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Twin River Casino, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is the state’s largest gaming and entertainment venue as well as its top tourist and cultural attraction! Formerly known as Lincoln Park, the renovated facility offers 162,000 square-feet of gaming space with over 4,800 gaming positions. The casino operates over 4,200 video slot machines and virtual table games (including blackjack and roulette), as well as 108 live table games including blackjack, roulette, craps and more. A great alternative to Connecticut & Massachusetts casinos, this unique gaming facility also hosts simulcasting of the best thoroughbred and greyhound racing from around the country, a 29,000+ square foot Twin River Event Center with headline entertainment, free concerts at the Lighthouse Bar, signature cocktails at Blackstone Bar, award winning beer and live music at the Shipyard Pub, as well as live comedy & karaoke every weekend at Rhodehouse Live! Home to the incredible Fred & Steve’s Steakhouse, you can have an award-winning steak and seafood dinner, or enjoy the exciting sports bar scene at Wicked Good Bar & Grill, as well as 18 other dining outlets! Twin River offers both smoking and smoke-free casinos. Twin River Casino is situated just 10 minutes from Providence and less than an hour from Boston!



Choose from over 4,200 of the latest games along with all your traditional favorites. From state-of-the-art interactive games to big-money progressive slots, our innovative slot floor leads the way. So there’s absolutely no reason to play anywhere else in New England. We’re bigger and better than ever with over 190,000 square feet of gaming space.

Here at Twin River, we know variety is the spice of life for a slot player. That’s why we have added the best and most exciting video slot games to our casino, featuring an all-new High Limit Slot Zone. Our new video slot offerings include more games, and newer games featuring 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, $1, $5, $10 and $25 bets, with progressive jackpots reaching over $2.6 Million! Over $35,000,000 is won by our guests each week! Why would you play anywhere else? Twin River has more options and a seat for you.

The Wizard of Oz™ Ruby Slippers
Return to Oz for an all new adventure with all your favorite characters – Close your eyes, click your heels together and make a wish for your next The Wizard of Oz gaming experience. Ruby Slippers is the next Sensory Immersion® Gaming offering where your players will see, hear and feel every step of their adventure with Dorothy and the rest of their favorite characters. Experiencing bonuses, re-spins, free spins, and big wins as they play this new fantasy game, players will remember this game for years to come!

The Wizard of Oz™
Join Dorothy and her friends Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion on their journey as they encounter witches, flying monkeys and the Wizard of Oz. See, hear and feel this familiar fantasy like never before thanks to the CPU-NXT®2 enhanced graphics, and BOSE® 3SPACE® surround sound.

Monopoly™ Super Grand Hotel®
This exciting Monopoly™ 5-Reel Video has an interactive hotel theme; possesses popular features such as free spins, bonuses and multipliers; and is loaded with classic Monopoly™ images players have grown to know and love.

Viva Monopoly™
With this exciting new game, bonuses are unpredictable thanks to WMS’ unique ARIA (Advanced Random Intelligence Algorithm) technology, giving it trillions of different game and bonus permutations. In fact, Viva Monopoly™ is so unpredictable, players will even find bonuses triggered within other bonuses, delivering incredible player thrills.

Rock Around the Clock: Triple Clock Rockin’™
Win 1 of 6 Progressive Jackpots in the stand alone progressive during the Hoppin’ Jackpot feature. Unique reel unit that pivots during bonus games to display video and wheel based bonuses. All wins advance the feature clock, which can activate multiple bonus features. Spin the arrow 10 times and collect credit prizes in the Fortune Records Feature. Win up to 7 free spins when the clock strikes the Free Spin feature.

Deal or No Deal Join ‘N’ Play
A Linked Community Game where all players are eligible to go into a Bonus Round simultaneously if they have reached a certain level. Combines Individual Player Strategy and the Fun of Group Play. There is a unique time-based bonus, you know exactly when the feature will start!

© Endemol International B.V., Deal or No Deal is a registered trademark of Endemol International B.V. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Table Games

Twin River Casino has 119 live table games, which include a gaming mix of Blackjack (59 tables), Roulette (9 tables), Baccarat (7 tables), Three Card Poker (7 tables), Craps (4 tables), Spanish 21 (5 tables), Let It Ride (3 tables), Pai Gow Poker (3 tables), as well as a Poker Room (22 tables). 85 of the tables are located just inside the West Entrance on our 1st floor, surrounding the Blackstone Cigar Bar. 34 of the tables (including the Poker Room) are located within our smoke-free casino on the 2nd Floor, easily accessible from both the West or South entrances.

Twin River hosts a 22-Table Poker Room on our smoke-free Casino on the 2nd Floor. Twin River Casino offers two basic poker games: 7-Card Stud and Texas Hold’em. Texas Hold’em can be played either as a limit game, in which the size of all the bets is structured or as No Limit, in which a player can bet all their chips at any time.

In Blackjack, the aim of the game is for the total value of your cards to be closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards, without going over 21. Number cards are worth their face value, face cards are worth 10 and aces are worth either 1 or 11.

American Roulette is a casino game where players spin a wheel and predict the number/color where the ball will come to rest. There are Inside Bets where one bets on the inner part of the table and Outside Bets where one bets on the outside parts of the table. Each table has a minimum and maximum wager limit and players can bet any money within these limits.

The ‘Come out Roll’ refers to the opening roll in a round of craps. The point is established only if the dice totals 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. A come out roll worth 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 terminates the round immediately. Once the point has been determined, an ‘ON’ puck will be positioned on the point. The dice will then continue to be rolled until a player either matches the point or rolls a 7.

The aim of Baccarat is to assemble a hand with a point value totaling as near to 9 as possible. Aces are worth 1, 10′s and picture cards are worth 0 whilst all cards from 2-9 retain their face value. If the value of the hand amounts to a two-digit total, disregard the first digit. The last digit represents the baccarat point value.

Three Card Poker
Three Card Poker is a game where you can make multiple bets on your hand. Ante, Pair Plus and the new 6 Card Bonus. The Ante Wager plays against the Dealer’s hand. The Pair Plus is optional and wins with a Pair or Better. The 6 Card Bonus uses the Dealer’s Cards and your cards to make the best 5 card hand and wins with three of a kind or better and pays 1000 to 1 for a Royal Flush!

Spanish 21
Spanish 21 is a fast-paced variation of blackjack that has become increasingly popular. The game is played on a standard blackjack table. The main difference between Spanish 21 compared to blackjack is the removal of all 10′s in the decks. Jacks, Queens, and Kings remain, but all natural 10′s are removed from every deck used at the table.

Let It Ride™
Let It Ride™ is a five-card poker game. Players compete against a pay table, not against the dealers or other players. The game has three parts:

Basic game: Players win with a pair of 10′s or better.
$1 Bonus game: Winning hands vary.
3 Card Bonus: Players win with a pair or better (Players three cards only).

Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker is played with a standard 52-card deck plus one joker. After making a bet, each player is dealt seven cards and must make two poker hands: A standard five-card poker hand and a two-card poker hand. The five-card hand is often called “behind”, or the “bottom,” “high,” or “big” hand, while the two-card hand is called “in front”, “on top”, or the “small,” “minor,” or “low” hand.

Virtual Table Games
Virtual Black Jack
Shuffle Master is the gaming industry’s premier supplier of automatic card shufflers and proprietary table games – Traditional Blackjack the Virtual Way!

Virtual Features include a digital host that converts cash and/or tickets to virtual chips and credits, virtual cards on each players station and bets ranging from $10-$250.

Virtual Roulette
Easy, Fast, Automated and Exciting! Alfastreet™ Roulette offers the excitement of table games with the speed and ease of automated betting.

Enjoy all the fun and excitement of a casino classic with the same wheel, bets, and odds as the traditional table game, but without a dealer.


Slot machines, classic table games & upscale restaurants draw crowds to this lively gambling center.
Address: 100 Twin River Rd, Lincoln, RI 02865, USA
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 401-723-3200

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  1. Alan Burt Sr say:

    Servers on he floor very slow but polite when served

  2. Dan Norton say:

    Eiman Karim is the most efficient, nicest, goal driven (and cutest �) GAME HOST I’ve ever met in any Casino… She couldn’t make you feel any
    More at home when you meet her!!

  3. John Vallante say:

    Lousy drinks and have to pay why when free at other casinos

  4. Darlene Bombardier Rodrigue say:

    Dealers are pleasant and helpful…sometimes funny. It’s a pleasant place to go and have fun!

  5. Diane Silvaggio say:

    First time going to Twin Rivers, liked it much better than Foxwoods .Definitely will be back. Had an awesome day.

  6. Jason M. Geremia say:

    Every time I double down I got a deuce and every time I had a ace high flush somebody else had a straight good times

  7. Dawn Landry say:

    It’s a good time I watched world premier last night they were good and also seen a few more nands there
    Also the slots and etc

  8. Dawn Fazio say:

    Love,Love LOVE LOVE this place I win about 75% of the time!!!

  9. Debbie Lewis say:

    Me and my friend had a great time we enjoyed the time we had variety of slot machines that we can play and we enjoyed the live band in Saturday night

  10. Melissa Portella say:

    I have been attending the Great Escape concerts at the light house bar and in the beginning it was awesome, got there early, got a good seat at a table. The second time I went there was reserved seating on the dance floor and the couches etc were reserved, but I still got there in time to get a seat near the bar. I got there at 7:30 last night eager to get a seat only to find that all of the seating was reserved. I understand that you are trying to accommodate your high rollers, but I’m also going there and spending my money playing the slots and having drinks at the bar, I would appreciate the opportunity to get a table with my friends to enjoy the show.

  11. Christy Carr say:

    My brother and I stopped here on vacation to watch simulcast racing. All of the folks at the betting window were great, very helpful and friendly. Thanks for the hospitality, sincerely Misssoura & Texas!

  12. Henrietta Amaral Giragosian say:

    Had a good time went o the lunch with friends and family

  13. Anthony Susi say:

    Blsckstone Cigar Bar. Is a great place to smoke a cigar. Jeff the bartender on Monday nights is a great guy.

  14. Aaron Leader say:

    Tonight I lost $500 on the poker table and that’s fine I can accept it but when I took my last $150 that I came with to the blackjack table with no mid shoe entry I quickly started climbing up my bank roll and won multiple hands in a row. I was having a great time until some drunk idiot came to the seat next to me and just stood there and stared at me while I was trying to play on a table which I chose to play by myself on this table because nobody could enter mid shoe and I wanted to play alone. as I was waiting for him to leave The dealer changed and I asked the new dealer to get this guy out of my face there is a pit boss right behind me and he is just watching it happen. after a few minutes of just sitting there playing with my chips the dealer tells. Me that I have to play so I start playing and I lose the first hand. This drunk asshole cheerleader starts tellng stories about the way somebody was dressed downstairs and invites his buddy to come watch me play. I tried to ignore him and play but I lost every hand after. He brought horrible vibes to the table and not one of the employees did anything about it, even when I asked the dealer to have him removed. I promise you after the employees just rolling their eyes and laughing about it,not taking my request seriously that I’m never coming back here again. I don’t even care that I lost the money it’s just unreal that a 50 dollar a hand blackjack table can turn into a hangout for two idiots hat just came here to suck down a couple free drinks and talk shit about what people are wearing and stare at people while they play.

  15. Paul Suttles say:

    I am a long haul driver been in casinos across the the country. The free spins are far and few half the fun of slots are free spins and bonus games. I go here to take my uncle who is dieing of liver cancer it is closer than fox woods he likes it just fine.

  16. Andra Waugh say:

    Aside from the smoke smell (which is horrible), we had an absolutely fabulous times dancing to the Amish Outlaws. They were absolutely amazing and try to see them whenever they are there! Wish the whole casino was smoke free though!

  17. Edmund R Pistocco III say:

    Enjoyed Fred and Steve’s Steak House. The Light House Bar was outstanding.

  18. Lisa Morse Bishop say:

    Had a great time i was given 2 different shows of free tickets

  19. Mike Louis say:

    This place is garbage. They kicked me out saying i was a bonus chaser and i was friends with bonus chasers which is a absolute lie, I have lost thousands of dollars there personally seriously what kind of casino throws you out for losing money. On another note I saw a guy with his face smashed into the ground by police he was defenseless and they were treating him like he was Osama bin Laden… This place treats you like shit.. employees get fired for dum shit and they should be shut down! Honestly all casinos suck but this one is the worst! There lucky I haven’t reported them to channel 12 news yet.

  20. Butch Wheeler say:

    Great casino, not as large as the other 2 in CT. Very nice.

  21. Tiffany Smith say:

    The bartender at the VIP lounge whose name is Colleen or Helene she refused to tell me her name was rude ignorant and just disrespectful. She refused to accept my Mass ID but I’m allowed to gamble and lose plenty of money but can’t get a drink. My boyfriend and I will NEVER EVER come back to Twin River again. Not only was she rude and cold to me and the other African Americans the VIP rep that sits in the office stamping hands came over to our table afterwards and asked with a nasty attitude “so what is there some kind of a problem?” My boyfriend asked her to please leave us alone and he was done with the conversation and she said “uck I’m calling security” the only person who was nice was security! We ate and left we will NEVER go there again.

  22. Anna Stiros say:

    The 1st question is as much as I appreciate the smoking section (not a smoker myself but my husband is)…Why on earth would you put the elevator and escalators on the other side of the entrance so you have to walk pretty much all the way through the smoking section to go up stairs to the non smoking section…Second…you REALLY need to either fix your rewards cards…I had to get a new card after 5 games!! and I still had issues with the new card!! Not sure I’ll hurry back again…

  23. Glenn Campbell say:

    Worst casino I have ever been in. Terrible food and bar options. “Event center” is a glorified ballroom. Would not go back

  24. Cheryl DiRobbio say:

    I like the bands there!!! I think while you gamble the drinks should be free like the rest of the casinos, people do spend a lot of money there.

  25. Nicole Gaudette say:

    Had a fun night. Been many other times. I won some money so that was a plus. Wish there were rooms to stay the night.

  26. Mike Wetzel say:

    Parking was non existent, took us 40 minutes to find a spot, wasn’t too smoky inside, The attendants were very helpful, conference room was not a good venue for Styx show, poor acoustics
    Had fun going down memory lane with the boys, one lane road back to 146 seemed a bit cheesy and unsafe

  27. Wylie Mitchell say:

    first floor is so smoke filled I thought the place was on fire. lowest slot payout out of any casino. the comp/bonus are payed out of money provided by the state,once that money runs out so does the comp.if their were a 0 star rating this place would get it. also the worst place to see a show. went to see the Monkees my but/legs were still hurting 3 days later. not to mention the fact that all the seats are on the same level so every time somebody gets up,and the do,you can’t see the stage. aagain wish i could give this place a lower rating.

  28. Lisa Caraman say:

    Went to a show felt abit cramped had to put my around my friend to be comfortable folding chair seating. ..
    But all in all beautiful set up

  29. Olga Gariepy say:

    I’m furious!!! I went to Twin River to get four tickets to an upcoming event. I wasn’t allowed to pick my seats. The man was very short with me and told me if I wanted to choose my seat, go to Ticketmaster. Really??!! Are you kidding me??? We’ve been to several events and have NEVER been told this. I was going to buy four tickets!! I went to the venue!!! I CAN’T choose my seats. There was no way I was going to be forced to sit in the middle of a row in the middle of a section. I LEFT WITHOUT BUYING THE TICKETS!!

  30. Gayle Rivers say:

    I went for the first time with a friend. Didn’t do bad. The smoking are a should have better circulation as you can smell it upstairs.l did like it though. Clean.

  31. Greg Neveux say:

    I literally gagged and choked walking thru there.And now I hear on the news the proprietors are DEADBEATS themselves who do not payout a 43 million jackpot true story?

  32. Gage Chandler say:

    Very nice casino great staff there all more than happy to take ur ass, was there for about 1 hour and they took my whole cocknballs with no problem at all. Go there if your lookin to loose ur ass!!�

  33. Shelly LaFleur say:

    To much smoke,and drunks no class at all I saw several arrest was discussed.

  34. Rob Marques say:

    Parking sucked, seats could kill, great show, good friends, but not ready for large volume of guests

  35. Lisa Zinno Golding say:

    I went to the concert •••Monkees. However I never win there and don’t get any free play rewards. I like Newport Grand for their free play and rewards.

  36. Donna Reidy Sullivan say:

    Go once every 3 months or so Disappointed that I never hear jackpots going off though Used to hear them all the time Guess they don’t like big payouts

  37. Sandra DeSisto say:

    Had a great time and the Toni & Guy fashion show was amazing. Great job�

  38. Maria Di Iorio Xavier say:

    I knew the Monkees would be playing in RI and that it would be the 2nd to last shows in US as part of the 50th Anniversary. but since I made a show with a friend back in October I figured that I could check it off my bucket list of things to do. Besides, I had no one to go with me to RI.

    My husband Vic and I were lounging in bed on Saturday morning . I follow the guys and saw a post on FB by Micky on Saturday morning about the RI and NJ show being the end of the US tour.

  39. Robin Bailly say:

    Gave this place 1 more shot and it was my last!! Next year when Mass opens I would put all the $ I donated to your establishment on 1 bet you’ll end up closing!! The only thing good I could say about this place is the cleanliness in the bathrooms.. From dining, bars, slots, tabels and staff they are terrible. My 1st few times going there about 6yrs ago I remember was a lot of fun but over the years especially in the last 2yrs it’s become a pit in all aspects! Oh and the new “would you like a small or large dixe cup” for a cocktail at $8 or $13 is great!! �

  40. Bill DiLibero say:

    The house always wins. Lost my shirt as usual! Did not have to take a limo home?

  41. Jennis LaVita say:

    Penny machines!!! That’s the majority of the slots. Some people actually like to spend a little bit more money!! I walked around forever trying to find a good old fashion quarter machine. We ended up leaving.
    I remember going when they first opened and said to myself, I’ll never go back there, flash forward some years…now I will NEVER go back!!!

  42. George Ferreira say:

    The poker room floor personnel are a joke constantly open seats, lists are 20 deep and they can’t care less and we are forced to play on short tables because of their inexperience

  43. Irving Concepcion say:

    We all had such a great time, with all our fellow Marriott Staff

  44. Jermaine Privott say:

    I walked in there and put a $20 in a 5 cent machine and walked out with $221.75. In a matter of minutes. Thanks Twin River!!!! Always max bet!!!!

  45. Mel Gartz say:

    Sad to say but this place has become just as bad as plainridge. The machines are tighter then assholes now!!! Save ur money & stay home!!!

  46. Gary Hagerty say:

    I spend a lot of time at Twin River within the aspects of music, many of my friends bands play at the Lighthouse Bar, looking forward to seeing Lois Greco there this saturday, i have many friends who work there. … Awesome entertainment, excellent bars and restaurants with a wonderful staff… See you Christmas eve…
    Spydr Entertainment Ltd�������

  47. Tom Sauerlinder say:

    have never had a bad night at twin river yet cant wait for them to build in tiverton

  48. Tammy Stone say:

    Chips are so old in machines..never get a bonus..know matter what you play

  49. Norene Mary Tighe say:

    Belated birthday present from Yvonne Ron Bunk Renee Shannah and Shawn! Ate in the food court KFC and Johnny Rockets. Always a good time.

  50. Bryan Hella say:

    Convenient location for me unlike the Ct.Woods … Very nice place with a big upside … My lowest grade would be given to the inexperience of several poker dealers.Everyone makes mistakes but I saw far too many of them in the 3 days I played there.Will be returning in the summer hope to see a chance for the better …best of luck

  51. Christina LaFonte say:

    Love Twin River! They have a great table games. The smoke free casino rocks— my only wish is that it had a Let It Ride table. The food is really good at every restaurant and there are plenty of fast food choices. I went there for NYE and it was a nice event. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good time at the casino!

  52. Alice Revis say:

    First time to go to the casino. Very friendly staff . Even tho I was told about the non smoking room up stairs . I chose not to go up …. saying that I delta with the smell of smoke an ashtrays …. we left with more money than we came in with it was a beautiful evenings ….

  53. Ana Cabral Martins say:

    Had a blast on NYE it was my first time going on NYE. The band was great will be going again!!

  54. Judy Herenandez say:

    Awesome every time i go is a different kind of fun fun fun..���
    im going for my Birthday Jan 9th..���
    hope to win big

  55. Sue Guerin Nosky say:

    The smoke was so bad trying to go up to the non smoking area parts of upstairs you could smell the smoke.

  56. Joseph Bari say:

    My wife and I went to twin rivers on new years eve and were verry please the hostesses and waitresses treated us is if were special. The food was fantastic, world premier played the whole place was jumping, this band plays great dancing music hope for you to see them perform. An hour before midnight I said to my wife let’s go up stairs in non smoking area and gamble a little bit. To my surprise First $20 playing 60cent my was doing very well, ten minutes to midnight my wife was up $176.20 and I was down $80 I said come on sweetheart you did fine let’s go watch the balloon come down. Through out the night it was fun and a experience for my wife First time gamble. We may do it again next new year eve.

  57. Glow Arevir say:

    Muy lindo las personas muy cariñosas lo único malo es los que fuman el olor sube arriba x lo demás bien

  58. Noupone Nonthaxay say:

    First time and I’ll be back!!
    Not too big or small, helpful staff and friendly.

  59. Alan Coffey say:

    I went there yesterday in the snow storm from Quincy ma . l took my mother, we had some fun the only thing i might have had a problem was getting our bonus slot play a lot of the games did not let you put it in.

  60. Laura Harrington say:

    Music in lounge was decent. A bit loud but acoustics are the issue with the slot machines all around.

  61. Albert Cardona say:

    Always have fun with my family I goto smoke free section nice and clean.

  62. Melodie A. Brill say:

    Fun time. Saw the Isley Brothers. A great show! Always a fun time.

  63. Paul Ganem say:

    Too much smoke couldn’t breath or enjoy myself low class people. Valet was slow

  64. Dwayne O'Steen Tisdale say:

    Went to the Isley Brothers concert. Had a great time , hung out in the VIP lounge. I had a great time. I think the casino needs to invest in a better ventilation system. The place smells like an old smoking motel room.

  65. Sandy King-Gaudette say:

    I thought it was old, dated and smelled. I couldn’t place the odor but it wasn’t pleasant and this was everywhere. I’m used to Foxwoods and in comparison this place needs to up their game. My first and last time there.

  66. Karen Gauthier say:

    Kinda upset. We received offer card andy husband called and reserved all the offers. We got there last night to get our fleece blanket only to be told they were.out and handed him $10. OK thanks. But we didn’t want the $10 we wanted the blanket. What’s the point of reserving the items if you don’t have them reserved?!

  67. Dana Hill say:

    Considering it was the very first time there (visiting) it wasn’t that bad. We ate dinner at the Wicked Good bar & grill and then went and looked around as well as played a couple of slots. Steve basically got his money back that he paid for dinner and a little extra. All in all we had a great time and are planning on doing it again some day.

  68. Mark McCulley say:

    I love to play video poker but refuse to play at twin river…any legitimate casino will pay you 9 to 1 on a full house and twin river pays you 6 to 1. This basically makes video poker a suckers bet

  69. Melanie Conrad say:

    Place sucks! Absolutely no payout even after being there 8 hours!! Not going back for a long long time! Casino
    sucks big fat cock!!

  70. Michail Kariotis say:

    Thoroughly enjoy all the experiences I have there…quite a variety of games to play with and I know a lot of the friendly staff members that work there.

  71. Keith Blanchard say:

    It smelled odd in there and no action very tight machines. Very Very quite like you were in a library instead of a Casino. Other then the music playing.

  72. Anthony Bizzarro say:

    i can not wait to go back and win some more money very professional staff beautiful waitress and dealers as well a+

  73. Nick Correia say:

    Played Trivia on Wednesday at Wicked Good not my first time there and won’t be my last… PS won $40 off our bill!!!

  74. Clint Talbot say:

    Place sucks!! Got stuck in the elevator and there drinks are watered down. Don’t waste your time and money. I would rather watch a tortoise race. I hate that place it’s the lowest of all lows. Pretty much the best thing there is the exit sign.

  75. Josh LaCourse say:

    Convenient location, horrible parking.
    Entire place smells like an ashtray.
    Clothes still stink like smoke the next day wafting from the hamper after only walking to the event center.
    Mohegan and Foxwoods are better.

  76. Colleen Suzi Fielder Davenport say:

    You REALLY dropped the ball today Twin River!! Your new system is TERRIBLE!! Went to play my slot play and my card wouldn’t work. Your workers made me stand in line to get a new card..then stand in line 3 times to change my pin!! I waited 45 minutes while you “worked” on the problem.. Your workers even changed my pin WITHOUT even asking!! Then changed my card from yellow to blue!! I DONT even know where I stand as far as what card or pin to use!! Was basically told sorry can’t do anything about it…we will contact you when its fixed!! 5 supervisors were standing there I asked for a phone number of one of them..ALL 5 said..nope I don’t have a business card.. Nope no number you don’t need to call us we will EVENTUALLY get to the bottom of this.. When you have an offer you should be able to use it!! I wasted over an hr of my time i DEFINITELY will think twice before going back to play again!! Iam middle tier player and my husbend is a top player!! I feel your 5 supervisors were unwilling to bend on fixing the problem!! I should be compensated for my time!! I know its a new system but YOU should HAVE HAD A BACK UP PLAN!!!! EPIC FAIL TWIN RIVER… EPIC FAIL?!!

  77. Micheline Grossi Lombardi say:

    I only go to Twin Rivers when Reminisce is playing at the Lighthouse lounge. I even hate seeing them there because the smoke is horrible. I was only there for a couple of hours and I lost my voice due to the smoke. Also, there is no wait staff for drinks, so rather then ordering several drinks(less $$$$ for the company) we had just one.

  78. Maria Mann say:

    Clean friendly atmosphere, lots of fun choices good food. My only complaint is not enough cocktail waitresses, but alas there never is.

  79. John Sullivan say:

    Twin River is the best casino in all of New England. The perfect size. Easy to get to and a short trip from most of Ct, Mass, and all R.I. Great restaurants, free entertainment and best of all slot machines that really do pay.

  80. Phil Levine say:

    They are not paying off , and the place is too smokey and dark.

  81. Allen Gerard say:

    Just OK, the big 1st floor casino apprently doesn’t have functioning air filtration, so filled with disgusting cigarette smoke that you can’t breath. You can feel it stuck to your skin, in your hair, so gross. 2nd floor smaller casino is smoke free and good, restaurants all good too.

  82. Michael Martins say:

    Place sucks and it smells like an indoor fleamarket.

  83. Joe Szczechowicz say:

    Not a bad place. Decent room for the smoking part. Didn’t investigate the whole building but did enjoy myself. Attendants need to be cleaning between the slot machines a lot more than they do, noticed a lot of ashtrays and empty cups and beers every time I sat down. The comp program is a joke tables are a dollar but slots are not. If that is the case slow the comp process in the computers of the slot machines so that everything is a dollar. This way I know if I can actually get a meal or a drink on the comp program. I play the slots get 53.comp point and find out it’s $0.53 what a joke. Especially when I could throw two three four $500 into a slot machine. Not a big fan of the no free alcohol on the floor policy either. Which is just showing that the comps aren’t that great.

  84. Jesika Alicia say:

    buenisimooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ???????

  85. Yvonne Reaves-Connor say:

    Love it— always enjoy myself, great place n close to home

  86. Heidi Medeiros say:

    We attended the CES boxing event Saturday night and had sent my mother’s car through valet service so she would not have to walk very far, she is 65 and has a bad back condition. The fight ended at 11:30. Her card was scanned immediately and while other people’s cards came back in a timely manner, my mother waited until 2AM to receive her car back. It took two and a half hours of standing around until someone finally assisted her leaving her to drive home very late at night. I am extremely disappointed in the valet service for allowing such a mishap and had I been there I would have absolutely put a complaint in with the highest level of management !

  87. Steven Porcelli say:

    Had a good cup of Coffee at DD , a slice of pizza from Shabaro!

  88. Rae Desrosiers say:

    Love twin river! I don’t gamble but the events are awesome!

  89. Jessica Christine say:

    Worst valet ever. Never less than a 30 minute wait to drop car off every weekend

  90. Steven Himelfarb say:

    Johnny Rockets !! great burgers and O rings ….. we ended up losing but had fun doing it

  91. Nora Burch say:

    My birthday visit was awesome ! Lots of slots, friendly staff, and Johnny Rockets for lunch !!

  92. Yvette Kenner say:

    I generally get surveys about my time here and I am a very open honest person. I do love the fact that they are adding more games to compete with plainridge foxwoods and mohegan. I just wish they would advertise on their Facebook or instagram page that they are adding more machines so this would make people like myself go more often. Also put signs up at saying new slots here.

  93. Elizabeth Lauren say:

    The valet was confrontational when I said I was waiting in a lane while he let 10 cars go ahead of me so he let 10 more go just to be a jerk. Then he got up in my face when I went to exit the vehicle. Needless to say I missed a half hour of my show. I let his boss know and the boss apologized on behalf of the crazy guy that screamed in my face. GOD forbid I tell you you’re less than a perfect parking lot attendant. Not cool.

  94. Kelly Farrow say:

    Had a great evening Don was great for opening show didn’t expect that very exciting
    Growing up in the 70’s n still remember the oldies was great
    Grand funk was also awesome our favorite song “some kind of wonderful ” was great to hear them in person it is a song that will be with my husband n I for a lifetime

  95. Jacki Cucinotta say:

    I absolutely loved the fun, exciting atmosphere here! And the employees were all friendly and welcoming. Lots of great games to choose from and lots of amazing places to eat and shop. I would highly recommend my friends to come here in the future.

  96. Denise Keyes say:

    could never understand why they would have their band set up inside the middle of the casino, that was the dumbest move ever. It is not enjoyable to have to listen to the lousiest bands they can find screaming into a microphone all night. Always extremely cold in there which also makes it very uncomfortable, I get they have to circulate the smoky air but these blasts of cold air come right down on you as your sitting trying to play a machine. There is seldom any kind of payout on their machines, waitress service while playing really sucks, they take your order but never come back with it. Valet service is just a total joke. Foxwoods is a longer drive but much more enjoyable with much better rewards.

  97. Arnold Galindo Lobo say:

    Super bonito hermoso lugar con un ambiente y personal muy completo felicidades

  98. Mark Edwards say:

    Parking sucks. Drove around for 35 minutes. Have you ever heard of a parking garage? I think you need one. Atmosphere was horrible. Crowded areas, smoke filled rooms, nasty people. Overall poor experience.

  99. Michael Goodfellow say:

    It’s ok don’t have a lot of the slots I like tho, would like if they had the walking dead machine

  100. Eric Malardo say:

    I lost my phone, it must have slipped into the couch while watching a band. I called Twin River the next morning, described the phone and they had it in the lost and found bin. A huge thank you to the person who found it and had the honesty to return it and a huge thank you to the Casino for holding onto it for me. You guys are the best!!!!

  101. Christian C'z Montesinos say:

    It was great overall but the only reason I’m giving 2stars is because me and my friend were sitting at the Spanish 21 table last night and there was an Asian girl as the dealer and for no reason at all she’s giving us all attitude rude and just killing the entire vibe. We were all having so much fun and she happen to be at the table where a drink was spilled and we simply asked her how long until the table was open and she ignorantly responded right away with an attitude 20min and the cleaning lady was almost done. Completely reuined the night especially when that happen to be the only table open at Spanish 21!!!!!

  102. John Joseph Rojas say:

    I lost my wallet and it was returned to me right away. The staff is friendly and helpful a

  103. Roberta Morello say:

    4 star only because there is always room for improvement! A friendly place from patrons to Security and management. Lots of variety in games and entertainment with great eateries. FUN!!!

  104. Shania Russell say:

    Always have a blast here, the whole 2 times I’ve been here!!! Lol

  105. Barbara Dzagan say:

    Dirtiest casino I have ever been to, as well as the fact that I have never ever won anything
    Here . And the most rudes people work here! This casinos all about taking your money! And treating you like shit. Everyone try plainridge!

  106. Pauline Moody say:

    The show was excellent ptices were very good

  107. Elaine Rich say:

    Smoke free upstairs and penny machines. Fun. Was there for 5 hours and only lost $20.00 playing the poker machine. My strategy was to keep the best two face cards out of the five. If only one face card pick that. Be careful though it might be a penny machine but each bet could be $.40 or $.80. I played a machine which was $.02 a bet so my money lasted a long time.

  108. Rebecca Charkhutian say:

    Sooo if anyone would like to see the embodiment of pure white trash I encourage you to visit Twin Rivers Casino. I cannot unsee and unlive the last hour of my life. From having the rudest bartender on earth, witnessing two grown women fight at a blackjack table, and seeing a girl jump from her seat and call another woman at the table a slut for getting black jack, I have been traumatized. ?? We’ll be sticking to Mohegan Sun from now on, thanks!

  109. Michelle Barboza say:

    To much smoke even though it was a smoke free environment in one area! To many penny slots…

  110. Gus Johnson Forbes say:

    I’m no longer a virgin! It was fabulous!

  111. Quii Cam say:

    �Played $60.00 and WON $1436.00!! ��
    …i shall return reaaaaaal sooooon!

  112. Zachh Dugas say:

    First time there. Just turned 18 and I have a blast with my family ?

  113. Gail Houle say:

    I don’t get how you do your bonus offers at all. I went the last two Saturdays in a row because you offered decent bonus play and then this weekend and next weekend you cut me down to only two dates on a weekday until the end of the month!! I’m not taking a day off of work to gamble. Please don’t give me the “we go by your rate of play” crap because like I said, I went two weekends in a row only because of the offer and played plenty. I happened to have had luck for both days I went so am I being punished for winning??? We had plans to take my sister for her birthday next Saturday and now I’m going to suggest another place!! Your weekend offers are my incentive to go there because I can go to Plainridge and not come out of there with burning eyes, a sore throat and smelling like I rolled around in a filthy ashtray for a better deal. I can’t wait for Everett to open so I can never go to RI again. So frustrating!

  114. Joe Leahy say:

    The whole casino is filled with smoke. If you don’t have a respitory problem when you get there, you will when you leave. The smoking section should be on the upper levels , not ground floor. Total turn off for non smokers. You should advertize the fact that the whole place is filled with smoke .

  115. Lisa Thibodeau Johnson say:

    If I could rate it with a negative number I seriously would … this place is a damn joke. I’ll take my money to Connecticut or Plainridge

  116. David Biddle say:

    I was impressed. I’m not a gambler but visited for another event and was amazed with the amount of people! I walked around and enjoyed some bars & restaurants while I was there & was surprised by the choices. I didn’t realize that they had a Shipyard pub & Woodstock Inn’s Pigs Ear Brown Ale on tap at Wicked Good, two of my favorite breweries!

  117. Nicole Miranda say:

    I was eating at Wicked Good with my friends. My friend spot a roach crawling on a wall next to our table. We lost our appitie…
    Never going back there again.

  118. Glendaliz Colon say:

    TOO MUCH SMOKE!!! Left smelling like an ashtray ?

  119. Lori Vierosos say:

    I didn’t go to gamble, so no idea about that, but the cigarette smoke was awful! Otherwise no issues, but I prefer places where I can breathe.

  120. Paul Corcoran say:

    I like to walk around playing games in each room. Wicked Good or the Asian Food Restaurant for dinner. Fred and Steves is nice, but, too expensive. I do wish the upstairs would get more interesting interactive games. But, it’s the best casino for free giveaways like the free cruises and trips to St Marten. Better than Massachusetts or Connecticut!

  121. Charles Woods say:

    always a fun time, try to get here often. enjoy all the slots, my favorite slot is the penny machines

  122. Donna Crudale McDonald say:

    I went to the Italian/Chinese/Anerican buffet. The food was okay. Much better than the Surf & Turf buffet. I ate only salad that time! Re gambling – I lost (as usual)!

  123. Maggie Thomas say:

    We went only for the show Martin Short been loving him since before Steph was born. Laughed till I cried beautiful venue.

  124. Jim Anderschat say:

    There are some good slots here, but the player card readers suck in most the machines. The smoke in this casino is horrible. I like it when I am in the area, but bring a face mask.

  125. Mathew Grondin say:

    Did not enjoy myself at all, over crowded would be an understatement. Could not get a seat at any table games because everyone was playing two positions, I would’ve thought that at a certain time of day or capacity, they’d stop allowing people to continue playing that way. To give other people a chance to play, the only table game I could get a seat at was a blackjack table and then that was taken away from me when a patron spilled her drink on the table (twice) because you have no and offer no cup holders at the tables. The poker room was an hour long wait (at least) to just get a seat?!? The majority of the slots in non smoking section are very dated and unengaging honestly, I was bored with losing. Even on the main floor the selection of slots are bland and I realize that smoking is allowed in there but because of the sheer number of people playing and smoking, it became too much for me and my clothes smelled of nothing but stale smoke when I got home three hours later. I won’t be back!

  126. Nay Jane say:

    Went there Saturday night for the first time!!! It will be my last! The smoking in there was awful, really trying to play slots and having people on both sides of me smoking!!!!!!!! My clothes smelt, my hair smelt! Then we decided to have dinner upstairs at Frank&Steve’s. Dinner was horrible and so was the service. Thank god our bill was taking care of by the MG!!!!!?

  127. Jeffrey Gaudreau say:

    This is my first time making a review I’ve been coming here a few times in the past few years you don’t have that many new machines and I’m a little disappointed am I second complaint if I don’t get that many swap free plays because I don’t really come here that often I can get $40 worth of slot play at another casino without any issues Plus I bet a a 275 on one of those Penny machines and I only got $3 on a bonus that’s a rip-off in my opinion

  128. Beth Proman-curtin say:

    The smoking in there last night was absolutely disgusting! We went to see a show which was great walked thru the casino to get to the bar upstairs my eyes where on fire and I could feel my lungs filling up with smoke !! It’s too bad that the cigar bar is all about smoking because they where playing great music and would love to hang there and drink but hell noooo

  129. Brenda Ward say:


  130. Gina Cecere Furtado say:

    Literally dying from my night there thanks to all of the second hand smoke I breathed in. If I wanted to smoke 800 cigarettes in one night I wouldn’t have quit smoking! Awful, just awful!! Clean up the place and make most of it smoke free please so people can actually breathe in there and enjoy it!

  131. Jamie LaNinfa say:

    Over priced not much fun… better off going to Mohegan

  132. Mandy Patton-Knecht say:

    It was great.. clean and always such a great time!!!!

  133. Rich JF say:

    I should give it 5 stars for winning hold em which I barley grasp but its fun to play completely ignorant and say im a Brown University student and act drunk. Half the time i dunno if its an act and half the time i know it isnt but the race track room is great for meeting prostitutes and or smoking both unhealthy cant wait for the motel six to open and get a complementary room with my players club card!

  134. Sam Adams say:

    Decent table games, but smokey first floor. Upstairs is non-smoking. Park in the West entrance, if you’re a non-smoker; it gives you direct access to the escalator, so you don’t have to walk through the entire smokey first floor.

  135. Donnie Donnie Battle Senna say:

    place was awesome … security gaurd was super helpful … plenty of doors so i didnt have to go far with my dj equipment … event staff was courteous

  136. James M. Kasischke say:

    I’m not a gambler, but Twin River has a decent nonsmoking section. There are some good bars. We especially liked the Shipyard pub.

  137. Michelle Holmes say:

    Drove two hours to find out i cant use my MA id as a valid form of identification for an alcoholic beverage.

  138. Denise Farrow say:

    It was fun. Parking wasn’t bad because we got there early!! Point system not like foxwoods! Lost but had fun!!

  139. Jen Mercurio say:

    Great experience as always. Only on this visit, I lost my cell phone and I thought for sure I would never see it again, but a Good Samaritan turned it in. Stressful night turned into a great experience overall.

  140. Tiffany Sullivan say:

    I love Twin River! I wish there were more Texas hold ’em tables and slots on the non smoking floor. But, I really enjoy this casino!

  141. Kris Fowler-Corscadden say:

    Band was good, staff was good,and the slot machines, don’t pay well,bet$ 1.50 and win. $ 3.00,not good.

  142. Esther Medina say:

    Well it was the worst experienced I had ever encounter with a casino. The first thing the employees don’t greet you. They also don’t explain how the whole money in the card works. I know a person who had difficulty with the whole thing. No one explain how the card really works so she went to another machine thinking she can take the money with her and it was all bs… we ask for help in the front office and even the supervisor and they didn’t care and never solved the problem. The poor person lost $10 from her card and no one in the casino was willing to refund none of it even though they check the computer system… worst experienced won’t recommend this casino to any one….

  143. Michelle Messier say:

    I had a wonderful friend received two tickets for the buffet.The food was delicious and I didn’t go home broke. Lol.�

  144. Ananda Milliken say:

    I usually go to Mohegan Sun but decided to try someplace closer to home. The slot machines are old, generic and outdated. The Wicked Good Bar was wicked mediocre. I mean how do you make a crappy burger?? There were so many old people. I know casinos tend to have a lot of elderly but there were barely any people under 65. Next time I want gamble, I will just drive the extra 45 to Mohegan Sun.

  145. Joshua Mcilmail say:

    Went to watch CES MMA fights love the fights! Wasn’t a huge fan of venue setup. Lights facing and blinding the crap you instead of facing entry way of where the fighters enter. Loved how close I was to the ring and how the fighter actually came out into the crowd. As far as the casino it was pretty smokey (usual for a casino) high rollers section is where I spent the rest of the night. Loved it great vibe got to bs with lots of different people. Even though me and friends left in a hole it was a great night.

  146. Kassyranny Kim say:

    Definitely love my easy $$$$$ Winning $$$$$ #So much so close i go there twice in one day sometime im there 12plus hours i have no kids no BF no husband No BS. I enjoy all the good free foods from tables points. I loose i win im still happy to go there. Unlike some Bozo maron bangz the table or even worst at some point mad @the dealer. I witnessed some even dragged outside. I love it *****

  147. Tommy White Sr. say:

    I had a blast. Good music and friends and a few extra $ on my pockets. What’s not too love!!!

  148. Jamaal Straker say:

    Great ces boxing venue… Best � in the area…The yelling of people in the aisles I can do without. Great casino though!

  149. Kennith Gantz say:

    The place horrible we had gotten an offer for Olivia Newton John and the next day drove an hour to reserve the Twix’s but we get there and they don’t have any left but if I want I can now pay $164 per tix to see her thru Ticketmaster this place is the worse always better in Vegas this will never be like that

  150. Stephanie Disalvo say:

    The place is dirty, cigarette ashes all over the place especially on the machines. Every time I leave there I smell like cigarettes, they need better ventilation. I know there is a non smoking floor but if its too busy on that floor Ill go downstairs.

  151. James Arnold say:

    It was so much fun to see everyone. ……LETS DO IT AGAIN SOON!!!!!

  152. Trav Charron say:

    It has a multitude of gaming and several eating options but as with many such casinos the smoking policy is horrendous. It appeals to one of the worse health exposures in a public environment. It’s bad enough for us to think twice about visiting again. Its a policy that hinders back to a bygone era.

  153. Chris Wallace say:

    I don’t see what the fuss about the smoking is. It’s a casino and they do offer a smoke free casino upstairs with all the same games and you don’t even have to pass through the casino that you’re allowed to smoke in to get to it. Te dealers have a welcoming positive attitude.

  154. Elsie Rodriguez Ortiz say:

    Es el mejor sitio para ir música en vivo, los precios de las bebidas a precios populares. Pasamos un rato espectacular

  155. Dennis Rooney say:

    First time there. It was just ok. Very smoky. Slots were a little dated. Tables had $15 minimums and I was able to play with very little waiting. Went for a concert and the venue was poor. Folding chairs clipped together in rows. Packed very tight. Tried to eat at the steak house after but there was a LONG wait even at 10 pm. Ate at the Wicked Good Bar. It was ok. Doubt I will go back.

  156. Nancy Henderson Tetreault say:

    I went to see Olivia Newton-John. She was sensational here show was a class act. She sounds wonderful and put on a great show!! She however was the only highlight. We arrived from work hoping to get dinner and drinks before the show.. Well that was not a possibility. All the restaurants were an hour or more wait … Not good news at all. We finally were able to get something from Johnny Rockets and although the food was fine it was not what we wanted. Our waitress was wonderful. But the poor girl was the only one on and was juggling numerous customers … The casino was smoke filled and was another detractor in terms of venue.. Very happy with ONJ but other than that this is not a place I would be likely to return too.

  157. Amy Margolis-Cole say:

    First time at twin Rivers Casino. Only came to see Olivia Newton-John. The seating was awful. The concert took place in a function room not an auditorium or theater. The seats were very hard and uncomfortable. I don’t think I would see a concert there again. Olivia was fabulous! I did enjoy her performance very much!

  158. Laura Staffier Roukas say:

    I just wish the seating at the concerts were better. Too close together.

  159. Charles Booker say:

    I have been going to the VIP club for numerous years. The last few times we were not offered silverware never mind a drink. We had to use a dessert fork to eat. Today I confronted a bar manager Joe. After done eating, he said do you want a drink. I observed the bar female, Kelly, chit chatting with the blonde female table server for 27 minutes, still no service. People spend alot of money in this casino, Staff in VIP are ignorant, ignore VIP customers and gossip about everyone. Joe and Kelly need customer service skills…

  160. Robert Lane say:

    Service is awful, played back Jack lost 2k could get a glass of wine and nobody cared

  161. Bob Johnd say:

    It wasn’t very good,as I was walking in some ignorant black guy in a suite told me I could not bring my coffee in with me. Can’t bring my coffee in but I can buy one there,that’s the dumbest rule I have ever heard off. If it was up to me I would fire the moron that made that rule,apparently that person doesn’t have much to do.

  162. Diane Anderson say:

    I just love it here at the river! 90% of the time I take home something! The waitresses are very friendly, and the atmosphere is great too!! Highly recommend

  163. Erika Krueger say:

    I only went to see The Pointer Sisters. What a great, fun show! The facility seemed fine although as I said I only went for the show and left. There was the smell of smoke heavy in the air in the hallways though. Odd to me as I thought smoking wasn’t allowed but maybe I just assumed that and it is *shrugs* anyway The Pointer Sisters was AWESOME!! I really hope they come play again!

  164. Jon Young say:

    You made some good decorative improvements to the Non-Smoking simulcast area, but in the process you didn’t add any additional room for players there.

  165. Barbara Ann Savage say:

    Way too many smoking areas in the Casino , need more non smoking areas ! Also need more of a variety of restaurants, besides the fast food places !!!

  166. Patrick Campbell say:

    Exceptionally slow with drinks, so much so I cashed out and went to go get a drink. Needless to say I didn’t return to the table.

  167. Mirna Marroquín say:

    Es un exelente lugar,mucho entretenimiento y lo mejor son los conciertos bebidas a buen precio y muy buena atención.

  168. Marie Engley say:

    Went and celebrated the 10 year anniversary and it was fabulous. They went top notch from red carpet greeting and beautiful tables. Delicious meal and great entertainment. Thumps up T W.

  169. Jay Nikehead Piccolo say:

    The pond is always freshly stocked with fish

  170. Rose Genereux say:

    The smoking and lack of staff is a real deterrent. Why not make the smoking room upstairs. The non smokers have to smell the smoke going to eat or getting in and out. The valet was also under staffed. The bar staff must be over worked and under paid because they do not seem the least bit pleased to serve. Tipping well doesn’t seem to be incentive enough, just a burnt out unhappy bunch.

  171. Emily Rupert say:

    Went to Fred and Steve’s steakhouse and didn’t have a great experience. We made reservations and were seated on the bar side. The hostess seemed disinterested. Our waitress was nice but seemed very busy and forgot our appetizer. She removed it from the bill and gave us dessert. We waited a while to get our bill paid. The food was great. The service and staff were not.

  172. Jayson Too Much Grant say:

    Close to home and fun would definitely would come back!

  173. Monna Bari say:

    Had an excellent time at the Tequila and Rum Festival yesturday! So many venues!

  174. Donna Giardina Alesse say:

    I did not like that there is smoking allowed. The 1st floor was bigger and had live music but due to the smoke we had to spend the day on the smoke free 2nd floor enclosed in a glass doors which were heavy & not automatic making entry impossible with a wheel chair without aid from 2 people. Games were too complicated, not enough staff to be found for help in general understanding of play. Fast food only, needs a decent restaurant or 2. The smoke was the worst part… Should put the smokers upstairs in the small room and they can share all that smoke behind the big glass doors. They got it all backwards!

  175. Spoon Margo Marie say:

    Took my son to the casino for the first time we both loved it. Great food, very friendly staff.

  176. Blanche Sroka say:

    My sister and I go about 4 or 5 times a week we might hit big maybe once or twice a year and sometimes come home with are money went with .But most of the time we come home with nothing . We mainly go for a night out but we would like to win a little more. I noticed people that bet the max we all the time

  177. Erica Perry say:

    I went to the Twin River Casino last night, for the first time. I enjoyed myself at the CES MMA fight night! I will be back!

    #CT native

  178. Ryan Shea say:

    Great food at Wicked Good. The Big Papi did not let me down. Slots took most of my money but blackjack saved the day. Great place to go for a short drive. They get hotels up and is frequent well more

  179. Lisa Porter-Etheridge say:

    I go to Twin Rivers all the time..actually too often, but this time my husband, who NEVER comes with me decided to take the ride and came along.We had lunch then gambled a bit on video poker before going to the card tables.
    We sat at 3 card poker, my husband who only looked at 2 of the 3 cards at this particular hand because he had a pair and at this point knew he was going to stay in and play the hand…sure enough he got 3 of a kind, we were so excited..My husband stood up and was loud and was “knuckle punching” the other patrons. Knuckle punching (I think that’s what you would call it) is when a person puts his knuckles (facing up) in front of another person and both peoples knuckles tap (only if the other person joins in, it’s absolutely no different than giving someone a high five), well my husband did this also to the dealer and the dealer said..I’m sorry but I’m not aloud to touch the patrons, my husband said ok, I understand and that was it..we thought! My husband asked the pit boss twice where was the drink lady..the pit boss said, she’ll be around. My husband who is always a very happy go lucky guy and always the life of the party and yes, pretty loud..was even more happy because he just got 3 of a kind!
    about 15 min later I see a crowd of security guys hanging out behind us in a huddle. I said ..something must be going husband said jokingly, it’s probably for me, everyone at the table laughed and the dealer said, it’s not for you..well..IT WAS! I could not believe this. I was so MAD.
    my husband took it so much better than I did,, they said he was intoxicated and seemed violent, I said WHAT!!! you’ve got to be kidding me, when they mentioned this to him my husband put his hands up (in a defensive way) and said ok, I said this is NOT OK…we came here to have a good time and if you cannot celebrate after a winning hand there is something drastically wrong! We were escorted out, they said, you must understand Ma’am it’s for the safety of himself and others, I said NO, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, he’s had a couple of beers and I will be driving and it’s not like he was drunk and being obnoxious or knocking over chairs for crying out loud! He wasn’t bothering a single person..he had a few beers!
    I want them to look at the tape so they can tell me what he did that was so wrong! we both deserve an apology, it was degrading and we were humiliated at the same time of being SO MAD!
    It was defamation of character and I just could not believe this happened! Does anyone know who I can complain too, I do have a host, do you think they could they possibly help?
    I didn’t like: Way we were treated.

  180. Megan N Joey say:

    So much fun. Liquors a lil pricey but worth it bc the machines def pay out!!!!

  181. Robert Lubofsky say:

    I always have an awsome time when I attend TWIN RIVERS. Some nights are better than others on the machine’s. And the tables are always jumping. The Food is FANTASTIC at Fred & Steve’s. And the service is out of this world

  182. Dan Gosselin say:

    Just need a gas mask going there. Smoking so bad there!

  183. Auri Ruela-Wolfe say:

    We go for the music(Domenic)on Sundays. We sit at the bar on the first floor. The smoking is horrendous and a huge issue. The smoking section should be where the non-smoking section is located on the second floor. Either that or upgrade the ventilation system. I can’t believe that some genius didn’t know that smoke rises. I left the casino on Mother’s Day with a headache and sore throat.

  184. Susan Livingston say:

    It was a good day I won then left. It was about to get busy as the van was just dropping off

  185. Pat Werner say:

    The machines were to tight. Did not stay long after I lost $300

  186. Jamie Guertin say:

    Gambling is a waste of time and money and that casino sucks only reason I went because a friend of mine did what a way to waste your life

  187. Lisa McNay say:

    Fun place. Went in for a short visit. Didn’t realize it was super easy to get to. Will definitely be back soon.

  188. Bridget Richard Ball say:

    For a 1st time ever entering a casino I was very disappointed. Walking in we were hit with an over whelming cloud of cigarette smoke. There was no staff person to be seen. Entering in the North Entrance we had to walk through the entire smoke filled casino to find a staff person that was kind enough to show us the. Non-smoking section; it was not clearly marked on the 1st level. We will not be returning.

  189. David Ball say:

    Dirty smoke filled environment ashes on machines. Old drinks with cigarettes in them. I did not see and staff on the floor until I had walked all the way through. The one staff (security) was very polite and showed us the non smoking section. As a first time gambler I found the slot machines confusing and had a hard time just betting the minimum. I will not return and keep my money and find a different for of entertainment.

  190. Nancy Golas Krull say:

    The smoking section is horrible…it needs to be on the second floor not the first. We had to pass thru it to go to the smaller Johnny Rockets because the one in the NON smoking section was lunch time! Boring slot machines..will stay with Foxwoods

  191. Tolanda Curry say:

    It was ok i don’t gamble just go for food and drinks Johnny rockets is my favorite.. Staff very nice

  192. Daneen M Kutnyak say:

    Went to see Keith Sweat …so love him!!! Concert was fantastic!! Venue sucked!!! Folding chairs clipped together very tight…ordered. A drink in the venue and the waitress never came back…who does that???would not go back again

  193. Betty Perrin say:

    Keith Sweat concert! ❤️ First time at Twin River – nice place -definetly going back.

  194. Michael Ward say:

    We had a ball. Keith Sweat was great. We ate at Fred and Steve’s Steakhouse. I sang one song at Karaoke. GREAT TIME!!!!!

  195. Lisa Hanson say:

    Had a lot of fun yesterday. I wish that they had 5.00 limit Let It Ride

  196. Steve Olsen say:

    Could smell cigarette smoke everywhere . The second floor was a little better. Only a couple of restaurants, too many fast food joints.

  197. Nancy Hinote say:

    We meet friends at Twin River occasionally. I will say the beverage service has declined, I asked for a bottle of water and she never came back. They have brought in some newer machines which are good. We played for just over an hour then had lunch at Wicked Good, the food was good and reasonably priced, I do not like getting a huge wine glass that is 1/4 full.

  198. Joanna Flaherty say:

    All the machines are in good working order the staff was very pleasant they were very efficient when ever I needed them although I could have used a little more service from all of our waiter or waitress but it was OK. The place was clean I like the variety of machines and games available I would like more in the way Of restaurants. To sit down restaurants that are there are pretty good and I’ve been joyed the sandwich place I have not been able to eat at the steak place yet but I would like other sit down restaurants there.

  199. Elizabeth Oliveira Bonanca say:

    Way To Much Smoke .. Need better Venting.. You Come out Smelling like Cigarettes…., Nasty! Need more Slot Machines on the Non-Smoking Side …

  200. Lisa Welch Albro say:

    Hated it. Boring on a Thursday night. Wouldn’t recommend going
    Restaurants were closed early on a Thursday night. There was no music playing no bands

  201. Marco Nagle say:

    Everything is so jammed together. No flow. You need to make it flow. People will enjoy it more.

  202. Michelle Almy Fredette say:

    had a lot of fun,i have never been before so this was a treat for me.

  203. Scott Nishan say:

    It’s been good so far clean freindly employee’s looking for too the hotel coming soon and more comp’s. thank you Twin River Casino

  204. Ron Callow say:

    The cigarette and cigar smoke was unbearable. It burned my eyes and throat. I left after 1 hour.

  205. Gregg Nye say:

    Way too smoky compared to other casinos. Very dirty. Machines were filthy, trash cans were overflowing outside. The cigarette smoke was overwhelming throughout the entire casino! On a good note, the server and food was fantastic at the sports pub.

    If they made a conscious effort to keep the place clean and installed more smoke eaters it might be a place to revisit. It just seemed the be a lower class casino compared to Mohegan and Foxwoods. I can tell you with certainty we won’t be back until things change in a more positive direction.

  206. David Habershaw say:

    My friends and I went to see TOTO. They had a great deal of energy and played all my favorites. We have an elderly friend who was struggling to make it to the restaurant – Fred and Steve’s Steak House. The owner stood up from his table and arranged to have a wheelchair available to take him from the restaurant to the theater. I was very impressed by the courtesy and professionalism of the staff.

  207. Frank Larkin say:

    Went to see TOTO Saturday night. Event hall was nice but more like a function room than a concert hall.
    Band sounded great, and the show started quite promptly at 8pm.
    Gaming was ok. Table games seem to be staffed by people who are getting the rules drilled into them. After about 5 years of table games the staff should know the rules already.
    Slots were mostly tight, you had to feed them before they’d work at all.
    Restaurant upstairs, Wicked Good Bar and Grill, was fantastic. I did not have high expectations after a 45 min wait. But the food was delightful and service was competent.
    My edit of some typos above follows here with 2 subsequent visits. Every meal in Wicked Good, is just that, and I’m happy.
    The rewards program at Twin Rivers is turning out to be superior to other casinos in the area.
    Have fun, but don’t lose it all in one trip.

  208. Adrian DeChristopher say:

    It can be a little crazy but the music at The Lighthouse Bar is great and the ” people watching ” is fun too. I would like to see the lower level be non- smoking and the upper be the smoking area. Makes no sense. You can’t smoke in any other public places – why there?

  209. Manny Correira say:

    Had a great time, pulled up in BIG BLUE, was greeted VIP . tables slots, cocktails, staff all were awesome, smoke was not an issue ventilation seemed to work great, what a great great fathers day evening. Thanks Mikey Mike

  210. Laura Spangler say:

    Love the variety of the machines, and the food choices add that the second floor is smoke free. But NO slot attendants to be found anywhere. Waited 10 minutes before I had to leave my machine and go to player services. Lots of machines in need of repair. Like mine that wouldn’t play the bonus game. Also machines to get our cash from slips horribly slow. Please spend some time on the casino floor and fix your machines.

  211. Alan Walsh say:

    I think Twin River Casino is one of the finest places to go to in New England especially the lighthouse I dance there I’m getting famous for it I love Twin River

  212. Carol Pannoni say:

    Great Time , Music . Slots , Table Games , and 1st. Time in VIP as a Guest ! Food was Amazing ! Security was everywhere ..Thanks Twin River for such great Memoriis ! Happy 4th !

  213. Heather Stevens Oleson say:

    Worse then I even expected it to be. We were there for a concert that was awesome . The Casino itself was old and outdated. There was a horrible selection for what they consider restaurants . For the most part it smelled like a dirt ashtray. I could not wait to leave. That was my first and probably my last time of ever going there. The other casinos in CT put them to shame.

  214. Barbara Busha say:

    They have some good shows and they also give slot plays and free money every once in awhile

  215. Stephanie Penzell say:

    I was at the concert on Friday night. Once again there was a sign in the lobby about no cameras or recording devices, and once again it was never enforced. No announcement was made prior to the start of the concert that I heard, and I watch someone record a song or more immediately to the side of the stage and so close to the security person there that she could have touched him. I watched ushers walk past people holding up their phones and recording songs at length and ignoring it. Why bother posting this if it is never enforced? I could understand if everybody did it at the end or maybe at the beginning but to have people throughout the show have their phones on and to be doing that is very distracting. Why bother having the sign up at all if neither security nor the ushers nor any staff enforce it?

  216. Ashley Marie Reels say:

    Smokers need to be upstairs. The fact it took about 45 minutes for a game slot person and tech to come along I won’t recommend this place if I had time and more money then I would travel to foxwoods. It looked like that only really poker games and slots games they need more variety.

  217. Debbie Ortiz say:

    Service is horrible.Pressed service light on my slot machine..20 min later still no one came and there was two other lights on nearby too!! So I left and went to another casino with better customer service!

  218. Tina Rondeau say:

    We go several times a month, and always have a good time! I love how you can hear the free shows all around that part of the casino and and we win quite often, enough to keep playing at least. I understand that it is not a pleasant atmosphere for nonsmokers that are there to see the show, but as a smoker I very much enjoy leisurely having a smoke with my drink as I play the slots, as obviously many many other people do too (too many to be corralled in a smaller space like upstairs, as suggested here by non smokers) A better ventilation system, and a frequent swapping out of the ashtrays for clean ones could help immensely. I do have one complaint, having only one bartender on a holiday weekend made the wait and the line for the bar very long, though kudos to that bartender for doing akick ass job working non stop at such a frantic pace and still staying pleasant

  219. Kristen Gaz say:

    It is not a smoke free casino yet. It smells like cigarettes as soon as you walk thru the main doors.
    Upstairs was non smoking.

  220. Lynne Sarge say:

    Very nice place and unlike some ppl here I found it to be clean especially the bathrooms, wish I would win sometimes though lol

  221. Fran Poulin say:

    I never lost money .I mean never.wried huh I don’t go a lot last time I went I put 20 bucks in a slot dollar machine hit max one game 650 I left right after .true story

  222. Susan Joubert King say:

    The waitresses were never around. It was noon time and I had to keep going to the bar and leaving my machine.

  223. Marjorie Perfetuo say:

    Should really just mail in a deposit to this place

  224. Lisamarie Haun say:

    Great band. Awesome atmosphere
    Staff is always friendly and helpful

  225. Michelle DiPrete Rosen say:

    The smoking is just unbearable. There needs to be sections assigned to smoking. Don’t put nonsmokers through this death trap

  226. Charles DeBlois Jr. say:

    Great place to watch a concert and have some fun before and after!

  227. Joe Cerrito say:

    Went to see Boz Scaggs with a wonderful friend of mine, Sue Chere. Concert was very good. Boz Scaggs hasn’t lost his touch since the last time I saw him in 1975…

  228. Reba Holtzman say:

    I always have a great time…how ever need better seats in your theater…time for renovations !…

  229. Cheryl Martines say:

    Always here for the slots , don’t like people who take up a machine and not play because their friend is on another or one person playing two. Just started seeing the concerts- TOTO was great sounded the same – seats were ehhhhh, right behind then a era man then I saw Boz , my favorite and was in awe but the seats were so tightly put together you couldn’t move and I got there promptly st 3 for my seats and was in the very back of section 22. Seats are not good at these venues.

    I hate cigarette smoke and it drifts up into non smoking

  230. Debbie Ferrante Vallante say:

    It was a little messed up with the STRIKE but all in all they tried to make things go smoothly and for the most part they succeeded.

  231. Tucker Gledhill say:

    Clean and overall fun..Close to Boston. Not as many deadbeats as in CT.

  232. Joel Coss say:

    I felt like I was chocking on tobacco had a hard time breathing second hand smoke kills people!! But we went to see our friend play that was awesome.

  233. Kristina Hutchinson say:

    Being newly 21 ive never been in a casino before so i was pretty excited only to become extremely disappointed. I felt dirty just being in the building. my stay was short but the people were nice. I dont think i will be returning.

  234. Pamela Abruzzio say:

    Great time! Good service. Clean. Will be back!!Staff very friendly and attentive.

  235. Eugene Rod say:

    Want something better and clean Plus free drinks go to Foxwood

  236. Lori Grady Lima say:

    We went to see World Premier this weekend and they were good but as the night went on they had to take a break for the big drawing for car which took way to long and then they took like three breaks after that so the whole second set was mostly breaks for one reason or another , too many breaks and the music in the 2nd set is not what you are used to hearing from WP they are a Motown band and they are good at that , not impressed with the new stuff

  237. Sandy Allain say:

    Poor poker floor mgmt! Totally a joke no common sense or business sense

  238. Sal Rivera say:

    I liked the non smoking area because it’s actually separate from the smoking area unlike other casinos I’ve been to. I really wish The live band played in the non smoking area but regardless it was an enjoyable time I’ll be back!

  239. Dan O'Connell say:

    Good live poker action.22 table poker room.$5 rake

  240. Tracy Souza say:

    I love going to Twin River although I didn’t win I was able torelax and enjoy myself

  241. Susan Grosdov say:

    Much to love about Twin river. They have a multitude of slot machines, lots of pennies and great variety. Easy drive from Boston makes it a great place for a day trip. Two things that I would improve:
    1. Parking lots could use some signage. It’s like a maze and not always easy to figure out the exits.
    2. Could do a better job on keeping machine areas clean, I.e., emptying ash trays, removing used cups, etc.

  242. Ricky Magnone say:

    Great night. Good service for the concert got seats right away.

  243. Sandy Frania say:

    They need more bartenders …… Or at least have the bartenders that are there taking care of the customers rather then talking

  244. Scott Atwood say:

    I Have Not Visited Twin River Since the Dogs ran there ,, boy was I in for a nice Surprise ! Hat’s off to all involved in the on-going improvements ! A Good time had and not to far away !

  245. David Collard say:

    We went to see Aussie Pink Floyd there. The venue is truly lacking. A convention floor is flat and creates a viewing issue.

  246. Debbie Vassallo Markle say:

    We were visiting and the smoke we had to walk through to get in and out of the non-smoking area was oppressive and nauseating. The non-smoking area was pleasant, but getting there almost made us leave. And our clothes smelled awful. We are from New York State and smoking is not allowed indoors.

  247. Anne Rinne Pepe say:

    This casino has a great variety of slot games but they do need to clean them cigarettes and ashes are on alot of them. I realize that the smokers should be more careful about putting their cigarettes in the ashtrays. I am a nonsmoker so I go upstairs when it gets to be to much for me. I like it here tho parking is great and well lite up at night very safe.

  248. Pat Baratta say:

    It’s a nice day trip. Gamble a little, have lunch, gamble a little more and then go home. Perfect day

  249. Kathleen Antonellis say:

    Love Twin River….closer than the other Connecticut Casino’s and it’s smaller but not as small as Plainridge in Mass. not confusing and I like the variety of machines. Lots of food choices throughout the casino and I noticed an attendant walking around wiping the machines.

  250. Terry McCormack say:

    It does not have all the bells and whistles if other Casino’s but they are at least run by a State Gaming Commission instead of their own. If you are just looking for shops and restaurants… not the place for you. However, if you are looking for a Casino that is run fairly, this one is high on the list.

  251. Cerena Reid Maynard say:

    I mainly go for the live bands but every now and again I’ll stop at one of the bars to listen to 80’s music and watch their music videos. When they hired bonafide DJ’s it was really enjoyable listening and sometimes dancing to the music. However, lately they have not hired dj’s and gotten rid of the gogo dancers. The 80’s music and videos are wack, as they use their own staff to dj, or should I say go through a playlist of 80’s rock ?. The music use to be diverse but not anymore. So basically I stop going.

  252. Paul Lavoie say:

    I felt as if I was in a tobacco factory with a bingo card assembly with all the penny slots.

  253. Bruce Herman say:

    Enjoyed the VIP lounge, the Gordon Lightfoot concert, and some gambling afterward. Thanks Tein River!

  254. Negra Perez say:

    Had an amazing time at the black jack table. The drinks were great and the staff was also.

  255. Carol Vessella say:

    This place use to pay but now its just a losing proposition. They are just too greedy and the place is way too smoky and dirty. Mohegan is a much better choice.
    Twin River just sucks

  256. Matthew Allen say:

    Nice casino with a pleasant atmosphere. Plentiful parking. Much nicer casino than Foxwoods Mohegan or the AC casinos, in my opinion. A proper casino rather than the sleazy “Mega Mall” that most casinos such as Foxwoods and Borgata have become.

    Poker room staff have been extremely harsh to me so far though, with four 24hr bans in five visits, with me not specifically breaking any rules of the poker room, not even yelling or using any profanity. Dealers bad rulings have cost me money, and would appear to be possible collusion in the games.

  257. Holly Diehl say:

    Close. Clean, fun. I go to the twin few times a month during the am hours to hit a few slots. I Always enjoy myself. Great machines to choose from. Night time weekend shows are so much fun to listen to while playing machines to. Always a good time.

  258. Laura Marie Roby-Brown say:

    They just need the hotel and this will be a nice little casino. I love roulette and it was video roulette , I wish you had the same machine but with the actual ball the the machine drops. Other than that nice casino

  259. E.M. Pappas say:

    Morris Day and The Time were great, but the venue desperately needs updating and better air filters. The cigarette smoke was overwhelmingly nasty and food options, in the actual casino food court, were just fast food.

  260. Karen Lafleur say:

    Great show with Morris Day and the Time! Delish dinner at Fred & Steves steakhouse and we won $16.43 on slots !

  261. Lisa Lake say:

    Had a great meal at the pub then saw Morris Day and the Time. Played some slots. Great time

  262. Mike Madison say:

    I dropped a $100 chip while I was at twin river yesterday. Within 5 minutes, I notified one of the security guards; his name was John. He was as rude as possible, and absolutely refused to have the cameras checked to see if someone had picked it up. He was hostile, mean, and told me he had more important things to do. He even told me that the “cameras aren’t working today” which I could not imagine to be true. I’ve never had someone disrespect me the way John the security guard did. I’d appreciate it if someone could reach out to me about this incident since if John had requested to have the cameras checked, it’s very likely they would have seen the person who picked up my $100 chip and have been able to retrieve it

  263. Mark Andrew Rice say:

    This is my 3rd trip here although no promotions of free slot play we had fun won some and lost some great place to go not that far away from us, need more drink people on the floors.

  264. Frank Barba Jr. say:

    I lost so I’m mad. My first time in a casino and heard people saying that they were using their Bill money to gamble. I’m good with this place I could have donated my money to the animal shelter.

  265. Jill Hoadley Chalk say:

    Every time weve gone to TRs my husband has a hassle getting the attention of slot attendants. Yesterday the VP machine took his voucher and stopped. 2 attendants walked by saw the light and walked even faster. C called out to them…nothing. He calls the main casino number…the operator took the info and said someone will be right over. She wasn’t surprised, so this is clearly an on-going problem…not just C having bad luck. I often have to switch on the change light to get someone’s attention. I only want a water…there are VERY few cocktail servers during the day. I don’t know why we keep going…

  266. Rico Mac say:

    Worst casino experience ever, ATM gave receipt for $500 but no money. Pit boss Keith witnessed it happen then told me the atm has been acting up and I should take my receipt to the cage and they will fix it. Was immediately told at the cage I need to call my bank because they do not own the ATM. I raised my voice then was thrown out and met by police at the entrance, was then told I was going to be arrested for drunk driving if I drove. When asked them to review the cameras or find “Kieth” I was told to quiet down or I would be arrested. Most unprofessional place I have ever been…….

  267. Kevin Hickey say:

    Staff is a bunch of goons… Keith. Good guy. Everyone else sorry. Terrible

  268. Alicia Ladas say:

    Whom ever is answering the general inquiries line today about 5 mins ago, was very rude! Very hostile tone of voice and very unpleasant!

  269. CarylAnn Bennett Herr say:

    Not sure about casino, but concert seats are all folding chairs, someone stands up won’t be able to see

  270. Joanne McGinnis Cody say:

    We were at Twin River for our second concert, but we’ve been to the casino a few times. We like Twin River because it isn’t as huge as the other casinos in our general area and it is only a 30 minute drive from where we live. We had dinner at the food court, played some slot machines, I was actually up by about 35 dollars! The concert we were seeing was Martina McBride. The Event Center is actually an excellent concert venue. The acoustics are good, it’s not gigantic like an arena, it’s more auditorium size so I feel you can experience the show better. Martina is a new favorite and boy, she puts on an excellent show. She came out singing and didn’t stop for 90 minutes. She has a comfortable, easy and friendly manner with her audience and I feel that she really appreciates her fans. She sang a couple of old songs, some new ones and some in between and we loved all of them! Afterwards, she signed a few autographs, shook a few hands and accepted a couple of gifts from some folks before bidding everyone goodnight. Twin River provides a mix of concert performers, so check out their website. It’s easy to get too, loads of parking and the ticket prices aren’t bad.

  271. Lise Hannon say:

    Definitely not a venue for concerts. One level seating is for conferences, not concerts.

  272. Mamazita Agosto say:

    I like going to Twin River offer and me free case free points every day this month and last month I’ve gone up there cuz I have offers dinners took my daughter out there for one of the free buffet dinners last month going to the Bingo this month and with the car gas going up I am so thankful that I be having points & free gifts &
    gift card Stop & Shop you can use it on gas oh I’m loving it trust me it works out matter fact I got the $10 gift card yesterday for Stop & Shop got off on the Walmart exit or Chad whatever it was and went right up the street where Stop and Shop gas station and got me $10 worth of gas and made it back home to Cumberland Rhode Island

  273. Stacy Tenney say:

    It was awesome there… Gotta due it again..

  274. Jamie Vargulish say:

    Went to see mullett…great family and friends helped me and my wife celebrate our anniversary. ..we will go back…thank you for a great night.

  275. Eleanor Colucci say:

    I really like twin river, but the smoke is awful. I just went on Sunday, and everywhere I sat someone was smoking. Why not make a smoking room and have the rest of the casino have clean air? That way the smokers can all be together and smoke each other out. Better still, go non smoking. The new Massachusetts casino is non smoking, and the new ones being built will also be non smoking.

  276. Marlene Moore say:

    I want to thank TWIN RIVER and all associates. You may say what you like. This place is wonderful. I am not a BIG $$$ GAMBLER I AM A PENNY MACHINE PLAYER AND have ALWAYS LOVED GETTING THE PERKS IN MY EMAIL ETC.
    I get 20.00 or 30.00 occasionally.
    I have enjoyed the shows and always hoped to hear my name called over the loud speaker for a chance to win $$$
    I have occasionally walked in and played my FREE money slot play and have won $1000.00 on a penny slot..
    Last evening was no difference. We had a FREE BINGO night. I was so excited to almost win one of the many $200.00 door prizes.
    But low and behold. I did win at BINGO.. and I hit the JACKPOT! I won $3000.00 on free slot play!
    THANK YOU AGAIN … and special thanks to the girls and guys that work there as well! Sincerely MVM

  277. Brenda Harrington say:

    I lost way too much money there. No good payouts on slots

  278. Joey Coccia say:

    Great place for food and play come on down and experience everything they have to offer just remember how close they are to!!

  279. Justin Taylor say:

    It’s VERY average. Very smokey and confusing sometimes….although I always find my way. Not the best casino, but it’s all good. Personally if I lived in the area, I’d travel the hour south and go to Foxwoods and/or Mohegan Sun Casinos.

  280. Benjamyn OConnor say:

    One arm bandits for as far as the eye can see. Also decent poker tables available.

  281. Patricia Hudson say:

    I went to the Whiskey Festival with Lynne Chesney we had a great time!! There was plenty of whiskey, food and entertainment! It was definitely worth the trip.

  282. Robyn Snider say:

    Went to see Three Dog Night and had a great time. Ate at the restaurant after hitting the penny slots for close to $400!!!

  283. Marcia Stewart say:

    We attended Three Dog Night last night. Had a wonderful evening

    Did some gambling and did not win but maybe next time.
    Overall a great evening.

  284. Christopher G Kavanaugh say:

    Won 300 dollars on the black jack table. Had a good time.

  285. Mariann Tusa Stumpf say:

    They need a better filtration system. The stale cigarette smoke is so bad. Mohegan and Foxwoods has a much better one. Hard to find a waitperson.

  286. Karen Maynard say:

    We went to see The Great Escape, Journey tribute band, it was awesome. We had VIP seating which was cool but the waitresses were scarce, we waited 2 hours for a drink and the second hand smoke is outta control, especially the cigar smoking…ugh. My chest felt like a truck was parked on it this morning…the concerts should be upstairs in the non-smoking area…there were also 4 young girls who were groping and teasing a mentally challenged man and videoing it and laughing about it, that wasn’t cool and no one from security did anything, that was inappropriate…but we had a good night cuz the band was phenomenal

  287. Cheryl L. Persichetti say:

    Not bad for a couple of hours of fun and not far!!

  288. Danny Lyons say:

    It is very nice, the people are very friendly and professional. The atmosphere is good the non smoking section was excellent the smoking was not that great for a non smoker like me. But the games in that section are fun. Overall a nice pre birthday/vacation experience!

  289. Nick Budesky say:

    No Let It Ride tables in non smoking and only 3 in smoking but there are seats available and 1 empty 3 Card table…. I’ll drive 15 minutes south. Next time I won’t even stop.

  290. Zack LaFlamme say:

    Fuck that place. Like a retirement home that takes all your money.

  291. Cheÿenne Cardøne say:

    Have been going there sience i was of age. My grandfather has worked there almost 30 years and i was doing absolutely nothing wrong and a bouncer came up to me to ask for my id i said sombody stole my wallet and that i knew the other bouncer and that i was of age. He began harrassing me telling me to leave imminently. Im covered in tattoos, my family works there and i know the bouncer that let me in so mark (the bouncer that kicked me out) processes to follow me basically to my car but than i ran because i ddnt need an onld man knowing what kind of car i drive. I used to love gping here all the time now ill never go again. Bouncers are trash and they treat the customers with no respect.

  292. Susan Thornton say:

    First time at casino – nice experience- only complaint wish non smoking was as big as smoking and they were reverse with smoking upstairs.

  293. Lynne Cabral say:

    Had a blast .. Saw the boys of. THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER. first for me. WOW

  294. Karen Cormier say:

    rachael and I were at twinn river last night for the thunder down under show it was the first time she went and she liked it.. it was also the first time in the casino playing the slots had a good time.

  295. Jim Stclair say:

    Not Happy. I had free slot play. I put full amount to play a particular slot. I got up to go to another machine. all my points stayed on the machine. I go to customer service and they tell me there is nothing they can do. I had no idea that once I downloaded free play on a machine I had to use or lose. doesn’t make sense, why not stay on my card? I will not go back.

  296. Virginia Littlefield say:

    About a month ago my father passed out at the main entrance and had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. I have to say the security staff were wonderful! As I was shaking because I was scared for my father he wasn’t responding at first.. they offered to hook me up with a ride to the hospital if I felt like I needed it. I drove myself there but thought it was nice they offered.. they made sure everyone was away from the area! So thanks to everyone who helped my dad! Ps love the American original machines �

  297. Kaylee Ann say:

    So today I went to pick up my rings from lost and found and was greeted by an old “ASSHOLE” and his Wiesel douche bag manger although his attitude changed real quick once my cousin said something but back to the point, I explained to them about 20 times how I called the casino and I told the guy on the phone the morning of when it happened how I was there and had just lost my rings, explained what they looked like and where they were when I lost them and he proceeded to tell me that they had them to just describe it the same way I did when I went in, so when I went in today for them they not only was ignorant to their own staff member when she tried to explain to them the situation told her “HE DIDN’T WANNA HERE IT” and put his hand out basically in her face when all she was trying to do was HELP ME unlike the rest of the people but they also told me that they DIDN’T have MY RINGS because someone else had already signed them out! All I have to say is make sure you keep your stuff VERY close to you because CLEARLY the staff or should I say slot shift manger Mr.Denis Walsh SUCK at their job/ jobs and for a multi billion dollar business you would think their coat room/lost and found would have better security or keeping their customers property’s best interest in mind they would invest into a better security system for heir coat room/ lost and found!!!!

  298. Peter Hudec say:

    “Public Figure / The Legend / President PETER HUDEC The Greatest” : is the only one on this planet, who visited all casinos, located in most US States. That’s awesome !

  299. Carol D'ambra-Trudel say:

    Great place to have some fun!! Clean and wasn’t crowded. Plenty to eat and drink!

  300. Stephen Amitrano say:

    Great place to watch a horse race. Love twin river!

  301. Mike Janusz say:

    After visiting what surely was a cruel Joke of an attempt at a casino in Newport ! The twin rivers casino provided us with a much more pleasing experience! Shipyard restaurant was great, Four roses on the rocks with a pomegranate kale and roasted corn salad with bourbon glazed salmon , the misses had a dirty martini in a rather odd glass but the libations were on point ! Cheers ! We will be back to return some of the money we won at black jack !

  302. Emilia Goncalves say:

    Hi love twin river slots machine the people there are so nice especially people that work there. hi love you all very much .thanks very much emilia goncalves

  303. Tandra Edwards say:

    I thought you get free drinks while you play? Lol
    I never see any waitress passing out drinks or taking Anyone’s order like they do at fox woods ever.

  304. Fortunato Ruscito say:

    They suck. Horrible experience marketing and players Club Stephanie are rude and I’m never going back.

    I was explaining what was promised to me my Marketing and had security called on me after he told me to shut up.

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