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South Carolina’s ONLY Casino offering two luxury yachts paying out an average of $336,000 a week. Get in on the Winning! Always Double Slot points for CASH BACK.

Enjoy the sites, party in style, and win BIG MONEY aboard South Carolina’s only gambling cruises!​

Little River is just minutes from Myrtle Beach. A quick day trip from Columbia or Charleston, SC or Charlotte, NC. Both of our casino boats sail year round.

Once on board, you’ll get to test your skills and luck with table games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let It Ride, 3 Card Poker, and Texas Hold’em Poker. Or sit at our slot machines and experience the rush that comes along with flashing lights and sound when you win BIG! You’ll find your favorite slots like Pot O’ Gold, Wheel of Fortune and Video Poker.

Each cruise ship has an optional, all-you-can-eat buffet including special buffets and theme nights. On select cruises, the Big “M” Casino features fantastic live entertainment and DJs.

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​We have a variety of slot machines everyone can enjoy! Ship I holds 178 machines and 248 on Ship II. Both ships have SC favorite game Pot O’ Gold along with other popular games like Wheel of Fortune, Game King and Video Poker!
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Both of our Ships offer Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, 3 Card Poker, Let It Ride and now Texas Hold’em Poker on Ship I! All of our casino table games are played with a live dealer!
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Don’t like smoke? You’ll be pleased to know that both of our Ships have a
Non-Smoking gaming floor with slot machines. There are also smoke-free tables available!


Vegas-style casino gambling aboard a ship that also offers a set-price, all-you-can-eat buffet.
Address: 4491 Mineola Ave, Little River, SC 29566, USA
Hours: Open today · 8AM–6PM
Phone: +1 877-250-5825


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  1. Andrew Forenchak say:

    Best Casino in Myrtle Beach with the nicest employees.

  2. Charlene Morrisey-Herring say:

    On my way. Tell Bud to save my place at the craps table.

  3. Tyson James say:

    Good blackjack tables

  4. Shirley Britt say:

    Coming down Sat. to celebrate my birthday do I get a free breakfast buffet? I have been there many times, how do you become a VIP member????

  5. Shellia Ann say:

    The Big M Casino or anyone that knows could you please tell me if you have the “BOOM” slot machine in your casino?

  6. Janice Kornegay say:


  7. Lia Kral say:


  8. Russell Graves say:


  9. Quincy Sproulls say:

    We went on here had a blast love the big m resorts

  10. Cathy Gonyon-Varney say:

    Great evening out. Food not all that great. But we had a blast on the cruise

  11. Jamie Lieu say:

    Love the ship love the staff I don’t think you could ask for a better atmosphere with that being said management should be ashamed of themselves for taking away the buffet at night and making people choose from a two item ala carte menu consist of the most nastiest chicken wings I’ve ever seen in my life in a disgusting fish fillet that looks like it came out the frozen food section at the Dollar Tree absolutely the saddest Casino food eaten in my life whoever made that decision to get rid of the buffet and go to that garbage should lose their job todayhave that should truly lose their jobs

  12. JJ Maiden say:

    Class all the way!

  13. Karen Coursey say:

    Had a great time. Buffet not so good

  14. Terri Berrens say:


  15. Alison Mann say:

    great casino boat

  16. Don Reedy say:

    Went on the casino cruise and had a GREAT time! The crew are great and they also have a wide variety of slots and table games. Check out the photos I won $1125.00!!

  17. Shunshine Bryant say:

    I love this boat and the staff, the buffett was on point.

  18. Viola Parsons-Sturdivant say:

    I went-I won!

  19. Tony Papa say:

    Best casino boat in myrtle beach the food was great. I love the time we had just wish they had more nickel wheel of fortune..

  20. Khytish Griffin say:

    We Always have fun……very nice day trip

  21. Stephanie Gaither-Harris say:

    Love the Big M Casino!!! Great table games that start at $5 and loose slots!!!!

  22. Wormy Williamson say:

    Need to get holdem going

  23. RJ Wood say:

    I LOVE Big M Casino Boat the staff is AMAZING and the boat is awesome. My birthday is St. Patrick’s day and I can’t wait to be back on the boat to celebrate!

  24. Shara Parsley Kelly say:

    Had my first experience on 4/4/15. What a great experience it was. Hope to be hopping aboard very soon.

  25. Travis Gainey say:

    5 star experience to me! The fun was wild, food was amazing. The staff are just so courteous and kind. Would definitely go again!

  26. Dirk Digler say:

    Love this place. There are actual jackpots to win, and it has a lot of old machines that are fun to play.

  27. Ro Diffenderfer say:

    Had a great time on Saturday night cruise. I saw alot of reviews good and bad. However the bad should be taken lightly. In my opinion, if you are looking for some fun, beautiful views and a relaxing boat ride., this is for you. There is an open air bar on 3rd floor of vessel. Beers were 3 bucks a can which I thought was reasonable. I think the mix drinks were 5 but even if they are a little more you get your moneys worth in the pour.They had hot dogs and chips and a few other snack items. It’s all in what you make of it. Won a few bucks. It’s good entertainment for the money. Even if you don’t like to gamble, it’s a great deal for the relaxing boat ride. We did not partake in the buffets , however the food looked and smelled good. One more note..When boat is getting ready to dock, you are better off staying where you are at as you are not allowed to stand in hallways or steps. Once you dock it’s easy out so no need to try to be first in line to get out. Thank you captain and crew for an enjoyable experience.

  28. Gray Moore say:

    We had a great time. There needs to be more roulette tables. Only 1 table for entire boat. You have fight for a spot and there is no time limit. The same people sit at table entire ride. The staff are great and fun. Not too serious as they are on a cruise ship or Vegas.

  29. Christy Lynn Sing say:

    My favorite escape from the “real” world!! The best time you will have in Myrtle Beach!!

  30. Tonia Chestnut say:

    I really enjoyed myself I’m ready to go back. I will be going back very soon.

  31. Sherry Sanders say:

    Like to go there

  32. Felicia Lee say:

    It was okay, not really what I expected and it was really smokey.

  33. Shirley Denice Fox Parton say:

    Boat 2 is the best I liked the no smoke but the drinks are not as good
    Food was good
    Games not as good
    Don’t like the tokens boat 1 needs updated

  34. Zonya Sullivan say:

    We Had A great Time Last Night! We Went on The Non-Smoking Big M.. The Food was Yummy!! Nice Clean Boat.. The Staff was so Nice and Helpful! The Captain greeted Everyone! And a Big Shout out to our Wonderful Waitress Tiffany..hay yup The Hubby and i Will Definitely be back!

  35. Norma Carrillo say:

    Save your money! Worst experience ever. Waters were rough and half the guests on the ship were sick. We couldn’t gamble we were so sick; worst yet we paid $18 for a prime rib dinner and they ran out of food. Tried to feed us meatballs and breaded clams. I complained, they apologized but made no effort to reimburse us. Management knew the waters would be rough, they should have told us that before they took our money….instead we were stuck on a rocking boat for 5 hours. An evening of Hell! Save your money!

  36. Jeanie Gaynord say:

    The deck hands are great. I especially like Teddy. She is very helpful, courteous and just an all around nice person, always with a smile on her face.

  37. Melissa Grissett Primus say:

    Just AWESOME!!!!Food is GREAT, I usually go as a dinner cruise…..

  38. Victor Valentin say:

    I hated it! Originally went to get in the Texas Hold Empire game. Signed up for it but 5 minutes after the boat sailed away from the dock was told the game was cancelled. I asked why wasn’t I notified sooner and was told we are just getting to you. Decided to make the best of it sat down to play another game and actually enjoyed myself. But never heard announcement about changing in your chips for cash and got stuck with almost 100 bucks worth of chips. The next day I went back and was told I have to pay to get back on the ship let it sell out three miles in order to change my hundred dollars worth of chips. They said there was nothing else they can do for me. Was told somebody from management would call me and waited two days with no response. I do not understand how big casino ship good okeydoke a regular person just like that and not even care. I guess they just assume everyone is on vacation and won’t come back not realizing I am a local. I will never ever set foot on another big and boat ever again.

  39. Brenda Pitts Migliore say:

    Too small. Can feel.every wave. Seasick. Never got sic on.ur other boat. But this is nice cause smoke free. Clean…..

  40. Ricky Leary say:

    Had a blast I go all the time see y’all soon again

  41. Ingrid Donaldson say:

    I enjoyed my time. The waters were a bit rough at times but sitting down helped. They need more than one roulette table. I may have played more if I could have placed my bets. One time I could not get to a number I wanted and gave up on placing the bet….guess what, it came out on that roll! UGH. $18 for the dinner buffet seemed a bit overpriced to me, it wasn’t that good but I had not ate dinner so…

    All in all, a fun time for the price.

  42. Ferron Pittman say:

    I had a great time on the ship the food was great.

  43. Marion Fritz say:

    No better deal anywhere for $10…. The scenery and boat ride through the inlet was worth the price of admission without the entertainment of the casino itself. The table games were manned with an excellent crew. Both knowledgeable and accommodating. When I wasn’t gambling I was enjoying the upper deck where there was live music and an excellent casual bar. Both lunch and dinner buffets were fairly priced and delicious. I was not disappointed in any aspect of the experience. Whether with friends or gaming alone I would give it a five star review +++++

  44. Jennifer Mitchum say:

    Me, my fiance and some friends went on the first boat 5:45 one. I had a great time. It was mine and my fiance first time on it. It was even worth the $20 per person to get on just to ride it. I played some slots won a little bit then went on the three card poker. Won a little off it. We had s very good time on the trip. We would do it again . but think we are going to wait for it to warm up some first. Can’t wait!!!! All the staff was very kind and helpful.

  45. Glashanda Mcrae say:

    It’s a amazing experience..try to go at least twice a week..

  46. Stacey Phelps say:

    I have been several times an it was absolutely amazing love the sun light and just a cruise I didn’t play I just had a good time me an m husband went for valentines day and it was cold but we played a little and won 233.00 playing black jack ready for the summer to get here and take a trip when the tops are off of the boat

  47. Ashley Latice Johnson say:

    my name is Ashley Johnson and myself and my boyfriend and I both went for the first time on Valentines Day! We had an amazing time and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to go. I never had been on any kind of cruise and i didn’t get sick at all. I look forward to visiting this ship again and again…..

  48. Justin Kodama say:

    I have been several times in the past and am a silver member. I normally went on the other boat when it was suncruz bc they had real live dealer texas holdem poker room. I have looked all over the net and yalls website and it is still not clear if yall now have a poker room with actual live dealer texas holdem and if so on what boat??????? Nothing on the site about games or blinds or structure somebody please tell me. IS THERE A POKER ROOM ON EITHER BOAT NOW????

  49. Laura Amick say:

    Very disappointed to have to find out on the boat that you no longer get free drinks while you’re gambling. It would have been nice to know prior to boarding. I only brought money for gambling and tipping. However, The dealers and staff were very nice.

  50. Rita Daniel say:

    I gone several times will not go again. They no longer serve free drinks while you gamble.

  51. Pam Tuck say:

    I used to LOVE going on the Big M, and have recommended it to friends. However, I doubt I’ll go back. No more complimentary drinks while gaming, which is like a lose-lose for everyone. Especially the servers who I’m sure are getting less tips. If I’ve got to spend money on drinks, there’s less money for gaming, so I may as well take my money and go to Atlantic City.

  52. Charles Keller say:

    Great Casino I love the way they give free chips, And they treat you like person, I will come .soon

  53. Chris Sullivan Sr say:

    I love the Big M 2nd time on board and whats the saying 2nd time a charm it was .Planning my next trip know since then ive been on it like 10 times love it

  54. Cheyenne Payne say:

    The food is absolutely terrible. I don’t understand how dinner starts AS SOON as you board, and the food was already cold and dry. I’d suggest eating before, $54 for 3 people and it’s disgusting…. Just not worth it. NO drinks included and once I finally got around to buying a vodka/cran he served me a $5 JUICE!

    The slots were cool, but once it’s over they close off 1 and half of the floors squeezing 3 full floors into a small space. Your options, stand for an hour until we…

  55. Bill McCarthy Jr say:

    Good food – nice cruise-good people. Worth a visit.

  56. Candi Permenter say:

    The entertainment was awesome!! Dj Glen was a lot of fun!! Most people I have ever seen up and dancing on the way in!! I will definitely ask what nights he works when booking my next trip!! What a great time!!

  57. Elizabeth Scott say:

    I absolutely love this site so adorable , so generous, so thoughtful , and reliable. I recommend this site to all my loved ones who are gamers. Thanks for being amazing.

  58. Jean S. Morgan say:

    I lost my phone and it was picked up by people who knew it was mine but chose to hide it. Security was wonderful. The young lady with lost and found was so very helpful and even other staff walked and looked to try to find my phone. I appreciate it so much and a HUGE Thanks.

  59. Jan Stancil Forster say:

    Saw a ‘security officer’ on Big M Casino Ship humiliate and talk down to a handicapped man last night. Apparently he visits frequently because they rolled their eyes and said they knew who I was talking about, but I doubt they rolled their eyes when they took his money at the door. When I complained to the teller, she was very kind and said she would most definitely look into it. Then it came out turn in line and as I walked forward holding half of my blind husband’s chips, E…

  60. Scott Barnard say:

    I’ve been on both boats (smoking and non-smoking) in the past few years and the new non-smoking boat is great because you don’t smell like an ash tray when you get off the boat. Smokers can still smoke on the decks, which I don’t particularly mind, but I can see where that would annoy some non-smokers.

    It’s been fun in the past years because, if you were gambling, you received complimentary drinks (like any other casino in the world). I went this past May and let me tell you, they didn’t have anything noticeable saying they changed the policy on that… You found out the drinks were $5.00 a piece, in 12 ounce cups, packed with ice, once you ordered one at the gambling table. When asked exactly why drinks are no longer complimentary (while you’re gambling your money away) you received different answers depending on who you asked. We heard from one employee that some folks were drinking too many, another said that is wasn’t cost effective anymore for the company, another said they had no idea, but everyone hated the new change. To me, it seemed like things may be getting tight financially since they brought up this second boat and are in need of a way to make a few extra dollars. Liquor is cheap. Usually if folks are happy and drinking, they tend to gamble more, easy concept to understand. $5.00 a drink and the probability of losing your money will not keep people coming back. Hey, if I lose my money but got a few complimentary drinks throughout, not a bad time. Win some you lose some, but still got a little buzz. If you win but still had to pay for drinks (unless you win a jackpot) you’re still going to feel a bit slighted. If you lose and have to pay $5.00 for a poorly sized drink, not fun at all… try not to fall into a depressed state once getting off the boat.

    The Big “M” may now stand for the Big “Mistake”

    As a smart business move, I hope the Big M reinstates the complimentary drinks. I’m hoping they don’t realize the mistake they’re making in overcharging drinks until it’s too late. Besides that it’s a great casino boat, but until they bring back the drinks, I most likely will not be back aboard the Big Mistake

  61. Scottie Woods say:

    I got sick as hell but still had a great time when I got sick the crew took great care of me and to top it off with 20 minutes left to play I hit a jackpot for 4050.00 !!!!!!!

  62. Wendy Dresser say:

    Won some money not huge amount that wasnt the point it is We had a good time we will be going back

  63. Mary Pope say:

    Love the Big M in Florida. Looking forward to having fun on the Big M in Myrtle Beach on my Birthday with my husband !

  64. Trish Borawski say:

    Went on the II (smoking optional) boat today. First time ever on the Big M. Even though I didn’t have much luck, I had a good time. The buffet wasn’t bad and had a fair selection. After I donated some money, I went and sat on the upper deck. Good place to go to relax and get away from the machines for a while. On the ride in, we had entertainment. Can’t remember his name, but he cracked me up.. I’m a non smoker and can say that the smoking floor wasn’t bad. You can always go somewhere to get away from any smell. I’ll be back!

  65. Amy Honeycutt say:

    No more complimentary drinks while you’re gambling?! My day would have been much better spent on the beach rather than trapped on this boat after I lost all my money stone cold sober. Drinks are outrageously priced and are watered down. I came here last year and had a great time and I was so excited to come back but I am very, very disappointed and mad. DEFINTELY will not be back next year.

  66. Cid Yow say:

    I go on ship Ii several times per month. Crew on board are excellent in customer service. The dining staff are great and the chef is awesome. Miranda, Michael, Daniel, Hellen, Dan, Brandon and all of the rest are GREAT. Keep up the good work. It is very relaxing and is great for relieving stress.

  67. Margaret Taylor say:

    I love going on the “Big M” Ship. It is the most relaxing, fun, exciting time anyone could have in a few hours. I have met the most interesting and friendly people on all the cruises I have been on during the years. I have won and also lost on the ship, but I still left happy because every minute was wonderful. Food delicious and the staff on these cruise ships are fantastic!! The Best; ready to serve you at all times. Would recommend these cruises to anyone who wants to have a great time….Everyone who enters for gambling knows there will be winners and losers. I love the excitement on the ship whether I win or lose..Great Adventure for anyone who wants a day away from all the normal daily stress….Recommend to any person who wants a “happy” day on the water..

  68. Rebecca Stalls say:

    A wonderful trip—the games was so much fun and the food was delicious—-can,t hardly wait until the 9th—I am excited. Ann Stalls

  69. LoriAnn Johnson say:

    I made a reservation for my boyfriend and I on the non smoking casino cruise. I asked the reservationists if there was food and bar service and she told me that it included a buffet dinner and there were several bars. Uber driver dropped us off at the ship and there was no one there to greet us, I called the reservation back, as several more people started to join us, she said we were all at the wrong ship and couldn’t explain to us how to get to the right one- so rude! Luckily our Uber driver realized this and came back for us. The non smoking cruise had been cancelled but no one told us that, we learned once we were on the smoking ship. We are on and go to sit at the roulette table, but the staff told me I could not sit there because it was “reserved” several people had left their playing card on the seats and there were not going to be any colors available. The crew laughed at us “is this your first time here”, so rude! So we move on to get a drink and some dinner. Turns out, dinner is NOT included in the ticket, as the reservationists had told me! We sat at the bar for awhile and my boyfriend was starving so finally attempted to get something to eat, but not without being yelled at by the servers, they were incredibly rude! We then attempted again to get on the roulette table, but after 3 hours of the same exact people playing, my boyfriend had to complain to the Pit Boss. Management came over to explain that I would be the next player should a color and become available, and that it is against their policy to “reserve” a seat at the table – and yet the poker and black jack tables all had reserved signs on the seats as well. So I waited another hour or so, nobody moved the manager sent me over a drink .Finally someone got up and but at that point it was less than one hour left in the cruise.. The only positive thing that came out of this experience was that we met some really cool people- Squirrel and Dan were very kind and friendly to us, a pleasure hang out with! Despite all the issues with all facets of the staff, and the way we were
    treated, we actually made the best of it and semi I enjoyed our five hour cruise. That is why I can give them two stars

  70. Ashley Barnes say:

    I was up their yesterday and I hand a great time meeting new people. The people who work on the boat is very friendly and has great hospitality.

  71. Debbie Vanderveer say:

    It was fun my friend got sick and couldn’t play I tried to win for both of us but nope it just wasn’t my day

  72. Theresa Atkins say:

    The day we went all the winners were on the main level. The winners also seemed to be frequent players. Security seemed to hovering near where the winners were going to hit. I probably won’t go again. The buffet staff were great.

  73. Jessica Garnett say:

    Had such a great time with my boyfriend on our mini vacation in myrtle beach. Ronald and Oscar made our experience so much more enjoyable. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We will definitely be coming back in the future.

  74. Cheryl Jacobs Krakowski say:

    Barely no entertainment onboard. Unless you bring thousands to gamble with, you’re stuck on the ship for hours with nothing to do!! Also paid 18.00 for the buffet. I didn’t know once you leave the buffet area you couldn’t go back to it.

  75. Kathy Rebber Daehn say:

    This is my GO TO when I need TO GO somewhere that the view is awesome, food is good and games are Sooooo Much Fun. The Roulette dealer is always very kind and tolerates my inexperience. Over the years I have spent enough money on this boat that I could’ve bought a boat, AND I still go because I LOVE IT!!

  76. Mitchell Gibson say:

    Just got back from The Big M Casino boat. 2 hr drive with friends and family and we enjoyed a great day on the water! I’m planning a charter in a few months so hit me up if your near Jacksonville, NC for details!

  77. Shirley Marie Wise say:

    I would just love it”even tho i had been under the weather But better now”

  78. Susan Galante say:

    We love the Big M ship II Everyone is ready to help you for the boarding to the Buffet to the gettomg off the Ship! Great crew! Clean and Fresh always!

  79. Jamie Tanner say:

    I love the Big M ship 2 I have been coming to myrtle beach for the last 10 years and for the last 6 or so I have went out on the Big M and have had a great time. I have won some and lost some but all in all a great time. Friendly staff and the best casino experience ever. No more land casinos for me. #BigMCasion#1fanfromVirginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Pat Mccoy say:

    Had a great time on New Year’s Eve didn’t win a lot of money , but maybe the next time . But the Band was awesome.

  81. Tabatha Duran say:

    It’s the best get away!! For a day. Great folks that work on the ship.!! If you have yet to take a ride. You got to go soon. You will love it!!

  82. Jon Mills say:

    A great way to get some stress relief I go once every couple of months on these cruises excellent staff excellent entertainment and food keep it up big m!!!!!

  83. Larry Miller say:

    My wife and I got the Senior citizens deal which is $10 each, plus BOGO breakfast buffet which was very good. There are 2 ships that sail out of Little River. We took the non-smoking one which is nice for people allergic to smoke or who don’t want the smell in their clothes when they depart.
    There are a number of penny and 2 cent machines as well as table games. It seems like the slots are a little tight.

  84. Jane Jacobs say:

    I had a great time on this boat!! The sea sickness sucked but the employee Teddy was incredible!! She took such good care of me… Big M Casino we will be back!!!

  85. Christine Jewell say:

    I really had a great time just was a little crazy with the motion sickness but all and all it was a great time will be going back

  86. Betty Trotter-Pate say:

    I love going out on the boat and play some games and sit on the deck when it’s warm all the staff are great I win a little and lose a little but I have a great time . I live in Ocean Isles so I will be going back soon !😄

  87. Niurys Castellanos Montes say:

    First and last time…poor buffet choices, very few slot choices and they don’t pay, only 4 tables and I felt sick from the back and forth swaying…I only played for an hour and spent the next 3 hours on top deck with my head down, trying not to throw up.

  88. Carol Ihde say:

    Had a great time out on the Big M Casino Boat. Great breakfast enjoyed music on top deck and slots were great. Did not win but my daughter did so that made even a better day.

  89. Lisa Ann say:

    First time on the casino boat. Had a real good time and I am already planning our next time to go back.

  90. Joshua K Billings say:

    Had a Blast The Trip alone is worth the Money, Dealers were super friendly and the Staff is great.

  91. Alicia Weiss Loso say:

    Skip the buffet, not worth the price. The $25 does not include the buffet. If you get seasick even slightly, don’t do this. Games are ok but some need to be updated. Staff is friendly for the most part.

  92. Becki Spiewak say:

    It was a sunny warm day for February. Had a plan to go on the casino boat, hit a winery and grab some dinner. Shorty after getting moving on the water, it became quite windy and the water very choppy. So choppy that I was unable to gamble as were a good bit of people on the boat. The different levels of the boat were filled with people with their heads down on tables, waiting for the hours to pass and hit land again. If you have any motion sickness what so ever I do NOT recommend this. 2 out of the 3 people I went with were just sitting and too sea sick to gamble. The one person who was functioning during the entire trip said that even though she could gamble and move around it was very rough, there were a couple times she also almost came out of her chair when the boat was swaying heavily. And she did state that at all times she found it difficult to move from floor to floor walking. She looked like she had a few too many when moving about. The concept is great, but I would never venture out on this again because once you are on it, it’s for hours, and I never want to chance having that feeling again. Would also like to note Dramamine was taken before the trip.

  93. Maria Smith say:

    This was my first boat experience and I’ve learned a few lessons. The staff was friendly and the concept is great. I now fully understand 4ft seas are not pleasant and meds for motion sickness are a must. I along with most other passengers spent about 3 hrs on top deck with my head down on the table. The crew was very nice and checked on everyone regularly to offer ginger ale and crackers. I will definitely try this again on a calm 1-2 ft sea day with meds. I did manage to win my money back and leave with an extra 1.95 lol. It was certainly a memory for my group.

  94. Larry Roscoe Jr. say:

    Pit boss MiMi would not comp any liquor drinks and were very unfriendly. I spoke with several other people who also felt the same way.the dealers were great and they were friendly. Not sure if I will return also the group that came with me.

  95. Patricia Rosner Hoechst say:

    The cruise was great… the breakfast was nice. Please make the food hotter.
    Only one person was Sea Sick that I saw. The water was choppy.

    We had a great time and the staff was friendly & helpful.

  96. Matt Phillips say:

    I had a great time on the cruise. The staff was amazing, and friendly is understatement! From the point of service for your food and beverages everything was on point and overall a great experience!!

  97. Terry Haseltine say:

    Fun as Always but I like Ship 1 better..But it was in Dry Dock

  98. Michael Villegas say:

    Hi does anyone know if they serve alcohol beverages especially beer ? I’ve seen a few post that they said they did but they have a limit of how many u can have is that true thanks.

  99. Bill Phillips say:

    Had a great time won some � would defiantly. Would do again

  100. Kimberly White-Hill say:

    It was my first & last time I will ever take this Casino boat ride!! The motion of the boat made me and my husband sick! And we had to suffer for 5hrs until we got back to shore. The staff was very pleasant � For now on I’ll stick to the Big Casino’s on Dry land.

  101. Doris Taylor say:

    The boat was I bit rocky today, for me and my Mom and the motion sickness kicked in. The staff was awesome, help my Mom out a lot made sure she was comfortable. I didn’t win, but had a good time.

  102. Michelle Thibault say:

    Went ook the Sunday AM trip in boat 1 and it was great. Windy and cold but that’s what you get for doing it in March! The boat does sway but we are huge rollercoaster fans so the movement didn’t bother us in the least. If you get sick on rides of any kind then don’t go on this boat. I won on my free play $ so I was happy. Very decent pricing, we had a great time!! We will definitely go again. $10 cost and $5 breakfast buffet at sea, I am satisfied.

  103. David Adams say:

    It was fun workers where nice lot of people where there

  104. Shama Sugababy Golidy say:

    It was awesome being with friends but just too much turbulent rocking…caused nausea and needs better ventilation for the first floor smoker’s deck. Otherwise, enjoy it!

  105. Helen Faster say:

    wish i could collect the free codes for double down

  106. Gail Smithson Terry say:

    We had a really good time despite the very bad weather. As we took off the ride was very rough and I became very dizzy, of course that was no fault of the boat that was just mother nature! The buffet was delicious and my sister won $400. I was rather upset that this was our first time and we had no kind of perks whatsoever. Both of us are senior citizens, and we got no discounts! We had to pay $25 apiece to get on, and $18 apiece for the buffet. The wait staff was very friendly and I would recommend it to my friends other then they gave no kind of discount for senior citizen, very upsetting!

  107. Tashaa Eaves say:

    Yesterday was my first trip out on the Big M & I must say I enjoyed myself! I’m not a big gambler but that wasn’t my point of going. I went with my extremely close friends and we all enjoyed ourselves more than expected. I was nervous at first being I went out deep sea fishing a few years back and was sea sick the ENTIRE time , but this time I guess because my mind wasn’t on it I was fine. The prices were reasonable, the trip out to sea wasn’t that rough. It was a beautiful day. There were times that the water was a little rough but not anything the boat could control. I will definitely be going back when I return .

  108. Britney Williams say:

    I had so much fun everyone was so nice and helpful

  109. Terrell Murphy say:

    My partner and I took this river cruise it was very enjoyable and we both left with more money than we went on with.Ship was very clean and staff were very nice.Would do it again for sure

  110. Latisha Malloy say:

    Suck lemons if ur nauseated. I had a cup of lemons while I enjoyed my time.

  111. Pamela Lewis say:

    Beautiful day for a …
    Good luck to all on the Big M

  112. Gwen Williamson say:

    I had a wonderful time everyone was so friendly staff and passengers can’t wait to go again

  113. Dorothy Myers say:

    It’s fun if you don’t get sea sick. First time my whole family was sick but didn’t take Dramamine. Went back the following week and took Dramamine and didn’t get sick till I went to the bathroom. Might try again but I might have to take 2 Dramamine lol. The bathroom is the rockiest and 3 Rd floor is the best place to go if you are sick.

  114. Jamie Weaver Roberts say:

    Not a big variety of games…very limited amout of penny machines…think i saw five in total and didn’t hear anyone hitting much although i think i heard them announce two jackpt winners. It wasnt a horrible experience but was disappointing.

  115. Bryant Malloy say:

    I have a blast every time!! All employees from management on down are excellent. I hit Big M up every time I am in the area!! #get$$$$

  116. Yvonne Bonner say:

    Had a blast yesterday with great Friends!!! Beautiful weather and smooth sailing!

  117. Tywanda King say:

    I fully enjoyed the Big M�. It was my first time and will return �

  118. Reba Smith say:

    We were 12miles out in international water
    It was so choppy everybody was sick and falling one lady was on the floor with a blanket
    They only stayed out an hour we were suppose to come back at 4 came back at 1 so it was a rip off of money
    I almost passed out
    We got to 2nd floor and ppl had to help me to a table and I had crackers then they changed directions of the boat and it was fine
    Dale was sick too.not a good experience

  119. Pat Carter say:

    I love it just remember you can’t take it with you

  120. Kathy Orbe say:

    Great time! Nice staff. Lots of fun and a nice day out.

  121. Laura Withrow say:

    We were told that the price of admission included your meal, which was not true. The meal that was served on a senior day was so spicy it upset your stomach and was not good at all. The weather was bad and the swaying of ship was so bad you couldn’t walk and a lot of people were sitting with their heads down from being seasick and couldn’t wait to get back to land. We will not be returning. We did not enjoy ourselves at all.

  122. Shelli Knapp say:

    It’s always a good time! See you next weekend! Hoping to win the BIG one!!

  123. Shannon Toth say:

    Food buffet was definitely NOT WORTH $18. Food was not very hot, barely luke warm. Not anything to brag about. They need to do something better about keeping it hotter. Service was not very good either. I recommend you eat before you go….

  124. Jacqueline McKnight say:

    Always fun and win����������5/2016 2700.00 jackpot 5/2017 1136.00 jackpot and another 590.00. Great payouts for me on slots.

  125. Jeff Sparks say:

    I loved it. I won almost 900$$$$$.I would like to try my luck again one day

  126. Felicia Moore say:

    Had a great time. Being on the ship itself was great definitely will be doing it again.

  127. Ryan Kleinfelter say:

    Been on both boats many times. The staff is wonderful either it is cashier, dealers, bar… There all great. No complaints. As for some people saying they didn’t have a good time because of the waves and the boat should not have gone out they check the weather every day and if its bad they won’t go. They have cancelled many trips I was suppose to go on. Their number 1 concern is the safety of their guests to take them out and bring them back to dry land safely. A+++. Keep up the great work BIG M

  128. Karen Lee say:

    Went out on 2. Had a great day just enjoying the hospitality! Can’t wait to go again!

  129. Jess Keeptryingchips say:

    never opens up and as a partner site with doubledown you are a poor excuse for a site

  130. DMarie Wt say:

    I am a new resident here in South Carolina and had company visiting so I thought I would be fun to go on the Big M casino. I have to say, I was disappointed. The offer a breakfast buffet until 2. So the food was out from the time we boarded at 10:30 until 2. The only other offering was at the bar 3 different sandwiches, hot dogs and chips. The ship can give a much better experience to its customers I am sure. I asked my visitor if they would want to return to the ship and the reply was “NO”. Not sure if I will. I really expected more.

  131. Tammy Zanardo say:

    Love the Big M! Great staff! Always a great time!!!

  132. Tammy Zanardo say:

    Love the Big M! Great staff! Always a great time!!!

  133. Pamela Oglesby say:

    Rude staff. Food horrible. Boat was very very unsteady. Terrible trip. Never going back there.

  134. Robert Overson say:

    you never open up the pages for your stupid promo codes you are a waste of time and space

  135. Danielle Winkler Pownall say:

    Great little adventure on the sea. We had so much fun!!

  136. Larry Abrams say:

    Use to go out pretty often. Not anymore. The staff is excellent . I don’t have any idea what slot payback is set at but seems like machines really slow after first two hours. and usually ends up being an expensive boat ride if you play the slots. Would much rather see a quality land base Casino that would employ more people and help SC more than supporting a company in Florida.

  137. James Martin say:

    Loved it !!!!!!!!
    We had a great time from beginning to end. The buffet was great, the gambling was fun and the staff was exceptional. When we come back to Myrtle Beach we will definitely do it again.

  138. Kate Spurlock White say:

    Food was pretty good, but they need to add garlic bread to the buffet. The chocolate cake is amazing! For non gamblers it would be nice to have entertainment on the top deck. Take half a Dramamine when you first board in case of rough seas. Cruise might be about an hour too long if you’re not a big gambler.

  139. Charlotte Powell say:

    Still have greasy bacon and runny grits for the morning buffet. Why such a long wait from breakfast until the machines are turned on before one can get any service downstairs? There’s a lot of people that wait downstairs until time to play, drinks should be flowing then. Air conditioning would also be good on these hot days.

  140. Theresa Roan say:

    I think that people know enough about me, Lets talk about cute little furry kitten, LOL I really think I will go to bed now I will tell u a funny tomorrow .

  141. Theresa Roan say:

    I think that people know enough about me, Lets talk about cute little furry kitten, LOL I really think I will go to bed now I will tell u a funny tomorrow .

  142. Kathi Miller say:

    Was disappointed by the amount and types of slots.. very few on the whole boat…. I’m from Ohio and have been on gambling boats in Indiana….. same size boat, many more machines to play……. the day I went had horrible turbulence … was sick the WHOLE time, even after taking Dramamine … won’t ever waste my money on this again

  143. Michael Young say:

    I enjoyed the cruise. After today the ship will allow smoking indoors. I am completely against this. If this is how it is going to be from now on, I’m not sure I’ll go back.

  144. Clementina Rodriguez say:
  145. Fredrik Johansson say:
  146. Tonia Whitt Hamilton say:

    Was on boat 2 , 7/2/17 I have to say one crew staff Dillion was awesome (upper deck ) & the DJ music was great really enjoyed our cruise.

  147. Sherry Reyes Bartlett say:
  148. Rydell Walker say:

    Didn’t recieve $$$ for machines until 7:20 p.m., machines didn’t turn on until 7:30 p.m., buffet closes @ 8 p.m., yea paid $36, $18 apiece for my wife & I to eat for only 16 minutes, then I was informed I would be able to buy hot dogs & pizza afterwards! No free courtesy drinks were provided for gamblers, boat rocked heavily for approximately 4 hrs. my wife was very sick!, cruise was nice to me but numerous individuals were constantly vomiting everywhere without drinking any alcohol. I may eventually cruise again with friends but I love to eat & drink & this isn’t the spot for this!

  149. Sarah Coleman say:

    thought I was prepared, dinner was ok, after we took off, I started to feel nauseous
    first time on a boat of that size, didn’t know there’ll be cigarette smoke allowed inside the casino area
    I was happy to get off

  150. Robert Henderson say:

    Like the place but limited table games. Should have two crap table. Since it’s only 3.25 hours playing time.

  151. Stephanie Melfi say:

    Went on the M Casino Ship II last night with my boyfriend, sister and brother in law. It started out ok, but as soon as we hit the open water the sea sickness set in. No one in our group is overly sensitive to motion sickness but it affected us all. The water was really rough, and several people were sick. They were passing out ginger ale, saltines and puke bags. I understand when going out on a boat, sea sickness is always a risk – but we asked the crew if it was always that bad and they said it was never like that. There was a tropical storm off the coast somewhere, causing the rough seas.

    My complaint is that no one warned us of the sea conditions before buying tickets or boarding. We probably would have changed our minds since 5 hours is a really long time to be trapped at sea and sick. This ruined the entire night and we all couldn’t wait for it to be over. Just 4 straight hours of staring at the sky hoping not to throw up. There was also lightning all around us – a little unnerving.

    In my opinion, if that many people were sick and miserable, they should have just cut it a little short and maybe offer a partial credit to anyone who didn’t want it to end early. Also, there were no updates or announcements about what was going on – I would have liked for the Captain to periodically announce where we were, how much time was left or anything about the conditions.

    Once we turned around to head back, things got a little better and we went in to try and gamble a bit. The sea was calmer and we felt better. I played slots for about 15 minutes, and we were having fun for the first time all night, then an announcement came on that we had to stop playing slot machines right that minute, then the machines were disabled. No warning or anything. It would have been nice for them to let us know when gambling would end, or at least a warning 15-30 mins ahead of time – something.

    Also, wish they had more beer selections. Just bud, coors, and the basics. Definitely thought they’d have at least a couple other options.

    I do have to say, the crew, and particularly the top deck bartender, were very nice and helpful. He brought us ginger ale and saltines on the deck. Other than that I really don’t have much good to say. Just a wasted night of our vacation.

    Suggestions: alert people of the sea conditions prior to buying tickets; update passengers about time frame for gambling and where we are throughout the night; more beer selections; cut the cruise time down to 4 hours – 5 is too long.

  152. Theresa Hanley say:

    Amazing Relaxing Time on the boat and won some money

  153. Rhonda E. Pope say:

    It was a great boat as we were boarding while it was still at the dock. But as soon as we hit the ocean everyone on the boat became sick even taking the pill they offer for motion sickness and we were out their on water for four hours so we just had to deal with it until we came back to land. It was a bad experience for me and my friends and their were seven of us. So I definitely will not go again and the food was a joke to pay $30 dollars to board and you serve lasagna, flank steak and a cheap salad really I think you should do better so over all we all were mad and disappointed.

  154. Ray Christopher say:

    Had a great time. My girlfriend lost her phone on the boat but they took every measure to make sure that it was returned to her for which I am very thankful. However the buffet wasn’t great. I would not recommend the fish.

  155. Amber Marie Gager-Bradley say:

    I want to thank all the staff on your boat for locating my phone and returning to my boyfriend.A life saver…

  156. Tammy Warnick say:

    Love it come play with me get lots of free chips to play with

  157. Donna Carter Simmons say:
  158. Jason Maddox say:

    I never leave reviews but after reading all the. What I’ve reviews of people complaining they got sick and that the food wasn’t worth it I felt compelled to dispel the lies. The casino boat is grrrreat! Sure the buffet is ok at best but it’s more so, in my opinion something to do during the 45 minute trek out to sea. If you don’t like it, go sit in the corner alone and pout. Whatever. Also people complaining about slot pay percentages or how they “slow down” don’t need to be gambling. House has the advantages, the longer you play the more you lose, don’t spend what your not comfortable losing blah blah etc. go get an IRA if you want to sure fire make money. Slot machines are so cool. It’s a fun exciting video game that gives you money. Enjoy it for what it is. If you don’t win money, consider it cost for fun like going to an amusement park. For clarity, Iv only ever left a casino twice with a profit. I usually lose…. so I am not coming from a “lucky persons” perspective. Don’t bad talk the casino boat it’s all we have!

  159. Frankie Smith say:

    It’s was great experience! The boat was beautiful and safe. It had slots, craps, roulette and black jack. The only that could have made the experience better was to have won some money. LOL!

  160. Maria Del Rocio Oropeza Chavez say:
  161. Shirley June Clubb say:

    We had a blast. I love the DJ he was good and yes we will come back again. You meet new people and everybody is friendly

  162. Katie Drzewiecki say:

    My boyfriend and I have been on Ship II twice and we loved it! No sea sickness for us. The drinks, buffet, and overall experience was great. We look forward to taking many more trips with The Big “M” Casino.

  163. Carol Treusdell Ottman say:

    We have been on these boats several times now. Sometimes we win sometimes we lose!
    We always check the local marine forecast before going and our cutoff is 2-3 foot seas. We have never had a bad experience. Even if we don’t gamble, it is a beautiful trip out to sea. We have taken many friends out for the first time, and everyone loves this unique experience!

  164. Nancy Schmitt Geer say:

    We had a great time,the food at the budget was great, we played for a couple of hours and the ride back was enjoyable.

  165. Desiree Diefenderfer-Mckelvey say:
  166. Paula Scialfo say:

    I had a great time. Wish I could have won ! The staff was very accommodating and pleasant .

  167. James Bofill say:

    This shit sucked. Ppl was laying in the fuckin stair well. Food was hmm no wonder everyone was sick. Nothing to lay on if u got sick. Smoking and food floors stank. So if u was sick u had nowhere to go but where the sick ppl was and the guy who was playing music had to have aids or dying Please eat. No offers of water ,pillows or anything .they just wanted their fuckin money for everything this pos cut the games off like visiting hours is over at the jail lights out type shit. Fuckin made me feel like i was a gd kid .fuck that whole company and never again

  168. Tradd Jones say:

    My 2nd time on the boat in the last couple of weeks, great time. Sat at the same blackjack table the whole cruise both times… Chris was the dealer both times and he’s awesome. Keeps it entertaining and not a dull card dealer. Will def keep going back!

  169. Debbie Fernandez say:

    We miss The Big M here in Fort Meyers, Fl.! We always had a good time. We enjoyed the buffet each time as well. Any chance you will return to Fort Meyers?

  170. Robin Sparta say:

    Always had a great experience, great Customer Service, Food and won a little each time…

  171. Garry Cleghorn say:

    It was a great time but it gets rough at times if you think you will get sea sick take something before you leave the dock

  172. Brenda Mikles say:

    Went back in June with some friends, didn’t win anything but had a nice time. Going back this month with another friend hope the luck will be with me this time and not my neighbors.

  173. Douglas Donaldson say:

    I took my family we had a great time !! The breakfast buffet was good. But best of all between us we left with more $$$$ than we started with!!!!

  174. Jessica Navitsky say:

    Love this boat casino it’s a great time win or lose. They need to do free alcohol while gambling though!

  175. Carol Kiser say:

    I have signed up with you in order to get free chips and offers for double down casino, after going through the trouble to do so, I go through the process, I see no way to get the offer that was promised, I am not happy about this.

  176. Jackie Whitley Terry say:
  177. Lesley Kracke say:

    Had a great time was…food was good staff was friendly and Won a little money. Will definitely do this again!!! Only reason I didn’t do 5 stars is because of the smoking everywhere, I will do ship1 next time as That one seems to only allow smoking outside.

  178. Estella Ball say:

    I have lost a lot of money on the ships but never could say it wasn’t fun. Always enjoy myself.

  179. Cheryl Lynn say:

    What a great night. Buffet was very good. Fun 5 hour cruise.

  180. Yonnell Bailey say:

    It was absolutely FANTASTIC!! It was my very first time on a casino boat. We were celebrating our friend’s birthday. Byine, Adrinna, and I will definitely come again with more people.

  181. Yonnell Bailey say:

    It was absolutely FANTASTIC!! It was my very first time on a casino boat. We were celebrating our friend’s birthday. Byine, Adrinna, and I will definitely come again with more people.

  182. Kristi Baker say:

    My mom and I set out on this adventure on a Fri night, ladies night. It was 10 bucks to board, and buy one get one free buffet. Awesome!!! First time on a boat, of any size, out on the open water. It was a bit difficult to get used to, but you have to expect a little bit of discomfort. It is the ocean after all, and in the middle of hurricane season. We had an absolute blast. It was wonderful from the great bartender on the top deck, to the tables and slots on the first level, and slots on the second. The buffet was ok. There were other choices such as pizza and hot dogs so if you didn’t want the buffet, it wasn’t all you had to eat. The staff was pleasant and very attentive. I am definitely going to go again!

  183. Kellan Bowman say:

    Had a great time and won money, the slots are much looser than harrahs cherokee, if your susceptible to motion sickness it does move around some once you get in the Ocean. But we did have a great time, and I felt like it was the perfect amount of time on the cruise.

  184. Katara Monet say:

    I love it I enjoy myself every time I go food and all whether I win or not

  185. Lauren Elizabeth say:

    Our group of seven went on the evening cruise last night. The water was choppy and I felt a little seasick there towards the end. The buffet was edible, but nothing spectacular. I wasn’t expecting much for the food anyways so it wasn’t too big of a letdown.

    I am not a gambler, but I did read that there would be a bar and dance floor on the boat so that’s what I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, I was too seasick to really drink anything and the dance floor closed up the minute the machines were open. I wished there would have been a little more to do for our non-gamblers, but I get that it’s a casino cruise.

    On the plus side, my husband won some money at the Craps table and the gamblers in our group had a good time. The boat was clean and the staff was super friendly.

  186. Joe N Laurie Laone say:

    Great day. Everyone was so friendly. Machines we’re generous. Great way to spend a Birthday

  187. Bj Pope say:

    Great time. Didn’t win big but didn’t lose my shirt. I’ll do it again

  188. Diane Furst Costello say:

    I can’t wait to post my negative review on yelp and trip adviser. Friday was my 4th and FINAL visit! My family and I used to love to go every vacation for the boat ride, the music, food (yuk) gambling, and good service. At first I was surprised that it was so empty. By the end of the trip, I knew why. There were about 20 machines per person. It Took an hour for a server to show up. I ordered a cocktail, which in the past were complementary and was asked for five dollars. She told me the policy changed back in the spring. That was fine, but it’s took over an hour for another server to show up.
    The ultimate rip off came at the very end. They announced that they were closing the casino. Within a minute they shut the machines down. They gave us enough time to print out our vouchers for whatever money was left in the machine. They announced that vouchers could be cashed at the service desk. We had almost an hours ride back to port, so I went to the restroom – which was a necessity! Then I decided to go to the deck to find a table to enjoy the sunshine and the ride back. I waited for my family to return to the table then I got up and headed downstairs to cash in my voucher. The area leading to the cashier was blocked off. A man stopped me and said “you cannot go back there!”
    I told him I have to cash in my voucher. He said it’s too late. I said “there are still 45 minutes on the boat ride!” He said, that’s too bad you had to come immediately! I told him that the immediately part was not announced and that a toilet matter delayed me by 10 minutes. He said your voucher expires in two weeks! He said, “go upstairs and maybe one of the waitresses will give you cash for your voucher!” All of the waitresses turned me down and I was feeling angry and foolish. One of the waitresses said “go upstairs and maybe the bartender will help you.” After waiting five minutes to get the bartenders attention, he said no way!
    In fact, they stole my money. I cannot get back there within two weeks and apparently they use this PLOY to make more money. Many people visit this boat while they’re on vacation and can’t get back. It is an absolute disgrace and I will never go back and will warn people about this sneaky ploy, bad attitudes and terrible service. #RIPOFF
    FYI, for anyone reading this, you need to enjoy the rancid smell of cigarettes if you want to gamble at the tables. I went home angry and reeking of the smell of cigarettes! In addition, an extra bonus was that I got very sick that night from their disgusting buffet!

  189. Clementine R Cruze say:

    We arrive not knowing the the current was going to be rough. The boat was waving from side to side and my friend got sick, the crew was amazing they took really good care of her. I was able to play and have a decent time. The five hours was hard, so if u have a strong stomach and if not take Dramamine before getting aboard.

  190. Amy Jo say:

    Visited last night with friends …, The atmosphere was good, the drinks are reasonably priced. The dinner buffet was awful ! For 18.00 I would have expected there to be a food selection that complimented …. salad, fruit, Mexican taco fixings and then a pork roast sliced down with brown gravy …. dessert ….sweet potatoes pie, apple pie and some cookies.
    The hot dogs appeared more appetizing then the dinner bar.
    Definitely will return but dinner before boarding

  191. Shaina Santiago say:

    The staff were really nice & down to earth. I will be coming back again.

  192. Crystal Workinger say:

    The evening cruise has a beautiful sunset view and that alone was worth the price. Everyone is super nice and the dealers will help you learn to play a table game if you don’t know how. I couldn’t have had a better night.

  193. Richard Root say:

    The winning odds a little while no real big winners very few and the food was kind of expensive opposed to what they had I don’t think I would do it again the odds are way too high for payouts you would have a better chance at Vegas

  194. Karen Lowe say:

    My husband and I went on the 11am cruise.. we used are “smart phones” to check the weather, we asked questions and the staff were extremely helpful. We also knew how long the trip was before we bought tickets. They gave two warnings when gambling was ending!! My husband asked the dealer when we had to stop playing, Kevin stated, we have three more hands left!! We had a great time and will be going again. The ship was clean and the staff were friendly and informative.

  195. Connie Franklin Perry say:

    I wasn’t impressed. The food was not hot, and there wasn’t enough room for everyone to sit and eat while waiting for the machines to turn on. For the cost of getting on the boat, and the money spent on the “older” slots the food and drinks should be included.
    Definitely needs to be updated.

  196. Georgia Higdon Mayers say:

    My husband and I we nt on the morning cruise and enjoyed it emencly. Yes the buffet wasn’t great but we didn’t go away hungry by any means. Will definitely go again it is so neat to be on a boat that big (not a big cruise ship) people need to stay out side and enjoy that then go inside and enjoy the gambling!

  197. Maria Luisa Goizueta say:
  198. Darleen Cooper say:

    I had a fantastic time. The buffet was awesome and the black jack table was great. Awesome time!!

  199. Sandy Yannarella say:

    Awesome !!! My first time, hubby’s 2nd time. We went on day cruise Ship 2. Lost our money but somebody has to pay for the boat fuel The buffet was quite tasty. The entire ship was very clean. I checked the Marine forecast in the morning and the seas were perfect ! I did take a Dramamine just in case. Perfect day except for our wheel bearing going out on our truck just before we arrived for our day on the ship. We made it to the parking lot and just had to wait awhile for a friend to arrive after our day at sea with a transport trailer to haul us back up to Grifton, NC. But, once hubby fixes the truck and we have more “throw away” cash, we will be back . Oh, and the staff was very friendly and helpful

  200. Jaqueline Gonzalez Navarrete say:
  201. Sylvia Harrelson Pate say:

    My husband and I celebrated our birthdays with family on the casino boat. We had a fun adventure as it was our first time. We did the brunch buffet and I thought it was good. We took the day trip so we could see more,. We would consider going again!

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