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Proudly owned and operated by the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation, Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel is located north of Watertown, South Dakota—just off of Interstate 29 at Exit 185.

Dakota Sioux offers everything you need for the ideal getaway. Hotel guests are invited to relax in our luxurious hotel rooms or suites, work off the day’s stress in our exercise room, make that deal in our business center—or enjoy the internet in your own room with our free WiFi.

With over 400 of your favorite high payout slots, live poker & blackjack,meeting rooms and great acts playing in our Concert Hall and Lounge—there are always great reasons to get out of your room, too. Our Mustangs Steakhouse & Buffet is grilling up the best steaks, chicken, and seafood…or when you’re more in the mood for a quick homemade soup or a piled-high sandwich, our Deli has something ready for you.

Whether you’re here with a large group taking a break from business, or here just to relax—Come stay & play at Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel where fun runs wild.



Our exciting, action-packed casino floor features all your favorite slot games, in formats ranging from traditional three-reel Las Vegas slot machines to video slots where you can play dozens of lines at a time and in all denominations.

We also feature a wide variety of video poker games where you can test your casino gambling skill, as well as your luck.

Be sure to use your player’s club card every time you place a bet so you can earn free slot play, comps, offers and special event invitations.

Blackjack is known to be the most widely played casino games in the world. Dakota Sioux offers one of the best South Dakota Blackjack pits with 6 tables and daily promotions. If you are new to Blackjack, our dealers are always happy to help you learn the rules. There are three basic principles to Blackjack that every player should learn:

The objective is to get 21 points with two cards, this is called a blackjack.
If you don’t get 21 on the first two cards you want to hit a score higher than the dealer without breaking 21.
You can also let the dealer draw additional cards until his hand possibly exceeds 21.
While these are the basic principles there are many other fun and interesting rules that keep the game challenging. The game is quick to learn and fun for players of all skill levels.

Blackjack offers a variety of live games seven days a week including: 2-Deck, 6-Deck, and Silverado Stud Poker. Show your Players Club Card to earn comps! Our Blackjack pit has 6 tables for your convenience.






Every player ages 50+ will receive one $5 for $10 match play coupon. From 2-6pm only, we will be offering one $2 minimum Blackjack table.



Every player will receive two $5 for $10 match play coupons. From 2-6pm only, we will be offering one $3 minimum Blackjack table.



Every player will receive one $5 for $10 match play coupon. From 2-6pm only, we will be offering one $3 minimum Blackjack table.



Every player will receive one Big Ace on the $3 Blackjack table only. From 2-6pm only, we will be offering one $3 minimum Blackjack table.


One free drink (limit 5 per day) will be given out for: Every Triple 7’s (777) on Blackjack or 2 deck pitch tables. Every Full House on Silverado Stud Poker.


Poker has risen in popularity over the past ten years and Dakota Sioux has followed the trends. Dakota Sioux offers the best South Dakota Poker available combined with unique offers that cater to the player.  If you are searching for a South Dakota poker tournament there are a number of weekly and monthly events for players of all skills. Tournaments can be a great way to meet new friends, test your skills and enjoy an evening of poker playing.

Dakota Sioux offers a South Dakota poker room dedicated for a true card player. If you are a regular player, the regular South Dakota Texas Hold’em events will keep your game sharp. If you are a new player the staff is friendly and helpful. The poker promotions and schedule is updated regularly to ensure players have a chance to play at any level that suits their type of play.

Dakota Sioux Casino’s Poker Room offers Dealers Choice, which consists of:

  • Hi/Lo Split
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Hold’em has become the most popular poker game played across the world. Introduced in Las Vegas in 1967, today Texas Hold’em is played by players of all types.
  • Crazy Pineapple
    • Similar to Texas Hold’em, Crazy Pineapple allows players 3 cards with the opportunity to discard one. This is a great twist to the standard Texas Hold’em game, while maintaining some of the similar rules to help players ease into the game.
  • Straight Pineapple
    • Similar to Crazy Pineapple, straight Pineapple is a game that any Texas Hold’em player can enjoy!



Starting in December 2017 players that enter and play in the days tournament will receive $5 slot play, and any player that plays 2-hours of live play will receive $10 in free slot play with a max of $15 per day.


Opens at 2pm




Opens at 2pm

*For details, contact the Poker Room at 1.800.658.4717 ext. 1686.



  • 2017 November
  • 2017 December


  • Promotion starts with $100 and $20 is added each day we have a live game for six hours. Each suit will feature a different “suited” Royal Flush Jackpot. Ex. Spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts will all have their own jackpot, but the other jackpots will stay at the amount they are at the time the spade jackpots goes. In-house check will be awarded to the winner.



  • 6:00PM
  • $10 Entry fee, $15 buy-in
  • $1,500 in tournament chips
  • 15 Minute rounds
  • $10 add-on will receive 2,500 in chips.



  • 6:00PM
  • $15 Entry fee, $50 buy-in
  • $5 Re-buys
  • $5,000 in tournament chips
  • 15 minute rounds
  • $65 Entry and re-entry for the first hour; Re-entry and $20 add-on for each entry and re-entry will receive 2,000 in chips.



  • 4:00PM
  • $15 Entry fee, $60 buy-in
  • Optional add-on for each entry and re-entry is $30 to receive 4,000 in tournament chips with $20 to pool / $10 to house.  Entries and re-entries allowed for the first four rounds.
  • 15 minute rounds

DECEMBER 16, 2017


  • 6:00PM Start
  • $100 receives 8,000 tournament chips
  • $20 Entry Fee
  • $5 Optional add-on for 2000 tournament chips
  • 15 minute rounds
  • Can enter and re-enter for the first 4 rounds (player must have zero chips to re-enter or forfeit their chips to the house)

DECEMBER 17, 2017


  • 4:00PM Start
  • $175 Buy-in receive 8,000 tournament chips
  • $20 Entry Fee
  • $5 Optional add-on for 2000 tournament chips
  • Donate hat/mittens and receive 500 bonus tournament chips per set (limit 7 sets)
  • Donate a new child’s winter jacket and receive 5000 bonus tournament chips
  • 20 minute rounds
  • House adds $500 to purse



  • 4:00PM Start
  • $30 Buy-in (prize pool) receive 3,000 tournament chips
  • $10 Entry Fee (house)
  • $5 Optional add-on for 2000 tournament chips
  • 15 minute rounds
  • Can enter and re-enter for the first 4 rounds (player must have zero chips to re-enter or forfeit their chips to the house)


Address: 16415 Sioux Conifer Rd, Watertown, SD 57201, USA
Phone: +1 605-884-1700

Site: http://www.dakotasioux.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DakotaSiouxCasino/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/siouxcasino

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  1. Paula Sazue-Longcrow say:

    We Enjoyed Our Stay At Dakota Sioux Casino & Hotel.

  2. Darlene Swedberg Dahm say:
  3. Devonna Cloud Goodteacher say:
  4. Tasha Thompson Martinez say:
  5. Tracy Grothe Goodwin say:
  6. Beth Da Ndn Gilman say:
  7. Donald Lee Wilkey say:
  8. Lori Witcombe Solsaa say:
  9. Ellie Owens-Hauser say:
  10. Devonna Cloud Goodteacher say:
  11. Destinee Beaudreau say:
  12. Joey Heminger Renville say:
  13. Brandi Bethanne Schiefelbein say:
  14. Victoria L Max Ojeda say:
  15. Alana Marquita Anpetu Sa say:
  16. Christine Louise Malcolm say:
  17. Shaloh Lyn RedEagle say:
  18. Linda A Korbel Salinas say:
  19. Wendelyn O'Bohannon say:
  20. Christa LaFromboise say:
  21. Derek Jackson say:

    A pool would be nice addition.

  22. Vicki Ruscheinsky Rice say:
  23. Carla Rilea-Rodriguez say:
  24. V Keith Tracy Ross say:

    I like the clean there and always have fun….good food….!

  25. Kimberly Young-Kramer say:
  26. Appoe Cadotte say:

    Freaking awesome casino

  27. Jessica K. Esson say:

    Rooms in need of refrigerators. Everything else was great!

  28. Ted Vadnais say:

    Lots of good times

  29. Charnel Hill say:

    The services provided by Rhonda for events have consistently been awesome for years. Hey DSC! Treat her like GOLD! Customer services have improved. I really enjoy staying at the hotel-I had a wedding honeymoon there and everything was clean, elegant, convenient, memorable.
    Keep up the high polish and good attitudes! Many times a day, your face is the face of DSC!

  30. Dori Eimers Harms say:

    Went there for Fathers Day. Thought we would gamble and eat at the buffet to celebrate fathers day. We got there around 12:30/1:00. No buffet.. We were told it was going to open back up at 2:00. When we left at 4:00 it was still not open. We ended up leaving and went to Watertown to eat. Bad first impression and you wont get the chance to make a second one. Never going there again.

  31. Lisa Marie Wenzel say:
  32. Wayne S. Heminger Jr. say:
  33. Maira De Lima Pastuczenko say:
  34. Eric Maasch say:

    slots are terrible just throw your money in the trash and save gas

  35. Wahosiyapiwakan Kin Etanhan say:

    Good job sister on putting the meeting together love you

  36. Brandon Schneider say:

    Can’t even being to describe how terrible slot play is. Would have made more sense to go to pizza ranch for the buffet tonight. $20.00 for my wife and i to eat rubber ribs, rock hard crusted wings, no desserts (they did have ice cream), had to wait forever to get actual chicken which was cold. Been a very loyal patron for a long time and won’t be going back. Will make the drive somewhere else. Done with this place.

  37. Elias Jericho Ortley say:
  38. Abella McLeod Alexandra say:
  39. Jacqueline Robinson say:
  40. Bill Rinker say:

    The upgrade for rv’s is great. It would be nice to provide internet since they are charging a fee. Putting up an antenna would cost them next to nothing.

  41. Kenjamin M Hanson say:

    The A/C doesn’t work half the time. The slots are crappie. Food is ok at best.

  42. Debbie Larson-Hurt say:

    The casino is small and the buffet didn’t have much to offer. However, the value and comfort of a jacuzzi suite is first class. The rooms are excellent.

  43. Apple Scott Cadotte say:

    I love this place not just cause I work their just in general great food, friendly staff and good machines and awesome some hotel rooms 5 star in my book.

  44. Annette B Wanbli say:

    Customer Service…
    Act like yur looking @a CUSTOMER

  45. Charlotte Grey say:

    The overall atmosphere was very beautiful
    Neat and clean
    Employees were gracious and helpful.Ilove tp go there and play and listen to the “Oldies”

  46. Arlene Lenzo say:

    Best Breakfasts and Lunches and extensive Friday Seafood Buffet and of course the games of chance!

  47. Jerry Torrey say:

    Friendly staff, not alot for food choices when I was there, nice clean rooms, reasonable priced, washer & dryer facilities was decent. A hot tub or jacuzzi would be AWESOME!!

  48. Shawna Reynolds Grant say:

    The people were so friendly! And they had great slots.

  49. Jonathan LongSoldier say:

    Your casino sucks only white people at your casino I do better at grand river

  50. Ricky Paulsen say:

    Went to eat Valentines supper waited two hours for our meal and nothing. No update on the food no apology I walked out not coming back

  51. Stephanie N Kel Wishon say:

    Payed for a suite here….was so hot in the room I couldn’t breathe…..very dissapointing…..we went to the steakhouse/buffet it took a total of hour to get our food…I sent my steak back to have them finish cooking it…..well I never got it back the waitress was like oh well they probably got it cooked but sorry I never got it back to you….not to mention I didn’t even get our desserts….they sure charged me for everything I didn’t receive though…yup another place added to my list of not going there again….

  52. Susie Brubakken say:

    We love it there

  53. Tina Eberhardt say:

    I had Steak, Shrimp Garlic Smashed Potatoes !!! DELICIOUS !!! This place is turning around !!! YES

  54. حلا حسين ناوي say:

    They dont have a refrigerator in the room so u can’t wake up with something cold

  55. Terri Church say:

    A huge Thank you to all the staff at Dakota Sioux Casino Resort for having us and making us feel at home. Great service.

  56. Giigii Saldana say:

    Bad customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Lynda Clements say:

    But. ..very bad experience trying to get checked in. ..debit card was declined over and over again for a whole day. ..was on and off the phone with the bank at the desk and they could see no reason for it. .then we were told that the casino had put a $500.00 hold on the card when the reservation was made. They made no apology and no compensation for the anxiety and embarrassment they caused.

  58. Todd Marks say:

    I like coming n stayn here. I always have a good time. Great service. Nice rooms.

  59. Terry Papstein say:

    This is truly the #1 place to stay while visiting Watertown. They are always great hosts to us during the stock car races at Casino Speedway!

  60. Andrea Richter say:

    If I had to choose between the 3 Casinos in our area the Sioux hands down!! Employees totally have highest customer service rank by far putting connection 2nd and the Magic dead last on customer service for sure! The most impressive is the casino floor and how clean it is also the machines and ashtrays never dirty and seeing someone always on the ball picking up after customers leave an area high five to Dakota Sioux employees!! And all the other comments must be just bad karma for them.. Great Casino experience!!!

  61. Daniel Voorhees say:

    I guess when you leave a reserve sign on a machine for two minutes and come back and someone else plays your machine that’s cool by them. I’ll never come back!

  62. Jerry Weber say:


  63. Christy Shield Him say:

    First time being at the Dakota Sioux Casino, i would like to come back and stay again. Rooms were clean, but needs an upgrade, staff was very nice, clean on the gaming floor, and I won on the machines that are at our own casino and could never win on. �� and the points I made I cashed in for the gifts, very nice. Thank you Dakota Sioux Casino for the fun on the gaming floor and the hospitality, ����

  64. Christopher Jon McAninch say:
  65. Francine Follet Bissonette say:
  66. Kevin JH say:

    Best Buffet for the price and at night if your STILL hungry the deli is still open. A MUST stop and play.

  67. Kennith Houk say:

    Really had a great experience here , I am from southern California visiting family . Front desk , housekeeping, restaurant, casino , everyone was really easy to deal with , always tried to help if we needed something . Rooms were very nice and comfortable, lots of space and really clean . I highly recommend this hotel .

  68. Michael LaBatte say:

    The Saturday evening prime rib was delicious and the service was great! We enjoyed ourselves all night, it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it, as well as my wife. We plan on visiting the Dakota Sioux Casino more often to enjoy the food and hospitality.

  69. Char WM say:

    It was very nice n loved the clean enviroment plus the winning was even better

  70. Nancy Brummund say:

    Band was not the best. Needs to be remodeled. Never have any concerts like Dakota Magic. So outdated.

  71. Rhonda Mack Engels say:

    Consistently find new ways to rip you off with their promotions for the casino. Seriously $25 promo money to play slots. Isn’t that like silver status on the old card? So much for them valuing people who play every week…

  72. Kim Ferguson say:

    I loved it…. It was the best weekend of my life I will be back

  73. Leah Mae Perry say:

    Nice great price and convenience of the casino was great. Rooms comfy also.

  74. Debi Kapostasy say:

    Very nice people. Room nice & clean! Won 2 days in a row awesome ????

  75. Julie Dornack say:

    Great staff! Comfy room! Machines not as nice to me but had a ton of fun!

  76. Robin Gluhm say:

    We had the Whirlpool Suite and we loved the room ..goin back on mar 25����

  77. Sarah Jo DeVille say:

    Food was mediocre, the dessert section was very sad. Our waitress took over 20 mins to even notice that we were there and hadn’t been helped yet. There was another table of people that came 15 mins after us, and they were helped right away. The slot machines were disgusting. Wrappers, old drinks, cig butts were left at almost every one.

  78. Russell Eberhardt say:

    We had an excellent time at the Tanya Tucker show. We enjoyed some smoothies from the always friendly bar and wait staff. We went to the floor following the show, and we won a good amount of money. I would highly recommend it to my friends.

  79. Bob Suomela say:

    Stayed for the Tanya Tucker concert. Everyone was so nice and accommodating. Room was nice. Food was good at the buffet. Concert was wonderful! Thank you, Tina and staff. Dorin and I will visit again!.

  80. Cheryl McKay say:

    Love the customer service and the other emoyees …how they help the customers ask if you need a drink or soda …they go out of there way to help or just to talk or lend an ear

  81. Jan Houser say:

    The staff at this Casino are the best in the state of SD! Every one was very helpful and always had a smile on their face!

  82. Ethan Ringer say:

    saw tanya tucker and now i saw williams and ree had an amazing time

  83. Crystal N Ted Feather say:
  84. Crystal Owen say:

    Dakota Sioux Casino is a good place to enjoy an evening out. The food is delicious the wait staff is very polite. The hotel staff are always very accommodating and pleasant. I always enjoy my stays there!

  85. Phil Dupre say:

    One star for one reason only …………………THEY DON’T SERVE BACON!!!!!!

  86. Livee Perry-McLaughlin say:

    Staff was friendly, slot machines sucked….play back was terrible…

  87. Char Wm say:

    Sorry but wen we checked in the room had no air condition. No phone working. No clock
    No coffee we came to relax but could not

  88. Ray Perala say:

    Stopped in while on a motorcycle trip, the wife needed a jacuzzi tub, they had a king suite with one and it was very nice. It was our last stop on a 12 day ride, 8 different hotels and it was by far the best. Very reasonable on price although it was a week day, not sure if thst mattered. Plus we got $10 off for signing up for the players club in the casino

  89. James Stopke say:

    Really busy today roughly from 6-10 pm. Cook Anthony at the deli is a good cook and gives you want you want for your money. Make sure you tip Anthony. He deserves it.

  90. Kim Christofferson say:

    We had a private party and the food service workers were very attentive. Only disappointment was having the party moved to another room. But they were very apologetic and accommodating.

  91. Mary Campbell say:

    We stayed one night in their RV park and were pleasantly surprised. The price was just $10 a night for electric and water. Nice concrete slabs to park on and everything was clean and well kept. Had dinner in the restaurant and the food and service was very good. We will definitely stop by there again anytime we are traveling through.

  92. Justin Gaarsland say:

    Wonderful experience, friendly, great room, great food. Best casino/hotel stay i,’ve ever had. Better than Vegas as well.

  93. Mechele Van Heel say:

    Had a great time just wish I had more money to spend lol went and saw the Jake Gill concert and it got interrupted by boxing which was upsetting because it was my first time out there to enjoy myself and listen to a band and it got interrupted by boxing

  94. Tammy Dingfelder Zaske say:
  95. Arnie Henrickson say:

    Room was cheap price yet very clean and well appointed! Casino nicely maintained and supper that night excellent again cheap as far as I’m concerned! Free breakfast coupon couldn’t be beat, I definitely recommend this to any traveler and will be back when going that way!

  96. Tim Huitt say:

    The first time I have been here! The prime rib was excellent! The buffet could have more diabetic friendly foods like green beans or baked and sweet potatoes.

  97. Jean Eggers say:

    It was nice enough,, people friendly,, just didnt have a pool for kids and the arcade room was pretty pathetic ,, My grand daughter loved the 3 meat cheese omelet and she ate the whole thing,,

  98. Audra Meighan Hanson say:

    We called last night minute on the way home from Canada. The suite we had was amazing. Everything was so nice and clean. The casino is smaller but the wonderful rooms make up for it. The only complaint I had is there was tapping, clunky, banging type noise coming from inside the wall near the bed in our suite. Very had for me to sleep but of course it didn’t bother my husband at all. If it wasn’t so far from my house I’d stay there again soon!

  99. April Cramlet say:

    We had a nice stay here. Rooms are very clean. Beds are comfortable. Would definitely come back. Definitely need a fridge in room for long stays, but for the price of the room, I’m not gonna complain.

  100. Victor Sanclemente say:

    We got there on sat. Night rv park was full we parked in old rv lot and the got us a spot sun morning we stayed there for 3 days counter people were very helpful and they could not have been any nicer we sure will be back next year

  101. Nikki Rae say:

    Great time and food! The crab legs were delicious!

  102. Cyd Lynch say:

    Went to the buffet today. No one at the host stand. Waited 5 minutes before a server finally came up to seat us. Was not impressed. Not even busy and you have to stand there and wait. Servers were seating people and getting drinks for them and then FINALLY a server noticed there were other people waiting to pay and be seated. Seems like there should be some supervision in the restaurant.

  103. April Y. Neiss say:

    The food was great as always. Had fun playing the machines. Won some money. It was all good.

  104. Matt Brunner say:

    Tightest slots ever. Buffet is par.
    So much better going to Deadwood over this cesspool. Would be nice if you could even get some play out of your money, but seriously this place is a joke.

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