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Newport Grand Casino

Boasting over 1,000 of the latest Video Slots including line and reel games, poker, keno, Virtual blackjack & roulette tables. Newport Grand Casino is the place to be for all the action. There are hundreds of games to choose from including: Gong™, Iron Man™, Titanic™, Time Machine™, Wheel of Fortune™, Double Diamond™ and Cleopatra™. We also offer 2 very popular JUMBO slots featuring Marvels of Mystery™ and Bonnie and Clyde™. You can bet 1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1.00, $5.00 & $10.00 credits, with $1,000, $2,500, $6,000, and the top $25,000 prizes on a single spin!

Virtual Roulette
Alfastreet™ Roulette offers the excitement of table games with the speed and ease of automated betting. Enjoy all the fun and excitement of a casino classic with the same wheel, bets, and odds as the traditional table game, but without a dealer

Virtual Blackjack
Table Master Royal Match 21™ Blackjack. Five player stations & attractive video dealers are what this game is all about.

Megahits – Multi-Level Progressive
Megahits is here! Multi-state (Rhode Island/Delaware/West Virginia) progressive game. Five level progressive jackpot. Top prize starts at $100,000!


You can find out about our latest promotions on this page. From when to earn entries to how you can win, you are on the right page. Not a Rewards Card member? Sign up at the Rewards Desk today!

5X Rewards Points every Tuesday in November!

5X Rewards Points every Tuesday in November!
Tuesday, November, 7, 14, 21 & 28
Earn 5X more valuable Rewards Points from 10AM until end of gaming day! Complete Rules and Regulations are available at the Rewards Desk.

$26,000 Free Play Sweepstakes

$26,000 Free Play Sweepstakes
WIN: Mondays & Wednesdays from 2PM-8PM, (2) winners every ½ hour will win $100 in Free Slot Play!

Rewards Members must swipe their rewards card at a promotional kiosk beginning at 10AM on October 30, November 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, & 29, 2017 to activate/qualify and receive a free entry for the associated drawing date. For every ten (10) points earned on each drawing date, Reward Members receive one (1) entry.

Two (2) Rewards Members’ names are announced every half-hour from 2PM through 8PM on October 30, November 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, & 29, 2017 to win $100 in Free Slot Play.

Grand Rewards Club

Play our slots, earn valuable rewards points. It’s that simple!
As a Newport Grand Rewards member, you can earn points by inserting your card into any designated slot machine. Accumulate points from your slot play and redeem for the following including but not limited to:

  • A wide array of incredible food and beverage dining options
  • Highly reputable brand-name merchandise such as the latest electronics, kitchen appliances, sporting goods, entertainment, and jewelry

Browse all of the merchandise selections in our Newport Grand Rewards Online Catalog. The current Grand Rewards catalog can be downloaded here.

Select Newport Grand Rewards members also enjoy impressive benefits including:

  • Slot Free Play
  • Preferred member mailings including additional free slot play, gift giveaways, Regional Reward Gift Card offers, dining offers and sweepstakes specials
  • Exclusive invitations to member events
  • Access to the VIP Lounge (based on level of play)
  • Special hotels offers with our Stay & Play program

Join now!

Simply visit the Newport Grand Rewards Desk in the lobby with your valid identification. (Must be 18 years or older.) We’ll issue your card and you can start earning points right away! Membership is free, easy and quick!

A great resource, the friendly folks at the Newport Grand Rewards Desk are happy to answer any questions about our Grand Rewards program and our wide array of slot machines!

Good Luck and may all your winnings be Grand!


Casino with 1000+ video slot machines & virtual table games, plus on-site dining & entertainment.
Address: 150 Admiral Kalbfus Rd, Newport, RI 02840, USA
Hours: Open today · 10AM–1AM

Phone: +1 401-849-5000


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  1. Karen Schroeder Boogertman say:

    something different to do while visiting Newport!

  2. Bruce James Francisco say:

    Hospitality Excellent, easy access and great location if you want to have fun without the hassel of a large casino. Good entertainment and food too!

  3. Sandra Savitch Sherman say:

    Newport Grand is a nice place.Great hospitality,and dinner specials,concerts and lets not forget Karaoke.

  4. Chocobo Rancher say:

    A nice facility. Excellent food and quick service. Great venue for those who don’t like the large casino scene but still enjoy playing.

  5. Sari N. Kent say:


  6. Robin Roncka say:

    Gambling, Good food, Good Drinks… Good Friends… Good Times!!! Love it!!!!!

  7. Cheryl Santos Szczepaniak say:
  8. Симона Димова say:
  9. Patricia Appleton Armstrong say:
  10. Karen Lovenbury-Sann say:
  11. Taíno Hispaniola say:

    Its just for old people …

  12. Nicci Kulpa LeValley say:
  13. Keri Taylor-Hyvönen say:
  14. Christine Rebello Botelho say:
  15. Heidi Plecity Griffiths say:
  16. Cara Delsesto Kaczmarczyk say:
  17. Betty Reynolds Ruggiero say:
  18. Debbie Ann Caldwell Bittick say:
  19. Jane Cameron Rochefort say:
  20. Nancy Steinhouse Duncan say:
  21. Viola Sherman say:


  22. Ana Paula Pacheco DiGregorio say:
  23. Michael Vinciguerra say:
  24. Vicky Hawkins Was Powell say:
  25. Theo Teddy Thomopoulos say:
  26. Ann Napoli Fitzsimmons say:
  27. Desiree Jason Thorne say:
  28. Preciosa Santiago-Quiroz say:
  29. Tami Plourde Smith say:


  30. Maegan Laura Murphy say:
  31. Debbie Murano Algiere say:
  32. Shirley Laliberte say:
  33. Beverly Ann Corey-Hart say:
  34. Todd Ramos say:

    -Small and a much older crowd

    -Not enough attendees to answer service lights on the floor.

    -Although approoriate for the age of the average patron, the music and entertainment are dated.

    -No music playing in foyer, some areas are dark and dank such as upstairs: It’s like a morgue up there and could use more Flatscreens for viewing sports while playing the games.

    -Fun is still able to be had if you bring the right attitude.

    However, the atmoshere doesn’t have the elements that create and sustain excitement.

    -Wait staff on the weekends are very attentive and friendly. Almost enough to change my review from 3 to 4 stars

  35. Herb Jackson say:

    Just started going for dinner and karaoke. Great crowd and staff. Everyone is friendly cordial

  36. Debbie Robare-Bechtel say:

    A great place to have fun. Not just for gambling, they have great bands and great shows.

  37. Kennith Gantz say:

    Well everyone knows I don’t drink when I come here this fat mother fucker guard stops me and ask if I’m ok and ask if I’ve been drinking because they got a complaint saying I was bumping into people I hadn’t drink anything but Mountain Dew these people are fucking rude never coming here again and they rig the machines

  38. Timothy Klatt say:

    Free shows are worth the trip. Have dinner and play some slots. Always a good time.

  39. Andrew P. Szurley Sr. say:
  40. Crystal Hammond say:

    Quaint little casino. Was relaxing and not overly crowded.

  41. Skip Mahler say:

    Spacious and accommodating. the staff and management do their best in making sure that customers are well treated.

  42. Matt Dostou say:

    Gone downhill as far as payouts since change in ownership

  43. Steven Carvalho say:

    I think it’s not that great they don’t even offer their customers beverages

  44. Sistina Marie Karrmann say:

    It’s a nice casnio .I would go back there with my boyfriend. The machines are good. The restaurant that they have there is really good. My boyfriend gets coupons in the mail for the machines and the restaurant

  45. Rosa Lemos Carnevale say:

    That place sucks. I don’t know how it is still open. They didn’t have any descent slot machines. We wanted 25 cents or $1.00 machines and they were nowhere to be found.

  46. Tom Menard say:

    Great time seeing the Glimmer Twins a Rolling Stones tribute band

  47. Jayhue Blevins say:

    Great shows
    Great atmosphere
    Reasonable win rates on the machines

  48. Michael Havoc Austin say:
  49. Sharon Goode say:

    Great Elvis show! We had a really nice time there.

  50. Christine Skye Nyari say:

    Penny machines. 1.50 won 40 cents. Haven’t been happy with Newport in a while. Place needs an update. Get more dollar slots that pay out. Not there to bet 1.25 on a penny machine to win 40 cents. These machines are an insult actually. Food is fair. But service is slow. Things have gone downhill …I’m going to try another casino

  51. Cheryl-Amy Casey say:

    This place was a lot of fun I brought my daughter here for her first gambling experience it was a joy!! And the ice cream was the best part !!

  52. Stephen Jacques say:

    Great place to see a live band.
    Easy to get to right off the highway

  53. Patricia Silvia say:

    I think it is wrong that you have to go so many times and spend a certain amount of money to recieve perks like free play. They don’t even give you anything for your birthday either unless you spend enough. I don’t even get flyers to let me know what is going on monthly, why? Cause I don’t spend enough. That doesn’t make me want to go and spend ANY money anymore. Thanks for nothing.

  54. Elisa Catley say:

    Great food. Fun gambling. Free entertainment. Whoop.

  55. Susan Senske O'Toole say:

    Newport Grand is a great local casino with some great cover bands playing on the weekends.. The restaurant has pretty good food. The only down side is they need more quarter machines.

  56. Lisa Feccia Sannicandro say:
  57. Judi Silva Sherlock say:

    Great location. Loved the restaurant. Nice atmosphere

  58. Nicole Coite say:

    Good place if only the rich and famous rent live downtown will let it be a full-fledged Casino would be nice

  59. Kelley Walker say:

    This place SUCKS! Straight up rob ya.location is good outside of casino. If you want to gamble here just throw your money in the toilet after you take a crap and flush. They should shut this place down! Sr. Home and they rob them. Smh a shame to call this place a casino. I’d much rather scratch a ticket or collect cans.

  60. Cheryl Rancourt say:

    I come here often – love slots
    The service is great , the bartender(Tracey ) is phenomenal
    She keeps up with customers like nobody’s business.
    Will continue to come back as often as possible !!!!!!! Thank you

  61. Lynn Parker say:

    We’ve been going here quite a while love it! Machines are awesome food very good and it’s fun!!

  62. Shyla Covill Thayer say:

    The worst casino I have been to…dark dreary boring slots.

  63. Vicky White say:

    One star is an overstatement. After recieving burnt stuffed quahogs and barren nachos, we decided not to pursue the menu offerings any further. As locals, we brought some friends from Wisconsin to our Newport institution to experience horse betting and enjoy the Preakness race. The race at the main downstairs lounge was on one tv that we could barely see, baseball and Keno dominating the others. We all realized we had winning tickets by going to the wager cage, as we were totally unable to see the race on the grainy screen off to the right.
    Frustrated, we paid our tab and left. An unsatisfying experience to say the least.
    Had we known Tusk was playing upstairs we would have stayed. But we weren’t aware of this until we came on this page to complain. Who’s in charge over there? Is the Preakness not an event to be capitalized upon? Is a Fleetwood Mac cover band with free admission not worth singing about? Perhaps a seminar with the Indians is in order.

  64. Marc Archambault say:

    While on vacation from Maine the 4th of July week my wife and I were treated to a meal by Florence Archambault or as we call her Auntie. It was delicious with the wait staff being attentive and with a smile.

  65. Nathaniel Levi say:

    Never been their I hope you win.Good Luck to the two of you.

  66. Ray Denice say:

    Always a good time with Mondo Soul at the Newport Casino. Worth the trip!

  67. Kimberly Coroa Moniz say:

    We’ve been going here for quite a while and love it! Machines are awesome food is very good and it’s a lot of fun!! Love the Concerts!

  68. Clinton Smith say:

    My girl and I love playing pool and gambling
    And the food is delicious!

  69. Paula McDonald Pimentel say:
  70. Pauline Dion Bourgeois say:
  71. Jerry Pinel say:

    Worst place for payouts….run down was better in the 90,s

  72. Jeff Newcomer say:

    Nothing there to really play. Was there for 30 minutes and left.

  73. George Steele say:

    Always have a great time there, food is awesome at the Grand Grill, the Waitresses and Bartenders are Outstanding

  74. Kim P. Warren say:

    Event. Center tributes and entertainment are good on Sat nights. Machines are old … u get a penny a point on your card and takes forever to build up and before you can buy a beer you have a buy a huse it to buy a drink at the bar and u have to get a bag a chips in order to get a drink with Before you can do what the (point) !
    Don’t usually have more then $4 if any .

  75. Tina-Rae Leiper say:

    My family and I attended Newport Grande casino to see our favorite cover band and we LOVED it! The private room/smoke free was fabulous as was the band Bon Jersey! While exploring, we found the facility to be clean, neat and fairly quiet. We enjoyed our experience and will definitely return for more fun!

  76. Tina-Rae Leiper say:

    My family and I attended Newport Grande casino to see our favorite cover band and we LOVED it! The private room/smoke free was fabulous as was the band Bon Jersey! While exploring, we found the facility to be clean, neat and fairly quiet. We enjoyed our experience and will definitely return for more fun!

  77. Jim McGovern say:

    Very clean, they have an amazing sound system for concerts, great location and a nice atmosphere…

  78. Peg Tweedy say:

    We went to hear
    We are take two
    Great performance as always

  79. Mary Amendola say:

    The place was a joke. They tell you that you get free slot play, they give it to you and then your card doesn’t work and the blame you. They expected my 94 year old Aunt to walk back and forth from the back of the casino to the front to change her password. The mangers we dealt with were so RUDE!! We will NEVER EVER go there again and you shouldn’t either. Save your money and your time and visit Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods!!!!

  80. Herbie Hovencamp III say:
  81. Maria Pacheco Monis say:

    Muito boa.pra gastar dinheirinho vaiam ao casino lol……..

  82. Lisabeth Medeiros Dion say:

    Love this little casino. I’ve had great luck here too. The free concerts are great!

  83. Christine Fumo say:

    I don’t gamble so it doesn’t matter to me. I went there to see to the band;
    The Great Escape, a tribute to Journey! Awesome show it brought me back to the 80’s in time!

  84. Kerri Bodell-Waldon say:
  85. Debra Gallucci say:

    Great venue! Great concerts, slots, food. Best part smoking section is separate so you don’t have to walk through it to get to venues.

  86. Carol Fowler-Augustyn say:
  87. Steven Hutchins say:

    It’s a little small but great fun in the events center. Watched dirty deeds play there

  88. Susan J. Swift say:

    Was great. Lots of machines available. Machines were pretty active. Food is superb. Sometimes I come just for dinner.

  89. Liz Hyde say:

    My husband and I went last night to eat, we waited to be seated for over 5 minutes (no one else was waiting and it wasn’t very busy looking). We saw 4 different employees, the bartender, 2 waitresses and 1 other guy (assumed he was a kitchen worker). Not one of them acknowledged us standing there. We ended up leaving. Who knows, we might try again but for now I’m very disappointed with the service that we did not receive. Completely ignored by all 4 people that were there. I did leave a comment card on the hostess desk, I’m sure it was thrown away so management couldn’t see it.

    The casino is a little fun, machines are very tight though. I do like having the smoking and non smoking separate.

  90. Robin Reznekervitz say:

    ME AND MY HUSBAND GO EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT WE LOVE THE BAND’S AND WE EAT AT THE Grand Every Saturday night it is the best we have so much fun new port grand is the best place to go!

  91. Jane Burns Roggero say:
  92. Lisa Pelletier-O'Brien say:

    WHY when I spend big $$$$ do only half of the card readers work in smoking!! WHY??

  93. Jeannette Delvalle say:

    It was great sweet n fun with my girlfriends on a great afternoon���������

  94. Inez Coutinho Boutin say:

    I enjoy going to Newport grand. The staff is really nice and I enjoy playing the slots. My biggest complaint is that they have a full service bar and the bartenders take breaks but they do not have anyone cover for them. Which means you can’t get anything while they are away. I don’t think it is that difficult to have someone there at all times. While sitting there enjoying watching the game you can’t get service.

  95. Dave Crocker say:

    so far my wife & I have had a few really good times here dining in the grand grille & then playing the slots. great for couples that want to have a date night but want to do something different than a movie or bar. we love that you have machines at all budget levels & the free entertainment is a nice feature too. see you soon, thanks.

  96. LC Cape Cod say:

    Great service. We were seated within minutes, waitress was attentive, great dinner arrived in a timely manner! Prime Rib was superb!! Highly recommended!

  97. Mike Glynn say:

    Great small casino. Slots and video Black Jack and Roulette. Different floors for smoking. Moving to Tiverton RI in July 2018. Staff very friendly especially Tracy the bar tender.

  98. Kim Weatherbee say:

    Love this place I go once a year with my husband for a long weekend of fun and we walk away always having a great time.(went this weekend and stayed at mainstay). Security is great and personable unlike other places and Tracey the bartender is the best! For us to go one weekend a year each year we walk in she ALWAYS remembers our drinks and she is a fun and down to earth person! I saw this place a few years back and suggested to check it out and it’s the only place we enjoy now!

  99. Justin Benjamin Fontaine say:

    Its a little dirty and a little shabby but if your a fan of older slots its pretty cool. I dont spend much there and I always get free play twice a month. This versus twin river and never getting free play ever is pretty nice. Its a slot parlor more than a real casino but I like it like that

  100. Sue Maucione say:

    Love Newport Grand. Plenty of parking and good bands.

  101. Scott Malone say:

    It’s always fun to stop by and enjoy time. Maybe win some money too.

  102. Judy Seale say:

    This casino has many cash giveaways, plus 35 per cent off food in the Grande Grille for reward members and it is fun to play the slots, have a drink at one of the bars or take in one of the free shows. There is plenty of entertainment, if you choose to visit Newport Grande.

  103. Glenn Desrosiers say:

    Terrible experience; I’ll never go back. This place sucks

  104. Madeline Coutroubis say:
  105. Nancy Fedor say:

    it was a great show. it was as amazing that the singer sounded like Johnny Cash

  106. Nancy Fedor say:

    it was a great show. it was as amazing that the singer sounded like Johnny Cash

  107. Dana Welts say:

    Dinner was great, but the band- the Corvettes Doo Wop Revue, was out of this world excellent!! We will be back!!

  108. Dwayne B. Aker say:

    Was invited by my friend who is with Hey Nineteen to come here them play at Newport Grand. I used to work there years ago. Wow has the place changed for the better! How can you go wrong with all the entertainment that has been made available? Even the free concerts! If you never been or its been a long time since you have been there, Im telling you, go check the place out and you will not be sorry! I will be back!

  109. Bryan Renaud say:

    It was nice place I just expected more from a Newport destination like real dealer table gaming black jack & poker anyway my wife loves the slots. It’s was during our vacation trip during 4th July holiday

  110. Bob Lopes say:

    great way to spend some time dining dancing or just gambling ,,,

  111. Barbara Grant say:

    Good fun but don’t go expecting a win that is why they call it gambling.

  112. Carmelina Ciurcina say:

    MI sempra un posto accogliente efamiliare. Perche non molto grande. MA ce tutto.

  113. William Pannoni say:

    Had a great time at Newport Grand Casino being entertained by the lobster mania 3 video game then we had lunch that was really good at the casino

  114. Keri Burgess say:

    Shithole! Don’t waste your time. The parking lot was empty for a reason I should have turned around and walked back out the door. I’ve never been to a casino that had such tight machines. They were tighter than my grandpas asshole. There were a few of us there spending a reasonable amount of money on different machines and not a single one of us could get a machine going. Well played Newport, you got our money.

  115. Paul McAllister say:

    Never in my entire life have I ever heard of a casino that closes for the night

  116. Judi Banville Baker say:

    I had such an awesome time watching the free show. Thanks so much for all you do.

  117. Patrick Joyce say:

    Good parking. Feel safe inside. Nonthreatening staff. Go for the free spin machines or else candy bars. Total meltdown looked awesome, though I did Thayer get to play it. Would recommend for a night out or afternoon outing.

  118. Warren Haglund say:

    To small and old school no table games and old slots not even newer ones bartender was mean with no personality def will not go back

  119. Jennifer Walsh say:

    No gluten free menu and they ran out of grilled chicken. Completely disappointed.

  120. Christine LaFreniere say:
  121. Donna Cunha Demello say:

    Free entertainment. Restaurant. Snack bars. Can’t go wrong here!

  122. Ron Jovi say:

    Great place to perform and see a show! Thank you to the staff for the hospitality!

  123. Sandra Marie Richards say:
  124. Scott Ellis say:

    My wife and I went there to see Dirty Deeds the show was great. Prices were what we expected. We didn’t go into the casino but for. What we saw it was clean and busy.

  125. Allen Thomas say:

    Excellant!!! Rich the event center manager and all the crew helped East Coast Alice have a succesful event last night!!!

  126. Steven Jaskolka say:

    I went to see East Coast Alice… what a show.. I was amazed… can’t wait to do it again .

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