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Nestled in the foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range, you’ll find the best selection of casino games outside of Vegas at Three Rivers Casino Resort. With over 700 of the newest slots and video games, table games— including Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Let it Ride, Pai Gow Poker, No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, and more—and casino favorites like Keno and Bingo, things are just luckier here and now check out our new non smoking section, now you can play slots, poker, keno, eat in the sport bar and buffet and even stay in the hotel all in a smoke free environment. Non Smoking Slot Section

Strolling along the casino floor, you can practically feel the place hum with excitement. From the iconic Three Rivers Casino playing cards, to the sirens sounding for a big winner, to the clatter of dice and cheers around the Craps table, you won’t have to look any further than our casino for gaming fun. Get your adrenaline pumping at the Roulette table, or practice your poker face with a bluff in Texas Hold ‘Em.


Plan Your VisitLet your casino hosts be your guide to a thrilling experience at Three Rivers Casino Resort. Rick, Sarah, Shalynn, Lauri and Tom are here to ensure that you, our guests, are completely satisfied with your visit. Join us for a day off or an evening after work, or make a vacation of it and book a stay in our award-winning hotel. Between rounds at the Blackjack table or pulls of the slot machine lever, enjoy a meal at one of our three restaurants. Join us in the casino before a concert or other special event, and be sure to check our promotions page regularly for the latest specials.

We hope you’ll enjoy your visit to Three Rivers Casino Resort. Whether you’re just dropping by for a few hours of gaming, or planning an extended stay, contact us if we can answer any questions for you.

Table Games hours of operation:

Sunday – Thursday- 10am – 1am
Friday – Saturday 10am – 3am

Craps will open:
3pm – Fridays and Saturdays
Noon – Thursdays and Sundays


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  1. Brenda Metry-Kimball say:

    So terribly disappointed, came out with family to play pool, eat, drink and such. Imagine my surprise when nothing was there. Your new CEO, needs to look around and put back what this town needs, a fun and pleasant place to go. Needless to say, we left to go somewhere else, more entertaining. Will not be back, until you get it together.

  2. Rhonda Ballhorn say:

    My son and i spent one night there visiting family over Thanksgiving. The young man at the desk was not very friendly. We went to our room to find hair in the beds. A huge gross stain on my sheet and huge gross stains on my sons bed along with hair in his bed. You could tell they hadn’t dusted for at least two weeks, dust on everything. Looked like they Didn’t wash the beds from the last gest and just remade the beds. There was a fridge and microwave in the room so why they would put the ice bucket in the bathroom is really confusing to me. I will not stay at this place again. Oh yeah stains all over the carpet. They have nice things just don’t take care of them.

  3. Jo Carter Lynn say:

    We had the Thanksgiving Day Bufett and it was wonderful. Large variety of items, especially my favorite section, desserts!!

  4. Shirley Reed say:

    Went to civil war game. Had good food and good people to talk to. Thanks for helping to make it fun. And the price was fair.

  5. Marcie L Hanna say:

    Went there for my boyfriends birthday weekend. The room was very nice and clean. Had a good live band in the bar and the buffet was tasty ?. Looking forward to staying again

  6. Alison Meagher-Applebee say:

    Great $4.99 steak and egg breakfast, get it while it’s available!!!!

  7. Rebecca Hubbert say:

    Beautiful & quiet room…but maybe because it was Christmas Eve and not so crowded. Very friendly staff that were willing to help.The only thing that could be improved is having coffee in the casino and a 24 hr. cafe, cart or something for late or early snacks. Will be back

  8. Eric Taylor say:

    Great quick overnight getaway. Had fun food and company

  9. Andrea Lisa say:

    Always such a fun time and all the employees are kind and friendly! See you all again soon

  10. Heidi Tibbets say:

    We drove down from The Dalles for NYE to watch our friends in Brewers Grade perform…they killed it as usual. The bar was fun and our waitress kicked butt all night for us!!! Would definitely go back for another event!!

  11. Kathy Lackyard say:

    My husband and I had a wonderful time on New Years Eve ! Room was clean , service is great and hotel staff was friendly and welcoming. I would like to say thank you especially to our host Laurie Hathaway for taking care of our hotel arrangements and want to reserve again for 2017 New Years Eve! We will be seeing you again soon!

  12. Susan Jonsson Hawke say:

    Great fun, super music in 2 locations, kept the smoke out. Yeah!

  13. Erica Lerch say:

    Had a great seafood platter in the sports bar while watching the games… Attentive wait servers, hot and fresh seafood. Reasonably priced and fun in casino after.

  14. Ron Klampe say:

    What a horrible experience my family and myself had at this casino all thanks to one employee named Natalie. This is not the first time with Natalie she has treated me poorly before along with many other guests and employees. I would like to know how many complaints have been filed on this person and why she continues to be employed at this casino.I have so many great experiences with the staff at Three Rivers and it is such s shame to have it ruined by one employee that runs the pit like North Korea.

  15. Chris Ansell say:

    Usually we enjoy staying here but our visit this last weekend was not the best.
    There was an ice and snow storm preventing us from returning home so I thought let’s just rent a room here.
    We didn’t get much sleep due to the fact that the people above us had children they could not control and they were bouncing off the walls, yelling and stomping until after midnight.
    Then breakfast the next morning at Sunset Grille, the worst! My biscuit to hard to eat, my hash browns to cold to want to eat, my complaint to the waitress got me nowhere and we were still charged for an inedible breakfast. The coffee was good, most expensive cup of coffee ever since it was the only part of the meal I enjoyed!
    We won’t eat there again!
    The casino still my favorite place to play, win or lose…..
    just not the best for sleeping or eating!

  16. Shelly Pate say:

    Had a good time and was very pleased with the food and service ….our waitress was excellent!

  17. Sharon Lacey say:

    Great Seafood Buffet and the Justin Shandor shows this last week end were outstanding. Very smart of the Casino to have him perform every year.

  18. Timberly Walker Schafer say:

    It was absolutely a fun place to go.

  19. Jacob M Ballard say:

    My girlfriend, her family and I walked into the bar and grill after a hard day of riding, there was no signs saying what time people under the age of 21 had to leave. My girlfriend ,her brother, her dad, her brother girlfriend and I went to the bathroom to clean up, when we got back the waitress took our orders then walked back to give the cook the list (food order and drink) my girlfriends mom had already gotten her drink, it was 7:01 when the waitress came back and rudely asked for our IDS. We never got to eat due to the waiting when we had a hour or two drive home. For us to walk in at 6:45 to sitting down after cleaning up in the bathrooms, there was no warning of the closing of under the age of 21. I am not very happy with the employee nor am I happy that the bar and grill has no signs saying anything about closing times to the grill. If not fixed I will tell people (my family and friends) not to go to your bar and grill due to this reason. We never did get our drinks, she did say she’ll take them to the restaurant next door but never did, we did not need to wait 45 min to get a table. Thank you for your time and patients, if you want any of my customer service nor my girlfriend family I suggest you do something like putting up a sign saying certain times and also to have the employees warn us about the times.

  20. Mike Lengele say:

    Awful waitresses in sports bar…food was burned…..they need to step it up and train these people!!!!

  21. Tammy Lee Naber say:

    Food was great ! The games were a blast ! but when my boyfriend and I went over to the non smoking area to play the games 3 young men were smoking ! I want to breathe nice fresh air not cigarettes ! I made a comment saying it’s a smoke free area and they just rolled there eyes at me ! Not impressed a worker walked right by and didn’t say anything to these men ! Not impressed at all !

  22. Amber Nicole Reynolds say:

    I love it at both locations. My only suggestion is that food served for the breakfast buffet shouldn’t be served for the dinner buffet that night, especially when spending $17.99 for dinner.

  23. Nancy Shoesmith say:

    Can’t wait to our return stay at the end of April to a new non smoking area!

  24. Jon Meadow say:

    I’ve had better food on a cargo ship that was out to sea over two months.They should franchise the buffet out to Bonanza Steak House or Izzy’s Pizza. As it is,the casino is just another corporate whore prostituting the Flag.

  25. Bryce Jaurigue say:

    LOVED, it. If you want to have some fun and grub on some good food, I highly recommend stopping by. Great service too ��

  26. Kailynn May Meza say:

    I went on my on birthday and they gave me nothing. I went to mills casino in coos bay the day after my birthday and they gave me a free shirt and $5 free play. I would give them 5 stars if they gave me $5 free play.

  27. Bob Goddard say:

    Just love the Sunday brunch.. Then end it with great strawberry waffles .. Yummy . off to the machines for some fun. Always enjoy the casino at least once a week..

  28. Suzanne Clemons say:

    What a fun way to go broke. Machines are hungry and I feed them. Now I have to wait a year to regroup. Really nice place.

  29. Fred Lacey say:

    Always have a pleasant experience here. Wonderful people at the hotel and player desks. Generous player rewards if you are a regular. Will treat you right even if a one time visitor!

    UPDATE October 1, 2017.

    New management thinks by withholding all player comps he gets to keep more for himself. He will probably discover that the average guy like me is what keeps his casino in business. But he only wants multi-millionaires to come now. Good luck in Florence finding enough of those farmers, lumbermen, fishermen, shopkeepers and retired folks to keep your place open.

    Player rewards have gone from generous to nearly non existent. Our free hotel room is gone. And hotel prices are going WAY UP.

    Can’t change original rating but it is no longer worth anything above average.

    We will be back just once to say goodbye to several great employees we have become friends with.

  30. Scott Rose say:

    We just went up for a few hours, ate at the buffet and won at the slots. A perfect afternoon!

  31. George Hodges say:

    Sunset Grill had the most outstanding Chicken fried steak! Couldn’t eat it all, it was so Big! If you leave hungry, there’s something wrong.

  32. Becky Glade say:

    Love the new non smoking area, so much bigger than than the old tiny room and so many more games but some of my favorites are not in the new section. The ventilation system is great, couldn’t smell any smoke in the non smoking section but didn’t like that the casino floor door is only in the smoking section

  33. Lynne Sisley say:

    Small casino. We were there on a Saturday at lunch time. The sports bar only had one waitress. She was doing her best to keep up but was swamped. The food orders were taking forever to come out of the kitchen. She had to apologize for the chef. Should have been better staffed for a Saturday. We won’t go back.

  34. Kelsey Jones say:

    Decided to get away for a day and do something different about a week ago. Drove about 2 hours to Florence and wanted to give the casino a try. We did reserve a room. The nice one with the tub. When we got there the lady checking us in was extremely rude. We were new to the area and not knowing where things were and trying to make the check in smooth was a nightmare. She treated us like we were completely dumb. And like we should have known exactly what we were doing. Never even directed us towards our room or anything. Figured it out ourselves though. So we waited a little and went down for dinner. Buffet closed right as soon as we got down at 7. The staff didn’t attempt to give any other food suggestions they just apologized. We ended up in the bar next door . Not knowing if we were to sit ourselves down or wait we stood around for a minute and just sat down. Staff was way late on even coming to ask us anything. Staff there seems to lack the ability to greet people and make them comfortable. Food was very good though. Casino is small in general but I’m used to being at 7 feathers. It was a nice little place. Fun . Just need friendly staff in hotel and bar. The lack of hospitality really made me regret spending so much on an oversize bathtub!

  35. Shirley Frank say:

    Buffet okay, machines too tight, hard to get a bonus.

  36. Frank Thomas say:

    I have gone several times and find the machines to be very tight. Lose everytime. Food is too expensive also. Probably won’t go again.

  37. Bruce Clark say:

    Ok we ate at the Buffet food was aweful cooked hot crab was luke warm at best as was the rest of the pitiful display of food for $25 dollar per person admittance so high price for bad food! taste was not even good and we arrived at 6pm for dinner. From there we went to the bar to drink and listen to the banned! Outsider was the banned they did a great job loud but not excessive. Singers very good! Musicians awesome! The bar clean nice atmosphere! Prices wow i drank manly bear on tap wow what a rollercoaster that was overly carbonated with a taste of watered down wired i know. Now here is what made me angry i never paid the same price twice in a row for my beer. It was always tap and the same kind i was charged from $3-$5 each time as was my wife’s drink which was a mixed ranged from $6-$8 each time so did i feel like i was being robbed by servers and bartenders yes! Many of the other patrons i spoke with noticed the same things i did they will not be back bad food bad service and thievery! So i write this review recommending people to never go to this casino! So from 6pm – 12:30am that’s 6.5 hours that we were there it was all one of the worst experience of robbery i have ever had! Sept for the banned and the group i was with i would never had stayed past the 3rd drink!

  38. Amy Johnston say:

    Smoky. Seats too close together in the events center..sound system was good.

  39. Lauri Howes say:

    They get my 20 bucks every time. Slots are tight and I’m done losing my money. Love the shows

  40. Sandy Kolker say:

    We saw Restless Heart and it was amazing! The chairs were comfortable too!

  41. Monicka Tapia say:

    Spent just a few hours at the casino, but it was great. The bartender was fun and very friendly. Non smoking area was nice as well. The Buffett was just ok… Nothing to rave about, but nothing to complain about either. People could not have been any nicer except for a old lady who was just crabby…. Lol. Will be back hopefully this summer.

  42. Charlene Brigham say:

    We had a fabulous dinner at the Buffet. It was my birthday and they honored me with a dessert and birthday candle and sang happy birthday to me, making me feel very special. We then spent the rest of the evening in the sports bar enjoying dancing and listening to Amy Clawson which was the main reason for going to the casino for my birthday. I just love Amy, she is such a fantastic performer and friend! Of all the casinos I’ve been in the air quality and cleanliness of the bathrooms are the best!! Keep up the good work!!

  43. Dawn Conant Bear say:

    Had the worst meal I have ever had in the Sports Bar. I told the server it was bad, and why…I did not eat the meal, but got to pay $13 for it anyway. I probably will not go back there to eat again because of this. No offer for a different meal, nothing.

  44. Marshall Chicha say:

    Tuesday night buffet was average at best, I don’t recommend the stir fry ?

  45. Patrick Demasy say:

    The security supervisor are rude, arrogant. If one of their friend omplaint about your group vaping, the ll threaten to kick you out. It is a smoking, vaping casino. If they dont want smoker or vapers in because one acquaintance of supersor omplaint then make it a non smoking, vaping casino. I wont go back.

  46. Jennie Nava Magdaleno say:

    Best buffet around, never won any money though,love to oka play the slots,but never win.

  47. Paty Moore Godinez say:

    The buffet is the bomb. I love it on Wednesdays I love the seafood.

  48. Charlene Leep say:

    Our room was okay…coffee maker didn’t work, toilet seat was very lose and TV didn’t have many good channels from which to choose. The food is good and Blue Belles makes great vanilla lattes. It is, however, a quite hotel at least during the week.

  49. Krista Anderson say:

    Had fun the other night haven’t gotten out for a long time it was fun didn’t win but my husband won

  50. Lena Hooker say:

    What a great 2 days we just had! Hotel & buffet were outstanding. Customer service gets an A+! Thank you we’ll be back for sure!

  51. Daniel Smyth say:

    Had a wonderful lunch at the buffet. While there was steak, I chose the roast beef a small Caesar salad and mixed vegetables.
    My wife had fresh vegetables sauteed to her liking and especially prepared alfredo/ noodles dish.

    After lunch we played the slot machines, but no luck that day.

  52. Judy Muschamp say:

    I always have fun at Three Rivers. We got to play a while and they were very accommodating for my elderly mother.

  53. Kenneth Lewis say:

    When I was over in Florence my Dad and I went over to the Three Rivers Casino and I let my Dad play those one arm bandits and then after that we ate there and they also have great tasting food and the best entertainment ever

  54. Katie Lou Ellen say:

    Had a wonderful time performing this last weekend in Blue Bills!! The staff and food were great!!! Looking forward to coming back! Thank you for having us!! #reklesskompany

  55. Scott Lewis say:

    we are not big casino and gambling people but we went for the food but tried some gaming and ended up staying for a few hours and even left with money in my pocket had a good time.

  56. Ken Bennett say:

    Went to see the group the Hit Men they were great food was Good had dinner before slots weren’t paying had fun then headed home

  57. Michael Neveitt say:

    Great food great service, would recommend to others.

  58. Theresa D. Hall say:

    Probably one of the nicest, cleanest rooms we’ve stayed in. Very nicely furnished and equipped. The bed was so comfortable we didn’t want to leave.

  59. Jack Hannigan say:

    We had a great lunch buffet. It’s great to have an inexpensive buffet option here in Florence.

  60. Ann Mac say:

    I love it there. The rooms are great. It’s a magical place. Your staff is great also.

  61. Angela Walters say:


  62. Madeline Clayton say:

    I went for the afternoon lunch at the buffet and I would say it was fine just average not bad not fantastic. I like to play on the slot machines and did so. It seems like they were a little tight.

  63. Sandra Hoover say:

    I had an awesome time with my family. We ate, gambled and slept like babies.
    Awesome time. Great hospitality

  64. Ken Dew say:

    Forgot it was Sunday, we went for the lunch buffet, but ended up having the Sunday brunch instead. Great food and the people working in the buffet are fabulous. I think even with the cost of gas, it was still cheaper than the brunch at The Mill.

  65. Patrick Boschman say:

    Very good stay! Great location! I noticed the gaming tables were all in the smoking section of the casino! I love how they have 4 nights free RV hookups!

  66. John Nunes say:

    RV friendly,winning machines,good food.IT’S GOOD AT 3 RIVERS.

  67. Kenneth Dunn say:

    Great food!! Service is great ! Friendly staff, clean!!

  68. Jean Robinson say:

    I was very disappointed in the Sunday brunch. Not enough variety and much of the food was cold.

  69. Debbie Martineau say:

    We attended the Paperback Writer the Beatles Experience, it was a great show!

  70. Louise Estrada Rose say:

    Great local entertainment anytime, any day. No matter the weather, it’s always beautiful. Excellent entertainment and food for visitors. I haven’t stayed in the hotel, but may someday.

  71. Kristel Farris say:

    What a lovely place !! The room I had was excellent !! So very clean, everything provided, nothing out of place or worn !! Very quiet wonderful staff !! The casino albeit small had everything one needs for a fun night of entertaining. Went to the concert with tribute band “Paperback Writer”…”what a blast from the past” went to the bar afterwards and had some food and enjoyed some more live entertainment !! Very busy, but the staff did the best they could to meet our needs !! Food was above average…chowder, wings, salads !! Great little getaway with lots to do very close by and weather was spectacular !!! Only complaint is I was not able to stay longer !! lol much, much better than Chinook Winds !!!!

  72. Geri Lockard say:

    My daughter, myself and granddaughter stopped by since my granddaughter turned 21 in June so thought it would be great to have her experience a little casino life, she as well as us lost but enjoyed ourselves for a short while. Thank you.

  73. Shannon Trulove say:

    Casino is fun to hang it, but DON’T eat the cod dinner at the cafe next to the Buffet.. I felt like it was undercooked, but like a hungry fool, I ate it. That meal came UP with vengence as we were driving down freeway…NOT GOOD!!

  74. Connie Haring say:

    I’m a motorcycle � rider…!!! I will not leave my gear on my bike, so I had my gear on and a backpack…!!!Got asked to leave because surveillance had an issue…!!! Really…??? I worked surveillance for years.

  75. Joy Donohue say:

    Man pooping his brains out after eating bad oysters. Bartender gives not one s about it and offered no discount. We will not be coming here again and neither will any of our friends. Booo

  76. Jason Denton say:

    Excellent Buffet and the RV parking area is great.

  77. Jerry Payne say:

    Had a great time Not as big of a selection of slots but we found some that paid out nice. Buffet closes kind of early but food was good for the value. We would come back

  78. Scott Colson say:

    I signed up yesterday for the first time and got $100 free play … service is excellent …I’m camping at south jetty for a few days … three river casino is 7 minutes away . I live in Santa Rosa ‘ca and I have to say I’m enjoying three river casino �

  79. Linda Newton say:

    Secure, beautiful rooms, friendly staff, good food!

  80. Anna Wysocki say:

    We stayed overnight in the RV parking and it was a very pleasant experience. The check-in process was easy and the staff were very helpful and friendly. We also enjoyed the free coffee in the morning. We would definitely go back.

  81. Mick Dägger say:

    The Saturday seafood buffet on it’s own is worth the trip from Eugene… I feel like I was impregnated behind a high school by a bucket of crabs and various other sea creatures, I probably won’t be able to eat for a week.

  82. Shaun Wiley say:

    I think its ridiculous that I went away for a while for work and they removed my free play from email. So I’ve mission d a lot of that. I guess they don’t give a shit about your business returning. So I go mostly to the mill now.

  83. Mel Williams say:

    You need better events. Boxing would be a money maker.

  84. Jean G Damon say:

    We had a great seafood lunch buffet today, great service great food.

  85. Jon Penhallurick say:

    They are stopping the Seafood Extravaganza Oct 1, 2017 Too bad!

  86. Justine O. Morris say:

    The all you can eat buffet..
    Most excellent…
    Staff always friendly.

  87. Cassandra Bennett say:

    I recently had a chance to dine inside the Blue bills sports bar, when I arrived I asked the waitress if they had any special promotions for Someone if it’s there birthday. I was told no, so me and my family continued on our dinner order. Deciding “why not” I decided to order my self a birthday daiquiri. Presentation : When it arrived I first noticed the glass was covered in whipped cream / sugar from top to bottom( I couldn’t even grip the glass without sugar getting all over myself and the table! Strike 1.. Taste: The strawberry daiquiri was noticeably short poured being as you could not taste any alcohol inside it, The drink was also not blended enough seeing that it had huge chunks of ice that made using the straw difficult. Strike 2!! I forced myself to Finnish my drink because I was not gonna spend that kinda money on a drink and not Finnish it.( my mistake I should have requested a new one as soon as I received that hot mess they called a drink!!)

    Customer service : Being someone who has worked in the customer service field for 10 plus years I couldn’t let this just go by with out letting the staff know, so I first spoke with the young waitress who made the drink, she was instantly on the defense. When I mentioned the sugar/cream covering the glass she said ” I made it myself that not true” and then went on to question why I drank the whole thing.. her poor attitude and lack of taking responsibility prompted me to ask for her manager on duty…

    When the young man ( Not 100 percent on his name started with a “J”James maybe Joseph),showed up it was clear he had his mind made up that his staff could do no wrong. He instantly defended the presentation by saying “daiquiris should have salt all over the glass and that is its normal presentation”( maybe on the rim of the glass)He then unprompted went on to say…” I could assure you the drink was made properly be cause i saw his bartender pour the shots” (how would he know this I hadn’t mentioned it to this point!)this was a clear lie being that I watched our waitress make the drink and she claimed herself that she made it. The manager made the decision not to comp the drink, remake it, take a percentage off, or at the very least apologize for the poor service. STRIKE 3!!!

    I say all this to say I really wish the customer service could have been better because out side of the horrible drink the food was not to bad , I would have had no problem coming back for the food. Instead they lost a group of customers who have no problem taking money up to chinook winds.

    Note: sorry for the grammar.. will fix later

  88. Joshua Ball say:

    One Coupon Per Customer:
    Some coupons limit usage to one per customer. This means exactly what it says. Each customer is limited to using the coupon only once. You can leave and return and use another, just not within the same transaction or visit. This is very similar to the “one per visit”.

    Found the above title under coupons misleading and or, false advertisement and as the photo below clearly states “One Coupon Per Person” but, has NO other restrictions to indicate a “per visit” clause or any other clause; you would or might be led to believe that you can use one the next visit, the next day, heck even the next month. .. Last night wasn’t the case, I had previously used a different promotional coupon that had Nothing to do with the below mentioned coupon, and was told ” That I had already used one of these coupons already, and was not able to use it again..” The gentalman acted like he didn’t care, nor was going to assist me in any way… The conversation even continued in the restroom as I was exiting… WOW REALLY……

  89. Connie Spillers say:

    We had a blast had dinner at the buffet delicious as always the casino is filled with nice friendly staff. Lost way to much money but better luck next time �

  90. Angela Nedry say:

    Except for just a couple, the staff at this casino really seem to hate their jobs. Especially the waitresses in the lounge. The hotel staff was friendly but the rest were not. It was depressing. The room was very nice!

  91. Elle Snyder say:

    The managment has removed the Players Club desk that was on the non-smoking side. The only way to access it now is by going to the smoking side. Even the shortest trip to the smoking side guarantees I need to shower and wash my clothes afterwards and even then the stench remains in my hair. Nothing proclaims “we don’t care” louder than this.

  92. Paul Cordell say:

    We went to see Jay White, wow was the show amazing. I loved the show.
    However the Casino its self is heavily packed making you feel like a sardine even the gaming tables are crammed in together. From the outside the Casino looks enormous, but its actually on the small side they cram slots so tight you can barely walk down the isles. I know more machines mean more money for the casinos but compared to the Mill Casino about an hour away Id go to the Mill anytime its roomy and open not cramped. The show was awesome the food was iffy at best Three Rivers was Ok . But the Mill is superior in just about every way. To give the idea how nice, we went to Three Rivers to see Jay White but stopped at the Mill Casino drove and hour to the concert then drove back to the Mill to stay.

  93. Jennifer Tanner Leininger say:

    This review is ONLY for the sports bar. On a Sunday during football season they were slammed and under staffed. We TRIED to spend money but they couldn’t/wouldn’t take our order for drinks or food…….really dissapointed. We moved from a bar top table to the actual bar when she told us we couldn’t order at the bar from our table….We waited and waited and then left and found great service at Abby’s pizza in town.

  94. Craig Pedersen say:

    We had a wonderful time…one of our favorite casinos..and we won over $$ 700.00..����
    Thank you we will be back real soon.

  95. Patsy Fortune McCoy say:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened too your room rates???? We were there in July and had to pay 119.90….for two senior adults and today we called and they said it would be 159.00??? something, Also hubby and I use to receive free promotions in the mail and they have now stopped…Use to love to drive 4 hours to see you folks but you are making it so folks like us can’t afford you…Looks like we are going to be missing one of our favorite spots….

  96. John Mason say:

    They are cutting their comps out completely. All the locals in florence that i have talked to are not going there anymore. Its greed and counter productive. They have lost my patronidge

  97. Ginny L Kliever say:

    Yesterday I would have given them 5 stars. They have always been my favorite Oregon casino. But today, new management blundered…big time. They cut comps. We’ve been coming here for our recreation time since they were in the original tent. We put all our gambling money into Three Rivers. Okay, it wasn’t a lot of money by some standards, but we live on Social Security and our art sales. But it’s our only entertainment. Any money we won was put back into the gambling money which allowed us to go more often. Every month for at least 2 years, Three Rivers has given me free food- $20 a month, free gambling, $20 3-4 times a month plus internet free play. Plus 2 free nights a month hotel. And my husband received his comps which were a bit less than mine. Now they have cut them COMPLETELY off! My husband and I are done. Management has really screwed up. We were here on opening day of this new casino in Florence. We also were, until now, going to Coos Bay casino, trying to support them. It’s had been pretty obvious they tightened up their machines. Yes, I know they say they can’t, and that’s a lie. Computers. It has been some time since we’ve had a win at either casino. Now, we will be giving our gambling dollars to the Mill. I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

  98. Ray Cox say:

    I think this place is a joke. they just updated there new system “perks” and obviously do not want anyones business. Ive been a players there for 10 years and am disgusted with the garbage they have the nerve to give out. I havent slowed down my play and spend a good amount each month and i go from getting $60 free play a month to $20 at $5 each week. then i was getting $10-15 in food and discount to free rooms. I get niether of those now. For $5 free a week when i can spend up to a couple hundred everytime i go why in the world would i want to waist my time at either three rivers casino. its a spit in the face to all of us who got screwed over. and by the way, a comment card is also worthless. they wont reach out to you when requested.

  99. Katie West say:

    I have to agree with majority of these negative reviews. Any time I’d go, I’d spend more than I should have and I really enjoyed my fsp whenever I got it. With there only being the mill and 3 rivers in coos bay, id 100% of the time prefer to go to 3 rivers, now…Not so much. The cuts on the perks are ridiculous and the staff at the coos bay casino isn’t all that friendly to begin with, most having very bad attitudes, of course unless you’re winning a jackpot, then they are sweet as pie.

  100. Brad Stacey Stevens say:

    Absolutely not a happy customer! Been loyal patrons of this casino for over 13 years. The perks and Mike Bones were the reason we have made this our gambling destination. We were sad when Mike left, but continued to make our monthly donations of our entertainment money into your machines, due to the perks. With the cuts, we will be going to Chinook Winds from now on. I am sad about this, we have made many a friend there, but no longer!

  101. Evie Farley say:

    I’m finding it very hard to write this review of my favorite gaming”home”, but I am so insulted, offended and upset it needs to be said. First, I am feeling extremely sorry for the players club and casino hosts, and slot attendants that are having to calm all the unhappy loyal customers that have resulted from the large number of changes. I don’t think it’s in their job description, and the complaints should be handled by the Visible ones that have implemented them. I was unhappy last month when the triple points, after midnight and rain at 9:00 disappeared. I used them for food, so I could put more money in the machines. I was told that would be replaced by better promotions. Not! I see them now, none of which benefit me since they’re 5 days a week ending at 9:00pm, or 10:00pm. Not a good idea to drive 100 miles at night, especially in the winter. Of course I wouldn’t be able to spend the night in the hotel room, that’s been free, and now $100 plus. Is this good for the people of Florence? I won’t elaborate on the lack of free play and food credit, price changes in Bill’s, buffet, and Steak House-I think that’s all been covered. I think we’re all used to changes nowadays, but not all at once! I trust this will all be reviewed and reversed before the economical loss is too great. One more change that I suggest is the name. This is not the Three Rivers I’ve come to know and love since the tent opening.??

  102. Mister Ooh-La-La say:

    I used to visit 3 Rivers three times a month to use my free play, then spend some money on drinks, inevitably put more in the machines and maybe play some BlackJack. Came in today, no points on card and told that the Free Play program had changed and to check back next month. Drove all the way out for nothing. I threw my players club card in the trash on the way out. Enjoy losing the droves of customers that came in to use free play then spent more money. This place continues to circle the drain.

  103. Diana Lewis say:

    Very insulted by the one coupon i received for october really only 7 dollar free slot play i usually receive 2 20 dollar free slot play 10 dollar food and 15 slot play on the internet. Are we only going to get montly coupons and are they doing away with the internet coupon how come we received no information on this talk about no loyalty to your long time player club members i guess i won’t be going back

  104. Alicia Gudino say:

    For years we have been coming here, at least 2 or 3 times a month. Went Saturday only to find out our once $45 free slot play and $20 for food was no longer available. Instead, we got coupons for $10 slot play on only Sat/Sun 3 hours away at the Coos Bay location! Needless to say, we left.

    The coupons were a way to get people in and to stay and play. I’m guessing you lose A LOT of business after taking the coupons away for a lot of people.

    The gal told me they now “evaluate” to see where you play the most and send you coupons, which is a complete crock as we’ve been going to Three Rivers for years and have only been to the CB location once. (Which was pretty lame) and where did we get coupons to? Coos Bay.

    Looks like 7 Feathers it is from now on when we want to go on a drive to play, still have slot play, food, AND 2 free weekend nights almost every month.

    Bad move Three Rivers.

  105. Gary Mitchum say:

    The rooms were clean and comfortable. The food was awesome at the buffet. I’ll be back.

  106. Kent Jones say:

    My wife and I have been regulars for years. We were loyal patrons because of the friendly people and the comps. Now we don’t get comped at all. We were loyal to 3 Rivers because they were loyal to us. So the whole loyalty thing has been broken. There are other casinos that are closer that we will start going to. The other casinos have more to offer.

  107. Sami Tiba say:

    Last time I’ll be there sadly. The poker room is great, but the slot machines are a joke. The machines are tighter than a Deli’s slots. Not only that, they give out the bare minimum free slot money. Like what does 10 dollars do? Went from going once to twice a week, now I will never come back to this shitty ass casino! Literally won over 100 dollars twice for the past 10 Years. No wonder there was nobody in the building today.

  108. Dylan Brock say:

    Was there for 30mins and got carded 4 times I’m 21 but God damn I just left because I was getting harassed so many damn times

  109. Barry Dale say:

    I have been here on several occasions and had a great time, every time. Whether or not the gambling gods were with me, the food and service has always been great. I look forward to my next trip down!

  110. Jamie Tracey say:

    I have been coming to the casino when it first opened up the big top tent! i hear they have a new CEO I must say how disappointed i was was when i received my coupons in the mail with NO FREE ROOMS!! WHAT??? I have Always had 3 rooms a month since they opened the casino!! All I can say is .. what a shame! Me and oh lets say 23 friends of mine will not be frequenting Three rivers Casino.I hope they come around to this very unfortunate mistake because I have stopped in to see the last 3 weeks and.. Damn the place is dead!

  111. Evelyn Stewart say:

    I LOVE all the staff, but the Players club staff have been especially awesome, and are really having a hard time with all the complaints about the changes, they are so proffesional.
    All in all, I love the casino, rooms are always clean and nice, food is great.

    I must say, hubby and I are some of the lucky people that have actually seen improvement in most of the changes and my comps, more free play weekly instead of bi-weekly.
    Free comps at the steak house, but no free Buffet
    I must also say I have been LUCKY, I have won $200, & $5000 on the Sat. hot seat drawing. Yeah ME!!
    We have won free play on the Thursday Color me Rich, but not the $250.
    Hubby used to win a jackpot every few weeks, but has not won almost anything in over 2 months.
    BUT even I am not crazy about some of the changes. This is not VEGAS it is after all, Oregon, and most of us are retired and living on a fixed income.
    I understand you are trying to get people to stay and play at the Casino later in to the evening, but having to stay until 9:00 or 10:30 until the promotion is over, and then drive back to Newport in the fog and dark is not fun at all and will most likely keep me from going, unless I am staying the night, (we do have 2 free rooms each, THANK YOU, but for the nights that are not free, the price increase is a bit much)
    I love the food at the Sunset Grille, and service is wonderful.
    I am very unhappy there is no where to eat breakfast besides the BAR (in the past the service in the bar has not been great.)…I do not like eating in a bar for lunch or dinner either, but we will have to now that the buffet will no longer be open Mon Tue or Wed.
    Would love to sit down and talk to the New CEO…I have years and years of experience in Hotel/Casino/and Customer Service.
    Thank you.

  112. Krystal Fitzsimonds say:

    I love the world buffet there food is awesome and the service is excellent �

  113. Tyler Jacob Marler say:

    Ever sense the new CEO took over everything has gone to shit! There bar menu has been minimized to basically nothing. They took down all the sports memorabilia on the walls. Rumor has it they are taking away the TVs in the “sports bar” next. Absolutely terrible changes. Can’t believe this guy actually has a job in charge of a whole casino. Not to mention the “new” daily promotions they have that are worse than what they had before. Why change something when it’s giving you business. I was in there yesterday and couldn’t believe how empty it was for a Friday night.

  114. Gail Zadakis say:

    Being on Social Security income only, we used to LOVE to go to Three Rivers and were motivated to make 2 trips a month if we had money left over from our gambling allotment the first half of the month Our free bi-monthly slot play was our motivation to go there. You have stripped us from the thing we use to look forward to. No more free buffet, no more generous free play, no more email free play, no more free hotel rooms and my understanding, from a more affluent friend, is that you have TRANSFERRED our benefits to those who already have more. SO disappointed that you would cater to the rich and leave the rest of us behind, despite our loyalty to you.

  115. Trina Clark say:

    My other half and I have gone to Three Rivers, once a month for years. It is usually our date night getaway. Since new management, the service has gone downhill, the players card has become a joke, now I feel as if they are calculating every dollar I spend and since I don’t don’t spend like a millionaire I am treated differently.
    I have been a player club member since the tent. I have been getting decent free slot play, up until last week when, i got my phamphlet I discovered I will only be getting $7 dollars a week and the money will only be deposited on my card on Saturdays. I used to get $45-50 a month.
    I used to win enough on the slots to allow me to play for 6 plus hours, now I get to play for an hour at most.
    Changes will always happen I get this. But there is no longer any insentive to play here and spend money just too constantly lose. I used win every other month. Now I don’t win at all
    Thank you for the years of play.
    From here on out I will not be returning.

  116. David Flinn say:

    Was totally disappointed when we arrived and had seen Bill’s was no longer really a sports bar, we used to enjoy the pool table and dart board. Had terrible service in the bar several times having to go to the bar or grab a waitress besides the one we had. Heard complaints from a few employees that the new CEO has done more damage than good, we won’t be back Grande Ronde is about the same distance so that will be our new destination.

  117. Jonathon Dunham say:

    After the new CEO took over it went down hill I don’t like going there as much now

  118. Shannon Breeton say:

    Don’t bother with the bars! The bar on the gaming floor hardly ever has a bartender and they leave before you can get their attention. My last visit I had to follow the bartender from the floor into the main bar and it took 5 minutes to get someone’s attention and another 15 minutes to get my drink. The bar had 8 patrons at the time. They wouldn’t sell me a “double” cocktail but had no problem selling me a shot on the side which I poured into my glass. Before the new management I never had this problem. I used to love going here but that’s quickly changing.

  119. Teresa Cuff say:

    I use to LOVE going to 3 Rivers! I got free or discounted rooms, and $35 free slot play, so now I get $7? And no food coupons except for the buffet? I won’t be going there again. It used to be my favorite casino. Hello 7 Feathers! Bummer and sad!!!! That new CEO should be fired.

  120. Richard Allen Hovis say:

    Three Rivers has gone down the toilet-We have been going there for ten years.
    It has made a 100% change-down the toilet….Management, wake up and get it corrected are you will be closing your doors and looking for a new job.

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