper say:

    Love beats and bites
    Great place to bring the kids

  243. Thelma Gibson say:

    I was in there and was okay until i heard a housekeeping boss getting on to a house keeper for talking to another guest i don’t know what the house keeper and guest where talking about looked like the housekeeper was helping guest and if not this employees boss should have took employe off the floor to get on to her i worked on and off for Chickasaw’s and never had a boss talk to me like this i did not say anything jest cashed my ticket in and went and sit in my car and wait for fire works

  244. David Shane Lewis say:

    The food trucks, concert, and fireworks was pretty awesome! The fireworks were really good, better than any show I saw for 4th of July. Parking was a mess but understandable. Hope they continue to have these.

  245. Ashley McCarrell say:

    Best fireworks show I’ve ever seen! The beats and bites atmosphere is a blast!

  246. Don Radcliff say:

    Great staff, great games and payouts. Hotel is excellent.

  247. David Andrews say:

    Horrible. Machines are set to take and the pay outs are horrible… most of the time you have other customers playing 2 mchines at once. The rewards used to be okay now we get $5 a month in free play? We used to get $10 a weekend.

    Parking sucks and it’s too crowed!! Back to the games they suck and not set to pay out. Who cares if you wagon $20 or $40…. does not add up
    To all the money 💰 I played at Riverwind and didn’t hit anything… I guess you have to play $300 or a night to hit a jack lot…

  248. Jennifer Dunlap say:

    Was sent a free room. Got there and wouldn’t accept a prepaid card to hold the $75 for my FREE room. Then when I used another option it took 5 days to get my $75 back…. played for hours on all different machines. Maybe one bonus game given….. second time being there. Doubt I ever return… waitress took my cocktail order .spent 100 in the time it took her to return with it..probably a good 30 minutes.

  249. Liz Dinkins say:

    Have a good time when we go! Loved the Beats and Bites last weekend! We never win, but can play for a while keeping even.

  250. Paul Arnold say:

    Besides all cigarette smoke.The buffet was terrible not worth $24.99.

  251. Nancy Toquinto say:

    Went to see The Whispers and Geoffrey Osborne last night. We went to eat at The Willows before the show and that food was terrible. The food was very old and not even warm. I saw a roach crawling on the wall by the soup station and i showed the worker who used his bare hand to slap the wall and kill it. He said sorry we have a roach problem but we are working on it to get rid of them. What was even worse is he continued to handling the food without washing his hands. We left without eating and what a waste of money that was. We ended up at Chips N Ale and had to wait about 45 minutes for our table but that was okay since we could continue to play while waiting on our text that our table was ready. The food there was great and well worth the money. The concert was great and will definitely continue to see other concerts there.

  252. Joyce Gooden say:

    Went to a concert, love Jeffery Osburne, along with the Whispers, good job Riverwind.

  253. Felecia Baldwin-White say:

    Attended the Whispers and Jeffrey Osborne concert on July 15th(my birthday!) It was Awesome! My husband and I can’t wait to attend another one! Very nice facility to host old school concerts!:)

  254. David Gonzalez say:

    Enjoyed the stay…clean rooms at a reasonable price… casino has a good flow,…would be nice if smoke could be filtered out,…or they could go to vaping.

  255. Bob Jemison say:

    Ate at the buffet. Thought it was pretty good! Great BBQ brisket.

  256. Amy Evans Drummond say:

    Had a great time at concert… great seating for last minute tickets and did great at slots people were friendly every where including the staff… my casino from here on out… thank you!!!

  257. Roberta Malaska say:

    Concert area is great and enjoyed Diamond Rio there!! Awesome!!

  258. Debbie Anne Burgess say:

    Went to the Diamond Rio concert which was a 5…. The casino though was horrible. Food bad. Very low to no payouts. Not much entertainment till concert. Long walk to card center. Also agree that the prostitution was unreal. Standing in front of doors as we entered. Had one try and grab my bag while she sat down next to me. Could even see it going on in cars in parking lot.

  259. Jameela Scott-Wagoner say:

    It sucked! Food court sucked! Only place to eat was Burger king! Yuck!

  260. Aaron N Amy say:

    Had a great time! The staff was very helpful (it being me, my wife and mother in laws first time) Fun games, affordable drinks, and tons of fun!

  261. Laday Smith say:

    I lose some cash but I got some of my money back💁😄

  262. Michael Jones say:

    Nice clientele, back bar was non smoking….fantastic….and for the most part the casino was not that smokey. Had fun will try a weekend stay next

  263. Jonathan Bannister say:

    Worst ran casino I’ve ever been to. After having to pay .50 to play a hand of Blackjack and losing $900 you would think something as simple as getting your hotel room comped would be no problem right? Ha! Was told that I had earned $1 of comps for losing $900 in BJ,$200 in video poker, and played 8 hours of live poker. Having been in this business for many years, it’s easy for me to say this casino is scum and they realize they can treat customers however they wish since they’re the only place in town. I would NEVER recommended this place to anyone I know.

  264. Melissa Ortiz say:

    I never win here!!
    They should’ve named it “NeverWin”

  265. John Adams say:

    The band was great! The people at my table were great! The beverages were very expensive.

  266. Amy Moore say:

    Had a Great time with friends(Shirley)!!! It was an absolute blast Dancing and listening to the oldies that I remember..�

  267. Christi Barbee Romano say:

    Supposedly I am in the top 500 players here and it seems that every offer I receive, they are either booked or out of whatever they are giving away. The people changing the boxes out are extremely RUDE!!!!i do not experience that with any of the other casinos. We have not been to the buffet in years because it has went down hill so much. I am just getting very disgusted with the offers and then not being able to attend because they are booked. I would rather drive to Tulsa, they seem to be really taking care of the people that play there

  268. JoAnn Dumochel Kickler say:

    We are stopping to spend the night at Riverwind in a few weeks. We both have coupons for a free buffet, after reading all these reviews I’m thinking maybe we should drive a little farther….

  269. Larry Garner say:

    I like them but it’s hard to win their seems like all of the rich people are winning it why are small people watch but that’s the name of the game it’s still okay Casino

  270. Brook Williams say:

    This Casino is awesome, we hit numerous jackpots tonight and the staff is very attentive.

  271. Montana Collins say:

    Lots of fun. Staff, food and atmosphere are all 5 star !!! My favorite place in Oklahoma

  272. Austin Wallace say:

    What the fuck was that that was some bullshit bunch of sweaty morbidly obese dealers fucking me up the ass with 13s how tf do I not get one 20 in like 100+ HANDS AYE

  273. Patty Strader Duvak say:

    Riverwind to us is the Best Cassino we have ever been to!
    Rooms are comfortable and very clean!! We love Riverwind❤️

  274. Graciee Elizabeth say:

    Came here Friday night for probably the 100th time, but this time I went to see Robin Thicke. We bought Mezzanine seats and ijt was a blast. Eventually we went down stairs and got a closer view since there were empty seats. Everyone was so nice except for 1 security guard, he was telling us that we needed to go back to our own seats. Like excuse me I paid the same amount for VIP if I want to move down I should be able too, considering 4 other security guards gave me and my friends the okay. We had to get a manager to even allow us to move closer. Other than that overall good night and great show!!

  275. Michelle Alfaro-Underwood say:

    My husband & I went yesterday for our anniversary. The 1st few hrs we were up & down. I was almost ready to quit & then I hit jackpot on Royal Reels! $3,400. Shortly after that I hit another $1,100. Thanks for an awesome Anniversary �

  276. Karen Williams Foxworthy say:

    Was my first time at River Wind, since I am from Kansas City, but with that being said I brought some of their money home. Had a GREAT time!!

  277. Sandra Denise Robbins Antoine say:

    The concert for Robin Thicke was AMAZING… The staff and ushers were very polite and friendly…

  278. Tammy Anderson-washington say:

    I have fun here because i know casinos are not in business to lose money so when i go in i know i will most likely come out broke that being said my only complaint is i never receive free play here i didnt even get any in my birthday month my daughter and brother also grandson get free play monthly along with other offers i am a players club member and i have up dated my information at least once a year but i do not get any offers i will still come because i attend concerts and i like going to different casinos

  279. Regina Williams say:

    I haven’t been in awhile but I love it
    ,eating too

  280. Leah Callahan say:

    No pool. Good price. No breakfast. Nice beds. Friendly staff.

  281. Cindy Gayle Northcutt Roberts-Thomas say:

    We had a great time here! It is a pretty big casino with a lot of slot machines. My husband wasn’t too pleased with the tables but he did have a good time despite their rules. We will go back again for slot playing…..

  282. Margie Sieggen say:

    I won money but hated the smoking .. didn’t have some games I liked but it was ok

  283. Kimara Eisler say:

    Jennifer Nettles was amazing!!
    Our seats were great and had a wonderful time.

  284. Allen Ford say:

    Had a fabulous time! Concert with Jennifer Nettles started on time. Sound and lighting was excellent. Seats are 10X times more comfortable than the Peak! Please bring in George Strait!

  285. Ursula Gann Thompson say:

    My first time there. Had fun. Wish i could have won a little bit.

  286. Yup C Laster say:

    Some of the food was cold and there were fruit flys on all the desert. I was excited to see cheesecake until I saw the filthy little flies all over it, so I walked al the way to the other side to get a brownie and had the same experience.

  287. Maji Stubblefield say:

    First time visitor!! Went to see The Mike Daniels Band and had a blast!! Venue was great!!

  288. Carol Hamel say:

    Great venue if you get the right seats got tickets for October 20th to see Gene Watson think my seat is going to be great

  289. Roger Palmer say:

    I don’t go to play machines, I go for the shows, I enjoy their live concerts.

  290. Tami Thomas-Heard say:

    I attended the Moe Bandy & Gene Watson concert it was awesome.

  291. Regina Sheppard say:

    Poor handling of fact a tornado was on are a and hit the casino no warnings from the casino shame on you

  292. Ron Willis say:

    We were there for The Beach Boys Concert..Little anxious moments with the Tornado!

  293. Dawna Adams Beavers say:

    After tornado hit casino, staff were really helpful about moving people and helping in different areas like valet. No one really knows what to do in a weather situation. I felt the staff did a great job.

  294. Kyla Williams Alvey say:

    First time at this Casino for Beach Boys concert. Ate at chips n ale. Good food. Ladies who took our name might need more training on customer service. I had to say excuse me are you going to take my name? Then there was a tornado during our concert and you would think we would be told to take Shelter but no not a word. We saw all the water pouring out of the ceiling and our friends warning us via Facebook. Lastly, way to smokey.

  295. Jeffrey Titus say:

    I was there the night of the Beach Boys concert just to play. When the tornado hit and I watched the roof lift and drop back down with tiles falling and metal being twisted. Any normal business would have got everyone out. Yet on the news the next day they stated that they only had a water leak. I say Bull shot! If some outside company was to investigate they would close the doors until safe. Will that happen ? Lmao No Way , they want money!

  296. Chris Waggoner say:

    Riverwind is my and has been my favorite casino since it opened, but recently the only thing I don’t understand and I’m thinking about my new place is going to be the hard rock in Tulsa, reason….they give u rewards and which In my case I appreciate them and I play a lot more, but it seems the more I play the less I gt and it should be the other way around, example I gt 650 a month then 450 now for November 90 free play, been to Hard rock maybe 4 times in the past 2 years and they send me more free play then riverwind…this is my issue….but it is a casino with lots of games and concerts and I do have lots of fun, but just don’t understand the rewards….

  297. Pat Cudd say:

    I’ve been coming since it opened. I have to drive over 4 hours, so I usually get a room for two nights. I’ve been to many concerts there and they were all fantastic! This Saturday The Beach Boys were no exception! After the concert we were told the hotel had been hit by the tornado! The staff not only moved us to another hotel, but also helped pack us up and carry our suitcases down the stairs all in the dark! Then they got us a shuttle to take us there. Thanks Nathaniel, the young girl who is a receptionist at the hotel, her father who joined just to help, and all the other staff members who helped us! I � Riverwind!

  298. Danny Berg say:

    The only friendly people in that place are the drink servers. And only because they work for tips. Dont bother with this establishment. Rude ass people!!

  299. Jeff Innis say:

    This is a business that doesn’t care about native Americans rights and culture. Take your money elsewhere.

  300. Lisa Nardine say:

    My husband,& I enjoyed ourselves at Riverwind. We weren’t there 10 minutes, & won.Lots of fun!

  301. Bill Hammons say:

    I do not like the new discs that u are trying to slip in to the gaming machines….not only does it count the money slower but it also makes a lot of offline bonuses….thats why I hate Newcastle and I believe u know what I’m talking about especially on the dollar machines at this point…

  302. Rick Clark say:

    They sucked because I was in Costume for Halloween as Emmett Kelly the Clown they First said they had no Problem with my Make up then not Twenty five minutes Later they send the Security Assistant To the River wind Lounge An tell me I have to wash of the Lower Portion or I would have to Leave But yet only twenty five minutes earlier they said there was no Problem I understand Security Procedures an I was Also wearing big ass Floppy Clown Shoes An They Did not want my ID ad I had Offered it at the Security counter So in my Opion Riverwind Was Rude an UNFAIR in the Way they treated This Guest I was only there to see the Band Play An Enjoy some Dancing
    Won’t Come Back At Halloween again But yet there Employees Could Dress up in Make up an Had Full access to the Whole Casino an Yet they picked on a Customer who was also a Military veteran an Was with his 77 year old Handicapped Uncle So This was What I would say as Uncalled For Really Sharp Folks there

  303. Katie Rantz say:

    You won’t win anything. Sign up for your players card and get a free generic chocolate bar. Then park your RV in the back parking lot. Have the best night you can without amenities. It all pans out.

  304. Billy Dixon say:

    Always want to win at riverwind? When James Keys plays, your a winner. You rock James Keys!!!

  305. Ty Morrison say:

    Hit a jackpot but gave it back…still has a great time

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