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An incredibly exciting, friendly and total entertainment experience, practically in your own backyard! Welcome to Hollywood!

It starts with 2,500 of the hottest slots. That’s more machines than you’ll find in many Las Vegas casinos. Besides having all your favorite games and denominations, we’ve got a high limit area where you can experience big time jackpots on $5, $10, $25 and even $100 machines!

The excitement doesn’t end there. Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races features Las Vegas style action with live blackjack, craps, roulette and more! Plus, we’ve got live poker in our spacious poker room.

Get up close and personal with the stars at the Hollywood Event Center, featuring national music and comedy acts like Merle Haggard, Grand Funk Railroad and Ron White, in an exquisite, comfortable setting. Then continue the party and head to the H-Lounge or Skybox Sports Bar where our mixologists create signature cocktails in a lively scene.


You’re in Hollywood, so the winning is always blockbuster size.

But we’re more than just great gambling and exciting year round live and simulcast thoroughbred racing. We’ve got great dining to satisfy any hunger, including the Wine Spectator Award winning Final Cut Steakhouse where you can savor prime cuts of steak or 9 Dragons featuring authentic Asian cuisine and sushi. And you can plan your visit here with a comfortable stay at the Inn at Charles Town, a convenient, comfortable hotel that offers first-class amenities like wireless internet, 42-inch high-def plasma TV’s, complimentary breakfast, and shuttle service to the casino and race track. All this just 10 minutes from Harpers Ferry, and about an hour from DC and Baltimore. Who needs Vegas? Nothing close, even comes close!

*Must be 21 years of age or older to gamble in West Virginia


Sports facility in Jefferson County, West Virginia
Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races is a race track and casino just outside the eastern city limits of Charles Town, West Virginia, owned by Gaming and Leisure Properties and operated by Penn National Gaming.
Address: 580 E 5th Ave, Ranson, WV 25438, USA
Opened: December 3, 1933
Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours
Phone: +1 304-725-7001
Owner: Gaming and Leisure Properties
Number of rooms: 150

Site: http://www.hollywoodcasinocharlestown.com/casino
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HollywoodCCTR/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HollywoodCCTR
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/hollywoodcctr
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollywoodcctr/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+HollywoodCCTR

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, Hollywood Online Casino at Charles Town Races, Hollywood Online Casino


  1. Michael Roberto say:

    Left 6 messages over the past week to try and schedule a team event, never received a call back. MGM called me back in 20 minutes.

    Do you just not want new business? Or is a team of just 16 to small to rate a call back?

  2. Steven Dorsey say:

    Great casino and great crab leg buffet. Everyone is very friendly. Love the horse races too. So many drawings to win free slot play or cash$

  3. Zina McCall say:

    We had a great time plenty of things going on �����

  4. Sheila Keller-Pence say:

    Crab legs on Friday nights are the best around!! Kinda expensive but I believe you get what you pay for!! Service is awesome and food is great!!!

  5. Don Rosenquist say:

    It was fun for my first time! I didn’t care for all the smoke though; I smelt like an ashtray when I got home.

  6. Lenora Testerman say:

    Very impressed with the furnishing and design of this casino. Convenient parking. Upscale similar to Vegas. Convenient to get too. Puts Wheeling Island to shame.

  7. Ben French say:

    What a great night out! We all had a blast and our of our group of 6, 3 of us left with more money than we came in with. Had a great time, complimentary drinks were decent, what you would expect for free drinks at a casino. Tables and slots were a blast. We will definitely go back, and soon. Thanks Hollywood for a great time!

  8. Todd Welle say:

    Great casino.It was nice leaving there with a pocket full of money.

  9. Charles Davis say:

    My first trip to Hollywood Casino I enjoyed it very much and definitely will go back, Staff there was very helpful and friendly. Was a great night for me and my wife a belated Valentines date.

  10. Vanessa Lute Harris say:

    Great time! Love the horse races! Hate the smoke in casino though!!

  11. Sharon Brissette Cross say:

    First time there and the was exciting and everyone was great to us. Buffet was very tasty

  12. Phil Sponseller say:

    Been going there since they opened..Love it!Very nice food court…Hit many jackpots over the years..Play the horses every weekend with friends in the club house … A lot of Good times There.�

  13. Michael Easterday say:

    My wife and I love it we ate dinner at the Epic buffet witch had a great collection of fresh food . ( seafood, American, Mexican, Chinese ext.) Then we enjoyed some slot machine action where we were brought complimentary drinks. They have table games as well . All in All we had a great time.

  14. Margaret King say:

    My husband and I were there this past weekend. I lost on Saturday night but on Sunday i won my money back. I just wish they had the nonsmoking in the front,i hate walking through smoking section to get to non smoking. The smoke is really bad and when you leave your clothes and hair smell of smoke.

  15. Barry Paul say:

    The only Casino I’ve ever been to that gives away nothing usually when you first come to a casino for the first time and get your players card they give you something whether it’s a meal ticket or some free slot play but nothing from this dump

  16. Kim Armstrong say:

    I have been coming here for 20 years. They never give me free slot play the monthly incentive to keep returning, however they give my husband 20.00 a week and he goes maybe once a month or less. Called and asked about this several times and was told that someone would getback with me. Well that has yet to happen. Customer service there is terrible. The machine no longer play unless playing high stakes slots. Went last night to the buffet and have necer been more disappointed and disgusted with any food establishment. Food was bad, told the chef and he never once apologized. Maryland live is farther to drive but thats ok I will keep what I spebd up at charlestown several times a week and spend my money in Maryland.

  17. Chelsea Newell say:

    I really enjoyed the people working here, they were friendly and helpful. We ate at the buffet right after it opened for dinner at 4pm and the food was great and staff was friendly. The ONLY gripe I have is that my dad put a voucher in a machine and the machine become broken, an employee had to come over and sort things out, and when my dad asked for his voucher back the employee said no because the machine had said he cashed out. It wasn’t a huge voucher but still it was not professional for them to handle it this way as my dad was just asking for his money back he had put into the machine and the machine had clearly not given him a voucher when he supposedly cashed out. Other than that the experience was good and I would enjoy visiting again.

  18. Courtney Walcott say:

    Always enjoy going there although it’s a two-hour drive away from home.. are we from all the hustle and bustle enjoy the games too.

  19. David Camden say:

    Great place to gamble the staff is very friendly and attentive to your needs. If you’re a gambler you going to understand what I’m talking about you have to earn your respect here with the staff, but once you do they treat you like family.

  20. Denise Keener say:

    I always have fun good food good entertainment and the slots machine are fun to

  21. Stephanie Cook Hardy say:

    Love it there!! Friendly staff, great food and so much to do. I’m like a kid in a candy store.

  22. James Dwayne Rosser say:

    ‘It Was,Great.service was amazing�all the alcohol,drinks,you want,could ask for any better place,[email protected]

  23. Tamika Sydnor say:

    Its too smokey. I like the variety music that plays while you’re there. The staff are helpful and friendly.

  24. Kimmi Young say:

    I came here when the packing lot still out door, no garage, no tables game. So I must like it right? I enjoy play slots there?

  25. Cheryl Strauser say:

    the machines did not give like the ones at ROCKY GAP< MD> OR HOLLYWOOD CASINO IN HARRISBURG PA. All Money out of your pocket Very ,Very, Very little back. machines were mostly Very old ones Back in 90’s Very few newer ones. Cost more in gas than you get in comp. to draw you down to play. WE play for fun.

  26. Jackie Thorn say:

    I have been going to Charlestown West Virginia for almost 30 years the past three times that I have been there they keep getting rid of the slots and keeps adding more tables and tables the food court they have done put nothing but tables they took out all the slots but maybe 7 and the bad thing about it is the slots that they take out our the good slots not Everybody Plays the tables those slot machines are what made Charles Town … We had dinner at the seafood buffet last night and got in there about 9 o’clock they had no plates we had to wait 10 minutes for plates then they only had one person giving out crab legs there was a big line to get crab legs some of the food on the bar was dried up and they raise the price to forty bucks… Charlestown has just come to be nothing but tables and they don’t seem like they care about people who want to play slots so I guess I’m going to take my business either to the new MGM Casino or Rocky Gap maybe someday Charlestown will realize how much business they’re losing because it’s certainly wasn’t crowded last night to be on a Friday night

  27. Daneesha Davis say:

    I’m a Ranson resident and have enjoyed the casino and track many times. Recently, I got a flat tire in the parking lot near the east garage at about 6 am. The casino employees were so helpful and caring. They checked on me and made sure I was okay. In what could easily have been a stressful situation, they were very calming. I really appreciated their kindness so early in the morning. Thank you to Paul and Dani.

  28. Gerald M. Paugh say:

    People at the casino and Epic buffet are always very friendly.

  29. Gwen Bayer Frye say:

    Crab legs fantastic! Smoke in the casino is disgusting. When will non smokers have a right to not have to inhale smoke that kills??

  30. Doug Swann say:

    Had a great time with the wife . We will be going back soon

  31. Chet Ripley say:

    Love the slots. Love the slots. Love the slots. Love the slots.

  32. David Scearce say:

    They do have a bunch of slots and they have tables. It’s a awesome place to visit if you’ve never been. Whomever said that there are not a lot of slot’s must wear glasses and didn’t have them on that day.

  33. Pam Souders Groves say:

    We always have a great time but have to say the machines are getting too tight. I know you can’t expect to win, but after going for years and maintaining a black card for all that time you are spending quite a bit of money, to NEVER win even a small jackpot is surprising at best. The place itself is nice though, the wait staff is always super friendly and the hosts are great! we always have a fun time

  34. Cindy Hill - Ryce say:

    First time there and the place just blew my mind. My friend and I were like two kids on Christmas morning or two kids in a candy shop getting all the free candy you could eat. It was clean, the horse racing area was well lit, clean, and was just such a nice relaxing atmosphere. They have a wide range of tables, and slots to play. The one disappointing factor was we did try to find someone to help us get started because we didn’t know where you got change or anything and the one associate we found wasn’t much help. The only thing he was interested in was if we wanted to play the tables, and didn’t really answer our questions. But once we figured things out ourselves we were good to go and enjoyed the few hours we had at the casino and races. We certainly go back in the future to enjoy more time there.

  35. Kevin Smith say:

    I self excluded myself 9-10 years ago due to raising kids and recently tried to get re-instated but was told that I cannot so bottom line is now that there are so many others to go to it really does not bother me, would be nice to be re-instated but apparently Hollywood Casino doesn’t need my business, so in turn now that there are so many casinos around,I don’t mind the drive because they no longer matter. Have A Great Day! I will post photos from other casinos for all to look at. Off to Maryland Live and then the Horseshoe, possibly MGM Grand later this weekend!!!

  36. Harvey D. Cornwell say:

    Can hardly breath from all the cigarette smoke. Slots rarely pay out.

  37. Jim Hollar say:

    Horrible smoke filled casino, non-smoking sections are useless. Slots don’t even tease you, just take your money as quickly as you can put it in.

  38. Donnetta Davis Gross say:

    Cigarette smoke triggered my asthma. I tried to enjoy myself in the non smoke erea but the smoke came in there. It was cold out so I couldn’t go outside till it was time to get the bus home. They do have a nice erea I really did enjoy and that was a section set up for the lady DJ. She was friendly and had ppl dancing. Nice music. I like the outfits the ladies had on(bartenders).

  39. Troy J. Woodward say:

    Sucks! Go to Maryland!!!! Drove 3 hours and these clowns where closed / poker room!!

  40. Victor Hugo say:

    Una excelente experiencia, un ambiente muy acogedor, disfrutamos de maravilla toda la familia y cuando se pueda volveremos asistir.

  41. Heidi Houser say:

    We go to this casino @ least once a week, we have eaten @ the food court, buffet & Skybox, food has been pretty good for the most part! Sometimes in the buffet its not fresh & fried foods are harder then ice! We have also gone to several of the special drawings & it seems that people can win muti;ple times throughout the evening. I dont know how they pick the winners for some drawings but I have yet to win anything!!! My opinion is if you win @ 6pm & ur name comes up again you shldnt be eligible to win, this would give someone else a chance @ winning!! I agree I have spent ALOT of money here & dont come home with anything or possibly 100.00 if I am lucky. Come on Charles Town step up & @ least give us something to make us want to come back. Plus some of the restrooms are nasty like they haven’t been checked all day & then the one by Event center is usually worse. There is one lady who cleans it that is very friendly & introduces herself to everyone who comes in, tells you if you need anything to let her know & good luck (wish I knew her name) now SHE does keep it very clean but if someone else is there its not.

  42. Rhonda Fletcher say:

    Awesome time. And would go again.we won mny and hd fun�

  43. Janice Gratton Lane say:

    Not enough 25 cent slots and the smoking inside was awful. I’ll stick to a smoke-free casino.

  44. Stephen Hernandez say:

    As a smoker, I could not stand all the smoke in the place. Food Cort sacked. One person playing 2-3 machines at the same time. Hotel…beds hard as a rock…buffet sacked priced way to high for the hotel. Concert was fantastic. Won’t be back anytime soon.

  45. Laurie Pride Leamman say:

    Went to see Larry the Cable Guy @ 7pm show. The seating is unbearable. We had 6 family members in our group and we felt like sardines because the seat were so close together with no room to move. Larry the Cable Guy’s show was great. Just hated the seating arrangements

  46. Julie Young Brewer say:

    We are new to the are a and this was the first time my husband and I have been there. We had a really good time. Hubby got to play love poker, I got to play on the craps table and we both got to see love horse racing in March. Loved how quick they came around with the drinks, and everyone was so nice. All the smoke bothered me, but that’s to be expected. We also ate at the Sports Bar. Nice and reasonably priced, but the burger wasn’t that great. Overall a good day/night. And we’ll be back.

  47. Connie Poling Talley say:

    The casino was nice, Larry the Cable Guy show was great. However we got there early so we could eat before the show and paid over $50 for 2 buffets and it was empty. We ask for some fresh items and the manager I guess didn’t even try to make it good or even return half of the money. The coffee was good but a lil expensive $55.

  48. Shelley Martin say:

    Larry and his opening act were great!! Chairs for $120…not so much…looking back would’ve gotten the back rows for comfort! Had a great night, servers at the bar were great too!!

  49. Butch Loy say:

    went to see Larry the Cable Guy, the show was great.

  50. Michael Coleman say:

    I stop in to try my luck anytime I’m in the area. I really enjoy my visits. I especially like the buffet and all you can eat Crab legs on the weekends.

  51. Merinda Short Taggart say:

    I love it here! Only real casino around! Thank you Hollywood.

  52. Becky Edman Carr say:

    Had a wonderful time and plan on returning in the future!!!

  53. Magen Cocks say:

    We always have a amazing time.. very clean and fun place to go

  54. Thomas Hart Sr. say:

    Not to bad had a good time will go back soon people was very nice would recommend YALL

  55. Todd M Powell say:

    Enjoyed it, first time at horse track, well kept..

  56. Jerrica Cole say:

    This was my first time going here..it was exciting the employees were very friendly we had been traveling since 7am and we got there we were hungry so we were looking for something to eat. Went by the food court and prices were high so we wanted to try the buffet. When we got there they said that the buffet was closed and would open back up at 4:00. When we went we had to pay and eat together even if people wanted to eat at different times. We went into the buffet and there wasn’t a lot of choices and for the buffet to be closed and reopened you would think that the food would be fresh..the food was cold and tasted like yesterday’s left overs. So items tasted bland ..it was not a good experience. We went to slots and started playing and we had a hard time using the card ? at the slots. The card dealers, bartenders, employees were awesome. Also there was A LOT of smoke…disrespect from patrons blowing smoke right in your face.

  57. Anne Stephenson say:

    I only go here when I’m bored and don’t have time to drive out of town for a decent casino. They have tightened the machines up so bad, you can play $40 and MAYBE get $5 total in credits. Word to the wise, limit yourself to only spend $50 at this casino.

  58. Tina Carnell Rosensteel say:

    Good time as always! We live in Maryland and have two casinos nears us but would still rather go to Charlestown!

  59. Theresa Blonske say:

    It was my first time there . And I love it never been to west Virginia or to a casino. We played the slots machine.

  60. Alexandra Champlain say:

    If only they wouldn’t change the price quote on their hotel with in 5mins really pissed us off a $40.00 difference

  61. Linda Kaplan say:

    Have so much fun here! Go whenever we can. Not far for us to go. Good machines!

  62. James Kannard Sr say:

    I think they need to lose the machine up so you. Can win on the slot machine and not have to play max bet to hit on machine all the time

  63. Debbie Howarth Etter say:

    We saw Clint Black last night and the show was wonderful. We will be back for more shows.

  64. Thomas Stetson say:

    Epic Buffet was fine. Crab legs were plentiful and the other food items were fresh and hot. Service was excellent. Took in a concert while there. The venue is simple, easy to get in and out. Once again, customer service was very good. Overall, had a nice time and did not feel as though I was over charged. Parking was easy as well.

  65. Cindy Grove say:

    The casino is nice BUT the seats in the Event Center are way too small!

  66. Mike Sirk say:

    Went there to see the Clint Black concert show on Saturday. Clint had the flu and cut his show short, played just forty minutes. The casino was very crowded and very very smokey.

  67. Ruth Jeffery Barney say:

    Always an awesome time!! Great food at the “Sky Box Sports Bar” great music and good fun for all. I didn’t win any money but it’s fun trying!

  68. Kim Dunford say:

    The casino itself is always wonderful but the main reason we went was for the Clint Black concert and it was a big disappointment! He only played for 35min! I bought the tickets back in December as a Christmas present for my husband so we had been looking forward to the show for months and were completely let down. I dont think i will be purchasing tickets for another event there.

  69. Shane Milder Jr say:

    Unprofessional and rude to their workers and people under pay

  70. Saul L Moreno say:

    A ese casino basura solo a perder dinero fui y ya no vuelvo a ir no me gusto nunka mas rregresare ahi a ese lugar

  71. Kisha Davis say:

    The casino is nice, I ate at two places, the Tuscany ( food was horrible ) and the buffet, not great choices of food. I really expected better.

  72. Lynn Marie Colley say:

    Had a great time. Nice friendly , clean , inviting environment. Won a little money and have plans to go back!

  73. Kathy Brackman Durham say:

    It is wonderful.
    I can hardly wait until we go back again.
    The rooms in the hotel are very nice and they have a very nice breakfast bar.

  74. Penny Mae say:

    I’m a local. I like the family oriented feeling you get when watching the horses. The staff and the horse owners/ trainers are always friendly and help one understand the sport. I typically don’t go into the casino because of the smoke. If they ever do a remodel – try to make the non-smoking closer to the entrances.

  75. Monica Martin say:

    I think this is the tightest casino I’ve ever been to. They never let me win and I won’t be coming back. I see people bet the minimum and win big or get multiple free games. This place is a JOKE!!! Keep it moving take a chance elsewhere!

  76. Ken Clark say:

    Lousy machines,outdated,lousy food selections at food court and buffet.people working in court, bad attitudes, like the food.No fun anymore, not worth the trip.

  77. Ted Pryse say:

    the stewarts at charles town should be arrested and put in jail for the take down in race 8 it just shows you how 75 year old men should not be doing this job

  78. Danielle Townes say:

    I have been coming for 5years and the last couple times I have lost so bad with 200 you should get a bonus

  79. Jacqueline Maldonado say:

    Love this place nonsmoking is awesome area and the bartender Jason great customer service.

  80. Shirl LaFollette say:

    Great Food Great Games All Around A Great Night !!!

  81. Josh Baker say:

    The guard on the way in was rude not friendly at all I don’t plan on coming back at all witch I enjoyed going there personally but they just out a casino in MD I guesss I’ll be going there I will not recommend this place to my friendd

  82. Keith Driver say:

    Awesome casino. Friendly dealers and pit bosses. Highly recommended. Thank you Jason Parrish for the invitation.

  83. Robert Hunter say:

    Need dealers to smile n show some life especially pit bosses –it makes CT so gloomy n need some $5 tables to get the people back in. N your set up on your buffet is definitely not !st class, looks like dishes u had left over. Just expect more out of a Casino. U want to feel like your going someplace special, it just didnt happen.

  84. Kyle Hann say:

    If you don’t like smelling like smoke for a week- your gonna have a bad time.

  85. Lois Anderson Dunkin say:

    Bad thing was no notice valet had closing hours now..6:30 a.m.was an all nighter car was pulled out for me but had to wait for security to bring my keys.not too happy

  86. Robert Cancel Jr. say:

    Didn’t stay long was small had machines & some tables. Not like the one out here in long island just machines.

  87. Tiffany Brown say:

    It was my very first time since my car accident long time ago.It has changed a lot since then it didnt have all of the slots like it does now. It only had the horses. I will go back and hope to win more money!! I recommend everone to go if they can�����

  88. Glen C. Moore say:

    Too smokey and there was no dining available. Terrible

  89. Tammy Getts say:

    Ready had a great time with family and my 3 yr old niece received a pair of goggles frm the jockey on the 8th horse

  90. Kevin Hollingsworth say:

    Great place to go, wish the one armed bandit gods were there when my wife and I and friends were there, of course we were aware they might not be there. The horse racing is number 1, close enough to whet my gambling appetite but far enough away to keep us coming back, other entertainment is great.

  91. Sylvia Lang say:

    My kids bought us tickets to see Sinbad. Awesome show!!! The event center seating is horrible! I felt we were packed in like animals and were uncomfortable during the performance. I was laughing so hard that I wanted to use the restroom but didnt want to disrupt my fellow concert goers experience. Please change this. Otherwise, we enjoyed the Epic buffet and our wait person, Michael was a delight! He was extremely attentive and gave us greay directions( we were parked on the west side and the event center was on the east). Please bring Sinbad back and give us old folk a little seating room, please?

  92. Chris Mailman Thompson say:

    Never had a problem at this casino, oh and I hit a jackpot prize yesterday for the first time!

  93. Tinesha Payne say:

    Great place enjoyed epic buffet and love watching horses reach along with gambling! Great place

  94. Barbara Hill Barnes say:

    Casino hosts are awesome people. I always have a good time.

  95. Elijah Grantham Jr. say:

    I went there for Sinbad Comedy Show and I enjoyed myself and would come back for something else that I would want to see. Only thing I wish for more room in seating area because I have a hurt leg. For everything else I enjoyed myself and I will come again

  96. Fiona Antonette Edwards say:

    I use to enjoy it until a racist security guard call the police with a report of me sleeping and being a disturbance. Then all H*** broke loose!

  97. Rocio Ramirez say:

    Es un sitio para distraerse y cumple su cometido.me encanta sus maquinas son faciles de jugar y muy alegres en fin son facinantes voy seguido y lo recomiento si quieres pasar un buen rato !!

  98. Sherry Suttles say:

    I am going back asap loved it!! Won on slots after only being there 15 mins ago hit over $600.00

  99. Cheryl Griffith say:

    As a non-smoker, I shouldn’t have to walk thru smoking sections or to retrieve my tickets in a smoking section. Our tour group will be going to a non-smoking casino next time.

  100. Bruce Shuck say:

    Love going there can park my Winnebago enjoy ourselves stay late and stay overnight in parking lot be refreshed and ready to go the next day

  101. Diana Klunk say:

    Kentucky Derby and not all all bars open nor did they even broadcast the Derby throughout the venue. All bars not even open and those that are are understaffed. Epic buffet??? I would say Epic Disappointment !!!

  102. Moe Hakim say:

    I like this place! friendly and clean and fun!……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  103. Stephanie Price-Savage say:

    Epic Buffett was not really worth the price you pay for it. I think it was 32.50 for Saturday dinner. We went last year also and thought the same thing over priced. It appears like a big Buffett but it’s not. I think we will give up on this in the future. I think people are catching on because there wasn’t that many people in there. And it was a very busy weekend!

  104. Jennifer LoveaBargaingurl Willis say:

    Everything was nice! Will Downing DID what he was hired to do. Eric Roberson was good but just wished that he had done more of his music. A+

  105. John Lawrence say:

    My review is more for the Event Center. My wife and I went to see Will Downing featuring Eric Roberson and the concert was amazing however the seating is horrible. Super small, uncomfortable seating. Everyone was crammed like sardines. People falling over each other, and I couldn’t even extend my legs without hitting the chair in front of me. Worse than a movie theater. The Casino really cheaped out. Big names come here so redo it and put better seating. 2 stars taken off for this.

  106. Kelly Bratcher Lachica say:

    Many issues here…buffet was awful, cold, raw and institution like food.An illusion of variety because of 2 sides offering same thing.Salad bar was less than stellar when so many things could be offered…won’t be going back….this is a $10-$15 buffet, NOT a $39.00… If the crab legs were hot instead of ICE cold and the shrimp were barely cooked and raw I would pay more

  107. Joan Williams say:

    The Will Downing show was amazing. I knew all the songs, it took me back then bought me forward. The atmosphere was fantastic, the ppl friendly an all around wonderful performance and environment.
    It was all that and more.

  108. Leshia Roberts Chandler say:

    My first time coming here for the Will Downing Concert. Although the concert was good, the seating was extremely poor. I was very surprised to find metal folding chairs lined in rows. At least they were cushioned, however anyone average height had no leg room to stretch. Movie theater seating is even better quality than this. I would be nice if the investment was made for better seating.

  109. Damond Wilson say:

    It was just ok to me. The Blackjack tables minimums were $25!?! Also all of the cigarette smoke in the casino gave me an instant headache. Im really surprised that they haven’t moved into the 21st century and banned smoking. Yes they had tables that were smoke free but that still didn’t stop the clouds of smoke from being in the room. I left at the end of the night smelling like I was at a smokers convention probably because that’s what it felt like. All in all I’d have to say this casino has come a very long way I must admit.

  110. Lorraine Waugh say:

    Nice intimate setting but the seating was tight. I would go back.

  111. Monica Reid-watson say:

    The Will Downing concert was awesome!!!. My only compliant on the venue was the seating. Cramped and everyone was basically siting on one another. They need to rectify that.

  112. Argentine McLaurin say:

    The venue it’s kinda small but that wasn’t a problem the seats were too small… but the sound quality was great and I thoroughly enjoyed Will Downing…. the casino let me down as I was looking for certain games and they didn’t have them, they did not have many progressive slot and the smoke in there was unbearable… I actually left earlier than planned due to the smoke.. even in the non smoking area you could smell smoke.. we ate at the Asian spot in the food court and the food was delicious and service great. Overall a good experience but the place could use some upgrades

  113. Angeli Pier say:

    Dear Charlestown Hotel & Casino,

    We will celebrate our friend Kathy Vu’s Birthday tomorrow at Maryland Live Casino!. She did not receive a favorable response from your Management to cater to her Birthday. It’s not a place or the people. It’s all about Customer Services. We will be gladly to give our money to Maryland Casinos. It was fun but we are sure that Maryland Casinos would appreciate our money.

  114. Debbie Clopper Repp say:

    I bought tickets from Vivid seats (resale tickets) for the Travis Tritt concert at the event center tonight. When we arrived the tickets were a scam and someone was already in the seats. It wasn’t Event Centers fault, it was mine for trusting Vivid seats. But Charlestown didn’t have to help me, but they did!! They seated us in better seats then we purchased!! What a great jester!!! Thank you very much!!!

  115. Joanie Greer Ridgeway say:

    Awesome time at the Travis Tritt show. Enjoyed gambling too.

  116. Thomas Campbell say:

    This is a Casino , So tired of seeing all of the Whining about Smoking , If you don’t like it DON’T GO , Maryland Live is a no smoking casino , If it bothers you so much why don’t you go there , Just Whining cause you lost money . WAAAAAAA !!!!

  117. Kenny Grove say:

    Had a great time. Will go back again the horse races was great. The Tellers was really helpful

  118. Alice Pleasants Reichard say:

    Food at the Epic Buffet was great. Fun at the Casino.. Way too smokey for me. They were even smoking in the non smoking section.

  119. Joey Washington say:

    Great casino for horse races and open tables. Nicely designed and beautiful. I’ll be back

  120. Sheila Sowers say:

    I had a blast at Charles Town Casino .l enjoyed everything about it. My hotel and breakfast was yummy . Everyone at the hotel and casino treated you very nice and respected you to the most. My favorite Casino of all. Thank you for all of my free offers it keeps me coming back to enjoy more and more …

  121. Teresa Drummond say:

    I Love Hollywood Casino. I for one LIKE that Smoking IS ALLOWED.I will NOT go to other Casino’s that Don’t allow Smoking, Because I think I have right’s to AS A SMOKER !!!!! I sometime’s go into the non- smoking area , but I Love that I have a Choice and am NOT told I can’t smoke.

  122. Robert Rector say:

    I’ve been to several casinos over the years but this has to be the worst buffet there is, the only day that is even close to being any good at all is the crab leg night and that is way over priced.
    The prime rib is not bad but it says seafood and prime rib for the cost of crab leg night the prime rib should be offered also.
    By looking at the comments the casino seem like they do not care as long as they get your money.
    The best advice I can give if you want a buffet is go to Golden Corral there are more options and it cost a lot less, that is unless you go on Friday night.
    I think they need to send the chef or manager up to Foxwoods casino and see how a buffet should be done and how it is run.

  123. Cindy Rivas say:

    Always have a great time at HOLLYWOOD. ..love the free room, it is a nice get away after busy work week. Love the slots,use to win more often but still trying. Staff has always been a delight. See you soon!

  124. Kelley Warden Marshall say:

    Needs better ventilation for the cigarette smoke, but other than that, its fun.

  125. Shannon Miller Kemp say:

    We were in town for the Aaron Lewis concert…walking into the casino I was in awe, it’s beautiful! Everyone we came into contact with was very nice & friendly….
    My only complaint is the seating for the concerts…there is absolutely no room at all! I felt squeezed the whole night on my chair…if anyone is bigger than say a teenager your definitely going to be smooshed the whole time…the chairs just need to be spaced apart so that if you are on the bigger side you too can be comfortable…

  126. Debbie Scott say:

    Went to the Aaron Lewis event last night and it was the first time attending an event there. I thought the venue size was perfect and the sound was incredible. My seats were a couple rows up from the floor seating and my view was perfect. The seating area was small (very little leg room) but I was never uncomfortable during the 2 hour show. Will definitely be back – thanks HCCTR for adding the event center to the casino!

  127. Kimberly Burdette say:

    Saw Aaron Lewis there n the show was great. The hospitality of the event staff a d the entire staff was genuinely down to eath.. a great show and a great time.. We even spent time playing a few slots and took home some extra cash. The experience was wonderful.

  128. Jackie Byrd say:

    always a great time. Will go back maybe next time I’ll get my brother to go with me

  129. Roger Pirner say:

    Went to see Aaron Lewis and seating with horrible we were packed in like sardines,it was to small for a concert.

  130. Velvet Canterbury say:

    I enjoy the slot machines but become very unhappy when it won’t play on the ticket printed out from the previous machine!!!! happens all the time

  131. Ginger Wells say:

    Their signs should clearly state that no one under 21 is allowed on the premises. They say no one under 21 on the casino floor. It would’ve saved my family time.

  132. Joe Det say:

    Make sure to visit Veronica on the front bar, we sat with her and had a blast, she is a very personable bartender! She made our experience memorable after losing a decent amount of money ��
    She is a ROCK STAR bartender

  133. Gracie Snyder say:

    Went with friends for dinner and a few slots. Epic buffet was average. The facility is very big. I enjoyed walking around since I hadn’t been there for years.

  134. Zac Miller say:

    Their toilets feel good. My feet touch the ground. I only lose money, never win, but I love it there.

  135. Pam Swift say:

    I injoyed going there with my bbf Sam. So June the 7th my husband and I going for are aneriver he has not visit this casino but I know he will injoy this casino I just can’t wait until June 7th we will stay the night there and I hope we will win some money why we are there but if we don’t I know we will have a great time there

  136. David Kemp say:

    If you want he best, payforthe best. I carried my wife tothe Final Cut for Dinner and is great every year. She thourougly enjoys it as do I

  137. Thomas L Wood say:

    Casino is big and a lot going on. A lot of smokers here’s lots of smoke. This is way to much for my health.

  138. Harold Malloy say:

    Had a great time at the track and having dinner on the terrace. We’ll be back

  139. Jennifer Legette Norman say:

    Venue is to small. Seating was horrible. Epic buffet is only suitable on Fridays. Rickey Smiley and crew were awesome.

  140. Kaleigh Tremblay say:

    THE ABSOLUTE WORST BUFFET EVERRRRRRRR! I wouldn’t pay 2$ to eat there again! Casino part was fun though �

  141. Arthur Williams say:

    Wifey bought tickets for the Rickey Smiley show. The show was good as you would expect a Rickey Smiley show to be. But if you were in the Bleachers seating, it was the pits. We got there on time and I was constantly trying to find room for my knees. Each time I moved to let someone in or out of the row it was a welcome break each time I had to stand. Sections 1&2 were on the floor. I envied anyone who could place their feet under the chair in front of them. Mine were against the brothers back in front of me. Now that I know, if I go again I’ll have to stay out of section 3&4 unless I have an aisle seat.

  142. Terric Higgins say:

    Went to see the Rickey Smiley show this weekend and very disappointed. We purchased VIP tickets and didn’t get the VIP package that we wanted. Second the seating was ridiculous! No one likes sitting on strangers laps. Third the staff didn’t know where to seat people. Forth it’s way too many confusing directions inside the Casino. It took us like 30 mins just to find the Event Center. Overall experience was the worst I ever had.

  143. Michael Tucci say:

    On Sunday, the betting windows for horses doesn’t open til noon?

  144. Robin Hallberg say:

    My review is not based on Ricky Smiley or the other comic. I based it on the level of customer service and attitude received from the manager. When we arrived at the venue, I had to wait in a long line at the will call. Only one woman was working there. Once I got my tickets, the people at the door scanned them and told me that they had been refunded. No one knew what to do. Then one girl walked us all the way back to will call where we had to wait again. The manager never bothered to look at us, just told the usher to see if someone was in our seats…if not we could sit there. Those seats were taken. In fact, the couple sitting there had just been bothered by another couple with duplicate tickets. We were marched back to will call where there was another couple with the exact same tickets. The manager said oops I know what happened. She never apologized and actually blamed us saying we arrived late. We didn’t. We missed the entire first act and received no offer of compensation or an apology. I won’t be back. Plus the seats were uncomfortable and packed to close together. The sound system also was poor with a ton of feedback A waste of my time and money.

  145. SandraDave Printz say:

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Hollywood Casino @ Charles Town for another great trip to the M Resort for the Marquee Millionaire Slot Tournament. A well organized and fun event!
    Jeremy did a great job as host for the trip!

  146. Tittle N Dale Propst say:

    Absolutely love this casino! My husband and I started coming to Hollywood Casino in Charles Town about 7 months ago and fell in love with it. It’s something we both have fun at and can enjoy time together while hopefully winning some money in the process.�

  147. Rick Jermain say:

    Hollywood Casino Charles Town DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR SAFETY.

    My girlfriend and I went to watch the horses run on 6/10/2017. While riding the escalator up to the 2nd level…I accidentally touched the metal part of it, and received a huge shock. My first thought was static electricity, but it was way too much. So I tried it again. Shocked again. Not static electricity. Felt more like touching one of those bug zappers. Huge jolt that left my arm tingling.

    When I got to the t…

  148. Bob Moser say:

    If we’re talking about the Event Center, elevated seating is NOT the same as having a balcony. It was like a high school gym with the seating at the rear rising diagonally up, one row at a time. I was under a misimpression that I’m sure Charles Town doesn’t mind leaving with the buying public. Now that I know, I won’t be buying front row elevated seats, thinking I’m going to be front row, balcony. I was not happy at all with the squashed seating. I felt gouged. Period.

  149. Michelle Kowalski say:

    I took my husband here for a father’s day surprise. We ate at the skyline terece and had the buffet… which was delisouse. We always enjoy our visits here, but this was the first time we ate there. My husband had a great time… didn’t win�, but had a good time.

  150. Betty Lou Spicer Langager say:

    My husband, Adult Son, Adult Daughter, and I, went to see Ron White on 6-10-2017. Parked in the West Side Parking Garage. Felt like we walked a mile to get to where the Terrace Buffet was. Walking thru to get to the buffet, you could smell people smoking cigarettes before you saw them. My eyes burned, it affected my breathing. The Food at the buffett $35 per person was not worth that price! Crab Legs, salmon cakes, chicken etc. Had no flavor, Golden Corral taste so much better.
    No one around to ask for directions to get to the show.
    After finally arriving at the show. Seats were folding chairs like you would sit on in a school auditorium, or at a bingo game. The chairs not large enough for a person overweight. A gentlemen I saw looked like he was waiting for everyone else to sit, then I think he probably asked if he could switch seats with the person on the end of the isle. If there was a fire in that place we all would have never gotten out, we were packed like sardines.
    Ron White, the entertainment we went to see, only had the stand up microphone, could not hear him when he was talking normal. He needed a microphone on his shirt.
    I will not go back to this place ever!

  151. Tracy Miranda Shannon say:

    I’ve been to several casinos but I must say this one has the best environment,we will definitely be back, everyone was very nice and more that willing to help you. We loved it and have no problem driving 31/2 hrs to have the same experience again.

  152. Michael A Thomas say:

    I frequent your establishment for many years never have I won or even broke even with the amount of money that I have placed or spent in your establishment. I do understand that a casino is about a game of chance and you are there to make money. A good example would be I visited one of your competitors first time being there and won a substantial amount of money. I was able to have a good meal and play more games throughout the night and left there with money to take home.#NOTFEELINGUSED

  153. Kaye Madison Landram say:

    We visited Hollywood Casino yesterday! What a great time!!! We loved it. Everyone was so friendly. The food was great. We had cheeseburgers and fries and they were awesome! We will be back!!!!

  154. Adrian Basey say:

    Very Smoky and The Drinks Were Waterier, But We Enjoyed Slots and Food!

  155. John Marshall say:

    Its all fun and will return for more……… have fun

  156. Jim Myers say:

    Smoke… smells of cigarettes… great venue, but the are killing there patrons and employees with second hand smoke. I’d visit more if they’d designate it smoke free.

  157. Lisa Lillie say:

    Nice casino , and for all the people complaining about the smoke , have you never been to Vegas ? Most casinos allow smoking and this one even has a very big non-smoking section . Have been here several times and encountered all types of people and most were generally nice .

  158. Sarita Salazar say:

    Racist , my brother is visiting from El Salvador he show his passport as an ID and apparently that wasnt enough , the guy at the door told him that he need it to have an american ID, well for you all information El Salvador is part of Central America, America isn’t a country is a continent thats one thing number 2 a passport is a legal international document valid everywhere and on top of it the stupid ignorant front door guy call security because he though my brother was illegal i didnt know that the Casinos now are also INS ridiculous.

  159. Stephanie Gleason say:

    Love the epic buffett we live down the street and it feels like a little resort want crab legs every night yhe place really needs updating bit the food is awesome

  160. Jerry Finn say:

    Sunday evening is slow, machines emptied at 4 a.m. And don’t see much action so winning $100 is about all your gonna get after putting $200 in.

  161. Sue Meck say:

    This was my first trip to this casino and I thoroughly enjoyed the few hours I spent there with my friends from Dulles South Senior Center! I look forward another trip soon.

  162. Patrick Zalewski say:

    I didn’t win any big jackpots but, I had a great time. The place was clean and lots of entertainment available. Looking forward to going again. If I would have won I know I would have given the place five stars….

  163. Van Wood say:

    Well , until now this place is the BEST. We travel there once or twice a month. We travel 400 miles in RV and used parking for RV’s.
    We began getting Comps and Hotel Comps. WAS GREAT.
    Last year we asked if we stayed in Hotel could we park our 24 ft RV in back of hotel since it only took up one space anyway, and was told that was OK. Each time we visited I always told front desk about RV and told each time that was fine.
    So making a visit for my Birthday, we came and got a room for three days. Checked in and told front desk we were in RV and would park in back and were told fine OK. We travel with pet and do spend so time in RV as well of the room.
    Early next day, security told me I had to leave and park in other lot and I told him the Hotel said it was OK. and that I was not staying in Hotel because I was in RV. I was checking on pet and wife was in room. I asked to see Hotel manager, She told me I had to leave, even after I told her I was gave permission and I was on in one space like every other vehicle. There was a truck pulling a u-haul taking up 2 spaces and I only had one.
    So we left and took our business to another Casino.

  164. Steacey Kardes say:

    We had a wonderful time, the slots are very tight though. Not many people were winning.
    The casino has great restaurants . We always enjoy eating there.

  165. Paula Puckett Keckley say:

    Sadly the Casino is very run down, most slots are at least 10 years old. Decor is out of date and the smell of smoke is overwhelming. Came with money to spend but nothing to spend it on. Went outside to the horses, had a better time there.

  166. Helen Hamer say:

    Great, many things to see and do, fantastic restaurants

  167. Brandi Fried say:

    It may not be the fanciest of casinos but you can still win money there and the food is delish. I have become a frequent visitor of the Skybox Lounge. ????

  168. Gina Jefferson say:

    Very nice casino to visit. Conveniently located about a hours drive from Baltimore. Very clean inside and out. Plenty of parking space.

  169. Belinda Gripper say:

    Love, love, love it!!! My home away from home! Great fun, courteous staff, non stop action. DJs “spin” during intermissions when there is a band. Free, unlimited soda (several machines throughout casino). Exciting atmosphere! “Come and join the party” vibes! CTRS ROCKS.

  170. Steve Leadfoot Wego say:

    Well its nice inside other than all the smoking in there.

  171. Teresa McLaughlin say:

    We ate at the Epc Buffet 4th of July and it was very good for a buffet. There were several things that were very good!

  172. Jeanie Windsor say:

    The buffet was gross and Smokey and when I told the server she almost cried bc she says that’s why she don’t make no tips bc customers are complaining and nothing is being done about it It needs a new chef and management! And I think they should invite us back as a free guess to try it when they change.

  173. Brandon Darr say:

    So after going to Charles Town for years I am glad that I found another casino I can call home for my monthly entertainment. Charles Town used to be the place to go, the place to come out decent or break even, the place where it has value. That has changed for sure. You bring $100 your most likely going to lose it within a few hours. You want food, the prices have gone up. You want cancer, this is the best place to receive lung cancer indeed. Everytime I go to Charles Town I feel like I need to take a shower asap, it’s dirty, littered with cups, glasses, sticky machines as in legit sticky, cig ash, nasty carpet dirty. The buffet has gone downhill and I must say the bathrooms are pretty dang clean. The variety is not that great you have 25 of this machine and 25 of that machine. All the games you want to play are always filled up unless it’s a slow night. You don’t get value here like other casinos around. It is nice that they are getting new machines every month but I rather travel to other casinos that feel comfortable and I can get my value for food and gaming. I think the worst thing about Charles Town is the fact that after years they still don’t listen to the non-smoking section. It’s still hot as hell, you still have idiots smoking in the section, they have the oldest machines in the area, and still no damn drink machine in the non-smoking section. I think the worst part is the FSP, you can spend thousands and still only get 10-15 a week whereas others I can spend a few hundred and still get 30-50 in FSP.

  174. Jennifer Birchem say:

    Waited 30 minutes to have a machine fixed from out of service only to find out it had been put out of service by customer going to eat. SMH. I have never heard of this. Got escorted off property because I didn’t want to leave machine after I had stood there for 30 minutes waiting for machine to be fixed. Really?? Heard from woman sitting next to machine that this customer was gone for 2 hours. Thankfully I have other options for where I gamble. I am a producer andy husband is a celebrity. We will never return. I hope they feel the 2 hours of no action on that machine plus the loss of 2 loyal customers was worth it.

  175. Fran Jeter say:

    They have a great promotion that applies first time Marquee Rewards members to get back up to $500 of there 1st Day lost. Too bad there is one cashier at the cage and 40 patrons in line to get the card!!!

  176. Patricia Digiacomo say:

    I was there on Tuesday and everything was really nice. Very clean and also the bathrooms!
    Got a turkey sandwich and it was very good. Also bought the shortbread cookies with pastachio nuts. They were out of this world. Yummy! I wanted to buy more to take home the next day but they didn’t have any. I was going to buy all you had. Will definitely come back for the gambling as it was an awesome trip for us!

  177. Jasmine Margerita say:

    I love this Casino. Its very calm atmosphere, Delicious food and free drinks to go around really impressed me. If you want a place thats reserved and you can spend romantic quality time with your significant other… This is the place to win and have fun. Can’t wait to go backkk

  178. Derrick Saxon say:

    It’s ok and all. Was a little dull for a Friday night

  179. Leila Gillispie say:

    Hollywood is fabulous came to see Wayne Brady it was so great. Everyone nice and acvommodating. I frequent here and call on phone to reserve n u couldn’t ask for nicer rmployees

  180. Thomas Milburn say:

    My wife and I finally got a date night Friday and decided to travel out to Hollywood. Once we arrived I was stopped for an ID check which I thought was odd because the 10 people in front of us were waved through. Once I presented my ID, I was told by security that I could not enter because my Drivers license was cracked! Although everything was legible and you could clearly see my picture and birthdate that showed my age of 36! I asked to speak to the manager and had to wait too long to speak to another security guard because the manager was not available to talk. During my wait I witnessed the same guard allow numerous other visitors through without showing IDs and even witnessed him check an ID and let them in after he told them it was expired. Long story short, we had to leave and decided to travel out to Maryland Live. This is the first time I have visited another casino because we were Hollywood regulars, but I am now going to make Live my casino. Oh and Live let me in and I actually won money which never happens at Hollywood.

  181. Tammy Morris Fazenbaker say:

    Everything is very enjoyable. The buffet is fabulous and the people are extremely nice and courteous

  182. Vicky Campanelli say:

    I love going here everyone is so nice free drinks as long as your playing slots even the other patrons are friendly

  183. Peggy Susan Boothe say:

    I read some of the negative review about ths casino in which i had been before and I must say I loved it very Clean and Beautiful my only complaint is I didnt win….LOL bit maybe i get go back soon:)

  184. Danielle Elena Ostynski say:

    The smoke ruins this place. All the other casinos in the area are non-smoking and that is what people want. The smoke is disgusting. I took my friend who had never been there and she said she will never go again. You feel disgusting after being there even for only an hour or two. I completely agree.

  185. Sharon Conner Hardy say:

    I had great time even though I didn’t win. I mainly go to relax and watch the big $$$ players play. It has been awhile since I visited because MGM is so close to my home. I did encounter a situation today. While standing in the cashier line waiting , part of the ceiling fell near us. We are were shocked, one of the guys mentioned it to the cashier. A lady came over with a smirk on her face and said …accidents happen…she did not ask if we were okay or anything. Wow. My hotel stay was great!

  186. Patricia Beavers say:

    I love Charles Town, win or lose. Always have fun. But I have to agree with most of these comments, the building smells, we try to go when we know its not going to be crowded. The smoking is so out of hand, that Maryland Live has become our casino of choice. I always have to bathe after going to Charles Town. I live in WV and will not stop anywhere on the way home, because I smell from the smokers. My husband is a smoker and he thinks the casino stinks so bad that he goes into the non-smoking section with me. But sorry to say, its smells in there too. Please stop the smoking, you won’t lose people. Most of your business will soon be too sick to travel to your casino due to smoking anyway. Please please clean up the casino. Oh by the way MGM is pretty nice too. But I love my WV.

  187. John Rudolph say:

    Nice place, friendly staff, a great day trip getaway! Good food venues and live entertainment!

  188. Dwight Neal say:

    We come from NC every other month. Win or lose we always enjoy our visits. I have never smoked but my friend does and I have never experienced the bad reviews and found it pleasant and all employees I have come in contact were helpful and nice. My only concern is that we can get more comp rooms and more comp play at Cherokee NC that we visit equally and approximately same distance. We still love it!

  189. Maribel Rivera say:

    First time at hollywood casino. We had a lot of fun at the casino and the horse races. Love that you can find many different slot machines to choose from.

  190. Joyce Cardosi say:

    Because of the Jeep give away, nobody was winning on the slots, everyone said the samething. I will not return on another car give away day. I always do well there but last night was horrible. I love this casino but last night was the Pitts.

  191. Velma Geyer say:

    I love this place, the only problem I really have is it takes long time to get drinks when you don’t want to leave a machine…Thank you..

  192. Sasha Hickman say:

    Last night was my first time going and I had an awesome time! It was fun watching others enjoy themselves, too! Staff was wonderful and the drinks were awesome!!

    Thanks again!! I’ll definitely be back!!

  193. Jeff Cowboys Briggs say:

    Love this place .i always have fun here win or lose, and i always win but i end up giving it back lol all but 1 time i walked with 1500 �

  194. Joe Pollock say:

    My issue is with the seats in the event center. I assume you still have the ones with two attached seats, placed next to each other to form the rows. They are ridiculously small, and you are squashed into the person next to you, and I’m not overweight. I could not imagine any larger person being able to use those seats without pushing the next person half off their seat. You are charging premium prices for uncomfortable seating?

    Comfort and good entertainment should be the two TOP PRIORITIES. One without the other is a losing proposition. Why not invest in individual seats to widen your appeal?

    Once was enough for me and others I’ve spoken to about this. If you change them, and the right performer is there I’d come back. Parking is easy and it’s a short drive. Please change them

  195. Heather McDowell say:

    Way to much smoke in their plus food is high and so are drinks

  196. Debbie Saxon Jurricks say:

    Nice place to go and gamble. I was surprised to see how large it is inside. It’s not too far from Frederick. Employees are very nice and friendly. I recommend Charles Town Casino for your enjoyment!!

  197. Judi Truelove say:

    I will never go here again. The place was terrible and the guy at the door was an asshole. I spoke to a manager who was very nice, and the valet people were fantastic, but the rest of the experience was terrible. I recommend live casino or the new MGM. Thanks for ruining what was supposed to be a fun
    weekend getaway. By the way, I have never written a bad review before. This is a new experience.

  198. Dawn Sheffield McDaniel say:

    Let me just say one thing…SMOKING IS ALLOWED. YUCK. They do have a nonsmoking section but it kinda sucks. I did break even for the weekend though, and the Horse racing was fun to watch.

  199. Charles Jason Campbell say:

    The venue and the sound at the concert was great. Jamey Johnson put on a great show. The casino was a new experience for me. I used to go to Charles Town as a child and the place really has grown. We had a great time..

  200. Sue Treon Goodling say:

    I lost more today than I EVER lost at a casino…probably won’t be back. I used to think this place was better than the one at Grantville, but I guess all Penn National casinos are the same.

  201. Bill Manspeaker say:

    I mean, ugh. It was dirty and gross. I was sick for a week. And the smell, I can’t get rid of that smell. Reminds me of a song.

  202. Ronelia Smith say:

    My husband and I generally enjoyed Hollywood Casino and in a way we still do. However lately we’re noticing the constant changing of machines as well as the lack of winnings. We spend quite a bit but the return is just not worth the while. We are truly considering going elsewhere at least for the time being because coming to this casino is becoming a waste of our time.

  203. Rick Eaves say:

    I love it every time I go there this time we went to the sports bar for dinner service and the food was great

  204. Diana Camper say:

    This was my 3rd trip this year. Great way to spend the day. Never come to get rich but winning is a plus! My only complaint is all the smoke. I don’t smoke, but have to play in the smoking section because the machines I like are not in the non-smoking section. Plus you have to go thru the smoking section to get to the food court which really defeats the purpose. I left at the end of the day with a splitting headache but the casino did compensate me by letting me come back home with a little more than I came with. Overall, it was a good day!

  205. Wan Ha say:

    fell like going back home..really looking forward

  206. Don Scott say:

    My wife and I drove 2 hours to try out this casino. The machines are very tight – just like at the other Hollywood casinos. My $100 was gone in less than 45 minutes and I don’t play high bets – only .50 or .60 cents. The machines didn’t even return enough for me to play for a few hours. We will most likely not return to this casino. We have several within a 60 minute drive from our house and we can actually bring money home.

  207. Marissa Young say:

    Bartender at the horse race place was a rude bitch I always tip! but this woman had no reason to be rude and I told her it was my 21st birthday I don’t think your suppose to tell someone who is trying to order a drink to hurry up and look at me like I’m stupid

  208. Tina Hickman say:

    Wonderful epic lunch buffet. Great price. Nice casino

  209. Mary Coe say:

    I really did enjoy myself on yesterday I’ve been there plenty of times before this time was no different I dismissed that I miss playing the horse race watching them run around the track the Steak and Cheese sub I got with fries was good plus I win and I give it back but I didn’t come home broke came home even and can’t wait to go again

  210. Jackie Fairley Young say:

    had a lovely time. Seen the moonwalker show and played some slots

  211. Angela Paige-Jones say:

    We went to see the fight. Good, but I’ve never gone to the Event Center, and there are folks standing against the walls, both sides! On top of that, I also attended the Michael Jackson tribute. Before it started, the guy (emcee) with the radio voice announced about the fight tickets being ready to be picked up and purchased after five pm, he also stated that with that ticket, there was a free drink that came with it. Well low and behold, he does not clarify that if you have COMP tickets, you cannot get a free drink!!! There were a lot of pissed off folks having to pay $8 and $9 for a beer! Very poor taste Holllywood Casino. There is a lot more to tell, but I’m going to call my so called HOST that I HAD!!!!

  212. Susanne Miller Nye say:

    I love this place! Buffet is really good and enjoy staying at the hotel. All the staff at both locations are professional and extremely friendly. And thank you for the birthday card!

  213. Bob Conrad say:

    Arrived tonight to find Hot Pink 7’s and I (Heart) Jackpots removed…..Searched all over and could not locate them What have you done HC…What have you done

  214. Chris Mellito say:

    Loved it….its pretty big..lots of places to eat

  215. Lyn Seiler say:

    I’m on a visit here from New York State and I usually go to the Seneca Niagara and Niagara Falls New York but boy I’m telling you my payout on $50 I spent $246 I thought was a good return I will be back

  216. Maurice A Haynes Gatling say:

    Great location, People (staff) were very friendly and helpful and surprisingly enough parking was great. Fun place to visit and not too far of a drive from the Washington DC area. I will visit again!!!!

  217. Sharon Welsh say:

    Great customer service, incredible show, very friendly and helpful staff! Loved it�

  218. Gina Workpeeps say:

    I only go for the concerts. Seating is tight. All seats are hooked together and you feel like your on an airplane with the tight legroom. 2 hour trip for us…so not going there frequently.

  219. Marie Roscigno Kron say:

    Went for the show last night which was great. That aside, I got my lifetime fill of secondhand smoke. Why aren’t you smoke free?

  220. Deanna Arnold say:

    The casino at Charles Town Races of Ranson W. Va. was amazing. So fun and nice staff. Certainly I will be going back for more good times!

  221. Lori Butler Polkowski say:

    First time there. Had a great time good food one problem was the smoky air need a fix there!

  222. Linda Crough say:

    The slots can be hopelessly tight sometimes. But my real issue is the smoke. I’m an ex-smoker but the smoke is awful, even in the lame-o non-smoking section. Get with the times and go smoke free!! Just have a smoking plaza somewhere that people can dash to for a smoke. Ocean Downs even has an outdoor slot area for the smokers.

  223. Sarah Ann say:

    It was my husbands first time going so it was a new experience. It was fun but the place smelled awful like diarrhea and cigarette smoke. Also the guy at one of the tables was going way to fast and sometimes he didn’t even have 21 when he said he did but he didn’t let us get a change to look at the house cards. Some of the machines buttons were broken or stuck and they were sticky. Not sure if I want to go ago. I’m going to Vegas next year to get the real experience.

  224. Mindi Carlisle say:

    I work there just started. It is not dirty it has cam a long ways. The reason being of smoking it is the only casino left for smoking. 9times out of 10 your gambling begins with drinking and social smoking as well. The slot machines are not old and the entire place as being is not filthy nor dirty.

  225. Robert Lanham say:

    The food was excellent at 9 Dragons. Saw the Oak Ridge Boys concert. Seats need to be larger . Casino is good except I smelled like smoke. Should be totally smoke free.

  226. Chrissy Burrows Jacobs say:

    Love listening to LIVE music at the H-Lounge! The band there last night was AWESOME but I didn’t’ catch their names. I also enjoy the Horse Racing.

  227. Michele Hasenstab say:

    The casino was great. The entertainment was so fun..BUT.. the one girl with dark, curly hair at the bar at the racetrack was absolutely the most miserable, worst bartender I’ve ever seen. From the moment we walked up to the bar she had a bad attitude. It wasnt even that busy but she acted like it was a pain to have to get drinks. Now, as I have been a bartender for over 20 years and was with a friend who has owned a bar for many years, we are definitely understanding and compassionate of what bartenders go through, after several times of being ignored and having to ask 3 or 4 times for a drink, my friend who only had a couple drinks and was now drinking a cup of coffee made a comment about this not being the job for her, apparently overhearing the conversation she proceeded to call security and they pulled my friend aside and gave her a warning on being intoxicated, all the while saying that to them she seemed completely fine and not at all drunk (because she wasnt at all) but had to follow procedures. They were very pleasant and easy to talk to, I assume they have to deal with this alot from this miserable bartender. So, we went upstairs and had a great time with the batenders and the band at the lounge. I will never sit down at the racetrack bar again if shes working and they really need to hire a more personable bartender that doesnt chase customers away because of her bad attitude, thankfully we are not ones to let our night be ruined but it did make our time at the track not as fun as it could have been. She needs fired immediately!

  228. Cheryl Go say:

    I enjoy my trip every time…my bff loves going there so he can drink, smoke and play roulette. The somewhat free drinks are a plus too

  229. John Carpentier say:

    The slot machines are set not to pay out i spent $160.00 won nothing something is wrong with the slot machines!

  230. Betty Walck say:

    Walk around and look at who has large amounts of money on their machines. Take note as to what race they are. I need not say more.

  231. Deb White say:

    I’ve been to The Epic several times on Fri night, which is AYCE crab legs night. Wait time varies, depending on the time you get there and if it’s a holiday. All the food was A+! For the 1st time Sep 15th, I was in The Zevent Center to hear Pat Benatar, who rocked it out! and the staff was very helpful with finding our seats, very friendly, very clean. I will be back to see/hear more in the future!

  232. Susan L. Michael say:

    Loved seeing Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, 9/14/17!! I saw her in concert on 12/6/82 in Landover, MD. She has gotten older, as have we all, but her voice still rocks those high notes! Stayed at the Inn! Awesome experience!!???✌️?

  233. Fred Leonard say:

    This is a great place for a day trip or overnight getaway.. I actually come for the food especially the buffet. They have so much good food and variety. The servers are very friendly and top notch. Never seen any kids in the restaurants which is a good thing. because I like to eat in peace. If the restaurants have a no kids policy, please maintain it.. I also try my luck on the slots and black jack where I usually come out a little behind but it’s to be expected. Overall, I’ve been many times and never once been disappointed..

  234. Zack Sampson say:

    I quit smoking 2 years ago. All of the smoke hurt my lungs.

  235. Penni Disney say:

    Thanks again for the tickets I won to see Pat Benatar…we had a great time.

  236. Prestige Home say:

    This review is in reference to one I have read, and we wanted to make sure this got passed along to the manager too. We have been going to Charles Town Races for over 20 years. The bartender at the race track has always been the most efficient, pleasant, personable, fun bartender we have ever experienced at Charles Town. She engages EVERYONE. We enjoy going for big race days and always hope she’s there. We have never seen someone work as hard as she does and always be proficient, smiling, laughing and helping people understand horse racing in general. She’s become a staple of the company and we look forward to seeing her this weekend for the Race for the Ribbon. We’re sure she will be on point, as ALWAYS!! As in all business’s there’s always someone who is unhappy and feels the need to make complaints.

  237. Susanna Stockman Murphy say:

    Love outside races. Cannot stand to be inside with the smoke. Had to shower when we got home to get rid of smell. Why dont they have outside facility just for smokers. This is the 21st century is it not?
    We have gone a few times, buffet is good. Floor shows and bar area good. Machines just do not pay out often. Like I said smoke filled is horrible. Horse racing terrific fun!

  238. Carlington Ebanks say:

    Very very very poor for simulcasting the track is always delayed and the time between races is too long … Poor poor very poor wouldn’t recommend it to anyone

  239. Joe Blachowski say:

    Great time great food win or lose the staff is Ace

  240. Eli Keener say:

    Need to update handicap areas and more rooms need to be smoke free

  241. Robert Phenicie say:

    Had a great walk around the track. Much more difficult than expected. Got a good workout in a sprint down the back stretch. :{)

  242. Maurice M. Wigfall Sr. say:

    I am not a fan of smoking environment, heavy smoking in the casino area

  243. Barbara Halpern Schlereth say:

    The smoke was too much for me! need some updated slot machines

  244. Rach Youngblood say:

    Horrible ventilation. Can smell cigarettes & cigars in the non smoking areas. Drink stations are always sticky, dirty and cluttered up. Spots in the floors are bad (almost tripped), the machines are wound so tight you don’t have a chance of winning half of your money back.

  245. Mindy Davis say:

    We went there to try our luck betting on horses. It was too confusing and nobody too eager to help us. Then while we were at the slots playing, a lady sat down beside me and blew her nasty cigarette in my face! We never won anything, either.
    The only great thing was the EPIC Buffet! Now that was awesome!

  246. Vickie LuvLafin say:

    I won enough money to purchase my Other MCM Crossbody Bag….

  247. Anthony Howard say:

    Winner winner yesterday, that makes me haaaaaappy.

  248. Jake Baber say:

    I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A the staff was very helpful and went above and beyond. Great selection of slots and cards. Great free live entertainment. Spectacular bartenders and drinks. Ending up coming home with a few weeks pay in winnings. Will return soon for sure.

  249. Pamela Flick-Fiore say:

    It is relaxing place to be been there twice and live it

  250. Jessica Barnette say:

    I really enjoy going here just for a fun night out I may not ever win much but it’s still fun…

  251. Catherine Mentzer say:

    One food place…REALLY.? 6.50 for 2 chicken strips and handful of fries…Weak weak wireless…..downhill!

  252. Donna Parr say:

    We’ve been several times. Love the slots. Never win but fun playing. The event center is ok think they need to do something with the sound system. We’ve been to several concerts there and seen the same bands in other places and they always sound better somewhere else. The food is so so. If you get it fresh it’s good other wise not. Only real complaint I have we took my mom last night that is in a wheel chair and the handicap bathroom stall was not big enough to get the wheelchair in.

  253. Ben Shifflett say:

    Had a great time as always, can’t wait to the next time I go

  254. Linda Malcolm say:

    It’s a fun place and seems like people love going there. You definitely have the finances to get better seating for the Event Center so spend the money and donate the current seating you offer to a local church or school. Just a suggestion✌️?☀️

  255. Michele Garrison say:

    Great venue for a concert. I will never gamble there because they allow smoking, which permeates the non-smoking areas as well.

  256. Jenn Hall say:

    Concert was great!! Seating was not too comfortable, basically sitting on top of each other. Plus the rows were not big enough to walk in between, it was like once you were in your seat do not expect to get out of them..course the ladies came through with alcohol like you were at a baseball game which was very nice of them, but still seating was not all together great. But still had a good time! Thanks Hollywood casino!!

  257. Amy Alana Griffiths say:

    We drove in from Indiana to assist your track photographer during the West Virginia Breeders Classic. Everyone we met was so enthusiastic and fun! Full of great energy!! We felt so welcome! I hope Coady Photography sends us back! Totally worth the 8 hour drive! Thank you all for a wonderful experience.

    Amy & Mystee
    Photographers ~ Coady Photography

  258. Rebecca Barrett say:

    I been there several times I play the slots all the time but I never win . I have the marquee rewards card always use it but never get pick for the draws that they have .

  259. Susie Jenkins say:

    Not sure what is going on, there were much less slot machines available from the last time we were there…….disappointed.

  260. Eileen MacRonald-Dimino say:

    This review has nothing to do with the actual show, Three Dog Night, as they are always awesome. Had a fabulous time. That being said, this was my 2nd time at the event center. The seating is horrible. My friend tripped over chairs twice going to our seats. The chairs are folding & small, tightly placed. Having been to the casino many times, I can’t believe this center is crammed into a spot where restrooms used to be. Also, there needs to be much more non smoking sections in the casino & loosed slots like they used to be. The hotel, The Inn at Charles Town is always lovely, clean, well kept….but could improve on the complimentary breakfast. More variety & please add cranberry juice to the selections. The Terrace restaurant at the casino was quite good overlooking the races, although it is pricey. The Epic Buffet is always a winner as well. Yes, I will go back many times but please consider improvements.

  261. Theresa-Charlie Dodson McGee say:

    This is the third time my husband and I have been there is the last 6 months. We travel to the area for work and we have started goign to the casino and this time we also stayed there….we loved the entire time we were there. From employees, ….waitress, bartender at Hotel, driver in the shuttle, the lady that signed us up for the club, the people walking around and giving us water….and we met some really nice people staying at the INN. Can’t wait to come back. Thinking about coming and spending my 60th birthday there.

  262. Terry Younker say:

    Went there last night for my mom’s birthday and she was randomly selected for free slot play during a drawing and she was Awarded 1,000 Free Slot . I always thought Big Spenders was selected for those kind of events , so for all the casual casino spenders it definitely gives hope for everyone ��� The Casino was very fun and we ate at the skybox , the food was excellent. A+++++ Night of Fun

  263. Jim Rider say:

    Loved it had fun, the staff was great.Been there many times and will definitely go back,

  264. Valerie Williams say:

    It was an enjoyable afternoon, except freezing cold temperature in there.

  265. Si Si Octave say:

    Its okay the drinks weren’t strong nd I went through money very quickly none of the machines were hitting even just a little but I might go back no time soon though

  266. Elener Culin Erney say:

    Loved the buffet and horse racing. Did not like the smoking in the gambling area.

  267. Erik Cook say:

    Very nice,I will definitely go back everyone was nice and helpful. I played mainly at the holdem card tables . I’m not a smoker but it didn’t bother me people were smoking in the casino must have great ventilation . I was happy they couldn’t smoke at the Hold em tables in back rooms. Thanks Hollywood Casino

  268. Hazel W. Spencer say:

    I really enjoyed my stay at the Charleston Inn had a wonderful time at the Casino, my luck wasn’t to great, I would like to come back again as soon ad I can afford it and have more money to spend, I love the Casinos and I love to win. I want to come back and have a wonferful time and have plenty of money to spend. Great Place to go for fun.

  269. Kimberly Geffert say:

    Had the best time!!!
    Will be back!!!
    Everyone is very nice there too!

  270. Donna Echols say:

    Walked in the door and all you could smell was cigarette smoke. The nonsmoking section does not have enough choices and the area is way to small. Did appreciate the ramps. The Inn was a great place to stay.

  271. Michael Brown say:

    Always have a great time. Such a fun place – easy to get around and not over crowded.

  272. Linda Bryant say:

    Yesterday was my first visit ever and I will be back…we had so much fun

  273. Dawn Burrows Robinson say:

    Went to see Randy Houser on 10-27-17. Had a great time. Love the casino and the Horse races. We be back.

  274. Adana Rios-Talbert say:

    Seriously f*** this place. They will change the times of their event shows, tell you they emailed you (which they dont) and refuse to give your money back. They will also blame the “confusion” on the third party vendor which is Ticketmaster. Bottomline: they will steal your money and not give a damn! They are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Avoid this place like the black plague. I will never go here again and I will never suggest this dump to anyone I meet in my life.

  275. David W Mauk say:

    Does the whole area have to be smoking? Damn non smoking areas are few and far in-between.

  276. Tammy Fisher say:

    Went for Concert n had the Epic Buffet. The Buffet was amazing so many things to choose from. Everything season well n hot. Played slots to only had 1 person blow smoke in my face other than that the smoke didn’t bother me much n I hate smoke. It was very busy but we had a great time. Myself my hubby n the In-laws.

  277. Mark Franz say:

    Love the horse track. I like the casino but they could definitely improve the choices in the food court. I’ve been to malls with better food.

    The Event Center also draws some good acts but they pack you into the seating area like sardines. It makes the experience far less enjoyable.

  278. Spence N Rosemary Bennett say:

    I have been reading the reviews for shows at the Event Center and all but a few were complaints. My husband and I attended a show there shortly after it opened to see Travis Tritt his show was great .Our seats were 2 in from the isle and were very close to each other,although I had no problem being close to my husband I was not to happy to have the lady on the other side of me be so close that we couldn’t help but touch. My husband is 6ft and 180 lb”s , I am 5ft and 138 lb’s.I saw other client’s that were miserable as well, I have not been to a show since,so keeping in mind that the Center has been open for sometime now changes should have been made to accommodate all .If someone has to request handicap seating just to have a little more room to enjoy a show then management should be looking for a solution.Personally I hated seeing the Center put in the location of where it is,that was a favorite area of slots for me and many others. Having said that the whole outside area now is a waste of space the gaming area that is just outside the entrance to the Event Center on both sides should be rethought and redesigned to give more room (not more seats) for comfort,at the event’s center.While I am introducing my thoughts on design I would like to see an area in which it could be called nostalgic or day’s gone by to have more of the old machines that were reels and had dollar fifty cents, quarters nickle and dime denomination . I have been a loyal customer to CT and have been going there from the time it was just horse racing and to see every phase that it started from,beginning with when the only machines in there were the Game King and no others.The upstairs would be a great place to put the machines I spoke of,that area is a waste of space.Well I was just offering some suggestions on what I perceive to be a nice addition to game choices. True you are loaded with lot’s of different games but all are on the same concept of video,lot’s of lines and big bets ranging from penny to high limit’s,what happened to 2 or 3 coin max bets?? …precisely it’s called “Day’s gone by”. Thanks.

  279. Patti Sutherland say:

    Love to play, love entertainment, but not lucky, lol

  280. Lisa Jill Newman say:

    You don’t win money during the day! Apparently daytimers isy for the nigh folks to hit big. Haha

  281. Robin Renee' Crawford say:

    Completely enjoyed the O’Jays, did NOT enjoy the seating. You’re crammed in like sardines in a can into uncomfortable folding chairs with very little padding. Absolutely NO arm room and my spouse and I are not “large people.” The crowd was a little subdued for an O’Jays performance, IMHO.

    The casino is too smoky and the non-smoking areas are non existent because they are right next to the areas where you CAN smoke. There also isn’t a good variety of slots to play, never mind no security is around to make people who are just sitting in front of slots on their phones and NOT playing them. They won’t move when you ask them if they are going to play, they just stare at you like you have snot running out of your nose or something.

    Snack bar food is just okay, and the restaurants are pricey and didn’t have great online reviews. We will pass on Charles Town in the future.

  282. Linda Taylor say:

    Didn’t get a bonus spin on none of the games I played, except after O lost 300.00 then I played more hearts and won 90.00 humbug. Sometimes the bear gets you sometimes you get the bear. Yup will revisit this place next week.

  283. Corliss Joyner-Warrick say:

    My first time going there. Loved it had a good time and didn’t let it break me.

  284. Stephanie King German say:

    A bit too smokey for me…had to walk through smoke to get to nom-smoking section.

  285. Becky Files Park say:

    Never disappointed. Crab legs are the best around. Service is wonderful.

  286. Sue K Vandersloot Wynegar say:

    Lost my axx. Like $700. Didn’t cash a voucher except for cents amounts! Horrible and I used to love that place. It’s nice and great variety but Geesh!! Both Hollywoods I go to are way too TIGHT!! Grantville is closer but this was bus trip planned weeks ago. Be long time till I return. Sorry.

  287. Karen Tam say:

    My Husband and I celebrated my 60th Birthday and dined at the 9 Dragons restaurant. We were greeted by the Manager Mr. Kin Tsoi and for the rest of the evening we were treated like royalty. Ashley was a perfect waitress very attentive and efficient. The food was amazing, starting with the specialty cocktails the “Drunken Dragon” and the “Dragon Fire” which were both very delicious and refreshing. We would highly recommend the Dumplings for appetizer and the Chicken with Chili & Thai Basil for the main course (perfectly spicy!!). We were surprised after dinner with a complimentary coconut birthday cake that was served so beautifully, I wish I had taken a photo. During dessert we had the pleasure of meeting the executive pastry chef. We could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience and thank the team for helping to make my birthday so special – THANK YOU!!!

  288. Carolyn Stimson say:

    I love it . But the people that smoke in there is rude. They light the cigerite then just sit it in the ashtray and the smoke is awful. Then u have a guy smoking a cigar that smell is awful. What I think is smoking in there with people with Oxygen takes is very dangerous. For everyone in the casino.

  289. Terri Storer say:

    Event Center and Epic Buffet Review

    So I’ve only done the Event Center and the Epic Buffet. Not completely impressed on either of them.

    Epic Buffet: My husband and I have gone there a few times for the different buffet specials. They’ve been “meh” as far as choices and taste. Epic is one mile from our home, however we’d rather drive up to Martinsburg (15-20 miles) and visit the Golden Corral as their selection is far tastier.

    Event Center: I went to see Rodney Carrington 11/25/2017 here. The seating is folding chairs squished together. As I went alone, I had to deal with rubbing shoulders/arms with strangers on either side of me. If you do not go into the correct entrance to the casino, you end up walking through lots of smoke as the casino part allows smoking. The Event Center (and Epic Buffet) however there is no smoking.

  290. Tina Lemon say:

    Tried to go in last night just to have a drink with my daughter. It was her 25th birthday. She had a WV drivers license which expired on that day. Keep in mind it’s a Saturday and a holiday week and DMV is closed part of the week and WV gives a 90 day grace period. WV doesn’t notify everyone of license renewals, it’s a random process. After waiting 20 minutes for a manager to come and check. He had no answer and had to call someone else to ask. His explanation wasn’t the birthdate but you are required to have a valid id. If that were true they would have to check every id for validity. They acted like the id was fake. This was the second time they wouldn’t allow her in the casino. When she turned 21, we tried to go in for dinner and she had the mark of under 21 but her birthdate apparently proved she turned 21. The license didn’t expire on her 21 st but they would not accept it.

    Second, the manager that came down looked like he walked off the street and threw on any jacket that he could find and it was 2 sizes too big and didn’t look well groomed or even present as a manager. It’s astounding that the women that work in there have to be a certain size to fit in the outfits and well groomed but the men can represent the casino as a manager and look like they haven’t bathed or had any grooming in weeks. This is unacceptable and sexist.

    P.S. Glad they did away with the “go-go” dancers.

  291. Stephen Michael Stewart say:

    When trying to get through the Casino ti go to the restaurant you have to breathe 5 minutes of reaking stinking cigarette smoke. which is unhealthy and especially for those who have any type of respiratory condition. What a bunch of idiots to allow a heavy smoking area that big in an enclosed area. The state needs to so something about this. Smoking is not cool anymore and you are an outcast if you smoke here in 2017. It’s a total disgrace to allow smoking inside a public place and unacceptable. You Can’t even take your friends and family to the restaurant there without being subjected to cigarette smoke for the 5 min walk through the casino. It stinks, It makes your clothes smell and even gets into your hair so after walking through the place, you come out reaking of cigarette smoke not to mention what you’ve just done to your lungs. literally smoking sucks and shame on the racetrack management and west Va for allowing smoking in public building to continue.

  292. Ed Kraemer say:

    Cool little casino. Properly priced table games unlike MGM

  293. Kendra Knopp say:

    The atmosphere,food options and entertainment was great! The seating for the show was ridiculous. Hollywood Casino really needs to invest the appropriate seating if they are going to provide big name entertainment.

  294. Wayne Wilberger say:

    Rodney Carrington was great but like every other review the seating is horrible. Reminded me of a high school gym with the crammed seating and bleachers in the back. Would have thought with it being a casino they would have sloped the seating area so people could actually see the shows. Ushers where polite and helpful. Sound system blared. Like I said I really enjoyed the show but the seating and visual sucked.

  295. Debra Burker say:

    The show was good. However I thought the seating was way to cramped, I couldn’t move on either side.

  296. Jeanette Netty Loeffen Jenkins say:

    Loved the show, Rodney Carrington, like the track a lot, but the venue however nice. Needs to rethink the seating. I’m 300+ the seating was for teenage kids. Most uncomfortable to say the least. Don’t expect to be so uncomfortable at 60 bucks a ticket.

  297. Emily Potts Johnson say:

    Really enjoyed seeing Rodney Carrington, HATED the venue. Seats are WAY too close together side to side and front to back. Barely room to move, let alone walk. It was also extremely hot. We will not be attending any further events.

  298. Paul Tassone say:

    Best poker room service, I advise everyone to stop at Charlestown as check it out if you haven’t.

  299. Jeremy Peck say:

    Probably the worst Casino we have been to. The machines are extremely tight no average pay outs. It actually stunk in most parts because of the smoke… Everyone was rude workers and guest except Cory and Jason the bartenders…. The food was below average at the steak house 61.00 for a Ribeye and you could get a better one at Applebee’s for 14.00… I️ could go on and drag this out but I️ won’t …They just need a lot of help in a lot of areas we will probably never return.. It’s worth you time to find a better place…Harrahs in Pennsylvania or NC… Mardi Grass in Charleston WV or the Golden Horseshoe in Indiana….

  300. Sheila Tetreault Shranatan say:

    First time at the casino. We came to see Martina McBride. We were inundated with smoke just walking thru. We paid $8for a “shot” of Baileys.Seating in the venue was on a flat surface and you can barely see over people in front if you for $95+ a tkt. Was going to eat at the Steak restaurant until I noted a filet dinner was $59. I’ve eaten cheaper at Bobby Flay’s restaurants! Glad we ate off site. Starbucks and the PB cookie were the only plus besides the performer.

  301. Margaret Fineagan say:

    This review is on the Martina McBride Christmas performance December 9, 2017. Her show was beyond poor. She was off key, only sang about 10 songs within an hour and half time, she changed like 5 to 6 times having us watch cartoons and such on a screen and then she came out to the audience for 20 minutes. We paid $95.00 A ticket to watch her sing great and the whole show…..not what we got. I will never see her again.

  302. Becky Barr say:

    There was a lot going on Saturday evening at Charles Town Races! Concerts gambling and dinner! Such a good time was held by all. The staff was helpful and friendly.

  303. Gil Simon say:

    Had to get away from the smoke and find s cubby hole to play slots. Still Smokey in the non smoking areas. Payouts on the slots were horrendous.

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