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Nestled in the scenic hills of northern West Virginia on 77 acres, Mountaineer Casino offers year-round entertainment and features a luxury spa, elite fitness center, championship golf course, world-class thoroughbred horse racing, fine dining and a Grande Hotel.

This jewel of the mountains is one of the premiere resort destinations in the state. Not only is Mountaineer Casino one of the best award-winning casinos in West Virginia it is also one of the best places to stay while exploring the local area.

Nearby is the renowned Homer Laughlin China factory, makers of Fiesta dinnerware, Tomlinson State Park, Key Bank Pavilion, the World’s Largest Teapot and more.


There’s more fun in ONE place at the Mountaineer. With over 1,500 slot machines, you’re sure to find your favorite game!We feature a large smoking pavilion as well as a non-smoking area over 78,000 square feet of gaming space!



IN-BET is an exciting new side bet that offers five big payouts!IN-BETween wager is a wager that the Dealer’s upcard fall In-BETween the Player’s first two dealt cards, according to the “RANK ORDER”: 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A, and is lost otherwise. The only exception to this rule is if the Player is initially dealt two cards of the same rank and the Dealer’s face up card is also of the same rank.THE PLAYER IS PAID ACCORDING TO THE PAYOUT TABLE DEPENDING ON THEIR CARD SPREAD

Blackjack 21+3


Triple Match: 30-1

One-Card Spread: 12-1

Two-Card Spread: 6-1

Three-Card Spread: 4-1

Any In Between: 1-1


With 36 tables to choose from, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Mountaineer Casino offers a variety of table games including:

  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus
  • Let It Ride
  • Mississippi Stud
  • Four Card Poker
  • Spanish 21

You must be 21 years old or older to enter gaming areas.

We feature a high limit slot area with $10, $25, $100 games.

You must be 21 years old or older to enter gaming areas.


E-mail: [email protected]
Physical Address: 1420 Mountaineer Circle
New Cumberland, WV 26047
Mailing Address:  PO Box 358
Chester, West Virginia 26034
Phone: 1-800-80-40-HOT (1-800-804-0468)

Mountaineer Casino, located on Route 2 near Chester, West Virginia, is an easy 1 to 2 hour drive from many locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and New York. Below we’ve presented many options to help you arrive at our scenic, riverside resort.

Stay with us for a few days! Book your stay online with our Hotel Reservations!

GPS coordinates W 80o 39’14, N 40o 35’01


Pittsburgh, PA – 51 Miles Get Directions

Akron, OH – 89 Miles Get Directions

Morgantown, WV – 94 Miles Get Directions

Cleveland, OH – 112 Miles Get Directions

Clarksburg, WV – 129 Miles Get Directions

Erie, PA144 Miles Get Directions

Columbus, OH – 163 Miles Get Directions

Harrisburg, PA – 255 Miles Get Directions

Baltimore, MD – 294 Miles Get Directions

Richmond, VA – 376 Miles Get Directions

Charleston, WV – 213 Miles Get Directions

State College, PA – 186 Miles Get Directions

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  1. Karen Anne Dufford say:

    My mother an I think the slots are fairly tight. Bonuses are difficult and rare to get. She did get lucky and win over 2400 on a penny slot but that was after investing over $1,000. As for me, not so lucky. Buffet is the worst ever and even after numerous complaints from guests, they have not improved or made any changes. Cold food is lukewarm, hot food is lukewarm and most dishes and meats are dried out. A lot of the desserts were inedible. Sad. Will eat our meals in one of the other restaurants during future visits.

  2. Bobbie Jo Markusic Gacesa say:

    Well I’m regular visitor. I stay in hotel at least one week my mother and aunt and other family members go down at least 5 times week. My cars alternator went lastnite leaving casino I got a jump called and reservation was closed lady on phone saud yes we have rooms come in. Well when came in the lady at hotel desk Courtney Kaminski and Marissa told me there was NOTHING she could do. They didn’t even try call anyone. I was told the two teenage girls I had with me could sit on couch’s. I couldn’t get ride hone til 4am and hotel wouldn’t do anything help. I had Cash on hand even offered to pay $200 for a $43 dollar room.

  3. Tracy Layburn say:

    Not impressed. While playing no one came around and emptied ash trays or asked if you wanted a drink. Had musty smell also. Will say the rooms were nice.

  4. Maryann Zandier Lacerenza say:

    I received an invitation in the mail to a VIP event. Must call to RSVP and a host will call you back and confirm your reservation. I don’t hear anything back so after multiple attempts to reach someone I leave a message and I do receive a call back. This is the part that I find to be extremely rude and very unprofessional. I was told that only 400 people are able to attend but they invited 800. There was an overwhelming response to the event so therefore I can no longer get in. Really, you invite me then un invite me!!!! The person or persons responsible for the event planning process might want to reconsider how they organize an event. Never ever do you send out double the amount of invitations. Yes you overbook some, but not double. So now the top 400 spenders are the ones who are allowed to attend. I find this to be rude!!!! Don’t send out invitations to people if you don’t expect them to come. I have never been invited to anything, especially by written invitation and later be told sorry you can’t come now! I would have never been upset not to receive the invitation in the first place but being that you did sent me one I expected to be able to attend.There are many many casinos out there that I can patronize and yours may no longer be one of them.

  5. Lee Ann Geiger say:

    Love this venue. BRING BACK BRET MICHAELS BAND!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡

  6. Dennis Patton Sr. say:

    We are there now for two days we make this trip once a year ,Good times with great friends.

  7. Janet Calderelli say:

    My favorite Casino. I have won more here than others. I also appreciate the free rooms especially in the summer as this is the only Casino with an outdoor pool! Great for families!

  8. James Antill say:

    Poor payouts! The buffet is awesome the people are nice but I win more on the scratch offs than the machines

  9. Daniel Alvarez Velasquez say:

    There is always alot to enjoy and plenty of great games!! Its a favorite of mine, that’s for sure!!

  10. John Holoman say:

    Staff is great, as are the slots. Bummed it’s going no smoking though!

  11. Joe Catanzariti say:

    I have stayed there on several occasions. I have always got comps on my room and meals. I have always been treated very very well. I have no complaints about Mountaineer.

  12. Max Hennis say:

    This place has worse customer service than a ghetto Walmart. Staff can apparently say whatever they want including swearing to who ever they want. Several of craps dealers and pit bosses have to be the worst in the business, especially customer service wise.

    On top of the poor customer service, the staff is so dead when something happens. The line wins and or an 11 comes, and the staff is so dead and sucks so much energy I feel like I’m the only one showing any emotion. People lose and they don’t even seem to care.

    By the way I’m not a sore losing customer. Only made the trip a few times and I’m up well over a grand. I will take my time and Money to horseshoe which actually know how to treat people.

    With that said, I walked up to cage, cancelled my card/rewards account. I will not be coming back. They could send me 1,000$ in free play and I still wouldn’t. It isn’t worth having to deal with the staff.

  13. Seymour Wyatt say:

    Right now it is a mess. It is tore up and cannot get any play in upstairs area because of it. Im amazed people stay. I am wondering when they will finish the mess. please advise.

  14. Robert J. Gibson say:

    This was my very first casino experience, and I must say it was well worth the hour drive to get there. The band that played last night was really good/very friendly staff. Keep up the good work!

  15. Chrissy Willard-Mohn say:

    Love this place! Rooms are awesome. Staff is very friendly & helpful.

  16. Tommy Felger say:

    Worst customer service!! They have different policies for different shows. Wouldn’t offer any help or even try to help!

  17. Ashley McClain say:

    Rooms were large but beds are very uncomfortable for the price. We had a decent view of the horse track which was pretty cool. Room wasn’t very clean and I recall seeing blood stains on a bench outside of my room. Overall, I believe this is a place to gamble and leave.

  18. Becky Arbogast say:

    They are nasty they have bedbugs and none of the machines hit.

  19. Hobert Henry say:

    Don’t waste your money worst payout i have e er seen beautiful place nice restaurant played for over 8 hrs spent over 800.00 never hit a thing

  20. Toni Muscarella say:

    Terrible since bought out. Everything changed. $1 Slots we used to play are gone, food isn’t as good, machines are tight, cut down on comps. Everything is different and not for the better. Used to really enjoy it here!

  21. Martha Gale Poore say:

    My first time at a racetrack and I enjoyed it a greet deal. Good food and service. The casino was pleasant and fun.

  22. Pat Metcalf say:

    ONLY gave this one star/poor because there was no HORRIBLE rating. BUFFET = INEDIBLE & TIGHT SLOTS. NO REASON TO VISIT AGAIN.

  23. Matt Petrosky say:

    Impossible to win anymore they take out all the good machines and replace them with machines that make loud noise, pretty colors and stupid gameplay. I haven’t had a winning day in nearly a year and that’s at least a trip weekly. I used to promote it, put up pics of my big wins but damn now there is nothing. Walk in with $500 walk out 45 minutes later with a pocket full of change.

  24. Lorraine Zombeck say:

    I have been going to Mountaineer for a long time now and I haven’t had any problems ours overnight stays have been very pleasurable the employees are kind and choices in slots are good and room service is very good.

  25. Robin Neil Haberle say:

    Had a great time here for my birthday weekend. Didnt win any money, but really had a good time.

  26. Stephany Nunneley say:

    Crap call on Race 8. That horse didn’t bump air let alone that other horse. He went wire to wire. Nothing near him. Just goes to show how “favorite” trainers get preference. See this happen all the time up there anymore. This is the last time I lay a wager down at this track. And the customer service has really gone down hill of late too. I’m done with this place. I used to really enjoy it.

  27. Kassie Call say:

    We have recently been down for 3 concerts and have stayed overnight. Food first time was very slow service. Manager made sure to take care of bill and was very helpful. Last 2x our service has been wonderful, rooms are clean and enjoyed ourselves. We will be going back next month for a couple other concerts.

  28. James Woodburb say:

    Never again will I visit this crooked casino. I sat down at a machine and was playing I cashed out and it was for roughly $100. I was unaware that another patron had been playing this machine and left credits on it. I was approached by a “manager” and she said that I had taken money from the other patron. Now the ? I ask is if unbeknownst to me that there were credits left on the machine how am I responsible for their mistake of leaving it on there. They were very unprofessional as when the “manager” approached me my machine was in the middle of a bonus and not to mention the scene that they caused. I gladly returned the money to the “manager” who said that its policy that any monies found are to be given to them or security. She assured me that it would be returned to the owner who left it on the machine. I asked for written documentation of this so called “policy” and she said there is nothing in writing and at which time she called security which also stated there is no such policy in writing. So I ask the ? to the general public what was the right protocols here? I understand the other patron had left the machine and I was happy to return the money but the lack of professionalism was nil at best. Again I will not be visiting this casino again as I was basically treated like a masked robber.

  29. Darlene Elko Lankes say:

    We stayed there in September and the room was nice, food was good and staff fantastic. This is our favorite place to go. Not happy with the no smoking, need a better selection of machines in the smoking pavilion.

  30. Laura Ward say:

    Love Mountaineer and love their heated pool and hot tub, the Hotel rooms are very nice, and love the slot machines,always have fun there , and the food is really good also.

  31. William Altman say:

    Pretty pissed off that my 70 something mother couldn’t bring her umbrella into the Harv for the concert tonight . It will be the first place she or I have ever been to that you couldn’t take an umbrella . She had to leave it outside. Now if it’s raining when we get our it will be taken and we get soaked and lose an umbrella because of someone’s stupidity

  32. Brandy Pauline say:

    Worst food I’ve ever had I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog! The horrible service at the deli from the manager was unbelievable! Never eating here again!

  33. Sandra Hairston say:

    This was my first Casino hop, the casino is so wide open, a lot of new machines the whole night was boring ,how can a casino be boring? Haven’t been here in years the pavillion room is half empty no excitement evident anywhere. On the plus side room was clean an roomy,bed comfortable. The buffet closed at 6 but from reading I have read this was a blessing. We ate at the Gatsby Restaurant the food was passable our server John was friendly but service was slow as he had to disappear in the kitchen to cook as they were short staffed. Don’t think I will return any time soon. Also didn’t like that your promo play stayed on machine you loaded it to instead of remaining in your account from machine to machine.

  34. Chris Rucinski say:

    The mahogany sports bar all of the sudden is unable to prepare a gluten free meal. Apparently the cook is either to lazy to prepare it or in uneducated in what gluten free is. We have been going there for years and they have always made me a gluten free meal but now the cook thinks that NO MEAT is gluten free. What ever happen to grilled chicken or a burger that is just ground meat. We will not be back to Mountaineer after this weekend until the cook gets an education. The Gatsby was able to prepare a gluten free burger, don’t understand what is wrong with Mahogany? ?????

  35. Nigel Smith say:

    U cant hit anything anymore unless ur a platnium member i swear ppl that hit are betting max bet an on two machine at one time which is bullshit how can u go to atleast fifty slots in this place an hit maybe 5 bonuses lol its a joke

  36. Smith Wesson say:

    Will there be a craft bazaar this year and who would be the contact for it

  37. Laura Ward say:

    Love the hotel stay, the hot tub and indoor swimming pool very relaxing oh yes love the gambling machines also and love the food fun place to go

  38. Hammer Bree say:

    Ok I read the horrible reviews before coming here but I thought maybe ppl were lashing out for no reason just because they didn’t win. That’s not the case at all. First off almost every machine that I played was broken or I had to wait on an attendant to come fix it. Very out dated machine more of the replay buttons do not work. Very little payouts when you do hit. I will never come back to this place again. And I’m not one to write bad reviews but this place needs to get it together!!!

  39. Michael Moorhead say:

    i have nothing bad to say beside losing money but that happen they have great food ok machine and everyone is real nice like laid back so that is why there 5 star even tho i haven’t been there in like a year

  40. Lynne Clayton say:

    Love it. Get free rooms and usually the buffet. I’d say 70% of the time I do ok. Love all the changes that have been made. For those who complain I suggest just don’t go. I myself enjoy it.

  41. Ronald Myers say:

    Way better than the old Jungle Inn Casino of the 1940’s. Located on the border of “Bomb Town” Youngstown, Ohio, over 3,000 patrons a night enjoyed the illegal Jungle Inn Casino. Just down the road, John Dillinger dealt cards at the Green Parrot Tavern. The area is a backdrop for Dillinger’s Deception and Impossible Gold. Ronald K. Myers’ action adventure novels can be viewed at Double Dragon Publishing. Cheers!

  42. Scott Crow say:

    D-U-M-P THAT ABOUT SUMS IT UP FOR US , GREAT PLACE THOUGH IF YOU WANT HIT “BIG WINS” FOR 30.00 HAHA WHAT A JOKE updated your machines not the building i will never come back

  43. Patricia Cappitte say:

    i go to mountaineer. all the time i used to get comp but they wouldnt give me nothing and i got a room because i needed the hot tub for my artherites. got there and the hot tub was closed thats the reason for my stay ,then got into the pool had to leave some lady left her 5 kids in the pool those kids were smart mouths cocky like there parents .it was a bad experiment.

  44. Pearlene Quarles say:

    Great l having, winning and meeting new friends. Mountaineer Casino changes the floor plans around for the slots machines and tables games around it Mach better walking the casino

  45. Shirley Jarvis say:

    I like it so much fun cant waite to go back again

  46. Keith Sharpe say:

    Employees are rude, dealer at the let it ride table “john” was rude didnt smile, we was told if we spend money and stay at least 4 hours we would get hotel stay and free dinner, they just rolled there eyes and started talking down to us. One bad experience after another. I truly miss the old mountaineer casino. Well i will just keep my self in ohio, where i go down the road and people are atleast friendly. Funny part is when I explaind to them that i was going to complain, about them lieing to me they shugged thier shoulders….wow….is this really how they want to be remembered.

  47. Brereton Charles say:

    Mostly made up of older people that don’t like much change…So why keep changing things…And so many fewer quarter machines discourage me…

  48. Karen Knerem say:

    I love it there. We drive from Cleveland almost every weekend. Spend hours playing slots. We dont win millions but enough to keep ya playing. Fun bands. Wish I had more comps and more free drinks. But who doesnt…Mahoganys bar is great. Employees are awesome. .Always friendly.. Always a fun getaway. And maybe the hot tub could use better jets. Lol. But def a place to visit..

  49. Larry Aulger say:

    Had a good time. Stayed over night. Rooms were good. Lots of construction. Areas closed off. Lots of new machines (not in service )
    Got there late. Checked into room, went to buffet to eat to find it closed at 6 PM. I know it was Wednesday but that was a disappointment.
    Looks like a lot of improvements. But when?

  50. Glenn Knotts say:

    Rip off!!!! And smoking area was like being in a oven! Don’t waste your time when you can go to Rivers!

  51. Christina Imler say:

    This place is a ripoff and it’s pretty bad when you want a drink you can’t get no ice because the soda machines are out of ice since nobody wants to keep up on it. Plus when you order a drink of soda from the waitress/hostess you can’t drink it because it’s so water down its nasty. Rivers casino by far the best place to be, won’t be going back to Mountaineer.

  52. Bette Burns say:

    Used to like it a lot but. Lately it “sucks” !!!!

  53. Martin Kalmer say:

    Imagine, you’re a couple hundred in, losing hope, then you say “fuck it” and up the bet to 5$ a spin and get a bonus!! You’ve never felt better, then bonus ends and you’ve won 45 CENTS! If you’re into that sort of thing then Mountaineer is for you!!! I mean really though, who goes to have fun anyway? Eat my good ol’ cornhole, Mountaineer!

  54. Eddy Kupec say:

    So if there was a “zero” star option, I would have immediately selected that. I have spent the better part of my youth & paychecks at this dump. So with years of personal experience, I can attest that this casino is literally the tightest in all the land. Do you know how many educations I’ve paid for the children of Newell? Me neither. If you’re smart you will take your paychecks to Christi’s. Conveniently located down the road from this shit hole. At least those girls can benefit from the money you’re about to spend instead of this blood sucking institution.

  55. Joey Roberts say:

    Holy shit what a ride by Parker in the 1st! Wow!!!

  56. Linda McPherson say:

    It disgusting they treat us smoker’s like crap put us in the dungeon cellar and never can win I’ll keep driving to the river’s in Pittsburgh where you can smoke and have fun

  57. Carol Herko say:

    OK first nonsmokers complain of smoking So build the outside smoking rooms (roast in summer freeze in winter) only to see nonsmokers sitting in smoking area complaining about smoke!!!! Sitting on the machine putting money in and the rewards are no bonus no good hits nothing I know you aren’t going to win every time but really months months nothing ! Now the waitress /bartender. Tip u once and if you don’t keep tipping omg can they be ignorant! !! If you hate your job find new one. Last your playing!!! here comes cleaning person almost pushing you off your stool to get that drink you just tip that ignorant waitress for . And in the trash it goes done won’t be back they cut my slot play ( I spend more then they give me) so in end if you want to quit gambling go to mountaineer you will be so disappointed ,disgusted, and made at your self

  58. Judy Mc Cormick say:


  59. Betty Galich say:

    Love love tod jones band !! But so so much cigarette smoke smell !

  60. May Crull say:

    I visited Mountaineer Casino last Monday and Tuesday (June 27 and 28, 2016). While there I hit a jackpot for $320.00 playing 60-cents a spin on the Café Moulin slot machine in the smoking section. About 10 spins later I hit the same jackpot ($320.00) on the same machine! Needless to say I had a terrific experience at Mountaineer. Also went to the racetrack to watch a couple of races. Stopped by the Homer Laughlin outlet on the way home and bought several lovely pieces of Fiesta Ware. Will be coming to the West Virginia Derby August 6, 2016. Can’t wait!

  61. David Solomon say:

    The band this past weekend #Goldylocksband is the best show at lucky lounge I have ever seen went back for the 2nd night just because they rock great job by the entertainment director on this one.

  62. Robert Blake say:

    The racetrack itself ain’t bad but some of the security guards ain’t worth Nothin they don’t know their job they’re not trained properly there are guards there are or First Responders the one female guard was treating me for high blood pressure and COPD and was going to call an ambulance for me and the other guard was playing supervisor and advised her not to do it she has animals in my house she was going to come take care of them when I was in the hospital but she was advised that she wasn’t allowed

  63. Tyler Slusarek say:

    I’ve been going to mountaineer for awhile now. They payout for the slots should be a crime. Yes, I fully get that not everyone wins. Okay yeah I get you cant win every other time. Okay yeah I get some people only hit good a couple times in their life time. Nope me my old lady or anyone I know hits more than 20$ (even on the 10$ slots). I hate leaving negative reviews. But if I can save someone else from being sucked dry.

  64. Rick Coulter say:

    Always takes my money it sucks I never win bullshit

  65. Mary Lengyel Easterling say:

    I lose and lose on the slots. Rarely get ahead. Machines turned down too low

  66. Paris Breeden say:

    Went tonight. Had free play won a good bit wanted to stay because I had a free room their was no rooms available. But it’s okay. Love it here always win

  67. Art Vandela say:

    U misspelled the word “received” at ur kiosk where u swipe ur card to check ur acct… Remember the rule i before e except after c

  68. Tia Symone say:

    I went to go see Gladys Knight back in 2013 and I luv every moment of it

  69. Rebecca Anderson King say:

    loved going Sunday and Tuesday, senior buffet for 6.00, well they changed everything, now its 12.99 a person, food just isn’t worth that, for 26.00,i’ll go get served and waited on. my last time eating there yesterday, I’ll miss all the folks. on Tuesday senior buffet over at 3 , hell that is b/s, they thought the business was bad before just wait, the seniors filled the place, soooooooooooooo many said we won’t be back, I can’t afford that price.

  70. Michael Bruce say:

    In what seems was a two week period, half of the staff appears to have been fired. 20 minute wait at the cage to cash in chips. 45 minute wait for a sandwich at the now terrible gatsby restaurant (you got rid of the French onion soup aka the only reason we eat at your restaurant) and finally, the pit boss refusing to shuffle the shoe when everyone at the table asked because there was less than a hand left.

    Even when you double your money, my experience tonight was enough to never return to the mountaineer again. And I’ve easily been there probably 6-12 times a year for the past 15 years. Just horrible experience tonight.

  71. Cheryl Pragnell say:

    I use to go to Mountaineer and loved it but I rarely go anymore. They have lowered the free play so much it really isn’t an incentive to go. Hollywood Gaming gives so much more free play and comps so I will spend the money there that I used to spend at Mountaineer. Even the employees say the place is chasing all the people away with all the stupid changes they are making. They are taking something that use to be fun and running it into the ground. Sad. Hollywood here I come!

  72. Beth Netherland say:

    This place has gone down hill! No comps! Hot no air! Ice always broke. Buffett food was terrible and half of it was removed! Will be going to meadows or rivers from now on.

  73. Robin Daugherty say:

    I have been there several times And wont go back ! Where they put smokers back in the room at the very back of casino No air conditioning So hot you can barley stand it Out dated machines that are very very tight at pay out totally confined from the rest of casino The worst conditions I have ever seen ! We spent the night and they offer no rooms that are smoking room we were up on 6th floor of hotel and had to go down to lobby on 1st floor and go outside to smoke ..So all in all a Really bad experience If you are a smoker you will be treated as you are scum of the earth ! Very dissatisfied on our experience As a smoker and as a player as machines old in smoking section and payout is very tight !

  74. Christy Yost Paul say:

    We go to the buffet every time because we loved it. We loved the Mac and cheese, potato salad, baked beans and pizza. When we went on Saturday, we were so disappointed. The price went up and none of our favorites were there. We wouldn’t even mind paying more because 12.99 isn’t a bad price, but I think we’ll just get a burger next time. Why do they have to change things? Very disappointing!

  75. Danielle Cole say:

    Stayed here for our anniversary and loved every minute of our stay.

  76. Kristi Stanley say:

    Very friendly workers and kiosks that actually work !!!

  77. Sarah Wade say:

    I’ve been here many times and will continue to come back. The staff at the Gatsby is always very pleasant and the food is to die for!!! Big Als is pretty good if you just want to grab a sandwich. Rooms are always wonderful! I do think they need to do something with the smoking pavilion, it’s usually so hot out there in the summer time. More fans! Wintertime I’m usually too hot, so they’re ok on that. Other than that I love this place, even though you take my money!!!

  78. Kevan G Newell say:

    First time I was there. All the staff was excellent, professional and very friendly. LBV was closed on Sunday. Buffet was excellent as well. Got to meet the owner Greg, super nice guy. My first experience there was second to none. Looking forward to going back. I went with a friend who is a VIP. Their VIP service was outstanding. Hats off to Nick and company.

  79. Vicki Lynn Basile say:

    I used to come here ALL the time. It’s a shame what they’ve done to us smokers! The smoking area is so small, all outdated machines and so far away!Hot in summer and cold in winter.I have a hard time walking and I barely made it way back there! I stayed for 2 nights and had to walk so far to have a cigarette. PLEASE allow for some smoking rooms in your hotel and PLEASE update your smoking casino, so it’s more like the rest of the casino!We are not a dirty habit to be hidden so far from everything, we are people!I am a longtime customer, but now feel I will not return in favor of Rivers.i talked to many other smokers who felt the same.What a shame, loved this place.

  80. Suzanne Shepherd say:

    Been going here for years I am from Cleveland but I prefer to spend my money here where I receive free room especially love the outdoor pool and they usually honor my requests for certain rooms I find that it is no more difficult to win here than any other casino I’ve been to !It is a great get away and a mini vacation for me also it is getting a lot of renovations! Looking good Mountaineer!

  81. Tina Monty Jones say:

    Love love love this place. We have been regular visitors for 26 years now. I have witnessed many changes, some good, some we did not like. I know you cant please everyone, but I do feel Mountaineer goes out of their way to make the guests feel welcome and entertained. Not happy with the Gatsby being moved to the buffet area, but I am sure we will get used to it in time. Thank you for giving my husband and I a place we can come, visit with friends, have a nice meal and be entertained each week. !!

  82. Darla Davis-Thompson say:

    Im a president tier player but only get 20.00 in freeplay. I come there at least once a week and gamble alot yet ive never hit a hand pay. Where are the perks whats the point in having a president card? I went to rivers once and they started sending me 60.00 in freeplay twice a week

  83. Janet Wylie say:

    Motel was nice but payouts were small and no freeplay offered

  84. Karlyn Johnson say:

    This is my last time going there, they don’t let you win any money. They need to close that casino down. It just doesn’t have that same feeling as it did years ago.

  85. Breah-Anne Brady say:

    Great place. Great vibe everyone is super nice. Our room was huge! I loved it so much

  86. Heidi Hurst say:

    Marissa at the Mahgony and Fred at LBV are the best!!!

  87. Wendy Adkins Lambert say:

    I’m not much of a “gambler” but went with my sister and father yesterday. I actually won $165 but my sister lost quite a bit and my father broke even. My father goes quite often and said the machines were “tight” yesterday. Way too many penny machines where you cant win anything worth your time and I won on one of the few quarter machines. I did notice that the smoking area was where the machines were paying….hit nothing in the other areas. Even though I won, I more than likely will not go back.

  88. Marie Toth say:

    I like coming here from Ohio. Don’t get me wrong, I love our casinos in Ohio too. I like the new machines here. I also like the fact that the smoking is separated from non smoking. It’s not far the travel on a nice day. This was my second time here & was a great experience.

  89. Greg Robinson say:

    Did not expect such a nice facility in a smaller commercial market……….rooms were much bigger than normal,,,,,food prices were very fair and food was good……casino floor was easy to navigate and slots were fun to play…..had a great time and intend to return in the future……..

  90. Val Johnston say:

    Booo. Slots are tight. Was not very fun. Good thing there was a bar. Probably wont be back. New management ruined it…

  91. Tiffany Hamilton say:

    Love going here with my best friend and our husbands, mom and aunt. This will be our second year spending New Years Eve here and we are so excited and so ready…

  92. Kimberly Aretta Miller say:

    Great casino, food and room, at price we couldn’t believe

  93. Nancy Salmon Dineley say:

    The buffet is very disappointing. The price for Friday and Saturday night is ridiculous when neither myself or my husband eats crab legs. It seemed 1/2 the size than it was.
    Also the machines are so tight now. Barely any play. Just lose, lose lose. Time to start going to the Meadows.

  94. Kimberly Mullins say:

    Awesome place. ..Great people and great food .. We try to go for a little get away. .Love it

  95. Jesse Nathanael Lyons say:

    I’ve been going to mountaineer for 4 years now and cant stop going i love every minute of it and with the new management definitely is different but In a good way they really are reinventing the place and making it as enjoyable as possible with better promotions. I am huge fan and absolutely will be back for more times to come!!!

  96. Rosa L Houston say:

    Always a great experience…staff is very nice and helpful

  97. Michele Lewis Boyd say:

    Great day
    Great staff.. Best time and experience as ALWAYS!!

  98. Kimberlee Nagy Bublik say:

    The toaster giveaway was ridiculous!!! To have people “in the way” of others all day long for $20 toaster was very tacky. Especially when you knew you had a few bus loads of people coming in. Having 2 cashiers in the cages to cash out was what brilliant management decision?? Not impressed and doubt I will be back.

  99. Odessa Amelia Smith say:

    The machines did seem awful tight yesterday we brought a whole bus load of people 50 ..i only know one person that came back with $150 more than they took everybody else lost it was like you couldn’t even get anything to play..we come twice a year by bus for the last 12 years. …we are all just kinda over it…our march trip might be elsewhere. ..we like the place..especially the mahogany. …machines are tough though. ..comps are weak…

  100. Rob Ebner say:

    Had to wait 20 minutes to cash chips out a joke Cleveland’s much better

  101. Sunshine Ray say:

    I only slept there so I didn’t experience everything to the casino. But the room was very nice, very clean. More comfortable then the average hotel bed. Staff was nice and helpful.

  102. Robert Holmes say:

    I believe in the great care I receive at mountaineer. As a senior with some health issues the handicapped buggies to the great food and great hotel. In proud to drive past Hollywood gaming to go to the people who care the jewel on the river mountaineer.

  103. Kaitlynn Jennifer Uphold say:

    We had a great time! Everyone was so friendly and the bartenders are amazing

  104. Kurt Eppendorfer Sr. say:

    The machines wee tight but so are a lot of casino’s , i was just there 12/7 and it was cold but they have smoking upstairs inside. The rooms at the hotel are fabulous and the workers are very polite and helpful. If you think every time you go you you will hit it rich think again. they fixed the place up very nice.

  105. Christy Khune say:

    Front desk could stand a lot of training. Waited over 5 minutes to even be acknowledged by 3 associates working the front desk. Finally, one woman said shed be with us in a minute. (Another 5 minute wait followed.) Gave my reservation information (FINALLY) and was quickly told to sign this form and that. (Standard procedure is what I was told.) Given a room key and # but really no direction as to what time checkout was, what time breakfast/brunch started, or a friendly “Oh, I see you are staying here with a few hundred other coworkers for a Christmas party….your banquet room will be this direction or that direction.” Ended up getting all the answers to those questions from coworkers who were also staying. Checkout staff was also not friendly. Nobody asked how my stay was. You would think they may want to know feedback, whether good or bad. Upside, the room was clean and there were plenty of pillows. The wait staff in the brunch buffet were friendly as were the girls in the cage who gave me my players card. Would take a bit more convincing that the entire staff cares about the quality of your stay. First impression said quite a bit.

  106. Jamie Phillips say:

    We have been trying to go and stay a little more here lately and chose to stay at the lodge so we could just step out on the little porch and smoke, that was about the only thing we gained. I will walk from the tower from now on I guess. Just because you have new rooms doesn’t mean the older ones you still rent out can’t be kept a little better. Still confused of why there is a massive office desk instead of a smaller one to make room for a little fridge and microwave. People do bring their children there and most children food needs warmed up. As for the lady at the front desk..Coming from a night audit as myself, You are rude. You are in the wrong area to be miserable with people.
    As for the men that helped with all my bags, got my truck, all the house keepers I got to talk to, and especially the lady in the gift shop, All Very Nice. We have scheduled a adult trip at the end of this month. Hoping it is a lot better than the last two stays or sadly I will stay at the Holiday Inn and just drive over if we choose to gamble.

  107. John Lane say:

    The hotel at mountaineer is great comfortable beds and the places to eat at all have great food 0lus you can have a great time just listening to a band or have fun playing slots and poker or whatever game they have you like it is definitely a great place to visit and stay at

  108. Jessica Barker say:

    I’m not a high gambler. But just wanted to comment and say I absolutely love the sports bar food and service

  109. Barb Okorn-Error say:

    We were at Mountaineer yesterday for just a change of pace. Yes, the smoking area is cold and blazing in the summer. But, they did not have to build it at all. Hancock County banned smoking in the casino, not Mountaineer. The problem that I have when we go is the machines are always moving around, and the 5 cent machines that I loved to play are gone. There is a large open area where the 5 cent machines use to be before the change in ownership. I did notice they put in several machines that are meant for high rollers (certainly not me).

  110. Jo Ann Nentwick Reynolds say:

    We love going to the Mountaineer Casino and hotel. We always have a group of 10-20 who meet us there for dinner, drinks, gambling.

    The Tower Hotel has such great rooms! Comfortable beds and pillows!

  111. Virginia Loy Saloka say:

    Oh, where to begin!! We have stayed at Mountaineer numerous times since they have opened. In the past year, we stayed there last December,July, October, and this week. This is the first time that I have had to stay in the lodge. It is terrible! I can’t believe that the lodge is not as nice as the tower. Our door to the bathroom (room 1090) was rusting away. The floor needed vacuumed. The towers have a fridge and the lodge does not. We travel 8 hours to get there and we need a fridge. HERE IS THE WORST PART OF OUR TRIP!! We came back to our room at 3pm and the only thing done was new towels. Trash was not taken out and the beds were half made up. At 3:30 pm, there was a knock on our door and the lady told us that our room was showing as checked out and dirty. She was very nice. We told her that we had a two night stay and had one more night. She told us that she would contact her supervisor. After 10 minutes, I called the front desk. When the rude lady proceeded to tell me that we had checked out a little after 8am. I told her that we had not, when she proceeded to tell me that somebody either came to the front desk or used the TV to checkout. I told her that that DID NOT happen. She informed me that since they were not full that she could accommodate us but if they were full that we would of had to leave. And then told me to be careful with the remote. I kept my cool. I went into the hall and found an employee and asked them to show me how to use the remote to checkout. They did not know how but assured me that it is a multiple step process and that I could not have accidentally have checked out. They apologized. I will only stay in the tower and I will no longer keep my cool when being accused of doing something that I did not do. I will ask to speak to management next time. I am so sad to see how poor customer service has become at Mountaineer! Please renovate the lodge and hire people with better people skills!

  112. Rachel Doyle say:

    This place keeps getting worse with each visit. Ridiculous. Took out all the good machines, moved the restaurant and the food is not as good. They shove smokers into a room where cold air is blasting you. I don’t know who’s in charge of this “makeover” but you are doing a lousy job!

  113. Shawn Lemasters say:

    Had a awesome time I go every weekend I just wish they would bring back the 25 cents 10 times machines they took them all out but all in all very nice casino

  114. Libby Chandler Tipton say:

    This was my first time at any casino and we went for New Years eve. It was relaxed but exciting!! Champagne at midnight with balloons dropping. Anyone we asked for help was amazing and entire place was kept very clean!! Thank you for making my first experience so fun!!

  115. Libby M Burns say:

    I had a great time ringing in the new year at mountaineer!! Machines were hitting ok and i had play time to stay a while after the balloon drop! I love this casino always have! I just never use my player card because they dont give enough free play! But that wont stop me from visiting this casino when i can!

  116. La Rain say:

    I love going to Mountaineer Casino, it always a good time and always the entertainment is excellent. The staff is always nice and considerate. Hopefully next time I will come home a winner! I would recommend this place , always a great time.

  117. Sherrie Bunting say:

    Had a very nice weekend for New years eve. Had a room in the tower which was great. The staff took very good care of us thank you all

  118. Terry Valentine Sr. say:

    It was a verry nice casino but i lost my ass didnt win nothing and belinda would not let me play 21 lol

  119. Dom Newtz say:

    Went down for the Buffet – It was Very Good – I noticed it wasn’t as big as it used to be but some times “Too Much” isn’t good – Food was tasty and prepared well – The price is reasonable. The servers were very polite and helpful – Had some drinks – Lost some money (machines very tight) lol – A nice evening

  120. Dustin Mathes say:

    First time there. First game I played spent 20 bucks won 250.00 on wheel of fortune… definitely gonna come back .

  121. Jeff Mattern say:

    They don’t give any free play besides the day you sign up . I don’t get any mail or promotion stuff from them. I go to north field casino and they give free play every time you go mountaineer is a joke

  122. Ronda Wagner say:

    This was the first time I was here and I will definitely go back. We had a blast and I like that they have so many different machines.

  123. Bertha Raley say:

    Went to the spa it was great. Rhonda did a wonderful job. Thank you. Also went to Big Al’s had good pizza. The gentleman that waited on us was very polite and also let us know that there was one piece of peanut butter brownie left that my daughter was eyeing. Bought the brownie home and it was delicious. Thank you for a very enjoyable time.

  124. Sandy Gilbert say:

    I have been going there for years, but not so much lately. Since the new owners took over it has gone down hill real fast. Took away most of my free play and my drink voucher. They rarely have the extra wins for more free play. They took EVERYTHING off my boyfriend. His free play and he never gets any of the promotional items. He went there on his birthday month and they wouldn’t even give him his birthday spin. He was so mad that he gave them his players card back and refuses to return.We both used to go a lot but they took our gold card and bumped us back, which was not fair because we earned that. Their machines vary seldom pay out unless your one of their High Rollers which is the only ones that ever get treated good. I have noticed that they don’t have much housekeeping anymore which means empty cups sitting around, dirty bathrooms and half the time the cups or ice is empty at the soda machines. Hollywood Gaming and The Meadows give way more in free play and better chances to win. Guess they know what it takes to get people there. Everytime I get a scratch off its always for $5.00, cost me more then that for the gas to get there. Same goes with the vouchers, if I’m lucky I will get $10.00. That place sure has gone down hill since the new owners took over. They are all about taking and very very little giving. Its no wonder it isn’t busy like it used to be. I can remember being there and having to wait to get on a machine. Not any more. And you used to always hear someone getting excited because they won big. NOT ANYMORE. We used to go Sunday for the over 50 buffet but they cut down on the food and charge a lot more for the dinner so we had to quit that as much as we used to enjoy it.

  125. Dorothy Ann Williams say:

    They need more for the children to do like a game room and movie theater. Once your done gambling only thing left to do is go to your room or go to the pool. They need an upgrade bad, haven’t been back. I think I rather stay in Cleveland casinos are better and updated.

  126. Sue Kostolich say:

    The only place open to eat was Big Al’s. The wait was ridiculous, so was the service. Slots were tight and outdated. Casino itself was pretty dirty. Getting our players cards for the first time, guest services weren’t very friendly..

  127. Vickie Kostolich Dolak say:

    Smoky, stinky and dirty. Drunks all over the place and the slot selection is horrible. Looks like they all came from the 80″s. The service at Big Al’s was terrible. I will never go back and will stay with the Rocksino!!!

  128. Gina Stewart-Purdy say:

    A million thanks to the honest person who turned my diamond/white gold bracelet on 1/21/17. There truly is good people still!!

  129. James Strait say:

    We had a real good time. The beer was high price but other than that it was good

  130. Tommy Costal say:

    Food was terrible Saturday night won’t eat at the bar restaurant again!

  131. Robert Dale Cumberledge Jr say:

    I just don’t understand when I’m playing slots at this place if I use my card and stick it in the slot machine I do not win nothing but when I take my card out I magically start winning something tells me those cards are fixed. I also noticed when I see high card holders stick their cards in the machine they win all kinds of damn money why can’t you give the people with the low playing cards more chances to win instead of the high rollers always winning stuff all the time.

  132. Ruth Pluck say:

    Was upset. Where the buffet go used to be nice. U guys need go Rivers. Or. Rocksino. You are losing it. Food wasn’t great. Cold nasty looking. Not fit for price. Waitress slamming down your drinks. Like it was to much ask for refill. Really. Won’t be coming back go other nicer places. Also machines so tight don’t even give any free play you making up for new year. Mountaineer No More. Take my $$$$$$ more nicer places.

  133. Shirley Collins-Asher say:

    I go there every year for my Birthday, so I will be coming to see you this weekend!! YEA!!!!! Sometimes I get to come more. MY FAVORITE CASINO!!!! Went to Mi. a few times years ago,but I never win enough to keep myself in. Soooo get use to me there at MOUNTAINEER!! This is the ONLY CASINO I LOVE to go to. I don’t get your perk cards through the mail anymore and I don’t know why??? OHIO to W.V. here we come!!!

  134. Dan Kostecki say:

    Mountaineer has started to earn a little bit of our “trust” back after the last few visits. Seems like we’ve been hitting better there lately so, hopefully, Mountaineer can become our “go to” casino again.

  135. Ann Marie Savnik Galbraith say:

    We went down with our family .buffet prices are crazy and less to choose from . Machines are hard to win on unless your s high roller. Took my husband for a birthday spin you have to be invited to do this oh if your a high Roller this isn’t right you need to work on these things if you want people to come there

  136. Joseph Lorenzo say:

    I don’t understand how the free play works .I have stayed there 5 nights in the last month and am now a gold tier member, but my free play hasn’t went up.I know of people that only go a couple times a year and receive more in free play than I do! What’s that about?

  137. David Watson say:

    Going down big time.. Poor staff.. Took away all my Free play and free hotel stays except 5.00 dollars. And I have been going there for almost 20 years. The machines take my money way to fast also. Its not a fun and friendly environment anymore for me to travel 2 hours to get to…

  138. Aimee Centofanti-Smith say:

    So I really do have a love/hate relationship with you. I love coming down, the comp room and generally a night out. I hate that I spend a ton of money on the slots and barely win. It really does appear only the high rollers hit anything worth getting excited about. Progressively over the past few months it’s been a take, take, take relationship and I’m not the one taking�. If things don’t change soon I most likely will not be back. Sad but true, I’m tired of nothing but moths coming out of my wallet.

  139. Missy Mitchell say:

    We have been here since Monday yes we survived the Awakening by the 2 fire alarms. Had good customer service from management and will be back to spend another anniversary. We have been coming here for years this being our 20th anniversary things happen. Life isn’t perfect so make the best out of it. Thank you for a great room we loved it!

  140. Clifford Oliver say:

    my family & i have been coming to mountaineer for years my parents just had a 60th wedding anniversary they spent there not 1 bonus..over the last year they have let the good employees go [ layoff ] joke i know you make enough from all the players to keep good employees. and mountianeer should really loosen their machines until such time i wont be back

  141. Shirley Jean Creighton say:

    My husband and I drive an hour and a half to come to the resort I had free rooms on Friday nights so we would stay every Friday night so we didn’t have to drive home after he had been working all day but since we use the free room every Friday night we got it taken away from us not to mention I had $20 free play and then I get moved up to a gold card and then they knock my free play back down to $10 I do not understand it’s like if you come and use your free rooms then you get punished they take it from you

  142. Kathy Mcgraw-Newlun say:

    To my surprise the seafood buffet was pretty good.

  143. Michele Tolson say:

    How much $$$ do you actually have to take to be able to be there longer than 20 minutes..iam tired of donating…we dont expect to become rich but come on…slots SUCK!!!…WONT be back!!

  144. Leona Helsel Brown say:

    Had fun wished the room was cheaper and would have liked to win more but I did win. 40″ tv !

  145. Joyce Norton say:

    Stayed in the lodge. Pretty nice in the remodeling of rooms. But the machines were very tight!!!!!!!! Not fun at all.

  146. Tonya Stevens say:

    Very disappointed with Mountaineer after my most recent trip. They removed a major favorite of mine and definitely others as well, Wizard of Oz Big Event. This was the main reason why I pick Mountaineer over the many other casinos.

  147. Rebecca Daugherty say:

    It’s so big! Worth the drive and worth the loss

  148. Shayne Smith say:

    No decent promos in the poker room…..unfriendly dealers and shady rules at the Blackjack tables. I will never return to your casino. This was hands down the worst gaming experience I’ve ever had.

  149. Emily Summers say:

    The hotel room was very nice! Super clean and staff was friendly.

  150. Marissa Pia Kliem say:

    Getting really Disgusted with this place. Not real sure if I will come back, .

  151. Richard Rivera say:

    It was a very nice place & I had alot of fun while there. Will revisit soon.

  152. Joe Borosky say:

    I’ve been coming to your Casino since 1998 and over the last 10 years I have watched nothing but this casino decline today I sat at a blackjack table for a good 45 minutes before one of the floor came over and enter my card. Now there was only one pit open and four floor people working and they couldn’t come over and greet three new players that came to the table because they were too busy talking and playing on your phone maybe the decline in your business is because your management team does even have the courtesy to come over and acknowledge a new player at the table. I used to enjoy playing at your casino but it’s gotten to the point where all of your employees just look miserable being there. It’s not a very customer-oriented atmosphere and we seem to be an inconvenience to them this is why I go to the Jack or the rivers now and rarely come here it’s sad to see what this casino has become.

  153. Bono Hicks say:

    The place really sucks 1st time there an the last!!!!

  154. Nicole Ady Byers say:

    The service in the casino was terrible. We tried to eat at the sports bar and it took forever to get service. We sat at a dirty table waiting for drinks while a table seated after us ordered and got their food. When our food came, my order was wrong and I had lost my appetite after watching a long reddish-brown bug with many legs and pinchers crawl across the table before I squished it with my napkin. Several people wearing name tags were enjoying cigarettes on the patio while our waitress floundered and complained of it only being her 4th day. The coat check people were nice, and the bathrooms were clean. The smoking Pavillion needs better ventilation.

  155. Sandy Freeman say:

    I love coming to spend the night there in the Hotel ! What a treat ! The buffet was so Wonderful Sunday night for dinner, that we came back for Monday late lunch !
    The only disappointment is the machines !
    They wouldn’t let me win anything !

  156. Elaine Baburek say:

    No payouts at slot machines

    Terrible no way to ]lay when you lose your money in an hour

  157. Kevin Domczak say:

    My PIN number has to be reset every time I go. Very frustrating. I did win on my free play though. The slot attendants are very slow

  158. Kelly Vallus-Mesaros say:

    OK…First of all, PAID (not comped) for a room that was obviously not cleaned entirely…There was urine on the toilet that was visible when the lid was up…We stayed for my mother and sister’s birthday…Girls night out…Seeing the urine on the toilet was disgusting!!! That told us that the cleaning of the bathroom never happened…We were in the casino until 3:30 am and thankfully used the restrooms in the casino…Very inconvenient to not be able to use our bathroom in our room…It was 3:30am and we just wanted to get a few hours rest so I waited to tell the front desk at check-out…The front desk instead of being appalled, basically told me I should have called the front desk…AT 3:30 am WE JUST WANTED TO SLEEP…Not call for housecleaning!!! Not sympathetic at all!!! No fields in the pool area…Had to drip dry—ugh! Secondly, it was 11:10am and we packed the car only to be locked out of the hotel…Deactivated our key— really…10 minutes??? I had to walk outside all around the hotel in order to get inside to hand in my DEACTIVATED room key!!!!! And finally…Your machines are so tight it’s ridiculous…At least let us play for awhile on our money…Not just suck it out of us! Majority of us are NOT high rollers! We won’t be back! I’ll go to Austintown OHIO to gamble…It’s only 15 minutes from home! Thanks for NOTHING! My family is then only thing that made this a nice time!!!

  159. David Kimenski say:

    Everything was excellent.The food was great our room was 5 stars, and we won a lot of money!

  160. Brandi Myers say:

    I enjoyed my stay here, very peaceful and some me time. I’m hoping to go back again soon!!!

  161. La Gitana say:

    Went in for the brunch and it was much to be desired.
    The orange juice was watery. The pie was instant Comercial garbage, chocolate pie you can tell it was a mix of pudding and jello. The cherry cheesecake I spit back tasted like no flavored custard and you can tell it was some instant crap also, Not made. And what’s up with the whip cream? I never had anything considered as fake whip creamed, cuz that’s what it seemed as. 2 stars was the sausages those were good. But spending $46 for 3 on just a couple of sausages is not feasible.
    I’m really disappointed on how quality of food went down. When the gatsby was separated it was good…what are you guys doing? Cut backs are cut backs but never mess with the quality of food, especially when you are charging that much. Hope Ramsey or any other celebrity chef doesn’t show up….he would have stopped at the juice.

  162. LaKeysha Niccole say:

    I wish they had more hotel rooms… I hate leaving the premises. Very inconvenient. Every time we call to get a room, you got to be on a waiting list. Build more rooms, then you’ll get more players. Also more black jack tables would be awesome. Other than that. I like the casino.

  163. Heather Nathan say:

    I am a long standing customer. I have the highest tier available and spend thousands there a year. I don’t expect to win when I go, (I mean I know it’s gambling), but go for the fun of it. I used to get vouchers for my serious spending there- such as spa credit, gift shop credit, concert tix, and dining credit in the mail. No more, even though I still spend THOUSANDS. I don’t expect to win, but when you take away rewards in exchange for my money, you’ve lost a long time customer. It’s insulting. You also only award free play 1x/week, instead of 2x/week now. And your “secret scratch off card” to try to get people in is beyond insulting…. who wants to come in just to find out, when I arrive, that I get some lame $5 in free play. We know the reason why we can’t scratch off until we arrive because we wouldn’t come if we knew how low it would be…Horrible marketing. This is not how you treat paying customers and get us in. I have noticed clientele has dropped significantly over the past two years. It’s dead compared to just a few yrs ago, especially on weekdays. I can guarantee these are some reasons why. I will now lose my money elsewhere! I kept trying this past year to give it more chances, but no more. I will never be back here again.

  164. Tim Thompson say:

    Great service from start to finish. Great adult entertainment.

  165. Stanton Long say:

    I win more at the mini’s in Weirton- the staff was not the friendliest, and the overall cleanliness is not there as much as before– I go once a year, and that’s enough for me–

  166. Paula Wilson-Miller say:

    Great time, food, fun and awesome entertainment — Highly recommend

  167. Eric Dial say:

    It was my first time there yesterday. I lost few of my $ but I won some big right back up. Feel like Las Vegas Casino. I liked it there. I would definitely go there again.

  168. Ashley Carmichael say:

    The room was great . The buffet was over priced and the food was not good ! I was pleased with the stay but the game floor is a little overrated . Also I looked forward to using the pool but was overwhelmed by the amount of kids and teenagers in there.definately going to check into other casinos after our stay .

  169. Lynn Althouse say:

    My husband and I were celebrating his birthday this past weekend. I tried to get balloons put in the room… No one returned my messages. We had dinner and gambled losing of course. Went to the room 2am ish, he went to bed I washed up and went myself the bed was soaked!!! What !!!!! Moved rooms @[544131449018474:3AM]. After showering went to sleep…Finally. of course we told front desk on the way out…We were asked how the bed got wet??? Pictures were taken by staff I wish I knew what we laid in���� some of the bill was taken off. But really ????????

  170. Denise Wilson Novak say:

    Was just there on March 19, stayed over, love coming to this place, BUT when we got there we went to big als to get a snack like a soft pretzel, they had none, they said they were out of everything, and this was already 1:00 in the afternoon, so later that evening we stopped there to get brownies, there was a line only 2 people working, there should be 3 people working, they were handling the food and cashing u out, u should have 2 serving and 1 on register, other than that had a wonderful evening out.

  171. Bruce Zuchowski say:

    Seafood buffet was Really Good! Had a Great Birthday!!

  172. Leslie Albanese say:

    I love coming here!!! Even when it’s extremely crowded, there are still plenty of machines to play on. The bathrooms are always clean and never without toiletries.

  173. Terry Colbert Noll say:

    My husband & I are 1st timers at Mountaineer. The room was very nice. At first, both of us were not winning at the table games or slots but suddenly both of us went on a winning streak. All of the staff were very pleasant & helpful. We look forward to going there again.

  174. Carol Pappas Yacyshyn say:

    My husband and I used to come to Mountaineer fairly often because there was no gambling in the Cleveland area. Because my husband was handicapped, we would get a room in the Grand Hotel and stay the night.
    Recently, my sister told me that she and her husband were going to Mountaineer for her birthday. I invited myself along and we booked two rooms in the Grand Hotel. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was there is longer smoking in the casino. I was really happy about this as the smoke used to hit you in the face as soon as you walked in the lobby.
    We arrived at 7 p.m., had dinner
    at the buffet, and gambled until 4 in the morning. The machines were hitting all night! I didn’t win large amounts of money, however, I was able to break even. That made me happy! I don’t go to casinos to get rich.
    My room was clean and spacious.
    The next morning, we had breakfast and gambled some more. My sister and I both had a great time and will definitely return. Thank you for your hospitality!

  175. Cheryl Ann Taylor Lagana say:

    DEF NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE! Even tower rooms look run down. Was first given lodge room but was ants crawling everywhere. Gaming def tight. And WHO thought those fake wood floors looked good?? cheap! xs 1000. Mahogany bar was nice!

  176. Brad Fields say:

    Drove almost 4 hours to visit this great atmosphere, had a great time!! Hope to come back and see Aaron Lewis on April 29th

  177. Jackie-Sissy Swift say:

    Did not have fun at all it took $400 in about an hour and a half didn’t mind losing the money but it would been nice to win a little bit

  178. Mark Devane say:

    Great payouts nice newer machines l! Nice atmosphere friendly people our waitress was super nice , from 8 years ago when it was a shit hole it blows Hardrock in Twinsburg out of the water , and wheeling island doesn’t hold a flame to this place ! I love Mountaineer!

  179. Jessie Smith say:

    Need more money would love to stay there and have some freeplay

  180. Steven Daniel say:

    I saw a nasty manager in the mahogany arguing loudly with customers who had a complaint regarding their wait time for food. He made everyone around that table uncomfortable. He was very defensive and rude towards the patrons. I was in visiting the area for a wedding and I’ll tell you, our casinos in the west are not that hillbilly mentality, they are quite professional. It was the joke the plane ride home.

  181. Ozzie Oscar say:

    Done. I have been going regularly since 1985. I have never complained over the years when there were bugs in my room or how they cut back on free play and promotions or how the pool wasn’t kept up like it use to be but I’m complaining now. Dave, the hostess, yes, hostess, at the buffet has issues and I’m not going to be the brunt on his problems and issues. Instead, I will not return. I am not spending thousands someplace to be treated like crap ! He was so childish he actually got a little group together and was pointing at us. We suspect telling them not to wait on us. We had to wait 15 minutes to be approached for drinks. Needless to say with him glaring and talking about us, we decided to leave. I will spend my money where people are kind. Actually I went to Hollywood in Youngstown last night ( I usually always went to mp on Mondays and Friday’s) and it was nice. We enjoyed ourselves. Until that man is gone, we won’t be back and by that time we may learn to like a new place. There are many out there.
    Shame on management for allowing his behavior. That night we heard many horror stories about him from when he was in other areas of the casino. I guess he’s been acting this way for years but no one seems to care. No wonder your numbers are down 36% from last quarter ! They will continue to take a dive until someone wakes up and realizes he chasing people out of there !

  182. Leluna Altarga say:

    Dishonest. Multiple billboards advertising the “thrifty Thursday” dinner buffet, including on their website under the price section. After we’re halfway through our meal, the waitress brings the receipt. We asked, she stated they stopped it last month. Not too big of a deal it was only a $3 difference per person. But can’t say I agree with the false advertising. Also there was a bird in the dining area walking/flying. The woman at the front desk said it’s been inside for about four months and comes out at night. Not sure how this is sanitary, can’t say anyone was very friendly other than some of the kitchen staff. Rivers in Pittsburgh is the same distance, they offer more free play/promotions and a buffet Twice the size for the same price. Save your time and skip this “casino”

  183. Aubryanne Joy say:

    Just saw the post in the rating before mine..that person is correct. I know who she’s talking about. It’s that bald little mean face man. He’s something else. We’ve seen in in action as well. He doesn’t belong on the floor with guests who pay his wages. He needs fired or back washing dishes

  184. Rachael Rimel say:

    Just spent the weekend here. We played some slots, ate at the buffet and enjoyed a few spa treatments. It was great not having to leave the grounds for anything! I wish there were better promotions going on for new players or a higher free play but all in all we had a great time.

  185. Angela Ridgeway say:

    my Husband and I usually go pretty often,we went this weekend we got there around 7pm to stay overnight so we checked in for a free room an thank you but when we returned to our room at 130/2am we had no hot water we couldn’t take a shower so we called they said someone should’ve told us i said so there is no hot water anywhere they said no I’ve never heard of a Business doing this in a running hotel i always get the late check out this time up at 7 on our way home by8/9am nothing like a Hot bath to relax in after a long day just was unhappy with the commnacation didn’t get to gamble the next day an the next morning the pressure was so low idk if it was fixed when we left .we like coming here because it’s a nice get a way but we also like to be clean

  186. Robin Allmon-Leach say:

    I have been going to Mountaineer back when it was Waterford. I enjoy the complimentary hotel stay. I work 3 jobs and when I can ever get a day off to enjoy an overnight stay away from home, Mountaineer is the place. Last year I chose Mountaineer to celebrate my 60th birthday with my family and friends. I had a great time!!!!!

  187. Marlene Burkhalter say:

    We had the best time ever. We were at the smoking area and the dealers blackjack in between this am was truly amazing and fun. We were at the $10.00 table. �

  188. Shelley McConnell say:

    Atmosphere is important in any entertainment venue, and Mountaineer’s is lousy. The hotel lobby is quite nice, but the casino itself is dead and depressing. And who chose the music last Sunday afternoon/evening??!! (April 9th). HORRIBLE. WHO in that clientele did they think listens to rap, alternative rock, and whatever else that awful noise was? I went to my room to get away from it. Not exactly what you want patrons to do.

  189. Charles Dennison say:

    Had a great time!!! much needed vacation special thanks to my future brother and sisters in-laws Brandi Dulworth & Derek Mc Cann

  190. Cullen Roland Rogers Jr. say:

    I need table free play I would come more often and free buffets.

  191. Ryan Lazear say:

    I brought my brother and father to the Lent seafood buffet and wow! We cannot wait for next year. We have ate crab legs all over the east coat and nothing compared to the size of the crab legs they served at Mountaineer. They were perfectly cooked as well. We can’t wait to come back next year!

  192. Ryan Wilson say:

    I won..So it’s a good review..If I lost might have been a bad review

  193. Curtis Bishop say:

    We had great time, didn’t win big, but it was fun!!

  194. Marianne Bishop say:

    Spent my 11 wedding anniversary here. My husband had never been to a casino before. Great first time and we will be back.

  195. Kim Lamas say:

    Luis M. Quinones this useless piece of shit please someone let the horses fuck him all over asshole

  196. Joseph Domagala say:

    Awesome getaway not far from Pittsburgh. Only local non-smoking casino and hotel!! Major plus!! They’ve been cutting down on slots within the last year plus, but still a nice selection. Plenty of food options, and a nice indoor and outdoor pool on property.

  197. Linda Ventresco say:

    Always a great time! This time by so lucky but you can’t win all the time!Be back next month!

  198. Dianna Eakins Pagano say:

    Was very friendly and helpful staff! Beds were very comfy. My trip was very relaxing other than losing my money! Lol !! THANK you!

  199. Sylvia Modglin Tucker say:

    It is almost impossible to win with the way the slot machines are set up and for some reason I truly believe the casino atmosphere is prerecorded to make the guests in the casino think there actually are big winners every hour or so.The thing is we never saw even one winner the whole time we were there and we listened to a lot of unhappy guests .We stayed overnight and like everyone else we lost our money.

  200. Theresa Locke say:

    I enjoyed the last concert Oakridge Boys but the Casino was not like it used to be my free play was useless and the buffet closes before we get a chance to eat after the concert the Harv needs more concerts and I miss getting buy one ticket get one free offers in my mail I love country music and would love to see more of the older groups like Travis Tritt Trace Adkins from the 80’s and 90’s also I’m not coming down to waste my hard earn money if kids are in the pool and all on our hotel room was gambling channels and we couldn’t get breakfast

  201. Megan Marie say:

    I have to say this is the best place I have ever been employed at I feel right at home with my fellow employees and happy to say as an employee my employers are very caring and awesome to work for I really look forward to going to work everyday and in the past with other employers not so much so I’m giving a huge shout out to the mountaineer race track for hiring me into there family !

  202. Nikki Spencer say:

    Was there for the Aaron Lewis concert. This was my 2nd time at mountaineer. We ate at the steak house witch has wonderful food and then after the concert we went into the casino. I played blackjack for the 1st time and had such a great time. The dealers were great and kinda explained the game to me a little more. Will be back and possible stay next time

  203. Jeanine Ann say:

    The Buffett was so much smaller ….but the food quality was ? better!!! And we won a little bit of money too!

  204. Valorie Myler say:

    it would be nice if your rent a cops weren’t lying assholes!

  205. Brittney McIntosh say:

    Got a full pizza for carryout from Big Al’s, got home and the dough was uncooked. Disgusting. Paid $20+ for a pizza that went straight to the trash.

  206. Stacey Aldridge say:

    We have seen a decline in service over the last couple of years. We have been coming here for 17 years and used to love it here, but the staff has gotten less and less friendly. Simple kindness goes a long way.

  207. Jerry Eck say:

    So so, not real plush and some table games only have one table and only open at certain times. Makes it very hard to play some of these games.

  208. Rockwell Good say:

    Mountaineer is a whole lot better than downtown Cleveland because it pays better and you don’t have all the beggers out there

  209. Jay Lee say:

    We have been going to this casino for a year now and have spent over 50,000 and they took away rewards and comps. They opened up a blackjack table where we played until 10:30 am and went to sleep. We woke up to 4 guys that busted in the door and we’re staring at me naked and refused to get out because we were an hour late checking out when we had another. Night. They treated us like trash and we will never return!! They’re lucky we don’t press charges on them. They’re security is perverted and after they busted in the dead bold lock thing I told them to leave as I was standing there not dressed and they proceeded to tell me that they had to fix the lock they just busted to get in. I will be calling corporate!! Don’t go there because you never win anything or even break even. You can spend 50k and get treated like trash!

  210. Dan Walker say:

    The food at LBV that I ordered was terrible and for the price I couldn’t believe they would serve such an awful dish.

  211. Paula Colaner say:

    Machines are tight, Buffet isn’t what it used to be and the smoking section was filthy and hot…just wasn’t impressed. Used to be a nice place and machines at least let you play awhile…felt like I just fed them money.

  212. Jill Zerby say:

    My husband’s bowling league had their banquet here last night. It was our first time here and we had a blast! The buffet at the banquet was fantastic! The entertainment (Pamela K Ward and The Last Call Orchestra) that evening at Lucky’s bar was amazing! We did a bit of gambling and broke even, but we had a blast doing it. The Sunday brunch was equally as good as the buffet dinner the night before. The hotel itself is beautiful and welcoming and all the staff we encountered were wonderful. We will definitely be coming back in the future for a weekend getaway.

  213. Linda Bader say:

    I felt the slots were higher than Hollywood’s. I accidentally played over $6 on one pull not knowing it. So had to be 25 cents. hmmmm Buffet wasn’t bad, but again I’m comparing it to Hollywood. It was ok, but they still had breakfast food out at 1:00. More than likely not go back and stick with Hollywood in Columbus.

  214. Matthew Carothers say:

    Way over rated . I haven’t won here in over a year . 4.50 charge for using debit card is a bit high also . Go to Rivers if you want a chance to win .

  215. Jamie Knapp say:

    My favorite casino. Laid back. Lots of tables. Friendly dealers who help u if u have questions. Free pop and coffee always. Now I just need to hit a jackpot lol

  216. Tom Lewis say:

    First time there. Had alot of fun. I like the new member rewards, and the fact that the smokers pavilion has it’s own gambling area.

  217. John Swartz say:

    We’ve been coming here for years. Received the June mailer today & the free rooms have been taken away! Very disappointed! Guess what that means? I’ll be using the free rooms I ALWAYS receive from other casinos I frequent! My wife & I spend much more than the amount of the room! Mountaineer, reading other posts, you’re cheapness is costing you customers!

  218. LaTonya Walker say:

    Had a great time I’ll be back soon! I enjoyed the swimming pool the weather was perfect and I love the card game thanks Mountaineer!

  219. Mike Martin say:

    Had a good time there. Had fun on the craps table and Spanish 21. Dealers were friendly and knowledgeable.

  220. Lori Allerton say:

    Had a good time even though we lost. Buffet servers and bussers were unfriendly but food was decent.We got a grunt out of then one fellow wiping down our table who seemed irritated for sum reason but we blew it

  221. Brian Carver say:

    Came down on a Saturday night to spend the night an watch that horse racing, only to find out they don’t race any more on Saturday. For some reason they don’t mail me their calendar of events anymore so I didn’t know there was no racing. I won’t be back.??

  222. William Forsythe say:

    The rooms are very nice, the dealers friendly, the food is good and reasonably priced.

  223. Sherri Battle-Fleming say:

    Stayed last night in a tower room. Well appointed, lacked for nothing, and the bed is heavenly. Always very clean. Usually when I come down from Akron Area, I make a fairly big (for me), donation. I don’t come expecting to win but hope so, anyways. Last night I got lucky at a blackjack table, a roulette table, and one slot machine. I pocketed my winnings and went to bed. I know at some point I will be back, and Mountaineer will win it back from me. If you are going for the Vegas style, then why not offer better perks, such as of meals or drinks? Anything to keep people coming back. Oh, I love Gatsby’s, but tried Big Al’s for a bite to eat. Poorly run. It was NOT busy, but staff seemed like they had no clue what they were doing. My food was just OK, heard other patrons complaining about their food. All in all, Mountaineer is my favorite of all the casinos. I hate the Jack, Hard Rock Rocksino does not have table games, nor does Hollywood. I am partial to cards, but will play a slot now and then. I will be back if I’m invited with what seems to be the only perk you have: the free Sunday thru Friday rooms and match play .

  224. Kimberly Young MacPhail say:

    Love it here. Very easy to get to, free parking and plenty of machines . Also love that the Fieata outlet is nearby!

  225. Rob Stillwagon say:

    3 or 4 times a year a group of us get together and eat at the Gatsby then go bet horses and play the slots between races. Took the slots out last year on the track side. This year go to Gatsby huge sign $18.99 was bummed that it went up from I thought $15.99 from the previous year. Come to find out that was only with a rewards card. We got charged $23.99 each. All but two didn’t bring our reward cards with us since we are mostly there for the horses and wouldn’t really earn much.. then the really disappointing part was the race track is closed on Saturday nights now.. it was a complete waste…

  226. Tammi Lynn say:

    We enjoyed our stay; the tower room was immaculate, and it was nice not being around cigarette smoke. The machines hit all night long and dinner at the buffet was delicious. We grabbed a late night snack at Al’s next to the buffet and it was good also. The staff were very friendly in the evening but the people who work dayshift there could use a little chocolate, especially the waitstaff in the buffet. We plan on going back, but will skip the buffet for lunch because the menu is the same as dinner.

  227. Bruce Russell say:

    Best steak house in the tristate area.Also they have great pasta dishes,and really tasty salads !

  228. Cristy Fox say:

    It’s been approx 6yrs since I’ve been. They did not have the craps table yet. I’m very happy they have those tables. However, I did notice many of the employees are NOT happy. Many complained at the tables and ones just walking around about how badly they are being treated. I also could not believe there wasn’t a chip-counter on the roulette table. I was totally amazed how CHEAP the owners are being. It was stayed to rent the counter it cost $500 a month. Really? You make that on the table, sometimes in one spin of the ball. That not being there is causing a major delay on playing the next spin. Management/owners need to re-evaluate that and giving their employees more moral boosters. You can tell they work hard. Don’t know if I will return, especially since more and more casinos are opening in the Ohio/West Virginia area.

  229. Kim Thornton say:

    Would be nice to win as much as you loose it is good

  230. Tessa Bing Miller say:

    We had my daughter’s bachelorette party there last night and had a great time. We enjoyed the slots, our room was immaculate and the live band was amazing. My daughter said it’s the best time she’s had in years. I try to make it to mountaineer at least once a year but it was my daughter and her friends first time there. I’m sure they will be back

  231. Isabella Gamble say:

    The hotel room we stayed in had/has bed bugs it was real fun getting bit hope you enjoy your stay if I could rate zero star I would fr they don’t what to do any thing about it there was two girl in the room for age 10-12 then two adults one was pregnant you guys fr don’t what to do any thing about it and ps we stayed in room 2029

  232. Sherry Halm say:

    This was the first time my husband and I visited this casino. The staff was friendly. We ate at the buffet, the selection was slim, but the food was good. We are smokers. The smoking pavilion was humid and hot. It was an outside patio with a huge fan

  233. Donna Kocsis Miklowski say:

    My sister’s and I went over night thanks to a comped room!! We do this every year, always have a great time although machines were pretty tight this time.
    We are smokers and big keno players the smoking area was nice but NO KENO!!!!
    Next year we will bring sweatshirts because we were FREEZING.
    Very quick on bringing us a blow dryer when we called and said ours was broke
    Best coffee ever at the FREE coffee and pop stations.
    Macho nachos from BIG ALS and the roast beef sandwich and soft pretzel was DELISH
    THANKS MOUNTAINEER for another great sisters days!!!
    And the bartenders were all friendly!!!

  234. Amanda Zilko-Obusek say:

    Great buffet seafood was great and staff my kids and my family enjoyed it we will be back…

  235. Lisa Manning Blotnick say:

    Went to Mountaineer as part of our anniversary weekend. Booked a room in the Lodge. Disgusting!! The rooms were dirty, the bedding was damp, I was completely skeeved. Left and do not plan to return. Presque Isle is a much nicer casino with a nicer racetrack, and the hotel options superior. I’m halfway between the two casinos. I won’t be back to Mountaineer. The woman at the front desk was less than hospitable… completely dissatisfied.

  236. JoAnn Jordan Marazsky say:

    It is always my happy place where everyone knows your name . Entire staff makes you feel welcome and treats you like family .. I say thank you to each and everyone that works there.

  237. Sue Weyand Rabovsky say:

    Stayed in room 4007 last night. The air conditioner was so loud. My husband and I lost a good amount of money so we checked out a day early. I’m sure we will be back.

  238. Cynthia Mcelwain say:

    Our favorite place too eat swim an spend the day.

  239. Bernie Gambogi say:

    Had a great time…lots to do! Can’t wait to come again!

  240. D.j. Davis say:

    We love it small vacation for us come every chance I get love the hot tub

  241. Kate Zombeck say:

    Had a great time this past weekend. Great getaway for a few nights The spa was great, employees were extremely nice and the steakhouse serves great food and good wine!

  242. David Book say:

    It’s a rip off no pay outs and they don’t want to give anything back

  243. Tony Koulianos say:

    I had a great time much needed ! Plus won a lil extra money…������

  244. Mary Mcgraw say:

    Good food and good times. Was a beautiful place . Staff was very courteous.

  245. Sue Arena say:

    Enjoy going with my husband, usually play the quarter wheel of Fortune slots but they have been replaced with dollar or 5 dollar wheel of Fortune. Probably won’t go back

  246. Bob Moore say:

    We were there Saturday don’t like canned beer bad service at the one bar in the middle the guy seemed like he just did not even want to be there wasn’t friendly whatsoever we made a little money we were very happy it was a fun time for two hours for my wife for me and yes we will come back

  247. Jennifer Harris say:

    I held my students Banquet here at the Mountaineer 2 times in previous years. We decided to try a new venue last year and was so disappointed. So this year we had it at the Mountaineer again and it was as amazing as we expected. They jumped to help with anything they can, they stuck to schedule and bend the schedule when I needed. The food was completely amazing!!! I can not say enough how amazing our experience was renting the banquet hall. Thank you Mountaineer for a memorable night!!! We will be back next year!!!

  248. Toni James say:

    I am very impressed with the staff at the banquet hall they were friendly and helpful. They were invisible at all the appropriate times and were on top of everything else. It was wonderful.

  249. Ernest F. Vigil say:

    Havent been there for while vut glad we showed up Friday..We both won and had fun..the BUFFET was very good and senior price was rite�

  250. Mary Lou Nails say:

    The casino its self is not very nice. There is no atmosphere, it is dark and dingy. I have been going there for years but I think my last stay this past weekend will be my last ever. The machines are so tight. No payoffs no payback. For the first time in SO long, I actually won a LITTLE bit. The indoor pool is a mess. Dirty, smells, pool water had a scum of sorts, the floors are nasty and there is so must rust on the door frames it is u healthy. The tower room had an odor so bad that my clean clothes I brought home had to be laundered. Plus, as many years that I have been going there, they give me 5$ free play!!The buffet was awful and the workers at Big Al’s have really bad attitudes!!!

  251. Andy Rosbough say:

    Close up Big All’s terrible service and the food was liking eating in truck stop.The coffee shop.that they had upstairs was excellent. Everything else was great.

  252. Sandra Wright say:

    My family and I were here the weekend of the WV Derby and we could not have been more pleased with all our experiences! We ate dinner at The Gatsby Restaurant and Buffet on Saturday, food was excellent and our waitress Kelsey was great! All the ladies were quite busy, but she was still kind enough to take the time and answer all our questions about the restaurant and casino (it was our first time) our drinks never went empty and we felt very much at home. She was even kind enough to go up to the dessert bar for my elderly mother and get her the pie she wanted. We couldn’t thank her enough! We ate at the lovely steak house on Sunday where our food and service was also excellent. Stefan was our waiter, he greeted us right away and he was very friendly and answered all our menu questions. He also made us feel very welcome, thank you to him also. All the people at Big Als were very nice as well and we even won some money! We live quite a good bit away from your casino, so not sure as to when we will be there again, but we will be back and we will recommend you to our friends. Thank you for our wonderful trip!!

  253. Patrick T Hannan Sr. say:

    It was great me an wife sat in lawn enjoyed every race then dinner and stayed in honeymoon suite at hotel I help build yee haw

  254. Travis Hoffman say:

    Last time I was there they had my TITANIC movie slot machine. Going next month hope they still have it and other wonka and wizard of oz machines!

  255. Dean Sandy DeWitt say:

    Love the rooms and atmosphere! Wonderful place! Staff is very nice!

  256. Chris Samsa-Carnahan say:

    The good in the Mahogany Bar was tasteless. Hit chips were cooked so hard that my husband could not eat the. Wings were overpriced. 8 for $10. Asked for dry ranch instead of “wet”,and was brought a cup of dry ranch seasoning to make my own. Apparently they feel the ranch is too “salty”. Would have had a tastier meal getting the chicken tenders at Vickars. Seasoned fries trackside were very good.

  257. Jo Jo Gelonese say:

    I am happy with the last visit to Mountaineer Racetrack And Casino. A fantastic day and everybody was so nice. I will be back. Thank you for the fun yesterday.
    Jo Ellen

  258. Nina Longwell say:

    Very nice clean room , great room rate , great it is non smoking with a separate area for smokers. The track was deserted at game time. Lots of empty space for games , not many newer games and none of the game seats that are at other casinos but I had fun.

  259. Hope Burns say:

    I went to this place every month to get away, have some fun and enjoy all my “perks” (free room and a build up on free play, etc) now perks sucks and they are taking away all the fun games. .25 cent wheel of fortune ? And a couple other ones. I still had a good time but not being able to drink because I have to drive a hour back home. Totally sucks!! That’s part of the fun!! But not the same anymore. Not sure if I will go back. Just get perks with local casinos.

  260. Doug Aaron say:

    I was attending and participating in the Steel Valley (MECA) SPL Car Audio competition. The enviornment and grounds are nice. I did not visit inside the casino. This is why I only gave 3 stars.

  261. Lucille Redman say:

    When I go down to mountaineer in the smoking area there one person that save all the machine. For there friends (and no money in it or they put a dollars in it and come in a half hours later) them go in back of stinky Rich ( by the way that the machine) and then on the other machine they put a hat on the seat and the man never came around for a hour. So on Saturday you cant go down cause you have a man standing around the keeper of the machine. That just pathetic . You (mountaineer)(should have people walk around . So then stinky rich came open after 2 hours waiting then the man told this other man hear a machine open and it was his friend so guess what there other casino something should be done

  262. Linda Metz Knauff say:

    I like going there although a farther drive then Hollywood in Austintown. I like the layout and games . I agree with others as far as free play but all casinos cut back I think!!!

  263. Norma Higgins say:

    Beautiful room in the tower. Casino was okay. Slots were tight. Tables were okay but I didn’t win so I’m not happy� The workers seemed to be not happy with their job but who am I to say.
    The room in the tower was one of the best I’ve ever stayed in.

  264. Carolyn Maier say:

    I wish the lunch buffet offered a better variety. Lots of comfort food, which is fine, but pizza wasn’t available and no Asian food. The slots were ok, need to loosen them up a bit. Hardly had any extra spins

  265. Patricia Ann Hainesworth-Henderson say:

    Tower room was very nice…pools were great!
    I loved the horse races but, wished that there was not a long wait between races! A shorter 10 minute wait should be time enough to place your next bet! They only complaint i have is the food is not good…most of it was dried out!

  266. Joyce Pedaline Mcbride say:

    Weekend mini vacation ruined . Went to check in and cash is not excepted had to cancel the whole vacation yet had enough cash to cover it 3 times. Since when is the american dollar not good for payment. Is this the usa or am i in the twilight zone. Every hotel and business accepts cash american money us currency yet this casino refuses it for payment. Im disgusted and wont be back to the casino. I never get anything for playing anyway.

  267. Jason Trumpe say:

    Had a great time came out 300.00 ahead always like staying here in my free room!!!

  268. Josh Rabatin say:

    Yesterday was my first time in a casino and I have to say I saw professionalism everywhere so cheers and thanks for the good time definitely more to come!

  269. Letha Newlan say:

    I literally did not gamble until I was getting ready to walk out the door I put $5 in the slot machine left with $0.04 of it. I loved the main bar where I spent most of my time. Our room was awesome. the beds was so comfortable. Plenty of space in the room and clean. I didn’t get a chance to do the spa or pool like I had wanted or the gym. but it was a nice experience. And would definitely go back.

  270. Tony Sylvester say:

    Excellent staff, rarely have I encountered such professionals outside of law enforcement. I will come back as a customer knowing I am safe. First class operation all around.

  271. Michelle Forrest say:

    waited at Big Al’s far too long for 2 slices of pizza which meant less time at the tables and slot machines. won’t be eating there again. service was so slow, everyone was complaining.

  272. Ron Gibson say:

    Stayed at the mountaineer this weekend, always have a great time! But I think they need to give the casino itself a little face lift. I men like the main bar has no beer on draft , and with the craze going on with all the microbrewing that’s going around now it would be nice to have some different beers on tap to pick from! And I still can’t believe they haven’t done anything with the empty second floor! It’s so dark and a huge empty space. I think they should build a awesome sports bar up there and brighten it up! It’s still one of my favorite casinos, I just think it needs a little work!

  273. Alecia Anderson say:

    Had a great time! 5 stars drinks from a 5 star bartender. His name is Bill Riter and I’m nominating him for employee of the month!!!!!!

  274. Theresa Cappitte Arnold say:

    If you plan on spending the night forget about using your phone, internet .wi fi is horrible.

  275. Kurt Nierle say:

    Worst casino I have ever been to. Had a seat at a black Jack table and played 40 bucks. Was passed over multiple times without the opertunity to play my hands. I stoped coming here years ago because I felt I was getting ripped off ques what I was. The only reason I came here was my friend said it had changed and it didn’t

  276. Jenny August say:

    We love to stay in the tower. If there isn’t a room available in the tower, we don’t go. The lodge is an absolute disgusting shit hole. We have had mold under peeling wall coverings, dead worms on the bathroom floor, and smelly stained carpet. Why don’t they tear it down already? We like to eat big salads at the Mahogany bar. I have never won more than $100 in slots and I have been going for 15 years. It’s still fun though, and we get a free room and meal because we spend alot of money in the slot machines.

  277. Krisztina Korossy Simpson say:

    Great casino and hotel! Bartenders in Mahogany Sports Bar are very friendly and super attentive! Loved watching Tribe and Buckeyes game! Spa was awesome!!! Woodview Golf Course close by and awesome! We will be back!

  278. Joyce Wiebe say:

    It was my first trip to the Mountaineer Casino, any casino for that matter. It was great fun and will return some day.

  279. Karl Hetrick say:

    The hotel is very dated and in need of USB ports and power stations. Trying to find my room was very confusing. The hotel staff could use a manners class. The steakhouse was absolutely amazing.

  280. Madeline Sanchez Cruz say:

    We use to go almost 4 times a week but we cut it down to 2 because it’s not what it use to be, I love playing the machines, but you can’t hit like before, it doesn’t pay out good money like before, plus the buffet before the CHANGE was our FAVORITE place to eat, we now don’t go there to eat any more, we don’t like now we have someone giving us our dessert, and my son felt out of place asking for another dessert, so we now eat out of the casino, because Big Al’s, the employees there are very rude, and the food not good for the price we pay, the best part of going there is the free room we get, that’s about it really, we now spend more time at Jack’s casino, or Hollywood in Austintown, at mountaineer the non smoking is always dark and empty, sad so much room but no new games.

  281. Megan Meese say:

    As far as the casino and dealers, the get 5 stars from us! However, the hotel is the polar opposite. We paid $200 for a room Saturday night after being told I had a special on my card of $139. After walking 1/2 mile to our lodge area We were sent on a wild goose chase to find our room. The hallways and stairwells were not numbered with directions very well. And the directions the front desk girl, who was less than pleasant, gave us weren’t even close. She was annoyed we were checking in at 4am apparently. After walking back and forth and up and down stairwells, we finally found our room at 4:40am. It was very dated, and the sheets weren’t entirely on the bed. So I got to make the bed before we could go to sleep. At 8am sharp we heard screaming and laughing in the hallway. After 10 minutes we went out to ask the people who we thought were drunk girls to keep it down. Turns out it was housekeeping. they quieted down for 10 minutes until my husband left the room to go to the front desk. Then they were back at it. So basically we paid $200 for 3 hours of sleep. I packed up and left the room. We requested to speak to a manager at the front desk. After waiting 20 minutes to speak to them, they had us fill out a complaint form and did absolutley nothing!!! It completley ruined our trip. On top of that, they never refunded out $20 “deposit” they said would be refunded upon checkout. Not sure we will ever visit Mountaineer again unless someone makes this horrible experience right. My advise, stay at a nearby hotel instead. If we had, we would have had a 100% better trip!

  282. Marcus Derr say:

    If you love oxygen tanks this place is for you!!!!

  283. Serena Copenace say:

    Well have been to the Friday night buffet 5 times. It’s good food. Why we keep coming back. Hubby and I Have paid full 26.99 price twice and then I got a club card to get the discount for future visits and also I like to gamble occasionally. The next 2 visits the discount of 21.99 was applied to both our buffets which we loved. We went there again tonight and brought my son who is from Canada. And the cashier takes my card and says this is only for one buffet discount just so you know. I said well the previous 2 times we have received the discount for both so I assumed that is how it is all the time. She says no..only one. I said well why then the previous 2 times was it for all buffets on the bill. She says I don’t know..always been that way. Only one discount. Your not a special member. So suffice to say .. we won’t be coming there anymore. And if we do I won’t be spending 26.99 on a buffet. The cashier showed no customer service skills at all. Just stone faced told me “no”. Twice. Anyways..I left thinking that this is our last time spending that much to be treated that way when paying. I know for myself it’s not worth it. My first choice to eat somewhere will not be there.

  284. Karen R Crall say:

    We love the people and always have a great time thanks

  285. Troy Sharp say:

    Visit in all was good, did have a issue with shower/bathtub not working properly which I reported to front desk with no resolution. Usually stay at holiday inn but thought it would easier to just stay at the casino “maybe not”. Still had a good time so probly will visit again just stay somewhere else.

  286. Kathy Becher say:

    Had a wonderful time. Just love this place. I would rather go here than most places. It had been my favorite place for many many years.

  287. Charles Gwinn say:

    Machines set way too tight, not fun at all. Maybe that’s why the place is empty. We will never return.

  288. Cindy Hynes say:

    I love to play Keno and only Mountaineer and Wheeling have the pick and play machines. I would love to actually come home a winner for once! It’s not fun anymore when you don’t even get bonus games. They just suck your money down!

  289. Shelia Trachsel say:

    I enjoy going to the Mountaineer. I would give them five stars but they are replacing a lot of my favorite machines with new penny machines.

  290. Rae Craven say:

    Not like it used to be ? Fire alarm woke us up at 5 am. No employees outside or anyone to give direction…..

  291. Leslie Kay Carte say:

    My husband and I celebrated our anniversary and sweetest day this weekend we treated ourselves to a couples massage at the spa and that was amazing ! the hotel is booked so we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. we gambled a little we didn’t win it was our first time there, excited to go back!

  292. Andy Curcuru say:

    Rooms are ok…………….casino sucks…………….don`t drink the WATER !!!

  293. Talisa Irvin say:

    I stay at Mountaineer at least once a week even though I only live 16 miles away from it. The rooms are very clean and I love the atmosphere but what I don’t like is how tight the slots are..not everyone can bet max an be lucky to hit jackpots…would like to see the Cheshire cat slot there favorite slot but they don’t have one. Anyway all in all its a great place to go an relax �

  294. Dianna L Carter Rohr say:

    We have been going for years ,they have taken the fun out of it �

  295. Leon Suty say:

    Buffet isn’t what it once was. Just another average cookie cutter casino.

  296. Debbie Vance say:

    DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS CASINO ONLY GIVES DISCOUNTS TO VETERANS ON SUNDAY THRU THURSDAY!??? You think our military didn’t work the weekends? Sacrifice on the weekends? Are you serious right now! This is disgusting to me! Active Duty Military, anyone on leave and our beloved Veterans should get a discount 7 Days a week!!!! Disturbing

  297. Sally Robinson say:

    I love Mountaineer. I’m not a gambler but my friends are. After the “All You Can Eat” crab legs, they gamble & I have cocktails & listen to the FREE live entertainment. Sometimes we stay overnight. The rooms are very nice & the service is A1. We have 2 major casino’s in our city but we prefer to drive here.

  298. Donna Shriver Zook say:

    Great plz nice ppl and good food and very good service the otb was really exciting watching the races

  299. Lou Merkys say:

    Saturday night was packed full of gamblers. The machines were looser with many people playing the slots. I witnessed many people hitting big jackpots of $2,000 to $5,000. My jackpots were many in the $100 range. I brought my original money plus the casinos money home!

  300. Mandy Arntz say:

    Saturday (11/4/17)was my first time going. I had an amazing time. Everyone was friendly. My fiance lost his phone while we were there unfortunately so i have to call and see if it was turned in. But my overall experience was good. I will definitely be back

  301. Allison Mcleod say:

    The only reason I gave it 2 stars was for the dealers and wonderful people I met! The hotel experience was absolutely horrible! My room was freezing and I waited 3 hours to get a new heating unit that still didn’t work. I moved d myself over to the towers (which is not smoker friendly). The service at the Gatsby restaurant was horrible. The waiters had to be flagged down in order to receive service. When I went to complain to VIP services they were late opening up and didn’t help at all. After, sabotaging what was supposed to be a peaceful birthday weekend. I’m strongly considering crossing Mountaineer off my list of casinos to frequent . It’s just not as fun and organized as it was before they began making smokers feel like their in prison. And the waitresses became slower in service. Everything opens up late or you can’t find anyone to help you in need. Then all they can do is comp you Food. Why would I want to go back to a place that treated me like crap ???? Keep your food and lose a loyal customer of 6 years……

  302. Kevin Moreland say:

    Mountaineer race 3 was a fix race by the same trainer horses 2&3. Last night at mountaineer . Jockey on 3 never wanted to go by the 2, even track announcer said why you looking around because you should be concerned about the horse in front of you . They should be fined and suspended for cheating the public

  303. Brandi Kay say:

    We stayed last night and first of all we were supposed to get a room with two beds well then we get there and they only had rooms with one bed, so I asked for a roll away and they told me no they don’t bring them to the lodge even though I was on the first floor. So then I asked for more blankets and pillows considering I had to sleep on the floor because my kids were in the bed. And they brought me two blankets, so I called down and ask for some more and the lady was very rude and told me no. That because I was in a room with one bed thats all I could have then I told her that I had to sleep on a floor she could at least give me some blankets she said she would see and then she hung up on me. Then after 45 mins they bring up a couple sheets. So pretty much we paid to sleep on a cold hard floor. I have been there a couple times and it just get worst ever time!

  304. Rhonda Foss say:

    Enjoyed our Black Friday There!!And always enjoy the ride to West Virginia!!��

  305. Chris Laird say:

    Went to thunder down under drink prices were nuts 6 dollars for a Long Island and 4.75 for a beer. The seats where right next to each other I am a fat woman who was basically sitting on the other persons lap. No pay outs on machines

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