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Slot floor- has a variety of old and new games, Vegas-style slots, and bingo slot machines. we currently have 64 machines available. 100% of our machines are ticket-in, ticket-out. Open 7 days a week 9am-Close.

Bingo- evening session starts at 7pm with the first warm-up games at 6:30, buy-ins start at $10 up to $55 with payouts ranging from $50-$400 on regular games!cage window opens at 5:30 pm. Many specials also available. Thursday thru Sunday we have moonlight sessions starting at 10:30, cage window opens at 10 pm.

C-Store- open 24 hours! accepts most major credit cards, gas and diesel, anything from fresh Deli items to beer and ice (BEER SOLD UNTIL 12AM!!) SWO tribal hunting and Fishing License accessible.

Restaurant- Stop in and try our daily lunch, evening specials.If you haven’t seen our Crossroads Restaurant recently, the remodeling is done and it looks great! We have better food, better service, and a better atmosphere! Give us a try any day of the week and we’ll leave you smiling and full!

Conference Room- call 1-800-542-2876 to book an event. NOTE: need a 24 hour advance notice. seats up to 30 people, if needing bigger space, bingo hall is available (subject to Bingo session’s needs).

Address: 46102 SD-10, Sisseton, SD 57262, USA
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 605-698-4273

Site: http://www.dakotaconnection.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dakota-Connection-Casino-157571964318803/

Dakota Connection Online Casino and Travel Online Casino Center, Dakota Connection Casino and Travel Center, Dakota Connection Casino Online

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  1. Devonna Cloud Goodteacher say:
  2. Gwen Alldridge-Collins say:
  3. Ellie Owens-Hauser say:
  4. Peter Boehringer say:

    there help with our gas voucher was most appreciated many thanks again may the creator guide you and yours manager dustin & employee kelly and we thank you our boss knows we will be a wee late many thanks….wado.

  5. Joey Heminger Renville say:
  6. Teresa Holland-King say:
  7. Ohitika B Sunkawakantanka say:
  8. Brad Jenison say:

    Casino and Restaurant are very good. It sucks they don’t update the Bingo programs or anything else that they have on the website. What a waste, they should fire whomever is not doing their job!!!!!

  9. Kaye Crawford say:

    Hey Brad you got a lucky break with your meal today…usually its sooo awful…

  10. Vastana Kaye Lewandowski say:
  11. Vicki Ruscheinsky Rice say:
  12. Kirsten Laughter-Brown say:
  13. V Keith Tracy Ross say:

    Needs updating…but good!

  14. LaVoy Todd Wakinyansapa say:
  15. Wayne S. Heminger Jr. say:

    I come play just about everyday… thanks for keeping me entertained

  16. Wayne S. Heminger Jr. say:

    I come play just about everyday… thanks for keeping me entertained

  17. Steven Vail say:

    Never been there. But got relations that work there. And they say go elsewhere this place sux. Might I add his ccomments were in reference to his co-workes and mis management.

  18. Gail Lotzer say:

    Only been there the one time for the noon buffet on Sunday but it was very good I thought. The weekend brkfast buffets are over-priced for what they offer.

  19. Mary Kay Young Black say:
  20. Apple Scott Cadotte say:

    I never bingo but I go anyway lol but I sometimes hit at the machines those days are good days lol

  21. Crystal N Ted Feather say:
  22. Nicole Lynn Heminger say:
  23. Mike John Thundercloud say:

    Food was good, (Thanks, Coke Jones) service was excellent, gambling wasn’t much fun though….

  24. Vivian Sherman say:

    I love it!!! Its an amazing casino!! I won big there

  25. Cyrilla Lafountain Vivier say:

    I and my husband enjoy going to Dakota Magic and he gets military discount on our rooms ,gift shop and restaurants and they have concerts and good bands at their Bar !!

  26. Tom Win say:

    Kinda like it… usually plenty of parking spaces for big rigs ! A bit off I 29 but worth it when looking for a quaint place ….!

  27. Joseph M Carrillo say:

    Glad the Connection Was Open During State Of Emergency Ice-Storm!

  28. Lawrence Charette say:

    Well a very nice and helpful staff not exactly big place but great atmosphere,all ways enjoy interactions with real prairie folk !

  29. Myrna Anderson say:

    I love the selection of snacks and drinks in the C-Store, the slots are fun in the casino, and most of the food specials are pretty good. the one big thing I have to complain about is the fact that you cannot call in a to go order. I work very close to the casino and I waited almost an hour to get my food to go. I looked around and there were people who were just sitting when I got there and they got their food faster… So in conclusion, it would be SO VERY appreciated if the restaurant had a phone line to call in orders for those of us who don’t have time to sit and eat. OH!! cant forget to say that after all the confusion and craziness, the staff was always very friendly!

  30. Chee Toz say:

    Food in the restaurant was old and didn’t taste right. Least the manger didn’t let us pay for the food. Bathroom were smelly and not clean also.

  31. Dennis Myers say:

    Won big on my free first time ten dollars free play. Went back the next day and won 40 dollars. Think I will be a daily player. Thanks for the fun.

  32. Kamal Wind say:


  33. Payton St John Jr say:

    It alright. Sometimes the bathrooms can be messy. The food has been good. I haven’t encountered anything gross or old. Where’s the popcorn machine?

  34. Crystal Owen say:

    A fun place to go and hang out grab a bite to eat or play some bingo or the slot machines. It has a relaxed atmosphere, the staff is friendly and helpful.

  35. Edward St John say:

    Amazing place to play blackjack and the foods good people are nice the rooms are comfortable and the movies are good along with a chicken strip basket with fries and all you can drink soda.

  36. Ladonna Marlowe say:

    What a great casino, restaurant and bingo hall! Great food, great slots, and awesome bingo! Can’t wait to come back….

  37. Julie Watts say:

    Employees always do their best to keep the place looking clean, friendly atmosphere.

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