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Experience All the Heart-Pounding Action at Our West Virginia Casino

Like the never-ending party of New Orleans? Then you’ll love the only Mardi Gras-themed West Virginia Casino that offers non-stop excitement.

Our casino is like no other. We have daily winners throughout the casino. From video and reel to progressive jackpots, there are 250 different varieties of your favorite games. Our high-tech machines with TITO (Ticket in, Ticket out) make the cashing out experience much easier.

The Hottest Table Games & Slots of any West Virginia Casino

Get in on the excitement of exhilarating casino table games when you SPIN, ROLL and HIT IT BIG, MARDI GRAS STYLE!

We feature 30 table games, including:

  • Roulette: spin the wheel and discover your fortune
  • Craps: this fast moving casino game will keep you on your toes


    • Big 6: use your strategy to beat the odds

    Don’t forget to try your hand at 3-Card Poker, or spin the Big 6 wheel — hit the right symbol for a big payoff. Try one of our new games, Mississippi Stud, Chase The Flush or Criss Cross Poker.

    A One-of-a-Kind West Virginia Gaming Venue

    With over 90,000 square feet of gaming entertainment and up to 1,000 slots, other gambling venues in West Virginia don’t offer anything close to this level of gaming excitement. When you stay and play at Mardi Gras, you’ll never experience a dull moment.

    With our New Orleans vibe, you can’t help but get in the party mood. From Vegas-style showgirls, to $3 Blackjack, to great entertainment and exhilarating slots, you’ll be enchanted by the splendor and glamour of Mardi Gras Casino & Resort.

    The Hottest Slot Machines in West Virginia

    When you’re craving big slot fun in West Virginia, hit Mardi Gras Casino & Resort — the only casino that has 90,000 square feet of gaming entertainment and up to 1,000 slot machines. Play Bourbon Street-style or head to the High Roller’s Room where maximum betting can get you maximum jackpots. Now, enjoy your favorite slot games outdoors. Located trackside, this slot area offers all the casino action and more!

    If you love to play slot machines, our casino has machines such as Wheel of Fortune® and Wizard of Oz™.

    Whatever your game, our Mardi Gras-themed casino has one for you. Our slot floor includes:

    • Denominations of penny, nickel, quarter, fifty-cents, one-dollar, two-dollar, five-dollar, ten-dollars and twenty-five dollar machines
    • More than 250 varieties of games, including reels and video
    • Progressive jackpots available where the jackpot grows quickly in smaller increments every time the game is played
    • TITO (Ticket In, Ticket Out) allows you to cash out quickly and move on to the next game

    There’s Simply No Other Gaming Venue in West Virginia Like This

    When you’re gambling, you want a casino with exciting action and a variety of games. For the best in gaming thrills, visit Mardi Gras Casino & Resort.

    With the many different types of games we offer, you’ll find your favorite. Some of our most popular games include:

    • Wheel of Fortune®
    • Wizard of Oz™
    • Quick Hits Platinum
    • Sex in the City™


Contact Info & Location

Mardi Gras Casino & Resort
1 Greyhound Drive
Cross Lanes, WV 25313

Phone: (304) 776-1000 or



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  1. Cathy Rodie Wethington say:

    Very clean, smoke free, loved the machines, they were fun to play. Had lunch there and it was very good as well.

  2. Tina Easter say:

    great atmosphere and the all you can eat seafood buffet was great

  3. Patricia Thacker say:

    It sucks. On vacation had a couple hundred to gamble with. Was my fault for not walking when I lost the first $50 in just a few minutes but both times we went there we didn’t win anything not even to cover a 1/4 of our losses the machines were so tight. Threw my card away definitely won’t waste our time there again

  4. Tony Dunn say:

    The machines are really tight they dont pay out much along with other casinos

  5. Christobear Kennedy say:

    Where 2 grand in$5 spins will win NOTHING before any1 even offers you a drink. Most rigged, redundant algorithmed til tip triggered scam infested shithole of a gambling establishment! Dont go to gamble. All payouts are timed and manually controlled via human interaction! For Example. If tipped OFF, even Tens of Thousands of dollars in spins will ultimately ONLY pay predetermined max possible(SET) winning combinations.

  6. Ryan Watson say:

    Fun time, great tables money to win/lose… Just wish the Bar Waitress like her job.

  7. Michael Mcvey say:

    Lost my ass but it was fun! That’s 3 grand I’ll never get back thanks lol

  8. Ann Stamper Boggess say:

    Have been going there for a long time, the service is getting really bad, everyone seems to hate their job, the menu at the First Turn is terrible, the food is not near what it use to be. I will skip over the gambling, it’s better to walk in and hand your money that you are planning on loosing to a manager and walk out. It would be nice to win just to stay longer. Lady Luck left that building awhile ago.

  9. Billie Jean DeLung say:

    Had a fantastic time. Thanks everyone for the prizes. I will surely enjoy them.

  10. Cheri Casciano say:

    Was a great 1/2 way point to play and sleep on my way from NY to GA. Will definitely stop there again!!

  11. Barbara Blake Wilbur say:

    Rooms were nice and reasonably priced. Friendly staff, clean and upbeat atmosphere.

  12. Anthony Detweiler say:

    Very clean and nice place to go have fun! i would recommened this to anyone!

  13. Chad King say:

    Great time to say the least! Won double up in blackjack as a newbie lol, and drinks are affordable. But I do not recommend the motel 6 off Crossland rd, they’ve messed up my reservations the last 2 times I’ve been there. Wyndham gardens on the other hand, is fantastic!!

  14. Darlene Nowaczyk-Perales say:

    Not a big deal people great in casino but in resort workers was rude at desk

  15. Lee Harris say:

    Bad place to play now no good bonus no more if you get the bonus it does not pay out anything stop going there I go once a week compare to 3 times a week

  16. Bill Bader say:

    My wife and I decide to get away for our anniversary and have been very happy with our decision. When we checked in the offered us their executive suite at no extra charge( beautiful room btw). Room service was affordable(skip the pizza, but the burgers were delicious) as well as the drinks at the bar. Staff was very friendly, but like most people on here say don’t attempt to gamble here unless you’re cool with losing some money.

  17. Jeff Bloemendal say:

    Nice casino
    It’s a lot bigger than it looks
    I’d go back if I was in the area.

  18. Angee Christie-Wickersham say:

    Well me and my boyfriend stayed there over night to gamble a little and have a bite, we were on our way to Virginia Beach and we didn’t want to drive the whole way so we,made reservations 3 weeks In advance, we got there, checked in and the room was really nice the pressure on the shower was awsome! We got dressed went down to gamble a bit, alot of old machines but I don’t gamble much so we decided to get food, the French Quarter place was way to expensive so we ate at the deli and it was ok, we sat at bar afterwards and the bartender was very nice and friendly, i forget his name but he was there may 30th night shift, we had to go to bar cause never seen a cocktail waitress in the slot areas at all…..and when we were sitting at bar the cocktail dress showed her butt and even more when they bent over from being so short, And the top part of their outfit, well some of those girls were almost showing everything, the breakfast was amazing ans the guy making the omelettes was very good and fast, so only real complaint I’d say I had was never seeing a waitress, other than behind the bar talkin or at the card tables, there’s money in slots too if your trained right

  19. Vicki Valentine say:

    Fun place for playing slots & cards, watching greyhound racing, dinner, live entertainment. Hotel very clean and comfortable. Best if all facility is 100% non-smoking.

  20. Lee Pfaff Moats say:

    First time there and Biloxi Miss. Beats y’all by alot!! Better pay out, better service and more to give. The hours I was at yours, never heard any machines going off. Terrible! I’ll take my money to Cherokee

  21. Trisha Lynch Collier say:

    We ate at the First Turn restaurant & I truly can’t say one good thing about it. Steak was extremely fatty & underdone & the service was the worst I’ve had in my life. Definitely should’ve tried the French Quarter instead!!

  22. Jennifer Gardner say:

    It’s okay longest you win it takes what little money you have

  23. Karen Kimmey say:

    Great Cassino. Had a great time and won too!!! Very clean and friendly staff.

  24. Garry Esterline say:

    Dealers at the poker tables are stupid. Must not be able to do simple math.They cant keep side pots straight. Tried to give away pots to other players too.

  25. Amy Crabill McCullough say:

    Horrible experience! No open games or slots to play. Buffet looked like food poisoning waiting to happen, tried to eat at restaurant but no server ever came….walking out without spending even a dollar!

  26. Kimberly Dracy Steele say:

    Loved our stay!! Even won a few dollars!!!
    Great staff and accommodations!

  27. Helen Shampine say:

    Nice rooms, a little to pricey for week night but they provide a great breakfast. Staff was very friendly. I would have liked to have been the gentleman sitting next to me who hit 8,940 something on the gold pays. Alas, always is the other machine that hits. It was still exciting to see someone actually hit the grand prize.

  28. Jody Ferguson Brannen say:

    I would give it a 5 if the pool and hot tub had been open yesterday. A friend invited the family, and the kids were SO disappointed. Other visits have all been excellent. Great place to chill with friends. (I’m not much of a gambler.) Enjoy the live music at Louie’s, too.

  29. Herbert Krebs say:

    Stayed there a couple days ago heading back from vacation in kentucky. First the hotel and casino staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Hotel was very nice and well kept. Now to the not so good points. The morning breakfast is not bad but hardly what you would think of a casino resort. The hampton inns blow this away. The grill at first turn is not even close to being a good restaurant. The prime rib was better at outback and most of the time the staff seemed to want to be else where. I did get a call from the exec chef about discounting my next meal, whenever that will be, but the issue should have been resolved right there but wasnt. The pool was out of service half the time we were there. The slots are horrible and dont pay out for nothing. The tables are very friendly and fun. Over allnit seems the mgt was non existent when issue arose or the staff is afriad to bring issues to mgt. Either way the resort can be much much better. Take advice from a business owner like myself, listen to your customers and treat your staff right and it will be much better in the long run. Also they could be military friendly. It seems when we asked it was players club members before anyone, which i understand they are the ones spending the money. When asked if there were certain perks we were always told that cant do that fired. It seems threats on employees are real to them.

  30. Debra Bennett say:

    I was very dispointed we took our RV there to have a nice weekend and to our surprise there was a sign that said rv parking but no over night parking. There was a truck parking for as long as they want. Most of our rv friends like to stay were they are for the night. The parking lot was empty all night. Wv list a lot of money with rv’s. We did spend the night with the big trucks which was not that bad. Wv needs to get their head out and start looking at the people who want more. The slots were not paying out not even a dime. The dogs were more fun and paid out more. The service was crap had to go looking for the staff to get more drinks. Thanks to all the truckers who shared there space

  31. Barbara Moreno say:

    Got Drunk. Made it home around 5am had like 7 drinks of crown drove myself home safely even wore my seat belt got night hell yes

  32. Wayne A Thompson say:

    First time at a dog racing track. I lost a couple of dollars but had fun!

  33. Wes Farley say:

    Great place who Gamble restaurant at night is really slow servers on the floor or very slow but you can win some good money

  34. Josh Hugle-Greenhowe say:

    Everything is great from the food to just the all around cleaniness…just hate losing money on the slots ��

  35. Kelly Cardiff say:

    A great place to play the slots, cards, and watch the dogs race!

  36. Anne Tomlin Akers say:

    Pretty cool place I’d never been before this day I won a lil over $67!

  37. Kim Stafford say:

    Love the Friday night buffet too! Will be back in the future!

  38. Elick Gibson say:

    nice place loved the people and the food lol, we had our honeymoon there.

  39. Bart Harper say:

    I love mardi gras. Treat me like a king. Free food. Free night stays. I love to bring my family. My wife and two sons swim and get room service and I play blackjack. Im very sad to hear that my kids wont be allowed to stay in the future. Total shock. Im a loyal mardigras fan and patron, but this is going to hurt business. There are husbands like me who love to play but also have a family. 21 only for hotel is crazy and Id think hard to enforce with kids 16-20. One of the only reasons I am allowed to go and gamble is because my wife n kids come with me so I dont have to leave them. Still love the casino. Dealers like Delta and Jeremy and pit boss Dan treat me great. Hate the new 21 over rule for lodging. So when I would alway give this place a 5 star rating, 4 stars is best I can do now that my family is not welcomed.

  40. Roberta McCallister say:

    Was a great place to stay. It was clean and easy to get to.

  41. Coffey Dustin say:

    Booked a king room for my wife and I to get away for the weekend. Upon arrival they had us down for a double. When I expressed my concern that we clearly requested a king, the staffs response was “We could have had a mistake but a supervisor booked your room so it’s unlikely”.. Their suggestion to resolve the problem was charge me an additional $100 for a room with a jacuzzi?? Poor customer service! Got a refund and went to Holiday Inn..

  42. Shawn Waters say:

    Always really enjoyed this casino small quiet played there for over 8 years but after being able to bet bigger I see the true colors of the small almost old school gangster casino . They bully you and will make reasons they can not understand to kick you out . They are scared of high bets and basically steal from you by creating some reason you need to leave once they have you down. This is not a review of a sore loser fyi i will pay to play …..please be careful they are very shady and don’t like to hear it , and once they are told they don’t try to help the situation they go into bully mode

    All business are not above a complaint it’s something they need to learn to deal with

    Moral Is high rollers stay away . I will also warn my high rollers on the site

  43. Renae Day-Irving say:

    I enjoyed my time at Mardi Gras Casino, look forward to going back!

  44. Robin Kinney Szuma say:

    Hotel was nice staff was friendly ! As for casino the slots wasn’t good never payed out ! Overall not a bad place

  45. Staci Horner Mason say:

    The french qtr staff was rude and it was way too crowded. The food was nasty I only ate crab legs so it was way over priced. Never be here again.

  46. Larry Edward Garrison say:

    I’ve been there in the past it’s more focused on the casino and kind of let the dog track go down hill , no place to sit down like before.

  47. Pj Peggy Hunt Johnson say:

    Even though I lost money! Had a great time and good food and drinks!! Atmosphere was also nice!

  48. Judith Wyche say:


  49. Jonathan Johnson say:

    It was a nice place, it was good to me left with more money than what I started with.

  50. Diane Buettner say:

    I had a great time as always and love the beautiful breakfast they make for you ❤️

  51. Gary Marsham say:

    I really enjoyed myself the service was great and the live band was awesome

  52. Joey Amburgey say:

    As a venue their staff was exceptional in assisting me the first time in years that I worked an event at Mardi Gras. They were above and beyond from service personnel to bartender and coordinators. I had a great time entertaining with the Sherman High class of 1987. Xkurzionz

  53. Rich Gastrich say:

    I would avoid this place if you cuss. I got banned for 1 year for cussing. They asked me to leave that night and I did without arguing or causing a scene and still got banned.

  54. Rose Drake say:

    We had dinner at the French Quarter restaurant. The seafood buffet was delicious! The variety was amazing for this area. The price was not to high for all you can eat. I would recommend this for anyone craving seafood (on a Friday night).

  55. Adam Taylor say:

    Tight machine

    I saw a lot of people winning
    That bet $2.00-$5.00

    People that play for fun was losing

  56. Torres Odom Cristal say:

    Omgsh me and my husband has a blast…
    It was our anniversary …. will be back soon.

  57. Debby Hilley Underwood say:

    We had a good time but was disappointed that some of the restaurants were closed and the dog track closed early. Staff was very helpful.

  58. Nancy Watkins say:

    Me and my husband had a great time great people!!♡

  59. John Rouse say:

    I hate it there. Tables games are a scam. Players club is a joke. They just want to keep track of what you spend, or try n win. Remember there are cameras above making sure the numbers on the roulette table don’t hit on the numbers that are bet on.

  60. Patrick Estep say:

    It was awesome very lovely an polite staff I would recommend anyone to go there

  61. Shannon Alean Devine Alderman say:

    We were very disappointed that we traveled thinking that we could have a family outing. My 18 year old nephew wasn’t permitted to enter. We were planning on celebrating my parent’s anniversary. Only to be told my nephew couldn’t enter!! He can buy lottery tickets!!

  62. Anna Friend say:

    Very clean hotel, rooms smells nice, even TV was pre-programmed to welcome. Casino slots machines very clean as well (I believe they wiping this things daily). Staff welcoming, polite and very professional. They really care about your experience as a guest. Very happy with my stay there, I hope I will be back to recoup my lost at casino.

  63. Carrie Roush say:

    Really enjoyed the casino and dog racing. However we ate at the Bayou Buffet and the food was horrible. The mashed potatoes were so dry I choked while eating them. No gravy to put in them, the macaroni and cheese was hard and watered down, the salmon was over cooked, the prime rib had no flavor at all, not much to choose from. I could have gotten better food out of a dumpster. If and when we ever di ice to come back we will eat before welcome.

  64. Donnie Bartlett say:

    I loved it….Took me a little time to find the poker room…When I did ;Found quality players..Easy money for some but I just enjoyed the company!!!!….Machines did pretty well also…Will go back

  65. Lennis Schmitt say:

    Nice clean place, ,, no smoking, state run !!! Dows that say ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

  66. Wes Harding say:

    I go for the much needed exercise, but also to people watch.

  67. Terry Boehler Rowe say:

    They are pleasant., but even.when you ask.if you can stay overnight in your rv and get permission, I don’t care how much you spend or drink they will roust you and send you., on your way. All I can say is we won’t stop back because I don’t like to drink and drive.

  68. Lisa Lynne Brown say:

    Mardi Gras casino… This is probably the most unfriendly place I have never been in! We stopped on our trip and were greeted with hostility. As we were driving an RV and pulling a car, we had pulled to the very outer edge of a very empty parking lot. After letting the dogs walk for a minute, and before going into see what the casino was like, a very unfriendly security employee sent us packing. He pulled up next to us and proceeded to honk to get our attention, as if he was summoning us. He informed us that they don’t allow RV’s here… With the lack of vehicles in the parking lot… I would’ve expected that they would have been glad of any patrons to come in to the casino… Especially since it was Labor Day, and the parking lots all were very empty. Needless to say we did not go in… Nor will we ever return.

  69. Sharon Mosley say:

    Really had a nice time and all staff seemed friendly and helpful.

  70. Samantha Jo Grady say:

    I have been here more than a few times…. last night was the first night I was the first time I have ever encountered any sort of problem. I stood at the main bar trying to order a drink for over 5 minutes then finally sat down with my wallet out and all and still sat there watching the blonde chick with a messy bun take every single guys order including the one who just walked up beside me…. I glanced at my phone to see how long it took to be waited one finally… when another guy walked up beside me and got waited on I spoke to him and said Seriously? I have been standing here for over 10 min waiting to order a drink and you are the second gentleman to be waited on literally beside me not including the rest of the bar ? The girl heard us talking and proceeded to VERY rudely snap and say well you had you phone out I assumed you were busy ? My phone was laying on my wallet…. I kept checking the time…. anyways I responded with woah you do not need to be a bitch…. she walked around for a minute talking crap to the other bar tender mean while me and my friends watch this happening she comes over with more attitude and says welllllll what do you want? I said I DO NOT want you waiting on me so she goes over running her mouth again to the other bartender and she has her come over and she makes my drink and slams it down on the bar….. wth???? Just because I was a female ordering a drink last night doesn’t give either of them the right to treat a paying customer like that…. I should have actually reported them others seen how they were acting too!!!!

  71. Kimberly Anne Mathews Baerlin say:

    We had a fantastic time… just like in February .. staff was wonderful.. friendly.. comical… warming.. fantastic all around.. rooms were great!! Wish there were microwaves in the room.. but very satisfied .. Nathan the front door host was excellent!! Anything we needed he got and was a doll with my brother that had down syndrome… very nice and helpful young man!! Need more people like him .. but all the staff was excellent!! We come to see Mothers Nature Band.. and always have a great time!!

  72. Sandie Wise Moore say:

    While we eat at least once a month at the seafood buffet and it is good, it is always the same. It should be changed occasionally. The food is often cold. The crab leg special should be offered without having to order the buffet. Maybe a baked potato with it.

  73. Sherron Ray say:

    Me My mother my Aunt and cousin went to eat the buffet.. As we do maybe 2x a month usually with a great experience.. 10062017 was the worst experience ever.. Manager Steven Miller did his own brand of RACIAL profiling (which a lawyer will be calling Monday).. 4 black women.. His words were “I’ve been watching y’all all evening, that’s why was busting tables close to y’all “.. Because my cousin offered us a crab leg and we took it…. No WHERE in the restaurant is it posted that someone can’t offer you something off their plate. So we were charged $15 extra. So thanks to Mr. Miller being rude and degrading I don’t think we will attend the restaurant anytime soon. I know it may not matter because it’s 4 BLACK women but we were true patrons of the restaurant and very very good tippers until that night…

  74. Kimberley Allen say:

    We came home with empty pockets lol but the staff was friendly and the rooms were immaculate as always. We always have a great time and the food/drinks selection is amazing. Thank you!!!!

  75. Bobby Scott Hughes say:

    October promotion page at their website for Mondays is different than the actual posting in the casino. Spoke to the marketing manager and she dismissed me and she basically said it was another departments fault. If Mardi Gras is going to put it on the website, the posting shouldn’t be different. Disappointed.

  76. Caitlin Navarre say:

    My husband and I have been coming to this casino weekly for over two years and we have finally had enough!!!!!! They have done is both soo dirty soo many times! The dealers have insulted my husband many occasions! One instance was my husband proceeded to sit down at a blackjack table and the dealer insulted him by thinking he was someone else that must have played there earlier, which he wasn’t and stated to the dealer that it was not him and the dealer denied whatever he said and even said curse words at him! Another instance I had a blackjack dealer steal my e cig vapor. I had tried and tried to do something about it, which nothing was done, and when we came back at a later date my husband and I passed the dealer while we as walking out of lost and found and he smirked and whispered under his breath if we was missing something! These are just a few of the many times we have been insulted and appalled at the behavior of their dealers! Not only their behavior but the miss deals we have ran into! Just the other night a holdem dealer didn’t burn the laat card on the river, the players pointed it out and the manager called upstairs to ask what needed to be done and they ended up letting the miss deal play!! They didn’t even muck the entire hand but instead let it play and let another player win the hand which if it would have been sealed properly someone else would have won! I can’t believe the way this place is ran ! These are just a tiny bit of the incidents we both have ran into and I’m not even going to begin on the hotel! I am finally writing this review because my husband and I have finally had it and will never go there again! The only reason we even go there is because it’s the closest one to home but never again! I’ve never in my life seen a casino run the way they do. Especially to clients that go there multiple times weekly for years and still mistreat and humiliate over and over again.

  77. Aaron Rose say:

    Could literally hear every little noise and foot step in the room above us.Rooms are average at best but the one thing they do have going for them is the Casino is connected and it was a lot of fun

  78. Billy Knight say:

    They take all your money ! LOL, But a beautiful casino.

  79. Thomas Lawson say:

    We went for sons Birthday and both of us left big winners. We had a great time and he won him some Birthday Money. I had some of the best BBQ at The First Turn Grill. Roulette Table Lady was great. He won at the Craps Table although we lost at the Dog Track but it was a very fun time. Thanks Mardi Gras

  80. Robert Carrizales say:

    Just passing through. Was in North Carolina for vacation and was driving back. Saw the signs and stopped by. Was a great place with great machines and tables. Great atmosphere!

  81. Kathy Mcqueen Sharpe say:

    First time visit. Nice people. Fun environment. Even won some $$

  82. Kevin Martin say:

    As a frequent goer of Casinos in PA and NJ this casino wasn’t bad. The dealers and staff were all very friendly. I wish there were better dining and bar options and it sucks to not have comped drinks and when playing at the tables. Overall, the experience was good. The track wasn’t open when o was there but the set up seems really cool and looks like a good spot to chill on a nice day wether gambling or not.

  83. Stephen Whorton say:

    Staff was very friendly and helpful, rooms were very clean, and the food was excellent. We had a great stay here and will visit again.

  84. Lisa Lovinglife Bowman say:

    Straight took all our money. Didn’t see anybody win anything!

  85. Robin Briggs say:

    The hotel rooms were very nice, all amenities, a little tip don’t open the frig

  86. Becky Halman say:

    Do not go here. Security treated us horrible and would not even let us talk. claimed we offended a barmaid which never happened and threw us out for trying to tell them we didn’t do anything they must have the wrong person. Security lady was so rude and condescending and racist.

  87. Joe Sachs say:

    It’s a tourist trap and a local watering hole. Been there 4 times and the slots are so tight. Your money is spent better elsewhere.

  88. Morrsha Gibson say:

    Always have a great time here…thought it would crowed on Thanksgiving Day, luckily it wasn’t. The slots were REAL generous and the Blackjack tables had some entertaining cast of characters. We’ll be back for Christmas Eve!

  89. Jennifer Turner say:

    Very clean rooms and awesome staff. No frig or microwave in room. Room service didn’t have much to choose from.

  90. Bodie N Angel Tyler say:

    Very rude people they act like they are doing u a favor when u are spending your money we have went to Las Vegas a couple of years back and so much nicer friendlier this casino doesn’t even rate with Las Vegas

  91. Tinia Creamer say:

    Thank you for your support of @Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue!

  92. Cindy Perkins say:

    Made Reservations at resort for my birthday. Got there, checked in, Deluxe King was beautiful & clean. Had dinner at the Bayou Buffet, prime rib just the way I like, thick & juicy. Just with a name like “Bayou” expected more Louisiana style foods, but everything we tried was great. Room was reasonable. Played slots, 1¢, 25¢ & $1, played Blackjack, went to Louie’s for drinks & music. Band great, drinks were reasonable. Breakfast this morning was very good, omelets & eggs cooked to order, with fried potatoes, gravy, juice, coffee etc. Staff very friendly, whole experience was fantastic. Even came away $45 up from the casino. Great way to spend a birthday. Will definitely do it again.

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